September 19, 2005

Katrina Links Update X


New Orleans Suspends Reopening of City - Yahoo! News
Mayor calls off residents' return to New Orleans - Yahoo! News

Southeast Texas Hurricane Relief - Help Hurricane Katrina Evacuees in Southeast Texas (Orange County, Texas, Jefferson County, Texas,Hardin County, Texas -Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur, Groves, Nederland, Port Neches, Vidor, Mauriceville, Deweyville, Port Acres)
Local News - The Lafayette Daily Advertiser - Web becomes a resource for locating missing hurricane victims

Quicksilver: [UPDATE 9-16] Katrina's environmental and toxic legacy News - Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims 09/16/05
Storm - The Opelousas Daily World - Blanco speaks out on recovery's progress, regrets
The Lafayette Daily Advertiser - Katrina vs. 9/11: Comparison of response unfair
Rumor mill hampering residents' recovery - The Clarion-Ledger
E-mail suggests government seeking to blame groups - The Clarion-Ledger
Newsview: Crisis Overtakes Bush's Agenda - Yahoo! News
Response - The Clarion-Ledger - Review must be comprehensive (but it won't)
Leaders Who Won't Choose - Newsweek: International Editions -
By Hook or by Crook, Surviving Storm( WaPo: reg/req/bugmenot) - Katrina Main Page - The latest on Katrina's aftermath - Sep 19, 2005 - Clinton: Bush should raise taxes to pay for recovery - Sep 19, 2005 (will cut taxes for rich instead)
Disaster relief? Call in the Marines. | Bush suggests lifting the ban on using the military domestically (air strikes on Democrats next)

MyDD :: Bush More phoney then ever
Tomdispatch: Chip Ward, Bush's Holy War on Nature
Global warming linked to increase of hurricanes - Katrina - Times Online (Repubs put fingers in ears, sing la-la-la)
Hurricane Center May Run Out of Names - Yahoo! News (la-la-la)

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