Qabala and Monotheism

      It is certainly true that the best informed cabalists have all, without exception, borne witness to different branches of belief in a personal god, in one form or another. But is this divinity mentioned by The Sepher Yetsira anything else than an often transparent veil? The vital movement that the Autiot cast into the mind has an image-less intensity, and man is invited to work out his own revelation for himself, so that, objectively, the notion of "God," so indispensable to translators, is fundamentally wrong.

    The cabalist can slip through the mesh. He can annihilate the person of "God," but for the translator of profane languare this is impossible. If, to forbid the pronounciation of YHWY the tradition transforms it into Lord, The Sepher Yetsira, far from compelling us to do so, tells us to put "the formator" (the Yotser) in place of it (I,4) after cogitating on it intelligently, scrutinising it and going into it deeply.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, p.51

       What can I do about those old and new Scriptures that for 5,000 and 2,000 years have been read and read and read, and that have been counterfeited in every idiom by space-time minds that materialize their own erroneous projections in vain efforts to climb imaginary stairs to heaven? What use have we of this so-called monotheism of which Jews and Christians are so proud? In almost every case, it worships a multifarious deity who frequently serves as nothing but a war apparatus.

    Carlo Suares, The Second Coming of Reb YHShWH, p.34 Contents