Carlo Suarés : What is Cabala?

(Revue Being Free. Number 238, January-March 1969)
Carlo Suares - Quest-ce la cabale ?

Cabala is the science of energy structuring, as it was understood in ancient times. According to all appearances, contemporary scientific thought, rich in research acquisitions, joins this old way of thinking on fundamental planes which are:

a) the search for structures and the comparative study of phenomena according to categories of structures;
b) the search for definitions based on the situation of phenomena in sets;
c) an analog classification of the phenomena and the search for their horizontal relationships.

Our era thus rediscovers the spirit of the cabal, without suspecting it, and imagines inventing a whole new epistemology. But the one we think of still only embraces the objective sciences. Despite the deepening that characterizes the evolution of psychology, scientific research ignores the role of man in the universe.

The cabal, as exposed in the Biblical Genesis, the Song of Songs and the Sepher Yetzira (given their inevitable archaisms) seems to fill this void in contemporary thought, which is on the way to becoming a cause of psychic disorders. and social. It fills it with an extraordinary linguistic invention, something of which must be said here.

Our usual words have no reality connection with what they designate, but, by a social convention, each word of an advanced language indicates exactly a known phenomenon. If the phenomenon is not known, it is "defined" using terms relating to the known.

If, however, the cause of a phenomenon is unknown, there are no words to describe it. Now, it turns out that the cause of the causes of all that exists (of the universe and the notion of being) is inaccessible to this language, therefore to thought, which is dependent on it. Sick of being mysteries in a total mystery, psyches resort to words without content which, failing to explain anything, cause the brain stasis that are religious beliefs.

The cabal, by means of signs analogous to our alphabet and to our mathematical signs, but whose signifieds are immediate data of consciousness, poses equations relating to life and existence in the different spheres of manifestation. She poses them in such a way that these equations are their own solutions, because they project the movement of their signifieds, first in thought, then in the psyche. But for this purpose, it must be restored to new condition by the collapse of the collective structures which constituted its framework. Such historic moments are rare. This is one of the reasons why the cabal has been lost for centuries. Its key is an encrypted code which constitutes the very source of the civilizations which led to ours. The three works presented here are deciphered using this code.

1) The Restored Bible offers a reading of the Books of Genesis in accordance with their original coded code and shows how this code sheds light not only on these texts, but also on certain aspects of the Gospels of Matthew and John.

Seen from the cabalistic perspective, the first chapters of Genesis in no way deal with a Creation; just as nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of a god. YHWH and Elohim are not the two names of the same deity, no more than the names of two different deities, but two ideograms which, correctly deciphered, are the graphic representation of two cosmic forces, the first immanent, and the second, the evolutionary process over time.

The names: Adam, Eve, Cain, Abraham, Jacob, etc. are also ideograms. These pseudo-characters are symbolic and their primary function is to illustrate the various states of consciousness through which humanity passes, as well as their relationships with life, as it appears at all times. It turns out that Life is an endless process, characterized by the alternation life-death-life-death, which it is important to be able to accept after having effectively integrated it.

2) The Sepher Yetsira is the fundamental precise of the cabal. He deepens the equations provided by the encrypted code, in order to study the structuring of energy. This famous text opens perspectives of particularly useful confrontations with contemporary scientific thought. It gives meaning to the universal vocation of the human psyche, and, situating man in the cosmos, leads us to the origin of this very ancient science which is astrology. Astrologers wishing to renovate themselves at this source will not be able to do without learning the language of the Sepher Yetzira, to discover there the great unitary notions, freed from myths and their cults, which our vigorous era calls at the dawn of its new signs.

3) The Song of Songs is true on four different planes which interpenetrate and intertwine so as to move the reader from realism to symbol, from symbol to cabal, until finally bringing him to contemplation without words , which escapes the understanding. It thus makes us enter a subtle and difficult sphere. If it were less so, The Song of Songs would not have survived and would not have remained misunderstood. This sublime text is "a very sacred thing" because it wonderfully expresses peace, the only real peace, that of the immeasurable, universal movement, where the Beginning and the End are only One.