\ Carlo Suaraés The cabal, science of cosmic energy

Carlo Suarés   The cabal, science of cosmic energy

(Extract from the Universe of Parapsychology and Esotericism directed by Jean-Louis Victor, Tome 1, Martinsart editions, 1976)

If the word Cabal, Cabbala, Kabbalah or Qabalah is universally known, what it relates to is generally defined as something occult, mysterious, unknowable. In French it forms the word cabalistic, synonymous, not without a certain denigration, of all that is esoteric, magic, incomprehensible.

This destiny of the cabal is due to its accidents of course through the ages. The Sepher Yetzira, this little aide-memoire for cabalists, is entirely devoted to the study of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as signifiers of different states of cosmic energy. The patterns given by their multiple combinations express structures of this energy, both in human psyches and in visible space. There are precise indications on subjects such as the degradation of light into heat; the penetration of heat into water (the water of warm-blooded bodies); the relationships of different parts of human bodies with this or that planet; the influence of the signs of the zodiac on human destinies; and above all an acute perception of the fact that everything is energy, both one and double, one in its essence, double in its manifestations. A vital current as an emanation of universal consciousness, and this same vital current emanating from the existing, equal to the other (which is only itself) and in the opposite direction, combine in this extraordinary little treated, in a unitary vision of great beauty.

Its anonymous authors (at a time which could not be established) undoubtedly knew that by writing it, they risked their life. They opposed the deist notion of a life dispensed in one direction by a creator to creatures; they saw an endogenous life, in a marvelous vibration, being all that is, both projected consciousness and conscious projection. The agents of this totality perceived by the human mind were the autioth, the signs that ignorance, concretizing thought, lack of maturity, had reduced to being only the letters of an alphabet and numbers of values ??purely digital.

The Sepher Yetsira attributes the origin of the cabal, as a science of energy structures, to Abraham. This character, both logical and historical myth, would have received knowledge in the full sense of this word, as well as the means to put it in writing. From the origin of this cycle, we can admit the existence of two traditions, each of them having several branches: a popular tradition, and a secret. The latter had several reasons to remain hidden: the difficulty that there was, and that there is still, in understanding it; its numerous distortions in the course of history; and especially the desire of the cabalists to confuse the uninitiated, in order not to reveal their thought, heretical for the synagogues. Popular tradition has resulted in the Bible as we know it, translated into all languages, but distorted to the point that only a few initiates know that the book of Genesis was originally a fundamental cabal treaty, based on knowledge of letters, numbers of the alphabet as signs relating to structures and processes of cosmic energy.

We can still read in some old manuscripts biblical texts where the letters follow one another without interruptions and without the addition of vowel signs. The writing of the Bible occupied clerics for many centuries, from the time of Ezra, until the seventh and eighth centuries of our era, where the last word divisions and the last signs were established. The current idiom text became translatable because its original meaning was lost.

He was not lost to everyone. Ezra, in the fifth century BC, returned from Babylonia to Jerusalem at the head of some one thousand eight hundred exiles who had forgotten even their language had, it is said, reconstituted the alphabet by giving the letters the spellings that l 'we still know traditionally, and had taught their meaning to a small circle. According to the Talmud, if Moses had not preceded Ezra, it was at Ezra that the Torah would have been given.

Two traditions

The existence of two traditions can still be a subject of speculation between the doubtful historical period in which Abraham is located and the Hebrew revival accomplished by Ezra, but one can, from there, find traces, although often distorted, of the cabal.

When, under Ptolemy Philadelphe, the famous version of the Septuagint was composed, in 282-283 BCE, rabbis mourned, mourned, declared that this day was worse than that of the golden calf, that it would have been better not to have been born rather than to witness such a desecration. These Kabbalist rabbis certainly knew the original encrypted code of the sacred texts, and knew it to be untranslatable.

The two or three centuries before our era were, for the Hebrew people, so full of violent struggles, dramatic battles, desperate and bloody revolts, that cabal as a science, centered in what can be called a mystic, if we give this word a meaning that relates to the conviction that we can have an internal reality, or superior, beyond the external reality and which penetrates it. Fiercely attached to the feeling of their direct contact with the divine, the Jews fought until the destruction of the Temple by Titus in the year 70, until the death and the dispersion of the survivors.

The cabal, however, remained. Aquiva, who died tortured at the age of ninety-five for having supported and led the revolt of Bar Kokhba, had invented hermeneutics, interpreting the smallest details of the language of the Scriptures, instead of considering that this language was that of men (sic), as taught by a famous contemporary, Rab Ishmakl. Aquiva thus became, at the same time, the master of the Talmud and that of the cabal. We owe him, in particular, to have imposed as sacred text, despite strong opposition, the Song of Songs, remained canonical, to everyone's surprise.

Recent research has shown that this text, which passes for a dialogue of lovers, is revealed, read by means of the encrypted code, as being a fundamental text of cabal. His writing is rigorously precise in every word, in their spelling, their sequence, their logic. They sing of the anguish of the universal consciousness which is fragmented, is sought, is found during fleeting moments, is still sought in its lost fragments. They sing the miracle of the answers to this quest, the Canticle of the presence of the absent, the drama of the woman, the flight of the man, the illusory meetings, the disappointments, the transports of love, the eternal separation in the 'union

. If this sublime text, essence of the cabal, does not mention God at any time, it is because it is beyond deism, at the heart of total knowledge. Unable to reveal himself, he disguises himself with admirable art. His most significant words have apparent meanings which hide their real meanings. As for the identity of its author, the least likely versions ended up being accepted without discussion. It would however be appropriate to put forward the name of ' Aquiva, quite simply.

One of the most famous disciples of ' Aquiva was Simeon-Bar-Yohai: a light of which we know very little indeed. He left a legendary memory, which served as the basis, about a millennium after his death, for the famous cabal treatise, the Zohar, written by various authors, especially by Moise de Lion, a Castilian cabalist who died in 1305.

During these centuries, the cabal had proliferated in hundreds of works, often imaginative and allegorical, dealing with all that the cabal evoked in spirits attached to ancient myths. To attract an audience, these texts often took advantage of known names, such as this Alphabet de 'Aquiva of the 8th or 9th century, which told how the letters of the alphabet appeared before the throne of the Lord to have the honor to open the text of Genesis. Wrongly attributed to ' Aquiva, this story still has some success today.

The Zohar

The Zohar, written partly in Aramaic and partly in Hebrew, is a compilation of disparate documents. The most important part claims to report discussions of rabbis who lived in the second century, discussions led by Simon-Bar-Yohai, and that ten centuries later we could obviously only invent. This enormous work is a collection of theology, mystical psychology, anthropology, myths, poetry. Old Gnostic doctrines, mystical traditions, theurgic speculations, popular superstitions, mythological themes are linked with echoes of neo-Platonic and Aristotelian philosophies on the relations of nature and the cosmos and the relations between a transcendent deity and the world finished. The problem of how the mystery of the Ain-Sof (infinity) manifests itself in divine creation is one of the major themes of the Zohar. It gives rise to a response which includes the Sephiroth and other categories whose interest is undeniable.

The author of The Zohar is less interested in the literal meaning of historical, or pseudo-historical events, described in the Bible, than in the mysteries included in their inner truth. Its main postulate is that there is a complete correspondence between the so-called upper and lower worlds and that, consequently, an increased vitality in the world of men, in their thoughts and their acts, is transmitted to the highest planes. This truth emerges painfully from an enormous jumble where the reader, specialized in Aramaic and Hebrew, risks spending his life, and where the non-specialized reader can taste a folk flavor which will lead him astray apart from fundamental problems, such as they pose to our contemporary consciousness.

Initiatory reading

A current of research is becoming clearer at this time, especially in France and the United States, with a view to resolutely approaching the cabal at its source, that is to say by the study of autioth, these letters-numbers , reduced to being just an alphabet, hold the key to multi-millennial knowledge.

The first results of these explorations plunge us into a totally different way of thinking than that which is dependent on our usual languages. Signifiers project successively in flashes their signifieds without grammatical link between them, but each sign is a parameter on which depend on functions of independent variables, which connect this sign to all the other signs of the alphabet. The reading of certain texts, those which were originally written in this particular script and which the rabbinical interventions have not altered too much, becomes an exercise in linguistics which transgresses the laws resulting from the neuronic processes structured on the nervous system, laws which define such or such grammatical representation.

This semantics is closely related, not only to the spelling attributed to Ezra, but especially to the phonetic aspect of the signs. Laboratory experiments using spectrographs have shown that the sounds emitted by pronouncing each of these letters give images which illustrate their energetic values, as defined by the original code, found and redefined in contemporary terms.

The prospects opened up by this research are becoming more numerous and more extensive every day. The succession of letters-numbers, supported by elements of the traditional cabal stripped of their mythology, such as the Tree of Life, the Sephiroth, the Cube of Space, allows to understand certain energy structures that biology , chemistry, physics, see more than they explain.

The encrypted code thus put at the service of research locates the functions and organs of living cells in the general framework of cosmic energy; it shows how and why the double helix, the secret of life, is formed; reasons why there is a sugar (deoxyribose) and an acid (phosphoric acid); it sheds light on the process of permutation of deoxyribose into ribose, of thymine into uracil; and, well before the discovery of RNA, the cabal knew very well that the sphere of structuring (DNA) needed it to enter that of doing.

Always bearing in mind the double character of cosmic energy (which may be called explosion-compression, or otherwise); the fact that the true, that the only mystery is that of consciousness; that consciousness is everything in everything (projected or internalized); that, therefore, everything communicates with everything and that scientific research must be directed towards the study of the general phenomenon which is called communication; today's neo-cabalist, armed with the original encrypted code that he will have assimilated well, can both effectively dialogue with scientists at the cutting edge of research and discover in the Bible elucidations on this same research.

From the outset, the first signs of Biblical Genesis, which one reads in Hebrew "Bereschyt-bara-Elohim ..." and that in the idiom one understands "In the beginning God created ..." appear, not as a text, but as a script where each sign plays the cosmic game and where all of these signs invade the reader; involves him in the double movement of a unit; the burial of this conscious life in its projections; of her return to herself in an awareness; of the prodigious vibratory movement which constitutes at the same time cosmic life, its consciousness, and the contradictory essence of all that is. The initiation to this reading is far from being able to fit into the framework of this presentation. However, our readers have already been able to understand that, according to the original cabal, source of our Western civilizations, the physical universe, the psychic universe and that which one can call timeless, are one ... (google translate poops out) ... But, while our contemporary sciences, ranging from physics in its many branches, to chemistry, biology, etc., studies and begins to discover the so-called objective world, psychology, absorbed by its analytical mind, resists still to the phenomena, more and more numerous, observed everywhere, from the USSR to the USA, which are called metapsychics: parapsychology, telepathy, psychokinesis, extra-sensory perceptions, and others.

Now, Biblical Genesis, restored to its own value, far from being a mythological and allegorical account of events that never took place, projects into the psyches imprisoned in our spatio-temporal continuum (four spatial dimensions and one of linear time) energies coming from multidimensional universes, which both coexist with ours and penetrate it. These energies are everywhere, but the psyches resist them and do not see them. "The kingdom of the Father extends over the earth and men do not see it. " (Gospel of Thomas logio9n 113, Philippe de Suarez version). Refusing therefore to receive these emanations which would destroy in their psycho-concrete world the notion that they have of themselves, these psyches project them into an imaginary supernatural or deny them.

The real cabalist never let himself be captured by the soliloquy, which no one could hear, of a demiurge declaring "let there be light", but he knows what light is: a fertilization in the habitat cosmic coming from an infinite postulated energy, of explosive character. This living energy therefore gives its temporal projection the greatest speed of which it is susceptible: it is light. The AUR scheme (Aleph.Waw.Reisch) expresses it all the better since Reisch (whose spelling is Reisch, Yod, Schnn, and whose name is that of the cosmic habitat) emits the breath (Schnn, 300 ), mythically attributed to the divinity, in response to Aleph, the Infinite.

La lumihre et l'eau -- Light and water

This brief foray into semantics, foreign to most readers, has the sole purpose of saying that, for the original cabal, light is the highest speed that any universe has, that it is defined in function of the mass of this universe, and that it is of a dual nature, both in its physical (external) components and in its psychic components that mystics call inner light.

According to the traditional reading of Genesis, the demiurge after having created the light, sets out to separate it from the darkness. What was she then, identified with darkness? This primitive situation is, moreover, contradicted by the apostle John who, in his Gospel, declares that the darkness had not received light. In terms of cabal, these proposals are not opposed. They come close to the very essence of the light phenomenon, seen in terms of consciousness: the infinite consciousness, fertilizing its finite projection, deposits its germ there, but withdraws into the in-itself, while the temporal determined by the support in which the One is projected, continues the race of for-itself. But the history of light has only just begun and scientific research is still far from penetrating its secret. Measurable but carrying within it the germ of the immeasurable, a phenomenon both physical and psychic, luminous in its degradation, obscure in its essence, the light contained in its kilometer-seconds only defines our universe in three dimensions: it n is not contained in him. It already proves it, when, put in order in a laser beam, it makes an image of two dimensions cross the threshold of an additional dimension. All have seen these holograms where subjects photographed on the same plate move relative to each other, according to the movements of the observers. Under the effect of the laser, the two-dimensional plate becomes a three-dimensional object. In addition, the broken photographic plate reproduces in each of its fragments the total image contained in the plate.

Has anything positive been concluded about these phenomena? Have we wondered what consciousness lives in light, which exceeds our dimensions of space and time? Are we oriented towards the search for the quantum of psychic action likely to make us cross the barrier of temporal light?

But let's go back a bit, in the second verse of Genesis, where we find a theme that brings us back to the study of living cells, and has new insights: the theme of waters. According to traditional reading, the demiurge, after having created the heavens, and a land in hustle and bustle, wanders in spirit (or breath) over the waters. These waters come suddenly, without preparation, we do not know where or how, and we remain perplexed about the divine need to stir above their surface. It is only in the sixth verse, after having separated the light from the darkness, that the demiurge creates a space by means of which he separates the waters by locating them below and above this expanse.

Popular logic finds this natural: below are the wells, above the clouds. This interpretation having however no relation with the universal formation of space comprising its billions of galaxies, and the preliminary presence of water (according to the biblical text), it is necessary to see, first, why occult tradition considers that water is the essential element.

The water molecule, H 2 O, contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The atomic number of hydrogen is 1, that of oxygen is 8. Hydrogen makes up most of what the universe is made of, but its atomic mass, like its number, is 1. No other body is not in this condition.

Now, Aleph, symbol of infinite energy, possessing, not consciousness, but the immanence of cosmic consciousness, is also represented by the number 1. This interiority is only realized in its relations with an exteriority, which is constitutes appearances engendered by the need for innateness. A projected universe is therefore only the symbol of the opposite, of its conscious reality, and that, the cabal knows and has always declared it.

Hydrogen and helium

In our spatio-temporal universe, the Aleph 1, therefore projects its 1 as its opposite, and it is hydrogen, which makes it possible to postulate that hydrogen, unlike all other bodies, is a non consciousness. This non-consciousness is the guarantor of the fundamental principle of cosmic indeterminacy, since it has no prerequisite for universal consciousness. In other words, the mind is free because of its projective negation, while the consciousness proper to the projected universe is in a state of perpetual contradiction.

It is the state of consciousness of water, a fundamental symbol, not of this duality, but of the unstable, indefinable relationship between 1 and 2. Because hydrogen never integrates into 2 as structure. If it occurs in H 2, one and one do but are not 2. As for oxygen 8, we can say that it qualifies the peculiarity of our terrestrial globe, because it is the element the most abundant and with a few exceptions it combines directly with all simple bodies. This characteristic corresponds, in cabal, to its number 8, symbol of an unstructured energy (the letter Hheith) and lending itself to all the structures necessary for life; in short, oxygen is an availability. Allied to the non-consciousness of hydrogen, it is its counterpart, necessary for cosmic consciousness, in the process under way in the body of our planet.

Water is a mystery, we know it, we say it by studying it in all objective ways. New experiences are already taking place, oriented towards the search for awareness of water according to the cabal revived by the parallel evolution of science and consciousness. At the same time, the unblocked Biblical Genesis is gradually recovering in its original sense. The biblical creation of space and the subsequent separation of waters appear to be, first, the distance that cosmic consciousness takes between itself and its terrestrial projection; then the separation within the element water (constituted as we have just seen) between nonorganic water in which living organisms are born, and water itself organic (up to the human bodies of which it constitutes the biggest part).

Here comes a simple, rare and modest body, remained unknown until the last century, having presented itself as a product of radioactive decay, as a barely secondary constituent of matter: helium. Because of its particularly bright spectrum, it was tasked with lighting the streets, without suspecting that this municipal function was granted to an essential element of life on this planet. It was thought that its atomic mass, 4, was made up of four hydrogen atoms. For the cabal, this error is above all ontological: the atomic number of helium is 2 (letter Beith) and this 2, dual structure, that hydrogen never forms, is the union of 1 coming from energy cosmic and 1, response to this energy, as terrestrial radioactivity. These two energies, equal and of opposite signs, are, in helium, the reunion of 2 in unity, and, in short, life itself miniaturized in the appearance of its opposite. According to this notion, helium is at the origin of the evolution of the masses on our planet: a catalyst, so to speak. In terms of consciousness it is the passage from the non-conscious to the unconscious: two categories that should not be confused.

It is necessary here to offer a critique of the famous experiment of Stanley Miller, who, in 1953, produced some amino acids, complex molecular constructions serving as bases for systems possessing the characteristics of life, but which, in this experiment, n did not go so far as to engender life.

Cabalistic knowledge

Before proposing a corrective to the experience of Stanley Miller, an attempt which it is not certain that it would be fruitful, it becomes necessary to specify the source of the cabalistic knowledge.

We are more and more led to say that the ancients had knowledge whose origins we do not know. In Chaldea, country of birth of Abraham (and perhaps of the cabal), in Egypt, in Babylonia, to mention only the Near East, the Ancients had views on the universe that their technical means did not allow to achieve.

With regard to the subject treated here, here is how the Sepher Yetzira describes in his last verse (VI, 4) the penetration of the cabal into Abraham: "As soon as Abraham, our father, participated in the vital flow, he looked, he saw, he explored, he articulated, he traced, he cut, he combined, he structured, he raised with his hand and Adon Hakol (blessed be his name) filled him, revealed himself to him, received him within him, kissed him on the head, called him my friend and made an alliance with him and his descendants which he authenticated with Hey (Abram becoming Abraham) and gave him an exact measure of justice. And concludes with him an alliance between the ten fingers of the feet, and it is the alliance of circumcision and between the ten fingers of the hands and it is the alliance of the tongue and attaches twenty-two Autioth to the tongue and revealed to them their foundation and washed them away by the waters, blazed them with fire, stirred them by the breath, consumed them by the seven and directed them to the twelve constellations. "

Read in its original writing, sign by sign, this text appears in all its precision. Unraveling the exact meaning of its details would lead us out of place. One can, however, even through a translation, note the statement of this participation in the vital flow: the use of perception (to look); of its transformation into an act (see); of its mental consequences (explore); the contribution of language (to articulate) of its transformation into writing (to trace); direct action on the existing (prune) mental act (combine); the creative function (structuring); from the offering to the universe (raising with your hand).

There is nothing occult, mysterious, incomprehensible there, nothing which is on the contrary, an invitation to put into activity all our faculties in a direct and absolutely individual contact of our physical, sensory, mental being, with the world: an operation which may seem simple a priori, but which immediately diverts. Because look, we know what it is. But see? The Master of the Cabal Masters said it well (Ev. Of Thomas, cited work, logion 83): "... The images manifest themselves to man and the light that is in them is hidden ..."

It is obvious that these words - as well as the intervention of Adtn Hakol (the Lord of the Universe) in the Sepher Yetzira - state dimensions quite different from what the word see in everyday language entails. It has often been said in this connection that to see, in this deeper, more real, more exalted sense, one must be new, like children. To this, the master responds in a way that confuses and perplexes those who are not in his mystery (Ev. Of Thomas, cited work, logion 22): "Jesus saw the little ones suckling. He said to his disciples, "These babies who suckle are like those who enter the Kingdom. ;They said to him:+ then, being small will we enter the Kingdom ;? Jesus said to them, "when you make the two One, and make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, in order to make the male and the female into one so that the male does not become male and the feminine does not become the feminine: when you make eyes instead of an eye, and a hand instead of a hand, and a foot instead of a foot, and an image instead of an image, then you will enter the Kingdom. "

These words come from universes whose dimensions exceed those, spatio-temporal, of our daily world, without being, however, supernatural. There has never been, in truth, any revelation other than the revelation of the existence of these worlds. They penetrate us, because our continuum bathes in them like a fish in water. Knowing that we can feel, think and act in them is already a preparation for the delivery of consciousnesses imprisoned in their production of time and objects. Our epoch, by multiplying metapsychic phenomena, invites us to this enlargement, of which there is no reason to believe that it cannot be that of the intellect. On the contrary, it is the greatest energy we can have, but on the condition that it is rooted in the fundamental mystery of the whole. He is therefore immune to all explanations given, spiritual or material, which never come from anything but false evidence. The resulting false thoughts, simple mental projections, remain confined to states of consciousness determined by all of their projections: the measurable universe. These states of consciousness always translate the revealing irruptions of the universes which go beyond our three spatial dimensions and our linear time, in concrete terms, and project in a supernatural of their invention a natural which goes beyond them. But a thought capable of going to the end of the linguistic process on which projective thinking depends, realizes that it goes around in circles in a closed circuit. She then welcomes with pleasure the semantics of the original cabal which allows her to undertake exploratory journeys in the structures of cosmic energy, whether social and ideological conflicts, biblical stories, or on occasion, hydrogen and helium. Everything being consciousness, there is nothing that is closed to a consciousness set in motion. She can then propose, simply propose, the elements of her discoveries, while claiming her right to make mistakes, as is appropriate for any intelligence.

The number 32

The Sepher Yetzira begins thus: "By thirty-two Nativoth Phelioth" ... but let us immediately sum up the general idea of ??this first verse: the universal consciousness structures its energetic reverse by means of 32 elements to reproduce in its reverse projection; or finally: by means of the number 32, the macrocosm reproduces in the microcosm, its reverse side.

Let us now consider, among the attempts to reproduce life in the laboratory, the famous experiment that Stanley Miller made, in 1953 in order to see if it was possible to manufacture an auto-catalytic system capable of reproducing and evolving, in short a system with all the characteristics of life.

By sending water vapor into an atmosphere resembling the prebiotic atmosphere and providing it with a lot of energy by means of electric discharges for several days, Miller obtained, in water, some amino acids and acid hydrocyanic, but this complex molecular construction did not go further.

Let's examine the elements involved:

(Note that the only elements added to hydrogen and oxygen are carbon and nitrogen.)

The number 32 was correct, but it was missing life, because 1 + 1 of hydrogen introduced a non-consciousness, a non-response of duality to unity. He would have had to put He, a unit of Helium, which is double Jesus says to them "when you make two one" ...

Let us add this: carbon, at atomic number 6, has the characteristics of the letter-number Waw-6, which is the copulatory element, the bonding agent in the constitution of organisms. Let us not forget that the name of organic chemistry was given to the study of carbon compounds. As for nitrogen, its cycle in nature is well known: fixed in plants, transformed through the soil, reassimilated by plants, its atomic number 7 (Zein letter) plays, could not be better, the role that it assigns the cabal, analogically.

There is indeed a correspondence between this nitrogen cycle and the projected consciousness-energy relationship that describes, in mythical terms that have become incomprehensible, the sanctification of the seventh biblical day and the rest of the demiurge. This abandonment of Creation to the power of 7 indicates that this number is the expression of an autonomous energy animated by a whirlwind induction flow, conjunction of the infinite Aleph and its projection. The allegorical demiurge, having animated its manufacture, withdrew, having no reason to blow on it.

Bible and parapsychology

One of the innumerable causes of errors in the reading of the Biblical Genesis is the too famous creation in six days and the rest of the seventh because all the numbers coexist simultaneously. But the influence of this book on the psyche is such that we accept without a grain of common sense the emergence of all vegetation on the third day and the creation of the sun on the fourth day only; the two contradictory creations of the first and second chapter; the training of an adult man; the woman extracted from one of its ribs by a god of human dimension ... and so on.

As we can see today, the Bible appears to be the most colossal parapsychological monument in history, from Genesis to the Gospels and the Apocalypse included. Its power of fantastic bewitchment is due to the irruption in these revealed accounts of energies coming from multidimensional universes, energies which club the human psyches of animal origin, which, incapable of waking up under these shocks, dream them.

In other words, the most significant fragments of the Bible originate from metapsychic events - extrasensory perceptions; visual and especially auditory communications from universes which encompass and go beyond our concrete world; sudden changes in certain psyches that made them cross the wall of light; inner, subjective awakenings of immanent energy, wrapped in the apparent physiological materiality; abrupt intuitions translating messages from extraterrestrial beings; projections at certain troubled moments in the history of mythological images condensed by communities particularly affected in their vitality; psychokinetic phenomena known to be magical, abundant in Moses, certain prophets, Jesus; dreams, premonitions, prophecies; everything is there and especially the perpetual battle fought by a god against his people.

It is in this conflict where these people never stop dying to be resurrected, to be killed to survive, that lies their hypnotic power over the nations and the bewitching action of the Bible. Gospels included. And one must ask oneself whether, over the course of millennia, the historicity of the great religious events on which our civilization is still based, have not been imagery generated by this mythical reality, which can be summed up in two words: death , resurrection.

Everything in the Bible, from its first words that we betray by making them say that in the beginning God created ... etc., everything relates to a consciousness which is buried and dies in its material projection, and which strikes, who violates this projection (the man "in his image") to force him to resuscitate it, her conscience dead without ever being dead. If Cain, emanation of this supreme consciousness, kills Abel by his mere presence, it is because Abel (that we take the trouble to read the text) is called Hevel. And when Ecclesiastes says: "Hevel, everything is Hevel" we translate "vanity, everything is vanity". In truth, this vanity is not even killed by Cain: it is annihilated, we seek it, we do not find it, Cain does not know where it is: is it its guardian?

The prodigious theme of the Bible is the creation of a human germ strong enough to make God arise on our planet. If the indications which put initiates on the path of this human vocation are traditionally reversed, would it not be because of a fundamental postulate, discovered by the metapsychic experiences which underlie the Bible, namely that the human psyche exceeds his conscious conscience, postulate driven back into the unconscious and introducing a sense of guilt?

The daily consciousness, of animal origin, felt guilty for having disobeyed the cosmic consciousness by limiting itself in humans, and by a psychological process that we understand today, reversed the data of the problem by declaring itself in a state of original sin for having wanted to transcend. A successful operation, since, because of the fruit eaten, Elohim, this plural god, declares "here is that man has become like one of us", but who, no doubt annoyed, takes revenge. Elohim and Yahweh take turns, therefore chasing humans. Adam was born immortal, here he is mortal; woman is only an inferior being; all of Creation, declared bad, is almost destroyed in the Flood; men no longer understand each other, punished by their attempt at Babel; the deity demands that Abraham kill his son, attack Jacob to kill him; later she will deceive Moses and attack him in an ambush; and it is Yahweh himself who, entering history, will order his servant Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem, to kill whoever he can and to take the survivors into captivity.

Thirsty for eternity, the Jewish people, throughout their history, in close contact with a cosmic energy which exceeds our space-time dimensions; blessed by she ; martyred by the obstacles which the world of men opposes to him; charged with an explosive power which "set fire to" the world two thousand years ago; (Jesus says: "I threw fire on the world and behold I preserve it until it kindles"; cited work, logion 10); here he turns the planet upside down by his mere presence on his earth. At the same time, everywhere, metapsychic phenomena appear: numerous blows struck in materializing, concretizing psyches, limited to the appearances of their measurable universe. And here the Bible opens, revealing its truths buried under the monstrous ramblings of the psyches which, for five thousand years and two thousand years, close to them: it is "the fulfillment of the Scriptures".

All these elements are a single event, more psychological than historical. With the help of the scientific spirit, we welcome open eyes to phenomena which indicate to us more and more clearly that our individual consciousnesses are not isolated, but are situated in a general phenomenon of consciousness, without watertight partitions, unlimited.

An overview of the encrypted code

The first diagrams of Genesis should be read only by means of the code. These equations contain in embryo the total process of cosmic energy and are, therefore, of a complexity which is revealed more and more as one enters it, and unfathomable, their depth being at the same time ( according to the cabal) those of the beginning and the end.

Further on, the idiom appears superimposed, mixing its words derived from their roots with the diagrams of the code, which become names (Elohim, Yahweh, Adbm, 'schah, etc.) or nouns (Shamaom the heavens, Eretz la Terre , And so on).

We must refer here to the works where we have indicated some glimpses of the encrypted code and what we can deduce from it: The restored Bible, The Sepher Yetsira, The Song of Songs, The Keys of the sacred, The Spectrograms of the Alphabet Hebrew, published by Iditions du Mont-Blanc in Geneva, between 1968 and 1973; The True Mystery of the Passion of Judas, Iditions Caracthres, Paris, 1973, finally Memoir on the Return of the Rabbi called Jesus, at Laffont, Paris 1975.

All of these volumes are only an introduction to readings that should keep teams busy for years. We understand that their summary in a few pages could only be disappointing, and we think that a reduced example, but as seen with a magnifying glass, could better enlighten readers of this essay than a more ambitious presentation which would go over all the details.

Here is, as a reminder, the classical alphabet, as it is taught. (These signs serve both as letters and, in writing, as numbers.)

\ "\"

Table extracted from "Spectrograms of the Hebrew alphabet" ed. du Mont-Blanc, Geneva, 1973.

Let us now consider the first three flashes of Genesis: Beith, Reisch, Aleph, which we always add to the following three flashes: Schnn, Yod, Tav, to form what we pronounce Bereschith and which we translate "in the beginning." The text continues with a repetition of: Beith, Reisch, Aleph, which, this time, we translate "created" and by a series of flashes: Aleph, Lammed, Hay, Yod, Mem, which we say Elohim and which translates God, while being surprised to see a plural there (in Hebrew is, in the terminal of a noun, the masculine plural).

Let's start by developing the first flash, Beith, according to its spelling (because it includes a Yod and a Tav), as we pronounce it:

\ "\"


We discover that what presented itself as a simple letter, B (or a number 2) contains an endless process expressed by 7 flashes.

Let's go to Reisch: \ "\"

Its process, also endless, is expressed by 9 flashes.

Finally let us examine the Aleph, and the 8 flashes which constitute its endless process;

\ "\"

The set is the product of 24 flashes by 12 Autioth, of which only 3 are written and read Bara. Of these Autioths, 2 repeat themselves indefinitely: the Waw (6), number of biological reproduction, which we have seen that it is represented by carbon, and the Mem (40) which corresponds to water. At the same time, the biosphere is constituted by the alternating play of Lbmed (30) symbol of the organic movement and of Dbleth (4) archetype of resistance-response to this movement.

Read briefly from the code, the 3 written signs, Beith, Reisch, Aleph are described as follows

The Beith (2) expresses any container (in Hebrew Beith is homemade), any physical medium, any form.

The Reisch (200) expresses the cosmic container, that is to say the habitat of all energy.

The Aleph (1) expresses the universal energy, infinite as a potential of consciousness and as a speed.

This continuation is the logical step of a person on the way of knowledge: starting from itself, from what contains its consciousness, from its psychic and physical structure, it widens this "Beith" to the confines of " Reisc hof the existing, and, as a result, discovers the Aleph of universal consciousness.

We are, we see, the antipodes of the affirmation: "in the beginning God created", impossible to think, which thus generates a simulacrum of thought, based on false evidence.

In 1973, thanks to Dr Tomatis who opened his laboratories at the Center du Langage in Paris, we were able to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet and record these words in a spectrograph. The results (published in The Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet) confirmed the code and illustrated, in many details, the energy value of each letter. The high-voltage device was very sensitive, and the repetitions, in order to check our results, varied because the same letter was never pronounced exactly the same way. One, of Beith's rehearsals gave us the image reproduced on the following page, resembling, although a little confused, the person who had pronounced the letter. The shadow surrounding the face recalls the shape of the letter.

"One of Beith's repetitions gave us the image reproduced (above) ... The shadow surrounding the face recalls the shape of the letter. (Author's archives).

We have not located this phenomenon in any category, but our studies lead us to think that the phonemes of the Autioth could be three-dimensional objects, capable of transporting, if one can say, certain parts of the subtle bodies of the person. The original knowledge, buried in the jumble of the Bible as it is read, could have been the result of explorations of this kind.

Let's take the Bara scheme again, opening the 3 written letters for the first time, which we will have as follows:

\ "\"

One is immediately struck, by reading this table vertically, to note the existence of two Yod, which, in the Hebrew Bible, often appear as a diminutive of Yahweh, whereas this name appears only in the second chapter , Elohim being here the only leader of the game.

Yod (10) is the sign of the existent, of all that is temporal, of what is transformed by the timeless Aleph. Two Yods indicate a double existence. Yod-Yod, therefore, is an abridged equation of the Yahweh equation (Yod-He-Waw-He) which adds to a Yod, two He (5), number which symbolizes life) linked by the copulatory Waw.

In addition to the two Yods, this opening of the first three letters of Genesis shows a Tav (400) last letter of the alphabet, which expresses the resistance of the cosmic habitat to the energy of the Aleph. Tav has always been considered the tabernacle of the Aleph. In order for the Reisch (200) habitat to contain and retain the Aleph, it must necessarily emit an energy which is equal to it and of opposite sign. This double flow is the secret of the cabal and appears moreover in the reading of the alphabet, since it is Reisch who introduces there the phoneme Schnn (300) mythically considered as being "the Breath of God".

Starting vertically from Tav, in our table, we thus see, without surprise, the Schnn appearing, and this flow leads to Phe (80) symbol of the energy available in existence. Now this Phe, horizontally, is none other than the last letter of Aleph, and we can clearly see that the action of Aleph by Lbmed (30) is the biological movement precisely animating the Phe.

Thus Phe, the unstructured energy, is found to be structured and animated by the double effect of Tav and Aleph. Fundamental observation: the manifested universe is animated by a double vital current, emanating both from itself and from the timeless unmanifested.

Let us add that Phi is written Phi-He-, and that when we consider him animated by this life of Hey, he is no longer himself, unstructured, but alive. Phi becoming Hey, Aleph becomes Eloh, mythologically God and Elohim in its plurality brought by the Waters. (Aleph is too often confused with the letter A: Aleph is a consonant sounded by a slight throat blow like a cough; in the diagrams where it occurs, it is accompanied by any vowel a, e, i, o, or is not pronounced.)

We will not go further in reading the Bible. Everything is there to restore in its original sense, wonderfully intelligible and intelligent.