Carlo Suarés : Question: Live and / or survive?
interview granted by CARLO SUARÉS on June 12, 1976 to Laurent Viame.
(Bulletin No. 2 of the Carlo Suarés Foundation 1979)

I understand the word live. I have absolutely no idea what you mean by survive. It's a word that for me has absolutely no meaning. If you say that we have detached a heart, that we put it in a jar and that it continues to beat, it survives because it beats without having any function, I would say it well, but I do not think not that you can tell me about that.

For me, everything lives. And everything is consciousness. There Im going to take you to worlds that you may not be used to. These are worlds that I have explored for a long time and that I know very well. We come to a time when all of these explorations must come to the surface, because it is becoming more and more evident in our time that the universe that we perceive, measure, analyze, understand, that this spatio-temporal continuum which has three dimensions of space and a linear time is far from being all that is. And we are coming right now, with all the experiences of metapsychism etc. we come to realize that there is something else. And it is in this other thing that I want to bring you if it is not too difficult for you. And all this is called living.

And see for yourself if you can take a leap beyond this world, where we appear in the flesh. It is a limited world, projected, created by a limited consciousness, projected and created by this world. That is to say, we are caught up in a way of thinking. But our true "ourselves" far from being the false evidence whose pressure was exerted by all of our daily existence and by its vicissitudes, etc. our true self is in, listen, in the non-dimensional indeterminacy of all that is. The totality of the undetermined number of universes in which we bathe. Between the hierarchical consciences of these universes there are no watertight partitions. And thats my big leitmotif. There is no tight wall between a higher consciousness and the plant consciousness. For example, look at this plant: I call it "Alma viva", well, we communicate, we chat without words, and it feels my health as well as I feel its response. You understand, we are linked in a state of consciousness that I cannot describe to you, but that is. There are no bulkheads.

So there is also no tight wall between a man, any man and an exalted conscience. If I live it, if I know it, if I know it deeply as a real experience, it is a state of understanding. This state of understanding, I want to call it a "faith".

Faith is quite another thing than belief. A belief consists in adopting certain ideas which in fact are only opinions. And these opinions are always ideas that we didn't think about until the end. So listen carefully, faith is therefore direct perception of the immortality of consciousness. Since it is everywhere, it is everything, it is immortal, there is not for me, you see, a state that I could call survive since everything is consciousness, everything is alive and faith is direct perception of the immortality of consciousness, I mean, perception, by the living consciousness of the mortal state in which it finds itself before perceiving itself immortal. See, if ... let's take ... Oh ... I don't want to stumble upon Leninist scientism or things like that ... but consciousnesses that are strictly taken by what "they" call objective reality are dead consciousnesses. Because they do not realize their unity with all that is consciousness and with everything that exceeds, this state that they call objective and that is not ... So, just as there is no barrier, you understand between a degree, degrees of temperature, the lowest degree and the highest degree, there are no tight barriers in the thermometer, there are only barriers in consciousness that that we put there.

And it is from there, if I put a barrier in my consciousness, that the word "survive" can have meaning for me. Not otherwise. It is extremely important if you are not located. If I were ... You know, Jean-Paul Sartre says that he cannot see himself as a waiter, but he sees himself differently. If I situate myself as a writer, then I can answer you with all the banalities and all the commonplaces of the world by saying I survive myself in my work, but these are nonsense ... because if I do not locate myself, you see, if I have this faith, that is to say this direct perception of the unity of consciousness, I cannot situate myself as a writer. Besides, it's very simple, I forget everything I write. What I write passes through me. I am told, "Will you survive in your scriptures? I answer: "I don't understand your question".

So everything is consciousness. And I repeat, because it is very important, there is coexistence and interpenetration, no ... interpenetration of an indeterminate number of worlds of indeterminate dimensions. We are like in a bathyscaphe, but we are taken inside, and the misfortune of many of our men of science is to consider the man from his toes to the tip of his hair, and then the rest is isolated , isn't it? The man is therefore extracted from the whole. Okay ... Each of these worlds ... so there is an undetermined number of worlds, of undetermined dimensions. Someone from a four-dimensional world would pass through this room without seeing it. The fact remains that all of these worlds are interpenetrable and that we are in all of them. So our true being is not confined to the appearance that we are. Each of these worlds is obviously the projection of a particular state of consciousness and the set of these states of consciousness constitutes the universal consciousness, God, if you want to call it that.

Our true self, that is to say the essence of our individuality, since there are no watertight partitions in the consciousness phenomenon is located without separation in the totality of certain universal phenomena, which is the life of the universe. Everything is life. Our true self is our multidimensional soul, of which we are only temporary emanations in our physical bodies. Our souls? Is it easy to give birth to a soul? to his own soul? You have consciences, you have collective souls, if you are animated by a collective soul, whether it be Christian, Jewish or Buddhist or whether it is nationalist or other your true individuation has not yet given birth to a truly soul, that is to say, a consciousness detached from the group by the way a droplet of water detaches from the cloud. (I don't know if you follow me. Is it difficult?)

I have summarized in eight propositions what I am telling you there, because you are going to come up with something that is very curious: because I as an emanation I am the nth emanation of a certain soul and these emanations are all alive ... There is a painter right now, living right here, who has the opportunity to express himself when it presents itself. And he's as alive as I'm talking to you because it's me too. And I know it, I know who it is ... well ... here are my eight proposals, I must read them to you, because they were very very elaborate ...

-- Look for your total individuality,

-- Don't write it down anywhere. Do not qualify it.

-- Any definition of yourself is a false shelter. I already told you: if I define myself as a writer or as French or this or that I put myself in a shelter and then I can talk about survival and tell you all the banalities and all the common places of people who tell you that they survive this or that way ... I survive in the memory of young people ... but, but who survives? You see that ... what do I mean ... that sort of notch they put inside the general consciousness?

-- You will not find your total individuality. It is she who can see you ... She acts in our spatio-temporal continuum but is not contained in it ... Because if I say: I found my total individuality ... wham ... it is because I have it already identified, I have already given her a word, a name, I say: she is this, she is that ... therefore I have not found her ... We must always seek her, this individuation, which gives birth to a soul properly said, but you should never find it. You never have to find it.

-- Your total individuality is your soul. It resides in the indefinite plurality of worlds because it is alive, it is evolution, it is evolving ... to say that ... therefore, there is no stopping. Once you've given up on defining yourself, which is basically a fairly simple problem: it's using your brain like a nutcracker to break all the words you come across, to find out what that they contain really, and most of the times all these big words and all the definitions that we have are only opinions that contain ten, twenty, thirty, fifty prerequisites that have never been thought of. If you go to the end of a word, you see at that time ... you see that you are nothing at all ... Because with your nutcracker instrument you have in fact broken the psychic structures on which everyone bases on

-- Because your soul is out of time, its evolution is only the time it takes you to allow it to find you. Because it is multidimensional, it has an "ecclesia", it is one and innumerable, that is to say that this soul is in relation to other individual souls, which, hierarchized, constitute a set of consciousnesses ...

-- Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made of false evidences of the spatio-temporal continuum, as long as it does not suffocate there ... you really have to feel suffocated ... within the definitions that we have give of yourself to say: "But Im dying ... I want to get out."

-- The death of false evidences is a psychological death heralding a resurrection. Each false evidence denounced opens a window on the interior space where the measurable dies.

If you think carefully, we can only think what is measurable. We cannot think of time, space, we can only think of so many kilometers or so many light years and there, if we fix our death inside one of these measures, we do not arrive not to this death of the measurable, in our interior space which is a personal experience. Whatever you are told will prevent it from happening ... Don't listen to professionals of any religion ... whatever it is.

Beyond this death, the infinitely multiple individuality shows the person present that this is only one of its many emanations ... it finds its emanations staggered in the course of living and current history. Carlo Suarhs is the nth emanation of a soul which has been in formation since I don't know when, and its emanations spread throughout history have been painter, cabalist, woman, man, many things and they are all absolutely alive here even here in this body that speaks to you.

So there is no survival. There is life going on ... because then this consciousness integrates its earthly past and also its future. She knows herself to be continuous, without limits, she is all consciousness ... She penetrates all consciousness, she understands all consciousness, this understanding is love.

I'm finished.

Question : + Vivre et/ou survivre (?) ; par Carlo Suarhs - 3e millinaire