Princess Sophia : Meat and Bones and Coincidence

And this is how all this shit began.
The prime-unity don't knew where he came from, so God had to reveal itself for him naturally during the creation, after Demiurge's got God's light by the hands of Luciel to condensate this world, God revealed to the prime-unity this in a mysterious form, not like people think (since God have no image and description). This information that the prime-unity carried was the prime-wisdom, that was the spirit sustained by faith till far when this spirit reached the heart of everybody this spirit came in a ray to incarnation, this information was denied until the wisdom spirit came to incarnate, so then there wasn't a way to negate the incarnated information. So "Wisdom" will bring the information of the prime-unity and of the creation, so then Jesus will be back (in accord of scriptures).

Jesus will have to come back in meat and bones, since we fail in our general living, I mean, I can be good in skate, but there is tricks that I have to learn with a master, don't matter how good in skate I'm, and then I'll chase someone like Rodney Mullen, and he will teach where I'm wrong.

In the art of life, of love, of grace, of peace, Jesus is the master, he must come back in meat and bones on this world of time and space to teach us in practice and not just theoretically, where we fail in our life, love, grace, peace and etc., not just that, there was another reason to he get back but that was written in an article I removed (Ayahuasca experience ... )


Everything have a reason, there is no coincidence.

Everything is perfectly synchronized, each noise is made in the right time, each color appears in the right time, each change in front of you is on the right time, the place you relaxed your eyes was the best to describe the moment, the information flux is infinite, for some people its very heavy to keep on flux, but I say to keep on it constantly, when it becomes soft, you'll win a jewel.

Everything is communication.

The same part of your brain that take care of your speak, is the same that take care of your driving skills, the same that you use when you use a fork while eating, the same that you use when you learn to walk, the same you use when you are good in a competition/game/hobby. Its all communication, communication with your mouth, with your vehicle, with your tool, with your legs and/or with your competition/game/hobby skills, all communication.

World talks.

Your moment is the sum.

Everything you do is dependent of everything you ever did on this life and past lifes.

You talk with your thoughts before you use your body (2D and 1D); You talk with your spirit before you use your thoughts (3D and 2D); You talk with your soul before you use your spirit (4D and 3D); You talk with your conscience before you use your soul (5D and 4D).

It answer in spirit and in the image key.

Your subconscious knew what was going to happen before it happen.

Your subconscious knows what number the dice will roll.

Sometimes you don't understand it consciously but you understand it subconsciously.

Sometimes you think it makes no sense but it does make sense.

Sometimes the meaning of it appears later, when you are going to do something and it suddenly pop on your mind.

Things are as in heaven as in earth.

The way you interpret dreams and astral visions are the same you do to interpret life, the same symbols of dreams are the same meaning in life when you see in life, everything that happens in dream is real, you just need to know how to understand your dreams.

All images gives a key that can be used to bring numerous another images.

There is a meaning behind each object of your house, a meaning behind each grain of dirty in the floor, a meaning behind everything you look at, a meaning behind every place you decide to go.

Your higher bodies claimed whatever you are seeing in front of you, nothing is hidden, your higher bodies were subconsciously going in the direction of something until you subconsciously find this something.

Training to have synesthesia is one of the best thing you can do to increase your interpretation skills, you need to train it until you hear a 'bang' when a light barely appears, loud enough that almost spook you.