Etz Hhaim: The Tarot and Hebrew Formative Planets in The Tree of Life: An Animation


Here we place Tav/Moon at the fourth Sephirot, in the position of Esh Me'maim, the completion of Adam Qadmon's inner space. The images should speak for themselves, especially when considered with their background formative letters, and should help to resolve certain confusions about the structure of the Tree of Life, the assignment of planets to the lower six Sephirot, and the true planetary/formative Hebrew letter representations of the Tarot cards.

4 The High Priestess sits before the Sanctuary of the Inner Court. She is Tav/400, the Moon, and the psyche.

5 The World, formed by 2/Bayt and Saturn, is a container for the infinite life of 1/Aleph, the Fool.

6 The Wheel, formed by 3/Ghimel and Jupiter is the relationship, or movement between, the container (World) and the contained (Fool).

7 The Tower, formed by 4/Dallet and Mars, is the resistance or response to the infinite movement of the Wheel.

8 The Sun provides the unstructured energy and physical supports for existence in the universe (Kaf/20 as a container for Yod/10).

9 The Magician (Raysh/200, the cosmic container) receives the flow of life from above and responds to the flow from below. His left hand points downward to:

10 The Empress, the sole representation of Nature in the Tarot, where Phay/80 and Venus form the actual potentials for the structuralization of energy and evolution of consciousness in existence.

Planetary Major Arcana: Ancient Versions of the Sepher Yetsira
1 2 3 4 20 80 200 400