The Tree of Life: Planetary Binomials

... Depth of North, Depth of South.   Sepher Yetsira I,5:
Ten: Sealed the North, turned to his left, and sealed it with Waw-Hay-Yod.   Sepher Yetsira 1,13:
... and Height glorified and low, East, West, North, South.   Sepher Yetsira 1,14
In the full specification of 1,13, the tenth Sephirot is in the North, on Adam Qadmon's left hand. The summaries of I,5 and I,14 show him in the mirror in our consciousness.

The differences in viewpoint between the Cube and the Tree are explicit in the binomials, as the upward flow from Pay/80/Venus to Raysh/200/Mercury contradicts the downward unidirectional flow of emanative cosmology.

Why does energy flow from 5 to 6 and from 7 to 8, but not from 9 to 10?

Because it flows from 2 to 3 and from 4 to 20 and from 80 to 200 (by formative letter).

And why isn't 80 the ninth, and 200 the tenth?

When it is, we face our past conditioning and call it the future. Pay/80, the pool of real possibilities, is only possible at the 10th. Raysh/200, formative of Mercury, the messenger of consciousness, transmits the two-way flow, downward from the 8th Sephirot and upward from the 10th.

All these flows are integrated in Tav/Moon/400, whose inner quality is dual: the burial and resurrection of energy.

Cube: Binomials