Carlo Suares: The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH : Preface

The supernatural Jesus Christ -- who made 2,000 yars of history -- is now undergoing a certain change. While "Christ" is becoming more and more metaphysical, "Jesus" -- under the double pressure of historical criticism and the priority that more and more people give to the social revolution -- is becoming a solid figure like any other, totally devoid of mystery

For some people, Jesus was merely a ringleader took an active part in the tragic and desperate If Jews against Rome. Resting on a purely symbolic genealogy (3 x 4 generations after Abraham in the line of King David, and 20 generations from Abraham back to the mythical Adam), their Jesus of royal descent believed himself to be the Messiah come to bring a "for-all-time" victory to the Jews. In their view, he failed to do so and fell back to preaching a commonplace morality and healing the sick. His armed band, they claim, degenerated into a gang cf thieves and killers, and he fled, trying in vain to avoid being caught and convicted.

For others, Jesus was a socialist, a Marxist, or an anarchist ahead of his time. He was prosecuted and condemned for his revolutionary activities. For some people, Jesus -- materializing from nobody knows which Eastern stock or country, and with nothing in common with Israel --came bring to the West some ancient, traditional philosophy of India or elsewhere. For others, Jesus was just one of Israel's lesser prophets. He merely repeated what Jewish tradition had known all along.

The Church, of course, reacts against such "theses" and theses are what they really are, despite supposing historical and philosophical proof. In this Babel of the deaf the Church can only say no, let itself be swept into the social stream and refuse the political, lean on the metaphysical, and allow the mythological to crumble away. Rooted in the

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archaic, and weighed down by centuries of alluvion, its doctrine is powerless to silence these criticisms with any telling arguments. This is due to the fact that the interpreters, whether historians or philosophers, may be able to expound their own points of view but fail to demonstrate how the others are wrong. When they reject the historicity of Jesus as revealed in the Gospels, the Acts, and the Epistles, each exponent has his or her own reasons for doing so, and reads the texts for the sole purpose of proving his or her own story to be the true one.

We are finally faced with various romanticized tales in which the character of Jesus is described in completely different ways, but in which he is always viewed in a "rational" light. One might wonder if rational thought can ever free Jesus from the supernatural on which the Church's doctrine rests. My answer to this question is an unequivocal "no," because the rational and irrational are not on the same level and do not meet. Times have changed. The irrational of 2,000 years ago might well become the rational of today. It need not fall into the absurd. On the other hand, the rational of the last century can become irrational and false tomorrow.

It was not necessary to make the Rabbi called Jesus a murdered God. It belittled Israel's incarnation and led to the adoration of a dead body, a cadaver. For centuries, the fathers of the Church have done their best to separate Israel from its essence. If the Church "falls into this dead body,"1 in this memoir, I hope to give it reasons to live. And I hope to give some to the Jews, too.

We are on the threshold of stupendous psychic changes that require an agonizing reappraisal of the data of

1 "Jesus said: Whoever has known the world has found a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse, of him the world is not worthy." L. 56, The Gospel According to Thomas (New York: Harper & Row, 1959).


human consciousness centered on our spatiotemporal continuum. Such data close out the worlds beyond our dimensions and call themselves "rational." Or else they offer dreams of worlds beyond and project them into supernatural "heaven and hell" areas. The Rabbi came to "fulfill the scriptures," not to reject them. He came to explode the energy contained in Israel since the days of Abraham, and he came for no other purpose. It is useless to talk about it if one does not go back to the origins.

Today we can readily believe that the visitations of Moses and Elias on the summit of Mount Tabor where the Rabbi went to meet them were real; that Moses and Elias did actually turn up, personally, in bodies made of substances different from those of our palpable universe, but rendered visible. They not only entrusted Jesus with his mission but also gave him the means of carrying it out and passed on to him the prodigious Cosmic Energy they knew how to handle. Consequently the words of Jesus, his teaching, his parables, his acts became secondary, because his true mission was to produce this energy (which I hope to make you somehow perceive).

But the time was not ripe. The Rabbi knew it and he said so. There is a direct relationship between knowledge and the state of maturation of psychisms, the interpenetration of multidimensional worlds, consciousness and fundamental energies, the way time and space appear in an indefinite number of conscious levels while obeying a similar law, the direct action of thought on what used to be called matter; in short, everything that defines the quantum of action relating to a psychic change -- all of which was unknown in the Rabbi's time, is still not known by the masses, and is the subject of the most advanced scientific research. On all sides metapsychic, psychokinetic phenomena, transmissions of thought, remote hypnotism, extrasensory perceptions, precise recollections of former lives, pre-

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monitions, et cetera, shatter the notion that such things are supnatural and demolish our mythologies.

The crack in our daily world -- in the so-called rational thought that takes concrete and material form within a projection limited to three-dimenstional space and to one=way flow of linear time -- was created by the Rabbi and has become a huge gap through which the Spirit of Truth is already breaking. Contents