Carlo Suarés : 24. Mysterium Ecclesia
My God, I firmly believe everything that the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church believes and teaches, because it was you, O infallible truth, who revealed it to him. So be it.

One may wonder how many of those who speak out for this act of faith realize what they are doing. These words sin by the omission of all those who receive "revelation" (word to be defined!), Patriarchs, prophets, Evangelists and the Rabbi himself. Usurpation, not only by Peter: by apostolic cooptation which builds both its Church and its truth

Doctrine, like the "line" of Moscow or Beijing, is established and modified by its ordinances. From Pierre and Paul to the parish priest of the village, she imposed herself through fear. III Peter , He, 9-10: The Lord knows how to deliver pious men from trial and to reserve the unjust to be punished on the day of judgment, especially those who go after the flesh in a desire for impurity and who despise it authority. And Paul : Rom., XIII, 1: Let everyone be subject to the higher authorities . (Phrases picked at random, among many others similar.)

Everyone is talking about "the crisis in the churches". There is no "crisis", there is a double death: that of an archaic thought from which all the Churches and Synagogues suffer, and that of authority, which leads Rome to its destruction

The Reformed Churches have only reason to rejoice when the Rabbi returns. By fraternal and understanding contacts with people active in these denominations, I am assured of it. The rejections I receive generally come from people who brandish the Bible, a taboo object, shouting: "It is the word of God! (From the Synagogues I hear nothing. They have nothing but contemptuous silence towards me. "What is a Jew outside of the laws of Moses and traditions? But it is this so-called "Word" that is in crisis, when, read as it should finally be, this prodigious, fantastic book of intelligence and intelligibility rises in splendor.

The original encrypted code that I have given for a long time, in several works, is the only instrument, the only absolutely, which saves the Message of the "two Testaments", buried in infantilism from its consecrated interpretations. The application of a "new" goodwill, free from all beliefs, is enough to penetrate this projective code of the sacred language liberated and liberating from linear time. But how many men and how much energy and patience and perseverance and stubbornness and stubbornness will it take to collapse the fortresses cemented day after day by two thousand and five thousand years of inertia? By the refusal that the birth of the Cosmic Consciousness opposes so many men and women?

In a few years, we have seen half a dozen Bibles appear, in texts which ignore everything of the original code and whose variants are sometimes more erroneous than the long-established texts. We read and re-read that God created Heaven and Earth (dreamlike explanation of the Mystery of the existent). And the Earth, this disc in the center of the celestial dome, remains the only concern of this God, who walks in his garden of Eden after having, delicate and ill-successful operation, extracted a woman from a man, and other such absurd stories.

I am told: "What does it matter if we believe in these legends? After all, what harm do they do? "

What harm? Instead, read Paul (1 Tim ., II, 12-15): I do not allow women to teach or take authority over men, but they must remain silent. Because Adam was formed first, then Eve, and it was not Adam who was seduced, it was the woman who, seduced, was guilty of transgression. She will nevertheless be saved by becoming a mother, if she perseveres with modesty in faith, in charity, and in holiness ...

Do we want other quotes? It is not difficult, because everything is in line: 1 Cor ., XI, 8 and the continuation: The man was not drawn from the woman, but the woman was drawn from the man, and the man was not created because of the woman, but the woman was created because of the man. This is why the woman because of the angels (sic) must have on her head a mark of the authority on which she depends ...

Isn't that enough? Learn, women, your domestic duties ( Eph ., V. 21): Women, be subject to your husbands, etc., with the continuation of the exhortations, doubling those of Peter: Children, obey your parents ... Servants, obey your masters, etc.

The two apostles got along well to subjugate, to prevent the birth of the Human. To this end, among other measures, mutilate half of the human race, that which is most in contact with the realities of existence; the other, you will only dream it better, ride chimeras, go on crusades or in search of the Grail , brandish the torch of the Inquisition.

READ New Kabbalistic readings from the first verse of Genesis. The image of the woman to whom the enjoyment of her body is prohibited becomes a mother while being a virgin, it is logical. This archetype is all the more useful since this Mother-Virgin, perpetually weeping, continues to shed tears on the corpse of her Risen Son. The one who, with hammer blows, went to demolish it in Peter's basilica perhaps symbolically inaugurated the New Era, Aquarius, the Era of Woman in its living reality?

Rereading the Bible in the light of the original encrypted code finally destroying the bark of this book, as it still corrupts through the putrefaction of its archaic thoughts and extracting the essence so long lost is the urgent task which should be set those of the Churches not threatened by the Rabbi's current Return, because this task is part of this return. This task is already returning. The exaltation of this task will be, if not all its work because it will exceed what we can imagine - at least this work in those who will do it.

I am surprised that it is not already happening. On the contrary, it is regrettable that certain representatives, and not the least, of Reformed churches, turn to the Vatican in order to work out together what they call a "common strategy" in favor of the Gospels! They see, curiously, in the authority of the pope, "a solid bulwark for the essential truths of the Gospel" ... as if the Truth needs strategies and ramparts! ... As if strategies and ramparts were not those of Rome for Rome, for Rome collapsing!

READ The Black Book of Yiezidis. And, to this military jargon, Rome immediately responded, before any consultation, by publishing Mysterium Ecclesia which reaffirms its infallibility.

In the event of agreements, it would not fail to demonstrate the submission of its partners.

Carlo Suarés. Mysterium Ecclesia? in Memoir on the return of the Rabbi who is called Jesus , Robert Laffont, Paris, 1975.