Resurrection of the Word: The Scribe: Book Three

I HAVE told the story, I have cursed Noahh unto the third generation, ours, an era sold to wrack and ruin. Now at the outset of the third Abraham-Isaac Jacob epic, re-enacted again today, the trinitarian movement being rooted in Canaan, a Land afflicted by duality at the outset of this epic, my hand, I say, rebels.

"So very many times," she tells me, "so very many times have I written, talked too much, laughed and cried over these stories!" She is tired of tossing the keys to one and all. What's the good, she says, of so many keys for so many people who have no doors, when one single key and one door are enough for the inner Void of Being, where are all time and the keys of all enigmas? Living keys are sprouting up like grass under the ten toes of the feet which are the Covenant with circumcision, gathered by the ten fingers of the hand in the Covenant with the tongue.

In the vital flow within the vital flux of Abraham, I look, see, explore, connect, delineate, shape, combine, form, raise my hand and am admitted . . . what matter the missing doors carried away by the wind of nothingness?

The Covenant of languages is the Covenant both of the Intemporal and Space. The other Covenant "ten fingers of the feet"-is the circumcision at eight days, which I have explained exhaustively in all my writings. But, historically, my intention is to consider this Alliance under the ludicrously metaphorical angle of Yetsira, for Israel, running on ten fingers of the feet", never, never allows itself to be overtaken by Time however fast it may be. Thanks to circumcision at eight days Israel vanquished Duration. Therefore, intending to place myself in the present day I clearly understand that the present Time threatens to overtake me, for it will always be my yesterday and always I shall be further on. Circumcision which unbridles eroticism before its awakening, irrigating the senses, awakening intelligence, condensing conscience before allowing itself to be carried away by herd anxiety, ensures that Israel is made of personal elements, unyielding, insuperable, dissenting and tenacious. Watchwords, collective slogans never convert them, dictatorships will never subjugate them.

Thanks to the Covenant, the impregnation of the flesh by cosmic life, the conjunction of the opposite movements of the intemporal Word and the temporal Dialectic, the History of Israel, playing to perfection Israel's other side, will illustrate, to the end of Time, the truth that the manifested world is the opposite of what it is.

Yes, indeed, the depth of the end is the depth of the beginning: Israel circumcised on the eighth day prevails upon Duration; Abraham, the seed, is before its time because it has to burst; Moses, the shell, is before its time for it must break; Rabbi Yhshwh, the Master of Masters, is before his time, for he foretells the Spirit of Truth. Those figures of our times, Marx, Freud, Einstein, are in advance, for what they instigated has not yet had its full effect. Through the scribe, who is Mahoyael no longer, life manifested today is in advance because he is invisible.

But the most advanced, the highest anticipation of the human is, without doubt, Jacob-Israel, because he is the conqueror of God; and the Jew is the most backward, archaic, fossilised, because he carries in himself the death of God, believing him to be living.

(Must I mention those who, I don't know why, exalt a dead God?)

The Alliance of the ten fingers of the feet is the Alliance of the Intemporal with Time.

Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, p.103 Contents