Resurrection of the Word : The Scribe: Book Two: Genesis II
1. And that that is, Powers,
Conclude at the number Seven
Afforded by universal suspense
Freedom of the Ineffable
And in and by this number Seven

2. Is the universe made whole,
And everything contains the Ineffable
Because in them it returns to itself,
After Compression-Explosion
Creating the world in so doing.
And the Seven of the Indeterminate

3. Hallows itself
In the consecration of being.
Such are the Generations

4. Of the Temporal animating the Spirit
Of the Breath condensing the Temporal.
And Elohim sees himself

5. Unity in multitude
Onc becoming Number
Colliding with itself
Supporting in movement


Moving in support

6. And YHWH recognised Himself
Two lives in one life
Adam Unified in dividing into two.

7. Adam Dust and Spirit
Spirit and Dust
In one.


Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, pp.44-45 Contents