Resurrection of the Word : The Scribe: Book Two: Genesis I
1. The ever-mysterious, universal, alive,
conscious Compresssion-Explosion
Determines all that is, was and will be.

2. Its Mighty Breath moves over and permeates
And raises to life

An indeterminate number of Universes
In their indeterminate number or dimensions.

3. And the Mightiness is content, or else nothing would be,
And the proof of its contentment is the Universal
pregnancy, which is called Light.

4. And every Universe has a light of its own
According to the conscience of its dimensions.

5. The symbol of Light in our terrestrial world
Being day and night, wake and sleep
In their manifested or concealed creations.
Through the power of number One.

6. The dark quiescence Of the deep primordial Waters
Yields to the explosion of the germinal substance
Which is the Breath reborn.

7. Thus the Powers instigate a dividing from stillness

8. The Waters, quickened by the Spirit
Give scope to temporal dual.
Through the Power of number Two


9. From their mass the Breath of avidity arises,

10. Its barrenness being the Soil,
A dominion to bring forth abundance,
Having her own inner movement
Whilst the Waters are either stirred to life
Or remain passive.

11. And every achievement of the soil is of its own core.
Plants vegetate, seeds germinate, fruits fructify
Every one according to its own kind
According to itself.

12. And the grass puts forth its blades
And the seed its corn
After its kind.

13. Through the Power of number Three.

14. And the contrasting Explosion-Compression of the Powers
Causes the brightly shining special bodies
And attractions
Which are tokens of temporal divisions
And expansion.

15. It causes for our terrestrial world
A great giver of external light
For outer deeds
And a small giver Of inner light
For the souls.

16. And this dispensation shines on the Earth
In appearance

17. Sharer of the light and the dimness
Symbolic display

18. Through the Power of number Four.

19. The motion imparted to events
Is conveyed in a vast multitude
Of undulations and vibrations
Springing from the inert Waters.
The undulations stir
The vibrations sound in the life of the stars.


20. All at once bodies multiplying,
And essence animating all that lives:
All that undulates and is to be propagated
And withdrawn within itself into its passivity,
And all that vibrates and, swiftly,
Each according to its kind
Comes forth from itself.

21. And that that is, Powers,
Gives itself out completely and is carried off,
And beings multiply
In the Spirit of the Waters,
And winged beings
On the Earth,

22. Through the Power of number Five.

23. And there is brought forth after their kind, animals,
Neither merely watery, undulation,
Nor merely airy, vibration,
But subjecting themselves to terrestrial life.

24. And that that is, Powers,
Create animal life on earth,
Both dynamic and static,
Twofold, Adamic, homogeneous, universal.
Each according to its kind.

25. Man, the universal seed,
Surpassing all others.

26. And that that is, Powers, make
Even that wluich is Adam,
Dynamic and static, visible and hidden,
Both, Mankind, universal.

27. And that that is, Powers,
Bless these members of the Universe
For they are fruitful and multiply
And have dominion over all beings.

28. And fruitful progress
Being in the nature of man,
He can nourish himself


On the very substance of Nature,
Which bears its own fruit within itself.

29. And to the species on earth,
That that is, Powers,
Concede the green grass only
And not the substance of Nature.

30. That that is, Powers,
Sees itself in that which is being made,
In that it is possible and likely to live,
Through the Power of number Six.

31. Thus arc the configurations perfected And the ordering fulfilled
According to the impulse that controls them.

Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, pp.41-44 Contents