Resurrection of the Word : The Song of the Word

THE WORD: I am the strife of compatible opposites, the nature of things, inner-contradiction.

Enclosed in its shell the egg germinates, eats itself, destroys itself and gives birth to a chicken. I am this battle; I am this substance eaten, the shell's resistance, the seed within that destroys it to fulfil it, and this seed's vigour.

The grain dies in the good earth and sacrifices itself for the birth of the ear of corn. I am this fundamental destruction, and the gathering of the harvest.

By my development I shield my murderer. In my murderer am I engendered.

Only in defeat am I victorious, only in death am I born. My life-restoring births are within my assassins.

If I die in the air I am born in the earth: if I die in the earth I am born in the Spirit. If I die in the conscience I am born in the flesh: if I die in the flesh I am born in timelessness. He who is false to me glorifies me: who glorifies me is his

self-same murderer, and I can no longer save him. He who, in pursuing me, departs from himself I cause to return to his belly: he who retreats within himself I cause to explode, so that he may emerge.

When I am sought on high I am below: when I am striven against I bestow myself.

When I am thought to be understood I am misapprehended: when my opposite is thought to be understood I am no longer apprehended.

I hinder brains by impregnating them with the heart. I cause the heart to become intelligent and the intelligence to have heart. I beget new minds.

Thanks to me the present consumes the past. For, having no continuity, I have no future.


Having no past whatsoever I am the summary of the past. Being determined by each object, I am indeterminate.

I am the Intemporal, not in itself, but in the Temporal. I am the Temporal, but not in time.

I am the probable in the possible, and the possible in the probable: Number in Infinity, Infinity in Number. And arising from these two I am the possibility of their impossible meeting. Simultaneously I am both.

Neither life nor death are extant in me, but both life and death are existing in me. I am living in all death and dying in all life: nevertheless, I am the cause of death and the cause of life, yet neither in the one nor in the other.

All dialectical arguments are in me, but I am not this drawn- out argument. I am the fulfillment of what has not been completed, and in that which has been accomplished, that which never ends.

I am the depth of my end and of my beginning and the summation of myself. I neither begin nor end; I am the sum-total.

I am not one thing; I am each thing. I am not one species; I am each species. I am not a bond; I bind. I do not produce results; I am activity.

I am the life of each seed and the opposition which it overcomes. I do not enfeeble the opposition; I give weapons to the seeds. I do not wage war externally, but from within. That which has not been broken fundamentally has not been broken by me. That which is not begotten by the negation of the formula which begat it, is not due to me.

I am the Mediating Force between the opposites, but decidedly not the harmonising force. I am simultaneously present in each of them, not as an ambassador, but in the role of the other, for I am both together and each one's opposite of itself: its essence. I am Moses, but I do not soften Pharaoh's heart; I harden it.

I effect the miracle of bringing what is above and putting it on earth so that Earth may be its resurrection. What is lowest I enthrone, but so as to destroy the throne.


THE VOICE OF JESUS: I remember ...

THE VOICE OF ISRAEL: I am the mediator, the shadow of power behind empires and religions. I use the power that destroys power, but never the power that sets itself up. ceaselessly, from top to bottom, I ascend and descend the hierarchical scale. I use wealth to destroy wealth, poverty to destroy poverty. Gold is the symbol of the power of silence, but for me, the Word, the symbol is silver. Gilded thrones inflict no respectful terror on me. I have never kissed anyone's toe.

For I know what thrones are madc of and how long I give them to continue. Behold, my explosive power is everywhere. I like to influence only what gives rise to its contrary. As a banker I incite revolutions; as a revolutionary I found a "red" bank. Everywhere I am I cause commotion. No one in the world can stop me. I reveal their power to the weak, their weakness to the powerful.

THE WORD: This nation given to excess ... dead stock of a living sap ...

A JEW: Two and two ... Then I sell ... I buy back at a lower price ... a quarter of a point will leave a margin for commission and a fraction over on re-selling.

A JEW: Adonai, Adonai . . . O, my passion! My madness goes on for ever! Movement, ineffable movement of light! Movement unconfined and timeless, certainty amidst uncer- tainty, confidence amidst the undecided. The rapture of losing oneself, the frenzy of regaining oneself. The intoxication of no longer being, of being nothing more! O Light!

A JEW: Patiently I shall analyse to its depth the substance of which my conscious being is made. Nothing shall stop me. If I discover that I am composed of the seven, deadly, capital sins, well, it means that the seven deadly sins are Life. I will not flinch from anything. I am determined to understand everything, and by persistence discover the innermost process of consciousness and life, and the most hidden laws of biology.

JEWS OF THE DEAD PARENT-STOCK: Where are my kingdoms of Judah and Israel! O Yerouchalaim, city of my Forefathers


I have wept over your ruined walls for eighteen hundred and ninety-nine years, and my tears have not made the stones stand up again: my lamentations have not made bricks arise. O Eternal One, why have not your peoples' lamentations made the bricks rise again? O Eternal One, do not abandon us. Notice that I go to the Temple on Saturdays and I scour the saucepans as prescribed; my wife and I are on a diet; I give the poor almost as much as ordered. I remember everything; my father and his father, the grandfather of his grandfather. I have prayers said for them over and over again, and I repeat them, rocking to and fro, at the foot of the Behold, I have soaked the battlefields with the blood of my dead. All nations can tell you that we fought well; honestly and without hidden motives. If we have to we will fight again, even though the people for whom we fight will cut our throats. .

THE WORD: This nation tortured by a greater force than itself, by itself and by me whom it forswears, and has always forsworn. I will persecute it. All its misfortunes will be its own fault, never will it be tilled enough, never will it die enough. Brothers will never have enough ofshooting each other. People too great to carry its name without being crushed by it, blessed by its perpetual agony. Is it being true to itself? It forswears itself. Does it belong to others? It deceives itself. A People? No! A Nation? Never! A religion? ... Pull down the Temples quickly! May YHWH be God no more!

May YHWH no longer be God, but flesh. May his Temple be flesh. May his light set the Earth free. May his actions subdue and overcome the Earth. May deliverance come. May the fruits of the Earth in their abundance be freely bestowed to all. May the interlopers -- Pharaohs and Popes -- between man and man, between man and Earth expire. May everything belong to everyone. May YHWH no longer need to be invoked but be present! May his cradle be the masses and their planet. May there no longer be frontiers, and only mankind. May stubborn brains be made fruitful by the limitless heart. May the rescue of each


be the rescue of all. May everything be for everyone, but each one be only to himself.

Then, Israel, you can vanish.

ISRAEL: Your secret is inscribed on my flesh ... My secret is in my flesh ... . I can neither go nor not go . neither disappear nor not disappear . My secret is in my flesh in my flesh ... I can neither separate from it nor identify with it ... I, this flesh ... . and I am my secret ... I do not know if it pleases or displeases me ... YHWH! So be it, O YHWH! Blessed be your name!



Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, pp. 58-62 Contents