Resurrection of the Word: Mahoyael : Book Two

Paris 1971

IN THE volume of thirty-six years ago there are three of my books: the first, the third and the fourth. The time for the second one, the Bayt, the physical support, the State of Israel, had not yet come. I will say something about it, but not without extricating my remarks from the confusion -- Jewish and non-Jewish -- inherent in Israel. I will therefore assign it -- in the style in which John, telling the story of Jesus, starts with "In the a vision of Cosmic Energy amenable to the thinking both of modern physics and of the regenerated Qabala. For the Qabala, the idea of a one-way Emanation, born of a non-physical being and creating all out of nothing, is not tenable. It is more rational to conceive a single living Energy tending both to compress and to explode, resulting in all the spheres of Consciousness. Thus the hierarchy of projected manifestations is scaled according to Explosion and Compression in co-ordination. Where compression predominates sidereal observations reveal the existence ol' masses estimated in tons to the cubic centimetre. Where explosion predominates there arc subtle vibrations not only in the sphere of inorganic light (equation of the co-existence of the two signs of Energy in their capacity of universal physical support) but also in the sphere Of organic light which man can radiate if he becomes the schema YHWH.

Two Breaths, Aleph and Tav, the first and last letters of the alphabet, are living and evolving on our planet, incorporating and intersecting all stratas of the biosphere: a process called Elohim. Tav constructs by compression; Aleph destroys by explosion. These two signs, in conflicting partnership, elaborate the details of man's body, psyche and judgement. When by


chance maturity occurs, the indication of which is the person's sense of cosmic fitness, the psyche frees itself, escapes from itself and explodes in a fundamental and vital upheaval. This is, in the true sense of the word, its conversion: it rejoins the cosmic Indetermination leaving far behind the structures of a past which dies at the very moment of its fulfilment. Sacred freedom! Man becomes whole in every moment of a transient, temporal-intemporal life, and renews a thought deprived of memory.

His life thus soars upwards and beyond what were its functions and base, self-styled definitions, beliefs, convictions, and even the feeling that it had being. Exorcised, rebecoming a maiden, Bride of single and double Breath, bride of his body, she and he, single and double, are the source of the Supreme single and double Energy whose mysterious existence will never be explained. And now . . .

Having become secreted in the Mystery, the secret of the holy Mystery, the psyche died without knowing it, so living is this death; truly she died because she could not say "I am", finding no reason for so ridiculous an assertion.

Such is the extraordinary contradiction between Israel and the Jews, between the germ and its very hard shell. Israel forbids Jews to know what it is to be Jewish, yet in the indetetermination of this disconcerting culmination of the human germ, no one is more assertive of his psyche than the Jew. A Mystery is it? An historical projection of the Mystery or cosmic existence? Of the double Breath on behalf of and against itself?

What a tragic destiny: to compress, to choke, to strangle, to bury, to trample Yahweh under foot, forcing him to explode. Resist him, O Jacob, let him strike and let him rebound after striking. If he kills, so much the worse, Hevel. If he does not kill, you, Moses and Isaac are the stronger. If he wants us to die in him, what a Resurrection, Rabbi YHSHWH, Master of Masters! What a committal to conscience!

The tragic destiny of the Jews! To be restrained, choked, strangled, buried, trampled under foot throughout history,


and to persist in not dying, to die under torture crying "Blessed be thou, O Eternal who has abandoned me! Why hast thou abandoned me?"

But the Era of Aquarius has come, the diluting Era: the Annunciator. The collapse of the structures of twelve thousand years will be seen: material, spiritual, physical, psychic, mental, and the rising, scarcely perceptible yet, of new structures indefinable in terms of the past.

Therefore the Jews should extol Israel, the deviating structure, set in the land of accursed Canaan, in order to summon the final judgernent on a past which is no more.

            A handful of Jews, a disputed landing,
            And against them rise
            Two or three hundred million Arabs
            Three Or four hundred million under Russian domination
            Six or eight hundred million Chinese
            The dust of multitudes
            Of B1acks, Yellows, Whites, Reds
            And the remonstrances
            Ethical, moralising, edifying
            Of four Great Powers
            Four great armament salesmen
            Without whom there would be no more wars,
            And behold:
            These Arabs had masked their countenance, Islam, in vain.
            Those under Russian domination had concealed their
            Of the Kremlin, in vain.
            The Chinese had vainly concealed
            That they are only a small book.
            One thing alone is revealed:
            The true dimension of Israel.

Capping the lot, the Manhattan building grows heavy with


a vast number of pseudo-nations collected together from the cutting up of the world by the accident of colonial wars. And in the opinion of all these people what does Israel appear to be? Reviled amid a tottering structure, Even worse fashioned than its precarious ancient kingdoms, its implacable and nevertheless amnesic memory has lost its secret origin, before Moses, in Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, alive unto this very day.

In addition, its Mosaic nature becomes identified with bizarre customs from the Oder and the Vistula, caricatures Of laws -- totally unsuitable. At a time when the most energetic States tend to become Limited Liability Companies (look at Japan), at a time when Limited Liability Companies assume the importance of great States (look at General Motors), Israel proclaiming herself a Jewish State puts herself at the hour of Moses, hidden by the clocks which stopped at the sixteenth Century in Poland.

Its synagogue permits no reforms, decides that such and such a person may be a citizen, and such and such may not, imposes a self-invested authority ... in good earnest, since New York approves of it, where those of the Hasidim, more rigid even by reaction than it was originally, who survived disaster, make their curious particuliarities multiply. Thus they strengthen, in the name of religion -- and by the dollars they drain off pious Jews whose piety clothes itself in a Marxism that would astonish Marx; on the other hand these super-traditionalists (in their fashion), the "Netourei Karta", which means "guardians of divine punishment", for could one be punished any further than by wishing to be like them?

Journals in all languages of the world publish Jewish writings saying that "God" promised them this earth, therefore it belongs to them, or that this land belongs to the Arabs, that the Jews have no light to be there, or that the "God" of the Jews never disclosed himself to them as creator of the galaxies,


but as an "historic God", or that this 'God" is the creator of billions of galaxies to whom it is of the greatest importance that electric switches are not pressed on Saturdays. . . .

While the confusion of principles goes as far as a distressing buffoonery (witness the spectacle at the Wailing Wall) this State involves itself with world economics, from which it inherits only contradictions. The desired and not desired war has already produced profiteers: bankers, industrialists, importers, exporters, contractors and, parallel, a social malaise that the war will not conceal for long. What benefits some people, combines with the piety of others: the vigour of industry with the intransigence of rabbinism, the defeat of the "'package deal" (signed in 1970 between the government, the employers and the Histadrout to stabilise prices and salaries) with the desire for peace which thirteen-to-the-dozen political parties do not succeed in defining.

Indeed this State has been made in spite of good sense. It will break to pieces by the action of change. It will learn that if it has committed itself to the notion of "perpetual warfare" ("We must be not only conquerors but neighbours", Moshe Dayan adds) it is because it has forgotten the manner in which Jacob presented himself to Esau on his return from the country of his birth. It is on this return, because of this return, because the cycle was completed, that Jacob became, or re-became Israel, the origin, the Sacred Source, which was well before the propagation of the species, before Elohim. Jews of the Torah, must it be added that Israel was before Moses, for it is in the present time?

In fact peace will come, but Israel as a State -- the two words, State and Israel, being contradictory -- will fluctuate in an equivocal fashion between ghetto and dispersion until its breaking up. I know that some Israelists will understand me, are thinking as I do, but to what avail? In the course of history, will Jerusalem beome ... not international, no, universal? Will she, one day, radiate to everywhere in the world lucidly and profoundly.


religious messages that will affect the real constitution of beings and things? Will she denounce hypocrisy, disguised ambition, particularism, superstition, the ethics of civilian and religious authorities, intellectual theories -- terrestrial and celestial gods -- whose cults, dogmas, prayers, hopes and atrocious wars, abominations, have thwarted the birth of real manhood for twelve thousand years? Will she, in a word, be transfigured, as a Sacred Gift to the World? . . . Or has she given too much already? Are all the religions centered around her so obsolete already that Jerusalem will choose to be destroyed again, this time definitely wiped out, her ruins being the dead witnesses of obsolete religious dreams?



Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, pp.21-26 Contents