Resurrection of the Word : Mahoyael: Book Four

THIS is Mahoyael's fourth commentary.

Behold, I have spoken. I gave thee these books to make known today the living Israel and Mahoyael. These registers constitute a single Book, always the same: an affirmation, one single advance that proceeds from the world's origins to the most complex social movements, to the most practical affairs, to the most violent, or most fastidious ideas and feelings, to the slightest tremblings of the flesh.

Throughout these books, and up to the last word of the last of them, do not forget that the true mystery of the Word is in everyone. Do not forget that the Word is the resurrection of the forces of expansion from circumcision of the heart and mind. A heart unconfined, a mind unsubdued will soon unite in a single, supreme expression of life: a body of light, light living, organic, creative, total, human. Human !


Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, p.150 Contents