Resurrection of the Word : The Book of Noahh

FOR THOSE who know how to study I am Noahh, end of an epoch, of an era, of an age.

Of one era, one cycle, one conception, one evolution, one invention, onc projection, one speculation, one reverie: an effective end to that which will beget its own decease. My Fathership of all that is has come to an end.

As father I am finished, drunk, abject. No more am I a mystery. Young Hham, the youngest, has seen and understood my nakedness. Alas, I disclose nothing but the end of my time.

As a last extremity I attempted to reinvigorate my exhaustion. Wine, blood and the fire of the earth were the stronger. I cannot be reproached for my effort. I cannot be reproached for neglect. When the fabric tottered I shored it up, I reinforced it, I supported it, I knuckled down, I constructed, I drained, I rendered it more water-tight.

I called for help.

I put to work all the gangs from the East and the West who support me. An imposing ecumenical! Hham, the youngest, the most naturally mature, the most lucid, the young generation, revealed my deep motives to be motiveless. . . . And what did this poor wretch do?

I do not say that he should have failed to respect me: no, to respect or not to respect are chimerical situations. He should have taken my place, proclaim the Son, the era of the Son of a fallen Father; of a Son without a Father: of a son intrinsically Son: of Ben-Addm, himself being Adam -- Son of himself. Alas, will the Hour never be ripe? What has the wretched Hham done by calling upon Schem and Japhet, those regressive degenerates, with all the historic involvements; restoring to the throne the father who had abdicated!


        Cursed be Canaan
        Cursed be the line of Hham
        Unto the fourth generation
        Of Thrones and Dominions
        In this world and the other.
        Fathers of Churches, Fathers of Peoples,
        Accursed be your lands,
        Babels of disorder
        Be the land of Canaan the accursed
        And thrice accursed those who lay claim to it
        In obedience to the Fathers
        God, Abralram and Moses
        Cursed by God, Abraham and Moses
        Who demand to be vanquished!

MAHOYAEL.: Noahh does not curse Hham who (in spite of himself, moreover) saw him drunk and naked: he curses Hham's fourth son, Canaan, who is not yet born. The answer to this enigma is to be found only in sacred language. The 4 corresponds to the letter Dallet in the alphabet. Each letter- number expresses a certain quality of the cosmic energy. In man, the 4 is the result of maturation, the completion of a structure capable of responding to the Breath of the Intemporal. When the whole of this structure reaches full maturity it reacts to the Breath by resisting it. This is Jacob striving with "the Angel". This resistance has suppleness, adaptability and attachment to life. But when resistance is a hardening of the structure, petrifying it, making it harder than it was before, it no longer responds to Breath. In symbolical terms it "engenders the 4": it results in material proliferation, the possession of objects and territories. Man affirms himself in action, and identifies himself with this affirmation. The 4 has no other value, not being an end in itself. Hham is "perfected" after discovering the mysterious origin of his father, but he has not matured enough to reach the stature of "Ben-Adam". He "engenders the 4", symbolised by four sons. The fourth, Canaan, engenders


the duality Sidon-Heth and new nations spreading all over the land from Sidon to Gaza and encircling Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis x, 15-20). The curse upon this enormous land-mass engendered by Hham in fact rebounds on Hham.

Read by the light of the code in cipher the text reveals something entirely different: the true meaning of the schemas translated as "curse" and "Canaan" is an extraordinary magnification of the opposite of this terrestrial Canaan! Likewise YHWH does not curse those who wish to kill Cain, but exalts Cain. The numerous curses instanced in the sacred Scriptures are always a brilliant light projected on the contrary of what is named. What the schema Canaan expresses in depth, and exalts, what is the essence of the schema, is a non-earthly land, an uncertainty, an inexpressible irresolution, an explosive energy, invisible, unforseeable, within the rigid 4, at the heart of the structures that install and impose themselves. It is the Breath of the Intemporal which, from within, causes the temporal and spiritual powers to erupt. The schema Araur, translated as "cursed be", is light projected on two worlds that can be called the temporal and the spiritual, the visible and the invisible, or otherwise. . .


Carlo Suares, Resurrection of the Word, Shambhala, 1974, pp. 90-92 Contents