November 13, 2005

Torture Retrospective -- In The Name of America

CIA allegedly hid evidence of detainee torture - report -
TalkLeft: Senate Passes Amendment to End Habeas for Detainees
TalkLeft: Senate Dems to Seek Reconsideration of Graham Amendment
Buffalo News - A betrayal of our most precious values ("We do not torture") - Bush defends detainees policy - Nov 7, 2005: "We do not torture" (see below)
Hullabaloo: Is Crucifixion Legal Under Bush And Cheney?
ABC News: Group Says CIA Moved Suspects to Europe

Martini Republic » Trail of prisoner abuse goes “directly back to Cheney’s office”
Cheney in the Bunker - Newsweek National News -
Cheney Seeks CIA Exemption to Torture Ban - Yahoo! News : The Diane Rehm Show : Janis Karpinski: Abu Gharib
FRONTLINE: the torture question: interviews: janis karpinski | PBS

War and Piece: Senate Defies White House on Torture (only 9 Senators vote for torture)
Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos
Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why
Ray McGovern: Torture and Cowardice: Why are American Religious Leaders Silent?
Jennifer K. Harbury: the US Has Sanctioned Torture for Too Long Balkinization: Shirking Responsibility (Torture)
Whiskey Bar: Heart of Darkness: War Porn (link between sex and violence in America)
Hullabaloo: Losing Its Honor (descent of US Army into depravity)
Leadership Failure: Firsthand Accounts of Torture of Iraqi Detainees by the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division
3 in 82nd Airborne Say Beating Iraqi Prisoners Was Routine - New York Times Pattern of Abuse -- Page 1
The Light Of Reason: When Law Professors are Pro-Torture Bigots (Eugene Volokh)
US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo; in Iraq, Afghanistan - UN -
Welcome to IBPP Online (Psychological and Sociopolitical Factors Contributing to the Creation of the Iraqi Torturers: A Human Rights Issue)
FBI Records Gitmo Torture

The New Yorker: Fact: Jane Mayer: A Deadly Interrogation: Can the C.I.A. legally kill a prisoner?

Abu Ghraib-One Year Later: Comprehensive Report Documents Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces
American Civil Liberties Union : Torture FOIA
Guardian | The brutal truth
The Chronicle: 1/21/2005: Torture's Paper Trail

Deborah Stone: Hungry for Air: Learning the language of torture
The Agonist: An Excerpt From: The Torture Papers
THE TORTURE PAPERS The Road to Abu Ghraib: printer friendly version
From The Never Ending Story - The Torture Papers | MetaFilter
Books | The brutal truth
The Guardian | Afganistan: 'One huge US jail'
Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Image by image, confession by confession, the horror emerges

Taguba Repor
Brad Delong: The Fish Rots from the Head
TPM: Frat-Boy Cabinet
Diagram of Seymour Hersh Chain of Command
From Lindh to Lynndie

Reports of abuse growing: Operatives behind action, guards say
Wise Counsel: Appoint a special counsel to investigate Geneva violations By Neal Katyal
Article & Essay: Conspiracy to Commit War Crimes
Torture and Truth |
The Logic of Torture By Mark Danner

Reuters: Amnesty Condemns U.S. for War on Terror Torture
PBS: Torture Arguement
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities By Steve Kangas
HRW: The Road to Abu Ghraib |
The Enforcer: Michael Koubi worked for Shin Bet as Chief Interrogator

HRW: Introduction: The Road to Abu Gharib
Guardian: Tortured meanings

Doctors and Torture By Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.
David Sirota & Christy Harvey: They Knew...
MJ: Garret Keizer: A Picture Worth Exactly One Thousand Words

Photos of Iraqis Being Abused by US Personnel
Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire and the war on terror

The Road to Abu Ghraib: The biggest scandal of the Bush administration began at the top By Phillip Carter
Vance Holmes: America On Trial: Cruel and Unusual Punishment at Abu Ghraib and other US-run prisons

Peter Bergen: Tora Bora: What Really Happened?
Guardian: The road to Abu Ghraib
The Abu Ghraib Supplementary Documents: New installment of classified documents shows abuses at other prison camps
Abu Gharib Torture Photos
Guantánamo Serenade: US Torture techniques sanctioned by half of Amerika

Wapo: Justice Expands 'Torture' Definition
The Agonist | The Vampires of Civilization or The Vampire Volokh
Matthew Yglesias: Tenured Radicals: Eugene Volokh
Hullabaloo: Intuitive Barbarity: Eugene Volokh (true colors dept.)
U.S.: Investigate Rumsfeld, Tenet for Torture (Human Rights Watch, 24-4-2005)
United States: Getting Away with Torture?
Table of Interrogation Techniques Approved by U.S. Officials
What is Torture? | Taxonomy of Torture | Legal Memos | Chain of Command
Prairie Weather: Ordeal
FBI Records: Guantanamo Bay - Time report fuels Guantanamo criticism - Jun 13, 2005 (just a little "humiliation") TIME Exclusive: Inside the Wire at Gitmo
DoD: Guantanamo Provides Valuable Intelligence Information (garbage)

Welcome to IBPP Online (Psychological and Sociopolitical Factors Contributing to the Creation of the Iraqi Torturers: A Human Rights Issue)
beliefnet: Michael Wolfe on relationship between Christian evangelism in the U.S. government and abuse of Muslims and the Qur'an
U.S. Military: At Least 26 Prisoners' Deaths May Be Criminal Homicide
We Are All Complicit - But What Can We Do About It?
Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why

American Civil Liberties Union: Guantánamo Prisoners Told FBI of Qur'an Desecration in 2002, New Documents Reveal
CCR: Pentagon “Working Group Report on Detainee Interrogations in the Global War on Terrorism: Assessment of Legal, Historical, Policy and Operational Considerations
COUP D'ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA on June 3rd and 4th
Apologia Pro Tormento: Analyzing the First 56 Pages of the Walker Working Group Report (aka the Torture Memo)
Bush ignored Pentagon lawyers over tactics in war on terror
"Daily Show clip: Stewart, Durbin, and Biden tear Ashcroft a new one."

OLC's Aug. 1, 2002 Torture Memo ("the Bybee Memo")

New Scientist Breaking News - Everyone is a potential torturer
Ethics of the Unspeakable

Posted by psyche at November 13, 2005 07:26 PM

Noticed that you'd linked to an earlier piece on torture at my website and thought I ought to let you know that the latest Harpers (12/05) has a piece "from the acacounts of detainee handling in Iraq, by members of the US Army's 82nd Airbone Division, published [originally] in a September Human Rights Watch Report..." You may have it listed here, but my eyes didn't find it!

Posted by: PW at November 14, 2005 09:26 PM