September 16, 2005

Katrina Links Update VIII


Bush Vows Disaster Review for U.S. Cities - Yahoo! News (will spend lots of money, no taxes)

Reuters Says Bush Photo Not 'Malicious,' Reports Wide Interest at Home and Abroad (heh) - Keepers of Bush image lift stagecraft to new heights (smoke and mirrors dept)
BAGnewsNotes: Bush's N.O. Restart -- A Visual Report Card (w/potty-break photo)
Who's in Charge? Karl Rove! (to manage the contracts to Bush supporters) (WaPo/bugmenot)

Bush pleads guilty for Katrina mistakes, promises grand reconstruction - Yahoo! News La. treasurer says local governments may default
Mayor Announces Plan to Reopen New Orleans - Yahoo! News
Katrina deals blow to consumer sentiment - Yahoo! News (lowest in 10 years)
Judge Orders Release of Jailed Grandmother (cops send Granny to the Pen)
Think Progress: With Last Throes Debunked, Rice Unveils The Latte Defense (Neocons bankrupt, it's the stupid, stupid)
A Death in New Orleans / Tired of waiting for authorities to help, citizens rescue the living, bury the dead
Hurricane Katrina Quotes - Dumb Quotations About Hurricane Katrina Living Too Much in the Bubble? -- Sep. 19, 2005 -- Page 1
Jack Kelly column littered with Katrina falsehoods [Media Matters]
The Black Commentator - The Political Wrath of Hurricane Katrina (the anti-9/11)
NPR : 'Hell on Earth' at the Convention Center
Open Source » Blog Archive » Craigslist and Information as News
Broken Toys: Ubiq and I are Going to Hell: Katrina: The Gathering

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