September 08, 2005

Katrina Links Update II


'Times-Picayune' Details Tragic Turning Point in Disaster (Feds don't watch TV)
Disaster Agency's Woes Began Long Before Katrina
onegoodmove: Meet The Fuckers (John Stewart: Brown & Chertoff)

Losing New Orleans
The Raw Story | WSJ: White rich elude Orleans chaos, don't want poor blacks back
CBS Poll: Blame All Around | 9/8/05 (Americans play the blame game)
Concerns Grow About Toxic Floodwaters - Yahoo! News
FEMA Chief Sent Help Only After Storm Hit - Yahoo! News 3 Duke students tell of 'disgraceful scene'
Parties Scramble for Post-Katrina Leverage (Repubs refuse accountability)
Focus: When the levees broke, the waters rose and Bush?s credibility sank with New Orleans - Times Online
Statement on Federal Disaster Assistance for Louisiana
BobHarris: Bush orders FEMA to protect Upsidedownland (omits New Orleans)
MSNBC - Making the Quarter Rounds (the war on the press)

Pat Robertson's Katrina Cash (faith-based looting)
Agape - Katrina - God's Urban Renewal Project (God hates libruls, blacks and gays) - Right city, wrong state - Sep 6, 2005 (FEMA doesn't have any maps)
Money Flowed to Questionable Projects: State Leads in Army Corps Spending, but Millions Had Nothing to Do With Floods Bodies found in ConCenter freezer
Bellaciao - Pattern Emerges in Katrina Lack of Response Stories
Orbimage: Katrina Satellite Photos
NexSat, NRL/NPOESS Next-Generation Weather Satellite Demonstration Project

Bush: Job Ratings (tanked)

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