September 05, 2005

More Katrina Links - Aftermath

floatingbody.jpg Everything New Orleans
Hurricanes & Tropical Storms Full Coverage on Yahoo! News
Hillary Clinton calls for 9/11-type 'Katrina Commission' - Yahoo! News
Louisiana State of Emergency: Friday, August 26, 2005 (Feds lie)
Stygius: Burn a source? How 'bout slow roasting? (WaPo caught in another anonsource lie)
Barbara Bush racist comments + Olbermann

OverSpun: Archive: Meet The Press- Emotional Interview With Aaron Broussard *
Daily Dissent: Broussard and Chertoff Video clips
Podcasts on - Broussard on Meet the Press

Lost in the Flood - Why no mention of race or class in TV's Katrina coverage? By Jack Shafer
Marjorie Cohn | The Two Americas: Cuba: Hurricane preparedness far superior to BushAmerica
AJC: New Orleans in Chaos: Disaster proves warnings true
AlterNet: White People's Burden
New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize - News Archive - Stratfor
US accepts offer of UN help in Katrina aftermath - Bolton in Tears

ZNet |U.S. | Business As Usual
Alert? - March 11, 2002 - Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works (ASACW) Mike Parker resigned on March 6, 2002
Criticism leads to Parker's ouster - The Clarion-Ledger
Reuters AlertNet - Budget cuts delayed New Orleans flood control work
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Survivors reveal Superdome horror
David Aaronovitch: From the murky water of doubt emerges an uncomfortable truth
A Calamity Compounded By Poverty And Neglect By Joseph Kay
Will New Orleans Recover? by Nicole Gelinas
Anne Rice: Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans? - New York Times

The Lie of the Century / US / Hurricane Katrina - Prospects for a fast rebound are poor
Thomas Paine's Corner: No More Bush Bullhorn Bullshit
KOMO : Bush Administration Puts Katrina PR Campaign Into Overdrive
Mark A. R. Kleiman: Fake sympathy and fake relief efforts
Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die
Krugman: Killed by Contempt - New York Times
Rice Defends Bush's Katrina Response
America's Wetland

Night Light: don't hide behind god: Condi: Jesus is Coming
Whiskey Bar: Where There's a Will: FEMA was ready in pre-election Florida - Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist - Sep 4, 2005
Storm Exposed Disarray at the Top - House-to-house rescues under way in New Orleans - Sep 4, 2005: Chertoff: get out or get shot
CNSNews: Bush: "Brownie, you're doing a great job" /a>
KRT Wire | 09/03/2005 | Head of FEMA has an unlikely background - Business News: Brown pushed from last job: Horse group: FEMA chief had to be `asked to resign'
KR Washington Bureau | 09/03/2005 | Head of FEMA has an unlikely background

Mike Whitney: Failing Upwards, the Rise of Michael Chertoff
Chertoff's Reading Habits - Wonkette (liar or idiot?)
Today's Front Pages: 083005: the papers Chertoff didn't read
Hurricane Center Director Tells Paper He Briefed Brown and Chertoff on Danger of Severe Flooding (more lies by Brown and Chertoff) - Katrina medical help?held up by red tape - Sep 5, 2005 NewsFlash - French Quarter holdouts create 'tribes'
Current TV: Citizen Rescue: 500 Cajun rescue boats refused
Daley 'shocked' as feds reject aid
A Delicate Balance Is Undone in a Flash, and a Battered City Waits - New York Times

Wired News: Too Many People in Nature's Way
[IP] Laurie Garrett: Hurricane Katrina Analysis - CFR Global Health Program
Katrina's real name - Global Warming - The Boston Globe
Daily Pundit: Sample of Right-Wingnut thinking on NOLA
Malkin(s)Watch: Steve Sailer weighs in (more racism)
Orcinus: The New Orleans race vampires
Daily Nightly: Looking back on the eve of Katrina - Nightly News with Brian Williams -

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