August 06, 2003

Where the road ends

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We'll take another break from our project of assimilating psychoanalytic theory to the metapsychology of the Cube of Space and get our bearings by looking at the map of the development of analytic theory over the past century.

We have defined the psychological development of psychoanalytic thinking as its resistance to intersubjectivity, or the Other in its own unconscious.

So far, we've looked at the central concepts of projective identification, part and whole self and object relations, transitional space and splitting and dissociation. Ahead are the theoretical and therapeutic consequences of these extensions of psychoanalytic theory toward the Other.

Psyche Matters by Cheryl Martin contains a wealth of psychoanalytic references and literature.

The Psychoanalytic Classics page is interesting for its shortness (even when padded with every work in the Standard Edition) and the absence of any new classics in the last 20 years (Grotstein and Hinselwood are codifications and extensions of Klein and Bion). The list really ends with Searles, Gill, Schafer and Langs at the end of the Seventies or mid-Eighties if you stretch it. With Laplanche and Pontalis representing the therapeutically-starved offshoot of Lacanism.

So what happened? Did psychoanalytic thinking hit a brick wall or come to the edge of a cliff?

Or reach the end of its metapsychological rope?

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Also see: Highlights of the Psychoanalytic Literature: A Topical Reading List   for the extensions and syntheses of the nineties.

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