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Psyche's Links: 2022


NASA releases stunning new image of the Phantom Galaxy : worldnews
ESA - Webb inspects the heart of the Phantom Galaxy

F.D.A. Authorizes Updated Covid Booster Shots, Targeting Omicron Subvariants - The New York Times The agency cleared two options targeting subvariants that are currently dominant, hoping to curtail a fall or winter surge.

The growing evidence that Covid-19 is leaving people sicker / Twitter significant rises in deaths from heart disease since the start of the pandemic in all but the very oldest age groups.

Most women in their 20s have experienced sexual violence, shocking Australian data shows
Aussies behind failed court case against COVID vaccines suffer $200,000 blow : worldnews

Junta Spies Posing as Monks, Nuns Among Myanmar Detainees in Thailand : worldnews

Olympic Gold Swimmer Investigated by PoliceFor Smoking Weed 4 Months Ago ... The Singaporean athlete, who didnt even fail a drug test, is being punished after admitting to authorities he smoked cannabis when abroad in a moment of weakness

Kishida vows to sever LDPs ties with Unification Church
A Japanese fishing town says a giant statue of a squid has had a huge economic effect, though it previously drew criticism for having been paid for with an emergency COVID-19 relief grant : worldnews

North Korea has up to 5K tons of cyanide and other chemical weapons : worldnews

Taiwan fires live rounds at drones near outlying islands : worldnews

China places millions into Covid lockdown again as economy continues to struggle | China : worldnews
The Big [Censored] Theory

Kremlin says Gorbachev helped end Cold War but was wrong about 'bloodthirsty' West. : worldnews
Putin says Gorbachev had huge impact on course of global history
Gorbachev Never Realized What He Set in Motion - The Atlantic Almost nobody has ever had such a profound impact on an era, while understanding so little about it ... After 2014, he repeatedly declared his support for Russian President Vladimir Putins annexation of Crimea, an action that helped catalyze the wave of imperial nostalgia that has now brought us the war in Ukraine ... Although none of the forces he accidentally set in motion prevented Russia from turning back into a tyranny, the end of Soviet Communism could have been far more bloody, far more violent, and far more like the current war in Ukraine. If someone else had been in charge, it might well have been.
Gorbachev - Lawyers, Guns & Money (best summary/history)

Explosions ring out in Belgorod, Russia : worldnews

Covert mobilisation in Russia reaches Moscow and St.Petersburg
1/ What is officer slavery, why do Russian army officers complain of it, and why is the Russian army like a Roach Motel officers can check in, but they cant check out? Heres the first part of a 2-parton why it can be hard to leave the Russian army if youre an officer.

US Congress Report: India Is Failing At Freedom of Religion, Press,Expression
BJP leader Seema Patra makes domestic help lick urine from floor : worldnews ... According to a post shared by The Dalit Voice, the domestic help was kept at the Patra household and tortured for eight years.
India lodged average 86 rapes daily, 49 offences against women per hour in 2021: Government data : worldnews

Cataclysmic floods in Pakistan kill 1,100, including 380 children : worldnews

The pilot who defected to the Taliban in his Black Hawk : worldnews

Madagascar police confirmed Tuesday that officers killed 19 people and injured 21 others after opening fire on what was described as a lynch mob angered over the kidnapping of an albino child : worldnews

Saudi woman gets 45-year prison term for social media posts, rights group says : worldnews

U.S. will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, Biden tells Israels Lapid

Ukraines Zelenskiy says EU should ban all Russian state media
Missile Systems Contract Will Aid Ukraine > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 189, Part 1 (Thread #329) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 31 August 2022
Dmitri on Twitter: "Russian Rybar reporting Ukrainian breakthrough beyond Sukhoy Stavok, but now with an image (4PM Moscow time)" / Twitter
Russians also admit having lost 70% of Vysokopolie.
ISW on Twitter: "Southern Axis Update: The Kremlin will likely exploit the lack of immediate victory over Kherson City or Ukrainian operational silence on the progress of the counteroffensive to misrepresent Ukrainian efforts as failing and to undermine public confidence." / Twitter
ISW on Twitter: "#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: Russian authorities will likely struggle to sustain substantial enrollment in Russian schools throughout occupied areas of #Ukraine despite attempts at financial coercion and the provision of Russian educational materiel." / Twitter

Russian forces lose 350 soldiers and 20 tanks in one day
Nearly 160 Russian troops killed in 220 missile, artillery attacks: Ukraine : worldnews
Dmitri on Twitter: "Russian fighter in Kherson - "the situation is extremely difficult, we are cut off from constant supply". Seems to still have hope, however." / Twitter

Russian Proxy Leader Reportedly Flees Amid Ukraines Kherson Counteroffensive

Mariupol: Occupiers pour concrete over bodies of those killed in Drama Theater : worldnews
THE BANALITY OF BRUTALITY 33 days under siege in Block 17, Bucha, Ukraine

EU to restrict travel rules for Russians, split on how far to go : worldnews
Ukraines Kuleba urges EU to ban Russian tourists

New Russia gas halt tightens energy screws on Europe : worldnews
Wholesale gas prices tumble as Europe prepares to intervene in energy markets : worldnews

(154) Noam Chomsky: Putin, Ukraine, China, and Nuclear War | Lex Fridman Podcast #316 - YouTube

Why Gorbachev will not be remembered fondly in Lithuania : worldnews

I was close to death: Syrian man tells how Greek officials pushed refugees back out to sea

They called for female leadership at the Vatican. They were arrested. : worldnews

Historic European drought reveals previously submerged ancient Roman ruins : worldnews

Aging Spain Issues Rallying Call for Workers From Latin America : worldnews

French PM Elisabeth Borne warns of potential winter power cuts in homes : worldnews

UK inflation could top 22% as energy prices soar, Goldman Sachs warns : worldnews
Faecal transplants to be offered to hundreds with antibiotic-resistant superbug : worldnews
Conservationists seek judicial review of UK sewage discharge plan | Charity says strategy is unlawful and will allow storm overflows to dump raw sewage for next 28 years : worldnews

Bolsonaro under fire over claims family paid for 51 properties in cash | Brazil : worldnews
Brazilian mining co. sees Indigenous land as ripe for exploration if protections expire: 5 mining permits filed for October in territory that is home to 2 of the last 3 surviving Piripkura people : worldnews

Saint Kitts ban on gay sex struck down by Caribbean regional court : worldnews

Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligence : worldnews

Video Of Mysterious Drone Swarm Over Navy s Most Advanced Destroyer Released - The swarm incident involving USS Zumwalt was just one of many similar events involving Navy ships off California in 2019.

Whos the Change Agent Now? Joe Biden is delivering breakthroughs that long eluded Barack Obama. Who understands the presidency best?
Biden's Approval Rating Surges After Hitting Low Mark In July, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Half Of Americans Say Trump Should Be Prosecuted On Criminal Charges Over His Handling Of Classified Documents

MAGA Republican actions fit definition of fascism, White House says

FBI Facing Unprecedented MAGA Threats: Time to Hunt Fed Bois

The Humiliating History of the TSA

What abortion ban? GOP candidates abruptly ditch long-held positions in post-Roe scramble. With abruptly scrubbed websites and "well, actually" op-eds, anti-abortion Republicans claim they never meant it : politics
Dr. Oz Says Abortion Is Still Murder at Any Stage of Pregnancy
Republicans fucking around: LIFE IS SACRED ABORTION IS MURDER PROTECT THE INNOCENT BAN IT NOW!!! Republicans finding out: J/k, vote 4 me lol ;-) - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And speaking of negative consequences, it would be a shame if any of the ultra-violent shits the GOP has been nurturing with lurid tales of baby parts, microscopic Gerber babies ripped from the womb and women in their 39th week of pregnancy getting abortions just for funzies were to see these writhing worms as traitors. A real shame. :-(
Victory! South Carolina Will Not Advance Bill That Banned Speaking About Abortions Online : politics
Oh boy, two flavors of sexism! - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Poll: Young voters more motivated after Dobbs decision | The survey from NextGen showed a jump in young voter motivation since March. : politics

What if Donald Trumps conspiracy was even bigger than we thought? - There was, it increasingly appears, a conspiracy involving some in the most senior levels of the Trump administration to end American representative democracy and replace it with a strongman oligarchy along the lines of Putins Russia or Orban's Hungary.

Some of the documents retrieved from Mar-a-Lago were so secret that FBI agents needed a special clearance to look at them, DOJ says : politics
Documents at Mar-a-Lago Were Moved and Hidden as U.S. Sought Them, Filing Suggests - The New York Times The filing by the Justice Department paints the clearest picture to date of its efforts to retrieve documents from the former presidents Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.
Documents at Mar-a-Lago Were Moved and Hidden as U.S. Sought Them, Filing Suggests : politics
The government developed evidence that the documents were likely concealed and removed from the storage room and efforts were likely taken to obstruct the governments investigation
Justice Dept. says Trump team may have hidden or moved classified papers : politics
Justice Dept. alleges "obstructive conduct" occurred at Mar-a-Lago after request for classified documents. : politics

DOJ Is Likely to Wait Past Midterms to Reveal Any Trump Charges - Bloomberg Long-held policy prevents prosecutors from impacting elections

Mar-a-Lago raid: Photos released of top secret documents seized by FBI from Trumps estate
Photo of Secret Documents Piled on Trump Carpet Adds to DOJ Pressure : politics
The photo of classified documents at Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort, annotated (
Trump Is Upset the Feds Took a Pic of Top Secret Docs on His Fancy Carpet : politics

Trump's lawyer wouldnt let FBI agents open any boxes in a Mar-a-Lago storage room in June, DOJ says. 76 classified documents were later found in that room alone
Lordy there are pics: Legal experts say Trump lawyers may need their own lawyers after DOJ filing
Ex-Federal Prosecutor: Trumps Attorneys Need To Lawyer Up After New DOJ Filing
Trump Cant Hide From the Mar-a-Lago Photo | The Department of Justice keeps outsmarting the former president in its efforts to recover the government's classified materials.

Classified documents were 'likely concealed and removed' at Trump residence, per court filing / Twitter
Days before Mar-a-Lago subpoena, Trump lawyer claimed she scoured Trumps office, closets and drawers
DoJ says Mar-a-Lago documents likely concealed and removed to obstruct probe
Trumps seized passports kept in same desk drawer as classified documents

Clowntime is over - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... If Trump isnt indicted, there absolutely should be riots in the streets.
Bradley P. Moss on Twitter: "I have read the entire Government filing. I spend all day, every day, litigating against the Government, so some of this is familiar stuff to see. This particular brief is very well-done. Here are the highlights: 1) The facts. NARA negotiated in 2021 for the missing" / Twitter

Justice Department responds in court to Trumps bid for special master in Mar-a-Lago case
Justice Department files lengthy rebuttal to Trump special master request : politics

The DOJs latest filing has even more damning claims against Trump
The DOJs latest Mar-a-Lago filing is the biggest hint yet that prosecutors may charge Trump with a crime
Trumps Document Lies Have Been Exposed. All He Has Left Are Threats
Don't worry, Tucker will come up with something even dumber - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Josh Chafetz on Twitter: "ah, yes, the classic "this piece of evidence would implicate too many wrongdoers" argument for quashing a subpoena" / Twitter
The Mar-a-Lago search and Donald Trump's abuse of the Former Presidents Act - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump weighs delaying 2024 decision as political and legal troubles grow : politics
Trumps loony rants should remind the GOP his nomination would be disastrous
Trump Has Officially Declared His Embrace of QAnon : politics
Trump mocked after asking followers on Truth Social Why are people so mean?

Senate Rating Changes: Arizona, Pennsylvania to Leans Democratic - Overall race for control a Toss-up

Conservative Lawyer a Likely Target in Atlanta Trump Investigation, His Lawyer Says - The New York Times John Eastman, who developed strategies to block certification of the 2020 election, appeared before a grand jury in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Charlie Crist resigns from Congress to campaign against DeSantis in Florida full-time : politics

Lindsey Graham Comes Up Empty When Asked to Talk Up Herschel Walker : politics
Democrats emphasize Herschel Walkers threats against ex-wife in new Georgia ad

A water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, has left residents with no running water, a hospital without air conditioning and moved schools online : politics

A Utah lawmaker wants government-mandated background checks for church leaders and volunteers who work with young people. : politics

Federal judge orders disabled Wisconsinites are entitled to receive help voting : politics

Ku Klux Klan plaque is mounted at the entrance of West Points science center ... The words "KU KLUX KLAN" are underneath a depiction of a person in a hood, holding a rifle.

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson And Lou Dobbs To Be Deposed In Dominion Lawsuit Against Fox News : news

A device that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into a machine gun in moments is wreaking havoc on American streets

8 cities where at least half of millennials cant afford to rent a 1-bedroom

Women who stay single and don't have kids are getting richer - Forgoing marriage and parenthood has a bigger payoff for American women than men, according to new research.

Inside the rise of stealerships and the shady economics of car buying

You've Probably Seen Yourself in Your Memories - Remembering your life in the third person is a little creepy and surprisingly common.

A neighborhoods cryptocurrency mine: Like a jet that never leavesCryptocurrency mining brought constant noise to this remote part of Appalachia


Greenland ice losses set to raise global sea levels by nearly a foot, new research shows : worldnews ... 10 inches between now, and 2100 ... and Greenland is only responsible for 30% to 40% of expected sea level rise over that period, so 25 to 33 inches from all sources (bye-bye FL, LA and Boston)
Major sea-level rise caused by melting of Greenland ice cap is now inevitable

Boston hits 91 degrees Tuesday; 11th day in August temperature eclipsed 90 degrees - The Boston Globe

Monkeypox outbreak can be eliminated in Europe - WHO officials : worldnews

Tech giants forced to come clean on child abuse : worldnews

Solomon Islands Bans U.S. Navy Ships From Ports After China Security Deal : worldnews
Navy ships not welcome in Solomon Islands ports, Honiara tells United States : worldnews

Thousands Are Holed Up in a Cambodian Politicians Farm, Waiting for the End of the World ... The Cambodian populist with a growing cult-like following told his followers that a black hole has formed in his spine, warning him of impending biblical-level floods

Fukushima nuclear plant town sheds evacuation order after 11 yrs : worldnews

Biden administration to ask Congress to approve $1.1B arms sale to Taiwan - POLITICO Fears have grown in recent years that China is positioning itself to take Taiwan by military force.
Taiwans working-age population projected to halve in 2070

Heatwave-ravaged areas in China now facing heavy rains, prompting evacuations : worldnews
China orders millions in Hebei province around Beijing into lockdown : worldnews
China shuts worlds largest electronics market as Shenzhen imposes lockdown
Chinese thinktank makes rare public call for Beijing to ease zero-Covid policy : worldnews
China Arrests Hundreds in Nations Biggest-Ever Bank Fraud Probe
Chinese police have arrested more than 200 suspects linked to one of the countrys biggest-ever banking scandals, which triggered rare mass protests. Four banks in central Chinas Henan province suspended cash withdrawals in April as regulators cracked down on mismanagement
Chinas biggest property developer Country Garden sees profits plunge 96% | Chinese economy
China Sends Troops to Russia as 50k Soldiers Take Part in Military Exercise : worldnews

Russia to hold sweeping joint war games with China, others : worldnews

Russian journalist charged for donating $16 to Navalny group : worldnews

1M Russians Enter EU Since Ukraine War Start, Border Agency Says - The Moscow Times : worldnews

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani is now the worlds third richest man (after Muskrat and Bezosfuck) >
Two BSF personnel arrested for gang-rape in West Bengal : worldnews

A third of Pakistan is underwater as deadly floods leave desperate residents facing 'doomsday'
Pakistan floods: Disaster to cost more than $10bn, minister says : worldnews

Tangled Tale of the Fugitive Nazi and the Syrian Secret Service : worldnews ... Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner lived in hiding in Damascus for decades. Israel failed to kill him twice - when he was finally punished, it was by the very Syrian regime he served for so long

Iran sends first shipment of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine : worldnews
DVIDS - News - U.S. Navy Foils Iranian Attempt to Capture Unmanned Vessel in Arabian Gulf

Saudi woman jailed for social media violationssays rights group | Another Saudi Arabian woman has been sentenced to decades in prison by the kingdom's terrorism court for using social media to violate thepublic order according to court documents seen by a human rights group (muzfucks were terrified of a woman having an opinion)

Iraq on verge of civil war: protestors killed as Sadr quits politics : worldnews
Death Toll in Iraq Rises to 30 With 700 Injured : worldnews

Zelensky vows to take back Crimea amid Kherson offensive: "This is ours" : worldnews

Fighting Reported Inside Russian-held City of Kherson : worldnews

Ukraine lures Russian missiles with decoys of U.S. rocket system : worldnews

One Month After 50 Ukrainian PoWs Died, Ex-Inmates Detail Abuse at Olenivka Prison : worldnews

White House calls for demilitarized zone around Ukraine nuclear plant : worldnews

Moscow condemns Russophobia in Baltic states, say it will affect ties
/u/shoe_owner explains the mindset behind Russia continually threatening, and being offended by, their neighbors : bestof

Lithuania completes building fence along border with Belarus : worldnews

Germany and France oppose EU visa ban for Russian tourists - document : worldnews
Kremlin slams EU talk of visa ban on Russians as 'irrational' ... On the other hand, invading countries is completely sane.

Dutch defense minister concerned at US gun violence : worldnews

Bike protest takes over German motorway : worldnews

Portugals health minister resigns after emergency services closures

European Jewish Leaders Urge Investigation Into Reported Murder of French Jewish Man in Paris Suburb : worldnews
French tax officials use AI to spot 20,000 undeclared pools : worldnews

Heavily Armed Russian Navy Ships Sailing Between Britain And Ireland : worldnews
All of south-west of England in drought, says Environment Agency: Announcement means 11 of agencys 14 areas in England now in drought status after record dry spell

Fox News trashes Prince Harry for idling in gas-guzzling SUV, not realizing its an Audi electric SUV | Electrek
Stranger burst into house, raped girl and forced her mum to watch - Manchester Evening News oshua Carney, 28, who was a stranger, forced his way into the home of his two victims on March 1, 2022, just five days after being released on licence for a spate of burglaries in 2017. He has 47 previous offences to his name.

Bolsonaro launches personal attack on female journalist during election debate with rival Lula : worldnews ... I think you go to sleep thinking about me. You have a crush on me,You are a disgrace to journalism in Brazil, he said

St. Kitts and Nevis sodomy law struck down : worldnews

Wheat Harvest Rebounds in Canada to Bolster Shaky World Supplies : worldnews

US to see renewable energy boom in wake of historic climate bill | Solar and wind projects to expand in size and provide bulk of total American electricity supply by decades end, study shows

President Joe Biden will give a primetime speech about democracy from Philadelphia Thursday night : politics
Over a Third of Info Shared by GOP Candidates Is Misinformation: Report : politics ... Republicans have shared misinformation at a 36 percent rate, compared to 2 percent for Democrats.

People are tired of being ignored while the rich get richer: Bernie Sanders on anger and hope in the US and UK
U.S. Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965

Who student debt relief helps (and its not who you think) ... Many Americans understandably, but mistakenly, assume that the vast majority of student loan debtors have 4-year degrees, when in fact about half do not
The Origin of Student Debt: Reagan Adviser Warned Free College Would Create a Dangerous Educated Proletariat
Campus Wokeness Harms America Around the World - WSJ (refucks say)

Fewer Americans live paycheck to paycheck as inflation starts to ease

The world is taking Americas decline seriously. We should too.

It Matters That Joe Biden Used the F-Word: The president made waves when he referred to the Trump-drunk GOP as "semi-fascist." Republicans have earned it -- and more
Here are the signs Republicans hopes for a red wave are receding ahead of the 2022 elections
House conservatives prep plans to impeach Biden | The Hill

There's enormous frustration: Trump forces Republicans off-script -- n | Having once decried the search of Mar-a-Lago, defenders of the ex-president are now warning of civil unrest if the investigation leads to prosecution.
Trump again summons the mob : politics
Americans are starting to get it: we cant let Trump or Trumpism back in office
Mainstream conservatives are paying a price for placating the GOPs right wing.

Lindsey Grahams prediction of riots reads more like a threat
A U.S. Senators Veiled Threat Is Scrubbing the Semi- Off the Semi-Fascism Rodeo clown gangsterism is a weird look for a party that claims to be about law and order - The only saving grace is that its Lindsey Graham, so that makes the whole thing completely laughable because Lindsey Graham is the single-most ridiculous person in American public life. (Marco Rubio is coming up fast along the rail, but he will probably dwindle into insubstantiality long before they get down to the wire.)
Doesn't seem very semi when you look at it - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the fact that Donald Trump is a deranged narcissistic authoritarian with frankly delusional beliefs about everything, to the extent he can even be said to have beliefs, and is at the same time the leader of one of our two national political parties, has become in some indescribably perverse way completely normalized.

Whats Behind Trumps Private War With the Intelligence Community? (hates "intelligence")
Trump officials' own memoirs reveal covid chaos - The Washington Post More than a dozen books show how officials undercut one another to win presidents approval.

DOJ to file lengthy response to Trumps request for a special master to oversee Mar-a-Lago search review
DOJ to file lengthy response to Trumps request for a special master to oversee Mar-a-Lago search review

Ex-Trump attorney warns Trump may have already "given away" sensitive info : politics
Trump May Have Given Away Top-Secret Info While Traveling: Cohen : politics

DOJ found that only a few items retrieved by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago were covered by attorney-client privilege, undercutting a Trump defense : politics

No defense for GOP defense of Trump document theft : politics
National Archives head encourages employees to continue their "fiercely non-political work" : politics

Families of 9/11 victims asking NYC mayor to rescind approval of Saudi-funded golf tournament reportedly to be held at Trump golf course : politics

Opinion | What Bill Barr Did to Clear Trump Is Still a Danger - The New York Times

"The timing is suspect": Secret Service official who tried to torpedo Hutchinson testimony retires : politics

Trump Woke Up and Went on a 60-Post, QAnon-Fueled Social Media Spree : politics
Trump is spending his morning on Truth Social directly posting 4chan and Q messages, a day after calling to be reinstated as president. Hes doing explicitly what he used to try to shade or use coded language for.
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "Donald Trump is having a total meltdown on Truth Social this morning. All of these posts are from just the last few hours." / Twitter
Trump posts dozens of memes attacking Biden, the FBI, and others as the former presidents allies beg him to keep quiet

Republicans fight abortion backlash with ads and stealth website edits
Masters Thiels more damning text from his website - Lawyers, Guns & Money

7 more Republican leaders endorse Democrat Josh Shapiro for Pennsylvania governor, following news of GOP candidate Doug Mastriano wearing a Confederate military uniform : politics

Ron DeSantis First Voter Fraud Bust Is Quickly Imploding ... At least one target was dragged to jail in his underwear by a SWAT team at 6 a.m. ... Meanwhile, the Republicans in The Villages who intentionally committed voter fraud by voting twice are receiving slightly different treatment

Flooding exacerbates Jacksons water crisis, raises calls for state intervention
Do Not Drink The Water: Jackson Water System Failing For 180,000 People
Jackson, Mississippis Water Crisis Is an Object Lesson in the Cost of Doing Nothing -- And now the citys residents are paying the price. (Gov PoTATEohead Reeves cackles)

A Shocking Number of Californians Are Moving to Texas Unless You Do Basic Math : politics

The Texas Tribune, other newsrooms sue to force Uvalde to release records | The Texas Tribune

Police dont produce safety: the Black feminist scholars fighting for abolition

A Catholic Podcasting Star Says Theocracy Is Not the Way - The New York Times

NBCs Meet the Press Shakeup Puts Chuck Todd in Jeopardy

Frustrations Mount at Washington Post as Its Business StrugglesWith digital subscriptions and digital advertising revenue stagnating, the company is on a pace to lose money this year.

Apple TV+ production starring Natalie Portman faces violent threat in Baltimore : worldnews

Emotional support alligator WallyGator sleeps in bed with his owner - The Washington Post When he turns his nose toward you, that means he expects a kiss ... the sinking show, which is down 21 percent in total viewership and 24 percent in the key advertising demographic compared to last yearmore than any of the other Sunday politics shows.

5 Questions the Most Interesting People Will Always Ask in Conversations The point is to get beyond the dreaded small talk.

Why sunscreen is not enough to prevent sunburns - BBC Future

How your family shapes your body image - BBC Future

Socioeconomic roots of academic faculty | Nature Human Behaviour ... the sociodemographic characteristics of the professoriate have never been representative of the general population ,,, faculty are up to 25 times more likely to have a parent with a Ph.D. Moreover, this rate nearly doubles at prestigious universities and is stable across the past 50 years. Our results suggest that the professoriate is, and has remained, accessible disproportionately to the socioeconomically privileged, which is likely to deeply shape their scholarship and their reproduction.

ELI5: Does the heart ever develop cancer? : explainlikeimfive

Study reveals Boston ranked fifth rudest city in US according to residents : boston ... the most common rude behaviors in Boston include not slowing down around pedestrians and not acknowledging strangers ... So theyre saying th at the problem is these fucking idiots not getting out of my way or expecting me to fucking chit-chat when I got shit to do. Fuck them. They're the fucking problem.

What is your go-to fact that blows peoples minds? ... 80% of soviet men born in 1923 died during WWII

What is the craziest thing thats ever happened to you?


Artemis generation: Nasa to launch first crew-rated rocket to moon since 1972 | Nasa ... An artemis project following the apollo missions sounds so dope (postponed)
NASA scrubs Artemis I launch after unexpected engine issue / Twitter

Greenland ice sheet set to trigger nearly a foot in sea level rise - The Washington Post

This tree has stood here for 500 years. Will it be sold for $17,500?

Secret Data, Tiny Islands and a Quest for Treasure on the Ocean Floor - The New York Times Mining in parts of the Pacific Ocean was meant to benefit poor countries, but an international agency gave a Canadian company access to prized seabed sites with metals crucial to the green energy revolution.

The Eye of the Storm: Taiwan Is Caught in a Great Game Over Microchips
Taiwan to start shooting down Chinese drones : worldnews

James Tien, bad boy of Hong Kongs pro-establishment bloc, quits party and says: They only want toplease Beijing now

US helicopters reportedly enter Chinas territorial sea 2 days in a row, flew inside China's 12-nautical mile territorial sea boundary
China drought causes Yangtze to dry up, sparking shortage of hydropower : news
Chinese scientists claim to have engineered the worlds first mouse with fully reprogrammed genes (you can see where this is going)
Two Chinese local banks enter bankruptcy procedures : worldnews

Russia sharply scales back Far East war games with China : worldnews
'Slower burn' : Russia dodges economic collapse but the decline has started | CNN Business
Russia says economy will contract by less than 3% in 2022 : worldnews

Oh, whats with Putins face? He doesnt look overly enthusiastic when he receives a report from the commander on the performance of the National Guard troops in the invasion of Ukraine.
Russian military ridicules Shoigu for ineffective leadership - British intelligence : worldnews ... Russian here. Having a minister of defense who has never(!) served in the army or doesn't even have a military education is all you need to know about the Russian army.Of course, that doesnt stop him from spending millions of dollars on a few palaces here and there with a $120,000 yearly salary

Mikhail Gorbachev, who ended the Cold War, dies aged 92 -agencies : worldnews ... 20 years younger than Reagan.
Gorbachev - Lawyers, Guns & Money (good history/context)

Ericsson to exit Russia, cut staff - Kommersant : worldnews

In a first, India refers to militarisation of Taiwan Strait by China
Unmarried Partners, Queer Relationships Constitute Family: Supreme Court
Snake Climbs On Top Of Woman Resting In Field, Video Will Give You Goosebumps
Child Stolen On Camera At UP Railway Station Found At BJP Leaders Home

Pakistan warns "monster monsoon" season worsened by "climate catastrophe" could leave a third of the country underwater : worldnews
Pakistan pleads for international help as parts of country resemble a small ocean

Taliban accuses Pakistan of allowing U.S. drones to use its airspace : worldnews

Clashes erupt after Iraqi Shiite cleric resigns, 15 dead | AP News

Iran president: No way back to nuclear deal if probe goes on : worldnews
Russia has faced failures with Iranian-made drones

Ukraine claims early success in counteroffensive as Zelensky vows to 'chase' Russians to the border
Ukrainian forces begin shaping battlefield for counteroffensive, senior US officials say
Ukraine says long-anticipated southern offensive has begun : worldnews
Ukraine says it has begun counter-offensive to retake Russian-held south : worldnews
Armed Forces of Ukraine break through first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast -- Kakhovka Operational Group

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 187, Part 1 (Thread #327) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 29 August 2022
Zero Hour in Ukraine - Puck There is understandable trepidation in Washington and Kyiv as Ukraine mounts a stunning counteroffensive. Should it succeed, it would solidify Ukraines reputation as the military comeback kid. If it fails, it could make this winters triumph look like a flukeand embolden Putin for a new wave of horrors.

Russian Proxy Leader Reportedly Flees Amid Ukraines Kherson Counteroffensive
HIMARS has destroyed almost all the bridges out of Kherson region leaving only pedestrian bridges : ukraine
"I talked with a friend from Kherson, wrote in a personal message that the Russian military are surrendering en masse, the rest are fleeing from Kherson and the region, everyone wants to live, the mood is decadent, no one wants to die for Putin." - 11:44am EST : ukraine
Russian forces lose nearly 500 soldiers and significant quantity of military equipment in one day : ukraine
2 Lieutenant Colonels and 3 Majors have been confirmed as Cargo200 this morning and added to the list. Names and other links in the comments. : ukraine
Huge explosion at Russian ammo depot. Kherson region, 30 August. : UkraineWarVideoReport
4 villages liberated near Kherson, russian defenses overran in 3 spots : ukraine
Russia launched a missle attack on a recreation park this morning, many casulties, likely children as well. : ukraine

Ukraine renews requests for F-16s and other jet fighters from allies : worldnews
U.S. Accelerating HIMARS Production to Help Ukraine: Pentagon Official : worldnews

Ukraine war: UN team leaves for Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant : worldnews

FT: EU wants to suspend Russian visas : worldnews

Swedish PM sets out further military aid package to Ukraine : worldnews

Romania Is a Model for Training Ukraines Pilots to Fly F-16s

Thousands of Orthodox Christians marched in Belgrade Sunday to warn against holding EuroPride, despite the Serbian authorities decision to cancel the pan-European gathering of the LGBTQ community next month

German economy minister says bitter reality is Russia will not resume gas supply

Trump Bragged He Had Intelligence on Macrons Sex Life

UK Foreign Minister Truss will declare China an official threat : worldnews
UKs biggest warship & NATO's Lead Vessel, HMS Prince of Wales, breaks down off south coast shortly after setting sail for US

Venezuela and Colombia restore diplomatic ties after 3 years : worldnews

Record number of Indigenous candidates take part in Brazil elections : worldnews

Canada invests $100M in historic action plan for 2SLGBT communities ... "2 Spirit" ...

Americans are convinced climate action is unpopular. Theyre very, very wrong.
Climate change and revealed preference - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Americans are responding to these forecasts by moving in large numbers to some of the hottest, driest, and most vulnerable parts of the country.

Conservatives think education is a threat. Theyre right.
Biden vows to crack down on colleges jacking up costs and causing student debt to spiral after Trump looked the other way
Republican candidates are spreading more fake news than just two years ago - The Washington Post Republican candidates have dramatically increased how much they share from unreliable sources in just two years

Forced Parenthood and Failing Safety Nets: This Is Life in Post-Roe America : politics ... Of the 15 states that have fully banned abortion or restricted it beyond six weeks gestation, none have paid parental leave policies. Seven have opted against accepting federal funds to expanding Medicaid eligibility. Seven rank in the lowest quartile for child wellness. Seven appear on the top-ten list of US states with the highest food insecurity frequency ...
National Anger Over the Removal of Abortion Rights Is Catching Up to the GOP : politics
An Ohio Woman Was Forced to Travel Out of State for an Abortion : politics
The Men Just Keep Talking | There is something happening with angry women voting on abortion. Male politicians dont seem to have noticed.

I deserve to know the truth: Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn is ever-present at Jan. 6 hearings

Red wave appears to be crashing ahead of 2022 midterms
Democrats are increasingly optimistic they could potentially retain their House majority or minimize losses this fall: report : politics
Persuadable voters are breaking for the Democrats, NBC News poll finds
It's a banner year for insurgent House candidates
Harvard Polling Expert Reveals How Democrats Could Keep Control Over House. One often-overlooked set of voters could turn the tide. : politics ... young people under the age of 30 ...
GOP edge in race for House control slips: poll : politics

RNC National Committee member: "This is the outcome if Republicans couldn't cheat." : PoliticalHumor

Republicans Signal Worries About Trump and the Midterms - The New York Times Few Republicans appeared on the major Sunday talk shows to defend the former president. Those who did indicated that they would rather be talking about almost anything else.
Poll: Republican voters rally behind Trump despite Mar-a-Lago search : politics
Donald Trump Is Increasingly Cornered, and Yes, This Should Terrify You : politics

Trumps Mar-a-Lago documents already examined by FBI, Justice Dept. tells judge
TrumpsSpecial MasterRequest Came Too Late To Prevent DOJ Doc Review

The FBIs Mar-a-Lago affidavit paints an unsettling portrait of Trump
Theres a reason why hoarding classified documents is a crime | The National Archives and the Department of Justice gave too much deference to Trump and for far too long

Secret Service official at center of Jan. 6 committee probe retires - POLITICO

What about Clintons emails? How Trumps document controversy differs.

Former FBI official says Russian, Chinese, and Iranian spies could have tried to infiltrate Trumps Mar-a-Lago residence
Mar-A-Lago Is A Magnet For Spies, Warns Former FBI Official : politics
Why Trump World is suddenly focused anew on the Russia scandal | Donald Trump and his allies still want Americans to believe the Russia scandal wasnt real. Reality proves otherwise.

ABCs Jon Karl Reports Trumps Inner Circle is Freaking Out Over Their Comically Inept and InexperiencedLegal Team
Trump hired one of the lawyers defending him in the Mar-a-Lago raid case after seeing him on TV, report says : politics
Trumps response to the FBI search is definitely paying offfor DOJ

Trumps followers are delusional and dangerous but dont call them hypocrites | As Mar-a-Lago makes clear, Trump supporters love his lies and mendacity. Thats evil, but not hypocritical
Republicans suddenly have less to say about Mar-a-Lago scandal : politics

Trump demands new election immediately in bizarre post on Truth Social
Trump demands reinstatement as rightful president or a new Election, immediately! as some Republicans seek distance from him
QAnon Accounts Found a Home, and Trumps Support, on Truth Social
Truth Socials ugly truth (only available on iPhones, hahaha)
Little Revenue, Lots of Debt: Trumps Truth Social Faces Bleak Financial Future

Did Kash Patel Already Confess to Illegally Disseminating Carter Page FISA Information? - emptywheel

Lindsey Graham reports regretfully that enforcing the law against Donald Trump will cause riots; Donald Trump announces that constitutional backsies are required by the Constitution - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Lindsey Graham Predicts Riots in the Street if Trump Gets Indicted ... Predicts, or threatens? Maybe incites?
Sen. Lindsey Graham said if Trump is prosecuted for mishandling classified informationthere will be riots in the streets
Lindsey Grahams vile riots threat gives away Trumps game
Trumpworld walks a line between predicting violence and threatening it : politics
Trump, Lindsey Graham All But Call For Violent Revolt as Mar-A-Lago Raid Case Intensifies : politics

Judge denies Kemps motion to quash grand jury testimony (but have to wait until after the election)

Cezary Jan Strusiewicz on Twitter: "Someone told me yesterday that Wil Wheaton is two years OLDER than Alex Jones and I've been in a spiral questioning all of reality since." / Twitter

Maryland Gov. Hogan says "no question" there are signs of authoritarianism within Republican Party : politics

A $1.6 billion donation lays bare a broken campaign finance system : politics

Heres what could happen when an election denier becomes a chief election official

What Governor DeSantis Did Is Un-American and Undemocratic: Four School Board Members Suspended Following Parkland Mass Shooting Report

Blake Masters suggests female, Black and gay officials hurting U.S. economy : politics

GOP Gov. Sununu -- whose home state of New Hampshire has one of the highest education loan averages in the country calls student debt relief inherently unfair and Bidens loan cancellation fairly illegal

The Jolt: National Republicans going all-in for Herschel Walker

What brought down one Texas countys entire electionsdepartment? It was something in the water.Aggrieved anti-fluoride activists, low pay, and understaffing eventually drove away Gillespie Countys election officials.

Its Open Season on Jews in New York City

Rick Reed - Lawyers, Guns & Money Burn in hell asshole: (swift boat to hell)

Brigham and Womens researchers say diabetes drug helps reduce heart failureA study of 6,000 people found that the medicine cut the number of deaths and medical emergencies.


Dangerous heatwaves likely to grip the tropics daily by 2100, study says. If emissions go unchecked, large numbers of people in these regions could face potentially "nightmarish" periods of extreme heat

Time running out to protect worlds oceans, conservationists say as UN treaty talks stall
Time has run out : UN fails to reach agreement to protect marine life | This fifth round of discussions was meant to establish a UN Ocean Treaty that would protect biodiversity in international waters

China heatwave: Most extreme heat event in world history

Climate change is increasing frequency of fish mass die-offs : worldnews

Heatwave powers English wine boom that sees French Champagne houses buy UK vineyards as global warming increases quality and production of British wine : worldnews

Scientists race to digitize DNA of every known species on the planet : worldnews

1 big thing: Vaccines new fall season

Black Covid long-haulers felt invisible to the health care system, so they formed their own support groups

Togo achieves major feat of eliminating four neglected tropical diseases | Global health

South Korea, Poland sign $5.8 billion tank, howitzer contract : worldnews
South Korea risks a major population crash as the country marks its second consecutive year with the worlds lowest fertility rate

US sends two warships through Taiwan Strait, first transit since Pelosi trip | CNN

The U.S. and China have reached a tentative agreement to allow U.S. regulators to inspect the audits of Chinese companies whose stocks are traded on U.S. exchanges : worldnews

Putins decision to sharply increase the size of #Russias armed forces is unlikely to significantly alter the countrys fortunes in its war in #Ukraine, accordingto American and British officials and independent military analysts.
NEXTA on Twitter: "In #Moscow, they set fire to the car of the deputy head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Yevgeny Sekretarev, who is responsible for military censorship." / Twitter

A Russian spy, who presented herself as a Peru-born jeweller with a chaotic personal life, sought to befriend NATO staff and figures who worked at the organisations Allied Joint Force Command in Italy over several years.
Christo Grozev on Twitter: "@Dobrokhotov @florianabulfon @NATO Based on her social media accounts (we found her FB and Insta), her M.O. was not hard to reconstruct. She had been "the life of the party", and had sought to make as many friends within NATO circles as possible. And seemed to have succeeded." / Twitter
Christo Grozev on Twitter: "I can't add much to this crazy story than what @EliotHiggins and @AricToler already posted. However, I'll answer a few questions on how we actually stumbled on this spy in the first place, and what different tricks we used over 10 months to find her real identity." / Twitter

Kremlin spreads fake claiming 90% of residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions want to join Russia : worldnews

Indian politician boasts about getting Muslims killedon camera

Pakistan flooding deaths pass 1,000 in climate catastrophe
Pakistan floods hit 33 million people in worst disaster in a decade : videos

Russian S-300 Missile System Slips Through Bosporus Towards War In Ukraine - Naval News : worldnews
Radar lock from a Greek S-300 battery on Turkish F-16 fighters while they are carrying out NATO mission. : worldnews

At least 23 people dead, 140 injured in violent clashes between rival militias in Libyan capital of Tripoli : worldnews
Libyas Tripoli quiet after worst fighting in two years

Ukraine is preparing measures for the mandatory evacuation of citizens from parts of the Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, and Mykolaiv regions. : worldnews
An Offensive? - Lawyers, Guns & Money At what point does Ukraine need to risk an offensive?

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 186, Part 1 (Thread #326) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 28 August 2022
Russians were repulsed in 6 directions 27 August, Luhansk Oblast Head reports

Powerful explosions heard near the occupiers base in Kherson
Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy large Russian military base in Melitopol : worldnews
Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy large Russian military base in Melitopol | Ukrainska Pravda
Russian S-300 destroys itself after flight failure. Gesture of good will

Ukraine train system attacks may be war crimes, experts say : worldnews
Euan MacDonald on Twitter: "The town of Rubizhne in Luhansk Oblast after the arrival of the Russian World." / Twitter
Russian collaborator found hanged in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.
A collaborator was hanged in Zaporizhzhia : worldnews

Olena Halushka on Twitter: "New school year is bringing more evidence of genocidal nature of the russian war. MoD intel showed russian guidelines for Sept 1 "My history" lesson in the occupied towns. Kids will be brainwashed that lenin created Ukraine, UA language doesn't exist, UA heroes are criminals, etc" / Twitter

In Finland, a Partying Prime Minister Draws Tuts, and CheersLeaked videos featuring Sanna Marin dancing have raised the question of whether she is held to a different standard than older, male leaders are.
Thank you @HillaryClinton ...
As Ann Richards said,Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.

Seven countries have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo's independence, Serbias president Aleksandar Vucic claimed on Saturday without naming them

Norway refuses to cut gas price for Europe : worldnews

Private jet demand in Europe soars as ultra rich look to evade travel disruption : worldnews

Swiss secret service worried about Russian cyber operations : worldnews

Germany: Gas storage filling up faster than expected ahead of winter | The nightmare scenario of a cold winter without access to heating seems to be off the table, according to Germanys economy minister, while Russian gas now accounts for less than 10% of Germanys consumption.
Berlin will back Kyiv for as long asnecessaryGermanys foreign minister vowed to support Ukraine financially and militarily even if the war endures for years.
Germany prepares for possible nationalisation of Gazprom Germania : worldnews

Controlled blackouts: France braces for winter electricity shortage : worldnews
2 Air France pilots suspended for totally inappropriate mid-flight brawl

Boris Johnson: Time for West to double support for Ukraine, not go wobbly : worldnews
50,000 Ukrainian refugees in UK facing homelessness 'disaster' next year
Police say upsetting critics over Pride dance was worth it ... A video showing four Lincolnshire Police officers dancing the Macarena at the Pride event on Saturday, August 20 has proven controversial and attracted national attention on social media platforms.
Poopy beaches are a growing public health problem in England : worldnews
Julian Assange case raises media freedom concerns say UN rights : worldnews

Politicians denounce video of Alberta man verbally harassing Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland : worldnews
P.E.I. school teacher stumbles upon fossil that may be 300 million years old : worldnews
RCMP, others investigating following alleged exorcism at Sask. childrens bible camp

Saturday Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Bidens approval now at the highest point in a year ... now at 44 percent,

How Biden outdid Trump, Obama and George W. Bush in confirming federal judges by this point in office, a feat overshadowed by war and inflation : politics

Justice Alitos Crusade Against a Secular America Isnt Over

With a Single Word, Ted Cruz Gave the Game Away About the Right-Wing Supreme Court: The Texas senators recent complaint about the Inflation Reduction Act accidentally told the truth about the courts war against the administrative state. ... VICTORY ...
Ted Cruz mocked for blasting slacker baristas after Biden scraps some student loan debt
Whoever is in charge of the WH Twitter account is being pretty savage this week : PoliticalHumor
This will change everything for me: Americans react to Bidens plan to forgive up to $20k in student loan debt
AOC Says Congress Could Reverse Trump Tax Cuts to Cancel All Student Debt : politics

You're Subsidizing The Threat To Democracy - secret $1.6 billion donation shows why Congress, state legislators, and shareholders must act ... the kicker: Had word of the donation not leaked, the country may never have learned about the source of the giant investment, even though it equals the GDP of a small country and could now shape an entire era of American politics.

Once unthinkable, Democrats now see narrow path to keeping the House - While Democrats acknowledge they still face major hurdles, there has been an unmistakable mood shift, according to interviews with candidates, strategists and officials : politics
A once-bullish GOP now sees a smaller House majority in its future, presenting a challenge to McCarthy | CNN Politics ... While GOP lawmakers are still confident they will be able to recapture the House this fall

The US could lose the right to vote within months: Top official warns on threat to democracy

How the Republican Party came to embrace conspiracy theories and denialism : politics
Beyond the right-wing panic: Why "critical race theory" actually matters : politics
A Brief History of Trumpworld Tell-Alls: Penny for their thoughts? We break down some of the administration memoirs, so you dont have to.

Republicans and the Crisis of "Manhood": Who are the Real Sex-Obsessed Pervs in America? : politics

Republicans Appear to be Realizing All Their Candidates Are Dangerous Weirdos : politics
Midterms are turning from a Biden referendum into a choice over Trump - The Washington Post

Disgusting: Kinzinger slams Republicans who went after Hillary Clinton over her emails but are now defending Trump taking classified material to Mar-a-Lago

Russia Absolutely Tried to Infiltrate Mar-a-Lago: Former FBI Official
Top secret documents for sale at semi-bargain prices: Will come to you - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump complains Mar-a-Lago raid was among mostegregious assaults on democracy Former president, whosebaseless narrative fuelled violent attempt to overturn election, condemns federal law enforcement probe of classified documents in his possession
Judge apparently plans to appoint special master in Trumprecords case

Assessing Trums Claim oExecutive Privilege on FBI Access to MAL Docs

Michael Sallah on Twitter: "EXCLUSIVE: A 33-year-old Russian-speaking immigrant posing as Anna de Rothschild -- a member of the European banking dynasty -- infiltrated Mar-a-Lago and Trump's entourage. Said one guest: "How did they allow it?" @PittsburghPG and @OCCRP" / Twitter

Implications of Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit quiet Trump cheering section : politics
Trumps Lawyers Dont Seem to Have Much of a Defense
Former White House press secretary says Trumps changing of his messaging of his Mar-a-Lago raid shows that hes nervous: it's very telling

Inside Trump's war on the National Archives - The agency has been hit with a wave of threats and vitriol since the FBI retrieved scores of classified records from Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club ... Usually the body man would have brought them upstairs for Trump or someone from the outer-Oval at the end of the day. They would get handed off to the residence and just disappear ,,, Boxes of documents even came with Trump on foreign travel, following him to hotel rooms around the worldincluding countries considered foreign adversaries of the United States ... Some NARA officials believe that there might still be more records missing, according to a person familiar with the matter.
WaPo Bombshell: Trump Took Boxes of Material on Trips Around the World for No Reason
Trump Tries Mobster-In-Chief Role With Attacks On Law Enforcement : politics ... 7/31/2019: Trump spoke with Putin (NYT) 8/3/2019: Trump issued a request for a list of top US spies (The Daily Beast) 10/5/2021: "CIA Admits to Losing Dozens of Informants". (NYT) 8/26/2022: Documents at MAL Could Compromise Human Intel (NYT) ... The perfect target: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years - ex-KGB spy br /> > National Archives hit with threats after Trump search : politics
Mutilated by rats, burned, trashed: 200 years of presidential papers lostBefore the Presidential Records Act of 1978, presidents owned their papers. Now all presidents, including Donald Trump, must turn them over to the National Archives.
Trumps Treason Mocks My Life

Adam Kinzinger says GOP in trouble ahead of midterms: "We have no leadership" : politics

As DeSantis Campaigns on Education, Crist Picks Teacher as Running Mate : politics

John Fetterman holds a 13-point lead over Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race: poll : politics

Uvalde Parents Confront Gov. Abbott Over Texas Gun Law : politics

Police video of fatal encounter shows lack of de-escalation : news

Duke volleyball game in Utah moved after racist abuse hurled at Black player | Reuters
BYU bans fan who yelled racial slur at Duke volleyball player - The Washington Post (racist mormo-fuck)
Brigham Young University apologizes, bans fan over racist slurs during volleyball match : news

They were some of the last journalists at their papers. Then came the layoffs. - The Washington Post The latest cutbacks at Gannett come amid an industry-wide trend of shrinking newspaper newsrooms

How the CIA destroyed the socialist internet | Mashable : technology

I just wanted my life to end: the mystery of Agatha Christies disappearance

Analysis challenges U.S. Postal Service electric vehicle environmental study. An all-electric fleet would reduce lifetime greenhouse gas emissions by 14.7 to 21.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents when compared to the ICEV scenario. The USPS estimate was 10.3 million metric tons. : science

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,188 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This is the grave of Ulrich B. Phillips. (racist asshole)

10 of the Best Philosophy Books of the Last Decade

TIL during the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein built a defensive line filled with trenches and tunnels, hoping to engage the coalition in World War 1-style trench warfare. Instead, the US forces just charged with modified bullzdozers and simply plowed through the Iraqi trenches, burying many alive : todayilearned

Ejaculating at least 21 times a month may protect against prostate cancer, study shows : science

New research shows there is an asymmetry in belief revision: people are better able to believe in a claim once thought to be false, as opposed to unbelieving something once believed to be true. : science

Scientists Grow Synthetic Embryo With Brain and Beating Heart -- Without Eggs or Sperm

CRUMB | Circuit Simulator

Whats a did you know fact everyone should know?

Smoking weed is now more popular than smoking tobacco : politics

Edible Cannabis Legalization and Unintentional Poisonings in Children | NEJM : science

u/LatrodectusGeometric gives a thorough, medically cited explanation about why the hymen is not a magical freshness seal on the vagina : bestof


Current Siberian heating is unprecedented during the past seven millennia : worldnews
Permafrost Thaw in Siberia Creates a Ticking Methane Bomb of Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Warn

Where The Richest Live: The Cities With The Most Billionaires 2022

Efforts to pass global ocean protection treaty fail : worldnews - A fifth effort to pass a global agreement to protect the worlds oceans and marine life has failed.

Iceland eruption may be the start of decades of volcanic activity second outburst of lava in under a year strongly suggests that the countrys Reykjanes Peninsula will become one of the most volcanically dynamic parts of the planet for several generations.

Worlds Most Popular Herbicide Causes Dramatic Convulsions in Worms (Roundup perfectly safe for children to drink)

Social media experiment reveals potential to inoculatemillions of users against misinformation

The U.S. no longer asks foreign tourists to quarantine but still requires vaccinations

Japan pledges $30 bln in African aid at Tunis summit : worldnews

In an unannounced trip to Taipei, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn offered her support for Taiwan to push forward as an independent nation

Russia has already involved about 160,000 troops in war in Ukraine, plans another 90,000 : ukraine
Putin has fired six generals for advancing too slowly in Ukraine, says UK
Dmitri Medvedev said that Russia would not stop its military campaign in Ukraine even if Kyiv officially renounced its aspiration to join NATO. : worldnews
In an interview to French TV, Dmitry Medvedev proudly declares that he doesnt care about sanctions ... Hmm...

Sergei Lavrov hails Russias peaceful foreign policy to young diplomats in KazanRussia, the largest Eurasian and Euro-Pacific power, a state-civilization, continues to pursue a peaceful foreign policy, promote a positive, unifying, forward-looking global and regional agenda

China calls on Putin to end Russian roulette at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine after disaster near-miss
Russia blocks nuclear treaty agreement over Ukraine reference : worldnews

African countries offer India lithium access to repay loans : worldnews

Turkey issues "no additional demands" during Nato talks with Finland, Sweden : worldnews
Turkish pop star arrested over religious schools joke

Russia sends S-300 back home from Syria amid Ukraine invasion, satellite images show : worldnews
Alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria destroyed warehouse with over 1,000 Iran-made missiles : worldnews

Iranian Women, Allowed Into Stadium To Watch National Soccer Match, Pay Tribute To Female Fan Who Set Herself On Fire : worldnews

The War in Ukraine at Six Months: Essential Reading

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 185, Part 1 (Thread #325) : worldnews

Ukrainian military hits Russian air defense facility in Kherson. On Aug. 26, Operational Command South reported that they killed 24 Russian troops and destroyed three Giatsint self-propelled guns.

Chechen leader Kadyrov now officially suspect in Ukraine : worldnews

NEXTA on Twitter: "An #American volunteer has been killed fighting for #Ukraine, @Newsweek reports. At least half a dozen Americans have lost their lives for Ukraine." / Twitter

1/ On 1 March 2022, Russian forces seized the Ukrainian city of Kherson. Among them was paratrooper Pavel Filatyev, who subsequently wrote a scathing 141-page memoir about his experiences. This continues his account of the disastrous Russian advance on Mykolaiv.

Beyond disappointing that Russia blocked consensus at the #NPTRevCon after days of intense negotiations. The Russian delegation demonstrated their countrys lack of good faith.
Dr Patricia M Lewis on Twitter: "#Russia delivers a rambling, gaslighting speech trying to justify its blocking consensus & then the whole delegation leaves the General Assembly Hall #NPTRevCon" / Twitter #Russia delivers a rambling, gaslighting speech trying to justify its blocking consensus & then the whole delegation leaves the General Assembly Hall #NPTRevCon
Russia objected to a clause regarding the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant because the UN draft text reads that Ukraines competent authorities should ensure control in such facilities.
Ukraine distributes iodine tablets as fears of a radiation leak mount : worldnews
Russia says it destroyed howitzer used to shell Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant : worldnews

UK donating undersea minehunter drones to help Ukraine clear coastline
Ukraine says it took out important bridge in occupied south : worldnews

Montenegro reports massive Russian cyberattack against govt : worldnews

Russian tourists withdrawing cash from Finnish ATMs using Chinese credit cards : worldnews

Hungary Approves Construction Of Russian-Built Nuclear Reactors : worldnews

Czech Parliament Approves NATOs Northern Expansion

Germany has indications Russia is spying on Ukrainians training in Germany. : worldnews

Spain passes only yes means yes sexual consent law

Cuba has asked the United States for help in restoring a major fuel storage plant devastated by a massive fire that left 16 people dead, the island nation's foreign ministry said : worldnews

NATO chief warns Canada that Russia, China have designs on the Arctic : worldnews

MAGA Republicans fit the definition of fascism, says White House spokesperson : politics
Semi-fascism: Rhetoric reflects newly aggressive Biden strategy

Joe Biden Goes Dark Brandon, Comes Out Fighting : The president has been on a run of major policy achievements and seems to be enjoying it
Joe Biden Mocks Donald Trump Over Claim He Declassified Everything

Democrats are getting comfortable clowning on Republicans online : politics
Bernie Sanders says Republicans complaining about student debt forgiveness didn't complain when Donald Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Biden to go to hell after White House trolls her on student debt
Ted Cruz Worries Working Class Might Get Off the Bongand Vote After Student Debt Relief
Student Loan Debt Is an American Malignancy Born of Ronald Reagan : politics

Chomsky: Maintaining Class Inequality at Any Cost Is GOPs Guiding Mission

Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Assaulting Officer During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach | USAO-DC | Department of Justice

Trump Bolted to Mar-a-Lago With Over Two Dozen TOP SECRET Docs, Affidavit Reveals
Mar-a-Lago Search Followed Many Attempts to Secure Trump Documents : politics
Inside the 20-Month Fight to Get Trump to Return Presidential Material : politics
Why Trump must hate the FBI's redactions to the Mar-a-Lago affidavit The many (many) redactions reveal the scope of the DOJ's concernsbut keep Trump from seeking revenge.

US intelligence chief tells Congress shes conducting damage assessment of documents taken from Mar-a-Lago (Traitorgate getting clearer)

Documents at Mar-a-Lago Could Compromise Human Intelligence Sources, Affidavit Says : politics
follow the trail of dead russians - Google Search
Trump Inquiry Fueled in Part by Concern Over Intelligence Sources - The New York Times Documents related to the work of clandestine sources are some of the most sensitive and protected in the government. F.B.I. agents found some in boxes retrieved from Donald J. Trumps home.

Possibility of Obstruction Looms Over Trump, Affidavit Suggests - The New York Times Unredacted portions of the affidavit point to a crime that has been overshadowed amid disputes over classified information.
FBI cites evidence of obstruction in Trump Florida home search
FBIs Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit reveals how Trump may have compromised national security - a legal expert answers 5 key questions
Affidavit, annotated - Lawyers, Guns & Money The always valuable Charlie Savage has two good pieces on the partially unsealed affidavit for the search of Trumps tacky golf club. First, a full annotation. Second, a good explanation of why Trump is facing real legal difficulties:
Republican mistreatment of labor finally produces blowback - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Multiple civilians at Mar-a-Lago tipped off the feds, who have already found documents involving clandestine sources: (+Taflibbi)
Opinion | What the Redacted Affidavit Shows in the Trump Mar-a-Lago Case - The New York Times
Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Shows Trump Kept Some of Americas Top Secrets, Is In Huge Trouble
Trump will get indicted: Mar-a-Lago affidavit spells trouble for the former president and decimates his main defense

Ukrainian woman posing as Rothschild family member infiltrated Mar-a-Lago: report : politics

Trump Adviser Melts Down After Being Named in Affidavit : politics

Trumps narrative takes big hit with affidavits release
Republicans, Once Outraged by Mar-a-Lago Search, Become Quieter as Details Emerge : politics
Rep. Plaskett: the dissipation of noise from the GOP means they know Trump is in trouble
Karl Rove: Beyond me why Trump held on to docs when he had no legal authority

Meanwhile, In The Secret Service - Lawyers, Guns & Money

DOJ has "enough evidence" to indict Trump, Alan Dershowitz says : politics
Dubya's nutcracker has a nutty idea - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Unsealed Affidavit Was Fun, But Lets Not Forget that Whole Coup Thing

Trumps Truth Social has trademark application denied as setbacks pile up
Truth Social faces financial peril as worry about Trumps future growsPayment disputes and a dwindling audience have fueled doubts about the former presidents Twitter clone
Trumps Truth Social has trademark application denied as setbacks pile up
Donald Trump and Trump Jr. Mock DOJ with fake redacted images : politics
Column: Trumps latest grift the Save America PAC$100-million hoard

FBI responds to Mark Zuckerberg claims in Joe Rogan show Zuckerberg told Rogan that Facebook limited the exposure of a story ahead of the 2020 election after the FBI warned him to beware of polarizing content.

Liz Cheneys Winning the War

A True Danger to the Public Post Office: DeJoy Moves to Consolidate USPS Facilities

Floridians charged over voting believed they were eligible, documents show : politics
Coverage of Ron DeSantis shows the media has learned nothing from Trump | Press Watch

Classroom vs. fortress: States push slew of new school safety measures : politics

Childrens hospital threatened after Libs of TikTok recording on trans hysterectomies

At $249 per day, prison stays leave ex-inmates deep in debt : news
Debtors' prison - Wikipedia

Protestors demand end to law that allows Mormon Church to not report child abuse. Over 20 U.S. states allow church officials not to report any admissions of child sexual abuse that occur during a religious confession. : politics These are the states have Clergy enumerated as mandated reporters, but with privilege for pastoral communications: Massachusetts ... Only 2 states & Guam require in enumeration all clergy to report any and all suspected cases of abuse and neglect regardless of privilege. 1) New Hampshire 2) West Virginia

RNC fires national spokesperson - POLITICO In 2018, the Washington Post reported that, four years earlier, Dennard had been fired from his post at Arizona State University over accusations of sexual misconduct

NBC Considers Cutting Back Programming Hours in Prime Time - WSJ Network has discussed giving 10 p.m. hour to local station partners, a cost-cutting move as interest in broadcast TV wanes

These fabled ghost islands exist only in atlases

Why has the MBTA been lurching from crisis to crisis for 40 years? : boston

Cambridge will use water from MWRA until 2023 as supply chain issues delay filters for chemicals - Cambridge Day

Places to detox from fentanyl in greater Boston area? : boston

Webb telescope is already challenging what astronomers thought they knew : news

Whats the most frightening thing that has been discovered by archaeologists?

Was King Arthur a Real Person? | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Who would you put in the same category of evil as Hitler? : AskReddit

/u/babybluesaysfu72 jumps into the lions den & confronts CCP propagandists in there own subreddit

Nice-Violinist-6395 comments on VR is as good as psychedelics at helping people reach transcendence

/u/imnotanevilwitch explains why it doesn't matter how "intelligent" you think your conspiracy theorist loved one is because it's a mental health issue. : bestof

u/SloMoMonday provides a thorough listing of various YouTube channels of long-format educational content to fill the void left by the decline of quality US TV like the History Channel, the Learning Channel, and the Discovery Channel : bestof


The iceman cometh: Biden creates an Arctic ambassador - POLITICO

Pakistan declares national emergency as flood toll nears 1,000 : news

MA COVID-19 Data 8/25/22 : CoronavirusMa
2022-08-24 Massachusetts COVID daily data: 1582 new cases, 11 new deaths, 20415 individuals tested : CoronavirusMa

Australia drug bust: Largest-ever crystal meth haul found in marble : worldnews ... the harder the enforcement, the harder the drugs

Outspoken Myanmar artist Htein Lin arrested by military government and sent to infamous prison : worldnews
Rohingya: Kill us, but dont deport us to Myanmar

Japans ex-PM Shinzo Abe murder suspect says life destroyed by mothers religion
Number of teachers licenses issued in Japan plummets torecord low

Pope Francis asks North Korea to invite him to visit : worldnews

In Tit-For-Tat Move, US Suspends 26 Chinese Flights Over Covid Cases : worldnews
The (long) wait continues for the UNs human rights report on Xinjiang | Over a year ago the United Nations Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet promised a report on the treatment of Chinas Uyghur minority. As she is about to leave office, human rights groups are still waiting.
China is deploying 2 huge drones to seed rain amid a record drought that has taken over half the country and hit economic activity : worldnews

China, Russia disrupting, threatening world order : worldnews
Russia is at war with NATO, state TV declares, has no plans of stopping : worldnews
Putin signs decree to increase size of Russian armed forces : worldnews

Anti-Putin National Republican Army mocks Russias Dugina claims
Ukraine Summons Archbishop After Pope Francis Called Darya Dugina Innocent : worldnews

There were hundreds of us: Navalny ex-staffer tells of being FSB informer | Russia

Russia burns off gas as Europes energy bills rocket
Russian Seaborne Coal Exports Effectively Halted by EU Ban : worldnews
Six months into war, Russian goods still flowing to US : worldnews

Climate terrorism. Russian invasion has caused estimated $10B in environmental damage: Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 184, Part 1 (Thread #324) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 26 August 2022

Ben Hodges on Twitter: "Russia is in trouble...their manpower issues are as bad as their logistics. Nowhere near 1M now. They've been exaggerating their numbers for decades, a manifestation of corruption...Heirarchy receiving salaries for non-existent Soldiers. via @bpolitics" / Twitter

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy base of Russian army in Kadiivka, killing two hundred Russian Airborne troops : worldnews
Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy base of Russian army in Kadiivka, killing two hundred Russian Airborne troops
Moment of the attack on the Antonivskyi bridge minutes ago
#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: Unknown actors, likely #Ukrainian partisans, reportedly conducted an explosive attack against the Russian headquarters for referendum preparations in Pryazovske, #Zaporizhia Oblast.

Russia Pulling Fighter Jets From Crimea: Secret NATO Report

Ukraine nuclear plant escapes meltdown, Zelenskiy says; Moscow, Kyiv trade blame : worldnews

377 Ukrainian children have now been killed due to Russias invasion

Russia uses cluster bombs extensively in Ukraine - A monitoring body says Russia has used cluster weapons on a wide basis in its invasion of Ukraine.
Game of cat and explosive mouse: American helps remove hundreds of landmines in Ukraine

Socialite who charmed Nato staff in Naples was Russian spy, say investigators : worldnews

Russians Spied on Ukrainian Soldiers Training in Germany: Report : worldnews
Germany hasnt done enough to stop money laundering: Terror financing watchdog

Frances wine country has earliest harvest ever because of severe drought

Complaints mount over UK dumping sewage into Channel | French lawmakers say the UK is dumping wastewater into the English Channel, affecting the health of local populations and marine life. Several water companies in Britain are now under investigation. : worldnews
Serious problem if France and UK cant tell if theyre friends or enemies, says Macron | French president responds to 'jury's out' comments by Tory leadership favourite Liz Truss about key ally ... Classic Conservative cuntism.
Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis worsens : worldnews
Energy bills to soar for millions in UK as price cap hiked by 80% to 3,549lbs

Colombias leftwing government unveils tax-the-rich plan to tackle poverty | President Gustavo Petros proposed legislation could raise $11.5bn a year with measures including wealth tax and levy on oil exports

Relatives of 10 workers trapped in a flooded Mexican coal mine reacted with despair on Thursday after being told by authorities that the search operation could take nearly a year. The news appeared to extinguish any lingering hope of the miners being brought out alive : worldnews

Toronto Shelter Says One-Third of Its Residents Are Students : worldnews

Facebook, Twitter delete inauthentic accounts spreading pro-US messages about Ukraine war, China

Revealed: leaked video shows Amy Coney Barretts secretive faith group drove women to tears

SCOTUS Will Probably Kill Student Debt Relief. But Biden Has a Backup Plan. : politics
Trump University Founder Dares To Rail About Students Getting'Fleeced' | Donald Trump squawked about scammed students in his attack on college loan forgiveness after paying $25 million to settle Trump University lawsuits.
White House Puts Republicans Loan Forgiveness Hypocrisy On Blast
GOP Lawmaker Fears Reducing Student Debt Will Keep Poor Kids From Joining Military : politics
The modern GOP, in a nutshell? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Congressman Jim Banks auditioned a new line of attack against Bidens loan-forgiveness program: that it undermines military recruitment.
The Origin of Student Debt: Reagan Adviser Warned Free College Would Create a Dangerous Educated Proletariat
Biden White House demonstrates its clapback skills - Lawyers, Guns & Money
White House Twitter blasts Greene, Gaetz and Kelly on forgiven PPP loans : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene says student loan forgiveness is completely unfair despite the fact her company had loans worth $183,504 forgiven
White House trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene for student loan criticism:She had $183k in PPP loans repaid
Secret Service recovers $286M in stolen pandemic loans : news

The Elite Overproduction Hypothesis - by Noah Smith Did America produce too many frustrated college graduates in the 2000s and 2010s? ... The percent of U.S. college students majoring in the humanities has absolutely crashed since 2010. (computerheads takeoff)

Biden has harsh words for Republicans ahead of political rally : politics
In fiery midterm speech, Biden says GOPs turned toward semi-fascism

Flip the Script | Cook Political Report - The more Trump is in the news, the more dangerous the political climate for the GOP.

DOJ reveals redacted affidavit justifying Trump Mar-a-Lago raid : news
Discussion Thread: Redacted Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affadavit to be Unsealed by 12 p.m. Eastern : politics
Certain affedavids - Lawyers, Guns & Money

NYT editorial says prosecuting Trump "first step" to end democracy "crisis" : politics
Unsealed Trump affidavit "absolutely damning," attorney predicts jail time : politics
Trump affidavit reveals handwritten noteshighly-classified material led to warrant request
The Affidavit for the Search of Trumps Home, Annotated
Classified Material on Human Intelligence Sources Helped Trigger Alarm : politics
CIA admits to losing dozens of informants around the world: NYT | The Hill
C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants - The New York Times
FBI: Trump mixed top secret docs with magazines, other items : politics
Its Over: Trump Will Be Indicted

The One Big Lesson for Merrick Garland in the Newly Released Barr Memo : politics

DOJ wants 17 years in prison for ex-NYPD officer who tackled, choked DC cop on Jan. 6 : politics

Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Fulton County probe of Trump election overturn efforts - POLITICO

A Rare Peek Inside the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy : politics
A Rare Peek Inside the Vast Right-Wing ConspiracyThe Council for National Policy, a secretive network of powerful conservatives, goes to great lengths to conceal its activities and even its members. But recently uncovered documents reveal the extent of the groups influence on American politics.

Alex Jones Accused of Hiding Assets From Sandy Hook Families : politics

Floridians Plead Guilty to Stealing Bidens Daughter's Diary Prosecutors said right-wing media group Project Veritas asked Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander to steal more of Ashley Bidens property after buying the diary

Now CNN wants to be less "partisan": Will the media never learn its lesson? With Brian Stelter off the air, CNN seems determined to repeat the grotesque errors that led to President Trump : politics

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Privately Blew Up Biden Nominee Needed to Enact Regulatory Agenda : politics

Its Official: Democrats Are Performing Better After The Abortion Ruling

Val Demings Slams Marco Rubios Stance on Denying Abortion in All Cases

How a little-known group convinced the Texas State Board of Education to reject lesson plans on consent: A Newsy investigation reveals a push by organized groups to stop schools from teaching skills that advocates say are critical to preventing sexual assault. : politics

Dr. Oz shifts strategy as campaign ails - POLITICO After treading lightly for months, the celebrity doctor works to boost attention on his opponents health struggles

Colorado mom guilty of Qanon kidnapping conspiracy : news

Removal of 327 Books with LGBTQ+ Themes by TN School District Is "Heartbreaking" Censorship - PEN America

Top Staffer for Major Anti-Abortion Group Arrested for Soliciting a Minor Luke Bowen, former political director for Texas Right to Life, was arrested for online solicitation.

LGM Podcast: Toxic Debt - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Dire Straits | Scott W. Stern | The New York Review of Books oxic Debt, Josiah Rectors history of Detroits struggles for clean air and water, argues that municipal debt and austerity have furthered an ongoing environmental catastrophe.

New racist texts reveal Torrance cops talked about hurting and killing Black suspects : politics

Jared Kushners memoir is only inadvertently revealing (dumbass Kushfuck)

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan FBI warned Facebook of Russian propaganda before Hunter Biden laptop story (Fuckerberg says FBI may be "legitimate institution")

A federal judge ruled that a Texas law banning 18-to-20-year-olds from carrying handguns in public is unconstitutional : politics

The Powell Memo - Lawyers, Guns & Money I had never read the (in)famous memo written by Lewis Powell to the Chamber of Commerce in the summer of 1971. Having just plowed through the text, I have some thoughts: (1) The tone of the whole thing is your basic hysterical right wing conspiracy theory smoothed into more respectable and dulcet tones by a courtly Virginia lawyer.

The Unusual Origin Stories of 9 Household Items

Physicists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics have managed to entangle more than a dozen photons efficiently and in a defined way. They are thus creating a basis for a new type of quantum computer. : science

Space telescope detects carbon dioxide on an exoplanet | Researchers behind the James Webb Space Telescope have detected CO2 in the atmosphere of WASP-39b, a planet located outside the solar system. : worldnews

What language do deaf people think in? : AskReddit

What is the most painful thing you have endured? : AskReddit

What's a subreddit you wouldn't touch With a ten feet pole? : AskReddit

What's the largest age gap you'd consider in a relationship? : AskReddit


Sea creature that inspired mermaid tales declared extinct in China : worldnews

Forest Fires Are Burning Twice As Many Trees As 20 Years Ago : worldnews

Tomato flu outbreak in India : worldnews

Man tests positive for monkeypox, COVID and HIV after holiday to Spain. : news

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan buy $5.5bn of Russian fuel : worldnews
Japan police chief to resign over Abe shooting death : worldnews

South Korea Shatters Its Own Record for Worlds Lowest Fertility Rate

Taiwan proposes 12.9% on-year rise in defence spending for 2023 : worldnews
More U.S. lawmakers set to visit Taiwan, defying angry Beijing : worldnews
Taiwanese boy banned from Douyin for calling Chinese President Xi Jinping a 'fatty'

Chinese city stretched to the limit as millions wait in line for Covid tests in extreme heat
China throws Europe an energy lifeline with LNG resales : worldnews
Huawei founder sparks alarm in China with warning of painful next decade

Vladimir Putin orders Russian military to start beefing up in 2023
Putin signs decree to increase size of Russian armed forces : worldnews

Who Killed Dasha Dugina? - Puck

Russian Diamonds Are Quietly Flowing Again After Sanctions Chaos : worldnews

In a first, India votes against Russia in UNSC during procedural vote on Ukraine : worldnews

Egypt archaeologist wants Rosetta Stone returned from UK : worldnews

Readout of President Bidens Call with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine
Ukrainian Ambassador Outraged after Pope Laments Death of 'innocent' Russian Ultra-Nationalist Daria Dugina

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 183, Part 1 (Thread #323) : worldnews

Armed Forces of Ukraine win back territory larger than Denmark - Institute for the Study of War. : worldnews
6 key numbers that reveal the staggering impact of Russias war in Ukraine

The death toll from the Russian missile strike on a passenger train in Chaplyne (Dnipro) has increased from 15 to 22. Dozens more are wounded.

The headquarters for organization of the pseudo-referendum was blown up near Melitopol
U.S. report identifies 21 filtration locations run by Russia for processing Ukrainians

Last reactors at occupied Ukrainian nuclear plant shut down after power lines damaged- Energoatom : worldnews
Russia Tries To Steal A Nuclear Power Plant - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Russian soldier calls distressed wife, saying hes in a dangerous position.

Seven EU Parliaments call for new sanctions against Russia, including visa ban : worldnews

The Soviet monument in Riga, Latvia, was destroyed. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Latvian police arresting angry Russians trying to stop the country from tearing down an 80-meter-high Soviet monument glorifying the Red Army in Riga.

Bulgarian court of appeal refuses extradition of Russian anti-war protester to Putins regime, overturning an earlier ruling

Germany: Top court upholds life term for neo-Nazi in politicians murder
Germany selects All Quiet On The Western Front as 2023 Oscars submission

French minister demands probe into TotalEnergies reported links to Russian army refueling

37-year-old cycling champ dies days after winning national race : worldnews

Putin to blame for UKs high energy bills, says Johnson on surprise visit to Kyiv
day 183 of war in Ukraine. An image shared by Paul Joseph Watson and others claiming to show a UK billboard telling people they'll be cold in winter because Ukrainians need it more is fake. The real version is a music billboard in Manchester,

US to extradite Canadian writer accused of faking own death and kidnapping son | Canada : worldnews

Biden sees highest approval in a year in latest Gallup poll : politics
Biden calls Trumps philosophy semi-fascism
Biden Likens Republican Ideology to Semi-Fascism

US Corporate Profits Soar With Margins at Widest Since 1950 - Bloomberg Business is passing on higher costs and then some, data show - Some Democrats have blamed price-gouging for high inflation

Some of Bidens Student Loan Forgiveness Critics Went to College for Less Than $400 per Year
Silence peasants! Grand Duchess Megan McArdlebucks is explaining how to poor. - Lawyers, Guns & Money (McAddled)
Megan McArdle on Twitter: "@mtsw My parents paid my college tuition, but I ate the $100k bill for business school." / Twitter

Republicans Are Melting Down Over Biden Making Life Easier for Millions of Americans : politics

Congress needs to modernize the Supreme Court and bring it into the 21st century : politics

Florida Pair Pleads Guilty in Theft of Bidens Daughters Diary

Watchdog Leader: It Is Clear Why Barr Did Not Want the Public to See Newly Released Trump Memo

Justice Dept. Submits Redacted Affidavit Used in Trump Search Warrant - The New York Times

Trump lawyer appeared to agree he should return government documents, old email shows, undermining his later defense : politics
Weird How All Trumps Old Lawyers Are Washing Their Hair This Week - Above the Law
Trump declares himself as innocent as a person can be in Truth Social rant on FBI raid (

Trumps secret papers and the myth of presidential security clearance
Trump reportedly oversaw collection of classified Mar-a-Lago docs
Inside Trumps public bravado and private resistance over Mar-a-Lago documents
More damning evidence against Trump. And more of it from Republicans.

Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Fulton County probe of Trump election overturn efforts : politics

Opinion | An expert on the right urgently warns: Beware of another Oklahoma City - The Washington Post

Trump calls for McConnell to be ousted as GOP leader 'immediately'

Trump's social media app facing financial fallout : politics

Mini-Trumps Are a Midterm Disaster : politics Doucheknocker Olympics

Its happening: Abortion rights and the threat to democracy are reshaping the midterms. No, one special election victory doesn't prove anythingbut it sure feels like the political winds have shifted
After Roes End, Women Surged in Signing Up to Vote in Some States
Cellphone video shows MDPD officers blocking pregnant woman from entering emergency room in Doral : news

Dem win in key special election stuns GOP, jolts political world : politics
N.Y. House race may not be settled as Niou weighs run against Goldman

Does Dr. Ozs Team Hate Him or Are They Just Bad at Their Jobs?
Dr. Oz emailed Jared Kushner in 2020 to get Trump to push hydroxychloroquine : politics

~ J.D. Vance Appeared With Podcaster Who Once Said Feminists Need Rape

DeSantis says woke 5 times in 19 seconds in culture war laden primary speech
Ron DeSantis Unleashes Disturbing Attack On Little Elf Fauci | A manwas recently sentenced to prison for sending death threats to the top scientist and telling him he hoped hed get a bullet in his satanic elf skull.

Eight Sources Say Feds Are Not Done With Matt Gaetz : politics

A Wrong Never Righted: Court Upholds Mississippis 1890 Jim Crow Voting Law

Texans who perform abortions now face up to life in prison, $100,000 fine | Texas, the largest state to restrict abortions, now has three significant bans on the books, setting up a potential legal minefield. : politics
Buyers remorse could be creeping in for GOP on abortion

Four Decades of Attacking Teachers Is Destroying Public Education : politics
Missouri school district reinstates spanking as punishment: we've had people actually thank us

How a far-right, Christian cellphone company took over four Texas school boards
Mom gets applause after ripping book-banning parents apart in school board meeting speech : politics
Adrienne Quinn Martin on Twitter: "Me speaking at the Granbury ISD school board meeting tonight . Granbury ISD is continuing to purge books. The folks that show up at every meeting demanding books be removed , not a single one is a GISD parent. Yet , the school board seems to be giving them everything they want ." / Twitter

Sean Hannity and Other Fox Stars Face Depositions in Defamation Suit - The New York Times The depositions are one of the clearest indications yet of how aggressively Dominion Voting Systems is moving forward with its suit against the media company.

Uvalde school board votes unanimously to fire police chief Pete Arredondo : politics

Don't call police video shown to South High School students

Black Alabama pastor says he was wrongfully arrested while watering his neighbor's flowers : news

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene swattedfor second time in two days, police say

Polling Shows Portlanders Are Scared of Downtown -- and of Their Own Neighborhoods - On the bright side: 57% are still willing to visit the central business district.

In Defense of the Window Unit : Living in homes cooled by window units always had a tender meaning when writer Dalton LaFerney was growing up in east Texas.

Why Do We Mock the Names We Mock?

When Did We Become So Obsessed With Being Symmetrical?

Legalizing recreational cannabis in the U.S. has increased frequency of use by 20% : science

Alcohol use linked to risk in increased cancer.. : worldnews

Cellphone video shows MDPD officers blocking pregnant woman from entering emergency room in Doral : news

Seven-million-year-old femur suggests ancient human relative walked upright (Sahelanthropus tchadensis in Chad). : science


Europe drought the worst in 500 years

The role climate change plays in 1000 year extreme rain events - The Washington Post Precipitation extremes are now more feast or famine because of climate change

Desalination can make saltwater drinkable but it wont solve the U.S. water crisis

America hasnt learned enough since Hurricane Katrina, according to a first-of-its-kind study, which reveals only marginal improvements with respect to evacuation planning in America's 50 largest cities.

Best & Worst States for Climate Change | (MA #3 best)

WHO alert on new Covid variants in coming days amid rise in hospitalisation, deaths.

Bidens Plan to Commercialize Covid Care Will Have Terrible Consequences - The administration expects to stop buying vaccines and treatment by year'send, handing over these responsibilities to for-profit companies that are salivating at the opportunity.

We should expect more and worse pandemics to come - The fundamentals are bad

A Risky Monkeypox Vaccine Is Looking Better All the Time - The Atlantic The administrations newest vaccine Hail Mary may not be enough to fix the U.Ss monkeypox immunization problems.

Japan considers building new nuclear plants in major policy shift : worldnews
Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban : worldnews

South Korea Breaks Record for World's Lowest Fertility Rate, Again - The data reflects societal problems both present and future, including young adults economic anxiety and a looming shortage of workers to pay into the pension system ... adding to concerns about the countrys shrinking and aging population.

China increases warship capability with production of guided-missile destroyers, experts say : worldnews
Factories shut down as heatwave hits hydropower in Chinas Sichuan province | Tesla, Toyota and Foxconn are among the multinational companies affected by a cascading water and energy crisis
Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues : worldnews

Putin's Surprise Triumph of the Will - Six months into the invasion of Ukraine, it turns out that Putin kept his warlike intentions to himself -- away from his ministers and presidential aidesuntil the very last moment. And yet now his war is more popular than ever in the motherland.

Daria Dugina How the daughter of a Eurasianist philosopher emerged as a war advocate in the years before her murder
Wikipedia page about Duginas alleged killer was created on day of car explosion (not really, but still)

Face of Russias anti-Putin movement, Yevgeny Roizman, faces jail
Russias ex-chief of human rights says Ukraine war provides world security ... He is the Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law ... in other countries!

Russian Defence Minister Shoigu claims military campaign in Ukraine slowed to 'deliberately' reduce civilian casualties.
Czech President Zeman: Russia lost everything : worldnews

Russia Sees COVID-19 Resurgence; Records 33,000 Cases, 57 Deaths In 1 Day : worldnews

President of Belarus causes controversy after congratulating Ukraine on Independence Day : worldnews

India fires three officers for accidentally launching missile into Pakistan in March : worldnews
[Muslim Law] Minor Girl Can Marry Without ParentsConsent After Attaining Puberty, Has Right To Reside With Husband Even When Less Than 18 Yrs: Delhi HC
Asias richest man to buy majority stake in news organization in 'hostile' takeover | Adani Group said Tuesday it will buy a majority stake in NDTV, a high-profile Indian news house, in an apparent hostile takeover

Return of Crimea to Ukraine a requirement of international law: Turkish president : worldnews

Large-scale fighting shatters lull in Ethiopias Tigray
Colour of the skin: WHO chief hits out over Tigray crisis indifference

Egypt directly buys 240,000 tonnes of Russian wheat : worldnews

Biden orders airstrikes against Iranian-backed groups in Syria following attacks near base holding US troops last week : worldnews

Iran says it will only accept inspections agreed in 2015 nuclear deal : worldnews

Ukraine marks Independence Day six months after start of war : worldnews
Zelenskiy says Ukraine was reborn when Russia invaded
After Six Months of War in Ukraine, Momentum Tilts Against Russia - WSJ - Moscow retains firepower advantage, but Kyiv is starting to take the initiative, while Western support for Ukraine is holding firm despite economic pain
Ukraine says Russian shackles worse than missiles six months after invasion : worldnews
Ukraine Will Take Back Crimea By Any Means It Deems Right: Volodymyr Zelensky : worldnews
Zelenskyy official says he regularly texted photos of dead Ukrainian children to officials around the world so they would send more help : worldnews

Battle for Kyiv: How Ukrainian forces defended and saved their capital - Washington Post

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 182, Part 1 (Thread #322) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 24 August 2022

$1,400,000,000 worth of aircraft visually confirmed as lost by Russia since Feb 24. : UkrainianConflict
Russo-Ukraine war infographics | Flickr

Battle for Kyiv: Ukrainian valor, Russian blunders combined to save the capital : worldnews

Russia hit the train in the Dnepropetrovsk region, 15 dead, 50 injured : ukraine
Russian-appointed head of Zaporizhzhia Ivan Sushko killed in car bomb explosion : worldnews

Amnesty International admits loss of donors and members following spurious Ukraine report : ukraine

Pope warns of potential "nuclear disaster" at Ukraine Zaporizhzhia plant : worldnews

Very concerned: UN Human Rights on planned trials of Ukrainian POWs
Kyiv Accuses Moscow of Illegal Adoptions of Ukrainian Children : worldnews

The EU banned Russian airlines, but Russian tourists are simply driving their luxury cars to Finland to kick off their European holidays : worldnews
Finlands PM, Sanna Marin, apologises for 'inappropriate' pictures at residence

Prime minister of Poland: We warned Germany and the West about Putin. We were ignored : ukraine

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, we affirm the right of Ukrainians to be free and to make their own choices. The EU will never cease to support Ukraines independence and its brave fight against the illegal Russian aggression - Roberta Metsola, @EP_President

Dutch far right politician Geert Wilders awarded Hungarian state honour : worldnews

Russia-Ukraine updates: Germany to send500 million in new weapons
Germany inaugurates worlds first hydrogen-powered train fleet
Hydrogen alliance formed as Canada and Germany sign agreement on exports

Switzerland calls for return of Crimea to Ukraine | Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis has again called for Russia to end hostilities and withdraw from Ukraine, including the Crimea territory it has occupied for eight years. : worldnews

63 bidders fight for superyacht seized from Russian billionaire : worldnews

Emmanuel Macron And Boris Johnson Warn Russia Against New Annexations : worldnews

UK reached its goal on 0 fuel imports from Russia : worldnews
Support for Ukraine must continue until Putin withdraws, says Boris Johnson : worldnews
Letter warning of Princess Dianas crash not given to investigators for six years, doc says

Anglo-French oil firm threatens Amazon reserve for isolated Indigenous people : worldnews
Bolsonaro Lies in Interview and Sets Conditions for Accepting Elections Result : worldnews
Autogolpe in Brazil? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Goes without saying that if the previous occupant of the White House had remained in power we could count on very little official discouragement on Bolsanaros authoritarian aspirations. When the President of the United States launches a coup attempt, it tends to have effects across the globe.

Canada announces new sanctions against Russia, funds two Ukraine projects : worldnews

Just over half of Americans say U.S. should back Ukraine until Russia withdraws ... Democratic voters were more likely to back the position, with 66% of Democrats in support compared to 51% of Republicans. (50% of refucks say surrender to Putin)

Trump White House exerted pressure on FDA for Covid-19 emergency use authorizations, House report finds - POLITICO ... Senior Trump administration officials fought for the reauthorization of hydroxychloroquine, a drug normally used to treat malaria and lupus, after the FDA revoked its emergency clearance of the drug because data showed it was ineffective against Covid-19 and could lead to potentially dangerous side effects ... These assaults on our nations public health institutions undermined the nations coronavirus response,

Biden administration forecasts $1.03 trillion deficit, down by nearly $400 billion : politics
Bidens Cancellation of Billions in Debt Won't Solve the Larger Problem - Belatedly canceling some debt is what a country does when it refuses to support students up front.

Gas prices drop 70 days in a row in the second-longest streak since 2005 : politics

The GOPs Incredible Shrinking Message: A shift in Democratic fortunes has blown up the economic malaise story Republicans had hoped to run on, leaving voters with plenty of time to survey their weird candidates and bad ideas.

Student loan help for millions coming from Biden after delay | AP News
Biden canceling $10K of student debt for millions, $20K for Pell grant recipients - POLITICO
The parties are the same! Student loan relief edition (Update: White House Fact Sheet & the 5% DI cut off) - Lawyers, Guns & Money
There Is No National Teacher Shortage - The Atlantic The narrative doesnt match the numbers.

Trying to reclaim the authority to regulate carbon emissions - Lawyers, Guns & Money

People really, really hate Dobbs - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Judge in Texas blocks Biden administration emergency abortion guidance The guidance requires hospitals to provide emergency abortions to women regardless of state bans on the procedure.

Ryan Zinke, former interior secretary, lied to investigators in casino case, watchdog finds - The Washington Post The Interior Departments inspector general detailed Zinkes and his chief of staffs attempts to mislead federal officials ...

Biden announces new head of Secret Service : politics
Timeline: What We Know About The Missing Text Message Scandal

Justice Department releases unredacted Barr memo detailing decision not to charge Trump in Russia probe : politics

FBI's Mar-a-Lago search followed months of resistance, delay by Trump ... One of them said the information isamong the most sensitive secrets we hold.

Team Trump leaks National Archives letter, hurts its own cause : politics

Trump Tells His Lawyers: Get 'My' Top Secret Documents Back
Trump claims he needs White House records back so he can eventually add them to his presidential library : politics
National Archives Lays Out Why Trump Can't Assert Privilege Against the Government If you are arguing with a librarian, you have already lost ... The reason we know about the letter is because a Trump suckfish named John Solomon isnt as smart as he thinks he is.
That National Archives letter released by a MAGA outlet backfired spectacularly In treating his legal problems like public relations ones, Trump is digging a deeper hole for himself.
Trump, Without the Presidency's Protections, Struggles for a Strategy - Facing serious legal peril in the documents investigation, the former president has turned to his old playbook of painting himself as persecuted amid legal and political stumbles.
Trump offered his latest lawyer the job without having met him after other attorneys turned him down, report says : politics

Is a jail sentence the one weird trick that will stop tRump from running? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

First Thing: Trump appears to concede he illegally retained official documents : politics
The Trump Legal Teams Inane Circular Argument For Why He Can Never Be Prosecuted

Jan. 6 panel investigators traveled to Copenhagen to view Stone footage - POLITICO The select committee aides viewed footage from a Danish documentary crew that followed the longtime Trump ally, including on the day of the Capitol attack.

GOP attacks go beyond FBI and elections to delegitimize government : politics

This Jan. 6 Rioter Is Posting Death Threats Against the FBI : politics
Feds arrest five members of B Squad militia allegedly run by former GOP House candidate in Jan. 6 case - The Three Percenters subgroup is associated with Jeremy Liggett, who was briefly a Republican candidate for a House seat in Florida.

Why You Should Be Freaking Out About the $1.6 Billion Conservative Mystery Donation : politics

Democrats have seized the momentum -- now that needs to flow down-ballot
Nadler Routs Maloney in New York; Upstate Voters Send Abortion Message - The New York Times
Rep. Jerry Nadler beats Rep. Carolyn Maloney in bitter New York House primary

Yes, Special Elections Really Are Signaling A Better-Than-Expected Midterm For Democrats | FiveThirtyEight But theres still time for history to catch up to the party.
Democrats gain momentum: 5 takeaways from the last big primary night of 2022 - POLITICO Trumps candidates are still chalking up wins, but the headwinds facing Democrats appear to have eased.
Growing Evidence Against a Republican Wave : politics
Four takeaways from the New York and Florida primaries - The Washington Post A Democrat who campaigned on abortion rights won in a New York swing district, and more MAGA Republicans may soon be coming to Washington
Republicans thought they had midterms in the bag. Voters just rejected them again : politics

Democrats Need to Win State Elections to Stop Republicans From Rewriting the Constitution : politics
The Republican Party is destroying itself in its drift to the far right : politics

What So Many Refuse to See in a Horrifying New Arkansas Police Video : politics

Far-right activist Laura Loomer refuses to concede, sobs about voter fraud : politics

GOP Senator Relaxes on Yacht in Italy as He Bashes Biden for Taking Vacation : politics

Republican Who Praised Hitler Somehow Loses Congressional Primary : politics

Democrat Pat Ryan wins special election for U.S. House in New York : politics

DeSantis unleashes shocking attack on Fauci saying he wants to see that little elf thrown across the Potomac
Matt Gaetz, Under Federal Investigation For Sex Trafficking, Wins His GOP Primary : politics
Rebekah Jones wins Democratic primary, will take on Matt Gaetz for U.S. House seat : politics
Fired Florida COVID data scientist to challenge Gaetz for U.S. House seat : politics
A Florida Judge Who Denied A Teen Girl An Abortion Because Of Her Grades Was Voted Out Of Office : politics

DeSantis Top Gov ad compared to Michael Dukakis tank footage - The Washington Post

Meet the pro-fish Democrat who is leading against Sarah Palin in Alaska

A Michigan town voted to defund its library. The fight started with Gender Queer: a Memoir - The Washington Post

Justice Department investigating how Southern Baptist Convention became an abuse safe haven. Sexual assault within the denomination has been rampant for years.

Uvalde school board to consider firing district police chief : news

Let's Hear From the Women Lis Smith Smeared - The political operative who covered for Cuomo is on a comeback tour, trying to paper over the damage she caused.

Vanessa Bryant Wins $16 Million in Crash Photo Lawsuit Vanessa Bryant and co-plaintiff Chris Chestier won a combined $31 million in damages in their invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Los Angeles County.

New York State Court Will Hear Harvey Weinsteins Appeal

TIL It took 20,000 hours of underwater repairs but the United States managed to refloat a majority of the battleships sunk at Pearl Harbor. Recovered ships including the USS West Virginia, USS California, USS Tennessee, USS Maryland, and USS Pennsylvania all fought in the Philippines. : todayilearned

Brain fog: We are finally starting to understand what it is and how to treat it | New Scientist

4 Billion-Year-Old Piece of Earth's Crust Found Under Australia : worldnews

Researchers have discovered an "Ocean planet" named TOI-1452 b, which is slightly greater in size and mass than Earth and is located at a distance from its star where its temperature would be neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist on its surface. : science

How near-death experiences and psychedelics alter attitudes about death : Study shows that Compared to people who took psilocybin or LSD, those who took ayahuasca or DMT reported that the lasting consequences of their experience were stronger and more positive, , including decreased fear of death. : science

Magic mushroom psychedelic may help heavy drinkers quit

what stopped you from committing suicide? : AskReddit

Whats your story about the one that got away that turned out being a gigantic bullet dodged?


Congress Admits UFOs Not Man-Made Says Threats Increasing Exponentially

Heat waves are affecting our mental health and well-being : worldnews

Americans underestimate the prevalence of public support for major climate change mitigation policies: Supporters of climate policies outnumber opponents two to one, while Americans mistakenly perceive the opposite to be true. : science

The drying Danube River reveals explosive-laden WWII Nazi warships : worldnews

5,000 Dolphins Have Died In Black Sea Due To Russian Ammo, Vessels: Report : worldnews

Study first to link weed killer Roundup to convulsions in animals

Research analyzing millions of Black Lives Matter tweets with natural language processing finds that positive emotions, like hope and optimism, are more prevalent than negative emotions in tweets with pro-BlackLivesMatter hashtags and highly correlated with the presence of on the ground protests. : science

High levels of immunity with COVID-19 vaccines have helped avoid excess mortality in Mass., study says

Malaysia ex Prime Minister Najib Razak going to jail for 12 years : worldnews

Japan says to keep Russia sanctions in place amid Ukraine war : worldnews

China punishes 27 people over tragically ugly illustrations in maths textbook
China Arts & Entertainment Follow-Up to China's Ugly Math Textbook Controversy: 27 People Punished

Russia today is a fascist state. If Russia defeats Ukraine, it will not stop there. We must stop Putin before its too late.
FSB plans terrorist attacks with massive civilian casualties in Russia : worldnews ... On 13 September, Russian Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov made an announcement in the Duma about receiving a report that another bombing had just happened in the city of Volgodonsk. A bombing did indeed happen in Volgodonsk, but only three days later, on 16 September. Russia in a nutshell

Darya Dugina: Moscow murder accusation is fiction, says Ukraine : worldnews
The editor-in-chief of the Kremlin-backed RT network on Monday appeared to suggest Russias involvement in the 2018 poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal in Britain a crime Moscow has repeatedly denied

Half of Russias Air Traffic Control Staff Furloughed or Fired

Moscow Exchange says it will stop accepting US dollars as collateral amid Russias move away from 'toxic' currencies (

India warns UN may face oblivion without reforms to make it relevant : worldnews

Pakistan floods kill 777 over two months, with more than 300,000 people displaced : worldnews

Turkey claims that several NATO member countries want the Ukraine-Russia war to continue : worldnews
Turkey sends 50 mine-resistant vehicles to Ukraine, with more expected : worldnews

Saudi Arabia Is Planning To Build The Worlds Largest Wind Farm In Uzbekistan

Qatar arrests World Cup workers who protested going months without pay : worldnews

Ben & Jerrys lost its bid Monday to block its parent company Unilever from selling its ice cream in West Bank settlements, which the US firm said would run counter to its values

US to send $3 billion in aid to Ukraine as war hits 6 months : news
Zelenskiy vows to restore Ukrainian rule in Crimea : worldnews
Today, Turkish President Erdogan announced that Crimea belongs to Ukraine: "Turkey does not recognize the annexation of Crimea and considers this step illegal. According to international law, Crimea should be returned to Ukraine," Erdogan stressed. : ukraine
President of Poland: We cant go back to the line that was in place on 23 February. The entire territory of Ukraine must be liberated, including Crimea.
India calls Russian invasion on Ukraine an affront to common security

President Zelenskyy has signed a law that requires all new apartment buildings in Ukraine to have bomb shelters with sufficient capacity to accommodate all tenants.
Americans urged to leave Ukraine immediately as new Russian attacks feared : worldnews
Russia to step up strikes on civilians, US says, as Ukraine independence day nears : worldnews
Almost 9,000 Ukrainian military killed in war with Russia -armed forces chief : worldnews
Ukraines foreign minister names the two EU countries that don't supply weapons to Ukraine ... Hungary and Austria
#OTD, 83 years ago Molotov-Ribbentrop pact divided Europe between two dictatorships. They thought they had the right to decide the fate of others. Molotovsspirit is hovering in #Russia today and is desperately looking for its Ribbentrop.#NeverAgain.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union that enabled those two powers to partition Poland between them.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 181, Part 1 (Thread #321) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 23 August 2022

New weapons for Ukraine suggest preparation for closer combat : worldnews
The Drone Army : UkraineWarVideoReport
Course of war can be changed for price less than that of Russian oligarch yacht (50 HIMARS)
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "The Ukrainian army also inflicted significant damage on the strategically crucial Antonivsky Bridge over the same reporting period." / Twitter
800 Taiwanese flying mortar drones reportedly shipped to Ukrainian army

Energoatom: Russia builds up military equipment, troops at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Ukraines state nuclear company said that Russian forces had brought two more armored personnel carriers and six trucks, as well as additional troops, to the Zaporizhzhia plant.

Burning Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Explodes After Being Hit By Ukrainian Firepower : worldnews
Burning Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Explodes After Being Hit By Ukrainian Firepower
Ukrainian T-64BM Tank Blows Russian Anti-Aircraft Cannon To Smithereens With Well-Aimed Shot - Zenger News

Sanna Marin drug test proves negative : worldnews
Finnish PM Sanna Marin sorry for topless guest photo at official residence - BBC News
Russian tourists luxury cars fill up Helsinki airport
Norway wants Facebook fined for illegal data transfers: European regulators are finalizing a decision blocking Meta from transferring data to the U.S. : worldnews

France proposes crackdown on private jet flights amid climate crisis ... France reportedly has the highest number of private jet movements in Europe, with super-rich owners jetting into Paris and the French Riviera.
They said it was impossible: how medieval carpenters are rebuilding Notre Dame

Argentinas public prosecutor on Monday asked that Vice President Cristina Kirchner be sentenced to 12 years in prison and disqualified from public office for alleged corruption during her two terms as president. Kirchner, is accused of fraudulently awarding public works contracts

Bolsonaro says he will respect Brazil election result if clean, transparent (and I win)

Mexican Journalist Killed Hours After Publishing Story About Local Officials Involvement in Disappearance of 43 Students Who Went Missing in 2014

Saskatchewan warns that federal employees testing farmers dugouts for nitrogen levels could be arrested for trespassing
British Columbia First Nation arrives in Scotland, asks museum to return totem pole taken in 1929. : worldnews
Inside the QAnon Queen's Cult: The Abuse Was Non-Stop

Presidents Party Gaining in Midterm Polls. Thats Not Normal.
Democrats Drive Abortion's Rise as Important Voting Issue in Midterms | Pew Research Center Biden job approval remains low; a declining share of voters say he will be a factor in their midterm vote

Cancel It All, Say Progressives as Biden Favors $10,000 in Means-Tested Student Debt Relief. Student debt is a nearly $2,000,000,000,000 crisis,POTUS must cancel student debt. All of it.

Sanders Calls for Rent Control, Castigates Corporate Vultures in Fiery Speech

Nancy Pelosi Husband Paul Pleads Guilty To DUI
Nancy Pelosis husband pleads guilty to DUI charge, sentenced to 5 days in jail

White House admits Trumps Ukraine phone call record was moved to secret server (2019 and nothing happened)

Trump Was Hoarding Some of Americas Most Sensitive Secrets, Letter RevealsTrump ally and National Archives liaison John Solomon posted a letter on Monday noting that more than 700 pages of classified documents were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago in January
Trump Was Hoarding Some of Americas Most Sensitive Secrets, Letter Reveals
Hundreds and hundreds of documents - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Agency identified 700-plus pages of classified records at Trumps home
Full text of National Archives letter to Trump on classified documents | Just The News
Trump Kept More Than 700 Pages of Classified Documents, Letter From National Archives Says : politics

Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago - The New York Times
Trump sues to block DOJ from Mar-a-Lago FBI raid material
DOJ is seeking further surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago, suggesting Trump may still have secret documents there: NYT : politics

Trump Got Multiple Extensions Before FBI Raid : politics

FBI found White House files in basement and closet in Trumps office
Trump described boxes of classified documents as mine and swatted away White House officials who tried to return documents from Kim Jong-un and Barack Obama: report
Trumps risk of indictment for his document snatch just skyrocketed
Trump envoy releases letter from National Archives deemed extraordinary damning for Trump
Democrats use magic mind-control to force tEam tRump own goal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jonathan Turley Very Upset That Merrick Garland Isnt Cartoonishly Bad At His Job ... Turley took to The Hill, a publication basically no-code 4Chan at this point ... (Turdley)

Federal judge who signed off on Mar-a-Lago search carefully reviewedFBI affidavit and considers its facts 'reliable'
Lawyers are giggling Legal experts scratch their heads at Trumps very strange new DOJ lawsuit
Judge Shuts Two Trump Attorneys Out of Challenge to Mar-a-Largo Search Warrant Because They Failed to File in 'Strict Accordance' with the Rules : politics

Opinion | The Idea That Letting Trump Walk Will Heal America Is Ridiculous - The New York Times Jamelle Bouie
Will allowing reactionaries to kill multiparty democracy in order to save it work this time? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Idea That Letting Trump Walk Will Heal America Is Ridiculous

Trumps team told ICE officials to wipe all data from their phones before leaving their jobs, report says

Analysis: Responding to FBI search, Trump and allies return to his familiar strategy: flood the zone with nonsense : politics
Trumps Behavior Strengthens Case Against Him

Trump Super PAC Charges $100,000 For Candlelight Dinner With Former President At His Club

Right-Wing Influence Peddler Leonard Leo Hits the Dark Money Motherlode - One-point-six BILLION dollars. (refucks buy democracy and flush it down the toilet)

Donald Trumps Legacy Is Convincing Idiots That They Should Run for Office

The Koch network and other Trump allies are quietly backing his biggest GOP critic: Rep. Liz Cheney : politics

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers blasts fascistRepublican cabal that ousted him. Opinion: He says the Republican Party doesn't have any thought. It's all emotional, it's all revenge. Its all anger ... The place has lost its mind
u/Last_Wave_By explains the Republican Party hasnt gone crazy but is instead merely removing its mask of sanity

We reject the free speech-trampling rules set by J.D. Vance and Ron DeSantis for covering their rally: Letter from the Editor : politics

Arkansas violated the Voting Rights Act by limiting help to voters, a judge rules. : politics

Rubio is scared. Val Demings is a dream candidate for the DemocratsFlorida pollster says
The DeSantasy Is OverTrump insiders are counting their lucky stars over an F.B.I. raid that seems likely to unify MAGA-land, potentially move up the former presidents announcement, and put DeSantis in a box.

I will resign: Gov. Abbotts order to investigate trans youth elicited anger, confusion inside state protective services, internal emails show

Women are registering to vote in Pa. in numbers far exceeding men since the Supreme Court abortion decision : politics

One state chose to not use a federal option to serve free summer meals. Thousands of kids paid the price. : politics ... Missouri was the only state to not allow grab-and-go meals, resulting in up to 97% fewer kids meals being distributed than last summer in some areas.

GOP lieutenant governor wants to ban social studies & science in elementary schools : politics

ACLU files lawsuit against Arizona law banning recording of police : politics

Ex-Detective Admits Misleading Judge Who Approved Breonna Taylor Raid - The New York Times Kelly Goodlett, the former detective, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy. She is the first officer to be convicted in the fatal police operation.

Former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada, Cade Cothren indicted on federal corruption charges : politics

The Right-Wing Christian Sect Plotting a Political Takeover: The New Apostolic Reformation doesnt always admit its own existence, but its growing in influence in the Republican Party.

Katy ISD police investigated a library book after complaint alleged it was harmful to minors
The book ban movement has a chilling new tactic: harass teachers on social media | MIT Technology Review Educators who stand up to conservative activists are being harassed and called groomersonline, turning them into potential targets for real-world violence.

Victims and survivors of Uvalde shooting to file $27 billion lawsuit : news

Andrew Tate shows how fascists recruit online: Men fall victim to the insecurity-to-fascism pipeline. Young men's dating woes attract them to online misogynists, who then convert them to authoritarianism

Perry Hooper Jr., former Alabama lawmaker, charged with sex abuse in Montgomery -

The horribly timed defenestration of Brian Stelter - Columbia Journalism Review ... One name, aside from Trumps, loomed especially large in reporting on Stelters exit: that of John Malone, a libertarian and key Warner Bros. Discovery shareholder who has argued very publicly that CNN has strayed too far from actual journalism ... John Malone only watches CNN via Fox News,If I watched CNN via Fox News, I would hate CNN, too. (82 years old)
Is Warner-Discovery "Fixing" CNN? - by Jonathan V. Last - Firing Brian Stelter to keep John Malone happy isn't going to help anyone.

TIL that John Wilkes Booth attended the hanging of abolitionist leader John Brown. Booth stood near the scaffold and afterwards expressed great satisfaction with Browns fate, although he admired the condemned man's bravery in facing death stoically. (

The Kiely Rodni case stumped police for weeks. These YouTubers found the missing California teen in less than 48 hours / Twitter

Rayshard Brooks: Prosecutor to dismiss charges against Atlanta police officers involved in fatal shooting | CNN

Prisoners knew Whitey Bulger would be arriving in 2018 and quickly plotted to kill him, prosecutors allege

The graying of America - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Based on current age-adjusted mortality rates, fully 3% of the girls (and 1% of the boys) born in the USA this year, of which there will be around 1.9 million in each category, can be expected to be alive in the year 2122.

Crashes that involve pickup trucks and SUV are far more fatal than those involving passenger cars. A child struck by a SUV is eight times more likely to be killed than a child struck by a passenger car. : science

Stop Drinking, Keep Reading, Look After Your Hearing: A Neurologists Tips for Fighting Memory Loss and Alzheimers

A second asteroid may have struck Earth after the one that killed the dinosaurs | An astonishing study based on geologic evidence shows evidence of a second rock hitting West Africa

VR is as good as psychedelics at helping people reach transcendence | MIT Technology Review On key metrics, a VR experience elicited a response indistinguishable from subjects who took medium doses of LSD or magic mushrooms ... What marks a self-transcendent experience is the dissolution of our typical self-definition as a discrete individual, separate from other people and the environment. During such an experience, a deep feeling of unity with other people or your surroundings allows you to expand your self-concept to include them.

Previous use of cannabis associated with a lower risk of bladder cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and prostate cancer : science

Study of Ancient Skulls Sheds Light on Human Interbreeding With Neandertals : science

Artificial intelligence model can detect Parkinsons from breathing patterns ... The device, with the appearance of a Wi-Fi router, uses a neural network to discern the presence and severity of one of the fastest-growing neurological diseases in the world.

Research Shows Remarkable Impacts of Grape Consumption on Health and Lifespans

Twins who married twins share how their sons are genetically brothers as well as cousins

TIL Quaternary Twins are when two babies are both cousins and genetically siblings. This happens when two identical sisters have children with two identical brothers. : todayilearned

[SERIOUS] [NSFW] What was the most disturbing reddit post you have seen? : AskReddit

Kim K & a $4.5B Heist: 10 Great Crypto Legal Dramas - Puck


Nearly all marine species face extinction if greenhouse emissions dont drop

Swiss glaciers shrink in half since 1931: study : worldnews

Myocarditis risk significantly higher after Covid infection vs. after a Covid vaccine : science

Thailand: Man sentenced to prison for replacing the constitutional court website content with "Guillotine" by Death Grips music video : worldnews

Vietnam says homosexuality not a disease in win for gay rights

Japan considers stockpiling over 1,000 long-range missiles, says report : worldnews

China fumes as another US official visits Taiwan, calls it a toxic trend
China flexes military muscles, then targets Taiwans citrus fruits

China drought causes Yangtze river to dry up, sparking shortage of hydropower : worldnews
Yangtze River waters reveal Buddhist statues : worldnews
China forgives debt for 17 African nations : worldnews

Putin's deluded Ukraine war approach shows autocracies weakness: Expert
Putin to Scholz: Ukraine and Belarus should not exist independently
Russia says Ukrainian regions under its control will soon vote on whether to become part of Russia : worldnews

Well this fell apart quickly. Who did the FSB imagine they would fool with this?
Daughter of Putin Ally, Daria Dugina, Killed by a Car Bombing in Moscow - The New York Times The daughter of a prominent ultranationalist, herself a hawkish commentator, was killed by a car bomb deep in Russian territory.
Putin war mastermind Alexander Dugin in hospital after dodging bomb that killed daughter in assassination attempt
Russian Activist Army Admits To Bombing, Killing Daughter Of Putin's Spiritual Guide To War
Russias FSB says Ukraine behind murder of ultra-nationalists daughter
Darya Dugina: Ukraine killed Putin allys daughter, Russia says
(141) The murder of Daria Dugina. What is going on? (English subtitles) - YouTube

Head of SBU office in Kirovohrad region found dead in Kropyvnytskyi : worldnews

Putin calls Russian arms significantly superior to rivals

Indian police arrest three journalists for reporting about man carrying sick father on cart : worldnews

Female detainee tells of abuse, torment, while at Tasmania's Ashley youth prison

Kuwait to lay off 750,000 Egypt workers : worldnews

Qatar detains workers protesting late pay before World Cup : worldnews

CIA unable to corroborate Israels terror label for Palestinian rights groups
In first for Israeli PM, Lapid to attend Pride event : worldnews
Former Atlanta Couple Wins LGBTQ Legal Case in Israel - Atlanta Jewish Times The religious status quo that has given Orthodox rabbinic authorities control over marriage and other family laws since the creation of the state of Israel has been weakened in the last few months nd a former Atlanta couple has played a role in one of those court decisions.

Zelenskyy: Russias show trial in Mariupol a point of no return for negotiations
White House supports Ukrainian strikes on Russian-occupied Crimea
Crimea fightback having psychological impact on Russia
The European Unions foreign policy chief Josep Borell - Borrell said that while the EU shouldnt open its doors to oligarchs, there are many Russians that want to flee the country because they dont want to live in this situation.To forbid entrance to all Russians is not a good ideahe said.
Food prices in Ukraine increased by 20-30% since full-scale invasion began : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 180, Part 1 (Thread #320) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 22 August 2022

Nova Kakhovka Beauty

Russian occupiers prepare minors for war and kidnap children to blackmail relatives : worldnews

Area near Ukraine nuclear plant hit again despite US pleas : worldnews
Ukraines state nuclear company Energoatom earlier said that Russia planned a major false flag operation at the Zaporizhzhia plant. On Aug. 21, Russian troops instructed the plants staff to take time off without specifying the return date, according to Ukrainian intelligence.
Authorities in Nikopol warn residents of Russian provocation near Enerhodar. Yevhen Yevtushenko, head of the Nikopol military administration, told residents who live near the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to leave the streets and avoid mass gatherings

Serbia warns it will protect Kosovo Serbs if NATO doesn't : worldnews

Latvia to topple Soviet-era monument a week after Estonia : worldnews

Women in Finland post party videos to back PM Sanna Marin | Finland : worldnews
Canadian politicians defend Finnish prime minister after leaked partying video : worldnews

Another shocking day in European gas / power: Dutch TTF nat gas jumps to295 per MWh (thats almost $500 per barrel of oil equivalent)

Record two thirds of Germans unhappy with Chancellor Scholz, survey shows : worldnews ... It's a fact that the majority of the electorate is over 60, and for those people, only the CDU and SPD exist. So last time around it was an election between stone-faced sleeping pill Scholz and disrespectful incompetent corrupt dickweasel Laschet. Compared to Laschet, a dumpster full of rotting raccoons wouldve looked good. Ergo Scholz.

[Italy] Drunk USAF woman arrested for killing boy, 15, on cycle path - Arrested for vehicular homicide near Pordenone : worldnews

One of the worlds largest megalithic concentrations discovered in Spain

UK economy shrank record 11% in 2020, worst since 1709 : worldnews
Barristers in England and Wales vote in favour of all-out indefinite strike

Confederate Festival in Brazilian town where US exiles from the South founded a slave-owning colony after the Civil War faces ban, report says. : worldnews

Jamaican migrant workers in Ontario pen open letter likening conditions to systematic slavery

White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down in December after more than 50 years of public service : politics
Will Congress upgrade Telehealth? Magic 8-Ball says "Ask again later." - Lawyers, Guns & Money undefined

The IRS could be on the verge of changing the way Americans file their taxes : politics
Republican scare tactics about IRS funding are becoming increasingly dangerous : politics
Chuck Todd Tells Lawmaker Griping About IRS Agents: Stop Cheating On Your Taxes

Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden. Households have seen a stunning rise in employment and income, even considering inflation. : politics

DCCC Tests Ads Linking Republicans to High Gas Prices : politics

Threats to Democracy Overtake Cost of Living as Voters' Top Issue: Poll

How Sonia Sotomayor Became the Conscience of the Supreme Court : politics

The world flipped upside down: will end of Roe galvanize Democratsbase in midterms? | Democrats believe a brewing backlash after June ruling will reshape the battle for control of Congress and statehouses this fall
Pink wave: Women rise up for reproductive rights and Big Lie supporters scramble to stop them
3 more states will enact abortion trigger bans this week : politics ... Tennessee, Idaho, Texas
Abortion trumps inflation as most important issue to Michigan voters in gubernatorial race: new poll : politics
Need to Be Un-Pregnant? College Students Hand Out QR Codes for Secret Abortions

Gang of 8 wants to see Trump Mar-a-Lago search docs : politics
Judge says FBIs evidence for searching Mar-a-Lago is 'reliable'
Judge who approved Mar-a-Lago search findssignificant likelihood of witness intimidation if unredacted affidavit released
The Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Was Justified : politics (says Fox)
Judge indicates he may not unseal much, if any, of Trump Mar-a-Lago search affidavit
Federal investigators looking closely at video evidence from Mar-a-Lago showing people with access to areas where Trumps papers stored

Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump Was Trying to 'Preserve' Documents by Keeping Them 'Safe' at Mar-a-Lago, But His Legal Explanation Seems to Be Lacking

Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers : politics

Once hated by the left, FBI is now US conservatives evil demon
Opinion | Can You Tell Me What Would Happen if the F.B.I. Were Investigating a Democrat? - The New York Times

Mike Pence Is Spineless : politics
Mike Pence Owes the Country an Explanation : politics

Trump was in a deep denial about his last days, says NYT reporter

Letter: Authoritarian Trump is leading GOP march toward fascism : politics
A double-edged sword: Trump's thrilled to be back in the spotlightbut is it already backfiring?
Trump Having Hard Time Finding Lawyers Because They Want To Be Paid : politics

Jared Kushner addresses FBI raid on Trump home for first time amid speculation he may be mole : politics

Trump accuses crazy former transportation secretary Elaine Chao of trying to get rich on China

Trump PACs $650,000 charitable contribution to the Smithsonian will pay for portraits of Donald and Melania Trump

Lindsey Graham Still Owes a Grand Jury an Explanation: The Fulton County D.A.s office saysGraham possesses necessary and material information. What did Lindsey know, and when did he learn it?

We got rolled: How the conservative grassroots lost the fight with Biden because it was focused on Trump
How to cover election deniers? Try calling them election liars. : politics

The Senate looks like a jump ball. Here are the 10 seats that will decide the majority : politics
Democratic Senate campaign fundraising outpaces GOP for fourth straight month : politics
An Unusual $1.6 Billion Donation Bolsters Conservatives : politics
Inside The Right s Historic Billion-Dollar Dark Money Transfer - Industrialist Barre Seid funded a new dark money group run by Trump judicial adviser Leonard Leo, who helped eliminate federal abortion rights.
An Unusual $1.6 Billion Donation Bolsters Conservatives -- A low-profile Republican financier donated his company to a new group run by the influential operative Leonard A. Leo.
The Billionaire Attacks on The Rest of Us - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Testy Sen. Ron Johnson Claims He Was Only Involved In Fake Electors Plot For 'Seconds'
Temporary seditionist - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ron Johnson Suggests GOP Could Impose Nationwide Abortion Ban in the Future : politics

Dr Oz accused of fleeing Pennsylvania constituents in campaign trail video : politics

Walker, criticizing climate law, asks, Dont we have enough trees around here?

Dont underestimate Val Demings. Shes got Marco Rubio pegged.

Ethics board: SD Gov. Noem may have engaged in misconduct ... when she intervened in her daughters application for a real estate appraiser license that it could take action against her

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces law banning gender-affirming care for minors | Her bill even bans medical schools from teaching about gender-affirming care. : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Endorses Candidate Who Hired Convicted Sex Offender | The conspiracy theorist who accuses her opponents of supporting pedophilia is now backing Carl Paladino, whose assistant treasurer was convicted on child pornography charges : politics

Florida Christian school says it will refer to students only by biological gender,asks gay and transgender students to leave

One family flees Texas for safer climate for their transgender daughter | The Texas Tribune
Texas Schools Require Clear Bags To Prevent Students From Bringing In Books : funny

Tennessee showdown: Governors big plan for right-wing charter schools sparks fierce backlash

A Colorado GOP lawmaker fed up with Trump and climate deniers leaves the Republican Party: We need Democrats in charge because our planet and our democracy depend on it
Colorado GOP Sen. Kevin Priola switches party affiliation to Democrat, citing election conspiracies and climate denialism | Priola says he cant support a party that didnt denounce a violent attempt to overthrow free and fair elections

GOP candidate said its totally just to stone gay people to death |

Election staff abruptly quits, upending rural Texas county | AP News

Eric Adams After Dark: A Private Table and Tarnished FriendsNew Yorks mayor vowed to boost nightlife establishments in every corner of the city. But again and again, he returns to the same spot, run by friends with troubled pasts.

Bourbon! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

2 Arkansas deputies suspended and 1 officer on administrative leave after video posted of violent encounter with man outside store : news

After flat-footed response to a white supremacist march, questions about Boston police intelligence gathering : politics

Sanders Joins Striking Starbucks Workers on the Picket Line in Boston : politics

And the next martyr-hero of men who think they have a God-given right to women's bodies is ... (Gary Busey) Lawyers, Guns & Money

What older adults do while they sit affects dementia risk. Results remained the same even after the scientists accounted for levels of physical activity. Even in individuals who are highly physically active, time spent watching TV was associated with increased risk of dementia : science

Webbs Jupiter Images Showcase Auroras, Hazes

A Hole in the Head, by Zachary Siegel Can a brain implant treat drug addiction?

Greatest Migration on Earth Happens under Darkness Every Day - Scientific American Trillions of tiny animals may be coordinating their movements in ways that affect every organism on the planet

Nuclear, believe it or not, is booming again. And with a serious pile of private and public funding behind them, these companies say theyre even getting closer to fusion.

Autistic people demonstrate speech rhythm differences that are consistent across languages, study finds : science

A new national survey reveals considerable differences between psychiatrists perceptions about the safety and therapeutic value of certain psychoactive drugs and how those same drugs are categorized under U.S. policy. Drugs evaluated in the study: psilocybin, ketamine, methamphetamine, alprazolam.

What is an impossible question to answer? : AskReddit

22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know is misogynistic drivel (Rant/Review) (Spoilers) : books


Thawing of Arctic hillsides a major, neglected part of carbon release - The Washington Post

Red states will be hit hardest by climate change and Republicans dont care

In the Lanternfly War, Some Take the Bugs SideEven as the invasive pest spreads across 11 states and threatens agriculture, lanternflies are winning sympathizers who resist kill-on-sight orders.

Opinion | Even a Single Case of Polio Is a Threat - The New York Times ... "Rockland County" because they can't say "Hasids" ...

Lancet Warns About Tomato Flu In India That Leaves Children With Red Blisters ... a new type of coxsackie infection, which while it has flu like symptoms is commonly know as hand mouth foot disease. Its transmitted through the fecal-oral route, so with proper sanitary practices should be very controllable.

Legal advice on Scott Morrisons secret portfolios to be handed down

Philippines in talks to buy U.S. helicopters after dropping Russia deal : worldnews

Singapore will decriminalize sex between men, prime minister says : worldnews

Japan considers deploying long-range missiles to counter China - Yomiuri : worldnews

Xiaomi lays off 900 employees as revenues decline amid slowing Chinese economy: report : worldnews
TIL that of the ten deadliest wars in human history, six of them were Chinese civil wars : todayilearned
An Lushan - Wikipedia

Russian ex-MP Ilya Ponomaryov in his interview to Ukrainian channel "Utro Fevralya" said Darya Dugina was killed by Russian partisans from the National Republican Army. He says both Dugin and his daughter were targets. : ukraine
Russias National Republican Army claims responsibility for the killing of Dugins daughter.
Dugin called modern Ukrainians the race of degenerates, that crept up from a sewage and is deserving of genocide
In a 2019 debate, Bernard-Henri Levy (arguing for the liberal world order) implores Aleksandr Dugin (philosophical architect of the Ukraine war) not to pursue the ideology of aggression For the sake of our children Today Dugins Daughter was blown up in Moscow

UPDATE - Allegedly Alexander Dugin at the location where his daughter was assassinated. : UkraineWarVideoReport ... Must be hard living on knowing that car swap saved your life but doomed your own daughter. He can enjoy that feeling for the rest of his life. Ukrainians didnt want their family members to die in senseless war. Now he will know the feeling.
Alexander Dugins daughter Darya has reportedly been killed in a car explosion. Russian violinist Petr Lundstrem says that Darya Dugina was returning from the Tradition festival. Her father was supposed to get into this car but left in another one.
Alexander Dugin, the ideological mastermind in the Ukrainian Invasion, also known for being the founder of the Nazbol front and the writer of "The Fundation of Geopolitics", arrives at the place were the successful attack killed her daughter in Moscow two hours ago. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Reports the daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, Darya Dugina was killed in a car bombing tonight in Moscow. Unclear if this was an assassination attempt targeting her father, who has been described as "Putin's Brain" : ukraine
NEXTA on Twitter: "A Land Cruiser Prado carrying the daughter of famed Rashist ideologist Alexander Dugin was blown up near Moscow. The explosion occurred near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemi. Dugin's daughter Daria died on the spot." / Twitter
U/PoppinKREAM summarizes Russia's geopolitical strategy and efforts to destabilize the US using Dugins own words
Ukraine is not involved in killing of Dugins daughter - Presidential Office

Daughter of Ukraine war mastermind 'is blown to pieces in Moscow car bomb' | Daily Mail Online
Ukraine War News: Explosion Near Moscow Kills Daughter of Putin Ally - The New York Times Daria Dugina died after the vehicle she was driving exploded outside Moscow on Saturday. Her father, Aleksandr Dugin, is an ultranationalist whose writings helped lay the ideological foundation for President Vladimir Putins invasion of Ukraine
Darya Dugina: Daughter of Putin ally killed in Moscow blast - BBC News
Russia: Putin ally Alexander Dugin's daughter killed in car explosion - The Washington Post
Daughter of Putin Propagandist Killed in Car Bomb Outside Moscow, Reports Say : worldnews
Russia launches murder investigation after car bomb kills daughter of key Putin ally. : worldnews
Daughter of Putins spiritual guidekilled in explosion
The far-right mystical writer who helped shape Putin's view of Russia - Alexander Dugin sees the Ukraine war as part of a wider, spiritual battle between traditional order and progressive chaos.
A Putin allys daughter was killed near Russias capital: What to know

Aleksandr Dugin, a chief promoter of Russias war in Ukraine, is sometimes called Putin's philosopher
Opinion | Aleksandr Dugin and the Grand Theory Driving Putin to War - The New York Times ... One of the most alluring concepts was Eurasianism. Emerging from the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, this idea posited Russia as a Eurasian polity formed by a deep history of cultural exchanges among people of Turkic, Slavic, Mongol and other Asian origins ... The goal, plainly, is empire. And the line will not be drawn at Ukraine. (Putin wants France back)

Putins end game: The Russians seem to have culminated everywhere. They cant move forward at all. The are now getting taken apart everywhere. The only air defence at their Black Sea naval HQ seems to have been rifles. (To judge by the video).
Russia cant recruit new combat units: not enough people willing to go to war - Ukrainian Intelligence
Russian military chief denies "isolation," lists Uganda, Chad among allies : worldnews
It has been a disaster: Invasion of Ukraine a 'collosal loser' for Russians
Ukraine warns Russia's biggest arms buyers against buying weapons that do not survive on the battlefield

U.S. calls for Alexei Navalnys release on anniversary of assassination attempt

Short film Ma! It shows the striking difference and Russians Filmed on the basis of real interceptions of conversations between the occupiers and their relatives

Russian Defence Minister says idea to ban Russians from EU entry rooted in nazism : worldnews
A Russian soldiers journal: I will not participate in this madness

India may import wheat in blow to Modis vision of feeding the world
Delhi cops bust network of over 100 Chinese loan apps, 22 held : worldnews
Sexual assault accuser wore provocativeclothing, Indian judge rules
Maharashtra: Missing girl found after nine years recounts ordeal - BBC News
Maharashtra: Missing girl found after nine years recounts ordeal : worldnews

US Says Russia Trying To Bypass Western Sanctions Via Turkey : worldnews

At least 20 people are dead after gunmen stormed a hotel in Somalia's capital : worldnews

Gunfire hits crowded Israeli bus in West Bank; IDF launches manhunt : worldnews
3 Palestinian women arrested at West Bank checkpoint with makeshift submachine gun : worldnews

Looks like the spirits are high in Kyiv.
Zelensky Warns of Particularly Nasty Russian Acts During Independence Day
Ukraines first lady posed for 'Vogue' and sparked discussion on how to #SitLikeAGirl

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 179, Part 1 (Thread #319) : worldnews

How many Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine? What we know, how we know it and what it really means.

Melitopol Mayor: Ukrainian partisans slit the throat of a Russian soldier who harassed an underage girl. : ukraine

EU Joins Ukraines GenocideCase against Russia at UN ICJ
NEXTA on Twitter: "The death toll from the #Russian attack on a dormitory in #Kharkiv has risen to 18 people. Rescuers found three more bodies under the rubble." / Twitter
Only 1 Russian missile out of 20 aimed on military targets, rest of them hit civilian infrastructure : worldnews

Samuel Ramani on Twitter: "Former Putin advisor Sergey Glazyev says that Mi6 and the U.S. deep state are pushing Ukraine to shell the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and trigger a direct Russia-NATO conflict" / Twitter
Russia says it has deployed Kinzhal hypersonic missile three times in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia accuses Kyiv of poisoning some of its soldiers in Ukraine : worldnews (with their own expired cans)

Finnish Musician Denies InappropriateRelations With Prime Minister Sanna Marin ... Finland is moving to join NATO - So of course the Russians launched a hit job

Still sobering to fly into once sleepy Rzeszow airportand see batteries of US Patriot antiaircraft missiles lining the runway of what is now a major transport hub for Ukraine. In so many ways, the war remains much more concrete for Poland than for Western neighbours.

Greece's exit from enhanced EU scrutiny ends 12 years of pain, prime minister says

Cyprus has decided to purchase Iron Dome from Israel

Albania arrests two Russians, one Ukrainian trying to enter military plant : worldnews

Estonia wants EU to ban Russian tourists : worldnews

Gibraltar prepares for first auction of a Russian oligarchs detained superyacht

Italian winemaker to stop selling Hitler wine : worldnews

Jihadi terror funding: Man arrested and 175,000 seized in Mayo as gardai probe Jihadi terror funding in the west

UKs biggest cargo port on strike amid cost-of-living woes
"Sharp rise" in number of dogs being abandoned as UK cost-of-living crisis deepens. : worldnews

Colombias new president Gustavo Petro said he was suspending arrest warrants and extradition requests for members of left-wing guerrilla group in an effort to restart peace talks and end nearly 60 years of war
Colombia, largest cocaine supplier to U.S., considers decriminalizing : worldnews

The paycheck has died: Argentine workers hold funeral for wages

Mexican court issues 83 arrest warrants related to the disappearance of 43 students : worldnews
Former attorney general of Mexico arrested over multiple charges related to disappearance of 43 students : worldnews

Canada agreed to forever discharge Catholic entities from raising $25M for residential school survivors : worldnews
Canada to take action over anti-racist consultants antisemitic tweets

Education secretary says Biden student debt announcement due in next week or so

Biden marks Slavery Remembrance Day: Great nations dont hide from their history

Here are the notable investigations, lawsuits Donald Trump is dealing with. The ex-president denies wrongdoing and says he is being politically persecuted. : politics
u/i_love_pencils sums up every bad character trait of former President Trump with sources : bestof
A former federal prosecutor says Donald Trump may have committed 'treason' by launching an armed attack on the Capitol

Trump pushes for un-redacted affidavits release, despite the risks
Trumps ex-chief of staff said its hard to understand how such highly classified documents ended up at Mar-a-Lago and that they are not accidentally moved anywhere
Trumps throw-everything-against-the-wall response to the Mar-a-Lago search

Liz Cheney "disgusted" that Trump released names of agents in Mar-a-Lago raid. "This is a really dangerous moment," Cheney said in an interview with ABC Chief Washington Correspondent : politics

Trump, Meadows Planned to Hand Over FBI File to Conservative Journalist: NYT : politics (they don't say, but Jonathan Turley?)
Trumps ex-chief of staff said its hard to understand how such highly classified documents ended up at Mar-a-Lago and that they are not accidentally moved anywhere

NBC News poll: 57% of voters say investigations into Trump should continue : politics

Heres what Trumps PAC spent in July: Subscriptions to fake news like the New York Times, an unusual donation to the Smithsonian, and nearly one million in legal fees

Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America: The place has lost its mind
Trump treated my family like disposable pawns and tore us apart, says daughter of convicted Jan. 6 rioter ... Jackson Reffitt, then 18 years old, turned his father in to the FBI.

Margaret Sullivan's final column, advice for media covering Trump 2024 - The Washington Post Before signing off, Margaret Sullivan offers advice to her fellow journalists on how to cover a perilous election

Donald Trump launched a furious attack on broken down hack Mitch McConnell and his crazy wife in bust-up over GOP Senate candidates

Head of House GOPs campaign strategy tells midterm candidates to stop talking about Trump and focus on policy issues, report says
Opinion | Why Trump voters are hurting their own cause in the midterms : politics ... The Republican Party is now the party of angertainment, outrage porn, alternative facts, and stochastic terrorism.
How Trump redefined shameless hypocrisy and made it politically indispensable. If there is one recognizable element of Trumpism, it is collective, weaponized hypocrisy

When will their churches condemn the Christian nationalism of MAGA politicians? : politics

Virginia Beach teen works with Del. Don Scott to close tax exemption for Daughters of the Confederacy : politics

GOP Candidate Says FBI Agents Would Be Put In Body Bag If His Home Were Searched

Arizona Supreme Court says voters cant repeal tax cuts
Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America:The place has lost its mind - Rusty Bowers

Kansas recount confirms results in favor of abortion rights : politics

Texas migrant buses overwhelm New York, Washington D.C.

PA Governor Race: Shapiro leads Mastriano by 15 points in new poll : politics
Dr. Oz says Pennsylvanians do not care where youre from
Oz should be worried voters punish carpetbaggers and new research shows why

3rd resident of The Villages admits to voting twice in the 2020 election Joan Halstead avoids jail time under pre-trial diversion program

Parentless Florida girl whom court deemed not sufficiently mature is nearing Floridas cutoff to seek an abortion

I feel I owed it to them - Lawyers, Guns & Money The fascist crank Michigan Republicans barfed up as their candidate for governor says that teenage girls need to be forced to carry a child conceived through rape to term for their own good: Tudor Dixon, Michigans Trump-endorsed Republican nominee for governor

Texas, Georgia, Florida leaders blame inflation on Biden, but its worse in their states

Louisiana state officials delay flood funding to New Orleans a second time over city officials stance on abortion

Ignoring the Voters: Alabama commission dissolves judicial seat won by Black woman : politics

The Suicide of the American Historical Association | AIER
The Marquis de Lafayette: Remembering Frances Greatest Champion of Liberty

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,182 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Bernard Bailyn. Bernard Bailyn is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Jagged Life of Anne Heche

A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal. - The New York Times Google has an automated tool to detect abusive images of children. But the system can get it wrong, and the consequences are serious.

Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, pardoned by Carter for molesting a girl, may have sexually assaulted others - The Washington Post renowned folk singer co-wrote the beloved childrens song, Puff the Magic Dragon

He won Powerballs $314 million jackpot. It ruined his life.

Are Weed Drinks Safe? What to know About THC and Alcohol - The New York Times Business is booming for cannabis-infused beverages. Experts still know very little about their health effects.

Paul WS Anderson on the VFX in Event Horizon 25 Years Later

Study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, shows women in equal relationships (in terms of housework and the mental load) are more satisfied with their relationships and, in turn, feel more sexual desire than those in unequal relationships. : science

New evidence shows water separates into two different liquids at low temperatures. This new evidence, published in Nature Physics, represents a significant step forward in confirming the idea of a liquid-liquid phase transition first proposed in 1992. : science

Reminder: 10 years ago Gov. Patrick tried to invest 1.9 billion into the transit infrastructure but the legislature didn't want to raise taxes to pay for it : boston

The Ballad of Razzlekhan and Dutch, Bitcoins Bonnie and Clyde


USA currently represents 35% of Monkeypox cases in the world. While having 4% of the population. How is that possible? : askscience

Ukraine makes bid for Russian embassy land in Canberra after lease terminated | Canberra - Australia : worldnews
Scott Morrisons secret appointments nowhere to be found in Governor-General's reports
Monkeypox spreading locally in Melbourne : worldnews

Japan: Looking Out for the National Interest - Lawyers, Guns & Money

51 Chinese warplanes, six warships spotted near Taiwan: MND : worldnews

US dooms Europe to hunger, cold, isolation, says Russian parliament leader : worldnews

Russias communications watchdog to punish foreign IT firms, including TikTok, Telegram, Zoom, Discord and Pinterest ... for violating military censorship laws.

Russia wants to build next generation tanks, submarines with India : worldnews
India Slashes Its Intake of Russian Crude for Cheaper Saudi Oil : worldnews
India contributes nearly 60% of worlds vaccine demand
Indian gang ran fake police station out of hotel for eight months : worldnews

Drought in Horn of Africa places 22m people at risk of starvation, says UN : worldnews

At least 12 dead as gunmen storm Mogadishu hotel popular with Somali government figures : worldnews

Ethiopian Airlines pilots overshoot runway after falling asleep

At least 38 people killed as tornado of fire rages in northern Algeria

Iran drops key red line demand as progress on a revived nuclear deal edges forward
Iran nuclear deal imminent with crippling sanctions removed

Israeli troops seize NIS 4 million of hashish near Egypt border : worldnews

Russia to display caged war prisoners on Ukraine Independence Day: Report : worldnews
White House Says Zelenskiy Should Join G-20 If Putin Attends : worldnews
UN: US buying big Ukraine grain shipment for hungry regions : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 178, Part 1 (Thread #318) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 20 August 2022
ISW on Twitter: "NEW: Recent #Ukrainian strikes on #Russian military and transportation infrastructure in #Crimea and #Kherson Oblast are likely reducing Russian confidence in the security of Russian rear areas. Read the latest:" / Twitter

Demilitarising and liberating Crimea on our agenda nowNational Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
Occupiers in #Crimea didn't start their morning with coffee - A drone crashed into the roof of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the occupied #Sevastopol.
Pro-Ukrainian saboteurs are behind blasts at Russian military sites, Ukrainian official says : worldnews

Russia planning to disconnect nuclear plant from power grid, Ukraine warns : worldnews

Finland asks: Does a prime minister have a right to party? | AP News
Polish PM backs Finlands leader in fight for right to party

Germany denounces Russian repression on anniversary of Navalny poisoning.
Germanys Scholz says Putin started war for completely absurdreasons

Fears grow over Russian interference in Italys election
Italys centre-left Democratic Party (PD) will offer teenagers a "dowry" of up to 10,000 euros ($10,035) when they turn 18, the party said in its manifesto made public on Friday

Putin warns Macron of risk of catastropheat Ukraine nuclear plant
Violation of intl law: Macron assails Putins brutal attack on Ukraine

The worlds largest Strava art is finally finished

Russia has no moral right to sit at G20, says Britain : politics
British judge rules dissident can sue Saudi Arabia for Pegasus hacking : worldnews
New government figures show the UK has built over 150 factory farms in the past 2 years, including some holding as many as 1 million animals : worldnews
Man killed bride on wedding night and stuffed body in a suitcase : worldnews
Man killed bride on wedding night and stuffed her body in a suitcase - Liverpool Echo Thomas Nutt then reported his wife as missing to the police and played along with the charade for days (for the predictable pic)
Cornwall mother, 90, in 40-hour wait for ambulance : worldnews

Russia holds war games in Venezuela, sending alarming signals throughout Latin America : worldnews

Mexico on Friday arrested a former attorney general who led a controversial investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 -- one of the country's worst human rights tragedies. Jesus Murillo Karam is the highest-ranking official detained so far in connection with the case : worldnews

Indigenous woman nominated to Canadas Supreme Court in historic moment
Punjabi is one of the most spoken languages in Canada now : worldnews

Will They Fight? Washington Wants to Know. The United States thought Afghans would fight and Ukrainians would fold. Reality is forcing a reassessment. : CredibleDefense

Xi Jinping asked Joe Biden to prevent Nancy Pelosi from visiting Taiwan - The Washington Post

Here are some signs that inflation is calming down

This is a long and fascinating portrait of the lives of Joe Bidens father and grandfather, that captures some of the complexities of how class functioned in early and mid-20th century America.Long story short: Joe Biden Sr. (the presidents father) was an ambitious man from a middle class background who in his 20s seemed on the verge of becoming wealthy, in part because of his business dealings with some shady relatives who were both rich and reckless.
The Untold History of the Biden Family | The New Yorker Relatively little has been known about the President's father, whose story reveals a familys fraught relationship with money, class, and alcohol.

Joe Manchin swipes at Kyrsten Sinema, arguing she made us wait two years to pass prescription drug reform

The Sins of the High Court's Supreme Catholics
What Is the Supreme Court Hiding? Presidents have to keep their records. Why do justices get a pass? : politics

Secret Service delay in warning Capitol Police about Pelosi threat requires answers : politics

White House officials privately express concern classified information taken to Mar-a-Lago could put intelligence community at risk | CNN Politics
Newly unsealed documents from the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago put Trump in even worse legal peril, experts say : politics
Mar-a-Lago: Trump Could Soon Get Indicted, Legal Insider Says
Trump in Really Dangerous Territory, Maybe Committed Treason: Kirschner
Trumps next Mar-a-Lago move will escalate his supporters rage
someone is getting disowned, again : PoliticalHumor
Here's Eric Trump taking a selfie for Truth Social and incidentally posting the WIFI network and password for Mar-a-Lago's security cameras. They run a tight ship! : PoliticalHumor

Final Days of the Trump White House: Chaos and Scattered Documents - The New York Times Government documents that President Donald J. Trump had accumulated were with him in roughly two dozen boxes in the White House residence. They were to go to the National Archives, but at least some ended up in Florida.

More than a dozen ex-trump aides deny his claim he was allowed to declassify documents: "ludicrous"
Michael Cohen: Trump Likely Kept Classified Docs As Bargaining Chip

Giuliani Associate Sought Pardon for Him After Jan. 6, Book Says - The New York Times The letter, which also requested that Rudolph W. Giuliani be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, was intercepted before reaching President Donald J. Trump.

Going to get someone killed: Trump lawyer threatens to expose FBI agents even if DOJ redacts names

Panel rules Justice Dept. wrongly withheld Russia probe memo : politics
Court orders release of memo on Trump obstruction in Mueller probe : politics
The DOJ under Barr wrongly withheld parts of a Russia probe memo, a court rules : politics
Appeals Court Orders Release of Secret Memo Barr Used to Undercut the Mueller Report

Deeply Dangerous Nonsense: Treasury Dept. Debunks GOP Lies About 87,000 Armed IRS Agents

Why arent Republicans speaking out against conspiracy theories?
Republicans Appear to be Realizing All Their Candidates Are Dangerous Weirdos : politics

Judge wont let Sen. Lindsey Graham delay testimony in Georgia election probe

Trump's VOA chief paid extravagantly to investigate critics: Watchdog

For the MAGA Right, Democracy Itself Is a Fraud : politics
Can GOP Voters Handle the Truth? : politics No, if they could, they would not be GOP voters.

Mitch McConnells Terrible Candidates Are His Own Fault
Hannity slams McConnell for comments on candidate quality in Senate races
Its a rip-off : GOP spending under fire as Senate hopefuls seek rescue - A cash crunch at campaigns and the NRSC set off a panic as GOP candidates emerged from bruising primaries playing catch-up in polls and advertising

Republicans Demand To Know What Happened To Vanishing GOP Millions : politics
Matt Gaetz targeted by MAGA monster he helped create : politics

Florida GOP candidate Luis Miguel was banned on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook after saying he would legalize shooting federal agents on sight
Twitter suspends Republican candidate who called for violence against FBI : politics

A Former Fox News Insider Spills the Beans : politics

Georgia can ban people handing out food and water to voters, federal judge rules | The Independent Voting rights groups warn criminalising relief in long Election Day lines disproportionately impacts Black voters and could suppress turnout
Georgia can ban people handing out food and water to voters, federal judge rules : politics (says free water is vote buying)

Democrat John Fetterman raised over $1 million off GOP rival Mehmet Oz's gaffe, campaign says
Eating shit for Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How Sarah Palin could lose in Alaska - The Washington Post (dimbulbs for Trump)

Herschel Walker declines invitation to debate Senator Warnock in Macon : politics ... Walker wont debate on a Thursday night because, according to him, Thursdays are actually Sundays.

Arizona GOP candidate melts down after being confronted for endorsing lawmaker who says Jews will go to hell

Michigan GOP candidate says rape victims find "healing" through having baby : politics

Arrested Orange voters said they were told rights had been restored, affidavits show
DeSantis touted their arrest. But ex-felons say they werent told they couldn't vote. DeSantis said 20 people across the state were arrested for voter fraud. Those arrested worry what it'll do to their livelihood. (fascist fucker)

New Texas law requires schools to display In God We Trust signs (Christian States of America)

NC Supreme Court rules against gerrymandered legislature : politics

GOP Gov. Hopeful Tudor Dixon Says She Opposes Abortion for Child Rape Victims Because of the Bond Between Mother and Resulting Baby

Michigan judge issues indefinite ban on criminalizing abortions in key Michigan counties : politics

Groundbreaking Massachusetts Law Protects Telemedicine Abortion Providers Serving Patients Located in States Banning Abortion : politics

Its just insanity: ATF now needs 2 weeks to perform a routine gun trace

Viral video of a racist rant led people to threaten the wrong business. The owner blames Google. A case of mistaken identity and internet vigilantism gone wrong highlights how hard it can be to stop online vigilantism once it starts.

B.J. Novak Shuts Down Bill Mahers Cancel Culture Nonsense

Black couple sues after they say home valuation rises nearly $300,000 when shown by White colleague : news

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,181 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of John Spencer Bassett ... Now, no one school has added more to the pure hell that is contemporary America than Duke. Think Richard Nixon, Ron Paul, Richard Spencer, Stephen Miller, Christian Laettner, Grayson Allen, and a lot of other terrible people.

Creator of Infinity Train speaks out after removal from HBO Max: "I think the way that Discovery went about this is incredibly unprofessional, rude, and just straight up slimy... Across the industry, talent is mad, agents are mad, lawyers and managers are mad, even execs at these companies are mad." : television

An Elderly Woman Accidentally Drives into Second Floor of a Mall : news

Romantic partners who better match each others love language preferences are more satisfied with their relationship and sexual life

Type 2 Diabetes drug Metformin may protect the aging brain from atrophy in elderly individuals with diabetes based on a study of 157 people. : science

Ethereums Merge is about to put every ether miner out of work The ambitious change is expected to cut energyconsumption by a factor of 1,000

TikTok Browser Can Track UsersKeystrokes, According to New ResearchIn the web browser used within the TikTok app, supplementary code lets the company track every character typed by users. The company said the capability was for troubleshooting. (totally not China spying on you, they said)


Scientists Achieve the Impossible, Safely Destroy Toxic Forever Chemicals

Spanish Stonehenge only seen four times before emerges from depleted dam | The stones are believed to date back to 5000 BC.

China issues national drought alert as temperatures rise and rivers dry up : worldnews

A US judge sentenced an extradited Liberian man to 63 months in prison for conspiring to traffic millions of dollars worth of horns and ivory from endangered rhinoceros and elephants, federal prosecutors said Thursday

UBC researchers say theyve found weak spot in all COVID-19 variants that could lead to better treatment

Billionaire Peter Thiel refused consent for sprawling lodge in New Zealand : worldnews

North Korea tells South Korean president to shut hismouth after offer of aid (actually, the Supreme Bitch)

Hongkongers warn of Chinese Communist Party infiltration of British universities : worldnews

Xi and Putin will attend the G20 summit on the resort island of Bali this November. : worldnews
Billionaire Xiao Jianhua jailed for 13 years in China : worldnews

Ukraine: Vladimir Putins war now boggeddown in near operational standstill say Western officials.

Russias spies misread Ukraine and misled Kremlin as war loomed
5 things you need to know about Russias intelligence failures ahead of the invasion of Ukraine

Russia May Resort to Unconventional Warfare After Losses: Former Colonel

Russian paratrooper says it was weeks before he realized that Russia hadnt been attacked and that he had actually invaded Ukraine
Russian soldier says tired, poorly equipped, and underfed unit of elite paratroopers stole computers and food likesavages
Ukraine says Russian troops are deliberately shooting themselves in the leg to escape the war and get a $50,000 payout : worldnews

A top Russian official was so sure of a quick win in Ukraine that he picked the Kyiv apartment he wanted before the invasion started: report : worldnews

Bilkis Rapists Are Brahmins, Have Good Values, Says BJP MLA Who Sat on Panel That Freed Convicts

Palestinian gunmen shoot at Israeli worshipers at Joseph's Tomb : worldnews

Zelenskyy: World must make Russia withdraw from Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, or else all nuclear security agreements are worthless : worldnews
Turkey Throws Support Behind Ukraine, Fearing Nuclear Fallout. : worldnews
Erdogan on situation at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant: We dont want another Chornobyl, we are on Ukraines side
Russia to stage provocation at nuclear plant, warns Ukrainian military | Ukraine
Russian vehicles seen inside turbine hall at Ukraine nuclear plant : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 177, Part 1 (Thread #317) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 19 August 2022

Russia-Ukraine WarU.S. Is Sending More Weapons to Ukraine, This Time to Aid Counterattack
Ukraine warns Russia it intends to take back Crimea : worldnews
U.S. approves of Ukraine striking Russian-occupied Crimea : worldnews
Blasts Rock Russian Bases All Around Ukraine As Kyiv Strikes With Rockets And Drones : worldnews
Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: "Ammunitions warehouse is burning and detonating in Belgorod region of Russia" / Twitter (20 miles inside Ruzzia)
Fires and explosions reported at military targets in Russia and Crimea : worldnews
NEW: Western intelligence official just told reporters attack on Saky airfield in Crimea by Ukraine put more than half of Russias Black Sea Fleet naval aviation combat jets out of use. The Russian system is busy seeking to allocate blame for the debacle.
Explosions at a Russian base knocked out over half the Black Sea fleets combat jets, crippling its warfighting ability, Western officials and intelligence say

Odesa Is Defiant. It's Also Putin's Ultimate Target.

Russian forces kill 362 children in Ukraine : worldnews

Russia paralyzed Estonias internet once. Its latest effort may have failed.

Low water levels on Danube reveal sunken WW2 German warships | Reuters

US B-52 bombers have been deployed to Britain : worldnews

Police call for Bolsonaro to be charged for spreading Covid misinformation : worldnews

Pope rules insufficient evidence in sex assault probe of Canadian cardinal Ouellet : worldnews
Anger as Lisa LaFlamme dropped as Canada TV anchor after going grey : worldnews

Anti-Putin businessmans suicide to be investigated by DC police

Islamic State Militant Sentenced to 8 Life Terms in Killing of U.S. Hostages - The New York Times In April, a jury found El Shafee Elsheikh guilty on four counts of hostage-taking and four counts of conspiracy after a two-week trial.

Opinion | The Constitution Is Broken and Should Not Be Reclaimed - The New York Times

The GOP Is Trying to Convince Americans the IRS Is Coming to Kill Them : politics

The Founding Fathers Would Revile What Trumps Republican Party Has Become No matter how hard Republicans try to reinvent the Founders & Framers in the image of their libertarian billionaire patrons, the reality is that America was historys first great liberal experiment.

Biden Urged to Take Steps to Finally Get Rid of DeJoy as He Plows Ahead With Job Cuts : politics

The FBI found evidence at Mar-a-Lago that Team Trump cant ignore
Mar-a-Lago: Unsealed Legal Documents Show More Legal Peril for Trump
Trump Attorneys New Claim About Mar-A-Lago Causes Jaws To Drop On Twitter
Rudy Giuliani Cooks Up Bonkers New Excuse For Trumps Hoard Of Sensitive Docs -- Rudy Giuliani tells Newsmax that Trump was just trying to preserve documents by putting them in a safe place.

Mueller Memo From Justice Department to Barr Is Ordered Released - Bloomberg DOJ must release memo guiding Barr on handling report on Trump - Appeals court upholds judge who found DOJ description was off D.C. Circuit orders release of Barr memo on Mueller Russia report - The Washington Post

Ex-official who investigated Hillary Clintons emails said there would be evidence if Trump declassified documents: it can't just be an idea in his head
That Tells You Everything You Need to Know: Trump Lawyers Noticeably Silent During Hearing on Probable Cause Affidavits Release
The Donald J. Trump Guide to Getting Away With Anything The former president has a knack for avoiding consequences for his misbehavior

The Psychiatrist Who Warned Us That Donald Trump Would Unleash Violence Was Absolutely Right : politics
Trump supporters threats to judge spur democracy concerns

Republican says comment Garland should be executed was facetious (just kidding, haha)

Trumps personality cult and the erosion of U.S. democracy
What is political charisma? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trumps picks won in 94 percent of GOP primaries. So, does he own the party?

Kelly leads Trump-backed Masters by 8 points in Arizona Senate race: poll : politics

Kemp slammed federal stimulus, but hes using it now to help win reelection

Greg Abbott Bussed Thousands of Migrants from Texas to DC. What Happened Once They Arrived? : politics
Flood of 2,300 departing workers leaves Texas child welfare agency scrambling: Absolutely a crisis

Makeshift Arizona border wall falls over, Doug Ducey suspects foul play : politics

Moms for Liberty activist wants LGBTQ students separated into special classes. She said LGBTQ students are "like for example children with autism, Down Syndrome" and should have "specialized" classes. : politics

Parents of second & third place girls file complaint against winner claiming she's transgender. Shes cisgender, but that didnt stop parents from saying she doesn't look feminine enough and starting a state investigation.

Students lose access to books amid state-sponsored purging of ideas

It Now Costs $300,000 to Raise a Child - WSJ A middle-income family might spend more than $18,000 a year on average, as inflation hits food, housing, haircuts and sports,

Loathsome anti-vax group run by RFK Jr gets Meta permabanfinally

WaPo quietly suspended one of its top reporters last spring - POLITICO Paul Farhi was put on unpaid leave for five days. For what, precisely, is not entirely clear. But the Guild has protested.

Herpes Went Mainstream With the Spread of Ancient Romantic Kissing, Study Suggests

Malden Charter School writes student up for wearing a "jihab" . They have along history of being sued for hair discrimination

In response to the 30 day Orange Line shut down we flash-mobbed on the platform of Back Bay Station for an encore of Charlie (Baker) on the MBTA


Curiosity Mars rover gets 50 per cent speed boost from software update : worldnews

5.9 Trillions Tonnes Of Ice Lost Due To Climate Change In 25 Years : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 8/18/22 : CoronavirusMa
8,224 confirmed cases and 47 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

New antibody neutralizes all known SARS-CoV-2 variants in lab tests - Harvard Medical School : science

WHO warns Covid has not forgotten us, says deaths up by 35% : worldnews
We cannot live with 15,000 deaths a week: WHO warns on rise in COVID fatalities

41 more monkeypox cases diagnosed in Mass., DPH says - The Boston Globe ,,, The new cases were diagnosed between Aug. 11 and Wednesday and bring the number of infections in the state to 243 since the first was announced May 18

Monkeypox is accelerating so fast the only approved vaccine maker admits it doesnt know if it cankeep up with demand

Bodies of Saudi asylum seeker sisters found dead in Sydney repatriated to country they fled : worldnews

Remains of two children found in two suitcases auctioned in New Zealand : worldnews

Pot-smoking tourists not welcome in Thailand, says health minister : worldnews

Japan resumes oil purchases from Russia : worldnews
Unification Church ties cited in 40% of senior administrative positions in Japan : worldnews
Japan urges its young people to drink more to boost economy : worldnews

U.S. warns it will deploy strategic assets to SouthKorea if North Korea conducts nuke test.

Peak social media: Mount Kilimanjaro gets high-speed internet so climbers can Instagram ascent : worldnews

U.S., Taiwan to start formal trade talks under new initiative : worldnews

Where did the pandemic start? Anywhere but here, argue papers by Chinese scientists echoing party line | Science | AAAS China now insists the pandemic didnt start within its borders. Its scientists are publishing a flurry of papers pointing the finger elsewhere
Dollar Vs. Yuan: China Dumps US Treasuries for 7th Straight Month : worldnews
Chinas stumbles wont revive U.S. global hegemony
China to send troops to Russia for "Vostok" exercise. : worldnews
UN Rapporteur Finds Evidence of Forced Labor in Xinjiang, Tibet : worldnews
UN expert concludes forced labour has taken place in Xinjiang

Opinion | No One Will Get Rid of Vladimir Putin - The New York Times

Brittney Griner: Russian Penal Colonies Resemble Gulag Labor Camps : worldnews
Alexey Navalny believes the West should sanction 6,000 oligarchs identified by his foundation : worldnews

I dont see justice in this war: Russian soldier exposes rot at core of Ukraine invasion
Russia Recruits Fighters From Central Asia To Fight In Ukraine; Offers Them Money, Citizenship : worldnews
Russian paratrooper who fought in Ukraine says troops are deliberately shooting themselves in the leg to escape the war and get a $50,000 payout : worldnews

Russias Ukraine War is forcing the Belarus opposition to rethink strategy

This is not flipping a light switchUS responds to Indias position on Russia.
India frees 11 men convicted of raping pregnant Muslim woman : worldnews
Mom chops off boyfriends penis after he tried to rape her daughter: report

Turkey surprises markets with rate cut despite inflation near 80% : worldnews (more Sharia economics)

US drone strike kills 13 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia : worldnews

Saudi PhD student given 34 years in prison for retweeting dissidents : worldnews ... Separating a mother from her family for 30+ years because she advocated for women to be allowed to drive cars.

Palestinian Authority said to nab 2 Islamic Jihad members with 17 kg of explosives : worldnews

Mattia Nelles on Twitter: ""By providing aid sufficient to produce a stalemate, but not enough to roll back Russian territorial gains, the Biden administration may be unintentionally seizing defeat from the jaws of victory," write 20 former senior U.S. officials." / Twitter
US must arm Ukraine now, before its too late

President Zelensky met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Lviv
Erdogan arrives in Ukraine for trilateral summit with Zelenskyy, Guterres

With Ukrainian Independence Day coming up next week, warnings are mounting that Russia might be planning a special attack : worldnews
Intercepted phone call: Something Terrible Will Happen On August 24th!Russian Soldier About Russian Intelligence Report
Ukraine Has the Right to Use Weapons to Retake Crimea -- ders of Germany, Sweden
Ukraine Situation Report: Zelensky Vows Revenge For Kharkiv Missile Strike : worldnews
Russia says Ukraine preparing provocation during U.N. chiefs visit to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Ukraine: Preparing for the worst as situation at nuclear plant approaches critical
Europes powers gave Ukraine no new military pledges in July, data shows

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 176, Part 1 (Thread #316) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 18 August 2022
New: There were no claimed or assessed Russian territorial gains in #Ukraine today for the first time since July 6. Russian officials may be setting information conditions to blame Ukraine for a false flag attack at the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.
Even though the US consistently denies having transferred ATACMS missiles directly to Ukraine, there is no denying that the ongoing missile strikes on russian high value targets in Crimea look a lot - like seriously a LOT - like ATACMS strikes

Yes, but that is very gentle mode of war from the Russian perspective. Those who decry happening as "madness" or call it "unimaginable" are either clueless (Westerners) or liars (Russians). Russian war in Ukraine is going on *extremely* soft mode. Because Ukraine has air defence ... 5: Russia is a large and strong military machine without *any* ethical or humanitarian concerns. In Syria they literally depopulated a large country. Russian public opinion ignores or endorses it. Ergo, Russia must be demilitarised to minimise the danger it poses to the world
If Ukraine didnt have significant air defense, Russia could have resorted to the same indiscriminate use of the air-force as in Syria or Chechnya. But it cant.
19 retired generals and ex-officials urge US to increase arms supplies to Ukraine : ukraine

Tragic night in Kharkiv Oblast: 11 dead, 37 wounded, eight rockets came in from Russia's Belgorod in morning : worldnews

Invaders set up checkpoint at approach to Kerch bridge after the explosions in Crimea : worldnews
Sabotage hits Russian military sites in Crimea as Ukraine fights back
The US Has Quietly Given Ukraine Anti-Radar Missiles to Fight Russia : worldnews

350,000 Ukrainians Still Live Under Russian Occupation In Luhansk Region: Military Head : worldnews

Russian jets suspected of violating Finnish airspace, defence ministry says : worldnews

Estonia says it repelled major cyber attack after removing Soviet monuments. : worldnews

NATO Says It Is Ready to Step up Forces If Serbia-Kosovo Tensions Escalate : worldnews

Germany will run out of gas in three months if Putin turns off taps : worldnews
Germany cuts tax on gas as prices rise amid war in Ukraine | Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced a tax reduction on gas as the war in Ukraine drives up prices. Until 2024, the lower tax rate of 7% will be charged, not 19%. Scholz also promised more support for consumers. : worldnews
Germany: Mandatory measles vaccination is constitutional, top court rules | The Federal Constitutional Court rejected a bid to overturn a measles vaccination requirement for children in day care centers and schools, upholding a law that has come into effect in March 2020. : worldnews
German guard detained for Hitler salute to Israeli athletes visiting Munich memorial : worldnews

I am here to kill the queen, Windsor Castle intruder told police

Placido Domingo linked to criminal ring in Argentina, prosecutors say ... Prosecutors in Argentina have linked disgraced opera star to a criminal group in Buenos Aires that was a front for sexual trafficking, including of minors, as well as other crimes.

Journalist found dead near U.S. border in Mexico, the 14th media worker killed in the country this year : worldnews

Union leaders frustrated by Bank of Canadasadvice for companies not to adjust wages to inflation
QAnon-inspired protest leads to special investigation into arrest | Timothy Claudio sought to arrest police, says they used excessive force against him : worldnews (Qanada)

Putin critic living in exile found dead outside upscale DC apartment after police respond to call
Anti-Putin businessman found dead after "jumping" from DC building ... jumps with $2.6k in his pocket. A wife who didnt come to the US with him, Kushner buying his house, lots of weird details.
Russian oligarch and Putin critic who sold his DC mansion to Jared and Ivanka at friend prices somehow falls out of window to his death - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Wiped Clean: Biden Cancels $3.9 Billion in Student Loans : politics

Deadliest Start to the Year on U.S. Roads in Two Decades, NHTSA Says - WSJ From January through March, more than 9,500 people died on U.S. roads; reckless driving blamed

States with the toughest abortion laws have the weakest maternal supports, data shows : politics ... almost as if they hate women or something ...
Florida calls teen too immature for an abortion. But forced motherhood is fine? | The Florida courts decision is shameful, nothing less than an ideological assault on a teenager
FTC threatens to sue firm allegedly revealing abortion clinic visits : politics
Who could have predicted that my bill banning abortions would put the health of women at risk? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Republicans overreached on abortion ban and are seeing erosion of Latino support, Democrat pollster says : politics
Voters Sure Do Seem Upset Roe Was Overturned : politics
People really hate Dobbs - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Current Supreme Court is damaging to the country, law scholar warns : politics

Poll: Majority of Americans Approve of Search on Mar-a-Lago for Files Trump Took : politics

Nine days after Mar-a-Lago search, FBI agents are still sifting through Trump documents : politics
Federal prosecutors have 'all' Trump White House documents obtained by Jan 6 committee: report
DOJ officials were alarmed by surveillance footage of the Mar-a-Lago room where classified info was being stored, report says : politics

Trump and his allies are demanding the Mar-a-Lago affidavit be released, but aides warn this is never good for the defendant
Trumps bizarre threat to release Mar-a-Lago footage is revealing ... But this episode provides a glimpse into the absurdity and ultimate hollowness of this sort of politics-by-megalomaniacal-illusion.
Trump'legal woes enter yet another protracted phase - The former president demanded transparency around the search of Mar-a-Lago.
FBI Questioning Trumps National Security Staff About His Top Secret Document Alibi
Ludicrous. Ridiculous. A complete fiction.: Former Trump officials say his claim ofstanding order to declassify is nonsense

Affidavit in Trump Search Should Be Redacted Before Possible Unsealing, Judge Says - The New York Times
Judge Orders Justice Dept. to Redact and Release Version of Affidavit Used to Search Trumps Home

Another Trump Mystery: Why Did He Resist Returning the GovernmentsDocuments?As with so much else with the former president, there is not one easy answer as to why he refused and ignited a legal firestorm. But here are some possibilities.
Another Trump Mystery: Why Did He Resist Returning the Governments Documents?
Trump aides think a family member informed on him to the FBI because agents knew where to find a specific leather case, report says : politics ... Jared is tired of the love triangle ...
This Timeline of Trumpworld Excuses Proves Mar-a-Lago Raid Week Was Even Stupider Than You Remember. There was nothing there! It wasn't important! It was planted! It was auto-declassified! Obama! : politics
Trump had a plan for secret documents if he was arrested: Ex-lawyer : politics

Bolton: Trump kept "piles and piles" of documents in White House : politics
John Bolton Says Theres No Evidence FBI Search Of Mar-A-Lago Was Partisan Overreach. I think everybody just ought to calm down, Trump's former national security adviser said.

House GOP Candidate Carl Paladino Said Merrick Garland Probably Should Be Executed
GOP Candidate Backed by Party Leadership Said Merrick Garland ShouldProbably BeExecuted| Carl Paladino has praised Hitler, hired a convicted sex offender, and secured the endorsement of third-ranking House Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik

U.S. v. Donald Trump: What comes after FBI raid? I know one thing: Be afraid : politics

Lock Trump Up Video Viewed by Over 1 Million People

Trump denies report that hes desperately trying to find experienced lawyers, saying he is very happy with his team ... Trumps history of ignoring legal advice, as well as lawyers fears that they may not get paid for their work, were reasons given by the lawyers that turned his team down, the Post reported
Trump Hates When Anyone Except Him Grifts Off the Trump Name : politics

If Pence wont testify, he has no business running for president
Liz Cheney: There Is Actually Precedent forVice Presidents to Testify

Rudy Giuliani Did What He Had to Do During Grand Jury Testimony: Lawyer

Chronic Trump Fatigue - Slack Tide by Matt Labash

Georgia Has Launched a Criminal Investigation Into Whether Trump Election Lawyers Copied Sensitive Election Data : politics

A Jan. 6 participant has been harassing police officers at a Capitol attack trial Tommy Tatum said he was at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but has not been arrested. He has been filming himself confronting officers who fought off the mob.
Republican signal. Republican noise. - Lawyers, Guns & Money That Republican leadership likes to incite its following to violence and has become increasingly open about what theyre doing isnt up for debate.

Ohio 2022: JD Vance Leads Tim Ryan In Competitive Bid for US Senate; Gov. DeWine Holds 16-Point Lead Over Democratic Challenger
Senate Control is a Toss Up, Rating Changes in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Utah | Cook Political Report
Donald Trumps Senate field flounders

Alex Jones turns on Donald Trump and backs Ron DeSantis, a sign that Trump may be losing his grip on the far-right : politics

Liz Cheney releases call to Trump-backed opponent who said she didnt concede ... The gall of any trump backed loon for complaining their opponent didnt concede. These people truly are pieces of shit

After their daughters were beat by a girl in sports, Utah parents triggered investigation into whether she was transgender : politics
Federal court rules Americans with Disabilities Act protects trans people from discrimination : politics
Boston Childrens Hospital says it faces threats after right-wing tweets Twitter accounts popular on the far right circulated what the hospital called misinformation about its transgender care
Fox News Poll: Barnes edges Johnson in Wisconsin Senate race | Fox News
Fox News Poll: Kelly holds 8-point lead over Masters in Arizona Senate race | Fox News

The Humiliation of Dr. Oz Is Nearly Complete: The TV doctors inexplicable Senate campaign has not gone according to plan ... The biggest botch of Oprahs legacy was promoting frauds like Oz, Phil, and Chopra and giving them national fame and coverage
A Guide to the Many Houses Mehmet Oz Forgot He Owns

Texas Gov. Abbott hired security to keep migrants on buses to NYC: official : politics

New data pokes holes in Gov. Greg Abbotts claim Biden administration isn't stopping people at border

Madison Cawthorn Personally Lost Big Money With Failed Campaign : politics

DeSantis wants cops, other first responders to help fill teaching vacancies : politics
First Thing: Florida Republicans targeted Black voter turnout, DoJ says : politics

Louie Gohmert leaves Congress having passed 1 law and spread countless falsehoods : politics

New York Times Faces Backlash Over Dan Goldman Endorsement There are ties between the families of Goldman and Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger, who took an interest in the endorsement.

Forward to Nothing! - Lawyers, Guns & Money This word salad needs more ranch dressing.
Grassley claims to support $35 insulin cap he helped kill

New Cortez Masto ad goes after Laxalts family upbringing in tight Nevada Senate race - Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., has already hit Republican opponent Adam Laxalt with negative ads that have garnered some criticism. But her latest is a doozy.

Racists Pick on the Wrong Historian - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Nate Connolly is one of our finest historians. His book, A World More Concrete, is a fantastic investigation of the history of housing segregation in Miami (fun fact: W.E.B. DuBois was a slumlord there in the Black community) and a condemnation of the continuance of housing segregation.
Home Appraised With a Black Owner: $472,000. With a White Owner: $750,000. - The New York Times Nathan Connolly and his wife, Shani Mott, say an appraisal company undervalued their home based on their race. The couple has filed a lawsuit in Maryland.

What Is Pamela Paul Thinking? ... After struggling to get out of marketing, a brief and quarrelsome marriage to Bret Stephens, and ascending to one of publishing's most powerful perches, the former editor of The New York Times Book Review made a confounding choice to jump head first into the fractious culture wars ... "Pamela Paul Is the New Worst Columnist at The New York Times."

Social Media Was a C.E.O s Bullhorn, and How He Lured Women - Dan Price was applauded for paying a minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle company and criticizing corporate greed. The adulation helped to hide and enable his behavior ... . Ms. Margis is one of more than a dozen women who spoke to The New York Times about predatory encounters with Mr. Price.

The Death Penalty Case That Went Too Far Oklahoma is set to kill Richard Glossip, but hes almost certainly innocent. Even Republicans are revolting.

The Killing of a Portland Antifascist Activist Went Unsolved. Then Journalists Sued the City.Three years after Sean Kealiher was killed, police arrested a suspect, just as The Intercepts public records lawsuit neared a ruling.

Black man left paralyzed after Texas police allegedly slam him on to concrete | Texas : news

Trader Joes Workers Decided To Unionize. The Company Abruptly Closed Their Store.

A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is an amusing story about two finance bros who started a Singapore-based Crypto investment firm that went belly up before they were able to take possession of their $150 million superyacht, after which they went into hiding.

"Towards the rotating knives" - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ah fuck. Adam Neumann is back. How long do you think it will take the creator and almost destroyer of WeWork to blow through the $350 million some other rich dickholes gave him to fuck over renters?

Visiting Mariah Careys Cats Grave: Reflections on Disenfranchised Grief E.B. Bartels on the Particular Sorrow of Losing a Pet

The sexual revolution has let women down - The Boston Globe Todays freewheeling hookup culture is mainly suited to men.

Eli5: how do countries other than the US actually have free healthcare and education? Is it just higher taxes? : explainlikeimfive

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Pill for Men Could Start Human Trials Soon : technology

New Molecule Discovered That Strongly Stimulates Hair Growth : technology

Can someone explain to me what it means if protons have intrinsic charm, as is suggested by a recent article in Nature? Does it mean they are actually five-quark particles, or something else? : askscience

Octopus brains are nothing like oursyet we have much in common ... Octopus brains are not situated, like ours, in their heads; rather, they are decentralized, with brains that extend throughout their bodies and into their limbs

ELI5: How did Prohibition get enough support to actually happen in the US, was public sentiment against alcohol really that high? : explainlikeimfive

"I'm Glad My Mom Died" may be one of the best books I've read in a long time (+George Stephapoopalus is a shit)
Jennette McCurdys Im Glad My Mom Died and the Mother Figure Myth
With Im Glad My Mom Died, Jennette McCurdy lays bare the horrors of child acting

List of Jewish atheists and agnostics - Wikiwand


Scientists discover a 5-mile wide undersea crater created as the dinosaurs disappeared : worldnews

Climate change: Staggering rate of global tree losses from fires

From Barcelona to Tel Aviv, scientists say they are witnessing exceptional temperature hikes ranging from 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 Fahrenheit) to 5 degrees Celsius (9 Fahrenheit) above the norm for this time of year. : science

Scientists warn of dire effects as Mediterranean heats up | AP News

China orders factories to shut down amid fiercest heat wave in six decades : worldnews

Canadas endangered orcas at risk after boat sinks with 10,000 litres of fuel

Bureau of Reclamation demands water cuts as Colorado River hits lows - The Washington Post The new shortage triggered by low reservoir levels comes comes as states negotiate how to make major reductions in water use
Feds call for water cutbacks to avoid a catastrophic collapse of Colorado River (

West Nile Virus Detected in Record Number of Mosquitoes Two Human Cases Reported

Monkeypox exposed Biden administration struggles to stop another virus - The Washington Post
Monkeypox can spread to pet dogs, doctors report : worldnews
Iran identifies its first case of monkeypox : worldnews

Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests The claim that skin-to-skin contact during sex between men, not intercourse itself, drives most monkeypox transmission is likely backward, a growing group of experts say ... A growing body of evidence supports that sexual transmission, particularly through seminal fluids, is occurring with the current MPX outbreak

Morrison doubles down on move to secretly acquire ministry powers after MPs call for him to resign : worldnews
Defiant Scott Morrison resists pressure to resign, defends secret portfolios as 'necessary'
Australia rips up lease for new Russian embassy, citing use it or lose it policy. : worldnews

New Zealand workers get biggest pay rise in more than 20 years, Stats NZ says. : worldnews

Myanmar begins trial of detained Japanese filmmaker - The Mainichi : worldnews

Kim Jong Un declares victory against COVID in North Korea : worldnews
N.Korea fires two cruise missiles from west coast town of Onchon : worldnews

Polled after Chinas Live-Drills, 50% of Taiwanese support formal independence, 25% back "status quo"
17 Chinese military aircraft, 5 ships cross Taiwan Strait median line. : worldnews

Chinese Military Will Send Troops to Russia for Joint Exercise : worldnews
Schadenfrueda comments on How serious is the banking and real estate situation in China? ... Chinas economic situation is about as bad as one can imagine for a major world economy.
China and Russia step up bid to challenge U.S. dollars dominance. (that'll work)

Russian State Media Calls Trump 'Our Agent,' Believes Mar-A-Lago Raid Is'Persecution'
Putin blasts US hegemony, predicts end to 'unipolar' world (spouting Dugin talking points)
The Most Dangerous Philosopher in t he World - Big Think
Putin Says U.S. Using Ukrainians as Cannon Fodder, Trying to Prolong War
Putin blamed the US for dragging the war in Ukraine out, even though he could call Russian troops home at any moment. : worldnews
Putin declares hes building a democraticworld, while the West provokes conflicts (said "president for life")

u/-LostInTheMachine perfectly explains how the Russian propaganda and disinformation machines work. : bestof

Russia accuses British spy plane of violating Russian airspace north of Kola Peninsula calling it a deliberate provocation
Russian military uses Chinese drones and bots in combat, over manufacturers protests

Putin promises Russian mothers $16K for having ten children : worldnews
Russian officials refusing to work in Ukraine despite double pay: Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine war: Thousands of Jews quit Russia amid fears of persecution : worldnews

India: Outrage as rapists of Muslim woman freed : worldnews
Bilkis Bano: Why the rape case is back in the news : worldnews
Apple becomes first tech giant to explicitly ban caste discrimination, trains managers on Indian caste system : worldnews
India backtracks on support for Rohingya refugees, will deport them : worldnews

Many feared dead after huge explosion rips through Kabul mosque : worldnews
Polio vaccine in Pakistan: Two policemen guarding vaccinators shot dead : worldnews

Ankara denies new deal with Russia on S-400 air defense system : worldnews

17 Dead In Turkish Raids On Syria Border Posts : worldnews

Al Qaeda and Islamic State are on the rise in Africa - The Washington Post

Ayatollah Khomeini Never Read Salman Rushdie's Book - The notorious fatwa has a complicated history that still plays out, decades later, in Iran's politics and relations with the U.S. ... The Iranian leaders murderous 1989 fatwa against the British American writer was a political move to exploit the erupting fury in Pakistan, India, and beyond over a fictional dream sequence involving the Prophet Muhammad. The books passages, which portrayed human weaknesses and undermined the Prophets credibility as a messenger of God, were blasphemous to some Muslims.

Israel and Turkey Restore Full Diplomatic Ties : worldnews
Palestinian Authority leader in Germany: Israel perpetrated 50 Holocausts against Palestinians
Five Palestinian children who died in Israelsrecent operation in Gaza were killed in an airstrike carried out by the Israeli Air Force, an IDF investigation has reportedly found

Zelensky warns that catastrophe at nuclear plant would threaten whole of Europe : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 175, Part 1 (Thread #315) : worldnews
creamyjoshy comments on /r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 175, Part 1 (Thread #315)

US intelligence discovered that russia would try to land paratroopers at Hostomel - a detail the US only shared with Ukraine. The plans shared with NATO allies did omit this detail. : ukraine
Ukraine Situation Report: U.S. Told Kyiv Russia Planned To Seize Hostomel Airport
Destination Disaster: Russias Failure At Hostomel Airport
Ukraine: a visual diary of horrors in Hostomel | Ukraine | The Guardian
How Russia Lost the Battle for Kyivs Hostomel Airport
(135) New video shows Russia's battle for Hostomel airport near Kyiv at start of the war - YouTube
(135) How The Russian Military Fell Short In Ukraine | Decoded - YouTube

Ukrainian defenders have already killed 44,100 invaders and destroyed 1,886 Russian tanks : worldnews
Why Kyivs thousand bee stingstrategy is costing Russia dearly
The Russian army has had partial success at two points, but is failing along the rest of the front General Staff report

Armies are re-learning how to fight in cities | The Economist Urban combat has a brutal, destructive reputation. It will become more common

After explosions in Crimea, Russians move their aircraft to territory of the Russian Federation
A series of brazen attacks on Russian-occupied Crimea by Ukraine in recent days the latest on Tuesday by an elite military unit operating behind enemy linescome in defiance of dire warnings of retaliation from Moscow.
Ukraine hints it was behind latest attack on Russian supply lines in Crimea : worldnews
Soldiers of the Ukrainian breakaway state of Luhansk Peoples Republic refused to fight for Donetsk Peoples Republic, another pro-Russian breakaway state, in defiance of Moscows orders

Westerners are sponsoring slogans written on bombs aimed at Russians in Ukraine war - The Washington Post

The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "Mykolaiv and Poltava oblasts reportedly have the least amount of institutions prepared for the upcoming school year." / Twitter

Lithuania will issue tourist visas to all Russians who can swim to our holiday resorts via this sea corridor.

Norway exports record as natural gas prices surge : worldnews

Germanys Scholz rejects use ofapartheid to describe Israel

Belgiums YouTube stars wage war on transparency rules

UK inflation hits new 40-year high of 10.1% as food and energy price surge continues : worldnews

Lula says Bolsonaro possessed by devil as he launches Brazil election campaign

El Salvador has arrested some 50,000 suspected gang members since President Nayib Bukele launched a "war" in March on criminal groups terrorizing the country, the head of the countrys police force announced Tuesday

Mexico President Lopez Obrador urges calm amid cartel violence, US government staff told to shelter in place : worldnews

Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouelett accused of sexual assault - The Washington Post Cardinal Marc Ouellet, one of the most prominent Catholic leaders in Canada, was accused of sexual assault in legal documents filed Tuesday in a Quebec court.
Canadian cardinal Marc Ouellet, who has a high-ranking position within the Vatican, has been accused of sexual assault in a class action suit that targets more than 80 members of the clergy in the Quebec diocese : worldnews

Nasa readies giant Moon rocket for maiden flight : worldnews

US Diplomacy In The Lead-Up To Russia's War On Ukraine - Lawyers, Guns & Money US Diplomacy In The Lead-Up To Russias War On Ukraine

This Was the Albatross Around His Neck All YearAmericans dont rank foreign policy as one of the top issues facing the country. So why is the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal still hovering over Biden? (media fucks)

Walensky, Citing Botched Pandemic Response, Calls for C.D.C. Reorganization - The New York Times

Woman May Be Forced to Give Birth to a Headless Baby Because of an Abortion Ban : politics
Planned Parenthood to spend record $50M in midterm elections : politics
Run on Your Beliefs - Lawyers, Guns & Money It's not really that surprising that Dobbs would lead to a Democratic boost in the midterms. What is surprising is that Democratic advisors were actually surprised by this

Secret Service held onto Pelosi threat until after insurrection - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

If Trump is convicted for violating the Espionage Act and two other federal laws, he could face up to 33 years in prison, legal experts say : politics

FBI sought documents Trump hoarded for years, including about Russiagate : politics

The subpoena, issued in May to the National Archives, demanded all of the documents the agency had provided to the House committees parallel investigation.

Don't do what James Comey did - Lawyers, Guns & Money John Ganz points out that one of the many problems with eleven-dimensional-political-chess arguments for not prosecuting Trump is that FBI/DOJ officials have no particular ability to see how their actions will impact the political landscape going forward, and indeed it was galaxy-brained political maneuvering by the FBI that stuck us with Trump in the first place:

Opinion | Trump taking the Fifth should disqualify him from office - The Washington Post

Its not theirs, its mine: Trump resisted advisers calls to return White House documents
Trump wants Mar-a-Lago affidavit released, as some aides ponder risk - The Washington Post The affidavit has emerged as the latest flashpoint in the ongoing criminal probe involving classified materials at Mar-a-Lago
Michael Cohen says Trump likely kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago as a bargainingchip to avoid any potential jail time
James Carville: Trump scandal could be biggest story since 9/11
Everyones saying no: Trump hires Florida insurance lawyer as top attorneys refuse to work for him

Heres the Whole Transcript of That Leaked Steve Bannon Tape, Annotated: Disclosing Trumps plans to falsely claim victory was just the start.

Enough politics before law: The US must abandon presidential privilege and prosecute Donald Trump | Americans wanted to get over Watergate by letting Richard Nixon slink away quietly. Trump will do no such thing : politics

The universe of alleged Trumpworld criminality continues to expand - The Washington Post
The Complete Guide to All the Ways Donald Trump Is Legally Screwed : politics
Trump aide Peter Navarro told agents serving subpoena to get the f*** out of here, DOJ filing says

Trumps CFO Allen Weisselberg Will Implicate Trump Companies in Guilty Plea
Trumps CFO Allen Weisselberg Will Implicate Trump Companies in Guilty Plea

Giuliani arrives to testify in Georgia 2020 election probe : politics
Trump legal adviser ordered to testify in Ga. election probe : politics

Adam Kinzinger warns that some Christians now equate Donald Trump with the person of Jesus Christ, calls out pastors who support Trumpism

Jared Kushners Breaking History Is a Soulless and Very Selective Memoir
Reading this book reminded me of watching a cat lick a dogs eye goo.

Framing the News: An Example - by James Fallows The people pointing the spotlight, have some responsibility for where the spotlight goes. (that fucking newspaper, sick to the core and Peter Baker is a cancer on journalism)

Liz Cheney Was Defeated By the Extremist Movement She Helped to Empower If not for Donald Trumps attempt to steal the election, she would still be backing him.
Liz Cheney's loss in Wyoming is Trumps biggest primary victory as he tries to purge the Republican Party of his critics
What Liz Cheney's Lopsided Loss Says About the State of the G.O.P. - She hoped Jan. 6 would be a turning point for Republicans. And while it did prove to be a dividing line, it was those who crossed Donald J. Trump who have faced electoral consequences.
A tale of two Republicans - Lawyers, Guns & Money Cheney differs from conservative orthodoxy on exactly one point: whether Donald Trump should have been installed as a dictator in 2021 is an acceptable view ... Hageman knows what Trump represents too, but she wants power more. (sold her soul to the devil's store)
Cheney says shes thinking about running for president
Cheney 2024: All Mimsey were the Borogroves - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin Survive Primary Battles, but a Democrat Breaks Through - The New York Times

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Republicans to Do a Little Bit of Voter Fraud : politics

Vance, DeSantis rally puts highlyunusual restrictions on press

Elon Musk, Self-Professed Centrist, Speaks at MAGA Donor Event : politics

Say hi to the Donald for us: Florida police briefed armed right-wing group before they went to Jan. 6 protest

Texas Tribune, other newsrooms ask to unseal Henry Cuellar warrant | The Texas Tribune
Texas school district orders librarians to remove a version of Anne Franks diary from shelves

Two Pennsylvania judges ordered to pay $200m to kids-for-cash scandal victims: Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan accepted $2.8m in illegal payments to send children to for-profit jails : politics

Fate of Medicaid Expansion and Filling the Coverage Gap May Once Again Depend on the Outcome of State Elections : politics

Kids who witness parents shot to death rarely get help for trauma - Washington Post

Officer takes loaded handgun from student while breaking up fight at California high school : news

Target profit plunges 90% as inflation-weary shoppers pull back : news

Young people now watch almost seven times less broadcast television than people aged over 65, according to a report from regulator Ofcom : technology

An earthquake lasted 32 years, and scientists want to know how The slow quakethe longest ever recordedended in disaster in 1861. Experts are racing to find todays equivalents

2.4 Billion Years ago The First Mass Extinction: The Great Oxidation Event

Scientists blast atoms with Fibonacci laser to make an "extra" dimension of time : worldnews

Chinese MIT prof accused of spying finds best semiconductor material ever ... boron arsenide

Schroeinger Was Wrong: New Research Overturns 100-Year-Old Understanding of Color Perception

How much evidence supports hypnotherapy as genuinely useful treatment -- as opposed to more traditional counseling and therapy methods such as CBT and NLP. Is it seen as a snake-oil treatment? : askscience

Black hole collisions could help us measure how fast the universe is expanding. Astrophysicists laid out a method for how to use pairs of colliding black holes to measure how fast our universe is expandingand thus understand how the universe evolved, what it is made out of, and where it's going.

Lawsuit accuses Peabody gym teacher of sexual abuse of students over decades - The Boston Globe

What's the worst intersection in the city of Boston? : boston
I knew Boston was full of weird intersections but I never really noticed the sheer insanity that is the 90/93/Downtown interchange : boston

ELI5: What is Gonzo journalism? : explainlikeimfive

ChuckRingslinger comments on I'll just touch you, fish!

All iOS VPNs are worthless and Apple knows it, claims researcher : technology


Water may have been brought to Earth by asteroids from the outer edges of the solar system, scientists said after analysing rare samples collected on a six-year Japanese space mission : worldnews

Swiss lakes and rivers drop to record lows due to continuing drought : worldnews

De-extinction: scientists are planning the multimillion-dollar resurrection of the Tasmanian tiger : worldnews undefined

Japan beachgoers warned to steer clear of dolphins after spate of attacks : worldnews

1st suspected case of human-to-dog monkeypox transmission. : worldnews

Anthony Albanese reveals former prime minister Scott Morrison secretly appointed to five ministries in power grab : worldnews
Australias PM says predecessor undermined democracy with secret minister roles
Minister for Everything: Scott Morrisons ministerial drama spawns an onslaught of memes
Minister for Everything: Scott Morrisons ministerial drama spawns an onslaught of memes

Human remains found in suitcase bought at auction. New Zealand police are investigating : worldnews

Very good for tourists: Thailand aims for high season with U-turn on cannabis | Thailand holidays

South Korea offers North Korea economic benefits for denuclearization : worldnews
South Korea says Japans Wartime Sexual Slavery Concern Human Rights, Universal Values (Japan: we stuck our dicks whereever we wanted)
South Korea Says Its U.S.-Made Missile Shield Is Not Negotiable With China (China: you shall not defend yourselves against our unilateral agression!)

US must contest Chinese missiles over Taiwan, says admiral
Taiwan Sincerely Thanks 50 Nations, Including India, for Voicing Concern on China's Military Activities

China to discourage abortions to boost low birth rate : worldnews ... in a very short period of time the students I had from China did not have siblings. It was very clear to see the personality differences. Remember they are not just their parents only child, they an only grandchild for four grandparents. For many Chinese children they have had six adults thinking about everything they have done from the moment they were born.
Ikea shoppers in Shanghai panic after security locks down store and quarantine those on site after learning someone who had been in contact with a Covid-19 patient had visited. : worldnews

Reports that Yevgeny Prigozhin, also known as Putins chef and owner of the infamous Wagner Group, is facing resistance in the FSB are very interesting. 1/4 ... Everything is in motion. There is no vertical, there is no strategy or single centre of control. There is a very polycentric field where there is a war of all against all, and Putin simply has no time to manage it all.

Russia has no need to use nuclear weapons according to russian defense ministry. : worldnews
US actions with no regard to other nations lead to higher nuclear risks Russian embassy
Putin: Russia is ready to arm its allies : worldnews ... With what? Putin can barly arm his own army
Russia Failing to Properly Pay, Feed Military Recruits in Ukraine -- Report

Vladimir Putin claims Russia's weapons are decades ahead of Western counterparts
Russian Army Expo Shows Off Robot Dog Carrying Rocket Launcher : worldnews ,,, This must be the decades ahead military theyre talking about, a knock off robot dog made in China.
Russias New Robot, M-81, is Based on a Commercial Chinese Robot

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says hes in solitary confinement ... They are keeping him alive because he is a white supremacist and a white nationalist. He is an easy political opponent to keep alive for those reasons.

Russia unveils model of proposed space station after leaving ISS | Russia : worldnews

Kazakhstan refused to delete an article about war in Ukraine at request of Roskomnadzor : worldnews

"India Enjoys Considerable Prestige Globally": Vladimir Putin : worldnews
VLC says India blocking site endangers its own citizens : worldnews

Depriving girls of secondary education translates to a loss of at least US$500 million for Afghan economy in last 12 months : worldnews (totally worth it, say Affuckistan muzfucks)
Afghanistan: 1 year on from fall of Kabul to the Taliban, little hope for female athletes : worldnews

Saudi fund silently invested $500 million in Russian oil as Ukraine invasion began : worldnews
Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter | Saudi Arabia | The Guardian Salma al-Shehab, a Leeds University student, was charged with following and retweeting dissidents and activists

French tourist who went missing in Egypt for one year reappears but does not wish to speak about his ordeal
Egypts Armed Forces kill major terrorist leader in North Sinai - Defence

More Saudi brutality shows that MBSs promises to Biden were a farce

Israel admits to Gaza raid that killed children: Report : politics

Judges in The Hague will announce their verdicts in the long-running MH17 murder case on November 17. Four suspects three Russians and one Ukrainian have been charged with causing the crash of flight MH17 which was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board ... So your Ukrainian man is Leonid Kharchenko, a Russian agent working ostensibly for the DNR but reporting to Sergey Dubinskiy, a Russian Colonel and ex GRU member.
Zelenskyy accuses Russia of nuclear blackmail after shelling at power plant
Zelenskyy calls on Russia to leave the ZNPP with ''no conditions attached'' : worldnews
UN ready to visit Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant together with International Atomic Energy Agency : worldnews
Zelenskyy creates council on liberation of Crimea : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 174, Part 1 (Thread #314) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 16 August 2022
The UK and our allies condemn the Russian governments unprovoked and premeditated war against Ukraine.

New Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine Possible As Images Show Russia Accumulating Missiles : worldnews
Ukrainian military says it repelled more than a dozen attacks : worldnews
Most of Russian military command has left Kherson, regional council says : worldnews
Ukraine's Best Pilot Anton Lystopad Killed in Combat

Explosions in Crimea: occupiers flee from Dzhankoi, about 2,000 people already evacuated : worldnews
A record 38,000 cars crossed the Crimea bridge yesterday, an entire towns worth of residents. Reports of huge traffic heading out of the peninsula into Russia and that was before even more explosions rocked an air base and ammo depot today.
Russia blames sabotage for new Crimea blasts : worldnews
Russian Army Says Munitions Explode at Crimea Depot : worldnews

In Ukraine, Two US Army Veterans See the New Face of War : CredibleDefense

Fan wearing Ukraine flag escorted out of Western & Southern Open after Russian player complained : worldnews ... Lane then climbed down from the chair and confronted Lola, saying that her actions were not nice.Lola, per Rothenberg, responded with "it's not nice to invade a country" (in Cincinnati!)

Finland will limit number of visas to Russians : worldnews

(Estonia) Government will remove Soviet Union war monuments in Narva : worldnews

Germany wont back European nations call to end Russian tourist visas
Germany sends fighter jets to Indo-Pacific training mission | Germany is sending 13 military aircraft to joint exercises in Australia, in one of the German air forces largest peacetime deployments amid rising tensions with China in the Indo-Pacific.
Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear-Power Plants Running in Policy U-Turn - WSJ

Spain continues to fight severe forest fires; over 380 blazes on record : worldnews

Immigration has increased since Brexit, admits Tory MP : worldnews
Julian Assanges lawyers, journalists sue the CIA for allegedly spying on them

Brazils Lula has 12% lead over Bolsonaro, would win run-off by 16%, says poll

The QAnon Queen Told Her Followers to Arrest Cops. ItDidnt Go Well ... Stand down, police! Youre under arrest yelled one man at the cops arresting his friend in front of him.

Road to war: U.S. struggled to convince allies, and Zelensky, of risk of invasion
The Road to War - Lawyers, Guns & Money Absolutely fantastic long account of the eight months leading up to Russias invasion of Ukraine: ... Only the British and the Baltic states were fully on board ... An altogether remarkable account of multilateral crisis statecraft.

Louis Menand has a characteristically cogent essay in the New Yorker on the increasingly severe dysfunctions of the American political system, at least if one assumes that democracy is supposed to be the prime directive of that system ... But if you pose the question: Should a political system have a super legislature made up of nine lawyers who are appointed to lifetime terms from which they cant be removed, via an appointment process that is both extremely undemocratic (hello Senate and Electoral College) and inherently random (see again lifetime tenure), the answer is extremely obvious. We had a good run there for awhile there but all things must pass.

White House climate official sanctioned by key science body

Biden to sign Inflation Reduction Act into law : politics

CDC to regain control of US hospital data after Trump-era seizure, chaos : politics

80% of US Voters Across Party Lines Support Expanding Social Security : politics

Prosecutors Struggle to Catch Up to a Tidal Wave of Pandemic Fraud - Investigators say there was so much fraud in federal covid-relief programs thateven after two years of work and hundreds of prosecutions -- they're still just getting started.

The Return of Aviator Joe : President Biden is back after Covid, vacation and legislative victories, and so are his shades.

Eschaton: We're Nothing And Nothing Will Help Us Fords pardoning of Nixon was considered to be not just correct, but an act of extreme noble heroism, by the commentariat at the time. I dont think things have improved since.

Merrick Garland mulled over decision to approve Trump search warrant at Mar-a-Lago for weeks, highlighting his 'extremely careful' nature, report says

You Dont Have to Be a Spy to Violate the Espionage Act
Video Of Trump Discussing Laws About Classified Info Aged Really Well : politics
Senate intelligence committee asks for briefing on potential security risks from Trumps secret papers haul

Rand Paul Demands Law Donald Trump Could Go to Jail Over Be Repealed Immediately : politics

Trump being "driven nuts" not knowing who mole is: Ex-federal prosecutor : politics
Trump Keeps Changing Story on FBI Search, Like Jan. 6, Kinzinger Says : politics
The curious timing of Trump naming two allies to access his records : politics

Former CIA director says Trump allies claim that he could instantly declassify documents is pretty much BS
Deeply ignorant Trump may have seen secret papers as a way to enrich himself, says biographer
An Oval Office incident from 2019 perfectly illustrates Trump's approach to state secrets, say ex intel officials ... Trump did indeed tweet a highly classified image taken by a secret spy satellite, as many experts suspected at the time.
Trumps claim that FBI stole his three passports turns out to be nothing like what Trump saidDOJ discovered the passports and returned them before Trump even made his claim to attack law enforcement < F.B.I. Interviewed Top White House Lawyers About Missing Trump Documents - The New York Times Pat A. Cipollone and Patrick F. Philbin are the most senior people who worked for the former president who are known to have been interviewed in the investigation into his handling of classified material.

Myths & Misunderstandings Relating to Mar-a-Lago Documents Investigation : politics

Homeland Security watchdog faces rebukes from lawmakers in missing texts case - The Washington Post
Top Democrats Accuse Homeland Security Watchdog of Blocking Testimony in Jan. 6 Inquiry - The New York Times
Secret Service Wiped Jan. 6 Insurrection Texts And The DHS Inspector General Helped Cover It Up | Techdirt
Democrats press for Secret Service records, hint at subpoena : politics

Tucker Carlson: Trump obviously going to be indicted

Trump is privately pushing the theory the attack on an Ohio FBI office by a Trump supporter was a false flag, report says : politics
Trump and Allies Inciting Base Against FBI, Kinzinger Warns : politics
Defund the FBI complicates GOPs midterm messaging
Trumps Site Is Being Weaponized Against the FBI and Their Families
Spike in FBI threats unsettles the right : politics
Why Every New Trump Crime Just Makes Republicans Angrier at the FBI : politics
New charges related to threats against FBI are unsealed against Pennsylvania man : politics

Michael Cohen: Trumps Next Scapegoat Is Rudy Giuliani

Six drastic plans Trump is already promising for a second term : politics

The Georgia investigation is heating up, and its ominous for Trump
Federal judge rejects Sen. Lindsey Grahams bid to quash grand jury subpoena in Georgia case
Graham must testify in Ga. probe of effort to overturn 2020 election, judge rules : politics

Turning On Trump? Laura Ingraham Says Exhausted Americans May Be Done With Him
Opinion | Is there no crime Trump could commit that would lose him GOP support? : politics

The Last, Lonely Days of Ivana Trump : Her friends wish shed never met the rakish young Italian they called the snake

Democrats Edging Out Republicans for Midterms in Generic Ballot Polling
Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown - The New York Times In an otherwise favorable political climate, small-dollar donations have dropped for Republicans, making the party more reliant on megadonors to compete.
NRSC Funding Cuts - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A new, powerful signal that Dems midterm hopes arent lost - This year, the indication from Washington state suggests something very different: a more middle-of-the-road outcome in the general election, instead of the red wave Republicans have been hoping to build.

Republicans rue price of fame as celebrity Senate candidates struggle | The campaigns of Mehmet Oz, Herschel Walker and JD Vance have been tarnished by bizarre remarks and unscrupulous histories : politics
Dr. Oz Derided Over Ad Attacking Fettermans Support for Free Healthcare
You're not in North Jersey anymore - Lawyers, Guns & Money Mehmet Oz is an almost hypnotically bad candidate:
Video Shows Dr. Oz Saying He Has Two Houses. He Actually Has 10. a simple question for most people: How many houses do you own? But apparently, not so simple for Dr. Oz.
Fetterman keeps attacking Oz for being from New Jersey. Thats resonating in parochial Pa. Oz was likely always going to face challenges appealing to everyday Pennsylvanians. But something about the Keystone states political DNA seems to be making it even harder.

Liz Cheney approaches likely primary loss with defiance : politics

Arizona GOP candidate mocked for saying Trump and DeSantis have BDE Phrase is used as a euphemism for hyper-masculinity ... Kari Lake says they have "Big Dick Energy"

Alaska Adopts Ranked-Choice Voting for Primaries : politics

WVa governor: Voters shouldnt decide abortion access issue

Opinion | Arizona Republicans are making a case against the idea of democracy itself : politics ... they hate the word "democracy"

Florida court blocks teen from getting abortion, must continue pregnancy : politics ... "not mature enough to have an abortion"
Twisted Florida Ruling Says Pregnant Teen Isn't nMature Enough for Abortion
Louisiana Woman Is Forced Carry Headless Fetus to Term or Travel to Florida for Legal Abortion

Ted Cruz under fire for crude joke saying Elizabeth Warren could have a penis ... I have heard a rumor that Ted could have penis.

Man accused of groping 10-year-old girl while dropping his pants at Pembroke Pines mall; victims mother angry at suspects $8K bond (

FBI rescues more than 200 trafficking victims, including 84 children, in "Operation Cross Country" : news

Rayla Campbell detained by police as she was showing people book "Gender Queer" saying it was child porn. Someone reported her for position of child porn. : massachusetts

Boston Childrens Hospital Attacked Over Misleading Video On Transgender Surgery: Fact Checkers

F.D.A. Clears Path for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids - The New York Times opens the door to cheaper, more accessible devices without a prescription or medical exam.

The Last Reversal | Gregory Hays | The New York Review of Books Two books consider the stories wve told ourselves over thousands of years about the way the world ends.

The future world order will be decided by the war over semiconductors : technology

Rescuing Qualia: A reply to Dennetts Infamous Paper
Why panpsychism is baloney | Panpsychism contradicts known physics and is, therefore, demonstrably falseBernardo Kastrup

Long-term administration (67 days) of soft drink causes memory impairment and oxidative damage in adult and middle-aged rats. : science (fat rats named Trump)

Physicists surprised to discover the proton contains a charm quark : science

what is 100% a scam? : AskReddit

What are some real but crazy facts that could save your life? : AskReddit


Nuclear war would cause global famine with more than five billion people killed, new study finds : science

Climate change is making hundreds of diseases much worse : worldnews

Heat wave map: See where Americans face the most extreme heat risk - Washington Post By mid-century, nearly two-thirds of Americans will experience perilous heat waves, with some regions in the South expected to endure more than 70 consecutive days over 100 degrees (TX, FL are toast)
The U.S. could see a new extreme heat belt - by 2053 - A new report uses hyperlocal data and climate projections to show that cities as far north as Chicago could have many more days of extreme heat each year.

The curious case of COVID mortality rates among young adults after vaccines became available - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This shocking increase in COVID morality rates among young adults is of course almost literally 100% a product of people in these age groups choosing not to get vaccinated, since the mortality rate from COVID among vaccinated young adults is very close to zero ... Whats startling about this figure is that its literally double what the mortality rate among 25-34 year olds was 20 years ago. Indeed you have to go back 75 years to find an all-cause mortality rate that high in that age cohort (parents watched Fox)

Experts say waste water testing, crucial for COVID-19, could be useful for monkeypox and the next big disease

100-year-old tuberculosis vaccine may protect against COVID - The Boston Globe

Covid lab leak theory is dead. The virus came from a Wuhan market: Report : worldnews (author may be Chinese compromised)

Over 100k egg hens to be killed after H5N8 bird flu found spreading at farm in Germany : worldnews

Just weird: Ex-Australian PM held secret roles
Anthony Albanese seeks legal advice over reports Scott Morrison secretly swore himself into ministry roles : worldnews (how Trumpian)

NZ to deploy 120 troops to Britain to train Ukrainian troops : worldnews

Japan PM vows no more war; ministers visit shrine to war dead : worldnews

China conducts fresh drills around Taiwan as US lawmakers visit : worldnews
China Stages Fresh Military Drills Around Taiwan As US Lawmakers Visit. : worldnews

Shanghai Covid: Ikea shoppers flee attempt to lock down store : worldnews

Unfriendly nations not invited: Russia restricts access to its market
Despite Russias huge losses, Putin brags about weapons and is ready to share them

Russia's Repeat Failures - Moscow's New Strategy in Ukraine Is Just as Bad as the Old One ... But although Russia has had six months to learn from these mistakes, it appears poised to once again commit its depleted forces to an untenable mission:

IKEA has finished the online sale announced in connection with its withdrawal from #Russia. All of the #Swedish companys stores are closed, and they will only work to issue filled orders, as well as to return and exchange products.

US Claims India Hid Russian Origin Of Fuel Shipped To Them: Report : worldnews
Modi says India aims to become developed nation in 25 years : worldnews

Former Afghan president agrees Trumps deal with Taliban on US withdrawal was a disaster

A powerful explosion hit a large market in the Armenian capital of Yerevan on Sunday, starting a fire and killing at least three people. Up to 60 people were reported injured. Some 25 people were still missing : worldnews

US: Drone attack targets US base in Syria, no casualties : worldnews

Islamic Jihad accidentally killed Hamas terrorist with misfired rocket : worldnews

Israeli strikes hit Iranian targets near Russias Mediterranean bases
IDF says it foiled Hamas attack tunnel with two branches along northern Gaza border : worldnews
Trump letter authorized Israeli sovereignty in West Bank

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 173, Part 1 (Thread #313) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 15 August 2022
Live Updates Russias war in Ukraine

Putin leaves 20,000 of his soldiers stranded in tactical withdrawal as Ukraine blows up key bridges Adrian Zorzut
Russia fails to pay military reservists, civilian laborers brought into Ukraine : worldnews

Russians set up cells in Mariupol Philharmonic to hold show trial over Ukrainian POWs : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "The bodies of 1,349 civilians killed by the Russian military have been found in Kyiv Oblast as of Aug. 5." / Twitter

Putins Private Army Is Snatching Kids From Their Moms
Russia is forcing Ukrainian conscripts into battle : worldnews
Ukraine hits Russian Wagner mercenary HQ in east : worldnews
A few days ago, the Grey Zone (RSOTM) Telegram channel posted photos of a visit to the so-called Wagner HQ in the Donbas (Popasna). Prigozhin may have been there. The photos were apparently easy to geolocate. Ukraine destroyed it in a HIMARS strike today.
Kamikaze drone reportedly takes down Russian tower in Belgorod Oblast - Located in Kazinka, 10 km from Ukrainian border. Was reportedly used for surveillance of Ukrainian border. Partisan explosion also possible

Ukraines IT army blocks over 600 Russian online platforms over past two weeks

A UN-chartered ship carrying 23,000 tonnes of Ukrainian grain has set sail for Ethiopia, one of five countries considered to be at highest risk of starvation. : worldnews

Latvia preparing bill to limit use of Russian language. : worldnews

Germany reaches 75% gas stocks target ahead of schedule : worldnews
Rhine River water levels plumb new depths, but rain forecast | Europes second-largest river is continuing to dry up, affecting freight barges and even forcing one passenger ferry to halt its operations entirely at a shallower point. Rain is forecast this week, though.

Italys Lake Garda shrinks to near-historic low amid drought

French President Macron signs Finlands NATO membership protocol

Right to free period products becomes law in Scotland : worldnews

UK Heatwave Expected To End Today With Thunderstorm : worldnews

Facebook failed to detect blatant election-related misinformation in ads ahead of Brazils 2022 election, a new report from Global Witness has found, continuing a pattern of not catching material that violates its policies the group describes as "alarming" (Fuckerberged)

How Did Fighting Climate Change Become a Partisan Issue? Twenty years ago, Senator John McCain tried to spearhead an effort. What has happened to Republicans since then? : politics

The U.S. is worried it will lose its scientific edge to China. By one new measure, it already has : technology (the dumbifcation of America)

The same Joe Biden suddenly looks different : politics

GOP's Afghanistan report an investigative roadmap if they win the House - The Washington Post The report contains new details about the number of Americans left behind and the paucity of State Department staff to process Afghans trying to flee (all Biden's fault, refuckers claim)

Leaving with nuclear secrets would be Trumps dumbest, scariest stunt yet
u/robotix_dev explains just how much information people learned from just one classified satellite image Trump released : bestof
Why Did Trump Take Classified Documents to Mar-a-Lago? - Bloomberg More pressing answers are needed for what the former president intended to do with sensitive information the FBI uncovered.

Republicans pressure Garland as intrigue deepens over search of Trump home : politics
Democrats Call For U.S. Security Damage Assessment Of Trump Documents : politics
Trump reaches out to Garland to explore what could be done to keep his supporters from murdering a few federal officials here and there - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trumps Shifting Explanations Follow a Familiar Playbook
Ex-CIA agent says fallout over raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago resembles the lead up to the January 6 Capitol attack and predicts there will be another 'catastrophic event'
Trump accuses FBI of stealing his three passports in Mar-a-Lago search
Trump Says The FBI Took His Passports In Its Mar-A-Lago Search : politics
Nuclear Secrets Already Fell Into the Wrong Hands -- Trumps

Fords pardon of Nixon was a historic mistake. Trump is the beneficiary.
Its Not Just Trump -- LBJ Took Classified Documents Too - Johnson wanted to stop Americans from learning about Nixon's Vietnam treason and his own lawless surveillance.
Trumps latest eruption underscores the danger of a GOP House ... anyone in law enforcement who poses a threat to Trump must be deterred, blocked, punished, or fired
Trump warns terrible things are going to happen as hes blamed for anti-FBI violence
Pro-Trump FBI protest cancelled after not one demonstrator showed up : politics
Trump's Shifting Explanations Follow a Familiar Playbook - The former president and his allies have given often conflicting defenses of his retention of classified documents, without addressing why he had kept them.
~ Trumps Investigation Miscalculation If he thinks that announcing a 2024 campaign will bring an end to his legal woes, he is mistaken.

Former homeland security adviser for Mike Pence said she once found classified documents in the ladies room

Fox News Host Floats Possibility Trump Tried to Sell Classified Documents

Did Trump leak Mar-a-Lago warrant revealing names of FBI agents as threats against bureau rise? : politics
Garret Ziegler Proud of transparency RE: FBI identities
GOP lawmaker says he was notified by FBI that his life was in danger by some of these same people threatening law enforcement in wake of Mar-a-Lago raid

Justice Department subpoenas former Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann - POLITICO the latest onetime top aide to the former president to receive a summons from a federal grand jury investigating the Jan. 6 attack.

Even mainstream Republicans are making idiotic defenses of Trump (more fatnecks)
GOP Lawmaker Offers Most Ridiculous Take Yet On Not Prosecuting Trump : politics

House Democrats Request Damage Assessment Following Recovery of Classified Docs Former PresidentTrump conduct has potentially put our national security at grave risk,

Rep. Adam Schiff said the seizure of Rep. Scott Perrys phone suggests the Justice Department thinks Trump teams alternate electors plot was a crime

Weisselberg to plead guilty in Trump tax case: report : politics

Federal judge rules that Graham must testify in Georgia 2020 investigation : politics
Walls close in on Graham, Giuliani in Georgia Trump probe : politics

Mitch McConnell greatly damaged US democracy with quiet, chess-like moves | Gary Gerstle : politics

Lachlan Murdoch is Awfully Defensive About the Implication Fox News Helped Incite Jan. 6 : politics

Longtime GOP insider Cheri Jacobus: America is not going to recover from Donald TrumpFormer Republican strategist says her party cant be salvaged and if Trump isnt punished, America is "done for"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: No One Can Convince MeJan. 6 Rioters Werent Antifa ("I am impervious to reality" she screamed)
Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for suggesting renewable energy doesnt work at night

Exclusive: Inside the Alex Jones jury room: tensions, pizza and lizard people

Finally, the answer to the question what if Dunning and Kruger had a baby and it was dropped repeatedly on its head as an infant: (Yang-Bang)

GOP Senate Campaign Arm Is Pulling Ads in Three Key Races - Rolling Stone Blake Masters in Arizona, Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin are going to have a little less help than they would have hoped this fall ... Republicans have been struggling to raise money as of late, as well as that the decision to pull ads for some of its top candidates could be tied to the partys financial troubles.

Trumps Truth Social company ordered to turn over Devin Nunes information

Election deniers march toward power in key 2024 battlegrounds - The Washington Post GOP nominees who dispute the 2020 results could be positioned to play a critical role in the next presidential election
Trump-allied lawyers pursued voting machine data in multiple states, records reveal - The Washington Post
Suspect petitions were assembled at NY Republican headquarters : politics

Michigan plot to breach voting machines points to a national pattern : politics ... In states across the country, including Colorado, Pennsylvania and Georgia, attempts to inappropriately access voting machines have spurred investigations. They have also sparked concern among election authorities that, while voting systems are broadly secure, breaches by those looking for evidence of fraud could themselves compromise the integrity of the process and undermine confidence in the vote.

DeSantis says teaching requirements are too rigid as Florida moves to let veterans without degrees teach

The Arizona Republican Partys Anti-Democracy Experiment

In Wisconsin, 2 Huge Races Stand Between G.O.P. and Near-Total Power : politics
The night of the short knives - Lawyers, Guns & Money The end of democratic legislative elections in Wisconsin has apparently produced effects on the states Francoist elements similar to inbreeding:

In Wisconsin, 2 Huge Races Stand Between G.O.P. and Near-Total PowerThe governor race this fall, along with a pivotal State Supreme Court contest next spring, will decide whether Republicans can solidify their grip on the swing state and remake its voting laws.

Texas attorney general locked in close race with Democratic challenger: poll : politics

Now the Far Right Is Going After School Counselors Theyve been called pedophiles, groomers, and recruiters for the Transgender Cult

What whistle is Trump blowing? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Matt Taibbi's full MAGA turn has involved a lot of self-humiliation, but this is a whole new level:
A series of brave martyrs who have given up their freedom to take on The Deep State. Well, except for that lady leaker (who I had nothing to do with sending to jail). She doesnt count.

The Philosophical And Moral Incoherence of "How Dare You Walk Out Of My Speech" - Harvey Silverglate, an icon of the ongoing American struggle for free expression, and Professor Randall Kennedy, a Harvard Law School professor justifiably famed and respected for piercing analysis of complex racial and social issues, have a complaint. They believe Mr. Silverglate has been cancelled.
There is no right to a captive audience - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Harvey Silvergate and I cannot tell a lie Randall Kennedy have taken to Skull Calipers Quarterly to issue on of the most ridiculous Campus Cancel Culture diatribes yet:
this is very good but also it is WILD that two prominent advocates and academics wrote a whole essay about how free discourse is under assault because some high school students quietly walked out of a talk

Cancellation of Atlanta festival sparks new fight over guns : politics
The Extremist Gun Culture Trying to Co-Opt the Rosary - The Atlantic (AR Jesus)

Man drove through fundraiser crowd, killed mother because he was extremely frustrated police say ... If he thought living with his mom was frustrating, wait until he sees what prison is like.

Workplace Productivity: Are You Being Tracked? - The New York Times Across industries and incomes, more employees are being tracked, recorded and ranked. What is gained, companies say, is efficiency and accountability. What is lost?

Substack Retaliates Against FOREVER WARS Editor (shitstack)

Angelina Jolie v. Brad Pitt: The F.B.I. Lawsuit Revealed - Puck

Integration of psychedelic experiences linked to self-actualization via improvements in personal development and self-insight : science

Two galaxies are about to collide with each other. Hawaiis Gemini North telescope captured images of two galaxies in the process of merging into one.

NASA reveals images of massive never-before-seen eruption of supergiant Betelgeuse : worldnews

Ancient writing deciphered nearly a century after its discovery : worldnews

What gives orbitals their non-spherical shape? : askscience

u/dwors025 explains why American conservatives and Republicans are terrified and badly itching for Civil War to retain power: they understand the basic math that their entire voting base is dying by 8,000+ people a day, and accelerating. : bestof

/u/restricteddata gives a rundown on how the Japanese figured out Hiroshima had been destroyed by an atomic bomb : bestof
restricteddata comments on After the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan correctly deduced that the bombs were atomic weapons, and that there would only be a few available. How did Japan figure this out so quick?

One person taken to hospital, five arrested following fight at Winchester beach - The Boston Globe

Identity and circumstances of fatal Somerville dooring of cyclist by driver now reported : boston

IP_Standing gives an outstanding overview of which cooking oils to use when : bestof

What world event do you think was staged? : AskReddit

Amazingawesomator comments on ELI5: How do animals think about things without a language to think in?

Boomers shouldnt be vilified

How to Start a Blog in 2022 - Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners

Inside the Crash of Three Arrows Capital -- The Crypto Geniuses Who Vaporized a Trillion Dollars Everyone trusted the two guys at Three Arrows Capital. They knew what they were doing right?


The Arctic Is Warming Four Times Faster Than the Rest of the Planet : worldnews

Europes rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years
Europes rivers run dry as drought could be worst in over 500 years
Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption : worldnews (Tories need to play golf)

Walrus Freya who became attraction in Norways Oslo Fjord put down ... People refused warnings not to get too close to the 1,300lb (600kg) animal, putting her and themselves at risk.

WHO holds open forum to rename monkeypox over stigmatisation concerns : worldnews

Canberra Airport evacuated after gunman fires shots in check-in area - ABC News : worldnews

More US lawmakers visiting Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip : politics
US to conduct air and maritime transits in Taiwan Strait.
Taiwan blames politics for cancellation of global Pride event : worldnews ... after it said the organizers had insisted the word "Taiwan" be removed.

China calls on Russia, Ukraine to resume negotiations : worldnews
Zelenskiy seeking direct talkswith Chinas Xi to help end Ukraine war (11 days ago)

Russia confirms it seeks convicted arms dealer in potential prisoner swap for WNBA star Brittney Griner : worldnews

Russian journalist who protested Ukraine war on state TV is detained : worldnews
Russian forces complain of low-quality equipment in new video : worldnews

Kazakhstan to start oil sales via Azeri pipeline to bypass Russia : worldnews

A 9 year old lower caste child was murdered by upper caste Brahmin for dringking water. : worldnews

Taliban fire shots to stop Afghan womens Kabul protest

At least 21 protesters killed during anti-government protests over rising cost of living in Sierra Leone, hospital sources tell Reuters : worldnews

Syrians react furiously to Turkeys call for reconciliation with Assad (dicktofucks gotta stick together)

Russia buys 1,000 drones from Iran and expands the level of strategic cooperation : worldnews

Saudi oil company Aramcos half-year profits reach close to $88 billion after posting a 90% surge in second quarter

Dozens feared dead in Cairo church fire : worldnews
Howard Carter stole Tutankhamuns treasure, new evidence suggests | 100 years after the discovery of the tomb of the boy king, a previously unpublished letter backs up long-held suspicions

Dozens of IRGC-linked Flights Landed in Moscow; U.S. Says Drone Deal Advancing : worldnews

Eight Wounded, Two Critically, in Suspected Terror Attack in Jerusalem : worldnews
Several Americans wounded in Jerusalem terror attack : worldnews ... Multiple American citizens, including pregnant woman, killed in foreign territory..for religious purposes on top of it..
Israel Says Illegal Outpost at Homesh to Be Evacuated, Tells High Court Not to Intervene : worldnews ... Homesh, built on private Palestinian land, was evacuated during the disengagement in 2005. Since then, the Disengagement Law has banned Israeli entry to the site. However, Israelis are there all the time and prevent Palestinians from reaching the site.
UN official ousted after voicing criticism of Palestinian Islamic Jihad : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 172, Part 1 (Thread #312) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine14 August 2022
ISW on Twitter: "New: Ukrainian forces are continuing efforts to disrupt Russian ground lines of communication (GLOCs) that support Russian forces on the right bank of the #Dnipro River. Russian forces cannot support mechanized operations at scale without a reliable GLOC." / Twitter

Explosions reported in occupied Berdyansk
Ukraine Army hits enemy strongholds, destroys two ammunition depots in the countrys Southern operational zone.
Ukraine says it has taken out vital bridge in occupied Kherson : worldnews
Governor: Up to 40% of evacuees arriving in Zaporizhzhia are from occupied Kherson Oblast. Zaporizhzhia Oblast Governor Oleksandr Starukh said that volunteers who drive vehicles with humanitarian aid into Russian-occupied parts of Kherson Oblast evacuate remaining residents.

More and more alarming evidence for this plan to be carried out with every passing day. Date is not accidental: August 24th is the Independence Day of Ukraine. I hope that something goes wrong, but am fully prepared for the absolute worst.
Olena Halushka on Twitter: "russians are preparing at full swing for a public lynching of the Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol, local authorities report. First, they built the prison cages in the philharmonic, and now construct the garage for vehicles which will transport the POWs. They rush before August 24" / Twitter

Russian Classics Excluded from Ukrainian School Program

The blue dots are apartments and other residential property put on sale by their #Russian owners in the last couple of days in #Crimea : Estate agents report that these properties are mainly owned by people employed in the #FSB - They know we will come and take back whats ours

Finland to consider restricting tourist visas for Russians : worldnews

Viktor Orbans grip on Hungarys courts threatens rule of law, warns judge | Viktor Orban's government is constantly overreaching its authority to sway the courts, a senior judge has said, in an intervention that will deepen alarm about the rule of law in Hungary.

Russians are increasingly flocking to visa-free Serbia : worldnews

Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey in wake of NATO deal : worldnews

Macron signs protocol for Sweden, Finland to join NATO. This sovereign choice of Finland and Sweden, two European partners, will reinforce their security in the face of a real menace in their immediate neighborhood, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

Britons give up pets as living costs soar : worldnews
Government officials told Channel 4 to delete parts of annual report 'at odds' with privatisation | Yorkshire Post (Tories fucking around)

Cartel promises mass violence in all of Northern Baja through the weekend : worldnews
Cartel wars happening in Mexican border cities : worldnews
Tijuana rocked by wave of violent crime : worldnews

Financial decoupling of US and China : politics

Biggest Win for Tax Fairnessin Decades: Progressives Cheer Reforms in IRA, Demand More
Most Americans support the climate and energy legislation passed by the Senate : politics

GOP under fire for rhetoric over IRS : politics

The Abortion Elections All Across America: The stakes are highest in states where the legislature and the governors mansion are held by different parties. How much will abortion rights motivate voters?
Why Abortion Has Become a Centerpiece of Democratic TV Ads in 2022 - The New York Times

Democrats Are Pulling Ahead of Republicans, Just in Time for Midterms | Recent primaries and special elections offer rays of hope that voters prefer the blue party this fall. : politics

Garland puts pressure back on Trump as GOP targets Justice: The Note : politics
A timeline of events leading up to the FBI search of Trumps Florida estate
Trumps secrets: How a records dispute led the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago
Documents Retrieved from Mar-a-Lago Could Include Names of CIA Sources in Moscow : politics
If Trump gets convicted of the Espionage Act, he faces a 10-year prison sentence, legal analyst says : politics
Mar-A-Lago Was Dangerous Security Sieve For Classified Documents, Experts Warn | Club members, staff and hundreds of guests at wedding receptions, fundraisers and parties could have had access to top-secret information. : politics
Mar-a-Lago footage subpoenaed by DoJ sparks speculation Trump may still have some classified documents : politics
Former GOP advisor says Trump has to be charged or Garland must resign after Mar-a-Lago raid: 'There's no going back now'

Trump demands FBI return documents to Mar-a-Lago : politics (they belong to my friend Vlad, he said)

Trumps Explanation of Document Declassification Doesnt Pass the Smell Test
National Archives Calls Out Trumps False Accusation That Obama Snatched Documents
Trumps secrets: How a records dispute led the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago
Heres how Nixons downfall forever changed the rules around presidential documents ... The fact that Nixon was pardoned by Ford was the biggest goddamn mistake in US History regarding the rule of law.
The Mar-a-Lago search prompts a big question: who snitched? | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian : politics
What Comes After the Search Warrant? : politics
Trumps Scandals Are Never Done
Trumps initially upbeat mood about the FBIs Mar-a-Lago raid turned dark when GOP support began to wane, report says

Trumps lawyer signed a statement months ago saying all classified documents had been turned over, report says. The FBI found more during its raid on Mar-a-Lago

It worried people all the time: How Trumps handling of secret documents led to the FBIs Mar-a-Lago search
Trump frantically packed up documents to take with him in the last days of his presidency after finally accepting he was leaving the White House, report says : politics ... One source said Trump didnt seriously start preparing to exit the White House until after January 6
Trump Claims He Had A Standing Order That Made It OK To Take Classified Docs
Ex DOJ Official: Mar-a-Lago Documents Are Particularly 'Stunning' and 'Egregious'

Trump goes on Truth Social rampage, sharing over a dozen posts, including from accounts with QAnon references : politics
Breaking History review: Jared Kushners dispiriting Trump book | The former presidents son-in-law has written a predictably self-serving and selective memoir of his time in the White House

Violent Threats Against FBI Soar as Trump Lies About Mar-a-Lago Search: Menacing Messages Posted Online "Include a Threat to Place a So-Called Dirty Bomb in Front of FBI Headquarters" and "General Calls for 'Civil War' and 'Armed Rebellion,'" Officials Warned. : politics
Trump Sics the G.O.P. on the F.B.I. : politics
Armed Trump supporters protest outside of FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago probe : politics
Armed Trump supporters outside Phoenix FBI office - CNN Video
Preparing For The Civil War - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Man fatally shoots self after crashing car into barricade near US Capitol Building | CNN Politics : politics

Responding to FBI search, Trump and allies return to his familiar strategy: flood the zone with nonsense : politics ... The actual Bannon quote: he Democrats don't matter. The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit

Correspondent says "I think we all know who" was behind Breitbart FBI leak : politics ... So the Trump team purposely revealed the names of two FBI agents who now require protection due to threats. And yet Trump remains free.

Its Time for Republicans to Go Nuclear and Dump Trump

Andrew Yangs criticism of the FBIs Mar-a-Lago search is misguided

Rand Paul calls for repeal of Espionage Act after Trump FBI search : politics ... "Rand Paul is a Russian asset" - John McCain
Rand Paul calls for repeal of Espionage Act amid DOJ investigation into Trump taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago : politics

DOJ must widen its investigation into missing January 6th texts : politics

GOP Rep. James Comer says Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert have shown interest in being on Oversight Committee in a Republican-controlled House : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Interested in Running for President or VP: 'Those Things Are Being Talked About' ... by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Wisconsin Assembly leader axes 2020 election investigation after beating Trump-backed primary challenger : politics

Texas state police can keep Uvalde records secret for now, judge rules : politics

Florida to ban gender-affirming care under Medicaid for transgender recipients : politics
Utah GOP calls for a ban on elective gender-affirming medical care for minors. Utah lawmakers are likely to consider legislation after Senate President Stuart Adams and House Speaker Brad Wilson signed on to the resolution. : politics

Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney Expresses Regret For Past Vaccine Skepticism ... This woman wore a full Burqa on the floor of congress to advocate for the invasion of Afghanistan, she can get fucked ,,, (running against Nadler)
The New York Timess Interview With Carolyn Maloney (76 yrs old, Nadler is 75) )

Column: Republicans should be wary of JD Vance for US Senate in Ohio

California governor announces aggressive $8 billion plan to boost water supply : politics

How pink slime journalism exploits our faith in local news

High levels of Parkinsons drug levodopa found in natural supplements
a cyclist was apparently doored and died of their injuries in Somerville on Friday : boston


Infamous "Calvine UAP" photograph released after 32 years of MOD secrecy. : worldnews
The Calvine UFO looks like a floating island with foliage.. : UFOs

Drought Hits Nearly Half of Europe. Experts Warn It Could be the Worst In 500 Years : worldnews
Centuries-old warnings emerge from riverbed as Europe faces historic drought : worldnews

Italy: 200 Alpine glaciers gone since end 19th Century : worldnews

Massive expanse of towering hydrothermal vents discovered deep in the Pacific : worldnews

Deforestation in Brazils Amazon through July hits a fresh record (Balsofuck keeps fucking the planet)

Researchers agree: The world can reach a 100% renewable energy system by or before 2050 : technology

In one of the largest follow-up studies to date, involving 25 pediatric hospitals, more than a quarter of children and adolescents hospitalized with coronavirus infection early in the pandemic still had health problems two to four months later : science

End the religious exemption for school vaccinations, already - The Boston Globe New York polio outbreak highlights the risk of letting kids come to school without standard immunizations. (article +90 commnets w/o mentioning "Hasids")

If you got a Polio vaccine as a child, would you need to get re-vaccinated to be protected? : askscience

WHO plans to rename monkeypox over stigmatization concerns : worldnews

Kangaroo caught red-handed trying to break into Australia's Russian embassy : worldnews

Philippines tries to claw back money after canceling Russian helicopter deal : worldnews

Cop-on-cop killing rocks and roils Indonesia - Asia Times Murder saga has exposed dangerous intra-police factionalism and endemic corruption among the rank and file

South Korean president to pardon Samsung leader Lee Jae-yong : worldnews

N. Korea moves toward pre-pandemic normalcy after declaring victory in COVID-19 fight : worldnews

Chinas Xi plans to meet Biden in 1st foreign trip in 3 years.

Moscow warns of end to Russia-US relations if assets seized : worldnews
The delusions of Russia are beyond my understanding. What do they think that this scares the West? They are a laughing stock and their weapons have proven to be impotent against NATO gear and still they believe they will conquer the world? They wont even conquer the Donbass.
Paul Massaro on Twitter: "I wonder how this happened. Could it be colonialism?" / Twitter

Key Narratives in pro-Kremlin Disinformation part 1: the Elites v the People - EU vs DISINFORMATION
Key Narratives in Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Part 2: The Threatened Values
Key Narratives in Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Part 3: LostSovereignty

Ukraine war: Russian GDP outperforms, prisoner swap, Ukraine medicines blocked | Euronews
Russian economy shrinks significantly in Q2 following Western sanctions : worldnews
Putins war sets Russian economy back 4 years in single quarter | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russia registers 28,694 new COVID-19 cases in past day crisis center

India says there is no pressure on it from Western countries or anywhere else over its energy purchases from Russia, as Indian firms step up imports : worldnews
I am a Chinese, not a terrorist: Huawei India CEO tells Delhi court

Taliban fighters swap arms for books as hundreds return to school : worldnews
Taliban assault, disperse female protesters in Kabul | A small group of women rallied in the Afghan capital for the first time in months, demanding a return of their freedoms, after the Taliban reneged on promises to maintain the marginal gains women made in recent years. : worldnews

The U.S. announces a $2 billion 10-year program to strengthen democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. : worldnews

11 killed, including 2 children, in Montenegro gun attack, report state media : worldnews

Iran unveils Western art masterpieces hidden for decades : worldnews
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass)
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even - Wikipedia

A Senior Defense Official: on a scale of zero to 10, the effectiveness of Ukraines armed forces would be a 12 just based on how impressive theyve been to us in so many different waysThey have found ways to do things that we might not have thought were possible."
EU should not be a "supermarket" for rich Russians: Zelenskiy said his visa ban proposal did not apply to Russians who needed help for risking their freedom or their lives by resisting Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin's policies : worldnews

Kissinger has changed his mind on Ukraine. After seeing what this war has been like, he no longer thinks the problem was Ukrainian alignment with the West. He now thinks its the solution. Wish others would be as humble and recognise their mistakes (now do Chomsky)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 171, Part 1 (Thread #311) : worldnews

Liveuamap/Twitter: Within 10 minutes 5 big explosions across russion occupied Kherson Region of Ukraine: Novotroitske, Nyzhni Serohozy, Velyka Blahoveschenka, Chaplynka, Chkalov : ukraine
US Officials Say Around 500 Russian Troops Killed or Wounded Every Day in Ukraine
Russian getting ready for another goodwill gesture?According to Mykolayiv Oblast Governor Vitaly Kim, the entire Russian command staff is evacuating across the Dnipro River, (from right-bank Dnipro to left-bank). That means leaving the city of Kherson.

Three M270 multiple-launch rocket systems, which the UK promised to transfer, are already in Ukraine : worldnews
US missiles credited as key in Ukraine fight with Russia : worldnews

Russian media report a famous terrorist Girkin/Strelkov was detained while trying to get tothrough Crimea. He openly criticized Putin and the army leadership recently for their failures in war against Reportedly, he tried to cross into Ukraine using a fake passport.
Less than a month ago we published the investigation proving, via pure deduction, that in 2014 - 2016 period Girkin used FSB-issued passports under the fake identity of Runov.Well guess what. He apparently continued using it.

Security Service of Ukraine identifies Kadyrovs accomplice involved in atrocities in the Kyiv region

Russia rejects UN calls for demilitarised zone around Ukraine nuclear plant : worldnews
Amnesty International responds to Russias actions at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
Amnesty International says its ready to have its Ukraine report analysed by independent experts, reports

Finlands Amnesty International loses about 400 donors over report accusing Ukraines Armed Forces of risking civilianlives

Corruption Rank by Country | Europe

Serbias Leader Rejects Little Putin Label Amid Fears of Russian Meddling

Poland: Huge amounts of chemical waste dumped into river
Poland deploys troops as dead fish pile up on river bank in toxic disaster : worldnews

Rhine water levels fall to new low as Germanys drought hits shipping | Water levels fall to below 40cm on parts of key route for transporting fuel, wheat and other commodities

The water wasnt there: Shrinking of Italys largest lake shocks tourists
Bank robber rescued after digging himself into a tight spot : worldnews

Mass crop failures expected in England as farmers demand hosepipe bans | Drought : worldnews
Driver walkout halts trains as UK summer strike wave spreads : worldnews
People in the UK Can Finally Eat Insects Again - Six insect species can now be legally sold and consumed in the UK : worldnews
Daily Mail calling? Boris Johnson weighs offers for his return to journalism : worldnews

A Detailed Picture of Whats in the DemocratsClimate and Health Bill
Not Even a Single Republican Voted for the Climate Bill : politics (party of death and destruction)

Biden Just Scored a Huge Win. Will Distracted Democrats Even Notice? : politics

Half of U.S. employers plan abortion travel benefits : politics

MSNBC confirms that the Espionage Act being used in the warrant means that there was evidence that Trump had transferred information to a third party (foreign govt or organization). This is a whole new level of treachery.

Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago : politics
Lordy, there are tapes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Espionage Act Mentioned in Search Warrant for Trump's Mar-a-Lago Now We're Talking About the Espionage Act? The search warrant for the Mar-a-Lago raid contains some absolute gobstoppers.
Exhibit A of Trump's Recklessness - The classified documents recovered by federal agents at the former President's Mar-a-Lago estate add to the picture of his out-of-control behavior after he lost the 2020 election

Trump asked Merrick Garland: What can I do to reduce the heat? before FBI warrant was unsealed, report says
Trump claims standing order declassified records as soon as they left Oval Office
Editorial: Why would an ex-president who doesnt read want boxes of documents at his home?
Men without dignity - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ill see your Turley and raise you this dude:
Trump claims he declassified all the documents at Mar-a-Lago. Even if thats true, it probably doesnt matter.
Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned - The New York Times The lawyer signed a statement in June that all documents marked as classified and held in boxes in storage at Mar-a-Lago had been given back. The search at the former presidents home on Monday turned up more ... The existence of the signed declaration, which has not previously been reported, is a possible indication that Mr. Trump or his team were not fully forthcoming with federal investigators about the material

Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned : politics ... Report: Kushner Requests More Intel Than Any Non-NSC Employee at White House
Report: Kushner Discussed Setting Up Secret Communications With Russia : NPR
Moscow Already Studying Top-Secret Records From Trump Raid: Russian Media
Michael.eth on Twitter: "heritage foundation lawyer reaching heretofore unimagined levels of humiliation in the name of defending trump" / Twitter
President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!
Need to know: The rarified world of the governments most closely guarded secrets

Jared Kushner Most Likely Mar-a-Lago Mole Behind FBI Raid: Mary Trump : politics

Feds Bombshell Search of Trumps Home Investigated Possible Intent to Commit injury to the United States -- Heres What the Statutes Say
Seized Documents Were Part of an Inquiry Into Violation of the Espionage Act and Two Other Laws : politics
How Bad Would an Espionage Act Violation Be for a Soldier? What About for Trump? : politics

Rand Paul -- The espionage act was abused from the beginning to jail dissenters of WWI. It is long past time to repeal this egregious affront to the 1st Amendment. Repeal the Espionage Act The Future of Freedom Foundation (Trump's message boy to Putin, natch) ... Member when John McCain said Rand Paul works for Putin?

Trumps Mar-a-Lago, a security nightmare that housed classified documents

Ex-Clinton aide implies President of France file found at Trumps home during Mar-a-Lago raid could be valuable to Putin as 'kompromat'
Stunning: Ex-official who investigated Clinton reacts to documents found in Trumps home

Espionage Act violators have been sentenced to decades in jail, execution : politics
A Trump Indictment Over Mishandling Classified Documents Is Now a Very Real Possibility : politics

Some Trump Allies Reportedly Are Trying To Go Dark Amid Search Warrant Revelations
Cracks emerge in GOPs Mar-a-Lago response
Rudy Giuliani says Trump will raid every one of Bidens houses if the former president wins the 2024 presidential election

Breitbart slammed for doxxing FBI agents involved in Mar-a-Lago raid : politics
On Truth Social, F.B.I. Search Prompts Talk of War, Then Conspiracy : politics
As Search Shows Trump Had Secret Files, G.O.P. Splits Over Assailing F.B.I. : politics
FBI investigating unprecedented number of threatsagainst bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search
Pelosi calls on Republicans to tone down attacks on FBI : politics
As Right-Wing Rhetoric Escalates, So Do Threats and Violence : politics
Charlie Kirk and Eric Metaxas Call for Retaliatory Raids on Liberal Groups : politics
We have guns too: Trump supporters flood TikTok with threats of civil war
Opinion | The horror of people willing to die for Donald Trump : politics
Conservatives Lies Are Getting Their Own Supporters Killed: Who will be the last person to die for Donald Trumps mendacity?
Americans Are Too Pampered and Neurotic to Fight a Civil War : politics

District Attorney Moves To Force Lindsey Graham Testimony

Ways and Means Wants Access to Trump Tax Records 'immediately'

Kevin McCarthy Mocked After Asking If Americans Are Better Off Than 2 Years Ago : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Garland : politics

Listen: Lauren Boeberts neighbors 911 calls describe threats, husband running over mailbox ... She's loaded. They all have guns,
Life with the Boeberts - Lawyers, Guns & Money Full audio here

Vindman Calls Gabbard Agent of Russian Disinformation After Fox Segment

Has the Republican midterm red wave crested? | This fall, Trump will be on the ballot even if his name does not appear. There are growing signs the Republican party is in trouble

Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. Theyre Being Used Anyway.

California to provide free breakfast, lunch for students in first statewide meals program : politics

Wisconsin GOP Leader Fires the Bumbling Guy He Hand-Picked to Investigate Election Fraud

Defamation Suit About Election Falsehoods Puts Fox on Its Heels The suit, filed by Dominion Voting Systems, could be one of the most consequential First Amendment cases in a generation. : politics

Michigan Supreme Court Restricts Cruel Treatment of Youth in Run of Major Decisions - The four rulings were largely on party line, but Michigan's upcoming judicial elections could flip the high court's partisan balance. (the pro-cruetly party will reverse these)

Mississippi will send back feds rental aid, even as housing needs remain high ... A state that is 50th in healthcare, and education, 49th in infrastructure, and 48th in economy

In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists : politics

Who Is Hadi Matar? NJ Man Suspected in Salman Rushdie Attack Had Shia Extremist Sympathies

The attempted assassination of Salman Rushdie - Lawyers, Guns & Money Police detained a suspect named as Hadi Matar, 24, from Fairview, New Jersey.

Southern Baptist Convention Says It Faces Federal Investigation for Sexual Abuse : politics
In the wake of AP investigation of Mormon child sexual abuse reporting failures, two Utah lawmakers seek to end 'clergy exemption'. GOP Rep. Phil Lyman and Democratic Rep. Angela Romero open bill files. Romero says the two will work together (haha, Mormon priests not required to report child abuse by Mormons)

Report: Alec Baldwin Mustve Pulled Trigger in RustFBI Concludes in Analysis

Vitamin D supplementation seems to alleviate depressive symptoms in adults. The new meta-analysis on the association of vitamin D supplementation with depression is the largest one published so far, including results from 41 studies from around the world : science

Eye implant made from pig protein restored sight in 14 blind people : worldnews

Rotator cuff regeneration-- Potential breakthrough treatment: A new way to regenerate muscle could help repair the damaged shoulders of millions of people every year. The technique uses a polymer mesh infused with nanoplatelets of graphene to encourage muscle growth in rotator cuff muscles. : science

New research identifies distinct masturbationsatisfaction patterns among women and men - The findings, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, indicate that masturbation often serves a complementary function for women but plays a compensatory role among men.

Whooming? : wyomingdoesntexist

What is something men go through that women will never understand? : AskReddit

Which celebrity went on the fastest, hardest and most destructive downwards spiral from their peak? : AskReddit

What happened at work that made everyone quit at once? : AskReddit

Sergey Brins $100B Private FiefdomBayshore, the family office at the center of Sergey Brins ongoing divorce, is a sprawling $100 billion entity

Researcher hacks Elon Musks Starlink system with $25 homemade device


Arctic warming 4 times faster than rest of world. : worldnews
The Arctic is heating up nearly four times faster than the Earth as a whole, according to new research. The findings are a reminder that the people, plants and animals in polar regions are experiencing rapid, and disastrous, climate change. : worldnews

Swiss mountain pass will lose all glacier ice in a few weeks for first time in centuries

A pressure pattern change is starting over the Northern Hemisphere, weakening the circulation. It allows a longwave pattern over Europe and cooler than normal temperatures to spread over the United States. : worldnews

WHO warns people not to attack monkeys amid monkeypox outbreak : worldnews
Gay men can fight monkeypox ourselvesby changing how we have sex ... Crucially, they have often failed to communicate emerging scientific theories that if men avoid anal sex or perhaps use a condom during intercourse they might at least limit some of the most devastating monkeypox symptoms, including severe proctitis.

Asakusa-based gang decides to call it quits after a century : worldnews

Seoul vows to move families from Parasite-style basement homes after flooding deaths
Seoul seeks to ban basement flats after flooding deaths : worldnews
The heir and de facto leader of Samsung group received a presidential pardon Friday, the latest example of South Koreas long tradition of freeing business leaders convicted of corruption on economic grounds

Hong Kong suffers biggest ever population drop as exodus accelerates : worldnews

300 TikTok, ByteDance employees worked for Chinese state media: Report : worldnews
TikTok is still promoting banned Russian content to users, says report : worldnews
Several Chinese state-owned companies to delist from NYSE : worldnews

Team Putin Airs Insane Offer to 'Help' America and 'Save' Trump (NO COLLUSION!!)
Heavy Losses Leave Russia Short of Its Goal, U.S. Officials Say : worldnews ... With 500 Russian troops killed or wounded every day, according to the latest estimate by American intelligence and military officials, Russias war effort has decelerated to a grinding slog, the officials said.
In Russia, up to 40% of the military who planned a war against Ukraine are under investigation

Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, Franek Sokolowski, Michal Wyrebkowski, Mateusz Kasprowicz :: SSRN

Russia claims Ukraine used US arms to kill jailed POWs. Evidence tells a different story. : worldnews
Medvedev says that the EU also has nuclear power plants and "accidents are possible" there : worldnews

Russia is offering prisoners their freedom in exchange for fighting in Ukraine, as Moscow struggles to replenish its ranks: report : worldnews

May the dead children haunt you: DefiantRussian journalist in court

One millionth person displaced by Somalia drought : worldnews

Zelenskiy tells officials to stop talking about Ukraines tactics

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 170, Part 1 (Thread #310) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 12 August 2022
Amateur Hour Part II: Failing the Air Campaign - War on the Rocks

Zelensky Warns Russia May Cause Largest Radiation Accident, Worse Than Chernobyl
UN nuclear watchdog warns of grave hour amid fresh shelling of Ukraine'S Zaporizhzhia plant | Ukraine | The Guardian

Experts suspect the West has given Ukraine far more missiles than we know about : worldnews
Russia DevelopingNew Tactic to Counter U.S. HIMARS:

Russia says its T-90 is one of the best tanks in the world, but its having trouble in Ukraine

Latvia, Estonia withdraw from China cooperation group : worldnews

Russia says Swiss no longer neutral, can't act as go-between with Ukraine (

Dutch court convicts American man for stabbing cops during Covid curfew check : worldnews

Ex-German Chancellor SchrOder sues German parliament over stripped privileges | The German parliament had taken away some of SchrOder's special rights and privileges for refusing to cut ties with Russias Vladimir Putin, following the invasion of Ukraine (the Shredder)

Pandora Papers: France opens investigation into former Czech PM Andrej Babis : worldnews

Thousands of Brazilians took to the streets of Sao Paulo Thursday in "defense of democracy" after President Jair Bolsonaro's sustained attacks on democratic institutions, weeks ahead of elections : worldnews

US Military Furiously Rewriting Nuclear Deterrence to Address Russia and China, STRATCOM Chief Says

U.S. House set to give Biden new win with $430 bln bill on climate, drug prices : politics
House Is Set to Pass Climate, Tax and Health Package : politics

DHS Watchdog Nixed Alert to Congress About Purged January 6 Texts, New Docs Show

How Merrick Garland turned the tables on Trump and made Trumps allies look foolish
Merrick Garland Just Took a Blowtorch to the GOP Attacks on the Mar-a-Lago Raid : politics

Trump national security adviser to meet with Jan. 6 committee : politics
First on CNN: Elaine Chao, Trumps former Transportation Secretary, met with Jan. 6 committee as other Cabinet members engage with panel

The Poisoned Relationship Between Trump and the Keepers of U.S. SecretsThe F.B.I. search of Mar-a-Lago is a coda to the years of tumult between an erratic president and the nations intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Trump under investigation for potential violations of Espionage Act, warrant reveals : news
Trumps Allies Have No Clue How to Respond to Report of Nuclear Docs at Mar-a-Lago
National Archives counters Trumps baseless claims about Obama records
There Is No Darkness Republicans Wont Follow Trump Into Now
Trump is pushing us toward the abyss : politics
The DOJ Must Oppose Trumps Claim of Absolute Immunity

WSJ: FBI took 11 sets of classified docs from Mar-a-Lago, including some at highest classification level : news
Not Even the President Can Declassify Nuclear Secrets : politics
Documents Taken From Trump's Home Included Classified Material - Items removed from Mar-a-Lago included files marked as top secret and meant to be viewed only in secure government facilities, according to a copy of the warrant.
FBI agents found dozens of classified documents in Mar-a-Lago search: sources : politics
FBI Recovered 11 Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows - WSJ Trump allies claim the former president declassified the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago
FBI Recovered 11 Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows - WSJ Trump allies claim the former president declassified the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago
GOP contorts itself in defense of Trump as new FBI search details emerge - POLITICO
Cry MAGA, and Let Slip the Dogs of War | If you thought the last 72 hours since the FBIs Mar-a-Lago search were ugly, buckle up.

Trump admin-Saudi nuclear probe resurfaces ahead of warrant unseal : politics ... Jared Kushner. Saudi Arabia. Two Billion Dollars. ... +torture ...
FBI Reportedly Sought Nuclear Documents During Mar-A-Lago Search : politics
Whoop (Updated) - Lawyers, Guns & Money
FBI searched Trumps home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say
Trump Had Classified Nuclear Documents - Lawyers, Guns & Money
FBI were looking for classified nuclear documents during search of Trumps Mar-a-Lago home, report says
FBI looked for documents on nuclear weapons when raiding Trumps home
Trump denies report that FBI sought nuclear documents during Mar-a-Lago search : politics
Trump Loses It Over Nuclear Docs Report, Again Suggests PlantedEvidence

Jonathan Turley: You can't expect a man who is busy trying to overthrow the government to fill out the necessary paperwork to make selling top secret documents to foreign powers legal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump and His Family Watched FBI Search Mar-a-Lago Via a Security Feed : politics

Trump says he wont oppose Mar-a-Lago search warrant release
Trump calls for immediate release of Mar-a-Lago search warrant, says lawyers wont oppose DOJ move
Trump Demands the DOJ Release the FBI Search Warranthat Hes Had All Week
Republicans May Regret Pushing the DOJ to Release the Search Warrant : politics
Fox News Airs Doctored Photo of Trump Raid Judge With Ghislaine Maxwell in Notorious Epstein Picture
Are we paying the rent on the offices the FBI raided at Mar-a-Lago? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns to House Panel, Court Rules : politics

Heres a Crazy Idea: Maybe Donald Trump Isnt Fit to Run for Re-Election

What Trump and Orbn want: Its fascism its not a metaphor or a joke. The global rights two greatest heroes spoke at CPAC over the weekend. Take what they said very seriously

Liz Cheney, the Republican From the State of Reality - The Atlantic
Liz Cheneys demise was set in motion by her father

Fox News Poll: Race for Congress tightens | Fox News The race is closer due to shifts in enthusiasm on both sides and on the issues ... If voting today, the survey shows the race tied, as 41% would back the Democratic candidate in their House district and 41% the Republican. The GOP had a 3-point edge in July and June, and a 7-point advantage in May.

Ohio Man Was on the F.B.I. Radar for MonthsOfficials said Ricky Shiffer, 42, was killed hours after trying to breach an F.B.I. office. Federal investigators had been looking into his possible involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol, two officials said.
FBI Standoff Suspect Posted Call to Arms on Trump's Truth Social
Gunman who allegedly tried to break into Cincinnati FBI office is suspected extremistOfficials
Some stupid with a nail gun - Lawyers, Guns & Money
For those wondering why Ricky Shiffer brought a nail gun to the FBI building, he posted this on Truth Social shortly before getting into a shootout with police.Well, I thought I had a way through bullet proof glass, and I didnt.

Rocky Mount officer Thomas Robertson sentenced to over 7 years in Jan. 6 riot - The Washington Post Sentence for former Rocky Mount officer Thomas Robertson matches highest punishment for a Capitol riot defendant so far

Where is Alabama Governor Kay Ivey? Her office refuses to say. - (vanished for 3 weeks, def not cancer says spokesdroid)

Robin Vos fires Michael Gableman, ending a 2020 election review thats cost taxpayers more than $1 million and produced no evidence of fraud

Live Updates: Salman Rushdie Is Stabbed During Speech in Western New York

Actor Anne Heche dies a week after car crash, aged 53 : news

The Evolutionary Mystery of Menopause - Nautilus | Science Connected New studies reinforce the hypothesis that grandmothers fostered our evolutionary success.

Early sexual experiences likely lead to healthier sex later in life, study reports: Researchers discovered that people who have these first sexual experiences earlier are more likely to have better sexual functioning later in adulthood. : science

The hidden makers of Costcos Kirkland Signature and Trader Joes Os

J&J to end global sales of talc-based baby powder : worldnews
J&J to replace talc-based powder with cornstarch after cancer lawsuits : worldnews

Cisco Confirms Data Breach, Hacked Files Leaked : worldnews The scary thing is that this exploit is already known and existed for (at least) 30 years


Giant asteroid to pass by earth on Friday : worldnews

The Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the globe since 1979 | Communications Earth & Environment

Antarcticas sleeping giant risks melting, threatens spike in sea levelstroubling new predictions that it has the potential to unleash sea level rises of up to 16+ feet over the long term

Climate risks dwarf Europes energy crisis, space chief warns

Hitting rock bottom -- drought, heat drain Spanish reservoirs

More than 100 municipalities in France without drinking water : worldnews

Very critical situation: Almost half of EU countries suffering from drought

Firefighters completely unprepared for high fire risk in UK, warns union | 'Exceptional' fire risk in much of England on Sunday when temperature is expected to top 35C for fourth day

Plans announced for new giant 116 sq mile offshore windfarm able to generate 1.5 GW, capable of powering 1.6m homes in Lincolnshire, UK : worldnews

Researchers Still Finding Residue From Massive 2010 BP Oil Spill : worldnews

From fish to ants: 139 new species named in Australia : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 8/11/22 : CoronavirusMa
8,950 confirmed cases and 39 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.
COVID-19 Wastewater Log & Linear Plots for Boston and Cambridge, MA using Biobot data : CoronavirusMa

CDC loosens recommendations for some Covid-19 control measures | CNN

35 cases of a new virus have been recorded in China, but scientists arentalarmed

WHO stresses monkeypox surge not linked to monkeys amid attack reports : worldnews

Activists lose challenge to NSW laws banning secret filming of animal cruelty : worldnews

5 members of Kishidas new Cabinet had links with Unification Church
Japan PM shuffles cabinet as anger deepens over ties to Unification Church : worldnews

Taiwan rejects Chinas one country, two systems plan for the island. ... been there, done that ...

Anonymous Hacks Chinese Gasoline Generators Website; Leaves Message Thanking US House Speaker For Visiting Taiwan
China overtakes the US in scientific research output : worldnews

Russia has confirmed for the first time that its negotiating with the U.S. regarding a possible prisoner swap deal to bring Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan home.

Russia, Belarus military bases rocked by fire, explosions days after Crimea air base sees destructive blasts : worldnews

Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz Reportedly Quitting Russia : worldnews

Modi's party loses crucial Indian state after ally switches sides
India police detain opposition leaders protesting price rise : worldnews
India man wins 22-year court battle against railways over 25 cents. : worldnews

Sri Lanka ex-leader Gotabaya Rajapaksa seeks entry into Thailand : worldnews

Afghanistan: Cleric killed by bomb hidden in artificial leg
International economists ask Biden to release Afghan central bank funds : worldnews

Pakistan arrests TV executive over airing anti-army comment : worldnews

Forty-two Malian soldiers died in an attack over the weekend by suspected jihadists. The toll is one of the bloodiest in Mali's decade-long insurgency, which has spread from the north of the country to the centre and south and into neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger. : worldnews

Chinese president Xi Jinping expected to visit Saudi Arabia next week : worldnews

#Russia launched a satellite on Irans behalf on August 9, likely in exchange for the drones and other military equipment and economic collaboration. #Iran may leverage new Russo-Iranian aviation deals to transfer UAVs to Russia for use in Ukraine. /3
Iran gives millions annually to Islamic Jihad to attack Israel : worldnews
Iranian women who need certificates to prove they are virgins : worldnews (by getting officially raped)

Russia has seized over $12T of resources in Ukraine : worldnews
We want to cause maximum damage to end war quickly, says Volodymyr Zelensky : worldnews
Ukrainian president Zelenskyy says war must end with Crimeas liberation

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 169, Part 1 (Thread #309) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine11 August 2022

Ukraine war: Crimea airbase badly damaged, satellite images show : worldnews
Subscribers report that around 3:22 p.m. a cloud of smoke was detected on the territory of the ZNNP, the smoke continues even now. Photo by subscribers.

Anticipating a Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south, Russia is turning the six-reactor Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant into a ticking time bomb. Russian shelling from within the plants territory has put the safety of the entire region at stake.
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the plant, saying fighting may lead to a disaster. Russia has used the nuclear plant as a shield and a tool of blackmail, constantly shelling Ukrainian positions from the plant's territory." / Twitter
Russia must exit Ukraine nuclear plant, G7 says : worldnews

Latvian parliament declares Russia state sponsor of terrorism

Gate to Temple of Zeus Unearthed in Magnesia, Asia Minor : worldnews

Greek Watergate wiretap scandal throws government into turmoil

Germanys Scholz: no plans for China visit
Trial of German reserve officer over Russia spy charges begins | Prosecutors have alleged the suspect was "in contact with a Russian intelligence service" between 2014 and 2020. Information was said to have been shared during personal meetings, over the telephone, email and WhatsApp. : worldnews

Rochdale car thief tried to hide from police inside teddy bear - BBC News : worldnews

Mexico clinics flooded with requests from U.S. women seeking abortion medication : worldnews
Arrest of alleged Mexican drug cartel members leads to violent rampage : worldnews

Russian surveillance aircraft spotted within Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone : worldnews

Gas prices tumble below $4 for the first time in months : politics
Producer price index July 2022: Wholesale inflation fell 0.5%

Yellen directs IRS not to use new funding to increase chances of audits of Americans making less than $400,000 : politics

The Snowballing US Rental Crisis Is Sparing Nowhere and No One -- Renters across cities and income brackets are struggling to find new homes or pay for the ones they already live in.

Abortion is legal in Illinois. In Wisconsin, its nearly banned. So clinics teamed up
Medical Boards That Can Strip Abortion Providers of Licenses Are Stacked With Republican Donors : politics
Salt Lake County council says on Twitter that babies are not connect to women's bodies Republican Dave Alvord faces social media backlash after tweeting at the vice president. (another dude expert on women's bodies)

Biden meets with historians to discuss perils to democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Received Subpoena Ahead of F.B.I. Search - The New York Times The Justice Department had sought the return of classified documents it believed might be at Mar-a-Lago before it sent F.B.I. agents this week to look for them ... The subpoena suggests that the Justice Department tried methods short of a search warrant to account for the material before taking the politically explosive step of sending F.B.I. agents unannounced to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trumps home and members-only club.
Feds removed documents from Mar-a-Lago in June with grand jury subpoena | CNN Politics
Trump took such sensitive documents from the White House that the DOJ felt it had no choice but to raid Mar-a-Lago: report : politics
Garland defends the FBIs search of Trumps Mar-a-Lago, releases portions of warrant

The FBI was tipped off by an informer close to Trump who guided them to where documents were kept, according to reports : politics
Trumpworld smells a rat. Has someone in his inner circle flipped? : politics
Hell Week: How Trumps Problems All Converged at OnceTrump is fighting a number of battles all at the same time: the Mar-a-Lago raid, trouble with the Trump Org, Fulton County, tossed-out NDAs, his tax returns, and the Jan. 6 panel.
Ex-Trump attorney: What Trump fears the most about the FBI search - Michael Cohen, who was Donald Trumps personal attorney for almost a decade, says that Trump feels trapped because if an informant has tipped off the FBI, that person probably has more incriminating information.

No exit: After Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump is trapped and his fear is palpable. Donald Trumps lifelong grift is nearing its final act. Across America his power is fading and he knows it
Lincoln Project co-founder speculates if Jared Kushner was the mole who sold out Trump to the feds - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism
Trump world gripped with anger, fear and a host of conspiracies about the FBI search - POLITICO

Judge who signed FBI Mar-a-Lago warrant tells DoJ to respond to request to unseal it : politics

The maddening coverage of the Mar-a-Lago search - Columbia Journalism Review (your elite media sucks)

Trump Spent Five Hours Ducking Questions in NY Probe : politics

Trump Was Deeply Paranoid About Possibly Being Wiretapped: Report : politics
Trump suggesting FBI planted evidence confirms his guilt: Lawyer : politics
Legal storms engulf Trump : politics

Mulvaney says he was unaware of Mar-a-Lago safe as Trump chief of staff | The Hill : politics
FBI informant is one of 6-8 people "very close" to Trump: Ex-Trump official : politics

FBIs trump informants are traitors, Marjorie Taylor Greene says
The media shouldnt amplify the GOPs crazed anti-FBI rhetoric
The GOP makes its choice: Trump, yes. Rule of law, no. : politics
"Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says." - Lawyers, Guns & Money In absence of confirmation or even some juicy rumorsthat the FBI pulled a live boy, a dead girl and a comatose manatee out of tRumps private safe, and after multiple indicators that the FBI seized classified documents from someone who should not have had them, members of Team End Stage Contrarian Brain on Twitter and other hives of scum and villainy are concluding that it was no big deal.

FBI says armed man tried to breach Cincinnati field office - The Washington Post
Armed subject tried to breach FBI HQ in Cincinnati, agency reports : news

Hunter Bidens Laptop Is Not a Rational Defense of Trump at This Moment

(126) Jordan Klepper vs. Wisconsin Trump Supporters | The Daily Show - YouTube
QAnon Believes Trumps Latest Video Is a Secret Message Just for Them

Republicans Are Rooting for Civil War : politics

Biden met with historians who warned him about threats to democracy and compared the current moment to the pre-Civil War era, report says : politics

Law enforcement association warns agents of criminal exposure after Secret Service shares personal cellphone numbers with investigators : politics

Sen. Lindsey Graham a no-show at scheduled Fulton County court appearance : politics

Of all of the Republican candidates with Peter Thiels open checkbook and hand up their ass, Blake Masters might be the most reactionary of all:

Beto ORourke snaps at heckler over Uvalde shooting: It may be funny to you motherfucker

A new MAGA: Mothers Against Greg Abbott mobilizes against the incumbent governor seeking a third term : politics

A moms campaign to ban library books divided a Texas town and her own family

Rural Colorado school administrators investigated sexting between students. Now theyre charged in a child porn case.After a Safe2Tell tip came in, two administrators saved images on a secure school server in Brush. Cops and the DA say it violated porn possession laws

Louisiana child kicked out of class because parents are same-sex couple | Louisiana : news ... Bible Baptist Academy

Everybody Is Armed : As Shootings Soar, Philadelphia Is Awash in Guns - More than 1,400 people have been shot this year in Philadelphia, hundreds of them fatally - a higher toll than in much larger New York or Los Angeles.

Witness - Columbia Journalism Review - What one student reporter saw on 9/11

TIL around 400,000 gladiators died in the Colosseum. : todayilearned

Sloppy Use of Machine Learning Is Causing a Reproducibility Crisis in Science

Backyard hens eggs contain 40 times more lead on average than shop eggs, research finds (near some cities)

Neuroscience research suggests LSD might enhance learning and memory by promoting brain plasticity : science

The Forgotten Irish of Catholic Mount Auburn Cemetery | Boston : CambridgeMA

Metas chatbot says the company exploits people


Wait, This Whole Time We Could Have Solved Climate Change For $369 Billion?

Trillions of dollars at risk because central banks climate models not up to scratch research finds modelling used cannot predict localised extreme weather, leading to poor estimations of risk

Rainwater Everywhere on Earth Unsafe to Drink Due to "Forever Chemicals," Study Warns : worldnews

Drought threatens 60% of EU and U.K. as Europe faces critical situation

Scientist Scared to See Evidence That Climate Change Worsens Infectious Diseases

Orcas Attack So Many Boats Sailors Are Being Told To Stay in Port at Night : worldnews

New study based on Mass. schools finds masks protected students, staff from COVID-19 - The Boston Globe

New virus Lan'ya discovered in China

Australian doctors campaigning to reveal what is really inside vapes claim comparisons with smoking are 'wrong'

Japanese PM Kishida has removed ministers associated with the Unification amid a public outcry over his partys ties to the religious movement.
Japans population drops most in 9 years, with more over-65s than ever ... Fun fact, the market for adult diapers is larger than baby diapers in Japan

A storm is gathering: China announces fresh military drills around Taiwan
China withdraws promise not to send troops to Taiwan if it takes control of island : worldnews ... "We cant promise not to invade you if we invade you"
China releases white paper on Taiwan, warns it will not tolerate "separatists"

Russia Is Scouring the Globe for Weapons to Use Against Ukraine : worldnews

Russia is increasingly reliant on just two countries when it comes to selling crude oil with China and India accounting for more than 41% of export volumes. : worldnews

Steven Seagal appears in Ukraine, serving as a Russian spokesperson. : worldnews
The unique case of a bad actor both literally and figuratively.

Russia targets reporter with raid, probe over war criticism : worldnews

Human rights should play the biggest role in the awarding of a tournament. Former Germany captain Philipp Lahm says he will boycott this years FIFA World Cup over human rights abuses by host nation Qatar.

Iranian National Sought to Kill John Bolton, U.S. Says - WSJ Justice Department says in documents that Shahram Poursafi of Tehran tried to arrange assassination of former national security adviser

Ukraine war must end with liberation of Crimea - Zelensky

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 168, Part 1 (Thread #308) : worldnews

Putin loses his 100th colonel as US says 80,000 Russian troops have been either killed or wounded during invasion of Ukraine : worldnews
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 10 August 2022
[OC] Ukrainian Control over Territory + Military Deaths : dataisbeautiful

Ukraine says 9 Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea blasts : worldnews
I count at least 18 to 19 destroyed Jets from this satellite imagery. Slava Ukraini : ukraine
At least 60 pilots and civilians serving the military airfield were killed and more than 100 injured as a result of the explosion in Novofedorivka, - adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko. : ukraine
Unique footage has emerged showing the positions of powerful Russian air defense in Crimea. You dont have to worry about the Crimean bridge. (rubber missles)
The dynamic protection of the captured Russian T-80BVM tank turned out to be rubber.
Ukraines long-awaited southern counteroffensive begins with a bang in Crimea
Ukraine special forces behind deadly Crimea strike, official says : worldnews
Christo Grozev on Twitter: "Then again, it takes a dimensionless shit-thrower to know one." / Twitter
Jay in Kyiv on Twitter: "Another deep strike into Russian held territory, right ln border of Crimean in Chongar. My guess is Ukraine is taking out the bridge." / Twitter
New video of damage to the bridge along the Nova Kakhovka dam, presumably after yesterdays shelling.
24 Hours Later, the Traffic Jam of those Fleeing Crimea continues onwards after recent Ukrainian Strikes in the Area. : ukraine
Russian military experts and commentators reacting to the outcome of Novofyodorovka explosions in Crimea ... "No guys, it is at our house, we didnt give ultimatums before the announcement of the SMO for no reason! Its time for many to wake up and treat things realistically until we win, such cases will be repeated and it doesnt matter at all whether its rockets or a cigarette butt flared up!"
International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network
THREAD This video shows a Russian occupant who leaves Crimea after yesterdays attack. She says: I don't want to leave Crimea, Alushta. It is so amazing here. We got used to living here. We lived like it is our own. We felt like at home here

In the city of Marhanets, more than 20 high-rises were damaged in the attack, as well as two schools, a city council building, and several other administrative buildings.

US to allocate additional $89 million for demining Ukraine. The U.S. State Department announced on Aug. 9 that U.S. funding will provide 100 demining teams and strengthen the Ukrainian governments demining capacity.

Another head of Amnesty resigns due to disagreement with the report on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. : worldnews

EU urged to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians : worldnews

Switzerlands melting glaciers reveal human remains and plane wreckage

For Ukrainians Abroad, War Has Also Meant a Flowering of Identity - The New York Times Italy already had the biggest Ukrainian community in Western Europe before the war, but in recent months the diaspora has taken on new prominence and visibility.

All children under 10 in London to be offered polio vaccine after virus detected : worldnews

Brazilians fear return to dictatorship as deranged Bolsonaro trails in polls

Trans Twitch star arrested at gunpoint fears for life after someone sent police to her London, Ont., home : worldnews

Europes Bike and Transit Systems Are a Marvel, But Only For Some

Inflation drops to zero in July due to falling gas prices : politics
Gas is suddenly cheaper. That could help Biden. - POLITICO
Stocks soar, S&P 500 hits highest level in three months after key report shows slowdown in inflation

Biden signs PACT Act providing life-saving care to veterans after burn pits exposure: Truly sacred obligation

Biden approval rating jumps to its highest level in two months in Reuters-Ipsos poll : politics
Biden approval rises to 40%, highest in two months, Reuters/Ipsos shows

Most Americans support using the popular vote to decide U.S. presidents, data shows : politics ... Opinions on the systems varied sharply according to political party affiliation: 80% of Democrats approve of moving to a popular vote system, while 42% of Republicans support the move. Though, many more Republicans support using the popular vote system now than after the 2016 election, when support was at 27%. There is also an age divide: 7 out of 10 Americans from ages 18 to 29 support using the popular vote, compared to 56% in Americans over 65 years old. ... About a third of Americans oppose democracy. That level puts America on the tipping point to autocracy.

The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State : politics (United States of Jesus)

An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where
An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where : politics
Trump allies think theres a traitor in Mar-a-Lago who informed on him to the FBI: Axios
POLITICO Playbook: Trump lawyers provide new info but no warrant- POLITICO

FBI agents took around 12 boxes from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in their raid, his lawyer says : politics
FBI search of Mar-a-Lago helps show how probe of Trump documents has changed - The Washington Post A lawyer for Donald Trump said agents seized about a dozen boxes on Monday, months after 15 boxes of items were returned
F.B.I. Search of Trump's Home Pushes Long Conflict Into Public View - Justice Department officials were worried that the former president had not fully complied with requests to return material taken from the White House that included possible classified information.
Comparing Hillary Clintons emails and Donald Trumps boxes of files
Why the Trump search warrant is nothing like Hillarys emails
FBI searched Melanias wardrobe, spent hours in Trumps private office during Mar-a-Lago raid
Eric Trump reveals what REALLY happened in the FBI raid | Daily Mail Online

After Mar-a-Lago search, Trump challenged to release the warrant
Trump Made It A Felony To Mishandle Classified Documents In 2018 | HuffPost Latest News

Chris Christie said the FBI searching Trumps Mar-a-Lago residence and safe was 'fair game'

Trump pushes conspiracy theory about FBI agents planting evidence in Truth Social meltdown
Trump Is Peddling a Conspiracy the FBI Planted Evidence at Mar-a-Lago - The conspiracy has been percolating online since moments after Trump revealed the search had taken place. : politics
Lawrence: There is no uprising for Trump after FBI search
McConnell calls for thorough and immediate explanation of Mar-a-Lago raid
Far-Right Extremists Are Violently Threatening the Trump Search-Warrant Judge
The Republican response to the Mar-a-Lago raid should scare you : politics
Tweets that have aged extremely poorly, FBI executes search warrant at Mar-a-Lago edition
Rick Scott on FBIs raid at Mar-a-Lago: Feds are like Nazi Germanys Gestapo
Conservatives Believe Trump Is Above the Law : politics
Republicans Are Breathlessly Defending Trump Against the FBI Raid. But Just Wait. : politics
Even Before the FBI Search, MAGA World Was Saying Its at War
Republicans Are Now Parroting Trumps Attacks on Woke Generals
Trump and Republicans Are Already Trying to Cash in on the Mar-a-Lago Raid The GOP is now asking its supporters to fund their push to lay waste to the Justice Department for daring to search the former presidents estate
The answer to the question of how much more POLITICO this could be is none but I suspect its still probably correct:

Bruce Reinhart Orders DOJ Response in Trump Warrant Matter

FBI Quest for Trump Documents Started With Breezy Chats, Tour of a Crowded Closet - WSJ
You Cant Play the Cable-News Game in Court

Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general : news
Trump Confirms Hell Testify Wednesday In New York Civil Investigation
Trump testimony in New York investigation: Live updates | AP News

Alex Joness Texts With Some of Trumps Closest Allies Just Got Turned Over to the Jan. 6 Committee

What the GOP Really Loves Is Money, Power, and Hate : politics

Fox boss Lachlan Murdoch privately levels harsh criticism against Trump, sources say : politics

Rudy Giuliani ordered to appear in front of Georgia grand jury investigating 2020 election aftermath next week : politics

NYPD officer who accompanied Roger Stone on Jan. 6 is terminated - Gothamist

Scott Perrys phone was seized. Heres what that tells us ... Perry also pushed to Meadows the nutty conspiracy that Italian satellites were used to change Trump votes to votes for Joe Bideno top it all off, he later asked for a pardon

FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say -

Trumps Grip on GOP Remains Strong, but Red Wave Looking Smaller
Whaddaya gonna do? - Lawyers, Guns & Money statistically speaking the hearings have had literally ZERO effect on public opinion, with the exception that slightly fewer people now believe that Trump is directly responsible for the riot/insurrection/legitimate protest.

Republican Lauren Boebert wants biblical citizenship training in schools| Republican Colorado representative Lauren Boebert has suggested that children in public schools should be forced to undergo biblical citizenshiptraining

Opinion | Josh Hawley, senator-as-symptom of a broken news business - The Washington Post Like an infant feeling ignored and seeking attention by banging his spoon on his highchair tray, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) last week cast the only vote against admitting Finland and Sweden to NATO. He said adding the two militarily proficient Russian neighbors to NATO would somehow weaken U.S. deterrence of China.

Democracy dies in triflin' editorial and layout decisions - Lawyers, Guns & Money Does the decision to run the opinion piece on the front page hint that someone at the paper has a desperate need to be a petty asshole?

Lets Send Ron Johnson Packing: Mandela Barnes Wins Wisconsin Senate Primary

Washington will elect non-Republican as secretary of state for the first time since 1960 : politics

Omar ekes out House primary win over centrist in Minnesota : politics

Is the sum of the tweets greater than the tweets? | Press Watch
How the New York Times Uses "Experts" A Case Study in Ethics and Manipulation

Indiana officers suspended for arrest of possible candidate they thought was anti-cop - The Washington Post

Albuquerque Police Detain Suspect in Killings of Muslim Men - The New York Times The shootings of four Muslim men since November may be connected, the police have said, raising fears in a place where many immigrants and refugees had felt at home ... The police said the man, Muhammad Syed, 51, would be charged in two of the killings and that he was a suspect in the other two deaths ... the suspect was a Sunni Muslim who may have been motivated by resentment over a marriage to a Shiite Muslim. (bury the lede, NYT)

Could Taco Bell Fail in Mexico? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee by Abraham Riesman - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,172 - Lawyers, Guns & Money A genuinely horrible human is in this grave. Giovanni Dioguardi, later known as John Dioguardi or Johnny Dio in the underworld, was born in 1914 in Manhattan. By this time, the mafia was already pretty established in the city, having come over with Sicilian immigrants. He grew up with the mob. In fact, mafia figures killed his father in 1930 by shooting him in the head, one of the almost endless mob murders as different gangs battled each other for control of the streets and the riches, or not really that much riches, that came from them.

New research reports nearly 123,000 cancer deaths, or close to 30 percent of all cancer deaths, were from cigarette smoking in the United States in 2019, leading to more than 2 million Person-Years of Lost Life (PYLL) and nearly $21 billion in annual lost earnings : science

A vaccine for Lyme disease is in its final clinical trial : worldnews

Point and Shoot Cameras are Basically Dead | PetaPixel ... smartphones have all but totally replaced compact cameras.

$1B Giant Magellan Telescope to Have 4x the Resolution of James Webb | PetaPixel
X-rays have been detected from behind a black hole for the first time ever : worldnews
$1B Giant Magellan Telescope to Have 4x the Resolution of James Webb : worldnews

Scientists Investigate Upside-Down Lightning Bolt That Touched the Edge of Space : science

UFOs reported by Astronauts on International Space Station, SpaceX rockets, & NASA shuttles : HighStrangeness

Boston has the best ratio of Subreddit members to City population out of all major US cities : boston

Memorial Drive Saturday closures are cancelled, public meeting to be held after Labor Day : CambridgeMA

Ladies of Reddit, what is the biggest misconception about your bodies that all men should know? : AskReddit

Who on Earth are the Zonians? - BBC News


Scientists identify more than 200 unique linkages or pathways between nature and human well-being. The research could lead to better environmental design and ecosystem management.

CSIRO researchers identify 139 new species, including an ant that 'babysits' caterpillars

South Korea: 7 dead, 6 missing in heaviest rainfall in 80 years : worldnews

Canadian province declares emergency amid worst wildfires in over 50 years : worldnews

The new normal: how Europe is being hit by a climate-driven drought crisis
Most serious drought on record grips parts of Europe as extreme heat hits again ... France and Germany are suffering the most serious drought on record with Italy and Spain enduring their worst water shortages for decades as Europe braces for another heatwave. More than 100 French towns have been left short of drinking water,

France launches rescue mission for beluga whale stuck in Seine river : worldnews

Panama Canal grapples with climate change threat : worldnews

Google Search Is Very Broken Now: Outages, Indexing Issues, Pages Missing & More : worldnews

The type and frequency of animals coming down with COVID is trying to tell us something about the future of the pandemic. Scientists are on the case : worldnews

Australian state begins legislating to ban the swastika : worldnews

New Zealands political right surges ahead in polls as Ardern's popularity dips (

Japans MSDF, Solomon Islands hold 1st drill amid China tension

Being gay is not a disease, Vietnam tells its medical workers in bid to end anti-LGBTQ discrimination : worldnews

The United States on Monday returned 30 stolen works of art and antiquities to Cambodia that had been looted from the southeast Asian nation, including from an ancient Khmer city, and illegally trafficked around the world for decades : worldnews

Taiwan holds drills, says China seeks control of seas : worldnews

China launches 272 attempts at spreading disinformation in Taiwan in week : technology
Top Executives of Chinas State Semiconductor Fund Arrested

Russia suspends US inspections of its nuclear weapons arsenal : worldnews
North Korea offering 100,000 volunteers for war against Ukraine, says Russian state media

Kremlin says Zelenskyy call for Western ban on all Russians is irrational : worldnews
Russian media reveals survey according to which 65% of Russians want a peace treaty with Ukraine : worldnews

Russia releases statement condemning Israeli airstrikes in Gaza : worldnews

Russia Has Blocked 138K Websites Since Ukraine Invasion, Prosecutor Says : worldnews
Russian disinformation spreading in new ways despite bans : worldnews
How Russian Propaganda Is Reaching Beyond English Speakers : worldnews

Kazakhstan gives Russia the cold shoulder : worldnews

Top Pakistan Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan roadside attack | Pakistan Taliban News : worldnews

Its Bangladesh after Sri Lanka: Protests erupt over 52% fuel price hike | Mint

New CCTV images show Iranian kill squad tracking Israelis in Istanbul : worldnews

International Relations Minister of South Africa said the government is equally concerned about Palestine as it is about the Ukraine conflict. She added that Just as much as the people of Ukraine deserve their territory and freedom the people of Palestine deserve their territory and freedom : worldnews

A U.S. diplomat warns African countries against buying anything from Russia except grain and fertilizer : worldnews

Misfired rockets may have killed over a dozen in Gaza battle : worldnews
Wanted terrorist Ibrahim Nabulsi killed by IDF in Nablus stand-off : worldnews

U.S. to send Ukraine $5.5 billion in new fiscal, military aid : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 167, Part 1 (Thread #307) : worldnews

Russian losses amount to 300 soldiers on 8 August alone : worldnews
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 9 August 2022
Jay in Kyiv on Twitter: "We may have just witnessed the greatest single day of losses for the Russian Air Force, ever. From satellite 4 hours before the explosions, I count 37 jets and 6 helicopters. The explosions were spread out, across the area. So, maybe targeting groups of aircraft." / Twitter
The military airfield in the Crimea is on fire and exploding, 220+ km from the front line. : ukraine
US officials have clarified that targets in Crimea are fair game, including the Kerch Strait Bridge, as they see it as Russian-occupied territory of Ukraine. No escalation ceiling for US weapons use for Crimean targets : ukraine
With our GeoConfirmed team we took a closer look at the attack at Saki Airbase in Crimea.
Alexander Clarkson on Twitter: "The extent to which Russians were lulled into believing they could spend their vacations in Crimea as usual is wild. Like Americans going for casino vacations in Cuba in 1959" / Twitter
Russians are hastily leaving Crimea via the Crimean bridge. Theres a huge traffic jam here

Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Massive Blasts at Russian Base in Crimea Despite Kremlins Story
Blasts heard near Russian airbase in Crimea, emergency services rush in : worldnews
Ukrainian Forces strike Crimea based military base : worldnews
Two explosions in russian Saki Airbase on occupied Crimea. 200km away from the front line. : CombatFootage
Pinged a senior Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official just now about these stunning long-range strikes on a Russian air base in Crimea. His reply: Its just warming up.
Ukrainian resistance grows in Russian-occupied areas : worldnews

Russia Is Now Openly Threatening to Bomb the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia using Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as army base - Ukraine : worldnews

The Ukrainian armed forces stopped 10 attempts of the enemy to storm cities and villages on the border of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. : worldnews
Russia destroys over 9,000 civilian targets in Mykolaiv Oblast : worldnews

How Russia Took Over Ukraines Internet in Occupied Territories

Ukraine gathers evidence of Russian attacks on hospitals : worldnews
In Bucha, officials tally the dead and unidentified - The Washington Post ... 458 bodies, of which 419 bore markings they had been shot, tortured or bludgeoned to death.

Turkey building drone factory in Ukraine to fight Putins forces - Ambassador Vasyl Bodnar.
The Kremlin officials are so afraid of "Bayraktar" UCAVs they threaten to "demilitarise" the production of drones in Ukraine

Biden signs ratification documents approving Finland and Swedens NATO membership

Helsinki removes Soviet-donated World Peace statue : worldnews

Sweden, Denmark and Norway are tightening their military cooperation, a response to Russias behavior in the Baltic region
Swedish Amnestys co-founder Per Wastberg is now leaving the human rights organization

Estonian PM says visiting Europe is a privilege and its time to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians

Russia reportedly set to establish military base in Serbia claims Russian Ambassador : worldnews

Poland threatens to turn all our cannon on EU in rule-of-law row

Dominos Pizza Quits Italy After Locals Shun American Pies

Toni Minichiello has been banned from coaching for life by UK Athletics over sexually inappropriate conduct after being found to have committed "gross breaches of trust". : worldnews

Brazils Bolsonaro not afraid to lose election, does not seek a coup ... Exactly what someone plotting a coup would say
Brazilians Fear return of Dictatorship as deranged Bolsonaro Trails in polls : worldnews

Montreal Pride cancels parade, but hundreds march downtown : worldnews
B.C. teacher handed 10-year ban after intimate relationships with three students

DHS to end Remain in Mexico, allow asylum seekers to enter U.S.

US Gas Prices Fall Below $4 Per Gallon; First Time Since March

Inside Biden's hot streak, from the poolside to the Capitol - As the president sought legislation that has eluded Democrats for decades, he made a key decision -- to take himself largely out of the mix

Schumer: Senate will vote again on $35 insulin cap after GOP blocked it : politics

Nearly All Senators Vote Against Sanders's Amendments to Inflation Reduction Act

Sinema Received Over $500K From Private Equity Before Shielding Industry From Tax Hikes : politics

With Deal in Hand, Democrats Enter the Fall Armed With Something New: Hope : politics
Did Democrats Just Save Civilization? : politics
Bidens BFD Summer
Bidens summer blitz reinforces how vital a small number of voters can be | For both Biden and Trump, small electoral margins had a huge impact on the legislative course of our country
GOP Loses Lead In Generic-Ballot Polls As Midterms Approach : politics
New York Times blasted for negative presidential coverage - (Haberputz doing her refuck PR)

Eschaton: Inflation Larry Summer made 3 predictions, and after running them through his economist supercomputer (lol I mean vibing like Nate Silver), gave each a 1/3 chance of happening. Amazingly the thing that did happen was not one of his predictions, but somehow Larry was proved fucking right anyway ... The real freakout was that there would be actual decent social policy and rising worker wages for the first time in decades. It was necessary to kill that.

Why does the IRS need $80 billion? Just look at its cafeteria.

Renaming 9 Confederate-honoring Army posts will cost $21M : politics

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion Motherboard has obtained court documents that show Facebook gave police a teenagers private chats about her abortion. Cops then used those chats to seize her phone and computer.
The surveillance techniques that will be used to prosecute women and girls for medically-induced abortions - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And as we can also see Republican controlled-states will have no compunction about arresting and jailing women who get abortions as well as anyone who materially helped them ... Teens jailing shows exactly how Facebook will help anti-abortion states
Preventive care such as birth control, anti-HIV medicine challenged in Texas lawsuit : politics
Emails Raise Questions About WashPost Fact Checker The Post corrected Glenn Kesslers column questioning reporting about a child rape victim, shortly after The Lever obtained emails showing inaccuracies. (factfucker)

Partisan Hostility Grows Amid Signs of Frustration With Two-Party System | Pew Research Center Nearly half of younger adults say theywish there were more parties to choose from

Alexander Vindman on Trump as cult leader and the line from Jan. 6 to Putins war on Ukraine

FBI searches Trump safe at Mar-a-Lago for classified documents - The Washington Post Search was court-authorized and related to long-running investigation, person familiar with the probe said.
Trump Search Should Just Be Garlands Opening Act
The F.B.I. search is separate from the Justice Departments Jan. 6investigation.
F.B.I. Searches Trumps Mar-a-Lago Residence in Florida
Appeals court says House can obtain Trumps taxes from the IRS
Search of Trumps Florida Residence Signals Depth of Federal Investigation
Rep. Scott Perry, a top Trump ally, says FBI agents seized his cellphone Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican whos chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, was subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee this year.
Russias Trump Raid Tantrum Is a Spectacle You Dont Want to MissThe FBI raid on Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago residence has reduced the Kremlins cronies to live TV hysterics.

u/TrollTollTony Summarizes the FBIs Mueller Report In Light Of The FBI Search of Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago Home
TrollTollTony comments on Raise your hand!

Trump claims political persecution after FBI search of Mar-a-Lago residence - The Washington Post
The search appears to signal a major escalation in the various investigations into the Trump presidency. - The New York Times ... known throughout his term to rip up official material that was intended to be held for presidential archives. One person familiar with his habits said that included classified material that was shredded in his bedroom and elsewhere. The search was at least in part for whether any records remained at the club
Also too, if the FBI says they found anything they're making it up, and if they then produce it they planted it - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The folks at Lawfare have an exhaustive discussion of the Raid on Mar-a-Lago that I found helpful

Inside Trumps Frantic Hunt for Killer Criminal Defense Attorneys ... "Apprentice: Avoid-Federal-Prison Edition"
Trump Supporters Are Calling for Civil War After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago
Violent comments flood far-right forums following FBI Mar-a-Lago search : politics
After Mar-a-Lago search, users on pro-Trump forums agitate for civil war -- including a Jan. 6 rioter
Florida Lawmaker Calls for FBI Agents to Be Arrested Upon Sight After Trump Raid
The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown : politics
The Mar-a-Lago Raid Shows That Conservatives Believe Trump Is Above the Law - The Atlantic reflexive insistence that the Mar-a-Lago raid is politically motivated is unmoored from the available evidence.
Republican officials reacted with fury to news of the search. : politics
The GOPs inauspicious knee-jerk reaction to the Trump raid

The little-known Florida blogger who broke the Mar-a-Lago raid story : politics

Rep. Jim Jordans Judiciary Tweet Mocked For Struggling With Basic Legal Concepts. Twitter users remind the House Judiciary GOP that no one is supposed to be above the law.
Republicans Promise Retaliation Against Justice Department Over Trump Raid : politics
Suddenly, its the right that wants to defund law enforcement
The GOP Suddenly Wants to Defund Law Enforcement After Feds Raid Mar-a-Lago : politics
GOP discovers new standards on the mishandling of classified info : politics
The US Divide Over Trump Just Got More Toxic : politics
Voters Are Realizing Republicans Mean What They Say | The GOP benefited when voters didnt hear the details of January 6, or think abortion rights would be abolished. Now theyve been red-pilled.

Trump Is Soiling Himself Over Mar-a-Lago Getting Raided by FBI, and in Fairness, He Should Be
Fox is furiously poisoning the well after the Mar-a-Lago search | Media Matters for America
Surprise: Trump Lied About His Nasty Little Toilet-Clogging Habit : politics
Trump could be disqualified from holding office again over classified documents, says lawyer : politics
Bernard Kerik Says Democrats May Try to Orchestrate Trumps Assassination After FBI Raid
Man, woman, person, camera, prison

Raiding Mar-a-Lago II - Lawyers, Guns & Money
I cant imagine DOJ inviting this level of political blowback over generic suspicion that some classified documents hadnt been returned. Certainly not given how cautiously Garlands operated to date.
Why a search warrant was needed - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Chotiner has a non-give-em-enough-rope interview with a federal prosecutor that is illuminating: ... If you know anything about the history of Trump, the idea that he would comply voluntarily with a subpoena is absurd.
What does the disgusting orange hobbit have in its pocketses? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Pretty much every Trump/Q forum Im on is wishcasting Ron DeSantis sending Florida police to somehow intercept federal law enforcement around Mar a Lago.When does the shooting start?
Dan Murphy on Twitter: "Radio Silence from Glem and Moscow Ed. It's eerie." / Twitter
I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow,Donald Trump, 6/7/2017
What Was The FBI Searching For? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Some Likely Exacerbating Factors that Would Contribute to a Trump Search - emptywheel
This bit of National Review bloviation accurately reflects the mainstream media narrative surrounding the justification for raiding Mar-a-Lago: ... What's most remarkable here is how internalized the concept of elite impunity has become.

Alex Jones texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says
Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals : news
Tucker Carlson Shitting Himself Scared That His Alex Jones Texts May Leakthe Fox News star is deeply concerned about his personal texts with the raving conspiracy blowhard possibly leaking.

What lawsuits and investigations is Donald Trump facing? : politics

The House Jan. 6 panel is scheduled to interview Pompeo and Mastriano on Tuesday. : politics
Mike Pompeo meeting with January 6 committee today, source says : politics
Jan. 6 Panel To Interview Mike Pompeo, Doug Mastriano. Mastriano, the Trump-endorsed Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor, was subpoenaed for participating in Trumps fake electors scheme.

CPACs Four-Day Sermon of Unrelenting Fear Has Set Trumpism on a New Path

Marjorie Taylor Greene still claims Antifa behind Jan 6 despite 360 convictions : politics

Michigan Officials Detail a Brazen Voting Machine Scheme by Trump Supporters : politics

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Fetterman leads Oz in new poll : politics

Welcome to the strangest Senate race in America - POLITICO Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is facing his first real reelection challenge from an ex-Republican endorsed by Democrats who, if elected, would caucus with neither party.

Ex-Kentucky justice secretary charged with first-degree rape : politics ... Heres a list of 700 GOP members that have been charged with sex crimes and the vast majority of them against minors ... But they are trying to bring down the secret pedophilia ring though

Firearms banned at events with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has argued 'gun-free' zones are less safe

Anxious New Yorkers Worry Whether Eric Adams Is the Man for the Moment - The New York Times City residents are concerned about violent crime, housing costs, school budget cuts and homelessness. Some believe that the mayor has not met the challenge.

Theres no shortage of teachers. Weve just driven them out of schools.

Is really legal? : books

Spiders Seem to Have REM-like Sleep and May Even Dream : science

What are we going to do about all the Nazis? : boston


Excessively hot nights caused by climate change are predicted to increase the mortality rate around the world by up to 60% by the end of the century, study finds : science

More than half of known human pathogenic diseases such as dengue, hepatitis, pneumonia, malaria, Zika and more, can be aggravated by climate change. 58%, or 218 out of 375, of known human pathogenic diseases had been affected at some point by at least one climatic hazard via 1,006 unique pathways. : science

Iraq broils in dangerous 120-degree heat as power grid shuts down : worldnews

Thousands more species at risk of extinction than currently recorded, suggests new study : science

The past three weeks have been the warmest ever recorded in Boston - The Boston Globe

COVID-19 Vaccination Reduced the Risk of Reinfection by Approximately 50% : science

Myanmars envoy to China died; 4th Ambassador to die in China in a year

We are not scared: Taiwans foreign minister says island will stand up to more serious China threats

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responds to Chinas draconian COVID policies: End the CCP

Russia withdraws its nuclear weapons from US inspections : worldnews

India turns to Russian fertilizer, showing challenge of isolating Moscow : worldnews
Russia Becomes Second-Biggest Crude Oil Supplier To India, Surpasses Saudi Arabia : worldnews

I will continue killing foreigners: Hekmatullah, who shot dead unarmed Australians, treated as returninghero by Taliban

Agreement on nuclear deal within reach but obstacles remain - POLITICO On Monday, The EU will officially circulate the final draft document to participants and will ask the U.S. and Iran to agree on it.
Biden already has two foreign crises on his hands. It's not too late for him to avoid a third. The last thing America needs right now is a three-front foreign crisis. Yet here we are

Islamic Jihad rockets killed more civilians in Gaza than IDF airstrikes : worldnews

Ukraines security forces foil Russian assassination attempts on Defence Minister and intelligence chief
Ukrainian law enforcement officers have foiled assassination attempts by the Russian secret service on Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, and Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Chief Intelligence Directorate. Russian handlers had promised a reward of $100,000-150,000 for the killing of each. : ukraine
The U.S. has provided Ukraine with $9.8 billion in weapons since Russias full-scale invasion nearly six months ago. Thats more than a 166 percent jump over Ukraines $5.9 billion defense budget last year ust based on American military aid alone.
Amazing foresight by US General Mark Hertling on February 24, 2022 : ukraine
NEW: The Pentagon believes that as many as 80,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded since the Kremlins full-scale invasion of Ukraine, another sign that the death toll could be rising as the conflict nears the six month mark.
Russia's Death Toll Rises in Ukraine U.S. officials believe Russia is facing its toughest fight since World War II.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 166, Part 1 (Thread #306) : worldnews

Today, August 8, around 10:00 a.m., the Russians launched four Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles from the Black Sea. All targets were shot down. : ukraine

Russians threaten to blow up mined Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant : worldnews
Russians threaten to blow up nuclear power plant in case of Ukrainian advances : worldnews
Any attack on a nuclear plant is "suicidal", United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Monday after fresh shelling hit a huge atomic power complex in southern Ukraine. Moscow and Kyiv blame each other for the latest strike at the Zaporizhzhia plant : worldnews
Ukraine calls for demilitarised zone around nuclear plant hit by shelling : worldnews

Total combat losses of Russia since the beginning of the war with Ukraine ... Personnel ~170.360 +560 89.7% 190.000 intended for invasion
Ukrainian forces use HIMARS to strike Russian deployment points in Melitopol, killing 100 Russian soldiers : worldnews ... "their parents are already selecting the make and colour of their Lada cars"
Operational Command South reports that Ukrainian forces killed two dozen Russian troops; destroyed various Russian equipment, including a T-62 tank, 5 units of armored and other military vehicles, and an ammunition depot located in Beryslavskyi district of Kherson region.

#Russian occupation officials may be accelerating their preparations for illegitimate pseudo-referenda on the Russian annexation of occupied #Ukrainian territory.
Russia attempts to buy votes for its pseudo-referendum in Kherson Oblast : worldnews
Zelenskiy Rules Out Talks If Russia Holds Referendums In Occupied Areas : worldnews

Ukrainian aviation hits invaders in Kherson region thrice : worldnews

CBS partially retracts documentary that outraged Ukraine by claiming that US weapon shipments were going missing : worldnews

Amnesty is now utterly morally bankrupt - Its anti-Western obsession has driven it into the gutter
Whats up with Amnesty International and its moral myopia on Ukraine?

Estonia calls on Russia to stop nuclear terrorism in Zaporizhzhia : worldnews

Latvia urges Australia to support designating Russia as state sponsor of terrorism : worldnews
The police of Latvia will no longer guard Russian consulates. The country has recognized the diplomatic staff of the Russian consulates as undesirable persons. : worldnews

The brazen murder that spotlighted Berlins timid Russia policy ... The 2019 murder of former Chechen fighter Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, 40, had been particularly brazen. He was shot three times in broad daylight in a Berlin park by a hit man riding a bike ... Germanys timid reaction to the verdict was part of a long-standing pattern of appeasing the Kremlin, critics say, a policy that straddled different governments and was designed to protect Germanys business ties with Russia, particularly its need for Russian oil and natural gas ... added to the Kremlins sense of impunity before the invasion of Ukraine, at a moment when the United States was warning that Russia was planning an attack ... Within a week of the killing, Bellingcat published a piece outlining why Russias claims that the killer was not connected to the Russian state were implausible. (SMerkel cackled)

Germany braces for social unrest over energy prices: German officials have expressed fears that a worst-case winter of energy problems could prompt an extremist backlash. How bad things get may depend on how well they manage the crisisin policy and perception ("extremist backlash")

Shock as London police admit strip-searching hundreds of children : worldnews ... She said 58% of children strip-searched over the two-year period were black, despite just 19% of 10-17 year-olds in the UK capital having this ethnicity. (cops searching girl's vaginas for weed)
Qantas asks executives to work as baggage handlers for three months : worldnews

Colombias first leftist president says war on drugs has failed (someone call Nancy Reagan in hell)

Senators put bipartisan pressure on Biden to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism : worldnews
Stop Tiptoeing Around Russia | Foreign Affairs It Is Time to End Washington's Decades of Deference to Moscow By Alexander Vindman - August 8, 2022 ... "ungroup" ...
One year after Afghanistan, spy agencies pivot toward China | AP News

Judge authorizes warrant for US to seize Russian oligarch's $90 million private plane

Biden Appeared to Overstate the Role of Al Qaedas LeaderTerrorism experts were surprised by the presidents descriptions of Ayman al-Zawahri, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike ... Ali Soufan, a former F.B.I. agent who investigated Al Qaeda in the period surrounding both attacks, said al-Zawahri was not the operational mastermind of either plot.

US: Dismantle Structures of Racism Now UN Review of US Record on Racial Justice Should Prompt White House Action

Senate approves Inflation Reduction Act, clinching long-delayed health and climate bill : politics
Yes, the Inflation Reduction Act Is a Big Effing Deal. : politics
Consumers expectations of future inflation decreased significantly in win for the Federal Reserve

Reconciliation bill includes nearly $80 billion for IRS including enforcement, audits: What that means for taxpayers : politics

Biden Is on a Roll That Any President Would Relish. Is It a Turning Point? - The New York Times White House aides say the string of victories compares favorably to the two-year legislative record of most any other modern president.
Dark Brandon Begins: How WH aides appropriated the meme of their boss as an underworld kin- POLITICO
Brandon Returns, Darkly: Democrats turn an insult into a pro-Biden meme - The Washington Post
Chris Murphy on Twitter: "" / Twitter - Dark Brandon

How Bidens big win in the Senate could change America and reshape his fortunes
Senate Democrats strike a blow against cynicism and hopelessness
Senate passes sweeping climate, health and tax package, putting Democrats on cusp of historic win : politics
This is what happens when the party in charge cares about governing

In a huge victory for Dems, Medicare poised to negotiate drug prices
What the Hell is Wrong With Them: GOP Senators Kill $35 Cap on Insulin. Republicans told millions of Americans who use insulin to go to hell.
Sometimes they are all of them at once - Lawyers, Guns & Money Whatever 23-year-old cornfed Nazi tweets things out on Chuck Grassleys account offered this to his bovine-like supporters yesterday: (Grassfuck lies again, again)

Abortion bans complicate access to drugs for cancer, arthritis, even ulcers : politics

Tim Kaine has long Covid. Thats not moving Congress to act.
Malcolm Gladwell slammed after criticizing WFH policiesdespite having worked remotely for decades (Gladfucker)

The Unpresidential Vulgarity of Lets Go Brandon ... hatriots ...

"Great and irreparable harm": Milley assailed Trump in draft resignation letter : politics
Bradley P. Moss on Twitter: "This is the resignation text Milley wrote but never submitted to Trump. Wow." / Twitter
Trump Said He Wanted Generals to Be Loyal to Him Like Nazis Were to Hitler : politics
Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals : politics
The second highest-ranking US general told Trump his idea for a big military parade in DC is what dictators do report says

Trump tried to flush documents down White House toilet, new photos show : politics
NEW IN AXIOS: Trump denied flushing documents as president, as I learned during reporting last year for CONFIDENCE MAN. A Trump White House source recently provided PHOTOS of paper with Trump's s handwriting in two different toilets
Trumps telltale toilet
More News From Years Ago By New York Times Book Writers - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Haberputz sat on the the story for 3 years)

Trump real estate appraiser hands over thousands of documents to N.Y. AG in civil probe : politics

Trump says FBI is conducting search of his Mar-a-Lago estate : politics ... The fact that they got a search warrant for a former president indicates a HIGH likelihood they have some serious evidence ...
Trump says FBI conducted search of his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida - The Boston Globe These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before
FBI raids Trumps home
F.B.I. Searches Trumps Home in Florida (
Megathread: FBI Searches Former President Donald Trumps Florida Home
Raiding Mar-a-Lago - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "The very unlikely (Trump being charged) has become fully plausible"
FBI Executes a Search Warrant at 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480 - emptywheel

In Dallas, Donald Trump Provided a Violent Blueprint for Seizing Power : politics
Opinion: The revolting celebration of January 6 at CPAC : politics
In a growing schism in the GOP, Matt Gaetz slammed Kevin McCarthy at CPAC: He should not be the leader of the Republican conference
Opinion The GOP is Viktor Orbans party now

Lawyer: Giuliani wont testify Tuesday in Ga. election probe
Georgia DA rejects Giuliani effort to postpone Aug. 9 grand jury appearance : politics

Doug Mastriano, Trump ally and candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, to appear before Jan. 6 committee Tuesday : politics

Paul Manafort Interview: I Gave Trump Campaign Polling Data to Russian Business Associate - Paul Manafort, who served as Donald Trumps campaign chairman, made his first public admission that in 2016 he shared polling data from the Trump campaign with Konstantin Kilimnik, a longtime business associate with suspected ties to Russian intelligence.

The lavatories of democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Jane Mayer has a great piece about democratic decline in US statehouses:

DeSantis is scarier opponent than Trump, say Democrats
Progressive group polling finds Ron DeSantis may be in a closer race than expected
Florida prosecutor vows to fight Gov. DeSantis suspension : politics
DeSantis appoints Federalist Society member to Florida Supreme Court : politics
Constitutional sheriff movement escapes DeSantis scrutiny - Some elected sheriffs have suggested they wouldnt enforce gun control measures, tapping into an ideology that sheriffs are the final arbiter of what is constitutional.

Lindsey Graham Scolded For Senate Outburst At Maggie Hassan | HuffPost Latest News Graham directly insulted Hassan and presiding officer Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) stepped in.
Graham warned to follow decorum rule after he attacks Democratic colleague : politics
Lindsey Graham opposes same-sex & interracial marriage protections : politics

Cheney: GOP is very sick
Liz Cheney gets Wyoming Dems switching to GOP for primary, data suggests : politics
Opinion | How many nutty stances can the Republican Party take? - The Washington Post ... President Biden, despite his partys thin House majority and the 50-50 Senate, has arguably passed more important bills than any president since Lyndon B. Johnsons Great Society. And LBJ had a filibuster-proof Senate majority throughout his presidency (a high of 68 Democrats at one point) and huge House majorities (his low, after the 1966 election, was a 61-vote advantage).

Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. They're Being Used Anyway. A Supreme Court shift, frowning on changes close to elections, gives House Republicans a big advantage in November ... Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Ohio
Ohio Supreme Court again rejects Republican congressional map, ordering redraw for 2024 election : politics ... The governors son is on the Ohio supreme court? And the court ruled 4-3? And the justice that put them over the top is retiring at the end of the year?
Five States Will Decide If the 2024 Election Can Be Stolen ... Tight races this November in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, and a possible Republican win in Pennsylvania, will determine who is in charge of making election decisions in states where the White House is won or lost. In all five of these states, Trump and his backers tried to overturn the results.

Lauren Boebert Compromises Herself With Badly Flawed Attack On Hunter Biden : politics

He has done more to further the cause of hate in the US than almost anyone: the rise and fall of Alex Jones
First on CNN: Alex Jones texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says

Trump suggests abolishing Department of Education to stop radicalisation of children (DeVosification of public schools, turn kids into Nat-Cs)

2 men face new trial over scheme to kidnap Michigan governor : politics
uncovered evidence tying the GOP candidate running to unseat her to a scheme to seize and tamper with voting machines.
GOP Candidate For Michigan AG Named In Probe Over Breached Voting Systems : politics

In Wisconsin Primary, G.O.P. Voters Call for Decertifying 2020 Election - The New York Times Donald Trumps supporters have turned anger over his defeat two years ago, and the false notion that it can still be reversed, into central campaign issues ahead of the battleground states primary.

Texas voters: You dont have to like Democrats, but you do have to vote Republicans out

Nebraska Republicans Drop Proposed Abortion Ban Because They Don't Have the Votes - Lawmakers were three votes shy of passing a 12-week abortion ban - for now, at least.

Herschel Walkers Ex-Wife Describes Abuse In Brutal New Political Ad

She Questioned Disabled People's Right to Vote. Now, Shes Running to Be a Chief Election Official.

Travis McMichael sentenced to life in prison for federal hate crimes in killing of Ahmaud Arbery : news

A Drop in Murders - The New York Times - Despite the grim headlines, 2022 is less violent so far than last year ... Nationwide, shootings are down 4 percent this year compared to the same time last year. In big cities, murders are down 3 percent. If the decrease in murders continues for the rest of 2022, it will be the first year since 2018 in which they fell in the U.S. ... Disruptions related to Covid probably led to more murders and shootings by shutting down social services, which had kept people safe, and closing schools, which left many teens idle ... In 2022, bad news bias has left many Americans thinking that violent crime is worse this year when it ultimately may not be. And this bias has skewed public perceptions of crime and violence in the past, too.

Ex-Project Veritas Employees Offer Harsh Portrait of the Conservative Group - The New York Times One former employee described the conservative group as having a highly sexualized atmosphere where drinking and drug use were commonplace.

Sam Alito Rubs His Chin in Anticipation - Lawyers, Guns & Money I await the Opus Dei court deciding that this is indeed kidnapping.
More Perfect Union on Twitter: "NEW: Starbucks is taking its union-busting to an unprecedented level. A South Carolina store manager is pressing kidnapping & assault charges against unionized workers after they presented a list of demands in a store meeting. Starbucks has suspended all of the workers." / Twitter

Anne Heche In Extremely Critical Condition, Remains In a Coma Following Fiery Car Crash

Baffling and traumatizing: Queens man arrested at Rockaway Beach after off-hours swim

Whisper of the Heart Take Me Home, Country Roads

Have Scientists Been Wrong About Alzheimers for Decades?

Study: Kids who vape tobacco are more likely to go on to use cannabis : science

Researchers discovered that the fully reduced form of vitamin K acts as an antioxidant efficiently inhibiting ferroptotic cell death. Ferroptosis has been implicated as a driver of Alzheimer's disease and acute organ injuries, vitamin K might be a new strategy to ameliorate these diseases : science

Research shows a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of inflammation, providing an important biomarker to identify people at higher risk of or severity of chronic illnesses with an inflammatory component : science

ELI5 If light is the fastest thing know to man, how do we know anything we observe is still out there? : explainlikeimfive
Relativity of simultaneity - Wikipedia

Whats your Boston specific hack you are willing to share?

Bachelorette parties in P-town often destroy safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people : boston

What was attractive 10 years ago but now isnt anymore?

People of reddit what ended your friendship with your best friend? : AskReddit

What Is Elon Musk? And how is it possible that he could emerge from his Twitter debacle more culturally dominant than ever?

Amazon bought the company that makes the Roomba. Anti-trust researchers and data privacy experts say its the most dangerous, threatening acquisition in the companys history


Earth is spinning faster than usual, leading to the shortest day ever recorded : worldnews

Iraq broils in dangerous 120-degree heat as power grid shuts down - The Boston Globe

Chaos after heat crashes computers at leading London hospitals : news

With Great Barrier Reef showing signs of recovery, Australia takes steps to combat climate change by passing bill to reduce carbon emissions by 43% : worldnews

Farmers fear for future harvests as climate change takes its toll on Spanish agriculture: Fires are spreading in Spain where sun-baked land acts as a tinder-box : worldnews

After three heatwaves, France is facing its most severe drought in history : worldnews

Britains farms are being devastated by corporate giants covering up their carbon footprint - buying farmland and planting millions of trees on fields grazed by sheep for centuries

99% of sea turtles are now born female due to extreme heatwaves : worldnews

Thousands of venomous crabs swarm St Ives beaches as sea temperatures rise : worldnews

Record amount of seaweed is choking shores in the Caribbean | AP News : worldnews

Study finds new Treatment that neutralizes all COVID-19 variants : Monoclonal antibody SW186 can neutralize all SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern, including Omicron subvariants, and SARS-CoV-1. : science

What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19? : AskReddit

35 in Mainland infected by new virus named "Langya henipavirus" discovered in Shandong and Henan : worldnews ... Henipaviruses are characterised by long genomes and a wide host range.

Hijab rules are raising rights concerns in Indonesia - UCA News : worldnews

Taiwan responds to Chinas military drills as warships circle each other in cat and mouse manoeuvres | World News
Taiwan: US hits out at irresponsible China amid attack rehearsal claims

Taiwan is not a part of U.S. but Chinese territory, says Chinese foreign minister : worldnews
China launches long-range airstrike drills around Taiwan on fourth day of military exercises : worldnews
US, Australia, Japan Urge China to Cease Military Exercises Around Taiwan : worldnews
China Is Moving to Tighten Label Rules on Goods From Taiwan : worldnews

Russian commanders dismissed after "poor performance" in Ukraine: U.K. Ministry of Defence : worldnews

North Korea offering 100,000 troops to help defeat Ukraine Russian media says : worldnews

Putin ally threatens to kill German journalist reporting from Ukraine : worldnews ... Russian state-sanctioned terrorist makes terroristic threats against foreign press in the country the terrorists are actively committing terrorism within.

After a deadly 2009 attack, the CIA's hunt for Zawahiri became personal - Years before the CIA strike that ended his life, Zawahiri played a key part in the deaths of American operatives
Shameful: Afghans who helped UK abandoned to a life of fear under the Taliban | Home Office accused of failing to ensure safety of thousands including teachers and translators
They beat girls just for smiling: life in Afghanistan one year after the Talibans return
They beat girls just for smiling: life in Afghanistan one year after the Talibans return

Millions of boxes of oranges are spoiling in containers stranded at European ports as South Africa and the European Union lock horns in a dispute over import rules : worldnews
US Secretary of State Blinken to visit Africa as tension with China and Russia intensifies : worldnews - Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his team will be in sub-Saharan Africa from August 7 to 12, paying visits to three countries: South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda.

Suspected Islamists kill 20 in east Congo village attacks : worldnews

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli attack on Gaza Strip: Foreign ministry statement : worldnews

Israel will pay a heavy priceafter Gaza attack, Iran warns | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Israel, Islamic Jihad, say Gaza ceasefire agreement reached : news
After new Gaza strike, Israel says its killed allIslamic Jihad leaders
Palestinian Islamic jihad group confirms killing of a senior commander in Gaza : worldnews
Israeli jets pound Gaza in second day of attacks | Israel-Palestine conflict News : worldnews
In first, Iron Domes interception success rate reaches 95%
World reacts to Operation Breaking Dawn; UN to hold emergency meeting Monday
U.S. says it supports Israels right to defend itself, urges no more escalation

Ukraine supports Operation Breaking Dawn : worldnews
Amnesty regrets distress caused by report rebuking Ukraine (

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 165, Part 1 (Thread #305) : worldnews

Here are the August 7 control-of-terrain maps for #Russias invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats - Full campaign assessment to follow.
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Aug. 7, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... The biggest surprise is +300 Russian dead.

Meanwhile, Russian state media advocated for labor camps, repressions, and shooting of Ukrainian partisans and civilians that refused to cooperate with Russian-appointed officials in occupied Ukrainian territories. /2

The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "Ukrainian forces also carried out nine strikes on three Russian support points." / Twitter
Ukraine Says Air Force Defending Sky as Russia Struggles to Gain Control
Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian Pantsir missile system and 4 S-300 missile systems in southern Ukraine : worldnews
Battle for Kherson could exact deadly toll : NPR : worldnews

Ukrainian POWs killed in Olenivka prison explosion: What to know - The Washington Post

#Russian and #Ukrainian forces traded accusations of dangerous shelling at the Russian-occupied #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on August 6 continuing the exchange of accusations @TheStudyofWar reported on August 5. Full report w/ @criticalthreats
Radiation emission risk: Russian troops seriously damage nitrogen-oxygen unit at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
IAEA requests access to plant after Zaporizhia NPP shelling: nuclear disaster possible : worldnews

Ukraine war: Four more grain ships leave Ukraine as hopes grow for export stability : worldnews

Ukraine says it caught two spies who helped destroy infrastructure in Mykolaiv : worldnews

Lukashenko: Serbia cannot sit on many chairs : worldnews

Kosovo police patrol attacked in volatile north : worldnews

Russia is a danger to Europe, says Polands President Andrzej Duda
CoastSeaMountainLake comments on Russia is a danger to Europe, says Poland's President Andrzej Duda - Russia is an aggressive totalitarian fascist dictatorship.

Austrians expressed shock and anger this week over the suicide of doctor who had been the target of a torrent of abuse and threats from anti-vaccination protesters. She had long been the target of death threats because of her criticism of the widespread anti-lockdown protests of 2021 : worldnews (cops killed her)

Ex-rebel sworn in as Colombias president in historic shift Colombias first leftist president will be sworn into office Sunday

Brazil arrests 5 more in murder of Amazon expert, journalist: Police have accused the suspects of involvement in an illegal fishing ring. Three of those arrested are suspected of hiding the bodies of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira : worldnews

"Time against us" in bid to rescue 10 Mexican miners after 3 days underground : worldnews

17 missing, 121 hurt, 1 dead in fire at Cuban oil facility : worldnews

Canada to Tax Private Jets, Cars, Yachts As Celebrities Catch Flak for Emissions : worldnews
Senegals government accuses Canadian police of "savagely" beating Ottawa embassy diplomat

Pelosi: China made abig fuss of my trip
The U.S. Relationship With China Does Not Need to Be So Tense ("One China policy" as long as China doesn't)

The Secret History of Family Separation - The Atlantic
The Secret History of Family Separation : politics

Biden stands with Muslims after horrific killings in New Mexico

Harris breaks 50-50 deadlock to advance landmark climate, tax, health bill : politics
Dems' climate, tax and health care bill survives all-night GOP onslaught : politics

Republicans block cap on insulin costs for millions of patients
Republicans block cap on millions of patients insulin costs
Insulin Will Remain Expensive for Many, Thanks to Republicans : politics (party of greed and death)
Outflanked: the Insulin Outflankening - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Senate is a dumbass institution where it takes 51 votes to protect private equity from taxation, but 57 votes arent enough to ensure that diabetics have affordable insulin.

Across 110th Street - Lawyers, Guns & Money Kyrsten Sinemas courageous rush into the breach, that kept a handful of the richest people in America from having to cough up $14 billion in taxes that they would owe if their income from managing private hedge funds was treated as income, reminded me of the following story about A. Philip Randolph, when he was fighting to organize the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. (the real big sort was good vs evil)

Veterans unemployment under 3% for the fifth consecutive month : politics
Low Unemployment Is Good. Bank of America Disagrees. : politics
Bumper US jobs report defies surging inflation and recession fears : politics
How This Economic Moment Rewrites the Rules - The New York Times Jobs aplenty. Sizzling demand. If the United States is headed into a recession, it is taking an unusual route, with many markers of a boom.

Biden steps out of the room and finds legacy-defining wins : politics
Sunday morning fun n' games: Time to play Politico LedeGenerator - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Critics from both ends of the political spectrum say the July jobs report is more proof that Democrats are incapable of rebuilding the economy. Several experts say the report which exceeded expectations by a mere 47% could endanger Bidens signature Build Back Better initiative, while others speculated on the accuracy of the data

White House condemns Indianas devastatingabortion ban: Another radical step by Republican legislators
A challenge for antiabortion states: Doctors reluctant to work there : politics
13 states in the US require that women seeking an abortion attend at least two counseling sessions and wait 24-48 hours before completing the abortion. The requirement, which is unnecessary from a medical standpoint and increases the cost of an abortion, led to a 17% decline in abortion rates.
Some Women Self-Manage Abortions as Access Recedes - Information and medications needed to end a pregnancy are increasingly available outside the health care system.

New data sheds light on one method to combat election lies : politics ... So basically, people will believe anything true and reasonable as long as it hasn't previously been said by a Democrat. Am I reading that right? God we re fucked.

Secret Service hands agents phone numbers to Jan. 6 committee:

Bill Barr says evidence building against Trump in DOJs Jan. 6 probe
Barr: Trump obviously bent on revenge more than anything else

Trump baselessly claims that Jan. 6 instigators and Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot were "fake" in CPAC speech, video shows

Liz Cheney braces for primary loss as focus shifts to 2024 : politics

Donald Trump pleads to supporters for help in suing CNNAdd your name IMMEDIATELY to show your support for my upcoming lawsuit against Fake News CNN

Voters threshold for transgressions by political candidates. Republicans were more likely than their political counterparts to maintain support of their candidate even after learning of transgressions of rather high severity, such as paid a witness to give false testimony in a criminal trial,

Rick Scott says militant left-wing Americans are a greater threat to the country than all the wars the US has ever fought

Trumps worst toadies hold degrees from Harvard and Yale. Did they learn anything?
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - 2011-12-28 - Mount Stupid

The Fascist Circus comes to CPAC Texas. Republican politicians joined Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn for speeches laced with antisemitism and overt Christian nationalism ... .Norm Ornstein, an emeritus scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, described the event as "the Neo-Nazi movement in America"

Marjorie Taylor Greene prayed over a convicted Capitol rioter who spent a day crying in a mock prison cell at CPAC : politics
The January 6 cage at CPAC, featuring an actor portraying a jailed January 6 Rioter : pics
The Surreal Spectacle of MTG and the Capitol Riot Rage Cage : politics
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: No One Can Convince Me Jan. 6 Rioters Werent Antifa

Candidate Suspected Of Being QAnon's 'Q' Badly Loses Congressional Primary

Trump doesnt rule out backing Brian Kemp in Georgia gubernatorial race

Wisconsin school district bans pride flags and pronouns : politics

The Right-Wing Plot To Destroy Public Libraries Theres a long history of book-banning in the U.S. But conservative groups are emboldened like never before, and theyre taking their mission to a new level.

The angry White populist who paved the way for Trump : politics : At his 1972 Evansville rally, Wallace insisted that he was not a racist, even as he relentlessly attacked efforts to spur integration and aid African Americans.

Ex-officer sentenced in rough arrest of woman with dementia : news Every state needs to copy Colorados police accountability law. If a cop crosses a line and another cop doesnt intervene both are guilty. End the blue wall of silence.

Gun companies emphasize masculinity and make veiled references to white supremacist groups to sell AR-15-style rifles, congressional committee report says : politics
North Carolina school district wants to put AR-15s in every school : politics
< Republican Attacks on Teachers Decimate Schools - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... It's a real wonder that Republican attacks on teachers has led to significant teacher shortages as the school year is about to start ... I am sure that prosecuting teachers if they talk about race in a job where they make $40,000 a year will really solve this problem. And even if they live in a blue state, having Qanon freak parents screaming in their face is undoubtedly a good reason to say that I can do something else with my life.

Adams condemns Texas governor for busing migrants to New York : politics

Republicans have long feuded with the mainstream media. Now many are shutting them out : NPR

Right-Wing Fire Analysis - Lawyers, Guns & Money (what you'd expect)

Fall River police officer is terminated, making it the third this year Another Fall River police officer has been fired, making it the third termination since January. This time, the firing was in connection with a pending criminal domestic abuse case.

More human remains discovered in Lake Meads receding waters ... "Anytime you have a body in a barrel, clearly there was somebody else involved"

15 U.S. states where you need to earn more than $70,000 to make ends meet : politics

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,169 - Lawyers, Guns & Money I will say that the The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying, Sanctuary, Light in August run he had between 1929 and 1932 is probably the greatest three years of publications in American literary history. Not to mention Absalom! Absalom!

The Subversive Power of Romance Novels - The Atlantic

The Etymology of the word Terra | Weird Italy

The Sandman Recap: A Death in the Family
The Endless | Sandman Wiki | Fandom
The Heros Journey is BULL#%selection%@ (contra J. Campbell)

An Effortless Way to Improve Your Memory A surprisingly potent technique can boost your short and long-term recall and it appears to help everyone from students to Alzheimers patients ... Just dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy 10-15 minutes of quiet contemplation, and youll find that your memory of the facts you have just learnt is far better than if you had attempted to use that moment more productively. (let it sink in, duh)

People with elevated levels of a protein called prostasin may be at higher risk of developing diabetes and people with elevated levels of both blood sugar & prostasin appear at greater risk of death from cancer -- 76% more likely to develop diabetes and 43% more likely to die from cancer. : science

u/doom_void and u/FoolishConsistency17 highlight some of the issues plaguing the teaching profession : bestof

u/lit-lover and schizophrenia : bestof

/u/STEMpsych talks about why CBT has a bad reputation among trauma therapists. : bestof
STEMpsych comments on CBT for emotional neglect?
SpottedMe comments on CBT for emotional neglect? the same fluffing of the research that they criticize CBT for is also occurring within the DBT circles
Connection: Our Deepest Desire & Greatest FearThe NeuroAffective Relational Model(NARM) is an advanced clinical training for mental health professionals who work with complex trauma.

Pink Floyd co-founder explains meaning behind warning at the top of his show - CNN Video : worldnews

Don't read: Fossil Future by Alex Epstein : books

/u/Throwayaaaah Burns down a strawman : bestof ... Its wild that GOP Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was busted as a pedo around 15 years ago and we all collectively forgot about it. The equivalent would be if Nancy Pelosi was caught being a pedophile. You'd be hearing about it for the rest of your lifetime.
ELI5: What is a strawman argument? : explainlikeimfive

u/GrammelHupfNockler explains concisely the prevalence of fraud in cryptocurrency : bestof

Amazons Roomba Deal Is Really About Mapping Your Home


Study Finds World Can Switch to 100% Renewable Energy and Earn Back Its Investment in Just 6 Years : technology

Nuclear weapons a loaded gun U.N. chief warns, as Hiroshima marks 77 years since bombing

Great Barrier Reef areas show highest coral cover seen in 36 years : worldnews

An oceanic "heatwave" is spreading across the North Pacific, following large-scale pressure changes in the region. As historical data shows, these oceanic events can serve as an indicator of seasonal weather pattern changes. : worldnews

Beware of this fake pro-climate group - by Emily Atkin A GOP-linked dark money organization is running deceptive ads on Google and other platforms in an attempt to kill historic climate legislation.

They all knew: textile company misled regulators about use of toxic PFAS, documents show | Thousands more residents outside the original contamination zone may be drinking tainted water (France poisoned New Hampshire)

One in eight adults (12.7%) who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 experience long term symptoms due to COVID-19. Several symptoms were new or more severe three to five months after having COVID-19, compared to symptoms before a COVID-19 : science

Biden administration planning to extend Covid emergency declaration - POLITICO

How effective are the COVID vaccines at present? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

LGBT groups demand more action on monkeypox. Sexual health charities and LGBT groups are calling for the government to step up efforts to control the monkeypox outbreak in the UK. : worldnews

Health Authorities Issue New Advice for Avoiding Monkeypox - WSJ Among 291 men surveyed, 40% reported that they had two to four partners and 14% reported five to nine partners in the three weeks before developing monkeypox, according to the report. About 19% reported 10 or more partners during that period, the CDC said Friday. And among 86 men who reported information, 28% said they had had group sex, which is defined as sex with more than two people,

Taiwan Says Chinas Military Drills Simulate Attack On Its Main Island.
Pentagon chiefs' calls to China go unanswered amid Taiwan crisis
Disproportionate and destabilising: China presses on with military drills as missile launches around Taiwan spark outrage
Apple warns suppliers to follow China rules on 'Taiwan' labeling
Snickers apologises to China after calling Taiwan a country in promotion

Taiwan, Covid, color revolutions the classroom: everywhere, Chinas leader sees threats that foreign forces can exploit, and he has enlisted the whole nation to resist. (paranoid much?)

US will pursue Russian offer to discuss Griner prisoner swap
Opinion | Putin is doing his best to out-fascist Mussolini - The Washington Post
Russian families grieve war deaths as Kremlin conceals the true toll - The Washington Post

Head of Russian Hypersonics Lab Arrested for Treason - TASS : worldnews
Top Russian hypersonic missile scientist arrested on treason charge : worldnews

Despite Kremlin efforts, Russian indie media keep news flowing : worldnews (from Latvia)

Russians conducted a poll in the occupied territories whether people want to join the Russian Federation: few are willing

Even from prison I can see opposition to Putins war growing

Turkish Banks Are Adopting Russian Payments System, Erdogan Says - Bloomberg

Egypt government running country from luxury beach hotel

Israel hits Gaza with air strikes as tensions escalate : worldnews
Israel clarifies that Hamas is not responsible for shelling of Israeli territory : worldnews

U.S. readies new $1 billion Ukraine weapons package : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 164, Part 1 (Thread #304) : worldnews

Russian Troops Try In Vain To Advance In Kherson Region - AFU General Staff : worldnews

NO WAR! on Twitter: "The moment the orc exploded on a mine!#UkraineWillWin #RussianUkrainianWar" / Twitter
Direct hit.
Ukrainian partisans assassinated a collaborator in #Kherson region #Russian media reported that a collaborator, Vitaly Guru, was shot near his home. Currently, he is in serious condition in the hospital. Guru start cooperating with occupation authorities since the war began.
Partisans of the National Resistance blew up the police station in Berdyansk, Ukraine, that was occupied by the Russian fascist invaders. Berdyansk is on the Sea of Azov, between occupied Crimea and occupied Mariupol.
South #Ukraine: Head of the #Khersonmilitary administration Volodymyr Saldo now in intensive care medically nduced coma in #Moscowafter car bomb, poisoned ... unclear
Late last month, a series of graphic videos surfaced online depicting an apparent war crime in Ukraines Luhansk Region. The available open source imagery implicates members of a Chechen-led paramilitary group fighting with the Russian army.
#Russia has sent 25,000 troops to the south of #Ukraine. Kyiv admits they will try to encircle #Mykolaiv - The capture of the city is necessary if Moscow plans to capture Odesa. In addition, an offensive is necessary to make bridges over the Dnieper beyond the range of the HIMARS.
The #Kremlin is continuing to replace #Ukrainian collaborators in occupation administrations with Russian officials, likely to prepare for formal Russian governance of annexed areas.
New: #Ukrainian officials confirmed on August 5 that #Iran handed 46 drones over to #Russia and that the Ukrainian government has already seen the use of these drones in combat in Ukraine.

Russians Shell Nuclear Power Plant Twice Within Hours: Energoatom Official : worldnews

Meta busts Russian troll farm imitating grassroot support for Russian war in Ukraine : worldnews

Amnesty International Poland condemns Russias actions in Ukraine following controversial Amnesty report

Bulgaria indefinitely stops issuing tourist visas to Russians, as well as visas for property owner : worldnews

Latvia indefinitely stops issuing visas to Russian citizens / Article : worldnews

Putins Trojan Horse Inside the European Union ... The Trojan Horse had en exterior that didn't give away the contents. Orban's exterior is made of a single layer of greasy plastic wrap. The world can see right through it

Almost 10% of eligible Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland have a job | A total of 9.4% of adults in possession of a special "S" permit are in work, with most employed in the restaurant sector.

Ireland: Amid CWU concerns, Amazon says unions are not the best answer for its new Irish workers

Almost 35,000 Britons in limbo as Portugal fails to issue post-Brexit ID cards : worldnews

Canada announced Friday it will ban the import of handguns beginning on August 19, as part of a wider proposed freeze in the wake of high-profile mass shootings in the United States : worldnews

Projecting Strength Abroad Isnt Simply About Killing Terrorists. Its About Standing Up to Despots, Too. Ayman Al Zawahiri was a craven terrorist, but projecting strength should also mean standing up to autocrats. Biden can start by securing the release of Jamal Khashoggis lawyer, Asim Ghafoor.

Massive jobs surprise: US economy added 528,000 jobs in July : politics
lol - heres how Fox News is currently covering the latest blockbuster jobs report -- that the White House misses forecast because they anticipated it being lower

Joe Biden Approval Rating Boosted Ahead of Midterms: Poll : politics

U.S. Senate's $430 billion climate bill to add tax on stock buybacks : politics
Manchin Deal Tosses $30 Billion Lifeline to US Nuclear Reactors : politics
Democrats big package: What remains in and whats out?

Just when you thought Josh Hawley couldnt stoop any lower

Sanders Crafts Amendment to Close Holes in Medicare That AreHarmingSeniors| Adding dental, vision, and hearing benefits to Medicare is supported by 84% of the American people, said an aide to the senator, who plans to propose including the expansion in Democrats reconciliation package.

What happened in Kansas: Americans know that rights are not just suggestions. Right-wingers thought they had a foolproof game plan in Kansas. It fell apart, and that could change everything : politics
Not her body, not her choice: Indiana lawmakers on abortion ban
Indiana assembly passes anti-abortion bill, governor signs it into law : politics
Major Indiana Employers Criticize States New Abortion Law
Indiana adopts restrictive abortion law, prompting economic fallout - The Washington Post The state, national leaders and activists on both sides are gearing up for long slog over abortion laws
The burdens of pregnancy and the barbarism of abortion bans - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The bait and the switch - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Before birth, you have rights that supersede the rights of anyone around you. Immediately after birth, you are an overdue rented video cassette.
Indiana state representative proposed bill to outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs in light of abortion ban : politics ("not his dick, not his boner")
Post-Roe, Conservatives Promote Way to Give Up Newborns Anonymously - The New York Times After Roe, groups are seeking to expand safe haven laws, which allow women to surrender babies with minimal interference. But these laws pose their own problems.
Fox host says women who havent been pregnant aren't 'ripe' nenough to run for president

The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham : politics (no conssequences, ever)

State Legislatures Are Torching Democracy | The New Yorker Even in moderate places like Ohio, gerrymandering has let unchecked Republicans pass extremist laws that could never make it through Congress.

Poll: 41% of people in U.S. feel safe at polling places : politics

Dick Cheney Has a Lot of Damn Gall to Get Sanctimonious about Lying to the Public : politics

Trump Ignoring Advice to Stop Talking With Current, Former Aides, Including Meadows: CNN : politics
Trump Leaves RNC Ensnared In Criminal Probes Of His Coup Attempt : politics

Donald Trump just had his "worst day" yet: Watergate prosecutor : politics

Trump Tells Judge He Was Too Busy as President to Sue Clinton Sooner : politics

Meadows Will Rat Trump Out in DOJ Jan. 6 Probe, Glenn Kirschner

Now We Finally Know: Notorious Kremlin-Linked Oligarch Paid For Giulianis Trips .... as he sought dirt on President Biden

Alex Jones trial - latest: Jury orders Infowars host to pay $45.2m in punitive damages on top of $4m compensation to Sandy Hook parents : politics

Viktor Orban laid out his dark worldview to the American right and they loved it - Finance Universal
Orbans CPAC speech was an autocrat's dream. And the GOP loved it.
Six Viktor Orban remarks that got biggest cheers from CPAC Texas crowd

Lauren Boebert suggests monkeypox was made up by Democrats to win the midterms : politics

DeSantis: You're not king of Florida | Editorial : Removing a Hillsborough prosecutor amounts to overturning two elections.

Gov. Greg Abbott appoints officer indicted for misconduct during George Floyd protests to police regulatory agency : politics

Republican congressman who voted to impeach Trump wins primary, CNN projects : politics

Trump-endorsed J.R. Majewski, an Ohio Republican running in one of the nations hottest congressional races, is violating federal law by not disclosing his personal finances

Hate groups are registering as churches now. 40 Congressmembers want the IRS to investigate. FRC is a think tank without a congregation, so why are they getting tax benefits associated with churches? : politics

Alabama town moves to dissolve its police department over texted racist joke : politics
After racist text, Vincent council moves to fire police chief, disband department -

How Loyal Dog Sean Hannity Went From King of Fox News to Has-Been - Hannity was once Foxs most-watched host, but now hes fallen all the way to fourth place. What happened?

The US Army is developing a tactical bra for its female soldiers | CNN Politics

Stop the Medicare Advantage Scam Before Medicare is Dead

Owner of Toscaninis Ice Cream Sues Cambridge to Replace Bike Lane Installations with Parking


Tonga volcano impact revealed: Scientists say blast raised global temperatures, affected ozone layer

Iceland eruption may be the start of decades of volcanic activity

Australia to protect Barrier Reef by banning coal mine : worldnews

Start Of Englands River Thames Dries Up For First TimeLatest Iconic Waterway Hit By Droughts And Heat Waves

How Republicans Are Weaponizing Public Office Against Climate Actiona - coordinated effort by state treasurers to use government muscle and public funds to punish companies trying to reduce greenhouse gases.

Vaccinated and masked college students had virtually no chance of catching COVID-19 in the classroom last fall, according to a study of 33,000 Boston University students that bolsters standard prevention measures. : science

New Zealand considers changing its name to confront its troubled colonial past : worldnews ... New New Zealand.

Japan's prime minister calls forimmediate cancellation of Chinese military drills

South Korea launches first lunar orbiter as space program advances : worldnews

North Korea Reports No New COVID Cases and an 'Impossible' Fatality Rate

U.S. says China firing missiles over Taiwan is unjustified escalation : worldnews
Taiwans trade with China is far bigger than its trade with the U.S.
Snickers maker apologises for advert suggesting Taiwan is a country : worldnews

China sanctions US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi : news (not allowed to shop at Walmart)
China, Russia walk out of ASEAN meet overshadowed by Taiwan tensions : worldnews
China halts high-level military dialogue with US, suspends other cooperation : worldnews

Desperate Putin is considering turning to Kim Jong Un for help in Ukraine and offering energy and grain in return for 100,000 soldiers, Russian reports claim
100,000 North Korean soldiers could be sent to bolster Putins forces fightingUkraine

Russia has allegedly launched a new stalking satellite to eavesdrop on U.S. space assets : worldnews

India is closely monitoring the movement of a Chinese spy ship that is on its way to Sri Lanka.
Russia becomes Indias third-largest coal supplier in July
India turns to Russian fertilizer, showing challenge of isolating Moscow : worldnews

In a first, Somalia-based al-Shabab is attacking in Ethiopia | AP News : worldnews

Shia factions mass in Baghdad raising fears of more unrest | Iraq : worldnews

Israel strikes on Gaza killing seven, including senior Islamic Jihad militant : worldnews
BREAKING: Head of Palestines Jihad Movement reportedly killed in missile strike
IDF says it has begun striking in Gaza, after 4 days of Islamic Jihad threats : worldnews

Ukraine "actively shaping" war "for the first time": ISW analysis : worldnews
Volodymyr Zelenskyy responds to Amnesty allegations of Ukrainian forces putting civilians at risk ... "Amnesty the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim" (pro=ruzzian propaganda outlet)
Zelensky Slams Amnesty International Over Report: Cannot Be Tolerated

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 163, Part 1 (Thread #303) : worldnews

Ukraine needs F-16s "now", former president Petro Poroshenko says: "We should talk about days." : worldnews

Ukrainian man, 64, destroys Russian gas truck with grenade launcher
Russian Ammo Depots, Missile Systems Wiped Out in Deadly Fighting: Ukraine : worldnews

Torturing people is fun for them.16-year-old Ukrainian recalls his 3 months in Russian captivity

In Russia, natural gas is now being burned into the air so large that the flame can be seen as far as Finland - flaring lasting more than a month may indicate problems : worldnews
Russia is burning gas into the air on the border with Finland : worldnews
Finnish president: Nato ratification process going "more quickly than anticipated" : worldnews

Estonia angers Russia in bid to remove WWII Soviet T-34 tank statue : worldnews

Greek intelligence service boss quits amid wiretapping scandal : worldnews ... Putting spyware on phones of journalists.

Dont Pay UK is calling on Brits to boycott paying their energy bills to protest high pirces : worldnews
Electricity thefts soar to record levels in England and Wales as thieves tamper with lines or bypass meters to dodge rising bills : worldnews
Inquiry after 93-year-old man with one leg dies after being Tasered by police : worldnews
Alex Belfield trial: Former BBC presenter found guilty of stalking : worldnews

Colombia peace deal failing as violent gangs recruit vulnerable children - BBC News : worldnews

Canada to join British-led mission to train Ukrainian recruits | CBC News

3 in 5 people in 27 countries say abortion should be legal : worldnews

U.S. adds whopping 528,000 jobs in July as labor market booms : politics
US unemployment rate drops to 3.5 per cent amid widespreadjob growth
Dark Brandon Fears No Covid... : PoliticalHumor
Republicans vow hell for Democrats over economic bill

All 50 Democrats reach agreement on Manchins Inflation Reduction Act, Schumer says, saving Bidens agenda

The Democrats Suddenly, Unexpectedly, Have Some Momentum: The pundits predicted a red wave in the midterms, but Democrats are building a blue wall. : politics
Red wave shrinks as abortion issue limits Republican prospects : politics
How the 2022 midterms strategy could change after the Kansas abortion vote : politics
Think Trumps first term was a nightmare? Wake up if he wins again, the worst is yet to come. Donald Trump as president again would pose an extreme danger to the American people and the countrys democracy

Josh Hawley blasted over NATO vote: "Raising your fist for Putin" : politics

Majority of House Republicans supported removing rape, incest exceptions from Indiana abortion bill : politics
Confusion roiled Michigan for days as abortion rights changed hour to hour : politics

Republicans Begin Adjusting to a Fierce Abortion Backlash - The New York Times
The Ads That Won the Kansas Abortion Referendum | Washington Monthly

The sham Kavanaugh investigation - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Guess who put itself in charge of investigating, meaning burying, 4,500 tips regarding potential sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court-nominee Brett Kavanaugh?
Total sham! : PoliticalHumor

This Is Probably Bad for Former President Trump: The DOJ Does Not Appear to Be F--king Around

Liz Cheney pushes the DOJ to charge Trump, says passing on prosecution risks the US no longer being a nation of laws
Column: Donald Trump is dangerously close to proving that presidents are above the law : politics

Biden has not ruled out firing embattled DHS inspector general amid Secret Service texts scandal : politics ... the White House is reviewing recently reported information about the conduct of DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, an appointee of former president Donald Trump, including a 2013 Justice Department inspector generals report which calls into question whether he misled Congress during his confirmation process in 2019 ... helping covering up an attempted coup makes him part of the yet ongoing seditious conspiracy, but apparently that's not a fireable offense for Biden lol.
A New Bill Seeks to Prevent the Secret Service from Withholding Records from its Watchdog : technology

Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro suggests Jared Kushner faked his cancer diagnosis for sympathy to sell his memoir : politics

Trump PAC formed to push debunked voter fraud claims paid $60K to Melania Trumps fashion designer

Now We Finally Know: Notorious Kremlin-Linked Oligarch Paid For Giulianis Trips

West Virginia Man Gets 3 Years For Threatening Dr. Fauci, Other Officials : politics

FBI Director Details Crazy Rise In Politically Motivated Violence Across U.S. | The FBIs Christopher Wray said it feels likeeveryday Im getting briefed on someone throwing a Molotov cocktail at someone

Pentagon rejects DC mayor's request for National Guard to assist with migrants arriving in the nation's capital : news

Economist: Alex Jones, his company worth up to $270 million | AP News
Alex Jones ordered to pay $49.3m total over Sandy Hook lies - The Boston Globe Jurors at first awarded Heslin and Lewis $4.1 million in compensatory damages, which Jones called a major victory. But in the final phase of the two-week trial, the same Austin jury came back and tacked on an additional $45.2 million in punitive damages.
$45.2 million - Lawyers, Guns & Money

When Republicans Talk About Immigration, They Dont Just Mean Illegal Immigration

If Dems Fought an All-Out Culture War, Theyd Win: Republicans are the ones attacking our cultures and freedoms, and it is time for Democrats to fight back aggressively.
The GOP is sick. It didnt start with Trump and wont end with him.
Fascist performance art goes pomo - Lawyers, Guns & Money
US conservatives cheer Hungarian PM Viktor Orban at conference "called ethnic homogeneity the key to economic growth" : worldnews
Hungarys Viktor Orban Assures CPAC A Christian PoliticianCannot Be Racist
Christian Nationalism Used to Be Taboo. Now Its All the Rage.

Kari Lake will win GOP nomination for Arizona governor, CNN projects | CNN Politics

Ron DeSantiss New Civics Initiative Involves Teaching Kids Slavery In America Wasnt That Bad
The Super-High-Stakes 2022 Race No One Is Talking About : politics

J.D. Vance trails Tim Ryan in new Ohio polling : politics

Nadler surges ahead of Maloney in NYC congressional race: poll

Memphis prosecutor who charged Black woman over voting error loses re-election bid : politics ... Amy Weirich, the Memphis prosecutor who stirred national outrage for bringing criminal charges against a Black woman for trying to register to vote, has lost her re-election bid.

Theres Never Been Anybody Like Him in the United States SenateRaphael Warnock won his seat running as an activist preacher ... the rare senator who actually gets stuff done.

The Warrior-Cop Ethos and the Stand-Around Cops in Uvalde : politics
Madison County schools add AR-15 rifles to enhance security

Cracker Barrel and White Identity Politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money This story is ridiculous. In short, Cracker Barrel, a company so racist that the Department of Justice under George W. Bush had to intervene to get it to stop segregating its customers, has decided to add fake meat to the menu.

3rd person struck by lightning near White House dies | WTOP News

TIL that after the Portuguese dictator Salazar went into coma, he was dismissed as Prime Minister. When he emerged from it and recovered lucidity, no one wanted to tell him he had been removed from power, instead he was allowed to "rule" in privacy until his death 2 years later : todayilearned

What is something that all men could agree on? : AskReddit

What is the most disturbing thing you've stumbled upon while browsing the internet? : AskReddit


Catastrophic effects of climate change are dangerously unexplored

Troubling new research shows warm waters rushing towards the worlds biggest ice sheet in Antarctica

Volcano begins erupting with lava spewing from a narrow fissure in Iceland near airport : worldnews

UN chief criticizes grotesque greed of oil companies

Big banks fund the heavy machinery used for Amazon deforestation, report says : worldnews

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, but it is highly vulnerable : worldnews

Europes Rhine River on the brink of effectively closing

Temperature hits 98 degrees at Logan Airport, breaking Boston record set in 1928 - The Boston Globe

MA COVID-19 Data 8/4/22 : CoronavirusMa

God, No, Not Another CaseCOVID-Related Stillbirths Didnt Have to Happen ... None of the stillbirths they studied involved a pregnant person who had been fully vaccinated. (they did their own research)

Monkeypox is a public health emergency,U.S. health secretary declares
As monkeypox strikes gay men, officials debate warnings to limit partners - The Washington Post Sex is a major driver of the global outbreak. But health officials and longtime HIV activists say calls for abstinence dont work ... sex parties ...
42 more Mass. men diagnosed with monkeypox as federal officials declare health emergency - The Boston Globe

Australia passes landmark climate bill to cut emissions by 43% by 2030 : worldnews
Reports four people shot in north Queensland, one man flown to hospital in critical condition : worldnews (worst shooting since 2019)

Duterte regime pushed millions of Filipinos into poverty : worldnews

Myanmar junta charges Japanese journalist Toru Kubota for encouraging dissent against military : worldnews

Japan says five Chinese ballistic missiles landed inside EEZ near Okinawa : worldnews

/u/juddshanks answers, in great detail, the question of whether Taiwan could fend off a full fledged Chinese invasion : bestof
U.S. orders aircraft carrier to remain in the region amid China-Taiwan tensions - POLITICO The U.S. is also postponing a planned intercontinental ballistic missile test.
The Visit - Lawyers, Guns & Money Not gonna lie; I think Pelosis visit to Taiwan at this very moment was a terrible idea.
Chinas missiles imitating North Korea - Taiwan
Taiwan scrambles jets as 22 Chinese fighters cross Taiwan Strait median line : worldnews
11 Chinese Dongfeng missiles strike near Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2022-08-04 16:33:00 : worldnews
Chinese military begins drills around Taiwan - state media : worldnews
PLA forces encircle Taiwan as China begins live-fire drills : worldnews

China's military drills around Taiwan threaten to upend global trade : worldnews
China warns that its temperatures are rising faster than global average : worldnews

Russian prosecutors seek 9 1/2-year sentence for Griner : worldnews
Using our tactics against us - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... sobering to remember that countless Americans have been given similarly or more harsh sentences for the simple possession of drugs, and the only reasons this couldnt have happened here is that Griner is a celebrity and hash is no longer one of the narcotics American authorities usually seek harsh sentences over.

Russia orders airline pilots to lay off brakes as parts shortage bites : worldnews
Russian teacher sentenced for telling students about war crimes in Ukraine : worldnews

1. Whiteness and Blackness are not constants. They reflect the socioeconomic order, not the other way around (Russia deeply racist)

Kazakh Court Sentences Couple That Called For North Kazakhstan To Join Russia : worldnews

Two Armenian soldiers killed, 14 injured in clashes with Azerbaijan : worldnews

India-US to hold high-altitude military exercise near LAC amid rising tensions with China : worldnews

Sri Lanka arrests protest leader Joseph Stalin : worldnews

Taliban To Investigate US Claim, Says "No Trace" Of Al Qaeda Chief Killing. : worldnews
Hey, thats my house: US aid worker realises Zawahiri villa is his old home - [The western mission] failed so spectacularly that the people who took over in Kabul could do an Airbnb for the al-Qaida CEO in a house that had been run by USAid contracting dollars for a decade plus
How the Hellfire missiles took out al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri with minimal collateral damage - ABC News

UN says nearly 12 million facing acute hunger in Sudan : worldnews

Bibliotheca Alexandria launches website to teach hieroglyphics - Egypt Independent : worldnews
Learn Hieroglyphs

Archbishop carrying bags with $460,000 from Israel sparks sectarian brawl in Lebanon : worldnews

Volodymyr Zelensky seeking direct talks with Chinas XiJinping to help end Russias invasion of Ukraine
ISW on Twitter: "While @TheStudyofWar cannot independently confirm these claims, they are consistent with recent reports that Tehran and Moscow are pursuing greater aviation cooperation to circumvent international sanctions and support Russian operations in Ukraine. /2" / Twitter
More on that potential cooperation in last weeks thread

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 162, Part 1 (Thread #302) : worldnews

Battle to end the war: Ukraine now has the chance to deliver a decisive strike in the south allowing it to gain an edge over Russia and define the course of the war.
The Russian Defense Ministry has altered the focus of its reporting after the fall of Lysychansk, likely to orient on narratives that resonate positively with milbloggers and war correspondents rather than those that draw criticism from that community. /1
Ukraines military destroys 3 ammunition depots in southern Ukraine. - killed 39 Russian troops and destroyed four S-300 missile systems, a radar station, a mortar, and 9 armored and military vehicles on Aug. 4.

White House says Russia planning to falsify evidence to frame Ukrainian forces for prison attack : worldnews
US says Russia aims to fabricate evidence in prison deaths : worldnews
Blast that killed 50 Ukraine PoWs was Kremlin operation, Kyiv claims; Officials cite satellite data and phone intercepts and say Wagner Group mercenaries carried out atrocity; They said graves were dug next to the barracks before the attack : worldnews

Russian contract soldiers increasingly jailed in occupied Donbas: Ever more Russian soldiers are refusing to fight Putins war. Human rights activists report many "refuseniks" are being jailed in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine where they are subjected to violence and abuse

Ukraine takes down 1,000,000 bots used for disinformation : worldnews

Russia is Europes biggest energy supplier - but the US is sending more gas by boat than Russia is by pipeline

Berlin: huge forrest fire after explosions in police blasting site : worldnews

Controversy as Spain bans air conditioning from dropping below 27C (80F)

France warns winter gas cuts possible : worldnews
French sailor survives 16 hours in capsized boat in Atlantic : worldnews

Bank of England warns the UK will fall into recession this year : worldnews
Bank of England hikes interest rates and says inflation will hit 13% : worldnews
Banned Russian oligarchs exploited UK secrecy loophole : worldnews
Tesco UK apologises over putting security tags on cosmetics for darker skin but leaving lighter shades untagged : worldnews

Canada says Jews most-targeted religious minority for hate crimes in 2021 : worldnews
Hockey Canada: A sex assault scandal disgraces countrys pastime

Ex Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vazquez charged with bribery ... arrested on bribery charges related to the financing of her 2020 campaign, the latest hit to an island with a long history of corruption that brought fresh political upheaval to the U.S. territory

Two-thirds majority of U.S. Senate backs Finland and Swedens joining NATO
Lindsey Graham gives shout ou to Putin as Senate votes on adding Finland and Sweden to NATO: Without you, we wouldn't be here
Senate votes 95-1 to add Sweden, Finland to NATO : politics
Hawley is only senator to vote against Finland, Sweden NATO membership : politics (Josh Hallway)
GOP senators bash Josh Hawley's opposition to adding Finland and Sweden to NATO: We beat China by standing with our allies

After Supreme Court ruling, its open season on US gun laws

Democrats, Sinema reach deal on new taxes in health and climate bill - The Washington Post The agreement led Sinema to offer her support for the measure after days of silence.
Sanders Announces Amendment to Strip All Fossil Fuel Handouts From Manchin Deal : politics

Kansas abortion win is a wake-up call: Americans do not want GOP bans : politics
After Kansas smackdown, anti-abortion right in denial: Either it didnt happen or it doesnt matter
Minnesota pharmacist on trial for refusing to dispense the morning after pill because of his 'beliefs'. A mother of five drove 50 miles a snowstorm was bearing down to get the time-sensitive prescription filled.
Your Bedroom Is on the Ballot: How Democrats See Abortion Politics After Kansas - Not to mention your civil rights, employment protections, Social Security, and democracy itself.

Democrats energized by winning streak, renewed productivity : politics

CPAC Gives Standing Ovation to Autocrat Who Bashed Mixed-Race Societies a Week Ago

Congress May Actually Step Up to Block the Next Coup Attempt : politics

Latest subpoenas suggest DOJ probe could be aiming squarely at Trump : politics
Trump and White House officials likely to be criminally charged in election probe ... But Holder suggested that before that happens, Trump is more likely to first face possible criminal charges from the Georgia state prosecutor
Exclusive: Trump lawyers in talks with Justice Department about January 6 criminal probe | CNN Politics
Trump testimony expected soon in NY civil investigation | AP News

Leon Panetta: Jan. 6-related texts wiped from agency to agency looks like 'conspiracy'

Trump Lawyer Pitched Overturning Georgia Vote on Bidens Inauguration

Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly was secretly listening to all his phone calls, Jared Kushner book says : politics

Eschaton: I Will Only Obey The Law If I Get Immunity For My Other Crimes Novel legal approach! But on July 29, Navarros lawyer sent a letter to the DOJ saying that Navarro was refusing to produce any of the emails without being granted full immunity for anything within.

Hearing on stripping Rudy Giulianis D.C. law license set for October

Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages to two Sandy Hook parents, jury finds | CNN Business
A Copy of Alex Jones Cellphone Will Be Turned Over to the January 6 Committee 'Immediately'
"It's a Tremendous Amount of Information:" The Details about Alex Jones' Phone - emptywheel
Report: Jan. 6 Panel Set To Subpoena Alex Jones After Revelations In Defamation Trial : politics
The incredible moment where Alex Jones is informed that his own lawyer accidentally sent a digital copy of his entire phone to the Sandy Hook parents lawyer, thereby proving that he perjured himself.

Reassessing the Race for the SenateGOP challengers mirror Trump in lack of experience; for Democrats, experience means a record ... Republican Senate candidates in many key races generally lack any officeholding experience, just like Trump before he was elected president in 2016. (Sabato changes his mind in a week)

Opinion | Three reasons to fear Trump candidates winning GOP primaries - The Washington Post

Lauren Boebert challenger Adam Frisch says new poll shows him within striking distance for a seat in Congress : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Karine Jean-Pierre cant understand parents because shes a lesbian | Jean-Pierre has a kid.

DeSantis removes Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren
DeSantis Suspends Tampa Prosecutor Who Vowed Not to Criminalize Abortion - The New York Times

Rashida Tlaib wins Michigan primary despite pro-Israel spending : politics

Breonna Taylor's murderers to face federal charges - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This will be the rare federal prosecution where it wont be easy to get a conviction, but kudos to Garland et al. for bringing it: Its been known for a while that the warrant was illegal, but I didnt have a lot of hope that anything would come of it. I dont know how this will come out, but just the decision to charge the officers is a very important and salutary one.

He was difficult: Uvalde school police chief Pete Arredondo was demoted years before the massacre ... His first job after graduating from the Southwest Texas Junior College law enforcement academy in 1993 was as a 911 dispatcher for the Uvalde Police Department.

G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast - The New York Times Thousands of migrants have been arriving on buses sent by the governors of Texas and Arizona. Many have ended up in homeless shelters and on the streets.

Why the Texas grid causes the High Plains to turn off its wind turbines : politics

Who is Not a Moderate Republican in the MSM? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (NYT:) Ms. Walorski, who was first elected to Congress in 2012 and was known as a moderate, also served as the top Republican on the House Ethics Committee. She was among the 147 Republicans who voted last year to overturn the 2020 election results ... She also voted against impeaching President Donald J. Trump last year. Mr. Trump endorsed her 2022 re-election campaign. Ms. Walorski was staunchly anti-abortion ... (your typical NYT "moderate")
I found somebody who thinks that Jackie Walorski was a moderate - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: God Is Me None of these people are religious in the way that "religious" is invoked in The Discourse. They are just people with god complexes ... Notably, they have far-outside-the-mainstream positions on abortion. Mastriano and Dixon favor a ban with no exceptions. Mastriano is a Christian nationalist who believes God wants him elected governor to serve as an instrument of Gods will. Lake saw the demise of Roe as a providential sign of Gods will that women are meant to be mothers

Never seen it this bad: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage

~ Town votes to defund library after claims it was "grooming" kids | They are trying to groom our children to believe that its OK to have these sinful desires, a defund activist said.

Mormon church sex abuse: AP investigation | AP News (bad as Catholics, maybe worse)

Kevin Spacey Must Pay $31 Million In Damages Over House OfCards Firing, Sexual Misconduct, Confirms Judge

Social contagion isnt causing more youths to be transgender, study finds ... The study also found that the proportion of adolescents who were assigned female at birth and have come out as transgender also has not increased, which contradicts claims that adolescents whose birth sex is female are more susceptible to this so-called external influence.

A Reversible Form of Death? Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs Organs.

Our brain is a prediction machine that is always active. Our brain works a bit like the autocomplete function on your phone it is constantly trying to guess the next word when we are listening to a book, reading or conducting a conversation.

The Metaverse Real Estate Boom Turns Into a Bust : technology

The women calling out Apples handling of misconduct claimsMore than a dozen employees past and present say Apples HR team puts thecompanys reputation ahead of worker welfare


Solar storm from hole in the sun will hit Earth on Wednesday (Aug. 3) : worldnews

Webb telescope captures colorful Cartwheel Galaxy, 500 million light-years away : worldnews

Tonga volcano sent tons of water into the stratosphere, which could warm Earth : NPR Tongas volcano sent tons of water into the stratosphere. That could warm the EarthThe Jan. 15 eruption ... Then the big blast came, sending ash, gases and vapor as high as 35 miles a record in the satellite era into the atmosphere.

Mysterious Metallic Orb Falls on Mexico, May Contain Valuable Information, Meteorologist Says (probably not aliens)

A Giant Sinkhole Just Opened Up in Chile : worldnews

Volcanic eruption has started again in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland : worldnews

Call for hippos to join list of worlds most endangered animals | New classification would mean a total ban on international trade in the animals body parts, as climate crisis and poaching hit populations

A Galapagos island is teeming with baby iguanas, more than a century after they disappeared : worldnews

Global warming could trigger nuclear war, financial crisis or extinction-level pandemic by 2070 : worldnews

Debt, Colonialism, and Climate - Lawyers, Guns & Money

U.S. Could Have Had Many More Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine This Year - The New York Times The Department of Health and Human Services delayed asking the manufacturer to process the bulk vaccine the government already owned into vials.

Japan truckmaker Hino says emissions data faked for 20 years : worldnews

US House speaker lands in Taiwan amid threats of Chinese retaliation : worldnews (says Xi is an "insecure little bitch")
Pelosi in Taiwan says world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy : politics
Anonymous welcomes US Speaker to Taiwan on hacked Chinese government website : worldnews
Incredible footage of people cheering the arrival of @SpeakerPelosi's jet in Taiwan earlier this evening.
With 708,000 people tracking the aircraft upon landing in Taipei, SPAR19 is Flightradar24s most tracked live flight of all time. https://

Pelosis Last Cold War & The Griner Prisoner Dilemma
Chinese army scrambles fighter jets across Taiwan Strait : worldnews
China Warns Airlines to Avoid Areas Near Taiwan as Tensions Rise : worldnews
China Imposes Economic Curbs on Taiwan With Sand, Fruit Bans : worldnews
Killing prisoners for transplants: Forced organ harvesting in China : worldnews
The Space Review: A review of Chinese counterspace activities - China has a long history of developing space weapons. It has demonstrated a capability to kinetically intercept satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) from the ground. Earlier this year China demonstrated a new capability ... China has designated space as a military domain. The goal of space warfare and operations is to achieve space superiority ,,, (the whole solar system is Chinese empire)

Russia accuses the US of direct role in Ukraine war, missile attacks : worldnews
US designating Russia state terrorism sponsor would end diplomatic relations - Zakharova : worldnews
Russia faces economic oblivion despite claims of short-term resilience, economists say.
Russias Medvedev deletes posts targeting 'artificial' Kazakhstan, Georgia

Putins reported girlfriend Alina Kabaeva hit with US sanctions

Eschaton: A World Gone Mad - Everybody in power - politicians, journalists - lost their fucking minds after 9/11 and I suppose it wasn't until Covid until I understood how "we" could go through all that (I mean the crazy aftermath, not the day itself) and then "everyone" would just sorta forget. Nuance was never welcome on this subject, but getting one of the bad guys over 20 years later is a reminder that almost everything else we did following 9/11 had nothing to do with getting the bad guys. Whole country dosed on Ivermectin, basically.

IDF bolsters troops to secure Gaza-area roads amid fears of PIJ attack : worldnews

The next U.S. military aid package for Ukraine includes supplies that will satisfy Ukraines urgent needs in the field of security and defense, the Pentagon's press said on Aug. 1

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 161, Part 1 (Thread #301) : worldnews

Russia-Ukraine War: Live Updates - The New York Times - Russian Troops Mass in South and Ukraine Braces for Attack
#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: State Duma Defense Committee Head Andrey Kartapolov advocated for taking #Ukrainian children from their homes to Russian military boardings schools and universities in order to subdue the occupied Ukrainian population.

Ukraines army is waging its 1st major offensive against Russia to retake Kherson
Ukraine HIMARS Strike Russian Bases During Major Counter-Attack : worldnews
Russia Blows Up Its Ammunition While Trying to Hide From HIMARS: Report : worldnews

UN nuclear chief: Ukraine nuclear plant is out ofcontrol
Russian Propaganda Is Targeting Aid Workers - Disinformation campaigns that worked in Syria have failed so far in Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine president asks govt to study legalising same-sex marriages

Polish President: Ukraine is Defending Poland and Europe, Too : worldnews

EU Gas Dependence On Russia Falls By 50% : worldnews

Gerhard Schroder confirms meeting with Putin again ... This guy is unreal, does he really do this for money ? They are holding his family hostage or what ? Does they have his sex tape ? (collaborated w/SMerkel to make Germany dependent on Ruzzia)
Germany considers U-turn on nuclear phaseout | German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has raised the possibility of lengthening the life of the country's nuclear power stations. : worldnews

Belgium freezes 50 bn euros of Russian assets, in total $330 bn frozen worldwide : worldnews

Italy ratifies NATO membership for Finland, Sweden | Reuters : worldnews
Italy confronts its fascist past as the right prepares for power : worldnews

UK inflation will soar to astronomical levels over next year, thinktank warns
Jeremy Corbyns former director of communications has been liking some interesting tweets recently:

A Ruthless Mexican Cartel Opened Fire on Guatemalas Presidential Convoy

U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Finland, Sweden NATO accession : worldnews

The GOP Hates China So Much They Are Praising Nancy Pelosi : politics

The GOPs Love Affair With Joe Manchin Is Over

Burn PitBill Passes Senate After Jon Stewart Assails GOP
Spooked GOP Senate Leaders Backpedal After Holding Vet Bill Hostage : politics
Here are the 11 Republicans who voted against the PACT Act, which boosts healthcare for veterans exposed to toxins during war : politics
The Republican Pro-Prostate Cancer Caucus - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Appearance of impropriety. - by Robert B. Hubbell It is no secret that the Supreme Court faces a crisis of legitimacy. Last week, Justice Alito stoked that crisis by giving a speech in Rome that further eroded the Court's legitimacy.

Democrats Might Avoid a Midterm Wipeout - The Atlantic White-collar suburban voters will play an outsize role in upcoming elections ... white voters without a college degree preferred Republicans for Congress by a 25-percentage-point margin, but white voters with at least a four-year degree backed Democrats by 18 points (dumbfuck America)
Opinion | The GOP is blowing its chance to make the midterms a referendum on Democrats - The Washington Post
What does the abortion-referendum vote in Kansas tell us about November? - The Washington Post

Kansas Turnout Soars in First Post-Roe Abortion Vote : politics
A losing anti-abortion referendum in Kansas cranked up voter turnout by a staggering amount, flagging a massive new problem for Republicans : politics ... Voted by a whopping 18 percentage points to slap republican anti abortionists right in the kisser. WHOP!
Kansans vote to uphold abortion rights in their state : politics ... For context, Kansas went for Trump 56.18%/41.53% in 2020.
Kansas Votes to Preserve Abortion Rights Protections in Its Constitution - The New York Times
Enormous Victory: Kansas Voters Resoundingly Defeat Anti-Abortion Amendment
Kansans to Alito: F*ck You. : politics
Heres how abortion rights supporters won in conservative Kansas
Kansas Voters Just Rewrote the Script for the Midterm Elections : politics
What's not the matter with Kansas - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eric Levitz on Twitter: "Out-of-touch coastal elites in Kansas may reject forced birth, but out in the Heartland of America (Harvard Law), real Americans (20-something Catholic converts in bow ties) actually *like* it" / Twitter

Conservatives Are Pushing Absurd Excuses for Kansas Voting to Protect Abortion Access | The red-state Trump won in a landslide overwhelmingly struck down an amendment that would have banned abortion in the state. Anti-choice activists are flummoxed : politics
14 of the 19 Kansas counties that rejected an anti-abortion amendment voted for Trump in 2020 : politics
Thunderclap ballot box victory on abortion rights in Kansas gives Democrats a potent midterm issue : politics
Microsoft Donations to Anti-Abortion Groups Targeted by Activist Shareholder : politics

Reproductive Rights, Slavery, and Dobbs v. Jackson : In 1662, the Virginia legislature cast a cold, calculating eye on Black womens children. Never mind that fewer than 150 Black women were enslaved there at the time, those legislators recognized that control of womensreproductive bodies yielded both profits and policing that would be at the heart of their wealth and the colonysfuture. In doing so, they set in motion a precedent for violent state involvement in the bodies of dispossessed women that we are viscerally encountering today some 360 years later.

Biden to sign executive order supporting people traveling out of state for an abortion : politics

/u/thisam does a great job breaking down the decades long connection between Trump, his businesses, and the Russian Mafia. : bestof

2024 GOP hopefuls back Trumps plan to purge civil servants

Judge dismisses Trumps immunity claim in Jan. 6 lawsuits

Justice Dept. Subpoenas Pat Cipollone, Trump White House Counsel : politics
Cipollone Subpoenaed By Federal Grand Jury In Major Development In DOJ Jan. 6 Probe

Pentagon Wiped the Phones of Departing Officials, Losing Text Messages Come On, Try a Little Harder With the Missing Pentagon Text Messages - If you're gonna do a coverup, at least lean into it.
Pentagon texts become the latest Jan. 6 materials to be deleted : politics

Trump ally Navarro sued for alleged unofficial email account | AP News

Trump is losing ground in the 2024 primary. Heres why.
Dems Gain Slightly in Congress Support | Monmouth University Polling Institute | Monmouth University

A federal judge dismissed Trumps request to toss out 3 Capitol Police officer lawsuits against him

The mini-Trumps are as big a threat to democracy as Trump is : politics

Trumps purported free-speech social-media platform, Truth Social, is hiding user posts, threatening to create a curated echo chamber research group finds
Fueled by virtually unrestricted social media access, white nationalism is on the rise and attracting violent young white men : politics

Judge lambastes Infowars Alex Jones during his testimony in the Sandy Hook defamation trial: 'This is not your show'
Knowledge Fight Check out our archive of episodes where we fully document and make fun of all the racist, misogynist, and outright deceitful things that Alex Jones says every day on his show. - We know, we sounds horrible and unlistenable, but we promise, we make it funny.
Sandy Hook parents confront Alex Jones, say hoax claims created living hell
Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Subpoena Alex Jones' Cell Phone - Rolling Stone
Alex Jones's lawyers send all of his texts to plaintiffs' attorneys "by mistake" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How the Claremont Institute Became a Nerve Center of the American Right - The New York Times They made the intellectual case for Trump. Now they believe the country is in a cultural civil war.

Mark Finchem is the latest in a wave of election deniers moving toward controlling elections
In 4 Swing States, G.O.P. Election Deniers Could Oversee Voting - The New York Times

Ron Johnson calls for turning Social Security, Medicare into discretionary spending programs : politics

Gun-wielding Texas preacher confronts O'Rourke on murder of unborn

Mark McCloskey, who aimed gun at BLM protest, faces heavy defeat in primary : politics

How Florida Twisted Science to Deny Healthcare to Trans Kids : politics

Rusty Bowers, a Jan. 6 committee star witness, loses GOP primary in Arizona : politics
Opinion | Arizona Just Chose a Senate Candidate More Extreme Than Donald Trump - The New York Times
The Violent Fantasies of Blake Masters : politics

AIPACs Millions Help Unseat Jewish Progressive Andy Levin in Michigan | They spent nearly $5 million to target and defeat Levin, far more than was spent by any other group.

The Memo: Republicans are worried that things are going wrong for Dr. Oz : politics

Walker says he will debate Warnock in high-stakes Georgia Senate race : politics
Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker agrees to Savannah debate with Democrat Raphael Warnock : politics (he won't show, but if he did ratings would be off the charts)

Rep. Peter Meijer becomes second House Republican who voted for Trump impeachment to lose primary : politics

Border Patrol agents are trashing Sikh asylum-seekers turbans At least 64 Sikh men have had their headwear confiscated and discarded by Yumas Border Patrol.

Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote : politics

Go ask Alice, if you can find her - Lawyers, Guns & Money Like every other teenager in mid-1970s America, I read Go Ask Alice, the lurid diary of a 15-year-old girl who is swept into a world of drug abuse and (spoiler) dies of an overdose. I learned recently that the whole thing was completely fabricated by Beatrice Sparks, a 50something Mormon housewife with burning literary ambitions: Ask Alice made it to market because of talk-show host Art Linkletter. Linkletters daughter Diane, barely 21, died by suicide in 1969, and Linkletter came to think this happened because she had been taking LSD. Sparks, hearing the story, pitched him on her idea of a diary of a lost girl, and it fit his priors.It was the perfect pitch at the perfect time. It was, after all, a story Art Linkletter already believed (nothing to do with him being an abusive asshole) ... Beatrice Sparks was no more a psychologist than she was a Sasquatch, and even a lazy editor could have unraveled the lies with a single phone call ... the general pattern of fabulists fabricating narratives that resonate with and intensify whatever moral panics are coursing through the broader culture is a recurring one in recent American culture, from satanic ritual abuse in preschools in the 1980s through the current QAnon madness.

Dissecting a Carrier Disaster. Fifty-five years ago, only days after the USS Forrestal arrived at Yankee Station, an errant Zuni rocket set off a chain of calamitous events on board the supercarrier. : CredibleDefense ... 5 August 1964

Mass. once again named healthiest state in the country : massachusetts

Tinder steps back from metaverse dating plans as business falters : technology

The Wright Brothers: First Flight - 1903 - History in Color : videos


Earth records shortest day, putting clocks (slightly) out of time : worldnews

Climate endgame: risk of human extinction dangerously underexplored - Scientists say there are ample reasons to suspect global heating could lead to catastrophe

BP reports huge profits as energy bills soar : worldnews

Monkeypox can survive for weeks in water and on refrigerated food : worldnews ... mutating up to 12 times faster than expected
Monkeypox outbreak: What we know so far : worldnews

Indonesia bans access to Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, and more : worldnews

3 Lessons from the Russia-Ukraine War for the South Korea-US Alliance

Two Chinese military vessels seen off Taiwans Lanyu Island: Source
Several Chinese warplanes fly close to median line of Taiwan Strait : worldnews
From subway stations to shopping malls, Taiwan prepares its air-raid shelters : worldnews
A China-Taiwan conflict could lead to a catastrophic semiconductor shortage in the world : worldnews
Taiwan Hit by Cyberattack as Tensions Rise Over US House Speakers Visit
Taiwan dollar craters ahead of Nancy Pelosis visit amid heightened US-China tensions

If she dares: China warns U.S. Official against visiting Taiwan
The air raid alert in East China!
Chinas biggest social media network is roiling with anti-American vitriol surrounding U.S. Officials possible visit to Taiwan
8964 : China
China further tightens control over internet : worldnews

Will Russia Break Up? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Window on Eurasia -- New Series
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Demise of Russia Likely to Be Far More Violent than Disintegration of the USSR Was, El Murid Says
Medvedev: Georgia should be entirely occupied by Russia : worldnews
Russia declares Ukrainian military unit a terrorist group : worldnews

Russian state-energy giant Gazprom saw its natural-gas production in July slump to its lowest level since 2008 : worldnews

Russia releases controversial video urging Europeans to relocate before winter : worldnews

\ Russian soldiers accuse superiors of jailing them for refusing to fight : worldnews

Pakistani Delegation, in Kabul for Peace Talks with the Pakistani Taliban, Urge Afghan Taliban Leaders to Reopen Girls Schools

US weekend strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri : worldnews ... the CIA has been using the R9X Hellfire missle (aka the flying Ginsu) to kill terrorists lately, including Zawahiri ... So he got the flying blender, excellent.
Proof the Taliban has welcomed Al Qaeda: Zawahiri was staying at house linked to Afghan official Sirajuddin Haqqani when he was minced by US Hellfire missile
Zawahiri was staying at Kabul house linked to to Taliban interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani : worldnews
Watching al-Qaida chiefs pattern of life key to his death
First Impressions on the Execution of Ayman al-Zawahiri
It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever. - Lawyers, Guns & Money

More than 80 men were arrested after eight models were raped while filming a music video : worldnews (South Africa)

Israels Prime Minister makes rare allusion to countrys nuclear weapons
After successful live-fire test, US Marines to buy Israeli Iron Dome-based missile interceptor for expeditionary forces : worldnews

The Prosecution of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine | The New Yorker Twenty-five thousand cases have been identified thus farwhat does justice look like for the victims of Russias atrocities?
Ukraine appeals to Meta to stop blocking Ukrainians posting about Russian war crimes. : worldnews (Fuckbook is pro-Russian)

Zelenskyy: Russian aggression increased because the reaction to the annexation of Crimea was weak : worldnews (tnx Barry, again)
Zelensky Hails U.S.-Made HIMARS, Package:Closer to Victory
Ukraine has received four more American HIMARS artillery rocket systems from the United States, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov reported on Twitter on Aug. 1. : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 160, Part 1 (Thread #300) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 2 August 2022
ISW assesses that Russian forces were responsible for the July 28 attack on the Olenivka prison that killed 53 Ukrainian POWs. Russian forces are reportedly moving more troops from northern Donetsk Oblast to support defensive positions in southern Ukraine.

The Battle for Kherson and Why it Matters
The State of the Russo-Ukrainian War - by Timothy Snyder - The TELLMES tell us that Russia is losing

Euromaidan PR on Twitter: "So the hapless enemy brought a massive amount of ammo from Crimea to Kherson by train and set off smoke bombs to camouflage it all, but accidentally set the whole rig on fire which caused a huge explosion." / Twitter

Sweden summons Russian envoy over remarks about slain Swedish volunteer in Ukraine : worldnews

British MPs plan visit to Taiwan as tension with China simmers : worldnews
Jeremy Corbyn urges west to stop arming Ukraine | Jeremy Corbyn | The Guardian Ex-Labour leader (surrender to Russia, he says)
Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted he was wrong to say Brexit would not cause Dover delays, blames France for recent problems : worldnews
Man is charged for Treason with intent to injure or alarm the Queen after carrying a crossbow at Windsor Castle : worldnews
Arrest warrant issued for Manchester Arena bombers brother
Driest July in England since 1935 - Met Office : worldnews

The Prophet of the Andes tells the story of Segundo Villanueva, a quixotic spiritual seeker who led hundreds of followers from Peru to Israel.

German Chancellor defends Trudeau, saying Canada called Putins bluff byagreeing to send Russian turbines back

drawkbox comments on Russian charged with using US groups to spread propaganda

But Biden is so old that we pretty much know theres a HUGE risk that he will have to be replaced during a second term, either because of death or acute or chronic disability. That tends to concentrate the mind when it comes to his vice president.

Biden administration task force reunites 400 migrant families separated under Trump : politics

Analysis Deems Biden's Climate and Tax Bill Fiscally Responsible - Despite Republican claims, the new legislation would be only a modest corporate tax increase

Samuel Alito Believes That Christians Are Oppressed in America | He wont rest until the Supreme Court enshrines religious freedom protections for a select minority of Americansat the expense of everyone else.
Supreme Courts sharp turn to the right is reflected in new opinion polls
A Right-Wing Think Tank Claimed to Be a Church. Now, Members of Congress Want to Investigate Forty lawmakers are calling on the IRS and the Treasury to investigate after ProPublica reported that the Family Research Council gained protections by claiming it is a church

Pregnancy centers are a crisis - Lawyers, Guns & Money Pregnancy crisis centers are a massive fraud, dangling promises of actual healthcare to women to try to discourage them from getting abortions, and then leaving them mostly on their own, often with funding from states who also dont believe in providing adequate maternal or postpartum medical care to those who cant afford it

Trump had the chance to kill al-Qaedas leader but didnt because he didnt recognize the name, report says

Presidential Motorcade Officer Details Trumps Behavior On Jan. 6

Jan. 6 committee tells Trump-nominated Secret Service watchdog to step aside after reports say it knew about deleted texts long before telling panel
Trump couldnt find a deep state. So he created his own
The leaders of two House committees told the Department of Homeland Securitys inspector general that they had developedgrave new concerns over your lack of transparency and independence
House panels: DHS officials interfered in effort to get lost Secret Service texts | Secret Service | The Guardian
Top Democrats, Alleging Cover-Up, Seek Testimony on Secret Service Texts : politics
Jan. 6 text messages wiped from phones of key Trump Pentagon officials | CNN Politics
DOD wiped phones of Trump-era leaders, erasing Jan. 6 texts

Former FBI official likens Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone, and Trump to the Mafia: It's a criminal organization

Jan. 6th Witness Names Found On Oath Keeper Suspects 'Death List'

Trump Faces Questions About His Net Worth in Interview He Tried to Avoid - The New York Times

Tiger Woods turned down $700-$800 million offer to join Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, says CEO Greg Norman | CNN

The inevitable end to claims of rampant voter fraud: None is found : politics
Arizona Officials Warned Fake Electors Plan Could Appear Treasonous

Another judge awards taxpayer-funded attorney fees in Wisconsin election review open records case | Local Government |

Misleading Kansas abortion texts linked to Republican-aligned firm - The Washington Post

Police accused her of making up her rape, then destroyed the evidence : news

First on CNN: Texas DPS trooper arrived on scene of Uvalde school shooting earlier than previously known, body cam shows : news

70-year-old woman brutally beaten & kicked in head by 4 attackers in San Francisco : news

Eschaton: Great White Father Returns From Oregon
Eschaton: Know It All Of course there's a bit of a problem with the whole career of pundit, in that "opining about things you know little about with supreme confidence," is, if not inevitable behavior, encouraged by the job. Could come up with numerous examples from Kristof, but the recent one which comes to mind is this one:

Opinion | Elite Universities Are Out of Touch. Blame the Campus. - The New York Times

Fueled by virtually unrestricted social media access, white nationalism is on the rise and attracting violent young white men : technology

What life experience fucked you up the most? : AskReddit


Global solar demand staggering, on track to grow 30%:

Worlds glaciers are melting faster than expected, with visible consequences

Moving magma in Iceland causes nearly 4000 earthquakes in just one day, as a strong burst of seismic activity increases the risk of an eruption : worldnews

Catastrophic effects of climate change are dangerously unexplored

The number of forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon increased by eight percent last month compared with July 2021, the latest alarm bell for the worlds biggest rainforest. Satellite monitoring detected 5,373 fires last month, up from 4,977 in July last year

UN chief: Were just one misunderstanding away from nuclear annihilation
Japan sounds alarm over faltering global push to eliminate nuclear weapons : worldnews
Vladimir Putin says nuclear war should never be unleashed
Putin says no one can win a nuclear war : worldnews

Suspected debris from SpaceX capsule crashes into farmland in Australia | Science & Tech News : worldnews
Australian senator calls the Queen a coloniser while being sworn in to parliament : worldnews
Passenger fined $1,874 after two undeclared McMuffins found in luggage : worldnews (Bali->Australia)

New Zealand fully reopens border today for the first time since March 2020. : worldnews
New Zealand will continue to cooperate with more assertive China, Ardern says

Putin says waters around islands claimed by Japan strategically 'important'

Two Taiwanese professors suspected of leaking state secrets to China : worldnews
Chipmaking giant TSMC non-operable if China invades Taiwan |

China to hold live-fire exercises in waters near Fujian, opposite Taiwan | CNN : worldnews
Thousands of UK Firms Cut Ties With China Amid Rising Tensions: Industry Group : worldnews (says epoch times/moonies)
Evergrande: Unit ordered to pay $1.1bn over unpaid debt : worldnews

On navy day, Putin says US is Russias main rival (Ohio belongs to Russia, Putin says)
Russias military suffers heavy toll from its Ukraine invasion
1/ Why do Russian soldiers break on the Ukranian battlefield? This thirdin a series looks at at how their personal experiences of war have prompted some Russian contract soldiers to refuse orders, resign from their contracts and try to go home.

A former Kremlin adviser is hospitalized in Europe ... specialists in chemical protection suitsexamined the room in which he suddenly became ill.
Former Putin ally who fled Russia hospitalized with rare illness that made him suddenly lose feeling in his hands and legs: report : worldnews
Who Is Anatoly Chubais? Ex Putin Aides Sudden Sickness Sparks Speculation

Russia daily COVID cases hit highest since April : worldnews

Intel, SpaceX, Philip Morris, and dozens of other US companies were in a leaked database of users for a Russian facial recognition company : worldnews

The President of Somalia, has declared a state of famine in the country as a result of the catastrophic drought which, according to the United Nations, has left seven million Somalis at risk due to lack of food : worldnews

The Krugersdorps Rapes(South Africa) - What we know so far - 8 women 80 Men : worldnews

Egypt: Long-lost Sun Temple found buried in desert after 4,500 years

Iran arrests significant number of members of the Baha'i religious minority,
Go to hell: Journalist sends message to Iran after man with loaded gun arrested near her home

Israel demands U.N. disband Gaza war panel over alleged anti-Semitism : worldnews

Biden admin will authorize another $550 million security assistance package to Ukraine today, NSCs John Kirby announces
$550 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine > U.S. Department of Defense > Release
1st ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves the port of Odesa : worldnews
1st grain shipment leaves Ukraine after months of Russian blockade : worldnews
American-made rocket launchers not used in Ukraine prison strike, U.S. assesses - POLITICO

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 159, Part 1 (Thread #299) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 1 August 2022
Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 31 | Institute for the Study of War
#Russian forces have resumed localized ground attacks northwest and southwest of #Izyum and may be setting conditions for offensive operations further west into #Kharkiv Oblast or toward Kharkiv City. /1
Factors for this slow rate of Russian advance include US-provided HIMARS degrading Russian capabilities to maintain high volumes of artillery fire starting in late June, the Russian operational pause from around July 6-16, and Russian forces general exhaustion.
Brown is the Ukrainian territory which Russians could seize since Feb 24. Hardly 25%.

Ukraine has taken back 46 villages in Kherson Oblast since start of counter-offensive. Acting Governor of Kherson Oblast Dmytro Butrii reported the number, adding that some villages are 90% destroyed, and are still under shelling,
General Staff: Russia shelled 35 settlements in Kharkiv, Donetsk oblasts. In Kharkiv Oblast, the Russian military attacked the city of Kharkiv and another 16 settlements. In Donetsk Oblast, Russian troops attacked the city of Bakhmut and 17 other settlements.
They put them in basements, electrocute them, torment them, demand money, pressure their families, threaten to abduct their children, Starukh said. Since March, 453 civilians have been held hostage by Russian forces in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, some of whom have been released.
More than 60% of the population has left #Melitopol since its occupation by #Russian troops, reports the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov. According to him, despite the protest of the population, the occupiers are still preparing for a pseudo-referendum.
#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: Russian occupation authorities are reportedly bringing citizens of distant Russian republics to live in #Melitopol, purportedly in an effort to create the image of a large population living in Melitopol.

Northern Macedonia sent T-72 tanks to Ukraine, which were transferred to it by Russia : worldnews

Serbia denies reports of border conflicts between Serbian Army, Kosovar police : worldnews
NATOs force in Kosovo says it is prepared to intervene if stability is jeopardized
Russia calls on Kosovo, US, EU to stop provocations, respect Serbs in Kosovo
Kosovo: Serbia inciting minority protests to destabilize : worldnews
Kosovo closes two borders with Serbia : worldnews
Thread about what is happening in Serbia and #Kosovo, and how it all began: Ethnic Serbs live in the north of Kosovo, who use Serbian documents and have Serbian citizenship, they have Serbian currency.
Serbian ruling party MP: Serbia might have to begin denazification of Balkans : worldnews
Secretary Antony Blinken : Met today with President Osmani and Prime Minister Kurti of Kosovo. The United States supports Kosovos Euro-Atlantic and international integration and the EU-facilitated Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue. We appreciate Kosovos hospitality to Afghans and its firm support for Ukraine. (last week)

Germany Has Three Months to Save Itself From a Winter Gas Crisis : worldnews

Video of fatal attack on African immigrant shocks Italy : worldnews

Havana announces blackouts, cancels carnival as crisis deepens | Reuters : worldnews

Canada Will Impose a New Tax on Private Jets, Yachts and Luxury Cars : worldnews

Panama Papers Whistleblower: "The Russian Government Wants To See Me Dead" : worldnews

Pelosi expected to visit Taiwan, Taiwanese and US officials say : politics
Pelosi expected to visit Taiwan, Taiwanese and US officials say | CNN Politics
Chinas military will not sit idly by if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan
White House warns China not to overreact to potential Taiwan visit by House Speaker Pelosi - The Washington Post Biden administration officials briefed the speaker and her office on what officials saw as the possible consequences of a trip to Taiwan (Xitler has a Xitfit)

Biden reveals drone strike killed al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri, warns terrorists we will take you out
El-Zawahiri Reported Killed - Lawyers, Guns & Money

U.S. emergency crude stockpile falls to lowest in 37 years | Reuters

Republicans Say Bidens Plan Taxes the Middle Class. Thats False. Bidens plan fulfills his campaign promise.

FEMA program for heat waves rejected a cooling center : politics (only property matters)

All eyes turn to Sinema as Democrats face a week that could transform Bidens presidency

After Roes overturning, Americans are demanding Supreme Court term limits
Panels of Death - Lawyers, Guns & Money They told me if they passed Barack HUSSEIN Obamas Communist Health Care Act that there would eventually be panels to make arbitrary decisions about whether people should live or die, and they were right!

There Needs to Be a Reckoning: Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees (
Following Trumps Lead, GOP Pushes Bill to Make Federal Workers Fireable 'At Will'

McCarthy says Pelosi should recuse herself from the stock trading ban talks because of her husbands active trading

As Manchin pushes for speedy passage of new deal, Sinema stays quiet. Senate Democratic leaders are hoping to pass the major climate, health care and tax legislation this week. But theyll need all 50 of their members on board and voting.
Manchin to Sinema: Believe in this bill : politics
Opinion | Kyrsten Sinema isn't the only potential threat to the big climate deal - The Washington Post

VFW calls out Republicans for flipping on burn pits bill : politics
Sanders Says GOP Shouldnt Have Funded Wars If It Didnt Want to Take Care of Vets

America's heart of darkness: Making sense of the nonsensical allure of MAGA : politics
Equally mean policies and insults characterize todays GOP: Cruelty has become the defining characteristic of modern Republican policy-making.
Senate Democrats say GOP roster full of flawed and deeply damaged candidates

Opinion: Vote loud and vote Democratic. All. The. Way. : politics

1 in 5 Americans OK with threatening health officials : politics
A Forgotten 1990s Law Could Make It Illegal to Discuss Abortion Online : politics ... Yet even in considerations of how the CDA impacts abortion-related speech, the Hyde/Comstock provision remains largely ignored. That may well be because advocates have been assured the provision is unconstitutional. But we know from the fate of Roe that the U.S. is in very unsettled territory when it comes to what constitutional rights the current courts see fit to uphold.
States may revive abortion laws from a time when women couldnt vote
Corporate America reckons with its role in reproductive rights : politics
Major legal fights loom over abortion pills, travel out of state : politics
Louisiana attorney general wants funding withheld for cities that reject abortion laws : politics
MI county prosecutors can enforce abortion ban, court rules : politics

Trump Supporters Think They re in a Fight to the Death - Fear, hate, and grievances animate the new Republican Party.

Fact Check-Video does not show Biden being distracted by music from an ice cream truck | Reuters

Secret Service failure to preserve January 6-related texts "looks really, really calamitous" : politics

Trump blames Pelosi, D.C. Mayor Bowser for Jan. 6 Capitol riot : politics

New: Trumps Lawyers Are Preparing Legal Defenses Against Criminal Charges
Trumps lawyers are brainstorming how to fend off a criminal case from the DOJ if he is charged: report
Unraveling Trumps Unsubstantiated Claim of Crooked Nursing Home Votes

Trumps Early Plans For Garish Bedminster Mausoleum Were Buried By Local Officials ... golf course reclassified as a "cemetary" will pay no taxes ...

Trump Victim-Blames Brittney Griner: 'Spoiled,' 'Loaded Up With Drugs' - Rolling Stone Trump Sides with Russia Over Brittney Griner

Guy Reffitt sentencing: U.S. seeks 15-year sentence, citing terrorism - The Washington Post The Three Percenters recruiter, the first Jan. 6 defendant convicted at trial, was found guilty of leading a charge while armed that led to first break-in at the U.S. Capitol and also of threatening his son
Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt gets longest Jan. 6 sentence, but no terrorism enhancement

Sen. Graham challenges 2020 Georgia election probe subpoena : politics

The quiet demise of the church-state wall : politics

Its time to retire the third party conceit

How Trumps effort to overturn 2020 is sanitized for the general public
Does Murdoch make the political weather or follow it? Yes.
The Murdochs' calculated expediency with Donald Trump - The Washington Post

In Races for Governor, Democrats See a Silver Lining - The New York Times For Republicans, anemic fund-raising, missteps by Donald J. Trump and weak candidates could stand in the way of bigger statehouse gains in November.

Time for change: Federal ban on marijuana use causes more harm than good : politics

How Some Parents Changed Their Politics in the Pandemic - The New York Times They were once Democrats and Republicans. But fears for their children in the pandemic transformed their thinking, turning them into single-issue voters for Novembers midterms. (anti-vaxxers want the freedom to make their kids die)

Sandy hook parents v. Jones - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump-backed conspiracy theorist makes charge for chief election position in Arizona - POLITICO
Alarm as Arizona Republicans set to nominate election deniers for top posts : politics
Arizona official refutes review that counted 282 dead voters | AP News Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said Monday his investigators found just one dead voter after thoroughly reviewing findings from a partisan review of the 2020 election that alleged 282 ballots were cast in the name of someone who had died.

Michigan secretary of state: Attempts to block election certification will be futile

Dr. Ozs Dark History of Promoting Companies He Was Quietly Invested In: The celebrity doctor turned Senate candidate has long used his platform to hawk supplements. But he had a more personal interest in some products.

Meet the Neo-Confederate 9/11 Truther Maryland GOP Voters Picked for Attorney General : politics
Dynamic intoxication and the GOP - Lawyers, Guns & Money Im so old I remember when the idea that 9/11 was an inside job was supposed to be something only a few far left wackjobs believed:

In the turn-back-the-clock Texas GOP, even the John Birch Society is making a comeback : politics

It Looks Like Slimy Eric Greitens Is Too Much Even for Missouri Republicans : politics

An Oklahoma citys first openly gay mayor resigned. Then came the fallout.

Right-wing sheriffs are doing some really shady political organizing against the election system

Uvalde shooting records: Texas newsrooms sue for access | The Texas Tribune The lawsuit alleges that the state police have unlawfully withheld records, including body camera footage and emergency communications, during the Robb Elementary shooting ... The Texas Department of Public Safety has offered inconsistent accounts of how law enforcement responded to the Uvalde tragedy, and its lack of transparency has stirred suspicion and frustration in a community that is still struggling with grief and shock

Vast New Study Shows a Key to Reducing Poverty: More Friendships Between Rich and Poor ... For poor children, living in an area where people have more friendships that cut across class lines significantly increases how much they earn in adulthood, the new research found.

Why It's So Hard to Find an Affordable Apartment in New York - There simply aren't enough places to live, a crisis decades in the making and one that poses a threat to the city continuing recovery ... A half a century ago, city planners warned that New York had the potential to swell into a monster city of 55 million people. To avoid this fate, the city passed a major overhaul of zoning rules in 1961, limiting the size of buildings and how many people could live in them ... The city has issued fewer building permits per resident over most of the past decade than Boston, Austin and San Francisco ... the median rent on Manhattan apartments newly leased in June reached a staggering $4,000

A Town Housing Crisis Exposes a House of CardsIn the Idaho resort area of Sun Valley, there are so few housing options that many workers are resorting to garages, campers and tents ... Built as a destination ski resort to mirror the iconic winter appeal of the Alps, the Sun Valley area has grown into an exclusive enclave for the wealthy and famous, drawing Hollywood celebrities, political elites from Washington and business titans from Wall Street, many of whom gather each year for Allen & Companys annual media finance conference, known as the summer camp for billionaires

Transgender cheerleader kicked out of cheer camp for CHOKING female teammate who called her 'a man' | Daily Mail Online

Church of Scientology Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Force Danny Masterson Rape Accusers into Binding 'Religious Arbitration'

Nicholas Kristof Returns to The Times | The New York Times Company ... Now Nick is stepping up, resuming his Opinion column and once again interpreting the worlds depth and complexity for Times readers. (fucking newspaper does it again)

Last Conviction in Salem Witch Trials Is Cleared 329 Years Later - The New York Times The exoneration of Elizabeth Johnson Jr., the last person whose name was not officially cleared, came from the efforts of an eighth-grade civics teacher and her students.

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,165 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Robert Winthrop is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Conjoined twins who shared fused brains successfully separated in Brazil : worldnews

Air pollution increases the risk of dementia : science

Infection with Toxoplasma gondii, the notorious feline parasite, is associated with more conservative political leanings. : science

How to translate French text without knowing french - Cool English to French tricks that totally work. : videos

Social capital I: measurement and associations with economic mobility | Nature

New research shows humans settled in North America 17,000 years earlier than previously believed: Bones of mammoth and her calf found at an ancient butchering site in New Mexico show they were killed by people 37,000 years ago : science


Heatwaves send another climate warning, highlighting need for green actions : worldnews

Portugal faces worst drought on record : worldnews

Opinion | Monkeypox Is About to Become the Next Public Health Failure - The New York Times
Monkeypox strain detected in India not linked to Europe outbreak : worldnews

Perfect storm: Record number of pet dogs being given up in Victoria

Average life expectancy in Japan has fallen for the first time in a decade, and deaths from COVID-19 are the primary culprit, figures show. The last time a decrease occurred was 2011 when the magnitude-9.0 earthquake hit, generating towering tsunami that claimed nearly 20,000 lives : worldnews

China air force, referring to Taiwan, says it can safeguard territorial integrity
Chinese rocket debris has crashed to Earth over the Indian and Pacific oceans, US and Chinese officials say. : worldnews
Chinese rocket falls to Earth, NASA says Beijing did not share information : worldnews

On navy day, Putin says United States is main threat to Russia : worldnews
Putin's rule is weakening - So what comes next? - Timothy Snyder ... But at a certain point, not being strong becomes not looking strong. Putins power is based upon an image; by choosing to fight an actual war, he has made illusion hostage to reality ... War is politics by other means; Putin himself chose this war and its atrocities. For the war to end, Putin must feel the politics change around him; and so for the war to end, Ukraine must win. For the West, this means patience and firmness and the consistent supply of the weapons Ukraine needs.

Russian official says Ukraine carried out drone attack on Black Sea fleet HQ : worldnews
Putin says Russian navy to get new hypersonic missiles soon : worldnews

Russian economy declines 4% y/y in Q2 after 3.5% y/y increase in Q1 -econ ministry : worldnews
Russia has been able to reroute its oil exports away from Europe without serious disruptions, JPMorgan says, adding that the expected drop in output "never happened." : worldnews

Sri Lanka confirms arrival of Chinese vessel that it had denied earlier : worldnews

Bomb at T20 cricket match in Kabul kills at least 19 : worldnews ... The fact that the match didn't get cancelled and they just continued after nearly 20 people got killed ...

Egyptian court calls for live TV hanging of killer who stabbed woman : worldnews

Ukraine: Zelenskyy calls for Russia to be deemed a state sponsor of terrorism after attack : worldnews
The #US Congress is developing criteria for recognizing #Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.We need to establish criteria in order to name a country as a sponsor of terrorism. Our Congress will set these criteria, said State Department spokeswoman Andrea Kalan.
Ukraine war: Zelenskyy orders mandatory evacuation of Donetsk region as fighting intensifies | World News : worldnews
Ukraine Needs Solutions, Not Endless War | The National Interest Neither side can fulfill its maximal war aims: Russia cannot conquer all of Ukraine and Ukraine cannot comprehensively eject Russian forces. (just give up half of Ukraine and wait for Putin to invade the Baltics)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 158, Part 1 (Thread #298) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 31 July 2022
New: #Russian forces are likely prioritizing offensive operations toward #Bakhmut and around #Donetsk City at the expense of efforts to take #Siversk and #Slovyansk. (1/3)

Liars and murderers. The Ministry of Defense of Russia says that they invited the ICRC to Olenivka, where more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war died. The ICRC itself says that Russia denied them access.
Another dead civilian discovered at former Russian positions at Nove Zalissia, Kyiv Oblast - Police - The hands of the murdered man were tied, a towing cable was wound around his neck.
Time to remind the world again who real Nazis are. Here Alexei Milchakov, a field commander saying: I'm a Nazi. I like cutting human ears off. Not only years. And the smell of burning human flesh is just yummy!
Ukrainian offensive forces Russia to bolster troops in occupied south : worldnews
Southern Ukraine city Mykolaiv heavily shelled by Russians : worldnews
High-precision HIMARS strike destroyed a train of more than 40 cars that arrived from Crimea carrying troops, equipment and ammunition to Kherson region. The trains cargo will never kill anyone.

Crater left by Russian S-300 in Kharkiv. 10 meters in diameter, 5 meters deep. Criminologists are collecting parts of the missile, which allows them to identify it and use as evidence in the Russian war crimes case.

Hero of Ukraine and businessman Vadaturskyi, owner of grain trading company Nibulon dies during Russian shelling : worldnews
Shelling kills agricultural tycoon Vadatursky, his wife. Oleksiy Vadatursky, 74, and his wife Raisa Vadaturska were killed when Russian shelling hit their house in Mykolaiv in the early hours of July 31, said Vitaly Kim, the governor of Mykolaiv Oblast.

NEXTA on Twitter: "At least 12 fighter jets from #Germany, #Italy and #Hungary will start patrolling the airspace over the #Baltic States from tomorrow." / Twitter

Cyber attack targets Finnish news agency STT : worldnews

The paths of Poland and Hungary have diverged, says Polish PM
Poland Supports Banning Issuance of Visas for All Russians : worldnews

Swiss exports to Russia surge in race to beat sanctions: Swiss exports to Russia of turbojets, turbopropellers and other gas turbines surged in the past two months as manufacturers raced to fill any orders signed before sanctions over Moscows invasion of Ukraine render some of the sales illegal

Italy: Outrage over fatal attack on Nigerian street vendor : worldnews
You can change the pope: Pope Francis considers retirement after Canada trip

Rishi Sunak vows to end woke nonsense'if he become Prime Minister of UK
Prince Charles accepted 1m from family of Osama bin Laden, report claims
Britons braced for compulsory water metering and water queues in streets
Pregnant woman shocked after GP gave her anti-abortion leaflet
McDonalds UK raises cheeseburger price 20%, blames jump on inflation : worldnews

Corruption in Guatemala is at unprecedented levels under an "authoritarian" government that punishes prosecutors and judges investigating organized crime, Jordan Rodas, the countrys ombudsman said "we're going through one of the worst moments" with respect to corruption

Brazil Poll: Shows Lula With 52% of the Vote, Meaning He Has a Chance to Win in the 1st Round : worldnews

Mexico: UN expert calls for measures to stop kidnappings of human rights defenders at US border : worldnews

Pelosi to Lead Congressional Delegation to Indo-Pacific Region | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Headed to Singapore, Silent on Taiwan - The New York Times Speculation about a stop in Taiwan, where she would be the highest-ranking U.S. visitor in decades, has jangled nerves in both Beijing and Washington.

Biden speaks via FaceTime with, sends pizza to veterans protesting for burn pit bill : politics

Republicans who condemned kneeling NFL players just gave vets the middle finger. Several senators who just voted to deny health care to sick veterans previously slammed peaceful athlete protests for "disrespecting" the military. : politics
Jon Stewart goes to war on Twitter with Ted Cruz over veterans' healthcare: I'll go slow cuz I know you only went to Princeton and Harvard

How Joe Manchins change of heart could revive the U.S. solar industry. An industry on the skids is suddenly positioned for a major resurgence

The breakdown of the American system of government as illustrated by Social Security legislation - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Yes, Republicans really did try to make abortion punishable by death | A bill introduced in the North Carolina legislature last year was largely performative but was part of the right's strategy to make the unthinkable mainstream
Indiana Senate narrowly passes near-total abortion ban : politics
Kansas: The state where abortion is on the ballot : politics

DHS watchdog knew about deleted Secret Service texts long before alerting the January 6 committee and delayed an investigation into the lost data, reports say : politics

FBI failures before the Capitol siege avoided the Jan. 6 committee's scorn. Not for long. The House Jan. 6 panel has been running a behind-the-scenes investigation into how law enforcement missed the warning signs flashing before the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. ("missed" = ignored)

Matt Gaetz Caught on Hot Mic Assuring Roger Stone of Pardon by Donald Trump : politics
Greasy ratfuckers and their boss - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Justice Department doesnt want Oath Keepers to blame Trump at trial

Trump is angry that Fox News is ignoring him and focusing on other potential 2024 candidates, report says : politics
The Murdochs and Trump aligned for mutual benefit. That's changing - The Washington Post
Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Would Be Honore to Be Trumps Running Mate

Trump and His Allies Are In Control of the GOP : politics
GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says it's 'wrong' for Senate Republicans to work with Democrats on bills endorsed by Biden

Man arrested with AK-47 outside of dissident Iranian journalists Brooklyn home

The Arizona Race That Reveals The Most About Trumpism And The 'Big Lie' - After telling the Jan. 6 House committee about pressure he faced to overturn the vote, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers is fighting for his political life.

US faces new era of political violence as threats against lawmakers rise : politics
And by we, I mean you - Lawyers, Guns & Money The NYT allowed Frank Luntz to conduct a focus group. The results are roughly as youd expect:

Jews, non-Christians not part of conservative movement - GOP consultant : politics

We Are Living in Richard Nixons America. Escaping It Wont Be Easy.

G.O.P. Feuding and Chaos Endanger the Partys Chances in Michigan

Conservatives skeptical of coronavirus vaccines battle to lead a hospital -- The battle for control of one of Floridas largest public health systems has turned political

The Spread of Book Banning - The New York Times Explaining the increasing politicization of the book banning debate.
When did book banning get all political? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Kansas court: Self-defense doesnt apply when bystander hurt

Cuomo's Revenge & Conde's Numbers ... "It's not a good look" ... Plus, notes on Remnicks remarkable run ... One recent Friday afternoon, The New Yorker let go its long-time archivist Erin Overbey after a biblical tweet thread that, among other things, accused the legendary media brand of gender inequality and, oddly, suggested that its Pulitzer-winning editor-in-chief, David Remnick, had inserted factual errors in her work ... "ground zero for a kind of regressive literary gatekeeping, class exclusivity & old-school cultural thinking that simply no longer have any relation to, or frankly relevance in, the modern world as we know it."

Happy 80th, Barney Bubbles - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Study finds Wikipedia influences judicial behavior : politics

Physicists Have Simulated The Primordial Quantum Structure of Our Universe : worldnews

The Medieval eras greatest philosopher Thomas Aquinas abandoned his masterpiece the Summa Theologica after a shattering ecstatic experience I can do no more; such things have been revealed to me that all that I have written seems to me as so much straw

Jung's Collective Unconscious Explained - The strange story of the depths of the unconscious ... The mental manifestations of these instincts are what Jung called the collective unconscious. It is not a hive mind but a deep, ancient part of the mind that becomes activated when the tools of our ego and our culture are not enough.
Carl Jung | Simply Psychology ... Jung labeled these archetypes the Self, the Persona, the Shadow and the Anima/Animus.

The Language You Speak Influences Where Your Attention Goes - all because of the similarities between words.
Have "new" languages stopped forming? : askscience

A US dentist is accused of killing his wife on safari in Zambia. He says she accidentally discharged the gun : news (comments on dentists)

What addiction is seen as completely normal by society? : AskReddit

Seen in Brookline VillageI guess masks are just to protect the identities of certain disruptive folks. (Stay safe everyone!) ... (FauciPox!)


25-ton Chinese rocket debris crashes to Earth over Indian Ocean : worldnews ... Also, as per the article it is only the Chinese that are claiming the booster landed over the ocean. Western experts are saying the booster likely crashed on the ground and could have caused infrastructure damage. (China lies, again)

Kentucky death toll rises to at least 25 in flash flooding - The Boston Globe
Climate Change and Kentucky - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Yes, climate change is relevant even to an inland Midwest/Upper South state that doesnt have to worry about ocean levels or (generally speaking) about severe drought
ELI5: How does 10 inches of rainfall cause extreme flooding like what we are seeing in Kentucky? : explainlikeimfive

Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change : worldnews

A 40C heatwave in England and Wales may have killed 1000 people

Bloody slaughter of 100 bottlenose dolphins on Faroe Islands sparks global outrage
New report reveals 100,000 dolphins and small whales hunted every year ... By far, the worlds largest kill of dolphins and small whales is in Peru, where up to 15,000 dolphins are killed annually to be used as bait in shark fisheries

Tiny turtle pooed pure plastic for six days afterrescue from Sydney beach

Mexico declares drought in northern state of Nuevo Leon matter of national security

A weird evolutionary quirk in the human eye could be what saves us from climate change / Twitter

Boston officials see improvement in COVID-19 numbers, but urge continued vigilance - The Boston Globe

U.S. polio case tied to viruses detected in U.K., Israel, suggesting silent spread : worldnews
U.S. polio case tied to viruses seen in U.K., Israel, suggesting silent spread The case, an unvaccinated man in his 20s who lives in Rockland County, N.Y., recently developed paralysis that was diagnosed as having been caused by a type 2 polio vaccine virus. Health authorities in Rockland County, which is north of New York City, said the man had not traveled outside the country in the time when he would have been infected. That means someone else had to have brought the viruses into the country. (Hasidim)

Spain reports first death in Europe related to monkeypox outbreak | Monkeypox | The Guardian : worldnews
One in four cases of the virus is in New York state, Hochul said. The declaration could bolster government efforts to fight it off and vaccinate residents.
Not enough shots: U.S. faces vaccine cliffon monkeypoxAs many as 1 million high-risk men may be unable to get two Jynneos doses for months.
What to know about monkeypox transmission, symptoms and vaccines - The Washington Post
In race for monkeypox vaccines, experts see repeat of COVID : worldnews
Will you get the MP Vaccine? | Survivalist Forum

Russia bars entry to 32 New Zealanders in sanctions response : worldnews

Honeymoon Couple Fought Over Husbands 'flirtacious' Behavior with Another Person Before Wife was Found Beaten to Death in Luxury Fiji Resort

US and Japan move toward founding of economic NATO to counter China

No evidence of looming Chinese military action against Taiwan, U.S. official says : worldnews
Blinken acknowledges prospect for conflict with China over Taiwan

China announces military exercise opposite Taiwan : worldnews
Russias oil exports to China via 'dark' ship-to-ship transfers have surged as trading secrecy grows
China signals it could miss economic growth target : worldnews
Chinas IT minister under investigation for violating law

Kremlin propagandist bizarrely claims Putin is so popular he would beat Biden in a US presidential election, report says : worldnews (says Trump will run as his VP)
US envoy: Russia intends to dissolve Ukraine from world map : worldnews

People are turning off: Muscovites put the war aside and enjoy summer

Russia is recruiting thousands of volunteers to replenish its ranks in Ukraine. Prior experience isnt always required

r/Moscow has been overtaken by 2russophobic4u, your welcome Bois. : ukraine
NAFO boys infiltrated r/Moscow for years and finally bashed it after making it to high ranks. Mighty good work. : ukraine
Moscow, Moscow oblast, Ukraine

In Afghanistan, a Quiet Epidemic of Mass Psychogenic Illness | Doctors and authorities are at odds as to the cause of mysterious collective ailments affecting Afghan women and girls. : worldnews ... Its called talibanitis

Turkey again requests legal assistance against Tampere man that insulted Erdogan ... The man is accused by Turkey of posting derogatory pictures of the President and derogatory comments about him on Facebook ... Somehow every scumbag-ruler are so easily triggered and willing to use force, just like Winnie the Pooh. (in Finland)
Doubts grow over Turkeys huge discovery of rare earth minerals ... classic Erdogan pre-election lie

Thousands of displaced syrians in the Rukban camp without water as heat wave intensifies : worldnews

Iraqi protesters storm parliament for second time in a week | News : worldnews

A world changed, maybe permanently, by Ukraine war : worldnews

What's Missing from Mearsheimer's Analysis of the Ukraine War (the "r ealist" isn't and he's deeply and tragically wrong about Ukraine)

S&P Cuts Ukraine Debt Rating, Saying Default Near Certain : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 157, Part 1 (Thread #297) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 30 July 2022
General Staff: Ukrainian forces repel Russian attacks in several directions. According to Ukraines General Staff, Ukrainian forces repelled Russian assaults on Sloviansk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Novopavlivka.
July 28 Assessment Highlight: #Russian occupation forces are continuing to pressure #Ukrainian civilians in occupied areas to use Russian rubles and passports instead of Ukrainian hryvnias and identification documents.
July 28 Assessment Highlight: The #Kremlin is increasingly relying on the Wagner Group as its premier strike group and Wagner Group leadership likely seeks to maintain its presence in #Ukraine through importing fighters from other areas of operation.

Russia Failing To Gain Air Superiority As U.S. HIMARS Hit SAMs: Pentagon : worldnews
War for the south: Ukraine sets its sights on regaining cities and towns lost to Russian troops : worldnews
Ukraine says scores of Russians killed in Kherson fighting : worldnews

Kyiv vows to hunt down Russian troops who castrated Ukrainian soldier : worldnews
Ukraine demands U.N., Red Cross react immediately react to killing of POWs : worldnews

Governor: Russian shelling kills 5 civilians, injures 13 in Donetsk Oblast. Donetsk Oblast Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko made the announcement in a televised interview on July 29.
#Russian troops shelled #Nikopol with Grad missiles overnight. As a result of the shelling, one private house was destroyed, 15 private houses were damaged and the electricity grid was knocked out, reports the head of the #Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration.
#Russian invaders shelled also Mykolaiv this night. One dead and two injured are reported.
Ukraines military shoot down Russian Sukhoi aircraft. According to the 25th Airborne Brigade, Sukhoi Su-25, an aircraft that can carry nuclear weapons, was shot down with a 9K38 Igla man-portable air-defense system in Donetsk Oblast on July 29.

Poland to buy hundreds of South Korean tanks, howitzers after sending arms to Ukraine : worldnews

Massive NATO air exercise held over Romania : worldnews
Romanian president condemns racist comments made by Hungarian PM : worldnews

Hungary will have enough: Orban to strike gas deal with Russia

Baerbocks Aegean islands remarks in Greece anger Turkey | Germanys foreign minister said theislands are Greek territory, drawing a strong rebuke from Turkey.

Swiss set to match EU sanctions if China invades Taiwan : worldnews
Christian fundamentalist sentenced for preaching homophobia | A 63-year-old Christian fundamentalist was on Friday given a suspended sentence for having delivered a homophobic "sermon" on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. He said he had only quoted the Bible. : worldnews

Austria mourns suicide of doctor targetted by anti-vaccine campaigners : worldnews (institutional failure)

Germany to send Ukraine 16 bridge-laying tanks, adding to its arsenal of Western weapons, as it wages a new offensive against the Russian invasion : worldnews

Russian links to Italian right threaten Melonis election campaign
Russian links to Italian right threaten Meloni s election campaign - Opponents of the right are demanding to know if Vladimir Putin brought down Mario Draghi's government. After Mario Draghis coalition government collapsed, plunging Italy into fresh turmoil, an unsettling question is hanging in the air: was the Kremlin involved?
Berlusconi spoke to the Russian ambassador on the day that he withdrew his backing for Draghis government, according to reports in La Repubblica on FridayWe want to know whether it was Putin who brought down the Draghi government.
The weapon of migrants on the ballots: the refugees boats pushed into Italy by Wagner mercenaries. Russia uses refugee as a weapon to push pressure on EU countries : worldnews

The Worlds Biggest Cannabis Scam Is Totally Unravelling ... Not surprised to hear that three Russian nationals appear to have been behind an international Ponzi scheme.

Brexit to blame: UK shoppers pay up to 50% more than those in EU (dumbfuckxit)
Prince Charles accepted 1m from family of Osama bin Laden - Prince had meeting at Clarence House - and seven-figure donation from Saudis followed
Rail strike to bring widespread disruption to Great Britain : worldnews
UK firms are cutting ties with China amid wider tensions, CBI chief says : worldnews
Bohra imams visit puts British girls at risk of mutilation, warn FGM campaigners | Female genital mutilation (FGM)
Never seen anything like it: Impeccably preserved Jurassic fish fossils found on UK farm

Mohammed Khalifa sentenced to life. He was the English-language narrator in Islamic State propaganda videos. - The Washington Post Mohammed Khalifa, 39, admitted to executing two Syrian soldiers on videos ... Mohammed Khalifa, 39, was the English-language narrator in approximately 15 Islamic State propaganda videos, including some of its most influential and violent fare, prosecutors said.
Pope says genocide took place at Canadas residential schools for Indigenous children

Blinken Resists Push to Label Russia a Terrorist State - The New York Times The Biden administration is wary of making the designation despite strong calls from Congress and pleas from Ukraine.

Feds put $10m bounty on Putin pal accused of bankrolling US election troll farm : worldnews

Russian National Charged With Spreading Propaganda Through U.S. Groups - The New York Times Federal authorities say the man recruited several American political groups and used them to sow discord and interfere with elections.
Russian National Charged With Spreading Propaganda Through U.S. Groups : politics

FBI raids Florida office allegedly used by Russia for election interference : politics ... DeSantis upset they got his 2024 campaign headquarters

California secession movement was funded and directed by Russian intelligence agents, US government alleges : worldnews

Shadowy arms dealer Viktor Bout may be key to Russias release of WNBA star Brittney Griner

Biden tests positive for coronavirus again after Paxlovid rebound

Biden Savors Much-Needed Victories. But Will the Highs Overshadow the Lows? - The New York Times With the midterm elections around the corner, the challenge for President Biden is to make sure his latest successes resonate with Americans who remain deeply skeptical about the future.
Biden Job Approval Dips to New Low ... approval rating has fallen below 40% for the first time and now sits at a personal low of 38%

House passes bill to ban assault weapons : politics

Joe Manchin shocks Republicans by revealing he is a Democrat : politics ... My dude, Joe Manchin shocked Democrats by revealing he is a Democrat.
The two-week scramble that saved Democrats' climate agenda - Inside the private talks and public pressure that led to a deal between Joe Manchin and Charles Schumer
Sinema indicates she may want to change Schumer-Manchin deal (Sinema refucks the planet)
The Inflation Reduction Act Probably Wont Reduce Inflation

Truly Disgusting: Alito Mocks Critics of Anti-Abortion Ruling as Pregnant People Suffer | These people are right-wing political actors and aren't neven trying to hide it, one observer said of the U.S. Supreme Courts majority.
Abortion bans let hospital ethics committees decide when dying patients can get an abortion. Abortion bans force ethics committees to determine when a pregnancy is lethal enough to justify termination.
Eschaton: This Is What They Wake Up Hoping To Read Movement anti-abortion people are demented serial killer freaks. They just are. Anyone who has spent time around them knows this. Reporters know this. They or their editors, well, have "edited" the truth about these people forever. Just nice religious people who love "life."
Eschaton: They Love It I actually think Goldberg knows this, so she should just say it, instead of saying, basically, "maybe they don't really understand what they've done."

Veterans, Same-Sex Couples Stand To Lose In GOP Hissy Fit Over Democratic Deal : politics
Your 2022 Republican platform: force 10-year-olds to give birth and fuck the troops - Lawyers, Guns & Money
ArchonStranger comments on change my view: Why should I vote NO

Homeland Security watchdog halted plan to recover Secret Service texts - The Washington Post (traitors were deep)
Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Securitys Wolf and Cuccinelli
Who will watch the watchdog? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Justice wont obstruct itself!
Secret Service may disable iMessages to avoid repeat of Jan. 6 controversy : politics

Subpoena Ginni Thomas - The Boston Globe

Why an unnamed White House employee could be a pivotal Jan. 6 witness - Two anonymous White House staffers are at the center of important episodes in the Jan. 6 probe. Are they the same person -- and also the person Trump tried to call?

The RNC 'election integrity' official appearing in DOJs Jan. 6 subpoenas

Kinzinger slams McCarthy over Hutchinson comment: I dont trust a thing he says

Hot mic captured Gaetz assuring Stone of pardon, discussing Mueller redactions : politics ... Gaetz was apparently unaware they were being recorded by documentary filmmakers following Stone, who special counsel Robert S. Mueller III had charged with obstruction of a congressional investigation ... "The boss still has a very favorable view of you" said Gaetz
Matt Gaetz assured Roger Stone of pardon on hot mic, discussed Mueller redactions - The Washington Post

Trump Demonstrably Guilty of Crime on Jan. 6: Laurence Tribe
Probes of the ex-presidents conduct in politics, government and business are underway in multiple places
Paul Manafort says Michael Cohen spied on Trump campaign - Vox

Jan. 6 hearings will not change how Donald Trump behaves: Mary Trump : politics
Trump buries ex-wife on his golf course in order to get a series of huge tax breaks - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This reminds me of when The Tweet of God noted that, ideally speaking, the worst person in the world and the president of the United States should be two different people.
Im deleting this tweet. I was making a joke based on some speculation by another journalist. But the tweet has since gone viral, and its getting quote-tweeted as if this is in fact the Trump familys motivation. And I obviously have no way of knowing that.

VIDEO: Steve Bannon throws subpoena in street after being served | Jessica Denson wants a D.C. judge to hold Bannon in civil contempt for failing to respond to a subpoena served on video at his home.
Jay Rosen on Twitter: "Presented without comment." / Twitter (Kushfucker on Bannon)

GOP officials refuse to certify primaries: This is how Republicans are planning to steal elections. Election officials in three states refuse to sign off on primary results in a preview of likely November chaos
GOP officials refuse to certify primaries: This is how Republicans are planning to steal electionsElection officials in three states refuse to sign off on primary results in a preview of likely November chaos ... AZ, CO, NV ...

Im a Young Queer Conservative. The GOP Lied to MeIf you were gay and chose to be a Republican any time after 2000, you lied to yourself.

America First is laying plans to perpetuate Trumpism beyond Trump : politics

A Detailed Look Back At The 2000 Presidential Election (Hispanics gave enuogh to Bush to allow crooked election)

Opinion: While Oz is stoking fear, Fetterman is making us laugh : politics

North Texas Conservatives Police High Turnout and Close Races as 'Anomalies' Suggesting Fraud

Politicians Whining About Censorship Are All Just Trying To Dictate The Terms Of Debate : politics

Alabama prisons say reporters skirt too short to witness execution ... God says your skirt is too short to watch us kill someone.

In a California town, a militia is welcomed by some, cautioned by others

Conspiracy website InfoWars parent files for bankruptcy | Reuters

Inside an International Network of Teenage Neo-Nazi Extremists

How Did a Two-Time Killer Get Out to Be Charged Again at Age 83? - The New York Times Marceline Harvey is accused of dismembering a woman in Brooklyn. Her life was defined by a tormented relationship with women and herselfand a simmering anger ... Decades worth of police documents and court records detail the life of Ms. Harvey, a transgender woman who transitioned at some point after her release from prison

Small-Town Cops Are Quitting en Masse as Police Come Under More Scrutiny : politics

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,163 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One of the most genuinely annoying and useless figures in the history of American political media, Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs was born into an elite Louisiana political family in New Orleans in 1943. Her father was Hale Boggs ... Cokie ... Why does she have 74 names? I know she was a blue blood but she has more names than a Hapsburg! Were they running an 8 for 1 special at the name store when she was born? (also, read comments)
William C. C. Claiborne - Wikipedia
Behold how little substance NPR's Cokie Roberts can pack into four minutes of airtime. Behold how little substance NPRs Cokie Roberts can pack into four minutes of airtime.
Cokie Roberts: The only thing that can help the GOP win the Latino vote is birth control ... w/Tucker Carlson

Is editing bad? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Find out the surprising answer in Conor Friedersdorfs latest strenuous exercise in bothsiderism, entitled Is it Worse to Ban a Book, or Never Publish It?

CA sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend : videos
Northern California sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend : news

In Ohio, prosecutors allege scheme by family to kill Rhoden family - The Washington Post

Publishers are suing the Internet Archive over digital book lending - The Washington Post Major publishers are suing the Internet Archive over an online book lending program. But the case has morphed into a bigger debate that could limit the ways libraries lend books online.

How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Common viruses may be triggering the onset of Alzheimers disease

A Large Black Hole Collision Actually Shook Space-Time : science

4 hostile alien civilizations may lurk in the Milky Way, a new study suggests : technology

A plane of monkeys, a pandemic, and a botched deal: inside the science crisis youve never heard of

Historically, why is Western Mass so solidly liberal? : massachusetts

What do you find extremely attractive? : AskReddit
What is something you think all men could agree on? : AskReddit

What's the most horrific act committed by someone you know personally? [NSFW] : AskReddit

What is the creepiest thing that you've come across on internet? : AskReddit
Whats something from the early days of the Internet which younger generations may not know about?

People of Reddit, when did the bully go to far? : AskReddit

What's the most horrifying horror novel you've read? : books

Elon, Cathie Wood & The Dead Cat Bounce - Puck Notes on the Elon suit and recession anticipation, among other Wall Street dish and concerns.

An Alleged Affair to Remember - Puck - A close reading of the media melee over what did and didnt happen between Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, and Nicole Shanahan reveals the second order consequences, near and far term.


First 100,000 KG Removed From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Mediterranean Sea hit by severe underwater heatwave

Climate change made Britains heatwave at least 10 times more likely, scientists say
UK heatwave: Weather forecasters report unprecedented trolling : worldnews ... BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said he had never experienced anything like it in nearly 25 years working in weather.

Irish government to require a 25% reduction in pollution from its meat and dairy sectors by 2030 as part of its climate action plan : worldnews

Nepal doubles its tiger population, bringing them back from the brink of extinction : worldnews

Fall Forecast 2022: First look at the next weather season shows that large-scale patterns will be driven by the now active La Nina in the Pacific, extending its influence deep into Winter 2022/2023 : worldnews

Las Vegas declares emergency, with less than 50 days of clean water supply left : news ... Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Kentucky flooding live updates: Death toll rises amid massive damage

More than 780,000 monkeypox vaccines for the U.S.- POLITICO
Alberta to offer vaccine to gay, bisexual, queer men at higher risk of monkeypox exposure

Defiance in Myanmar even as executions prompt fears for detained | Military News : worldnews

Thailand says it wont deport Uygurs to China amid crackdown on asylum seekers

S. Korean President embroiled by ties to the far-right, Confirmed to have hired far-right individuals to his office : worldnews
South Koreas property market has gone from sizzling hot to floundering, piling pressure on some debt-saddled consumers as the sector experiences the fastest interest rate hikes on record

Following Xi-Biden call, Taiwan to deepen close security partnership with U.S. : worldnews ... In the call, Xi warned the U.S. against playing with fire over Taiwan, highlighting Beijings concerns about a possible visit to the Chinese-claimed island by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Xi and Biden exchange warnings on Taiwan : worldnews
Chinese Government asked Tiktok for stealth propaganda account : worldnews
Asias richest woman loses half her $24 billion fortune due to Chinas growing real estate crisis

Vladimir Putin is in thrall to a distinctive brand of Russian fascism | The Economist That is why his country is such a threat to Ukraine, the West and his own people
Unsurprisingly, Russia Tells NASA It's Not Leaving the ISS Any Time Soon : worldnews
Medvedev posting his fantasies online of a new "map" : worldnews

Opinion | Russia Is Making Heaps of Money From Oil, but There Is a Way to Stop That - The New York Times

Russias Population Decline Hits Record Rate - The Moscow Times

Marina Ovsyannikova: Anti-war Russian journalist fined for discrediting army ... "That's our job" -- The Kremlin
Russian news outlet Novaya Gazeta to be stripped of licence under court order : worldnews

Some wounded Russian soldiers find compensation elusive, despite Putins pledge

A Hotter Russia | Sophie Pinkham | The New York Review of Books About two thirds of Russia is covered in permafrost, a mixture of sand and ice that, until recently, remained frozen year-round. As permafrost melts, walls built on it fracture, buildings sink, railways warp, roads buckle, and pipelines break. Anthrax from long-frozen reindeer corpses has thawed and infected modern herds. Sinkholes have opened in the melting ground, swallowing up whole buildings. Ice roads over frozen water, once the only way to travel in some remote regions, are available for ever-shorter periods. The Arctic coast is eroding rapidly, imperiling structures built close to the water.

Sanctions: Russia defaults on Natural Gas supplies to India : worldnews
India, the worlds biggest edible oil importer, will likely receive its first shipments of sunflower oil from Ukraine starting in September after a five-month gap. About 50,000 to 60,000 tons may arrive as Ukraine is set to open some Black Sea corridors for agricultural exports
At least 42 dead in India after drinking toxic alcohol : worldnews

Syrian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian barley, flour docks in Lebanon, Ukrainian embassy says

Saudi Arabia wants to build a 106-mile-long building that will act as a city : worldnews

Iran: Ex-child bride among three women executed in one day

U.S. denies UAEs explanation for arrest of Jamal Khashoggis lawyer

Palestinian gunmen open fire on IDF post in southern Nablus : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 156, Part 1 (Thread #296) : worldnews

Ukraine round-up: Kherson counter-offensive gains pace : worldnews
ISW on Twitter: "Ukrainian forces also likely struck Russian military infrastructure in Chornobaivka on the northern outskirts of Kherson City. /5" / Twitter

Horrifying footage appears to show Russian captors castrating a Ukrainian prisoner of war
BountyPut Out on Russian Soldier After Castration Torture Video Goes Viral

Ukraines Shadow Army Resisting Russian Occupation
Ukraines shadow army resisting Russian occupation

Russia Shelled Already Taken Territory to Cover Up War Crimes: Officials : worldnews
Russians announce 53 Ukrainian prisoners dead Ukrainian MoD Intelligence says Russia is responsible
Separatists Says Shelling Killed Ukrainian Prisoners Of War : worldnews
Ukraine denies attack on Donbas prison that Russia claims killed 40 : worldnews
Russian shell hits bus stop in Mykolaiv: 5 people killed : worldnews

Russia warns of retaliatory measures if its citizens denied Schengen visas
Montenegro freezes property of sanctioned Russians : worldnews

New law may cement de facto ban on Bosnia-Herzegovina's Jews holding high office : worldnews

Estonia stops issuing visas, residence permits for Russian students : worldnews

The castration video has been picked up by Swedish mainstream media. : ukraine

German cities impose cold showers and turn off lights amid Russian gas crisis : worldnews
German inflation rises unexpectedly as gas crunch tightens : worldnews

Swiss sales of medicines to Russia jump during war : worldnews

Shakira could be jailed for 8 years in Spain for tax fraud : worldnews

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman received by Emmanuel Macron: why the "rehabilitation" of the Saudi prince raises questions : worldnews

Nuclear threat higher now than in Cold War, British official warns : worldnews
The British boats helping Putins Russia avoid oil sanctions
Fury as energy firms post record profits while squeezed Brits face monthly bills of 500
Rebekah Vardy loses Wagatha Christie libel case against Coleen Rooney

Thousands of people demonstrated in Buenos Aires on Thursday, demanding a "universal salary" in crisis-ridden Argentina. : worldnews

Hungary Offered Help for Bolsonaros Re-Election, Internal Report Shows ... Right-wing, authoritarian, conspiracy theory muppets gotta stick together.
Paved highway to run through Amazon gains initial approval in Brazil. BR-319, which link Manaus to the rest of country, set to be repaved in a move some fear would make deforestation easier : worldnews

Canada says popes apology for abuses at Catholic residential schools not enough
Canadas UN ambassador slams biased, antisemitic remarks by human-rights expert
Fentanyl from the government? A Vancouver experiment aims to stop overdoses : worldnews
Mandatory buyback program for firearms - The Canadian government announces buyback prices : worldnews
Supreme Court rules sex without a condom requires separate consent from sex with a condom | CBC News : news

US offers $10M reward for Russian election interference info : worldnews
Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov charged with Russian influence campaign - The Washington Post Florida activist group was used to sow discord and spread pro-Russian propaganda, Justice Dept. says
Feds Charge Russian Puppetmaster for Secretly Directing U.S. Political Groups : politics
Florida political group defends its ties with Russia after FBI alleges they teamed up with Kremlin agents in a brazenattempt to interfere with US elections

Neither side reported progress after what the U.S. secretary of state called a frank and direct conversation that also focused on Ukraine.

Online fake news is an existential threat to democracy not because most people believe bogus content, but because of the corrosive effect it has on trust among citizens and their faith in democratic institutions representing them, according to a new study.

Wait, Is Biden a Better President Than People Thought? - POLITICO Biden is making a comeback with his breakthrough on climate legislation but limitations to his leadership still shadow his presidency.
Biden to host Obamas in September for White House portrait ceremony Trump shunned : politics

Joe Manchins climate deal isnt enough, but its still a miracle
Kyrsten Sinema Is Critical Vote on Manchin-Schumer Climate and Tax Deal - WSJ Arizona centrist senator has forced changes in past Democratic packages ("changes" = "destroyed")

Blindsided veterans erupt in fury after Senate Republicans suddenly tank PACT Act : politics
Blunt, Hawley, Marshall betray sick veterans because theyre mad at tax, climate bill
Video shows Republicans fist bumping after blocking veteran healthcare bill : politics

Samuel Alito: Top US judge mocks world leaders over abortion ruling : worldnews ... Alito suggesting that Boris Johnson paid the price of losing office for commenting on the SC opinion is beyond the paleWhat an arrogant self-serving twerp to suggest differing with those five god-awful opinions was BJs downfall. Bitch please
AOC rips Justice Alito for alarming mockery of figures like Prince Harry who criticized the overturn of Roe v. Wade
Alito Decries Hostility to Religion in First Public Remarks Since Abortion Decision (his religion: christo-fascist nationalist Catholicism)
Sam Alito Went to Rome to Crack Some Jokes After Overturning Roe - Elsewhere, Mark Meadows' ears must be burning.

The backlash to Christianity: Republicans are now panicked but they only have themselves to blame
Opinion | The dark irony of the GOP embracing Christian nationalism : politics (Sharia Christianity)
It's Going to Take Several Miracles to Stop the Republican Party From Turning America Into Hungary

To protect abortion, we must expand the court : politics

CNN Poll: About two-thirds of Americans disapprove of overturning Roe v. Wade, see negative effect for the nation ahead : politics
Indiana attorney general launched investigation of abortion doctor based on "so-called" complaints, her lawyer says, with one listing "555-555-5555" as the doctors phonenumber ... A 10-year old was raped and the Republican response is to investigate the doctor who helped her. Think about that. \
Intimidating doctors for providing health care - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Americans dismayed at loss of abortion rights are less certain they will vote, poll shows - The Washington Post poll finds 65 percent of Americans view the Supreme Courts abortion ruling as a major loss of womens rights, while 35 percent say it is not
Free birth control guaranteed under federal law, Biden administration says : politics

Buttigieg recites list of prices to shut down GOP congressman who claims electric vehicles are too expensive : politics

How the movement to undermine election results is spreading in the US : politics
Election deniers are running to control voting. Here's how theyve fared so far

Democrats beat Republicans for control of Congress in 4 polls in past week : politics ... Turns out forcing people to birth their rapists offspring didnt poll well outside of rapists and facehugger aliens.
Improvement or Illusion? | Cook Political Report Over the last couple of weeks, there's been a shift in opinion among many political professionals about Democrats chances in the midterm campaign.

Secret Services 'ludicrous' deletion of Jan. 6 phone data baffles experts

Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security's Wolf and Cuccinelli - DHS watchdog was alerted in February to unavailable records of top officials, but did nothing to alert or investigate (bc Trummpsters)
DHS inspector general knew of missing Secret Service texts months earlier than previously known
Hey, That's Weird: The Texts for Trump's Top DHS Officials Are Also Gone - And the inspector general has known they were missing since February ... The discovery of missing records for the top officials running the Department of Homeland Security during the final days of the Trump administration raises new questions about what could have been learned, and also about what other text messages and evidence the department and other agencies may have erased, in apparent violation of the Federal Records Act.

Jan. 6 committee tees up 20 witness transcripts for DOJ : politics

DHS Watchdog Fails To Notify Congress Over Missing Jan. 6 Texts Of 2 Trump Officials: The phones of Homeland Security leaders Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli reportedly were wiped, much like those of Trumps Secret Service agents.

Groups seek to keep Trump off 2024 ballot due to insurrection : politics

Trump N.J. golf club cant use presidential seal now that hes out of office, complaint says
Trump Wants Concentration Camps and Presidential Control of Domestic Troops : politics

Jared Kushner details West Wing war with toxic Steve Bannon in new book

Jim Jordan and Republican Members of the House Judiciary Committee Embrace Chaos The Misfit Toy Caucus Rides Again - Whining a litany of culture-war grievances entirely divorced from reality ... Anyway, thats what the January 6 committee would have looked like had Nancy Pelosi not vetoed the participation of Jordan and Rep. Jim Banks, the two congressmen whom House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tried to embed in it like dung-bombs

Pastor warns about Marjorie Taylor Greene: She "dances with the devil" : politics
Adam Kinzinger blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene as the "American Taliban" : politics

Reporter's skirt too short for an execution - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge: Wisconsin probe found absolutely no election fraud
Former Michigan GOP executive director says Trump and Republicans should be criminally charged for election lies : politics

Propelled to Victory by Dem Leaders, Cuellar Says $7.25 Too Much for Millions of Workers : politics

Appeals Court Calls Out Federal Judge Who Belittled a ProsecutorBased on Her Sex and Tried to Ban Her For Life

What the Hell Is Going on With Dr. Ozs Senate Campaign?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stayed at fundraiser for hours after Uvalde shooting, records show Finance, flight-tracking documents show the governor stayed in Huntsville longer than he implied.

The Liz Bruneig Express Reaches Jackson - Lawyers, Guns & Money Wow, Republicans really are are responding to the overturning of Roe by truly becoming the party of social welfare family value

I cant believe I even survived that job.Staffers fleeing Katie Hobbs campaign question her ability to lead Arizona.

Johnson County sheriff claimed he got 200 tips of election fraud. A records request yielded only one | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City
Inside one far-right sheriffs crusade to prove Trumps bogus voter-fraud claims

Jamelle Bouie : Why Andrew Yang's New Third Party Is Bound to Fail
Wang dang yang gang - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Million Dollar Law Degree: NYU Law School Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Aging Student Debtors of America | The New Yorker In an era of declining wages and rising debt, Americans are not aging out of their student loansthey are aging into them.

Fear of Rampant Crime Is Derailing New York Citys Recovery ... But widespread anxiety obscures the fact that crime is still at decades-long lows.
Scott Hechinger on Twitter: "This is astonishing, yet not surprising. If it feels like you're far less safe in NYC than ever before, it's not bc shootings are up. It's because the media (fueled by lies & fearmongering by NYC Mayor Eric Adams) is up. Look at this chart. Red line is shootings. Grey is media." / Twitter

Friday Round-The-Horn (Greenwald and Taibbi go full Alex Jones)

Kylies 17-Minute Flight Has Nothing on the 170 Trips Taylor Swifts Private Jets Took This Year

10 free websites that are so valuable they feel illegal to know | by Vino GC | Axis | Jul, 2022 | Medium

Legalizing the trip: One shroom advocates playbook

Did nuclear bomb tests leave behind Hiroshimas and Nagasakis minus the human casualties? Are the test sites habitable? ... exposure to I-131 from the Nevada atmospheric tests will produce between 11,300 and 212,000 excess lifetime cases of thyroid cancer with a point or central estimate of 49,000 cases. (when America nuked itself)

MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body. : worldnews

Early Alzheimers detection up to 17 years in advance. A sensor identifies misfolded protein biomarkers in the blood. This offers a chance to detect Alzheimers disease before any symptoms occur. Researchers intend to bring it to market maturity.

Boston is the second most expensive city for renters in the US : boston

Instagram U-turns on TikTok-style revamp : worldnews


Earth Overshoot Day 2022: Humanity has already used its resources for the year : worldnews

50 million people in East Africa to face acute food insecurity, experts say : worldnews

Two of the Largest Freshwater Fish in the World Declared Extinct. : worldnews

Oil permits up for auction in Congos Virunga park, putting endangered gorillas at risk

Since 2021, Big Oil Has Spent Over $200 Million to Sabotage Climate Action: Analysis : politics
Energy giants Shell and Centrica enjoy soaring profits as prices rise : worldnews (cackle in capitalism)

Massive flooding in eastern Kentucky engulfs homes, leaves several dead - The Washington Post The death toll could rise significantly after a deluge submerged homes, swept cars away and heavily damaged roads and other infrastructure.

UK scientists take promising step towards single Covid and cold vaccine

2nd Japan case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo : worldnews

Phyo Zeya Thaw, Burmese Pro-democracy Rapper, 41, Is Executed : worldnews

Ambulances unable to find hospitals to take COVID patients | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis : worldnews

Kim threatens to use nukes amid tensions with US, S. Korea : worldnews ... Kim is upset that Putin is getting all the bad guy attention.
N. Korean leader warns S. Korean govt, military will be wiped out if they make any dangerousattempt

Taiwan holds massive Han Kuang military drills as tensions with China build : worldnews ... The annual event has been running since 1984 and involves all branches of Taiwans military
American English teacher among group arrested in Taiwan for operating an amphetamine factory : worldnews

Beijing vows consequences if US politician travels to island : worldnews ("island")
Chinas BYD was written off by Elon Musk. Now its beating Tesla | Automotive Industry
Former Chinese justice minister admits taking millions in bribes-court : worldnews

Research study shows the Russian economy is suffering massive damage due to Western sanctions, despite Moscow downplaying the effect : worldnews

Russia reportedly tells NASA its staying with the ISS until at least 2028 ... One day its 2024, the next day its 2028????

Brittney Griner Reveals How She Was Detained In First Testimony In Russian Court : worldnews
The Trials of Brittney Griner - Puck

Tetra Pak to leave Russia after 62 years in blow to packaging industry : worldnews

India boosted Russian oil imports in April-May by more than 400,000 bpd : worldnews
Ukraine Accuses 3 Indians, Including Former NSAB Head, of Promoting Russian Propaganda

India and the Taliban are working towards forming a relationship. Here's why : NPR : worldnews

New Cold War: Russia and West vie for influence in Africa

New Tunisian constitution calls for Palestinian state, Jerusalem as capital : worldnews

Iran identifies arrested Israeli proxy saboteurs as members of left wing Kurdish rebel group : worldnews

Israels Top Court Reverses Ruling on West Bank Outpost, Allowing Settlers to Stay ("invaders")
Israeli prosecutors charge three Israeli Jews for attempted terrorist assault of Arab beachgoer : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 155, Part 1 (Thread #295) : worldnews

U.S. House of Representatives says more than 75,000 Russians have been killed or injured in Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine could be turning the tide of war again as Russian advances stall - The Washington Post
Ukraine could be turning the tide of war again as Russian advances stall : ukraine
It seems the belief that Ukraine is launching a counteroffensive is so great a new Wikipedia page was created today on it : ukraine
Ukraine warns Kremlin to retreat or be annihilated in Kherson
Ukraines southern counteroffensive gathering momentum,leaving some Russian troops highly vulnerable, says UK intel
Ukraine strikes key Russian-held bridge in Kherson : worldnews
Russian-occupied Kherson cut off as Ukraine counter-attacks -