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What Went Wrong With The 'Tiny Nonprofit' Behind The State's Beleaguered Vaccine Site : CoronavirusMa
Cambridge Health Alliance just cancelled my vaccine appointment : CoronavirusMa

Covid Vaccines: Johnson & Johnson's shot authorized by F.D.A. - The New York Times F.D.A. Clears Johnson & Johnson's Shot, the Third Vaccine for U.S. - The authorization of a third Covid-19 vaccine will bring millions more doses within days. But health officials worry that some people will see the vaccine as the inferior choice.
Covid vaccine does not affect fertility but misinformation persists : worldnews
How Can I Convince Someone to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? - The Atlantic
Single Dose of Pfizer RNA Vaccine Acts as Booster in Those With Prior COVID-19 Infection : Coronavirus

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US : news

'When the internet goes down the night raids start': Inside the deadly phenomenon of web shutdowns : worldnews

Historical rape claim against current minister a 'test' for PM, Labor leader Albanese says, "Scott Morrison must satisfy himself the current make-up of the cabinet can continue" : worldnews

Yemen's children starve as U.N. seeks billions to avoid vast 'man-made' famine : worldnews
Houthis' use of sexual violence as a weapon against women is a terrible crime: UK : worldnews

At least seven dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests against coup : worldnews
The UN human rights office has said 18 protesters have been killed during demonstrations in Myanmar today. : worldnews

China's temperate glaciers are melting at accelerating rate : worldnews
Disgust at China's state-sponsored 'Uyghurface' in Wellington : worldnews
Hong Kong charges 47 activists in largest use yet of new security law : worldnews
State Dept says it 'never agreed' to China giving US diplomats COVID-19 anal tests : worldnews

Indian court acquitted a female journalist in a criminal defamation case filed against her by former Union Minister stating that "the right of reputation cannot be protected at the cost of the right of life and dignity of woman" : worldnews
Farmers' Protest News Updates: Centre's three farm laws are death warrant for farmers, says Kejriwal : worldnews
The mystery of India's lake of skeletons : worldnews

A hair color code is being strictly enforced half of all senior high schools operated by the Tokyo municipal government. Students who come to class with wavy hair or locks that are not uniformly black are required to submit a document signed by their guardians stating that it is their natural look : worldnews

6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar in preparation for World Cup 2022 : worldnews

Social media fight spreads in Iran as women seek to regain international travel rights: Once married, women give up the right to leave the country and pursue education : worldnews

Don't bully Riyadh, Saudi columnists tell Biden administration : worldnews (you shall not bully our murderous bully)
Saudi Arabia says it intercepts missile attack over capital : worldnews

"They Started Burning the Homes": Ethiopians Say Their Towns Are Being Razed In Ethnic Cleansing Campaign - They shot at everyone, they even killed priests who were hiding in the church. Many of them were burnt alive in their homes. : worldnews
Ethiopia Is Ethnically Cleansing Tigray Region, Says US Report : worldnews

Official: 42 abducted from Nigerian school 2 weeks ago freed : worldnews

New haircuts, old ideology: film warns of shifting far-right strategy in Europe : worldnews

German radio station apologizes after host compares K-pop band BTS to coronavirus | CBC News : worldnews

Newspaper photographer attacked, seriously hurt in France : worldnews

Hundreds of Protesters, 23 arrests, and three police officers injured in Ireland clash with police in anti-lockdown demonstration : worldnews

Second world war bomb detonation damages buildings in Exeter : worldnews
Prisons should trial free cannabis, says UK's former chief drug adviser : worldnews

A massive prison break in Haiti has resulted in the escape of hundreds of inmates and the deaths of at least 25 people, including the prison's director and a notorious Haitian gang leader named Arnel Joseph. : worldnews

Furious crowd forces armed police officers to release men arrested for kissing on a beach in Mexico : worldnews

Inuit voices grow louder in fight over Nunavut mine expansion that communities say will harm wildlife and cultural practices in northern Canada. : worldnews
2 Vancouver police officers caught on video posing with dead man on Third Beach : worldnews
'It's the worst thing I've ever seen in my 16-year career' : Human rights complaints detail racism, toxic culture at Toronto South jail
Toronto has cancelled all events through Canada Day : worldnews

White House Defends Its Decision Not to Sanction Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman : politics

The Bidens, in a rare gesture, immediately greeted the White House residence staff upon entering the building on Inauguration Day, staffer says : politics

'Democrats Will Lose in 2022' If $15 Wage Dies in Senate: Anger Grows as Biden-Harris Bow to Unelected Parliamentarian : politics

All You Need to Know : Here Are the 210 House Republicans--- and Two Democrats Who Voted to Deny Struggling Nation Covid-19 Relief

Democrats don't trust GOP on 1/6 commission: 'These people are dangerous' : politics

US State Dept. official: 'Jewish ideas poison people' : politics

Trump Will Run Again In Part To Fleece The 'Rubes,' Predicts Anthony Scaramucci : politics

Trump repeats lie that Joe Biden lost presidential election : politics
Trump mocks transgender athletes in CPAC speech : politics
Matt Gaetz & Trump Jr. follow in Ted Cruz's trail with transphobic rhetoric at CPAC | Gaetz claimed Mr. Potato Head "was America's first transgender doll and even he got canceled." Trump Jr. said that Hasbro should have just used a CNN journalist's face. : politics
CPAC Organizer Vehemently Denies Stage Was Designed to Look Like Nazi Symbol : politics
CPAC Organizer Denounces Critics Spotting What Looks Like Nazi SS Symbol On Stage : politics
Idol Worship | The obvious biblical beef with the Golden Trump : politics
CPAC is missing students and its legendary party scene. Republicans are concerned the low-energy event reflects the GOPs standing with young voters in a post-Trump world.
At conservative conference, Trumps election falsehoods flourish
Kristi Noem tried to take a victory lap for her coronavirus response on CBS. It did not go well. | Kristi Noem got a great reception at CPAC. Her interview on Face the Nation hours later was a different story. : politics
Fauci Fires Back at Kristi Noem Saying : He's Wrong : The Numbers don't Lie : politics
CPAC Speaker Angela Stanton King Promotes QAnon From Stage

McDermott: The party of Trump is mad about mean tweets? Seriously? : politics

Ted Cruz said the Republican Party is 'not just the party of country clubs' but CPAC is fixated on Donald Trump -- a man who literally lives at one
Ted Cruz mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at CPAC after the congresswoman raised millions for his Texan constituents : politics
Trumps baseless election claims march GOP into policy wasteland

GOP Congressman Skips COVID-19 Relief Vote To Speak At White Nationalist Rally : politics (Gosar, not Gumball)

Oathkeeper charged in capitol riots renounces group, disbands her militia. : news
Checking in with the economically anxious seditionists - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Luke Coffee ...
Affluent Dallas Crisis Actor Arrested for Insurrection at the Capitol - Democratic Underground
Luke Coffee, Fledgling Actor From Texas, Bashed a Cop During Capitol Riot, Prosecutors Allege

Extremists planning attack on Biden's State of the Union speech : politics

GOP congresswoman's husband, whose truck had Three Percenters decal, says he never heard of armed group before : politics
Phoenix on Wheels on Twitter: "The #Sedition3PTruck with government plates parked in a restricted zone from 1:02. #SeditionHunters #Sedition3P Source:" / Twitter

Opinion: There are two political parties in America today: Democrats and anti-Democrats : politics
Supreme Court to consider federal protections for minority voters - The Washington Post

White evangelicals' dominance of the GOP has turned it into the party of resistance - CNNPolitics (Fuckangelicals for Satan)

The Georgia counties turning the state blue are growing. And fast. : politics

Virginia joins 15 other states in legalizing marijuana : politics ... Not a single Republican voted for the bill in either chamber (Regressives)

House approves bill giving California half million acres of new wilderness : politics

SNL Destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene's Batshit Transphobia

Andrew Cuomo's survival in office looks doubtful : politics
Under Siege, Cuomo Revises Plan to Review Sex Harassment Claims : Governor Cuomo said on Sunday that the states attorney general and chief judge will determine who will lead the inquiry into sex harassment claims against him ... Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday retreated from his plan to have a former federal judge, who has close ties to one of the governors closest allies, investigate claims against him of sexual harassment ... "The accused CANNOT appoint the investigator. PERIOD." (fucking asshole) (that didn't work)
Andrew Cuomo: AOC calls for independent investigation into sexual harassment claims : politics
New York Attorney General Letitia James rejects Gov. Cuomo's plan for independent review into sexual harassment allegations : politics
Cuomo calls for outside review after second former aide alleges sexual misconduct : politics
New York Focus on Twitter: "Cuomo announced an outside review to be conducted by former judge Barbara Jones, who worked as top Cuomo aide Steve Cohen's law partner. Spokesman for Speaker @AndreaSCousins says that won't cut it." / Twitter
Media star Andrew Cuomo has gone missing - New York Daily News
Ocasio-Cortez: Detailed sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo 'painful to read' : politics
How can we not miss you if you won't go away? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... what he's s admitting to is worse than anything Spitzer did ...

A Native American Says She Shot Her Alleged Rapist In Self Defense. Federal Prosecutors Charged Her With Murder : news

Jimmy Hoffa FBI files that have been hidden since 1975 must be released, lawmakers tell DOJ | Fox News (what are they hiding?)

Marty Baron, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump and the eight years that reshaped The Washington Post -- and journalism

Sexy Times with Wangxian: The internet's most beloved fanfiction site is undergoing a reckoning - Vox

Scientists Discover Massive 'Pipeline' in the Cosmic Web Connecting the Universe : worldnews

When teachers offer positive encouragement to disruptive students, rather than focus on the negative behavior, which is what they typically do, it not only reduces disruptive classroom behavior, but improves academic and social outcomes, suggests new randomized controlled trial (n=1,450). : science

Fathers who are more involved in early infant parenting show reduced depressive symptoms : science

TIL In 2016, a study that examined over 464,000 recordings of pop music recorded between 1955-2010 found that since the 1960s, pop music had less variety in pitch progressions, grown average loudness levels, less diverse instrumentation and recording techniques, and less timbral variety : todayilearned

What's a line you don't and will never cross? : AskReddit

[Serious] Those of you who have been disowned, what was your side of the story? : AskReddit

[Serious] What is it like to have children you don't want? : AskReddit

What's the most disturbing text message you got? : AskReddit

What are the most disturbing subreddits? : AskReddit

Facebook Just Admitted It Has Lost the Battle With Apple Over Privacy : technology


Red alert for our planet : worldnews
UN report warns governments 'nowhere close' to climate targets : worldnews

Mars Is a Hellhole - The Atlantic Colonizing the red planet is a ridiculous way to help humanity. (Musk is from Mars)

A giant iceberg, larger than the size of most European cities, has broken away from Antarctica, near a British research station. The iceberg measuring 1,270 square kilometers (490 square miles) came off the 150-meter-thick Brunt Ice Shelf in a process called "calving" : worldnews

Gulf Stream is weakest it's been in more than 1,000 years, study says : worldnews

Australia accused of 'shamefully' holding back global action on climate change : worldnews (Murdoch cackles from under his rock)

Bayer posts 10.5 billion loss after Roundup legal woes

First vaccine to fully immunize against malaria builds on pandemic-driven RNA tech : news

MA COVID-19 Data 2/27/21 : boston (2.85%+ 41 deaths 1516 new cases 1.4% positive)
108k Tests Reported (-10k); 3.0% 7-Day Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 1.8% Overall (-0.1), 0.3% Higher-Ed (-0.0); 1,516 Confirmed Cases, 30k Active Cases (-1k); 41 Deaths (-5); 785 Hospitalized (-22) including 204 in ICU (-7), 139 Intubated (+2), and 12 in Alt. Med Sites (+0); Feb 27, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 27th. 1,166,889 first doses (+24,532), 504,304 second doses 19 infection : CoronavirusMa
(+24,108) : CoronavirusMa

Shout out to : boston
Who's in the wrong here? (Mask adherence in local business.) : CoronavirusMa

Peer reviewed study: The use of aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease is associated with a lower likelihood of COVID-19 infection
Why Ventilation Is a Key to Reopening Schools Safely - The New York Times
Want to Buy a Scrunchie Mask? Great. But Forget About That N95. - The New York Times Scientists are urging Americans to upgrade their face coverings. But Amazon, Google and Facebook restrict the sale of medical-grade masks. Critics say the rules are outdated. (Fuckbook Fuckerbergs)
This is why we can't have nice things - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- And for my part I actually do feel badly for people who are going to die because Mark Zuckerberg et. al. need a few billion more dollars for their bank accounts. (Fuckerberg fucking the troops)

How Eeyorism and contrarianism undermined public health messaging on COVID - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Girl, 11, finds parents dead in Missouri home. Both had Covid-19. : news

Auckland, New Zealand returning to seven-day lockdown after a mystery coronavirus case was recorded : worldnews

Myanmar envoy urges 'strongest' UN action as junta clamps down : worldnews
Myanmar envoy appeals to U.N. to stop coup; more protests planned : worldnews

12-year-old U.S. resident identified as suspect of terror threat against Korea's Incheon airport : worldnews

With North Korea's Border Closed To Trains, Russian Diplomats Push Their Way Out : worldnews

Seeking the True Story of the Comfort Women | The New Yorker How a Harvard professors dubious scholarship reignited a history of mistrust between South Korea and Japan ... More than a thousand economists (guy got buried, but story leaves out the Mitsubishi part bc she also works for HLS>?)
Harvard professor faces backlash from WWII sex slavery survivor and historians after calling 'comfort women' prostitutes : worldnews ... Dr Mark Ramseyer, Mitsubishi professor of Japanese legal studies at Harvard Law School

Taiwan urges people to eat more pineapples after China bans imports amid campaign of 'intimidation' : worldnews ... Pineapples begin digesting you while you begin digesting pineapples ... it's a fight to the end

Indian man killed by his own rooster during cockfight : worldnews

Pakistan passes historic bill banning corporal punishment of children : worldnews

Bangladeshi writer, detained over social media posts, dies in jail The writer, Mushtaq Ahmed, was among 11 people charged early last year over the spread of social media content. : worldnews

U.S. diplomats forced by China to undergo anal swab testing for Covid-19 after Biden raised "fundamental concerns" about Beijing's "coercive and unfair economic practices and human rights abuses in Xinjiang." : worldnews

FBI Adds Putin's Chef to Wanted List, Offers $250K Reward : worldnews
Putin May Have Triggered an Attempted Coup in Armenia After PM Insulted His Missiles : worldnews
Mysterious Titanium Object With Russian Inscriptions Found in Bahamas : worldnews
Children in unicorn costumes rob jewelry store in Russia : worldnews

Airstrikes in Syria kill 22 in Joe Biden's first military act as president -- The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights : worldnews
Russia releases video confirming it targeted Aleppo hospital with missile : worldnews

Iranian officials should be charged over shooting down of Ukrainian plane, UN expert says : worldnews

U.S. intelligence concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi : worldnews ... We won't punish terrorism because it would interfere with punishing terrorism ... (Netanyahu/Bomesaw)

Israeli cargo ship hit by unexplained explosion in Gulf of Oman : worldnews
Photos show work at secretive facility at center of Israel's undeclared atomic weapons program : news
Israel said to believe Iran behind blast on Israeli-owned cargo ship : worldnews

Amnesty International : Eritrean troops massacre of hundreds of Axum civilians may amount to crime against humanity : worldnews

317 girls abducted from Nigerian school. Parents of kidnapped Nigerian girls tried to pull them out of school before they were taken : worldnews

You reject polygamy, we also reject gayism, lesbianism -- Ras Mubarak blasts European Union (Ghana)

Polish historian resigns state position over 2007 photos of him performing Nazi salute - Jewish Telegraphic Agency : worldnews

We Are Hitler's People, Then and Now: Violent Hatred of Jews Exposed Among Students at Elite German University Fraternity
Experts notice pandemic's mental health toll on German youth : worldnews

Brazil's QAnon followers see Bolsonaro as God's chosen messenger : worldnews

More than 400 prisoners were on the run in Haiti on Friday after they escaped from jail in a violent breakout that left 25 people dead, including the prison director. Among those killed were some ordinary citizens who were killed by the prisoners during their escape : worldnews

The most expensive dam in Canadian history: cost of B.s Site C dam balloons to $16 billion : worldnews

Crushing Dissent: The Saudi Kill Team Behind Khashoggi's Death - An elite unit assigned to protect Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to have carried out dozens of operations, including forcibly repatriating Saudis.
In Canada, disappearance of Saudi dissident Ahmed al-Harbi frightens exiles - The Washington Post
Opinion | President Biden Lets a Saudi Murderer Walk - The New York Times (but, but, Iran! and the Jews laugh)
Does the US-Saudi relationship require giving someone who ordered the cold-blooded murder of a permanent American resident a pass? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "The entire US posture in the Middle East is a closed loop we must fight Iran for the sake of our allies and we need our allies to help fight Iran. In fact, we don't need to do either of those things." / Twitter

Biden says US weeks ahead of schedule and will be first country to 100 million vaccinations : politics
Biden says undocumented immigrants should be able to get Covid vaccine without fear of ICE : politics

House Passes s $1.9T PlanBiden Stimulus -- Without a Single GOP Vote in Favor : politics
Joe Biden scores first legislative win as House passes $1.9T Covid-19 relief package : politics
All You Need to KnowAll 210 House Republicansand the Democrats TwoWho Voted to Deny Struggling Nation Covid-19 Relief | "When we voted to raise the minimum wage this morning," said Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr., "every single Republican (210-of-210) voted no"

With Biden's Jen Psaki at the Podium, Corporate Outlets No Longer Think Briefings Newsworthy : politics

The Dems are Blowing It. What Grade Would You Give the Democrats for their first month in power? The Biden admin reopened a concentration camp for kids (Biden pivots full neo-liberal)

The woman, 25, said that when they were alone in his office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked if she "had ever been with an older man" (creepy big-dick Italian culturally deaf amd abpve it all gets reckoned - he could have stopped this shit 3 years ago)

Republican hypocrisy is not a good reason to support Neera Tanden | For the left, Tanden's "mean tweets" are not the problem. Her long-term crusade to torpedo progressive causes is : politics

Not One Republican Asked Deb Haaland About Her Vision For Indian Country | They quizzed the Cabinet nominee extensively about fossil fuels, showing what one Native American advocate called their allegiance to that industry. : politics

This CPAC golden calf Trump statue is spurring backlash of Biblical proportions : politics
No performance, all art - Lawyers, Guns & Money
emptywheel on Twitter: "In the middle of this Politico piece talking about how Trump will unveil his latest shit list at CPAC, Politico includes a detail that COULD and SHOULD totally reframe the story. Trump's allies tried to take Liz Cheney out. They failed." / Twitter (tiger beat on the potomac misses the story )
Former CPAC Chair Minces No Words Slamming What The Event, GOP Have Now Become | HuffPost are living in an alternate reality in which facts don't matter,
Several Republicans tell House they can't attend votes due to 'public health emergency.' They're slated to be at CPAC. : politics (liars, thy name is Republicans)
Republicans At CPAC Are 'Horny For Another Insurrection In Stinging Supercut : politics
CPAC 2021 Will Be One Big Lie Fest and Fox Nation Is Sponsoring It
Acosta corrects CPAC organizer: Trump did lose the election : politics
The CPAC crowd will hail Trump for the mess he has created -- and the prospect leaves me furious. The Conservative Political Action Conference has never been particularly pleasant to watch, but this is just ridiculous
Was the CPAC Stage Intentionally Shaped Like a Nazi Symbol?
Simon Rosenberg on Twitter: "A short thread on #CPAC2021's unusual stage, which is clearly in the shape of a well known Nazi symbol. It is also a symbol in use today by American extremists. Matt Schlapp and the CPAC leadership need to explain how this could have happened." / Twitter
I did NAZI it coming ! Trump = Hitler = White Domestic Facsist Terrorists : PoliticalHumor
Further | And Behold, the MAGA-ites Sinned Bigly, and They Were Cast Out, and the Lord Your God Saith Unto Them, Jesus, Really? | Opinion

Republicans roll out tidal wave of voter suppression : 253 restrictive bills in 43 states : politics

QAnon supporters say they want a Myanmar-style coup on U.S. government : politics
F.B.I. Said to Have Singled Out Suspect in Brian Sicknick's Death - The New York Times
FBI identifies suspect in death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, sources say : politics
'Blame Trump' defense in Capitol riot looks like a long shot
Trump supporters who breached the Capitol: It was not Antifa : worldnews ... PSA to Americans. Antifa aka Antifaschistische Aktion started as the violent wing of the communist party in Germany in the 30s. They went around beating and hunting and persecuting socdems along with the nazis ,,, This idea that anybody who is against actual fascism is antifa was started by Americans only a few years ago.
Atlantic City man charged in Capitol attack boasted of urinating in Pelosi's office, feds say : news

Dominion Is Going to Unleash Legal Armageddon on Trump Election Truthers : politics

Turns Out That Pardon Wasn't The Get Out Of Jail Card Bannon Was Banking On Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in

Bad news for Donald Trump Jr: the right is fast tiring of Trumps | World | The Sunday Times

Ted Cruz Has a Superpower: His Total Inability to Feel Shame : politics
She gets a long letter, sends back a postcard - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("blue-collar" = white supremos)

Trump Hid 'Fraud' on Inheritance for Years, Niece Tells Judge : politics
John Durham Resigns as U.S. Attorney for Connecticut | Law & Crime

GOP Rep. Appears at White Nationalist Event Where Organizer Calls Capitol Riot Awesome : politics

Students from Rep. Madison Cawthorn's college said he used 'fun drives' to corner women with sexual advances, report says : politics
Madison Cawthorn Classmates Allege Sexual Misconduct

Sasse marches to own tune as GOP implodes around him - POLITICO
Ben Sasse on Matt Gaetz: 'That guy is not an adult' : politics

Hey, Trump cultist, your leader literally lives in a country club : PoliticalHumor

How One State Managed to Actually Write Rules on Facial Recognition - The New York Times Massachusetts is one of the first states to put legislative guardrails around the use of facial recognition technology in criminal investigations (despite Charlie "yes, the state cops have the goods on my kid" Underfaker) .

How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint - Vox

The Murder Chicago Didnt Want to Solve

New Hampshire Republicans and Anti-Union Extremism - Lawyers, Guns & Money- (New Fuckshire going full right to get fired)

Video: Vegas Cops Lied About Black Lives Protester Jorge Gomez Pointing Gun At Them Before Killing Him : news
Asian man stabbed in back in Chinatown, suspect charged with attempted murder as a hate crime : news

White supremacist sentenced to nearly 20 years in plot to bomb Colorado synagogue | Reuters

FAA proposes $27,500 fine for Delta passenger who allegedly hit flight attendant : news

How Marty Baron and Jeff Bezos Remade The Washington Post - The New York Times The celebrated editor is ending his tenure at the helm of a very different newspaper than the one he originally signed on to run.

Teddy Roosevelt Humiliates Dr. Seuss - New England Historical Society

E-mail Is Making Us Miserable | The New Yorker (snowflakes)

Is the Western way of raising kids weird? - BBC Future
Cultural Babywearing - traditional baby carriers - Wrap Your Baby

Declining social trust, a decades-long trend threatening America's civic fabric, has been driven largely by individuals decreasing confidence in political institutions and experiences of job loss, new research found, suggesting the drop-off isn't purely the result of generational shifts. : science

A rational model of the Dunning-Kruger effect supports insensitivity to evidence in low performers

Indian scientists develop new molecule that could halt, cure Alzheimer's : worldnews

Perception of time slowing may influence the suicidal process - A new study, published in European Neuropsychopharmacology, found that many patients who recently attempted suicide had an altered sense of time, which may have exacerbated their distress. : science

Grateful Dead Debut Infamous 'Wall Of Sound' At Cow Palace, On This Day In 1974 [Listen]

People of Reddit, what is the worst thing a therapist, psychiatrist, or mental health professional has ever said to you? : AskReddit


Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium : worldnews
The weakening of the Atlantic current will have grave repercussions for the planet : worldnews

Monarch butterflies down 26% in Mexico wintering grounds : worldnews
Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warns : worldnews

Death of diesel looms as carmakers accelerate to electric future - The worlds biggest diesel engine factory in Tremery, eastern France, is undergoing a radical overhaul - it's switching to make electric motors. : worldnews
Vanguard and BlackRock uncovered as largest investors in coal industry : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/26/21 : boston (2.74%+ 46 deaths 1734 new cases 1.69% positive)
118k Tests Reported (+4k); 3.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 1.9% Overall (-0.0), 0.3% Higher-Ed (+0.1); 1,734 New Confirmed Cases; 31k Active Cases (-1); 46 Deaths (+13); 807 Hospitalized (-46) including 211 in ICU (10), 137 Intubated (-5), and 12 in Alternate Med Sites (+0); February 26, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 26th. 1,142,357 first doses (+30,528), 480,196 second doses (+25,724) : CoronavirusMa

Real World Use Shows Pfizer Vaccine To Be 94% Effective: Study
Pfizer vs Moderna 2nd dose side effects : CoronavirusMa

Gorilla loses appetite, lions develop cough after catching COVID-19 at Prague Zoo : worldnews

The Coronavirus Is Plotting a Comeback. Here s Our Chance to Stop It for Good. - Many scientists are expecting another rise in infections. But this time the surge will be blunted by vaccines and, hopefully, widespread caution. By summer, Americans may be looking at a return to normal life.

Another wealthy Florida community receives special access to COVID-19 vaccine : politics

N.Y. arts, entertainment and recreation hardest hit by COVID-19: DiNapoli - New York Daily News

Australian prime minister, senators and Australian Federal Police told of historical rape allegation against Cabinet Minister : worldnews
Rape claims linked to Australian Parliament widen with new case : worldnews

'This is historic': Malaysian man wins appeal against Islamic gay sex charge : worldnews

China's economy could grow 8-9% in 2021 to rebound from the pandemic : worldnews
Calling Homosexuality a "Psychological Disorder" Not an Error, A Court in China Rules : worldnews

Pakistan, India Agree to Immediate Ceasefire, Restoring 2003 Truce : worldnews
Akhand Bharat Possible, We Consider Pakistan and Afganistan As Ours: Chief Mohan Bhagwat of RSS, whose political progeny BJP currently leads India (Modi-fucks are insane)
Indian newspapers ask Google to pay publishers 85% of ad revenues : worldnews
Dhaka is world's most polluted city : worldnews

Sri Lanka ends forced cremations after Imran Khan's visit : worldnews

U.S. military helicopters have been spotted repeatedly flying at low altitudes of 300 meters or less between Tokyo skyscrapers, contravening aviation regulations for Japanese aircraft : worldnews

Alexei Navalny: Jailed Putin Critic 'Moved Out of Moscow Prison' - "Navalny lawyer Vadim Kobzev said he had arrived at the remand prison to meet his client only to be told that he was no longer there." : worldnews
Putin critic Alexey Navalny has been transferred to a penal colony : worldnews
Biden administration preparing to sanction Russia for SolarWinds hacks and the poisoning of an opposition leader : worldnews

Two Chechen gay men, who previously escaped, now in mortal danger after arrest in Russia : worldnews

Ukraine to disconnect from Russia and Belarus power systems by end of 2023 : worldnews

United States carries out airstrike against Iranian-backed militia target in Syria - officials : worldnews

UN calls on Israel to immediately stop demolishing Palestinian homes, buildings in West Bank : worldnews (Israel: who are you)

Gunmen abduct 317 schoolgirls in northwest Nigeria as security collapses : worldnews

Eritrean troops killed hundreds of civilians in Ethiopia's Tigray, Amnesty International says : worldnews

Woman who set herself on fire in Lesbos refugee camp may face arson charges : worldnews

Attempted coup: Armenia in turmoil as thousands take to streets, military jets buzz capital : worldnews

Confirmed: Morocco Will Legalize Cannabis Next Week : worldnews

Mail-in ballots and voting machines banned in France : worldnews

In independence threat, Scotland's ex-first minister attacks government : worldnews
Britain sets out blueprint for fintech after Brexit - Reuters : worldnews (better too late than never)
ISIS bride Shamima Begum not allowed to return to UK , Supreme Court rules : worldnews
I left Britain to escape toxic press, Prince Harry says : worldnews

Two Polish job-seekers in Mexico with body parts cut out, one dies : worldnews

El Salvador certified as malaria-free by WHO : worldnews

Montreal man convicted of human trafficking of child he used 'like a puppet' : worldnews

Saudi crown prince MBS approved operation that led to Khashoggi's death, intelligence report concludes - The Washington Post
Biden Won't Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi's Killing, Fearing Relations Breach - The New York Times -- The decision will disappoint the human rights community and members of his own party who complained during the Trump administration that the U.S. was failing to hold Mohammed bin Salman accountable. (Netanyahu vetoed Joe? "key Arab ally" in what??)
Megathread: Biden Releases Report Finding Saudi Prince Approved Khashoggi Killing : politics

Statement by President Biden on the Anniversary of Russia's Illegal Invasion of Ukraine : politics

Border officials project 13,000 child migrants in May

Biden marks 50M vaccine doses in first 5 weeks in office : politics
Trumpedemic: The Coronavirus Death Toll Reached 500,000 Because Trump Sabotaged the Covid Response : politics (Republicans are literally the party of death)

Democrats launch sweeping bid to overhaul US election laws : politics

Equality Act Passes House, Despite Republican Temper Tantrums : politics

While President Biden visits storm-torn Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz will be giving a speech on 'cancel culture' in Florida : politics
Texas Is a Rich State in a Rich Country, and Look What Happened -- We don't realize how fragile the basic infrastructure of our civilization is.

Phone Records Prove House Sergeant-at-Arms Did Ignore Pleas for Backup : politics (fucking liar 0
U.S. attorney investigating Capitol 'reconnaissance tours' ahead of pro-Trump riot : politics (slow-walking this one)
Three Percenter Truck at Capitol on Jan. 6 Belongs to Hitler-Quoting Reps Husband
(1) Hugo Lowell on Twitter: "Just in: Source confirms the US Attorney's office is in possession of security camera footage of possible rioters being given tours before the attack Capitol but nothing else. No visitor logs or entry records." / Twitter (hmmmmm)
Proud Boys: As fractures emerge, experts warn of a shift toward extremist violence - The Washington Post
Capitol riot defendants facing jail have regrets. Judges aren't buying it. - The Washington Post

QAnon Isn't So Sure Trump Will Magically Become President Again on March 4
Police chief says militia groups want to blow up Capitol building at Biden State of the Union : politics

'Abolish the Filibuster. Replace the Parliamentarian': Ilhan Omar Says Democrats Must Go Big to Pass $15 Minimum Wage | "What's a Democratic majority if we can't pass our priority bills? This is unacceptable." : politics
"I'm Sorry," Says Ro Khanna, "An Unelected Parliamentarian Does Not Get to Deprive 32 Million Americans the Raise They Deserve." : politics (somebody you never heard of before crawled out from under a Trump rock)
Some Democrats want to fire the Senate parliamentarian who scuttled $15 minimum-wage plans. Its been done once before.
Eschaton: The Rules (the vice president is the president of the Senate according to the Constitution and the parliamentarian is a job they invented in 1935)

Progressives to VP Kamala Harris: 'This Is Not a Difficult Decision. Use Your Power. Keep $15 In.' : politics
White House insists there will be a $15 minimum wage despite stimuluB block : Biden is committed : politics
Bernie Sanders Won't Give Up on $15 Minimum Wage, 'We Are Going To Deal With This' : politics

Rand Paul's ignorant questioning of Rachel Levine showed why we need her in government : politics

Republican Senators Haven't Represented a Majority of Voters Since 1996 : politics

Welcome Insurrectionists sign to be flown over CPAC by protester

U.S. diplomat openly calls for Christian nation-states, rails against Jews : politics

Yes, The GOP Has A Racism Problem : politics

Altercation: When the Right Cancels It, It Ain't Cancel Culture : politics

Boehner goes off script, tells Cruz togo f**k yourself

Trump shares plans for new super PAC in Mar-a-Lago meeting - POLITICO The ex-president told political advisers Thursday that former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will run a new super PAC.

Past marijuana use won't automatically disqualify Biden White House staff

GOP Congressman Peter Meijer says Trump "destroyed" his legacy after January 6 - CBS News In Trump Farm Bailout, Top 1% Reaped Nearly One-Fourth of Aid : politics

The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages - The Atlantic
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Final Financial Disclosures Show Where They Made Their Money
QAnon believers duped by Trump, Melania Impersonators on Telegram
CPAC goes all in on Trump's false election fraud claims : politics
Donald Trump is an attention addict -- his appearance at CPAC will offer the latest proof | America has indulged one man's attention addiction for far too long. Let's drive him out of politics forever
Why Ron Johnson's fringe conspiracy theories are so alarming : politics
'Worshipping the golden jackass' : CPAC mocked for displaying giant gold Trump statue
CPAC Canceled An Anti-Semite. Here Are The Extremists They Didn't Cancel. -- Bigots, insurrectionists and conspiracy theorists are on the agenda at the annual gathering of American conservatives, including former President Donald Trump.
CPAC hosts booed for asking attendees to wear masks - POLITICO

Donald Trump, CPAC and the Republican Cult of Losing

Republican congressman says God detests LGBTQ people in revolting speech from House floor. "The gender confusion that exists in our culture today is a clear rejection of God's good design," he said, drawing condemnation from Democrats. : politics

Opinion | The Campaign to Cancel Wokeness - The New York Times - How the right is trying to censor critical race theory.

South Dakota AG May Have Been Reading Right-Wing Biden Conspiracies While Killing Man With His Car: In newly released video, investigators can be seen telling Ravnsborg that he'd accessed a right-wing, conspiracy-heavy website a minute before killing a pedestrian with his car. : politics

Trying to prevent the abuse of athletes - Lawyers, Guns & Money USA Gymnastics is a moral sewer, continued:

Campus PC really is out of control! - Lawyers, Guns & Money A public college has gone on a spree of firing people for disagreeing with Republican orthodoxy:

NYT Columnist David Brooks Blogged For Facebook's Corporate Site

A middle schooler was insecure about his haircut. Instead of disciplining him for wearing a hat, the principal fixed it himself - CNN -- "All behavior is communication and when a student is struggling, we need to ask ourselves what happened to this child instead of what's wrong with the child. What need is the child trying to get met and really, the future of urban education rests on that question."

State Failures - Lawyers, Guns & Money . For example, the broken Massachusetts unemployment system in a state where massive incompetence is driving people into poverty because they can't get their deserved checks. ("Spreadsheet" Charlie UnderFaker)
'Shockingly Dysfunctional: Mass Unemployment System Leaves People Struggling Amid Pandemic Job Losses

FBI investigate if Lady Gaga's dognapping was political because she sang at Biden's inauguration | Daily Mail Online

Prologue/Inside - YouTube - Paul Horn

A single daily dose reversible non-hormonal male contraceptive agent has been successfully tested in mice and non-human primates, a natural compound purified from a Chinese herb. There are no non-hormonal male contraceptives currently on the market despite decades of development of male pills. : science

Can a photon release a portion of its energy? : askscience (all (the same) particles are identical)

Are they searching for a single particle in the search for black matter or is it believed the answer to the unobservable majority of mass within the known universe has multiple solutions? : askscience

What are you sick of trying to explain to people? : AskReddit

What "fake" thing that happens in movies pisses you off? : AskReddit

Judge in Google case disturbed that even 'Incognito' users are tracked - BNN Bloomberg : technology


Mutual suicide: US issues stark warning on climate change

Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive : worldnews

Government of Canada launches international space program to track illegal fishing : worldnews
Mexico's Decision to Ban Glyphosate Has Rocked the Agribusiness World : worldnews

Sailor survives for 14 hours in Pacific Ocean by clinging to abandoned buoy : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/25/21 : boston (3.49%+ 33 deaths 1928 new cases 1.63% positive)
118k Tests Reported (+4k); 3.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 1.9% Overall (-0.0), 0.2% Higher-Ed (-0.0); 1,928 New Confirmed Cases; 32k Active Cases; 33 Deaths (-27); 853 Hospitalized (-22) including 221 in ICU (+2), 142 Intubated (-9), and 12 in Alternate Med Sites (+3); February 25, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 25th. 1,111,829 first doses (+26,941), 454,472 second doses (+20,879) : CoronavirusMa

Charlie Baker to announce reopening plans today at 1pm : boston
Baker to increase indoor dining capacity on March 1, Stadiums on March 22 with capacity limits and rules, bars to stay closed; indoor/outdoor limits 100/150 on March 22nd : CoronavirusMa

COVID-19 Vaccine News Is Hugely Promising - Good Things Might Happen, Are We Ready? Despite the tone of a lot of recent pandemic coverage, it seems like things may get a lot betterand soon. But have we become addicted to bad news?

Researchers find worrying new coronavirus variant in New York City : worldnews
What Science Forgot About Airborne Pandemics - The Atlantic (open your windows)

Covid-19 Deaths and Cases Rapidly Decline in Nursing Homes - The New York Times

Dozens catch Covid at indoor conference hosted by founder of Covid vaccine company : worldnews

Coronavirus: one of UK's largest care home firms introduces 'no jab, no job' policy : worldnews

North Korea hacked Pfizer because it wants to sell bootleg COVID vaccines on the international black market, sources say : worldnews

Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names of Unvaccinated to Be Shared : worldnews

Muslim woman with Covid who gave birth weeks ago should be allowed to die - judge (only Allah can kill you)

Australia: In a first of its kind, Australia passes new law to force facebook and google pay for news - do you think other countries will follow suit? : worldnews
Australian cannabis consumption increases 25% in 5 months valuing the industry at $18.5 billion : worldnews

Facebook bans Myanmar military from its platforms with immediate effect : worldnews
I will shoot your f*cking faces gun-toting threatens Myanmar protesters on Facebook
Over 100,000 Myanmar company registrations leaked: here's why it matters : worldnews
Hong Kongers crowdsourced a protest manualand Myanmar's already using it
Singapore: Police officer's wife admits to killing Myanmar maid : worldnews

Malaysian wins challenge against Islamic law banning gay sex : worldnews

A poet in China Sentenced to Six Months Over COVID-19 Poem : worldnews ... "The one who wrote 60 entries of her lockdown diary, whose account was shut down multiple times, and who was ganged up on and cursed by a group of internet hoodlums"
Beijing loyalists urge reforms to ensure only patriots win in Hong Kong elections : worldnews
China denies subjecting US diplomats to COVID-19 anal tests : worldnews
Woman awarded $7,700 for five years of housework in China divorce ruling | Case is believed to be the first to set a monetary value on housework since the implementation of a new civil code : worldnews
EU-China investment deal faces backlash in European Parliament : worldnews

Turkish ultranationalist party leader: "We'll wage war on China if necessary" : worldnews

Indian government opposes same-sex marriage in High Court, says same-sex marriage not comparable with Indian family unit concept : worldnews

2 dead after Philippine Police and Drug Enforcement Agents shoot at each other after undercover narcotics operation : worldnews

Princess Latifa urges UK police to reopen sister's kidnap case : worldnews

Saudi heir complicit in Khashoggi murder, US assessment reportedly finds : worldnews

Yemen faces the worst famine the world has seen in decades, the U.N. warns : worldnews

Crew of oil tanker beached off UAE to go home after four years stranded at sea : worldnews

Israel blocks shipment of Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Gaza : worldnews ... Of course they do. It's Israel ...
Secretive Israeli nuclear facility at the center of the nation's undeclared atomic weapons program undergoes major project, new HIGH-RES satellite images show : worldnews ... (how about some ... what do they call them ... sanctions) ...

Armenian prime minister accuses military of attempted coup : worldnews

Two men have been charged in Malta with providing the bomb that killed anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Described as a "one-woman WikiLeaks" who exposed cronyism and sleaze within Malta's political and business elite : worldnews

German man charged with giving Bundestag floor plans to Russian intelligence : worldnews
Germany launches huge SWAT-team raids in Berlin after banning 'jihad-salafist' group : worldnews
German forest decline hits record levels: Bark beetles are the main driver of spruce tree deaths in the country. But this was exacerbated by a dry summer : worldnews

France is Flooding Africa With Fake News : worldnews

Deadly sea crossings: 41 migrants drown in the Mediterranean | Human Rights News

Massacres almost doubled in Colombia last year, says UN. Despite ceasefire, hundreds of FARC guerrillas have been murdered by paramilitaries. Targetted killing of trade unionists and human-rights activists continue to rise, up 23%. : worldnews

Hate crimes up 97% overall in Vancouver last year, anti-Asian hate crimes up 717% : worldnews
New study finds Canada guilty of torturing inmates with solitary confinement : worldnews

We Need an Operation Warp Speed for Alzheimers and Dementia

Post-9/11 US military efforts touched 85 nations in last 3 years (1. create terroists 2. blame them 3. profit)
Papers - 2021 - United States Counterterrorism Operations 2018-2020 | Costs of War

Watchdog reviews complaint about FBI surveillance warrant : worldnews

Lawyers have found the parents of 105 separated migrant children in past month : politics
Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump's migrant family separation scheme, called Biden's immigration policies 'cruel' and 'inhumane' : politics
A single Trump judge is already sabotaging Bidens efforts to slow deportations -- Biden is likely to spend his presidency fighting Republican judges who block his policies for legally dubious reasons.

USA Today columnist: 'Bury the 500,000 COVID dead at Mar-a-Lago' : politics

Congress Might Actually Expand the Courts : politics

Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump's Order Designating Democratic Cities Anarchist : politics

Democrats attack fake news, and Republicans cry foul : politics

Sen. John Thune, opposing $15 min wage, says he earned $6 as kid athat's $24 with inflation : politics (he knows, bad-faiths anyway bc Refucks have never heard of "inflation")
Sanders: There's not one Republican who will support a $15 minimum wage : politics
The benefits of Biden's child allowance could be worth 8 times its cost, new report finds : politics

GOP Science Deniers Lecture Interior Secretary Nominee Deb Haaland On Science : politics
Opinion | What terrible things did Neera Tanden tweet? The truth. - The Washington Post (Manchin in a asshole)
Who Made Joe Manchin The Decider? When Every Senate Vote Counts, the West Virginia Democrat May as Well Be a Republican : politics

GOP is still gaslighting about the Capitol riot: Trump's allies claim coup and QAnon never happened. After the riot comes the gaslighting : politics
Mitch McConnell wants to turn Democrats' coup investigation into both-sides nonsense : politics
Gerry Connolly Goes Off on Jim Jordan: "I Didn't Vote to Overturn an Election. And I Will Not Be Lectured by People Who Did!" : politics
Rep. Connolly says he looks at Republican colleagues quite differently after Capitol insurrection : politics

Forensic Audit of Dominion Voting Machines in Arizona Shows No Evidence of Vote Switching : politics

Bill would strip pension for president convicted of felony : politics
Trump's tax returns and related records turned over to Manhattan district attorney : politics
A Japanese Cult That Believes Its Leader Is an Alien From Venus Is Speaking at CPAC : politics

The Strategic Silence of Mike Pence - The Bulwark - Complicity, cowardice, or nihilism? (yes)

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted for attacking colleague's transgender child: Sickening, pathetic, unimaginably cruel : politics (you mean "Republican")
GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger called out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for hanging a sign declaring binary gender across the hall from a lawmaker with a trans daughter : politics
A Capitol rioter texted his ex during the insurrection to call her a moron, feds say. She turned him in.
QAnon and the Satanic Panics of Yesteryear - The Bulwark What they can teach us about what to expect.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Blames Constituents for Giant Electric Bills: Read the Fine Print : politics
Ted Cruz approval rating with Republican voters crashes 23% following Cancun trip. Ted Cruz's approval rating had been plummeting since he objected to the congressional certification of Joe Biden's victory : politics
The Texas Blackout Is the Story of a Disaster Foretold - Those in charge of Texass deregulated power sector were warned again and again that the electric grid was vulnerable
Republicans defend energy deregulation as new report says Texas consumers overpay by $28 billion for power : politics
Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz Apparently Got Advice on Winter Storm From Climate Denier And Fox News host Sean Hannity says he set the meeting up

Republicans introduce a torrent of new laws to restrict voting : politics

Assessing the Impact of Absentee Voting on Turnout and Democratic Vote Margin in 2020All told, the sharp increase in absentee voting in 2020 wasn't disproportionately beneficial to either presidential candidate.

Georgia Counties Sue Trump for Expenses From His Failed Voting Fraud Suit : politics

Rightwing group nearly forced Wisconsin to purge thousands of eligible voters : politics

Trump-Appointee Louis DeJoy Continues Destructive Plans for US Mail, as Calls for His Removal and for Major Postal Reforms Rise : politics
Post Office Purchase of Gasoline Trucks Seems to Defy Biden Order : politics
GOP Rep. Somehow Blames Mail Slowdown on Antifa and Black Lives Matter : politics

Social Security Boss Canceled Telework For Others But Wouldn't Come To The Office : politics ... Trump holdover Andrew Saul.

Amazon's Anti-Union Drive Shows Why US Labor Law Is Broken : politics

Some journalists are debating when its okay to use the n-word. But this one should be easy.

Inside a Battle Over Race, Class and Power at Smith College - The New York Times - A student said she was racially profiled while eating in a college dorm. An investigation found no evidence of bias. But the incident will not fade away.

More Adult Americans Are Identifying as L.G.B.T., Gallup Poll Finds - The New York Times - A survey found that 5.6 percent of adults described themselves as L.G.B.T. in 2020, up from 4.5 percent in 2017.

ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts | Fox News

They Accused a Man of Sexual Assault in a Small West Texas Town. That Was Only the Beginning. -- When several women spoke out against a powerful man in the former ghost town of Terlingua, the backlash was fierce.

Virginia prison staffer says she was fired on suspicion of smuggling after body scan detected tampon : news

Feed your moths and hide your trousers: the expert guide to making clothes last for ever | Fashion | The Guardian

Former Milton Academy teacher facing rape charge in Mass. returned to teaching in Maine - The Boston Globe ... A former Milton Academy drama teacher accused of raping a student decades ago in a high-profile case ... Reynold J. Buono, 75 who was extradited to the United States from Thailand in 2018

$0.12 gas tax for free MBTA count me in. : boston

Ghost particle that crashed into Antarctica traced back to star shredded by black hole : worldnews

Google pledges changes to artificial intelligence research oversight after internal revolt : worldnews
Walmart Increases wages for 425,000 Partners, Roughly half of U.S. employees currently earn $15 an hour : worldnews


Extinction: Freshwater fish in catastrophic decline : worldnews

CNN exclusive: A solar panel in space is collecting energy that could one day be beamed to anywhere on Earth : jewish space lasers

A Major Ocean Current May Be Hurtling Towards Collapse : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/24/21 : boston (3.7%+ 60 deaths 1788 new cases 1.57% positive)
MA COVID Vaccination Data 2-24-21 : boston

How to Know When the Pandemic Is Over - The the doors will openwhen the country gets to fewer than 5,000 new cases a day, and fewer than 100 deaths.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine deemed safe and effective in documents released by FDA : worldnews

China did 'little' to hunt for Covid origins in early months, says WHO document : worldnews (why would they have to "hunt" duh)

Israel Gives Vaccine to Far-Off Allies, as Palestinians Wait - The donations will go to nations like the Czech Republic and Honduras that pledged to move diplomats to Jerusalem. Critics say Israel has an obligation to inoculate Palestinians under its occupation. : worldnews
COVID-denying, anti-vax doctor loses medical license : worldnews (Haredi got his license in the 17th century)

Woman admits killing maid; starved her to 24kg and assaulted her almost daily in 'utterly inhumane' case : worldnews (buddhafuckers practicing compassion)

China orders bloggers to have state-approved credentials before they are allowed to publish content as Beijing tightens online controls : worldnews (Xi will issue "licenses to think")
12 Japanese firms will end business deals involving Uighur forced labor : worldnews
US and allies to build 'China-free' tech supply chain : worldnews
Beijing rebukes Canada over Uighur genocide vote : worldnews Maya Wong, a senior China researcher with Human Rights Watch, said the failure of foreign governments to respond to abuses has emboldened the Chinese government.
China likely to attack Taiwan within five years, panel told - Roll Call : worldnews

Iranian woman who suffered fatal heart attack on the way to gallows after watching 16 others executed was hanged anyway. : worldnews (pigfucking muzfuckers hang them by their beards)
Iranian Officials Kill Political Prisoner; Execute 30 Inmates in 30 Days : worldnews
Iranian officials should be charged over shooting down of Ukrainian plane, UN expert says : worldnews
Jailed, Exiled Iranian Dervish Activists Accuse Iran's Rulers of Murder : worldnews

Saudi Arabia sued by families of victims of 2019 Florida base attack : worldnews
'Top Secret' Saudi documents show Khashoggi assassins used company seized by Saudi crown prince - CNNPolitics
Biden will call Saudi king ahead of damning report : worldnews (speaking of murderous pigfuckers)

4 male health workers charged with blasphemy for bathing deceased female COVID-19 patient : worldnews ... Authorities in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra have charged four male health workers with blasphemy after they allegedly violated Islamic customs by bathing a deceased female COVID-19 patient who is not their mahram (unmarriable kin, usually immediate family members, and the husband). (pigfuckers)

Israeli police enter Qalandia Refugee Camp, assault Palestinian teen, fire indiscriminately, and injure five : worldnews

Tech firms say there's little doubt Russia behind major hack : worldnews
SolarWinds hack was work of 'at least 1,000 engineers', tech executives tell Senate : worldnews
Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of 'prisoner of conscience' status - BBC News ... complaints highlighting xenophobic comments that he has made in the past and not renounced.

German court sentences former Syrian secret police agent to prison for 'aiding and abetting crimes against humanity'. The first such case worldwide. : worldnews ... Gina Haspel ...
Far-right incidents surge in German military : worldnews
German court convicts radical imam of membership in IS : worldnews
Germany Seizes 16 Tonnes Of Cocaine In Europe's Biggest Haul : worldnews
Germany finds huge cocaine shipment; Dutch discover 2nd one : worldnews

Last statue of dictator Franco removed in 'historic day' for Spain : worldnews

Colombia's Military Killed Three Times More Civilians During FARC War Than Previously Reported : worldnews
More than 50 inmates killed in riots sparked by rival gangs at three prisons in Ecuador : worldnews
Deeply alarming corruption: US bill would sanction Honduran president

Anti-Asian hate crimes up 717% in Canada : worldnews

Charges stayed in one of Ontario's largest Mob busts after alleged illegal conduct by investigators | CBC News : worldnews
Justin Trudeau says US leadership has been 'sorely missed' during first meeting with Biden : worldnews

As US Mourns 500,000 Lives Lost, Report Shows Billionaires Added $1.3 Trillion to Their Fortunes During Pandemic : politics

No, Biden executive order did not allow China access to U.S. power grid : politics
Budowsky: Cruz goes to Cancun, AOC goes to Texas : politics
Ted Cruz favorability rating takes a hit among Republicans after he left Texas for Cancun
Texas disaster puts Beto O' Rourke back in business : politics
Texas Electric Bills Were $28 Billion Higher Under Deregulation - WSJ
Oak Cliff party store has a new political pinata depicting Ted Cruz on his way to Cancun

Bernie Sanders, champion of stimulus checks, favorability rating higher than Biden and Harris: Poll : politics
Bernie Sanders Puts GOP Colleagues On Notice Over Big Lies, Conspiracy Theories : politics

Poll: Majority says government spends 'too little' on anti-poverty, healthcare, education : politics

Republicans apparently shocked to learn Biden nominee shares Biden's views : politics
After four years of Trump, Republicans now care about controversial tweets : politics
Opinion: The Republicans who confirmed Betsy DeVos have problems with Xavier Becerra? Please : politics
Haaland Retains Her Composure in the Face of Immense Disrespect in Confirmation Hearing : politics

POLITICO Playbook: 9/11 Commission leaders issue a warning to Pelosi - POLITICO 9/11 Commission leaders issue a warning to Pelosi (idiot Refucks say commission must have equal traitors, like dumbfucks would ever "accept" their findings anyway)
Somehow Nobody on the Committee Hit Ron Johnson With a Pie - Any investigation of the assault on the Capitol conducted by elected Republicans, be that by congressional committee or Special Commission, is doomed to failure.
We couldn't even get through one Senate hearing about the Capitol riot without some Republican shenanigans | The Independent
Ron Johnson trying hard to maintain "America's dumbest senator" title from Tommy Tuberville's strong challenge - Lawyers, Guns & Money
What we know and still don't as Congress starts its Jan. 6 investigation
Hard to watch insurrectionist question witnesses : Twitter erupts over Hawley appearance at Capitol probe. One account holder called for Mr. Hawley to be charged with sedition and locked up
Amy Klobuchar shuts down Ron Johnson's conspiracy mongering at Capitol attack hearing : politics
What senators still want to know about Jan. 6 attack from defense and FBI leaders
It wasn't an 'intelligence failure' that left the Capitol Police unprepared -- it was racism (Sund is a racist ex-pig)
FBI alert about possiblewaragainst Congress reached D.C. and Capitol Police on eve of attack, deepening security questions
Proud Boys, Boogaloos Fret About Proposed Terror Designation As Capitol Backlash Grows : politics
Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob : politics

Merrick Garland draws sharp contrast with William Barr by saying 'it is plain to me' that systemic racism exists in US : politics

Stephen Miller set to brief House conservatives - POLITICO - The meeting is the latest indication that the GOP is keen on keeping Trump-era immigration politics and using them as a spear against Biden.

FBI alert about possible war against Congress reached D.C. and Capitol Police on eve of attack, deepening security questions : politics
Capitol officials say riot was planned and involved white supremacists : politics
FBI arrests three more Kentuckians in Capitol riot, including nurse who said she'd do it again : politics

Fox guest: "There was no insurrection, there was no coup" | Media Matters for America (said convicted felon Dinesh D'Fuckhead)

Steve Bannon investigation gains steam as Manhattan prosecutors subpoena financial records - CNNPolitics

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces a 'bloodbath' of a reelection race in 2022 if she isn't expelled from Congress first, district organizers say

Life amid the ruins of QAnon: 'I wanted my family back'
Tucker Carlson mocked for saying he can't find any evidence of QAnon : politics

While many waited for holiday mail, Louis DeJoy's old company got a Christmas USPS contract : politics

The Storm and Texas' Political Future - Lawyers, Guns & Money (freeze to death to own the libs!)

Victim That South Dakota AG Didn't See Came Through His Windshield, Investigators Say | Investigators questioned how Jason Ravnsborg could not have seen what he'd hit when the victim's glasses were in his car and his face came through your windshield. : politics
South Dakota AG pushed by critics to resign over new evidence in fatal car incident:He knew what he hit and he lied (the face)
South Dakota AG investigation: What we found in the Ravnsborg videos : His face was in your windshield, Jason y

The GOP's Ayn Rand death cult: Trump's party is literally killing the American people | Imagining themselves as virile heroes from Ayn Rand's terrible books, Republicans have become the pro-death party : politics

Donald Trump Jr. Is Being Examined By New York Prosecutors In Trump Business Probe
How screwed is the Trump Hotel D.C.? The former president is stuck with a money-losing monument to his administrations graft, and so is Washington.

One America News clashes with White House correspondents over Trump-approved camera tent - The Washington Post

My story of working with Governor Cuomo | by Lindsey Boylan | Feb, 2021 | Medium (big Italian asshole dickster )
How to counter penis politics: What s like to work for Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio - New York Daily News
Is bullying fellow Democrats part of the New York governos brand, or just a print storyline that didnt make it to the screen?
Cuomos new ethics chair ran governors defenseprogram

Hunter Biden lived with brother Beau's widow while in relationship with her SISTER | Daily Mail Online

1 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT, Gallup survey shows. And this number could continue to grow. - The Washington Post
LGBT Identification Rises to 5.6% in Latest U.S. Estimate ... One in six adults in Generation Z consider themselves LGBT
Republican hell-bent on banning trans athletes can't name a single one in her state : politics

Hawaii Senate committee passes automatic voter registration : politics

Pro-Trump Black group that solicited foreign investors is now under FBI investigation : politics

In 'Major Win' for Open Internet, Judge Rejects Telecom Effort to Stop California's Gold Standard Net Neutrality Law : politics

More than 160 Confederate symbols came down in 2020, SPLC says : politics

Evangelical Leaders Raise Alarms About Christian Nationalism In Their Ranks : NPR (yeah, sure)

Democrats question TV carriers' decisions to host Fox, OAN and Newsmax, citing 'misinformation' : politics
Al Jazeera to launch rightwing media platform targeting US conservatives : worldnews
Major Trump backer Rebekah Mercer orchestrates Parler's second act Mercer, whose family also invested in right-wing news site Breitbart, controls two of the three board seats at the company

Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Companys Business (Sandfucked by Fuckbook's hate-for-profit empire)

Man dies after police kneel on his neck for nearly 5 minutes, family says in wrongful death claim : worldnews

Christopher Cantwell gets 41 months - The Informant The gun-worshiping New Hampshire neo-Nazi podcaster was sentenced for trying to extort a rival.

Oregon man might have set DUI blood alcohol level record : worldnews

Iowa violates free press rights by prosecuting Des Moines Register reporter

Fanne Foxe, Argentine Firecracker at center of D.C. sex scandal, dies at 84

Climbing the Bell Curve to the Cathedral - Model Citizen - Notes on reactionary sea lions - Will Wilkinson's Mind Journey (more Slate Star Codex/Scott Siskind/neo-reactionary/HBD/rascist/Steve Sailer shit which was deeper than we we knew)

Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan are both extremely concerned about the impending shortage of lesbians - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Gorgeous Egyptian Art From 4,600 Years Ago Reveals an Extinct Goose

Human Testing Begins On Springtime Lyme Disease Shot Developed In Mass. : boston


Martian rover sends back overwhelming video, audio from the Red Planet : worldnews
'Dare mighty things': hidden message found on Nasa Mars rover parachute : worldnews
NASA's Perseverance Rover Microphone Captures Sounds from Mars: A true chilling experience. : worldnews

Climate change, rising sea levels to increase cost of flood damage by $34 billion in coming decades: Report : worldnews

After two years, radiating fish exceeding the standard was found again in the waters near Fukushima, Japan. : worldnews

Trophy hunter poses with Valentine's gift giraffe heart during shooting trip : worldnew (Ivanka, is that you?)
The extinct Tasmanian tiger may have been spotted in the wilds of Australia : worldnews (not)

White supremacy a global threat, says UN chief : worldnews

The American Gas Association is battling attempts across the country to ban natural gas in new construction - The Washington Post

MA COVID-19 Data 2/23/21 : boston (3.42%+ 30 deaths 1114 new cases 1.78% positive)
63k Tests Reported (+13k); 3.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 1.9% Overall (-0.0), 0.2% Higher-Ed (-0.1); 1,114 New Confirmed Cases; 34k Active Cases; 30 Deaths (+4); 879 Hospitalized (-9) including 225 in ICU (+1), 147 Intubated (+7), and 9 in Alternate Med Sites (-0); February 23, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 23rd. 1,061,335 first doses (+17,125), 414,941 second doses (+15,303) : CoronavirusMa

COVID-19 Update: February 23, 2021 - Coronavirus and Education : CoronavirusMa

Pfizer and Moderna pledge a massive vaccine surge - The Washington Post
First real-world UK data shows Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine provides high levels of protection from the first dose : CoronavirusMa
Biontech Head recommends Booster Shot against Virus Mutations : Coronavirus
Not to be sniffed at: Agony of post-Covid-19 loss of smell : worldnews
Japanese WHO expert casts doubt on China's cold-chain virus claim. : worldnews (dripity drip)

Anti-Maskers waging Spiritual war Statewide - Mainer (the Mainetards who voted for Suzie-Floozie)

The Most Likely Timeline for Life to Return to Normal : CoronavirusMa

U.S. Will Have Enough Vaccine for 130 Million by End of March : Coronavirus

China did 'little' to hunt for Covid origins in early months, says WHO document : worldnews

Not a single case of flu detected in England this year as Covid restrictions suppress virus : worldnews

If you die from the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan, the government will give your family over 44M yen. ($420,000 USD) : worldnews
Japan has appointed a 'Minister of Loneliness' after seeing suicide rates in the country increase for the first time in 11 years. : worldnews

Population crisis in South Korea as young couples choose not to have babies : worldnews
Child torture cases spark outrage in South Korea : worldnews

Covid-19 takes the life of the last male from Brazil's indigenous Juma tribe : worldnews

Facebook to lift Australia news ban after striking deal with government to pay media companies : worldnews
Christian Lives Matter - protesters try to drown out gay concert with prayers and tone-deaf hymns - Australia

Myanmar grinds to a halt as hundreds of thousands strike against military coup : worldnews
Mysterious flights between China and Myanmar during coup : worldnews

Hong Kong crafting 'patriotic' oath for local councils, Beijing wants loyalists in charge : worldnews
Canada votes to recognize China's treatment of Uighur population as genocide : worldnews
Improper storage and use of explosives caused the massive blast at a gold mine in eastern China that killed 10 people last month : worldnews

Pakistan MP Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi marries 14-year-old girl from Balochistan; police launch probe : worldnews

Revealed: 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for World Cup | Global development : worldnews (Muzfuck World Cup of Death)
Beach volleyball stars boycott Qatar tournament over bikini ban : worldnews

Netanyahu after Iran strategy meeting: Nuclear agreement is worthless : worldnews
Iran Supreme Leader issues Fatwa saying women in cartoons must wear Hijab. : worldnews

Brave and defiant Ghanaian journalist proudly comes out as gay on live TV : worldnews

800 people killed in massacre at Ethiopia's Ark of the Covenant

Greece vs Turkey: Greek fighter jets 'harass' research ship - projectile dropped into sea | World | News : worldnews

Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia : worldnews

Scotland's jobless rate remains below UK level : worldnews

Queen's cousin to be sentenced for sexual assault in ancestral home : worldnews

Saskatchewan First Nation erects blockade after company enters territory without consent | Birch Narrows Dene Nation blockaded a road & issued a cease-and-desist order against a Toronto company after workers with Baselode Energy Corp started surveying the band's traditional territory without consent : worldnews

Biden administration to respond to Russian hacking, poisoning in 'weeks not months' : politics

'This Is Unacceptable': Progressives Reject Manchin Proposal to Cut $15 Minimum Wage Proposal to $11 | "The $15 minimum wage is overwhelmingly popular with the American people. One person should not be allowed to hold relief hostage." : politics
Collins: Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus package won't get any GOP votes in Senate : politics (good job Maine retards, you fucked the country)
Progressives Vow to Fight Manchin and Sinema Holding Up Stimulus Over $15 Wage : politics

Fauci said partisan fights over mask-wearing hurt the US virus response, and that it never should have hit 500,000 virus deaths : politics
We have to resist ecoming numb to the sorrow : Biden leads memorial for nation's Covid-19 victims

Garland tells senators his first priority will be prosecuting Capitol insurrection : politics
Merrick Garland says it is the job of the Justice Department to stop violence against trans women : politics

Garland, Tanden and the application of double standards by GOP lawmakers - The Washington Post

The Supreme Court is about to hear two cases that could destroy what remains of the Voting Rights Act | A 6-3 Republican Court will hear one of the most aggressive attacks on voting rights since Jim Crow. : politics
Supreme Court: Two cases could destroy the Voting Rights Act - Vox
Why Clarence Thomas' Trump-like dissent in election case matters : politics
Democrats Unite Behind Election Reform Act to Counter GOP's Voter Suppression : politics
Congress needs to seize the moment, end the influence of Big Money, and save American democracy : politics

Capitol Security Chiefs Said The Jan. 6 Insurrection Was "Unforeseeable" Despite It Being Planned Online In Plain Sight
The FBI Warned Congress of Right-Wing Violence Before Jan. 6th. Capitol Police Leaders Never Saw the Report. | Former security officials pointed fingers at each other over failures that led to the insurrection. : politics
U.S. Capitol riot: Top officials say they did not see FBI warning of calls for violence : politics (sorry, didn't get the memo)
Police captain offers grisly new details of Capitol riot at first official hearing on insurrection : politics
Zero respect: Ted Cruz pictured scrolling through phone during harrowing opening testimony into Capitol riot
Retired NYPD Cop Once Assigned to Secure City Hall Accused of Pipe Attack on Capitol Police
Notorious "eye gouger" who allegedly beat Capitol police with a pipe revealed to be a former NYPD cop
Former NY cop and Republican official charged in Capitol riot
Capitol Defendant Bragged About Brawling With Cops On Pro-Trump Forum | HuffPost Jose Padilla, who the feds say fought with police during the Capitol attack, said on the online forum TheDonald that God was on his side.
The Future of Conservatism is Flight 93 Elections Forever

We identified the 125 people and institutions most responsible for Donald Trumps rise to power and his norm-busting behavior that tested the boundaries of the US government and its institutions
>br /> Republicans New Strategy Is to Pretend Trump Never Happened : politics
Donald Trump and allies are rerunning election Big Lie. They could incite violence again. : politics
Millions of pages of Trump financial documents become puzzle for fraud investigators : politics
Orange Is the New Orange: Trump Just Might Go to Jail : politics
Trump may soon have to answer rape allegations under oath : politics
Massive cash infusion' to Trump's 2016 campaign a likely focus of investigators : politics (hello Russia/Saudis)

Donald Trump executioners may have misled courts, sparking calls for investigation : politics

Adam Kinzinger says he's glad family letter was released so Americans could see the real divides over Trump : politics

CPAC Mocked For Canceling Reprehensible Guest From Anti-Cancel Culture Event : politics

Why Ted Cruz grabbed a shovel after falling into a ditch : politics
ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas are resigning in the aftermath of the power outage, winter storm

David Perdue won't challenge Raphael Warnock in the 2022 Georgia Senate race, after all. : politics (that was quick)
Bill requiring ID for absentee voting passes Georgia Senate : politics

Republican lawmakers seek to overhaul voting in Wisconsin, including new rules for absentee ballots : politics

Black Indiana legislator says he was accosted by colleague in bathroom after heated debate : politics

Illinois Becomes First State to Commit to Eliminating Cash Bail : politics

LinkedIn takes down white author's training slides telling people to be 'less white' and 'less oppressive' after Coca-Cola is slammed for pointing its staff to the video : worldnews

DOJ Ramps Up Investigation Into George Floyd's Death - The New York Times
What We Know About the Killing of Angelo Quinto : A Man Died After Police Knelt on His Neck for 5 Minutes

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Poet Who Nurtured the Beats, Dies at 101 - The New York Times

Tavi Gevinson: Britney Spears Was Never in Control


Perseverance Rover's Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video) : videos

We haven't seen a quarter of known bee species since the 1990s. A sweeping analysis shows an overall downward trend in bee diversity worldwide, raising concerns about these crucial pollinators. : worldnews

History's deadliest pandemics, from ancient Rome to modern America
Fauci says U.S. political divisions contributed to 500,000 dead from COVID-19 : Coronavirus (polite word for "Trump")
Fauci on COVID-19 fight: US has 'done worse than most any other country' : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/22/21 : boston (2.92%+ 26 deaths 1150 new cases 2.3% positive)
50k Tests Reported (-37k); 3.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 1.9% Overall (-0.0), 0.3% Higher-Ed (-0.1); 1,150 New Confirmed Cases; 36k Active Cases; 26 Deaths (-20); 888 Hospitalized (-39) including 229 in ICU (-5), 140 Intubated (-13), and 9 in Alternate Med Sites (-1); February 22, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

2 More Mega Vaccination Sites Opening In Massachusetts : boston
Type 1 diabetes doesn't qualify for Massachusetts coronavirus vaccine priority, but Type 2 does - Boston Herald - February 21, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Uprising Grows Over Cuomo's Bullying and 'Brutalist Political Theater' - The scrutiny of Covid-19 deaths in New York nursing homes has also put the governors aggressive behavior in the spotlight. ("Italian Asshole Big Dick Politics")
Resign, Andrew Cuomo

Australia's largest ever vaccine rollout has begun, as thousands of front line workers across Australia get the COVID-19 jab : worldnews

Strike grips Myanmar, anti-coup protesters defy junta's lethal warning : worldnews
Myanmar coup: witnesses describe killing of protesters as unrest continues : worldnews

'Name it for what it is': MPs implore PM to label China's treatment of Uighurs a genocide : worldnews
Chinese spyware code was copied from America's NSA: researchers : worldnews

More than 100,000 farmers and farm workers gathered outside India's capital Delhi on Sunday in a show of strength against new farm laws that they say will hurt them and benefit large corporations : worldnews

North Korea puts $10,000 bounty on escaped construction workers in Russia : worldnews

Germany urges EU to prepare sanctions on Russia over Navalny : worldnews

Four female social workers killed in North Waziristan attack : worldnews

Saudi Arabia opens recruitment of women to join armed forces alongside their male counterparts for the first time : worldnews

Blackwater founder Erik Prince accused of helping evade U.N. Libya sanctions : worldnews ... TL;DR Erik Prince is a rich fuckboy wanna be warlord who bites off way more than he can chew. Flees an actual warzone and returns to his comfortable combat operations at a baccarat table in Dubai.

Italian ambassador to DR Congo killed in UN convoy attack : worldnews

Brazil is using the pandemic to weaken environmental protections : worldnews

Dutch authorities investigate Boeing 747 after engine parts drop after takeoff - Longtail Aviation cargo plane scatters small metal parts over Meerssen, injuring woman : worldnews

Students in France wait for food handouts as COVID-19 destroys part-time jobs : worldnews

About 7% of UK 17-year-olds have tried to take own life

Biden to order flags to half staff to mark 500K virus deaths : politics
500,000 dead Americans: One year of COVID exposes the rot of GOP ideology : politics

Biden Launches Classified Review of Drone Strikes and Counterterror Raids (Barry with the joystick in the WH basement)

Biden is changing PPP rules. For 2 weeks, only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can claim pandemic relief loans. : politics

Pensacola Navy base mass shooter had accomplices, help from Saudi Arabia, victims claim in terror lawsuit - The Washington Post

No One's Buying the Republicans' Deficit Fearmongering Anymore : politics

Republicans demand equal representation on 1/6 Commission - POLITICO (insurrectionists/traitors want "equal voice")
Capitol Police officer: Rioters 'beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags' : politics
Officer on Capitol riot: 'Is this America? They beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags' : politics
Capitol Police officer recounts Jan. 6 attack: Exclusive | GMA
FBI Seized Congressional Cellphone Records Related to Capitol Attack : politics ... The cellphone data includes many records from the members of Congress and staff members who were at the Capitol that day (hello, Glock Girl)

The 5 Trump Amendments to the Constitution - The Atlantic
Supreme Court Denies Trumps Final Bid to Block Release of Financial Records
Supreme Court refuses Trump effort to block tax return subpoena - POLITICO
Trump Is Extremely Mad Prosecutors Will See His Tax Returns
Donald Trump Is Now at the Mercy of a New York District Attorney : politics
Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion while president. : politics
Trump to claim total control of GOP with first post-presidency speech - Axios
Featured CPAC speaker said Judaism is a complete lie and referred to Jewish people as thieving fake Jews (rwnj black guy Young Pharoah)

Breaking and Analysis: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Cases Over Conduct of Election in Pennsylvania, With Justices Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas Dissenting: A Ticking Time Bomb To Go Off in a Later Case | Election Law Blog
Clarence Thomas Promotes Trumps Voter Fraud Lies in Alarming Dissent

POLITICO Playbook: Collins comes out against Tanden - POLITICO (but BeerFuck was fine)
Opinion | Republicans are offended by Neera Tanden's tweets.But they were okay with Trump's? - The Washington Post Now Republicans are offended by mean tweets? (Suzie Floozie clutches her pearls)
The Neera Tanden standard? - The Washington Post (hypocrisy, as usual)

President Biden sent aid to Texas, so far without hesitation, scolds or stunts : politics
The stunning political power of AOC : politics
Demands Grow for Texas to 'Forgive All Utility Bills' as Price Gouging by Energy Companies Sparks Outrage | "The people of Texas should not have to pay these outrageous bills. Exorbitant costs should not be passed on to consumers who are not responsible for poor planning by state officials." : politics
A GOP congressman from Texas slams Ted Cruz as it emerges he took his college roommate on Cancun trip : politics
Ted Cruz invited his college roommate on the Mexico trip he blamed on his daughters : politics
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton left for Utah during winter storm, power outages : politics

Whopping 46 Percent of Republicans Would Disown GOP for the Trump Party, Poll Says : politics
Almost 19,000 Pennsylvania voters have left the Republican Party since the Capitol attack : politics

Arizona Republican lawmakers want to veto our vote for president again (muh cowboy hat)

Why Republicans are keeping Trump's Big Lie alive. The Big Lie about the stolen election has opened the door for a wave of voter suppression not seen in decades : politics
Voting rights advocates decry 'devastating' Georgia measure limiting ballot access : politics
A Majority Of Americans Want To Make It Easier To Vote By Mail : politics

Dominion Sues MyPillow, CEO Mike Lindell Over Election Claims - WSJ

House Democrats Press Cable Providers on Election Fraud Claims - The New York Times

Virginia lawmakers approve bill to end use of death penalty in state with the most executions in US history : politics

Florida official tells offices to disregard DeSantis order to lower flags in Limbaugh's honor : politics

New Jersey officially legalizes recreational marijuana : politics

Elijah McClain: Aurora Police did not have basis to stop, frisk or restrain him, investigation finds - CNN (let alone kill him)

The Whole Foods C.E.O. John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism ... "right-wing hippie" says no health care for you and global warming is a libtard hoax)

Plowy McPlowface Has a Shot in Naming Contest. Abolish ICE Does Not.The Minnesota Transportation Department excluded that one as too political. The public can vote on 50 finalists, including Raspberry Brrr-et, Road Carew and Mary Tyler More Snow.
TikTokers are trying to prove that snow in Texas is fake, pushing a false conspiracy theory (Bill Gates dropped billions of tons of fake snow from Jewish Space Lasers)

Justice League: The Shocking, Exhilarating, Heartbreaking True Story of #TheSnyderCut

Slate Podcast Host Mike Pesca Suspended Following Internal Discussion About Use Of Racial Slur | Defector

Once buried, a cache of images from Poland's Lodz Ghetto emerges at the MFA - The Boston Globe

Can We Stop Fighting About Charter Schools? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Meghan McCain: Replace Dr. Fauci With Someone Who Understands Science ... "The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, dont know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine" ... she ranted

Sexual violence against boys is far more common than we think - The Washington Post far more common than we think. Heres why we dont talk about it.

Allen v. Farrow: Three takeaways from the searing docuseries first episode (clueless Mia and psychotic therapist)

Smith College Responds to MC Jodi Shaw - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is hilarious stuff:

The soul police they live inside of my head - Lawyers, Guns & Money Commenters have requested a thread about Andrew Sullivan shitting his pants over the entertaining Times story about how Ted Cruz is a liar and his "friends" hate8 him:

The ol' switcheroo : funny

What fetishes do you think are created from things during childhood? : AskReddit


Israel: Oil spill hits 100 miles of coastline as beaches shut after 'one of country's worst ecological disasters' : worldnews

Chemicals in plastics damage babies' brains and must be banned, expert group says : worldnews

A large Sahara dust storm is forecast to spread across Europe, reaching into UK and Scandinavia. It will be followed by early spring warm weather through the rest of February and might extend into early March as well : worldnews

Cyprus conservationists seek flamingo hunting ban in coastal wetlands area : worldnews

Tobacco giant bets 1bn on influencers to boost 'more lung-friendly' sales : worldnews (cancer friendly)

A Ripple Effect of Loss: U.S. Covid Deaths Approach 500,000 - The New York Times ... No other country has counted so many deaths in the pandemic. More Americans have perished from Covid-19 than on the battlefields of World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.

20,507,518 years of life have been lost to COVID-19 among the studied 81 countries [...] The average years of life lost per death is 16 years - Nature/Scientific Reports - February 18, 2021 [this would translate into 247,392 years of life lost in Massachusetts so far] : CoronavirusMa
U.S. Reaches 500,000 Deaths From the Coronavirus The number of dead rivals the population of Atlanta or Sacramento, California : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/21/21 : boston (3.24% positive 46 deaths 1316 new cases 1.51% positive)
87k Tests Reported (-28k); 3.2% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.2), 1.9% Overall (-0.1), 0.2% Higher-Ed (-0.1); 1,316 New Confirmed Cases; 36k Active Cases; 46 Deaths (-7); 927 Hospitalized (-43) including 234 in ICU (-12), 153 Intubated (+1), and 8 in Alternate Med Sites (+1); February 21, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 40,983 new COVID-19 vaccinations Sunday, 46 deaths, 1,316 cases - The Boston Globe

[Pfizer] Vaccine prevents 98.9% of COVID deaths, Israel's Health Ministry data shows - 99.2% protective against serious illness, reduces chance of hospitalization by 98.9% : worldnews
Glasses-wearers up to three times less likely to catch coronavirus, study suggests : Coronavirus
WHO Said What About Wuhan? - WSJ International investigators ignore the lab-leak theory but investigate frozen fish. (dripity +Scott Gottlieb, part of the problem can't mention Peter Daszak's name)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for a 'full investigation' of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes : politics

USA now vaccinating more people against COVID-19 in one day than Canada has in total : news

The Mystery Of India's Plummeting COVID-19 Cases : worldnews

As Russia Detects World's 1st Case of H5N8 Avian Flu in Humans, All You Need to Know About the Strain : worldnews

WHO panel to recommend deeper probe into farms that supply wet markets in Wuhan : worldnews (drippy drip drip)

Thousands rally in Myanmar after the bloodiest day of anti-coup protests so far : worldnews
Facebook takes down main page of Myanmar military. : worldnews (Fuckerberg cackles)

Malaysia to spend $4.9 billion over next decade to roll out 5G connectivity : worldnews

Prefectural governor in Japan wants 2021 Olympics and torch relay cancelled, Tokyo not pleased. : worldnews

If highlighting farmers protest is sedition, I'm better in jaiclimate activist Disha Ravi says in court as police claim she 'was part of global conspiracy to defame India' (Modi is a fascistsnowflake)

Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to weaken Russia, leaked docs reveal : worldnews (from Russian propaganda site)

Three separate explosions devastated the capital of Afghanistan : worldnews

Iran threatens to remove IAEA surveillance cameras at nuclear sites : worldnews
Iran hangs already-dead woman Zahra Esmaili : worldnews
Husband of Iran's ski coach bars her from leaving country : worldnews

JNF plans to expand into West Bank settlements draws widespread condemnation : worldnews
Israel bought Syria vaccines from Russia as part of prisoner swap deal: reports : worldnews
The Treasury Department slapped sanctions on the Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler in 2017 for corruption in Africa. In Donald Trumps final days in office, they were rolled back with no explanation.
Amos Oz's daughter: He beat, cursed and humiliated me : worldnews

Former prosecutor: More evidence of war crimes against Syrian President Assad than there was against Nazis : news

Brazil goes back to the streets demanding Bolsonaro's removal : worldnews

Chilean politician, Ivan Roca, has sparked fury after he defended his son who is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl by saying 'she has a woman's body'. : worldnews

Democracy in Belarus will be some time coming, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the country's exiled opposition leader sad Saturday, acknowledging that they had lost the battle on the streets for the moment. : worldnews

Poland to introduce retirement benefits for police dogs and horses : worldnews

Spain sees fourth night of riots over imprisonment of rapper : worldnews

Germany's 'Black Forest Rambo' to be jailed for 3 years : worldnews

The QAnon phenomenon has emerged in France prompting President Emmanuel Macron's government to order a multiagency inquiry on conspiracist movements scheduled to report back at the end of February

UK could declare Brexit 'water wars': The Telegraph : worldnews ... the boring version of the Napoleonic wars ...
Thirsk teacher, 21, becomes youngest solo female to row Atlantic : worldnews

Biden warns European allies that 'democratic progress is under assault' : worldnews ... being USAs friend is like being friends with that alcoholic guy who blacks out every four years for four years

How Trump offered Kim a ride on Air Force One - BBC News
Ghislaine Maxwell admitted Jeffrey Epstein had secret tapes of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, reporter claims : inthenews

Millions of Tenants Behind on Rent, Small Landlords Struggling, Eviction Moratoriums Expiring Soon: Inside the Next Housing Crisis : news
Raise the SSI Threshold - Lawyers, Guns & Money
COVID relief checks are only controversial in Congress. Americans overwhelmingly support bigger stimulus checks : politics

How Biden got it wrong about Penn, the Ivies, student debt, and America' college problem | Will Bunch The president's harsh town hall response on canceling America's $1.7 trillion college debt revealed he doesn't understand the issue. (stupid asshole thinks everyone had rich parents and went to Harvard/Yale)
Biden seems set to pick fight over Rahm Emanuel | TheHill ... ambassador to Japan,

'This Week' Transcript 2-21-21: Jen Psaki, Rep. Steve Scalise - ABC News

Puerto Rican statehood can't wait : politics

Enough is enough: It's time to impose term limits on Congress : politics (social change moving too fast for 200 yr-old system but lobbyist will win)

Merrick Garland to commit to overseeing "prosecution of white supremacists" who stormed Capitol : politics
No conviction, but Trump Senate trial provided valuable evidence for possible prosecutions : politics

How the GOP became the party of the LIE : politics (said the Lincoln Project liar)

National Guard Deployment at the Capitol Riot Was Delayed by Confusion and Inaction - The New York Times As violence grew out of control on Jan. 6, the head of the Capitol Police made an urgent request for the National Guard. It took nearly two hours to be approved. (deep mystery)
Impeachment is over. But other efforts to reckon with Trumps post-election chaos have just begun.
The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on : politics ... Welcome to Howdy Arabia.
Justice Dept. Is Said to Be Examining Stone's Possible Ties to Capitol Rioters : politics
Two Proud Boys committed "crimes of terrorism" during Capitol riot, federal prosecutors say : news
Pennsylvania cop charged in Capitol riot: 'FBI may arrest me' : news
Ohio couple with ties to Oath Keepers charged in Capitol attack : news
Oath Keeper claims she was VIP security at Trump rally before riot and says she met with Secret Service agents : politics
FBI Arrests Capitol Rioter Who Said Jews and Israel Control Other Governments Christian Secor has reportedly identified as a 'Groyper,' or follower of white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

Trump's second impeachment was a test that the Republican Party failed : politics

PolitiFact - Biden did not plan winter storm as an attack on Texas : politics
Texas hospitals run out of water. Some facilities are evacuating. : inthenews (shithole state)
These Three Siblings Died Tragically in Texas' Deep Freeze. It Didn't Have to Be This Way. : politics (freeze your kids to own the libs)
Texas freeze shows a chilling truth how the rich use climate change to divide us (t
His Lights Stayed on During Texas' Storm. Now He Owes $16,752. : politics
Built for cold, Wisconsin grid hums along in temperatures that crippled Texas : politics
Critics accuse Ted Cruz of "fake compassion" as he hands out water after Mexico trip : politics
(1) Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter: "#TexasStrong" / Twitter
Where's John Cornyn? : Twitter users theorize Texas y's location in wake of winter storms
AOC slams 'fossil fuel billionaires' after one CFO likens Texas winter storm to 'hitting the jackpot' : politics
AOC doubled her fundraising total for Texas storm victims to $4 million, as she joined fellow lawmakers in Houston to continue relief efforts : politics
Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Drive For Texas Relief Raises $4 Million : politics
Democrats look ahead to 2022 campaign with plans to hammer Texas GOP as inept in running government : politics

Lauren Boebert faces backlash after urging Biden to lower flags for Rush Limbaugh : politics ... Great Value Sarah Palin continues to be as awful as everyone expects ...

Disinformation Fuels A White Evangelical Movement. It Led 1 Virginia Pastor To Quit : politics

"Mark Changed The Rules" : How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures (hate-for-profit Fuckerberged again)

South Carolina abortion law suspended 1 day after passage : news

The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here's what that means. Most of the GOP's blue-collar growth took place during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Michael Flynns Wild Ride Into The Heart Of QAnon

The Lincoln Projects Implosion Has Derailed Its FoundersPlan for a Media EmpireThe Republican PAC is fighting for survival after a series of scandals

Campus P.C. is out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money Under a new bill in the Minnesota legislature, Goodwin could face much steeper consequences. Had any of her fellow activists caused even minor damage to equipment at the site, the bill couldve held virtually anyone even remotely involvedespecially those caught trespassing are liable for the damage, threatening protesters with up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

What Drove the Historically Large Murder Spike in 2020? The pandemic, police violence, and more guns all contributed to an unprecedented rise in murders across the United States.

In Letter, Former Officer Implicates NYPD in Malcolm X Death : news (slow karma)
Malcom X's family demands reopening of murder investigation. : news

Antioch man died after police put knee on his neck, family says : news

An Ohio bomb squad was called to disarm an adorable bag of kittens - CNN

Report: Florida man threw woman onto bed, smelled her to check for cheating : news
Homeowners return home to find Florida burglar lying on couch watching TV : news

WATCH: Terrifying Video of United 328's In-Flight Engine Fire : news

Oxnard College professor put on leave after video shows him berating hard of hearing student - ABC7 Los Angeles

Boston city workers making $100G, $200G, $300G increases : news (cops and firepeople)

TIL: Tobacco companies spend the most money on advertising during the month of January, when more people will be attempting to quit smoking, as New Year's resolutions. : todayilearned

A first-of-its-kind study has found that cone snail venom, conotoxin from a species of sea snail, could potentially treat severe malaria, by disrupting the protein-protein interactions of P. falciparum malaria. Emerging diseases like AIDS and COVID-19 may also benefit from conotoxins as treatment. : science

Research linking violent entertainment to aggression retracted after scrutiny : news

Lab-grown mini-bile ducts by scientists at Cambridge university used to repair human livers in regenerative medicine first : worldnews

ELI5 Why is it a bad idea to fall asleep after a concussion? : explainlikeimfive


Humans are making Earth a broken and increasingly unlivable planet through climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. So the world must make dramatic changes to society, economics and daily life, a new United Nations report says. : worldnews
UN Head Decries 'Senseless and Suicidal' Destruction of Nature as New Report Urges Systemic Solutions : worldnews
Kerry warns the US has 9 years to avoid worst climate consequences : politics
4 More States Propose Harsh New Penalties For Protesting Fossil Fuels | Industry-designed bills to silence climate protests are under consideration in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota and Montana. More are likely to come. : politics

US officially rejoins Paris climate agreement : worldnews

Perseverance Rover Sends back BREATHTAKING First Full-Color Image of Mars : worldnews
Reversal of Earth's magnetic poles may have triggered Neanderthal extinction and it could happen again : worldnews

Water levels at Fukushima reactor containers falling after last week's earthquake : worldnews
Decades After The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Local Dolphins Are Still Suffering : worldnews

7-day average positivity rate falls below 3% for the first time since mid June : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/20/21 : boston (2.95%+ 53 deaths 1822 new cases 1.58% positive)
115k Tests Reported (+8k); 3.4% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.2), 2.0% Overall (-0.1), 0.3% Higher-Ed (-0.0); 1,822 New Confirmed Cases; 36k Active Cases; 53 Deaths (+17); 970 Hospitalized (-20) including 246 in ICU (-12), 152 Intubated (-11), and 7 in Alternate Med Sites (-1); February 20, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

7-day moving average of 1st doses: 36,723. Projected date when 75% of all MA residents will have gotten their 1st dose: June 12. : CoronavirusMa
More than 1M Mass. residents have now received the 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. : boston
It's amazing how bad the vaccine scheduling system is. : CoronavirusMa

Two-thirds of 65-to-69-year-olds have had Covid vaccine : Coronavirus
Coronavirus 2021: Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Can Now Be Stored On Regular Pharmaceutical Freezers Too : CoronavirusMa
Pfizer to double weekly U.S. output of vaccine in next few weeks : Coronavirus
COVID infections dropped 95.8% after both Pfizer shots - Israeli Health Ministry : Coronavirus
One in 10 Covid patients die within months of leaving hospital, study reveals : Coronavirus
Covid-19 vaccines may prevent infection and not just symptoms, study suggests : Coronavirus
CDC director says U.S. needs to curb Covid before it can mutate again and make the pandemic even worse : Coronavirus
People Who Have Had Covid Should Get Single Vaccine Dose, Studies Suggest : Coronavirus
Research shows that an increase in daily low temperature corresponds to a decrease in COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus
Covid vaccine: Can I take painkillers before or after a jab? : Coronavirus

One-Third of COVID Survivors May Have PTSD : Coronavirus

Covid Face Masks Are Disrupting a Key Tool of Human Communications, New Research Shows : Coronavirus

'The Essence Of Truth': A Doctor's Photos Document The COVID-19 Crisis In The ER : Coronavirus

No internet, no email. South Carolina's rural residents are struggling to get COVID-19 vaccines : Coronavirus

WHO inspector's 'natural hosts' experimented on in Wuhan lab | Taiwan News | 2021/02/20 In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Thursday (Feb. 18), British zoologist and EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak has backed China's theory that frozen meat could have brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. (drip drip drip_

95 per cent of over 70s in Great Britain given vaccine - less than 1% decline : Coronavirus

Argentina's health minister resigned late Friday after it emerged that friends of his had been able to skip the line for a Covid-19 vaccination. Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garci stepped down after President Alberto Fernandez called on him to quit in the wake of the scandal : worldnews undefined

Russia reports first human cases of H5N8 bird flu : worldnews
31 people dead from plague outbreak in DRC, say health officials : worldnews

Trudeau warns of a dangerous third wave as Canada copes with a vaccine 'drought' : worldnews
School officials order windows screwed shut after teachers open them to increase ventilation : Coronavirus

Two dead, several injured in Myanmar after live rounds used to disperse protest, say medical workers : worldnews
Shooting at Myanmar anti-coup protest injures at least 5 : worldnews

Four Taiwan ex-intelligence officers charged with spying for China : worldnews
Hundreds of Chinese patients died in 'redundant' drugs trials : worldnews

Japans ruling party invites women to meetings -- but won't let them speak

Jakarta hit by monsoon floods, more than 1,000 forced to evacuate. : worldnews

Human Rights Watch accuses India of targeting minorities. HRW report comes days before first anniversary of violence in Delhi in which 53 people were killed, including 40 Muslims : worldnews

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: 'I lost my hand when a soldier tried to rape me'. 'An Ethiopian schoolgirl has told the BBC how she lost her right hand defending herself from a soldier who tried to rape her - and who had also tried to force her grandfather to have sex with her. ' : worldnews

Tesla Powerpack batteries deployed in Nigeria to help combat diesel dependency : worldnews

Alexey Navalny remains in jail after Moscow appeals court confirms prison sentence : worldnews
White House says U.S. not inviting Russia to G7 : worldnews

Israel destroys Irish aid to Palestinian village : worldnews

Venezuelan Women Lose Access to Contraception, and Control of Their Lives - The New York Times

Norway to Decriminalize Personal Drug Use in Historic Shift : worldnews

Majority of Canadians think royal family 'no longer relevant' Tumultuous exit of Canada's governor general prompts questioning of role and monarchy : worldnews

Erik Prince, the former head of the security contractor Blackwater Worldwide and a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, violated a United Nations arms embargo on Libya by sending weapons to a militia commander who was attempting to overthrow the internationally backed government : worldnews

An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter? : politics ... "In terms of his personality, the guy is not a complicated cookie,his most important characteristics being low intellect coupled with hyperinflated vanity. This makes him a dream for an experienced recruiter."

Biden says U.S. will seek to 'end cancer as we know it' after Covid pandemic : politics
Democrats are planning at least another $2 trillion in stimulus spending, shrugging off fears of growing debt : politics

Merrick Garland Faces Resurgent Peril After Years Fighting Extremism - The New York Times The fallout from the Capitol attack and the shadow of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing are likely to take center stage at the confirmation hearings for President Bidens pick for attorney general.
Trump's acts as president are fair game for criminal charges : politics
The Justice Department and FBI are investigating whether Roger Stone and Alex Jones played a role in the Capitol siege, report says : politics
$900,000 Trump Inauguration Donor Gets 12 Years For Illegal Contributions, Tax Evasion : politics
Trump gears up for war with his own party : politics
The Republicans UnCivil UnWar - The Triad Mitch versus Trump? LOL no.
Trump to speak at CPAC next week - Axios

New stars on the American flag? Fresh hope as Puerto Rico and DC push for statehood : politics

Escaping the "Mussolini moment": Trump's enablers and the banality of evil. Trump's heinous regime was enabled by a large cast of villains. We have to recognize that all of us enabled them : politics

Ossoff named chairman of Senate investigations subcommittee : politics
Over 235 charged and 400 investigations: What we know about the "unprecedented" Capitol riot arrests : politics
Taking sedition seriously - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Lindsay Beyerstein on Twitter: "The more I read about the 1/6 insurgency, the clearer it is that DC's gun laws worked! The insurgents knew it was illegal to carry, anticipated getting stopped if they brought guns, and warned their supporters to bring less-lethal weapons." / Twitter

Joe Manchin, who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, to vote against Neera Tanden over mean tweets: The West Virginia Democrat also previou voted to confirm Jeff Sessions and Ric Grenell : politics (Fuckchin)

'You did the unthinkable': Ohio's Anthony Gonzalez faces fury over impeachment vote : politics

Judge Orders Pro-Trump Attorney Who Sued Mike Pence to Face Grievance Committee Baseless Fraud Allegations and Tenuous Legal : politics

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Texas Disaster Declaration : politics
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Doing Ted Cruz's Job to Provide Texas Storm Aid : politics
When the GOP Left Texans to Freeze, Locals Stepped Up With Mutual Aid : politics
Suspected hypothermia deaths in homes mount in Texas : news
Sweden tells Texas how to keep turbines spinning in freezing weather : technology
Strangers took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she was stranded in the Texas storm : news
Texas is the latest example of how governments are unprepared for disaster : politics
More Outrage Over Sen. Ted Cruz's Cancun Trip After Leaked Texts and Photo of Dog Snowflake Left Behind : politics
Cruz trip tests durability of scandal, memory of voters : politics
Another GOP Rep Fled Texas Via Private Jetat Height of Deep Freeze Crisis (thedai
Texas Froze. California Baked. The Power Failed Because Both States Failed to Plan : politics

GOP Senate memo says DeJoy personally ordered USPS overtime cuts, contradicting DeJoy's prior testimony : politics

Proud Boys member warns 'I'm coming for you' as Sacramento GOP votes to expel him : politics
Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Capitol insurrection a terrible thing that is all behind us now : politics

QAnon followers still think Trump will be inaugurated on March 4. National Guard will be ready. Trump's D.C. hotel hopes to cash in on QAnon true believers who may descend on Washington for his big comeback

White Christian nationalism and the next wave of political violence : politics

Iowa Republicans want to protect anti-LGBTQ slurs & ban anti-bias training to promote "diversity." The proposal seeks to carbon copy a Trump-era executive order that similarly sought to ban any form of anti-bias training or implementation of "critical race theory" before a court blocked it. : politics

Republican politicians across the US propose legislation that would protect drivers who hit protestors : politics

South Dakota Supreme Court Rules Property Owners not Entitled to Compensation for Severe Damage to their Home Inflicted by Police During a Law Enforcement Operation : politics
Noem Bill Would Make Dark Money Disclosure Illegal : politics

Trump ally Nunes sees CNN Ukraine lawsuit thrown out by New York judge : politics

The Republican Party's misogynist id - Lawyers, Guns & Money Rush Limbaugh was an almost universally loved figure among Republicans. And it was more because of rather than in spite of his flagrant racism and, as Jill Filipovic observes, his equally flagrant misogyny:

The Deep Rot of the Massachusetts Democratic Party : massachusetts

The Road to Mandalay - YouTube

In the entire history of humans, what is the strangest idea we have conceived?
What is WW2's greatest forgotten battleground?

New study finds 20% of people have a genetic mutation that provides resilience to the cold; people lacking -aktinin-3 are better at keeping warm and enduring a tougher climate. : science

WhatsApp to move ahead with privacy update despite backlash - The policy update would allow owner Facebook and its subsidiaries collect user data, including their phone number and location, which sparked a global outcry and a rush of new users to competitors Telegram and Signal, among others. : worldnews


NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Lands on Red Planet : worldnews
Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station : worldnews

Global debt soars to 356% of GDP : worldnews

Over 50,000 People In Delhi Died Due To Air Pollution Last Year: Study : worldnews

World leaders applaud U.S. formal return to Paris climate pact : worldnews

It's Snowing In The Desert: Unusually Heavy Snowfall Seen In Saudi Arabia As Temperatures Drop : worldnews
Athens turns into a winter wonderland after unexpected snowfall : worldnews
In Pictures: Jerusalem turns white after rare snowfall : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/19/21 : boston (3.6%+ 36 deaths 1679 new cases 1.57% positive)

Mass. reports 56,394 new COVID-19 vaccinations, 36 deaths, 1,679 cases - The Boston Globe

Pfizer and BioNTech Submit COVID-19 Vaccine Stability Data at Standard Freeze Temperature to the U.S. FDA | Pfizer
Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Is Highly Effective After One Dose and Can Be Stored in Normal Freezers, Data Shows - WSJ
Study suggests that Pfizer vaccine is effective after one dose - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Excess deaths in America during epidemics: Comparing COVID-19 and the Spanish flu - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lasting heart damage reported with severe covid patients : worldnews
Researchers urge delaying Pfizer vaccine's second dose as first highly effective : worldnews

'Bullying, screaming' : In Albany, Cuomo wields phone as a weapon -- Many describe receiving angry calls late in the evening and being unable to get off the phone with New York''s most powerful official.
AOC calls for full investigation into Cuomo nursing home scandal : politics

Florida county commissioner limited vaccine drive to the two richest zip codes and then created a 'VIP list' : worldnews
Manatee County Commissioner who admitted to handpicking vaccine zip codes also added her name to the list : politics
DeSantis Omits Data on Child COVID Rates as He Touts Decision to Open Schools : politics
Florida's Governor Threatened to Take Away Vaccines After County Officials Complained He Gave Them to the Richest Neighborhoods : politics

No jab, no job: Vatican gets tough with COVID anti-vaxxers : worldnews
Chief Rabbi Lau suspends rabbinical judge for refusing COVID vaccine : worldnews

Vaccine-poor Germans shunning AstraZeneca jab - German healthcare facilities have reported several hundred thousand AstraZeneca vials sitting unused and rampant no-shows at scheduled appointments : worldnews

New Zealand Will Offer Free Sanitary Products At Schools To Fight Period Poverty : worldnews

Malaysia: No more prison, only rehab for drug abusers and addicts under new law : worldnews

Myanmar protester shot in head during police crackdown dies: Grocery store worker Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing, 20, was shot last week as security forces advanced on coup protesters : worldnews
UK and Canada impose sanctions on Myanmar generals after coup : worldnews

Allegations of shackled students and gang rape inside China's detention camps : worldnews
Hong Kong population falls for first time since records began : worldnews
Taiwan deploys missiles after Chinese jets enter its air zone | China News : worldnews
Chinese tech giant Huawei turns to pig farming as cellphone sales fall. : worldnews (why Apple is rebranding as a car company)

About Nepal's travel ban on women traveling abroad : worldnews

Japanese website maps neighbourhoods that have noisy children : worldnews

Turkish government steps up its attack on the LGBTQI community as the world watches : worldnews

Alexei Navalny overtakes Putin as Russia's most mentioned politician on social media : worldnews

Two journalists jailed for two years in Belarus for filming protests : worldnews
US hits Belarusian officials with travel bans for crackdown : worldnews

Rohingya Refugees Face New Crackdown in India : worldnews

Egypt: Escalating Reprisals, Arrests of Critics' Families : worldnews

New videos of Sheikah Latifa, the daughter of Dubai's powerfull ruler, were released by the BBC. The princess say she fears for her life, is believed to be held on house arrest. Human rights activists, demand visiting her. The princess was arrested after attempting to flee to the U.S. : worldnews
Dubai's double standards put Sheikh Maktoum under pressure : worldnews

Israel and Syria conclude Russia-mediated prisoners swap | Middle East News : worldnews

Biden withdraws Trump's restoration of UN sanctions on Iran : worldnews
Iran nuclear deal: US agrees to meet Iran, world powers in first step for Biden administration : worldnews
Iranian Diplomat Is Convicted in Plot to Bomb Opposition Rally in France : worldnews

US signals it is open to sending more troops to support NATO's mission in Iraq : worldnews

Now Norway is offering drug-free treatment to people with psychosis : worldnews

'That's enough': France confronts decades of neglect of incest cases | France : worldnews
Heating Up Culture Wars, France to Scour Universities for Ideas That 'Corrupt Society' -- The government announced an investigation into social science research, broadening attacks on what it sees as destabilizing American influences ... "Islamo-leftist" tendencies (yeah, the muzfuckers are the real libs)

UK Supreme Court rules that Uber drivers are considered workers, eligible for holiday pay and minimum wage : worldnews
Head of UK's MI6 intelligence service Apologizes to LGBT spies for getting fired because of their sexuality : worldnews
Roman penis carving found in Cambridgeshire : worldnews
Recent discovery of phallic depictions in prehistoric cave art in Asia Minor

Undeterred by Facebook news blackout, Australia commits to content law : worldnews
Facebook fined again in Italy for misleading users over what it does with their data : worldnews
Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news : worldnews

Russians Sent Thousands of Threats Against U.S. Judge James Robart After Trump Tweeted About Him : politics
Justice Sonia Sotomayor was targeted by gunman, federal judge tells '60 Minutes' - CNNPolitics

Biden memo for ICE officers points to fewer deportations and strict oversight - The Washington Post

Biden's Is Going Big, and Americans Are With Him : politics
Biden gets chance to leave mark on federal judiciary as judges step aside - CBS News
After Years of Chaos, the White House Is Definitely in Different Hands | The New Yorker new chief of staff, like the new President, is a serious Washington lifer. By Susan B. Glasser

Biden's Attorney General Pick Garland to Prioritize Civil Rights, Combating Domestic Terror : politics

Democrats offer bills to boost IRS audits of rich, corporations : politics

A MAGA ambassador violated the Hatch Act. Biden must decide what to do about it. : politics
California investor who donated nearly $1M to Trump inauguration sentenced to 12 years in prison Imaad Zuberi pleaded guilty to tax evasion for filing false foreign agent registration records and providing illegal campaign contributions to various presidential election campaigns.
Exclusive: New York City tax agency subpoenaed in Trump criminal probe | Reuters

Keep Chuckin' Those Facts! - Lawyers, Guns & Money Recently on Meet the Press, Ron Klain made a banal observation: ... This is too obvious to be even worth mentioning, except that it provides an opportunity for PolitiFact to show that it is BACK BABY: (no plan is a plan! and fuckoff WaPo Fackfuckers)

Fauci says he lost the ability to influence Trump after he decided to 'focus on the re-election' instead of stopping the virus : politics
Anthony Fauci exclusive interview: 'When I publicly disagreed with Trump he let terrible things happen' ... spry octogenarian ...
Fauci Says He Still Has To Have Armed Guards Due To Threats Inspired By Trump : politic ... That is trumps America. Scientists needing bodyguards. Hundreds of thousands dead. Violent insurrection and death. Record unemployment. That is what trump did to America and no amount of gaslighting will change that.
Trump Is Guilty of Pandemicide : politics
Mitt Romney Tears Into Donald Trump Again Amid GOP Civil War : politics
Ex-Gotti Jr. prosecutor joins Manhattan DA's Trump probe, has already interviewed Michael Cohen : politics
Trump's second impeachment did not cost $33 million : politics

Let's tell the truth about the Republican Party: It's the real enemy of the people. Coverage of the second impeachment was still driven by media myths about "normal" Republicans. They don't exist : politics
The Republican Rift Goes Far Deeper Than Just Trump And McConnell : politics
It's been a brutal two months for the GOP
Trump Hotel Employees Reveal What It Was Really Like Catering to the Right Wing Elite stories about VIP visits and grooming protocols, palm-greasing, rotten vegetables, and that time they lost Steve Mnuchins coat.
MAGA crashes into moderates in train-wreck Senate race - POLITICO Any candidate who wants to win in Pennsylvania in 2022 must be full Trump MAGA said Steve Bannon

In new defense, dozens of Capitol rioters say law enforcement 'let us in' to building : politics
South Florida woman, Angry Patriot Hippie on social media, arrested after threats to kill FBI : news
Video: Capitol Officer Works With Rioters to Help Others (VIDEO)
QAnon hardliners are doubling down on theory Donald Trump will be reinstated on March 4 : politics
Six Individuals Affiliated with the Oath Keepers Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for Conspiracy to Obstruct Congress on Jan. 6, 2021 : politics
In new defense, dozens of Capitol rioters say law enforcement 'let us in' to building : politics
Capitol Rioters Facing Felonies And Other Serious Charges Prosecutors are ramping up charges against people accused of carrying weapons, assaulting police, and conspiring with others.

Texas is home to cowboy swagger, rugged individualism and small government. Then icy winds knocked the power out : politics
Power comes back for most in Texas, but other problems pile up : politics ... That's a really tough chain of events. First the disaster with the outages and the general unpreparedness of the authorities and then Ted Cruz returns from Mexico ...
Texas Water Crisis: Frozen Pipes, Cracked Wells and Offline Treatment Plants - The New York Times Electricity was restored to most Texans who had lost power after a winter storm, but water systems for nearly two-thirds of residents were disrupted, leaving millions without drinkable water.
Yes, Texas Is In Bad Shape Now, But It's Only Going to Get Worse. The Deep Freeze Is the Disastrous Result of Decades of Republican Government in the State : politics
In Contrast to 'Useless Republican Leaders,' AOC Helps Raise $1 Million in Direct Relief for Texans in Crisis : politics
Man-made disaster: Capitalism and Republicans failed the people of Texas : politics
ERCOT officials spent 40 seconds on winter storm preparedness at Feb. 9 meeting : politics
Lone Star Failed State - PREVAIL by Greg Olear
Texas journalists are providing critical information about a disaster theyre living through
Thank God for The Texas Tribune: Power crisis shines light on local news
Texas disaster exposes what happens when Republicans replace governance with trolling | Republicans have mastered the art of breaking government and telling voters it's because government can't work : politics

Ted Cruz traveled to Jamaica for July 4th last year, defying public health guidelines during the pandemic, report says : politics
Cry Us A Mai Tai: Editors At The Houston Chronicle Heckle Cruz, Call For His Resignation
Ted Cruz received more money from oil and gas companies in 2018 than any other senator : politics
Texas governor's biggest donors: Energy industry that failed : politics
One night in Cancun: Ted Cruzs disastrous decision to go on vacation during Texas storm crisis
The devastating Texas-storm story centers Ted Cruz - Columbia Journalism Review
Someone Leaks Heidi Cruzs Damning Group Chat Texts About Cancun Trip. Schadenfreude Ensues.
Billboard, posters, and signs mocking Ted Cruz go up around Texas | The Independent
Matt Gaetz's Hot Take On Ted Cruz Apology Mocked By Many On Twitter : politics
Icy blast of anti-Ted Cruz outrage shows little sign of abating : politics

Texas governor walks back Fox News comments on Green New Deal, says gas, coal failed in Texas freeze : politics
Top Texas Republicans on the ropes after tone-deaf storm response : politics
Deconstructed: Texas Republicans Ran a Twenty-Year Experiment. The Results Are In. : politics (cf the "Kansas experiment" by ex-gov Brownback)
Dallas official says White House called him about storm before Texas governor did : politics
'Climate change is real': Biden administration says Texas crisis shows U.S. unprepared for extreme weather : politics
Texas declared itself a small-government paradise. Now we're frozen in it. : politics
Meteorologist for Texas grid operator warned of the winter storm's severity - The Washington Post
Calls for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to step down over power chaos. Top Democrat attacks Republican governor as millions remain without electricity for four days -- Texas is in dire straits. Texans are dying : politics
Abbott appointees made 'astonishing' cuts to power reliability team before deadly Texas storm : politics
Trump Jr. blames Texas' 'Democrat Governor's incompetence' for power crisis : politics (there's dumb and then there's Jr.)
Donald Trump Jr hits out Democrat governor of Texas... who is actually Republican : politics

Steve Bannons vile threats show the GOPs radicalization is getting worse

This Crap Means More to Him Than My Life: When QAnon Invades American HomesWhat a Reddit forum for QAnon casualties can tell us about the conspiracy theory scrambling American politics.

Opinion | The Book That Should Change How Progressives Talk About Race - The New York Times

Sen. Joe Manchin Tells Struggling Workers He's Still Not For $15 Minimum Wage : politics

Thune: Trump allies partaking in 'cancel culture' by punishing senators who voted to convict : politics

Republicans in 33 states introduce 165 bills to restrict voting access : politics
Georgia Republicans Are Doubling Down on Racist Voter Suppression | After Black voters turned out in record numbers, the GOP wants to make it harder to vote. : politics

National hate group could be behind the bills in 20+ states attacking transgender youth. They're writing the laws and handing them to Republicans to file as if they wrote it themselves. : politics

Rep. Lauren Boebert Ripped For Not Understanding Basics Of The Constitution : politics

Judge tosses Nunes' libel suit against CNN : politics

Ivanka Trump, Devastating the Nation, Says She Won't Run for U.S. Senate in 2022 : politics

Under Biden, Justice Department presses fight against Omarosa - POLITICO In the audio, Kelly encourages Manigault Newman to go quietly so shecan go on without any kind of difficulty relative to her reputationIt later emerged that Kelly said Manigault Newman had abused the White House car service. She contends that was a pretext for firing her.

The Virginia G.O.P. Voted on Its Future. The Losers Reject the Results. : politics
The Virginia G.O.P. Voted on Its Future. The Losers Reject the Results. - The New York Times State Senator Amanda Chase, a Trump loyalist who has recently been required to sit in a plexiglass box during Senate sessions after refusing to wear a mask, is one of the top Republican candidates for governor in Virginia.Credit...

DeSantis Orders FL Flags At Half-Staff For Racist Shock Jock Radio Host Limbaugh : politics

Indiana Black lawmakers booed by GOP colleagues on House floor (racist Fuckiana)

Latinos blast congresswoman who said Americans should be vaccinated before Hispanics : politics
'Reeks of racism': Latinos blast Ariz. Republican who said vaccinate Americans before Hispanics -- She will continue to assure the media we are only misconstruing her nativism and white supremacy for racism state Sen. Juan Mendez said about Rep. Debbie Lesko.

At 93, She Waged War on JPMorgan -- and Her Own Grandsons - Beverley Schottenstein said two grandsons who managed her money at JPMorgan forged documents, ran up commissions with inappropriate trading and made her miss tens of millions of dollars in gains. So she decided to teach them all a lesson.

Stan Lee True Believer excerpt: Marvel Comics, Jack Kirby, and the NYHT magazine profile that broke them up.

The Real Lincoln Project Scandal - Tablet Magazine Political grifter Steve Schmidt used homophobia to distract from his own sinsand everyone just let him get away with it

The Rise and Fall of the L. Brent Bozells | The New Republic How four generations of one American family are a synecdoche of the decline of the conservative movement ... great-uncle William F. Buckley, Jr. (the wvil is deep)

Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer Warns Cancel Culture CouldCome After BibleCharacters Next

Los Angeles Times Owner Exploring Sale of Company - WSJ Patrick Soon-Shiong seeks exit after less than three years at the helm, as losses mount

Cops Using Music to Try to Stop Being Filmed Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg : technology

Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kanye West

Adios, Border Cafe : boston

HBOs devastating Allen v. Farrow is a nail in the coffin of Woody Allen''s legacy

A white person just can't catch a break at...Smith College? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Teen Dating Violence Awareness | D'Amore Mental Health - Preventing Teen Dating Violence

Social Media and Self-Esteem | D'Amore Mental Health The Rise of Social Media

The Open Syllabus Project Visualizes the 1,000,000+ Books Most Frequently Assigned in College Courses : books

Getting a bigger penis now possible with surgery offered at Boston hospital : boston ... Patients choose from implant sizes of large, extra-large and extra-extra large - Great marketing ... The website has testimonials from the wives of guys who got it. Really ... Do they offer penis reduction surgery? Asking for a friend.

Teens who bully, harass, or victimize peers are often using aggression strategically to climb their school's social hierarchy, with the highest rates of bullying occurring between friends and friends-of-friends. These findings point to reasons why most anti-bullying programs don't work. (n>3,000) : science ... Nice, it turns out, began as a negative term derived from the Latin nescius, meaning unaware, ignorant. This sense of "ignorant" was carried over into English when the word was first borrowed (via French) in the early 1300s. And for almost a century, nice was used to characterize a stupid, ignorant, or foolish person.

Gut Microbiome Implicated in Healthy Aging and Longevity. Researchers have identified distinct signatures in the gut microbiome that are associated with either healthy or unhealthy aging trajectories, which in turn predict survival in a population of older individuals. : science

TIL small breasts are often more attractive to men who've just eaten. : todayilearned

If ladies dont care about penis size, then why are all their dildos over 8 inches? : AskReddit

[Serious]What kind of shitty genetics did you inherit? : AskReddit

People who have had encounters with UFOs or Aliens. What's your story? : AskReddit

'It's A Sin' Brings A Lost Generation Of Gay Men To Life : television

What Redditism makes you roll your eyes and think "oh fuck off"? : AskReddit


Watch the landing of Perserverance. : technology
First image from Perseverance : pics

Mount Etna erupts in spectacular fashion -- in pictures

Siberia's Newest Exploding Crater Has Been Mapped in 3D : worldnews
Great Barrier Reef found to be in failing health as world heritage review looms | Great Barrier Reef : worldnews

Spring Weather mode will start to appear in late February and early March for parts of Europe and the United States. Polar Circulation is starting to power up, as the pressure and temperature in the polar Stratosphere are now dropping. The response is more southerly flow into the mid-latitudes. : worldnews

A Grim Measure of Covid's Toll: Life Expectancy Drops Sharply in U.S. - American life expectancy fell by one year, to 77.8 years, in the first half of 2020. It may rebound as the pandemic's end approaches.
White House announces new funding for Covax, global vaccine effort that Trump spurned - The Washington Post
Three days in the deadliest month in the covid pandemic - Washington Post

MA COVID-19 Data 2/18/21 : boston (4.4%+ 61 deaths 1803 new cases 1.8% positive)
100k Tests Reported (+17k); 3.6% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 2.1% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 1,803 New Confirmed Cases; 39k Active Cases; 61 Deaths (+6); 1,029 Hospitalized (-59) including 271 in ICU (-2), 173 Intubated (-6), and 13 in Alternate Med Sites (-0); February 18, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 57,648 new COVID-19 vaccinations, 61 deaths, 1,803 cases - The Boston Globe

Charts: Who has been vaccinated in Massachusetts, and how many doses has the state received? - The Boston Globe
Despite Charlie Baker's promises that the vaccine registration website could handle today's registration load, it is currently down : boston
MA vaccine site not working for anyone else? : CoronavirusMa
COVID-19 Testing & Health Services | DoubleTree Hotel - Danvers | Curative
Eastern Standard, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Hawthorne all close, leaving gaping hole in Kenmore Square and many patronshearts

Bring on the boosters: Studies show Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccines are less potent against aggressive variant : Coronavirus
Breakthrough mRNA vaccine developed for cancer immunotherapy by Chinese scientists : worldnews
Wildly unfair: UN boss says 10 nations used 75% of all vaccines

Sinovac vaccine works on UK, South African variants - Brazil institute : worldnews

Cuomo Faces Revolt After Handling of Nursing Home Deaths - The New York Times - Democratic lawmakers have begun to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomos handling of virus-related nursing home deaths, and the governor also faces a federal inquiry.
FBI, U.S. attorney in Brooklyn probing Cuomo administration on nursing homes Investigation is in its early stages; no allegations of wrongdoing have been made
De Blasio ripsbullyingCuomo over nursing home controversy

Moralism and COVID Vaccinations - Lawyers, Guns & Money (semi-medical marijuana)

India offers to vaccinate all 95,000 U.N. peacekeepers : worldnews

Italy bans ski season due to new coronavirus variant : worldnews

Covid: Man offered vaccine after error lists him as 6.2cm tall : worldnews

COVID: German politicians, scientists face threats online : worldnews

New Zealand Government to roll out free period products at schools : worldnews

Facebook blocks news in Australia over government's payment rules : worldnews
Arrogant and wrong : Australia slams Facebook's move to block news as unnecessary and heavy-handed : worldnews

Japan puts woman in charge of Tokyo Olympics after sexist remarks by ex-chief : worldnews
Don't be silent: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down the Tokyo Olympics chief : worldnews

Anti-coup hackers target Myanmar govt sites as protesters jam Yangon roads : worldnews
Kim Jong Un's wife makes first public appearance in over a year : worldnews
North Korean defector in diving gear swims to South Korea, military says : worldnews

Indonesian woman claims daughter fathered by blast of wind: Report : worldnews ... It's going to be tough to get a paternity test ...

The United States announced talks for Thursday with Australia, India and Japan, with President Joe Biden renewing the alliance of the so-called "Quad" in defiance of warnings from China : worldnews

HOW ORACLE SELLS REPRESSION IN CHINA In its bid for TikTok, Oracle was supposed to prevent data from being passed to Chinese police. Instead, it's been marketing its own software for their surveillance work. : worldnews
Canada weighs calling China's treatment of Uygurs a genocide : worldnews
Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station : worldnews

Estonia warns of "silenced world dominated by Beijing" : worldnews

In Turkmenistan 14-year-old judoka was ordered to throw a fight with another judoka from military school. He refused and won the match. After the match, he was beaten severely and later died in a hospital. His coach also was beaten by unknown group of people. : worldnews

Bodies with gunshot wounds lay in the streets for days in Ethiopia's holiest city, Axum. Witnesses describe what might be the deadliest massacre of the Tigray conflict, with some 800 people killed. At night, residents listened in horror as hyenas fed on the corpses of people they knew. : worldnews

Belarus jails TV journalists for two years for filming mass protest against country's leader : worldnews

Putin says Russia needs to safeguard parliamentary elections from foreign meddling : worldnews
Russian police hunt thieves who plundered top secret 'Doomsday Plane' : worldnews

Indian university caught selling 36,000 fake degrees has graduates working in Singapore : worldnews
Pakistani Hindu girl abducted by cop, forced to convert | Amritsar News - Times of India : worldnews

Gulf War syndrome 'likely caused by sarin nerve gas' not depleted uranium munitions, study finds : worldnews

Israeli lawmakers divided over Palestinian request for COVID vaccines : worldnews

Serbia expels US neo-Nazi after investigative website Bellingcat outed his location - Global Voices

They Thought, Why Not Iran? The Decision Upended Their Lives. - The New York Times An Iranian-American couple's relocation to Iran after their daughters went off to college in the United States was a mistake paid for in accusations of spying, murky prosecution and prison.

Spanish riot police clash with protesters after rapper arrested : worldnews

Vancouver anti-Asian riots of 1907 and the parallels to Canada's modern-day racial divide | Wilfrid Laurier University : worldnews

Jamaica should repeal homophobic laws, rights tribunal rules | Jamaica : worldnews

Trump Intelligence Chiefs Hid Evidence of Russian Election Interference. Internal Intelligence Community Report Names Grenell and Ratcliffe for Politicalization of Analysts Findings : politics (fucking Refuck traitors)

White House announces sweeping immigration bill - CNNPolitics
Fact check: Biden makes at least four false statistical claims at CNN town hall - CNNPolitics

Joe Biden reaches higher approval rating than Trump ever had : politics

With Trump in debt, intelligence and security sources fear foreign spies may target him with offers of money : politics

Trump supporters are planning to storm the Capitol again on 4 March, lawmaker warns - Committee chair tells defence officials that QAnon supporters and others are considering a second attack on Congress, says that is circulating online : politics

6 Capitol Police officers suspended, 29 others being investigated for alleged roles in riot : politics

Capitol Police Investigate 2 GOP Lawmakers Over House Metal Detector Incidents : politics
Feds investigated Roger Stone ties to Proud Boys as part of possible threat to judge - CNNPolitics
Judge blocks release of Tennessee man seen with zip ties at Capitol riot : news
Retired general probing Capitol security breakdown said Hawley should be run out of DC : politics

Supreme Court is still sitting on Trump's tax returns, and justices aren't saying why - CNNPolitics
Manhattan D.A. Recruits Top Prosecutor for Trump Inquiry - The New York Times The Manhattan district attorney has enlisted a former federal prosecutor who is an expert on white-collar crime to join the team investigating the Trump family business.
Trump Frets Foes Will Be Suing Me for the Rest of My Life
Ivanka Trump Will Not Seek Rubio's Florida Senate Seat - The New York Times
The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again - POLITICO In the growing community of charismatic Christian prophecy, faith in Donald Trumps imminent return to the White House is a new dividing line.
How a Liberal Lawyer in Georgia Took an Extreme Right Turn - The New York Times W. McCall Calhoun Jr., who ran for office in Georgia as a Democrat, is a walking embodiment of his states political contradictions.

Trump attacks McConnell familys substantial Chinese business holdings : politics
Report: McConnell Not Planning To Fire Back At Trump Or Speak To Him Ever Again : politics
Trump was warned his war with Mitch McConnell could backfire, report says, but wants to go ahead anyway to boost his TV ratings : politics

How long can people justify affiliation with today's flea-infested Republican Party? : politics

Eschaton: Sounds Bad : That's some real Mad Max shit. --Texas power grid was seconds and minute away from a catastrophic failure that could have left Texans in the dark for months, officials with the entity that operates the grid said Thursday.
'Blood Is on Abbott's Hands': Anger at GOP Leaders Surges as Food, Water Shortages Compound Texas Power Crisis : politics ... "I'd rather be a cold capitalist than a warm socialist" ...
Rick Perry Suggests Texans Voluntarily Go Without Heat to Fend Off Scourge of Socialism : politics
Texas' Perry: Enduring blackouts is better than federal regulations : politics
A most Republican blackout - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is a comprehensive piece on the deadly Texas blackout, which was above all the result of putting ideological priors that are unattractive in themselves above the interests of the state's citizens:
Texas grid fails to weatherize, repeats mistake feds cited 10 years ago : politics
Texas leaders failed to heed warnings that left the state's power grid vulnerable to winter extremes, experts say : politics
The parts of Texas not on its ERCOT power grid appear to have weathered the freeze with few outages : politics
Millions of Texans Are Freezing Right Now : Our Deregulated Electrical Grid Is to Blame
Now It's Coming Back to Bite Them - Democrats See an Opening in G.O.P. Oversight of Texas Grid
Its time to bury the myth of Texas exceptionalism
Texas seceded from the nations power grid. Now its paying the price.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Texas Gov Abbott fire at each other over deadly winter storm, Green New Deal
Opinion: Insane GOP lies about Texas offer a depressing preview of coming climate debates : politics
Federal Regulators Plan to Investigate Massive Texas Power Outage : politics
Opinion: Texas shows that when you cannot govern, you lie. A lot. : politics

Megathread: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Travels to and Returns from Cancun, Mexico as Frozen Texas Battles Deadly Power Outages : politics
Beto O'Rourke is organizing wellness checks for seniors during Texas' blackouts. Ted Cruz is in Cancun. : politics
Ted Cruzs Cancun Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder
Nobody is sure where Ted Cruz is, but many are speculating he flew to Cancun after Texas' deadly winter storm : politics
Ted Cruz accused of flying to Cancun amid Texas power outages as photo goes viral : politics
(1) southpaw on With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends.Twitter: ""
Ted Cruz Can Run to Cancun, But He Can't Hide From These Memes
Ted Cruz Flees Texas for Cancun, Ditches Family Poodle
Eschaton: Afternoon Thread only ted cruz could make the excuse I'mm m fucking useless anyway and get total agreement amongst both his detractors and supporters
(1) David Shuster on Twitter: "Just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they've visited before. Cruz seems to believe there isn't much for him to do in Texas for the millions of fellow Texans who remain without electricity/water and are literally freezing." / Twitter
Did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun during Texas winter disaster? : politics
Texas man reportedly freezes to death in his recliner : news (Abilene 72% Republican, reddit debate whether is ok to speak ill of the dead even for their own deathwish)

It might just be game over for the Iowa caucus - POLITICO - The states with the most privileged places on the presidential primary calendar are finding their roles more threatened than ever before.

Analysis: Exodus of Republican voters tired of Trump could push party further right : politics

Report: Idaho Rep. Russ Fulcher under investigation by Capiol Police : politics

Arkansas state senator says he's leaving Republican Party : politics

Walmart to hike wages for 425,000 workers to average above $15 an hour : worldnews (still bad)

Wisconsin superintendent candidate deletes tweets about N-word

Jason Ravnsborg: Update to be provided on fatal crash involving AG (drunk Republican murderer)

The Literal Definition of Structural Racism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Theres No Natural Dignity in Work -- Punishing mothers for needing help cannot be the answer. A generous child allowance might be.

The Supreme Court Could Demolish Another Pillar of the Voting Rights Act : politics

On Phrenology's Continued Relevance - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Tennessee bill would grant fathers veto power over abortion, allow establishment of paternity without a woman's consent : politics

Michael Madigan resigns from Illinois House after being ousted as speaker, defends his legacy in face of vicious attacks (said the vicious attacker) ... the embattled 78-year-old lawmaker, ensnarled in a federal corruption investigation ...

KaneK89 comments on NewYorker exposes Bullhorn Lady in piece by Ronan Farrow
NewYorker exposes Bullhorn Lady in piece by Ronan Farrow : ParlerWatch
Endnote 3: The Origins of Conservatism - YouTube

Limbaugh obituaries show the mainstream media still fawning over the people who poisoned politics | Press Watch
Rush Limbaughs Legacy of Venom: As Trump Rose, It All Sounded Familiar - Weaponizing conspiracy theories and bigotry long before Donald Trump's ascent, the radio giant helped usher in the political style that came to dominate the Republican Party.
Limbaugh was great before he sold out - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... what unites Taibbi and Greenwald and their new hero Hawley is their apparent belief that an assistant professor of English literature at the University of Central Missouri is more representative of American elites than, say, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
Dont Read This If You Were a Rush Limbaugh Fa

Open Letter to John Mulholland, US editor of Guardian The FAIR We write in support of Nathan Robinson, founder of Current Affairs magazine, who was fired as a columnist for The Guardian for a joking tweet critical of U.S. military aid to Israel. This is shocking behavior for a publication that has earned the respect and loyalty of millions of readers around the world for courageous journalism that has often offended the sensibilities of the powerful ... The Guardian has been criticized before for its casual use of antisemitism accusations against critics of Israel ... Support for Palestinian rights and criticism of US policy toward Israel can't be an exception to free speech.

Reply All Is Having Its Own Reckoning Now

Dance teacher featured on Dance Moms accused of sex abuse : news

Teen stalked by cougar in B.C. neighbourhood : news

Elderly couple fights back against armed home invader : news

Orlando police officer responds to complaint about street vendor, buys all her flowers so she can go home : news

Cornel West threatens to leave Harvard, a second time - The Boston Globe

California bill would decriminalize psychedelics, paving the way for medical treatment : politics

Dinosaur-Killing Impact Came From Edge Of Solar System, New Theory Suggests : news

Where is dark matter theoretically? : askscience

TIL that Brain scans found that women are more responsive to romance after they have been fed. Food is the way to women's heart, as well. : todayilearned

We are cannabis scientists and experts, specialising in psychopharmacology (human behaviour), neuroscience, chemistry and drug policy. Cannabis use is more popular than ever, and we are here to clear the smoke. Ask us anything! : IAmA

Coffee Drinking Tied to Lower Risk of Heart Failure - The New York Times An innovative study that examined hundreds of factors linked to heart failure found one dietary factor that may lower risk: drinking coffee.
Filtered Coffee May Be Especially Good for Heart Health - The New York Times Coffee put through a paper filter had enhanced benefits compared to methods like French press or espresso.

When Reddit Goes Too Far

Ladies, what overlooked features of men are more attractive and sexy than they think they are? : AskReddit

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you during sex? : AskReddit


Bill Gates says rich countries should be eating 100% synthetic beef : worldnews
Wood burning at home now biggest cause of UK particle pollution | Air pollution : worldnews
Ford to go fully-electric in UK and Europe by 2030 : worldnews

Dog sucked out of home in tornado, returns hours later : news

MA COVID-19 Data 2/17/21 : boston (5%+ 55 deaths 1322 new cases 1.59% positive)
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 17th. 893,312 first doses (+31,453), 316,302 second doses (+11,645) : CoronavirusMa

Massachusetts Residents 65+ Or With 2 Comorbidities Can Get Coronavirus Vaccine Starting Thursday : boston
Phase 2 Group 2 is go: Residents over 65 and those with two health conditions will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines Thursday : CoronavirusMa

Peabody Contractor's Challenge To Gov. Baker's Orders Dismissed: The state Supreme Judicial Court ruled mask and social distancing mandates do not violate Vincent Delaney's religious rights. - Patch - February 16, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Former worker at Massachusetts vaccination site raises concerns about COVID-19 testing - WCVB - February 16, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Two variants have merged into heavily mutated Coronavirus : worldnews
UK and California Covid variants have merged into mutated virus : worldnews
Male balding is a major risk factor for severe COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Male balding is a major risk factor for severe COVID-19
How to Buy a Real N95 Mask Online - The New York Times
Superspreaders are older and overweight : Coronavirus
On social media, vaccine misinformation mixes with extreme faith : Coronavirus
Some evangelical Christians say covid vaccine is the mark of the beast - The Washington Post (getting vaccinated is the mark of the beast, not the maga hat)

Harris stresses teachers must be prioritized for Covid-19 vaccinations : Coronavirus

Cuomo Vowed to Destroy a Fellow Democrat Over Nursing Home Criticism : politics (as he waved his big Italian mobster dick)
Eschaton: Resign, Blue Trump : Just an incompetent narcissistic sociopathic asshole. ... i WILL DESTROY YOU!! ...
Gov. Andrew Cuomo lashed out at Assemblyman Ron Kim, both publicly and in a private phone call, as a war intensified over the states handling of nursing home deaths during the pandemic.
Cuomo said 'he can destroy me': NY assemblyman alleges governor threatened him over nursing homes scandal - CNNPolitics

Guinea has declared an Ebola outbreak in one of its regions after confirming at least seven cases of the disease, including three deaths. : worldnews

Russia scientists 'are trying to extract prehistoric viruses from 50,000-year-old animal caracasses' : worldnews

Forced pregnancy, marriage are now recognized war crimes in latest hague conviction. The landmark war crimes case expands the world's collective understanding of how sexual and gender-based violence is used as a tactic of war. : worldnews

[Australia] Political staffer allegedly raped in Parliament ministerial office to pursue police investigation after resigning : worldnews

Opponents of Myanmar's military coup called for more big protests on Wednesday to show that the army's assertion of widespread public support for overthrowing elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and holding new elections was false : worldnews

China steps up online controls with new rule for bloggers - China's internet watchdog is cracking down further on online speech, issuing a requirement that bloggers and influencers have a government-approved credential before they can publish on topics from politics to economic and military issues : worldnews
China Withdraws 140 Tanks, 60 Artillery Guns, 7,000 Troops In Ladakh Deescalation : worldnews

Thailand's top child modelling agent arrested after police discover half a million images of sex abuse | According to reports, the victims are all male minors aged between six and 15 : worldnews

Japan's ruling party invites women to 'look not talk' at key meetings : worldnews

New Zealand troops to leave Afghanistan after 20-year deployment | Military News : worldnews

The Same Putin Poison Squad Hit a Washington Post Columnist Before Navalny : worldnews

Police in Belarus carried out more than 20 raids on the homes and offices of journalists, human rights activists and trade union members. The raids were part of an investigation into mass protests. The country has faced weekly protests since President Lukashenko claimed an victory election in August : worldnews

White House says Biden won't be making a call to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman because his counterpart is King Salman : worldnews
Dubai princess, Latifa, held hostage in Dubai, reveals her life is not in her hands : worldnews

Biden finally calls Netanyahu - Axios
Ben Rhodes cites very aggressive, pro-Likud media in the U.S. for intensity on Israel

Britain wants to see proof that Sheikha Latifa, one of the ruler of Dubai's daughters, is still alive after the BBC published a deeply troubling video in which she said she was being held against her will in a barricaded villa. : worldnews

Tel Aviv University declares 'Free Palestine' as it's Facebook page is hacked | A message published on the institute's social media page read "Free Palestine", along with images of Palestinian flags and a YouTube link to the song "My Blood is Palestinian" by Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf. : worldnews

Gunmen Storm Nigerian School, Kidnap Students. About 100 of more than 270 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram from the town of Chibok in 2014 remain in captivity : worldnews
Gunmen kidnap "Hundreds" of school boys in Nigeria. : worldnews

France Ties Russia's Sandworm to a Multiyear Hacking Spree : worldnews

A majority of Britons aren't satisfied with how Brexit turned out : worldnews (off the Tory stupid cliff)
Brexit forces Northern Ireland buyers to cancel orders for 100,000 trees | Ban on plants being moved across Irish Sea is major setback for tree-planting programmes in region : worldnews

U.S. Court Sides With Family Of Man Killed In Crash Involving UK Diplomat's Wife : worldnews
Harry Dunn's family can bring civil claim against Anne Sacoolas, US court rules : news

Mexico City bans tampons to protect the environment without offering an alternative : worldnews

Haitian migrants, authorities clash on Peru-Brazil border : worldnews

'One of the biggest blunders in banking history': Citigroup loses bid to recover $644m paid out by mistake : worldnews

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction : Under a Biden administration, the nominations are expected to go from the Pentagon to the White House within weeks and then to the Senate for approval.

Biden says he's uncomfortable with how much he's waited on in the White House. Trump bragged about the opulence at a similar point in his presidency. : politics
Biden says he's spoken with all of his predecessors 'with one exception' : politics
Biden: 'I'm tired of talking about Trump' : politics

AOC criticizes Biden's opposition to $50,000 in student loan forgiveness, saying his argument 'is looking shakier by the day' : politics

In wake of 2020 election, Democratic senators urge Biden to expand voting rights protections : politics

Republicans Have Emerged From The Capitol Insurrection United Against Democracy : politics
The GOP Is a Dangerous Cult That Democrats Should Not Negotiate With: We either have a future based on lies, violence, authoritarianism andor on unyielding truth, unshakeable civility, and democracy. : politics

Editorial: Ron Johnson is just as guilty as Donald Trump : politics
Incredibly stupid: Anger at Senator Ron Johnson for downplaying attack on US Capitol | Wisconsin senator called out for questioning intensity of attack on Congress

Fox News hosts didn't correct Trump's lie that he won the election in his first interview post-insurrection : politics

The GOP Is Now the Party of Thugs, Terrorists, Racists and Dopes

As Trump hammers McConnell, the Kentucky senator's approval rating dropped 29 points since Election Day : politics (down to -137)

No, Frozen Wind Turbines Did Not Cause the Texas Blackouts : politics (frozen Republican incompetence)
Disasters in Republican-run places keep somehow proving how bad Democrats are at running things : politics
Its going to disappear: A timeline of Trumps claims that Covid-19 will vanish
Texas Mayor who told residents he owed them 'nothing' after storm power outage has resigned : politics
A Texas mayor resigned after telling people it was their own fault if they froze when power went out in the deadly winter storms : politics
Texas mayor says government and utility services owe residents nothing as tens of thousands left without power and water : politics
Texas spent more time fighting LGBTQ civil rights than fixing their power grid. How'd that work out? It wasn't Chick-fil-A that needed to be "saved." : politics
AOC rips into Texas governor for blaming storm outages on the Green New Deal, saying his 'failed leadership' is the true 'deadly deal' : politics
Gov. Greg Abbott blames Texas power outages on green energy but state depends on gas : politics
Chris Hayes Calls Out Fox's Culture War Idiocys Over Texas Power Outage : politics
Beto O'Rourke: 'We are nearing a failed state in Texas' due to Republican leaders : politics
'He Is Lying. People Are Dying': Calls for Texas Governor to Resign as He Blames Power Outages on Wind and Solar : politics
Texas Republicans mocked California for blackouts. Now their tweets are coming back to haunt them | It was fine when it was just dunking on the libs in California : politics
'I got no defense' Ted Cruz admits in controversy over energy policies in California and Texas : politics
Perry says Texans willing to suffer blackouts to keep feds out of power market : politics
Texas power disaster may be strongest case yet for renewable energy : politics
GOP response to the Texas winter storms steals directly from Trump's sadistic COVID-19 playbook : politics
Texas power disaster may be strongest case yet for renewable energy : politics
Why on earth would right-wing people with connections to the fossil fuel industry lie about frozen wind turbines in Texas? : politics
Austin GOP member trying to criminalize homelessness caught attempting to fill private jet to Miami freeze during He said it was for a friend. : politics

Decrying 'cancel culture,' state senator seeks to make political affiliation a protected class : politics

Trump-McConnell Death Match is Good Dems forand the Country : politics

Kinzinger's relatives write second letter slamming him for Trump impeachment vote | The relatives said Kinzinger was misled and brainwashed and manipulated by Democrats and fake news the media in the Jan. 19 letter, obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times. : politics

Republicans are working to rig every election from 2022 onwards ... If Democrats don't pay attention, it'll happen : politics

"Duped" and "egged on": Capitol rioters use Trump as excuse in court : politics
Feds arrest UCLA student accused of sitting in Pence's chair : news
Woman charged in Capitol melee says Proud Boys recruited her : news
Department of Homeland Security Confirms Neo-Nazi Leader Used to Work For It | The leader of terror group the Base once worked for an agency tasked with coordinating the U.S. government's counterterrorism efforts. : politics
L. Brent Bozell IV, descendant of prominent conservative family, charged in Capitol breach : politics

Giuliani no longer representing Trump 'in any legal matters,' adviser says : politics
Trump To Rudy: You're Fired | Pour one out. : politics

Looks Like Dominion Is About to Make MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell a Happy Guy : politics

Trump Will Be Haunted by the Law for Years to Come: His postpresidency will be an exhausting and expensive parade of legal battles. : politics

Trump economic advisor caught on hot mic swearing about Kamala Harris : politics

The Los Angeles school board slashes its police force and diverts $25 million to services for Black students : politics

We Reviewed Police Tactics Seen in Nearly 400 Protest Videos. Here's What We Found. We asked experts to watch videos showing officers using tear gas, pepper balls and explosives on protesters. Police actions often escalated confrontations. : politics

Why So Few Absentee Ballots Were Rejected In 2020 | FiveThirtyEight ... voters submitted their absentee ballots early.

Tucker Carlson says Joe and Jill Biden's 44-year marriage is just a 'slick PR campaign' that is 'as real as climate change' : politics

Who pays the highest tax rate in Idaho? Someone making $11,761 a year in taxable income : politics

Abortion clinics are health care providers, Florida liability bill says : politics

Execution cruelty hidden by Trump officials to speed up death sentences : politics

The tragedy of California senator Dianne Feinstein - Los Angeles Times the fact that times and the political world have changed and Feinstein, whether unwilling or unable, has failed to change along with them.
Grassley: Decision on another run may be a few weeks away | Local News | (87 yrs old)

After Trump, Republicans have no standing to pontificate on anything

"Republicans brought this on themselves": Whoopi Goldberg shuts down Meghan McCain on GOP extremism : politics

The implosion of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, the last vestige of the former presidents once-dominant brand in Atlantic City, N.J., took place Wednesday morning.

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio provocateur and cultural phenomenon, dies at 70 - The Washington Post
Rush Limbaugh, Bigoted King Of Talk Radio, Dies At 70 | HuffPost Limbaugh saturated America's airwaves with cruelty and conspiracies, amassing millions of listeners and transforming the Republican Party.
Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio's Provocateur, Dies at 70 - The New York Times -- With a following of 15 million and a divisive style of mockery, grievance and denigrating language, he was a force in reshaping American conservatism.
Limbaugh Taught Republicans To Love an Angry, Racist Bully
Rush Limbaugh dead at 70 : news
The Gasbag of Fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Limbaugh - Lawyers, Guns & Money

An elegy for fake piety - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Joseph Lyttleton on Twitter: "" / Twitter

Dwayne The Rock Johnson says he would run for president if thats what the people wanted : worldnews ... Please stop voting for reality TV stars and actors....

Behind Disneys Firing of Mandalorian Star Gina Carano ... the move to cut ties had been brewing for some time ... after she shared a post suggesting that being a Republican today was akin to being Jewish in the time leading up to the Holocaust ... had repeatedly been warned by those around her about her social media behavior (asshole Refuck got canceled)

Allegations of sexist cyberstalking by Trump's top advisor roils secretive paternity case -- Jason Miller furiously litigating with top-dollar lawyers to stall inevitable child support payments owed to A.J. Delgado, the former 2016 Trump campaign surrogate whom he impregnated in an extramarital affair

Police Unions Lose Bid to Keep Disciplinary Records a Secret : news
Demi Lovato reveals she has brain damage from 2018 overdose : news

Alleged Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell withering to a shell of her former self because of jail conditions, lawyer says : news

Fellas, what's not as attractive or sexy as women think it is? : AskReddit


Acropolis in Athens today! : pics

Scientists have found that permafrost buried beneath the Arctic Ocean holds 60 billion tons of methane and 560 billion tons of carbon organic making it a major source of greenhouse gases not currently included in climate projections that could have a significant impact on climate change : science
New study suggests climate change, not overhunting by humans, caused the extinction of North America's largest animals : science

Last year California suffered its worst series of wildfires, including five of the most destructive six fires on record, all driven by unseasonal winds. New research suggests that the driving winds originated from an unexpected source: typhoons in Korea. : science

Why Won't Joe Biden Let Ethanol Die Already? The biofuel's clean promise has only led to dirtier air

Meteorologists call this formation the microwaved hot pocket . : funny
Visualization and explanation of the change in the arctic jet stream over America and the current extreme cold climate weather : bestof
3 dead, 10 injured as tornado tears through North Carolina coast: Something unlike Ive ever seen
(1) Mary King on Twitter: "Devastating pictures out of Brunswick County, NC where officials say 3 people have died & at least 10 were injured after a suspected tornado moved through the area overnight. The sheriff's office shared these pictures from the Ocean Ridge Plantation area in Ocean Isle Beach." / Twitter

Frozen Wind Farms Are Just a Small Piece of Texas's power Woes : politics (they totally fucked up bc they didn't want to be "regulated" now they want bailouts)
What went wrong with the Texas power grid? (Refucks fucking up and then lying about it like this article)
A Glimpse of America's Future: Climate Change Means Trouble for Power Grids : Systems are designed to handle spikes in demand, but the wild and unpredictable weather linked to global warming will very likely push grids beyond their limits.
Ted Cruz's Tweet About California Energy Shortages Comes Back To Haunt Him | HuffPost - " California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity"
The Texas grid got crushed because its operators didn't see the need to prepare for cold weather -- Republicans blame frozen wind turbines, but the problem was much bigger than that
Conservatives Are Seriously Accusing Wind Turbines of Killing People in the Texas Blackouts : politics
Texas knew for years power grid was at risk but did little about it. Unbelievable. : politics
A complete bungle -- Texas -- energy pride goes out with cold
Woman, child dead from carbon monoxide poisoning after trying to stay warm in Texas : news
Hey, Texas, maybe invest in a snow shovel? : PoliticalHumor

U.S. seven-day average of daily new cases drops below 90,000 -- first time since early November
46k Tests Reported (-17k); 3.6% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 2.2% Overall Positivity (-0.0); 967 New Confirmed Cases; 42k Active Cases; 49 Deaths (+17); 1,107 Hospitalized (-11) including 275 in ICU (-11), 177 Intubated (+3), and 17 in Alternate Med Sites (+1); February 16, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
CDC COVID Data Tracker (MA #9)

MA COVID-19 Data 2/16/21 : boston (3.9%+ 49 deaths 967 new cases 2% positive)
MA COVID Vaccination Data 2-16-21 : boston

Mass. reports 23,086 new COVID-19 vaccinations, 49 deaths, 967 cases - The Boston Globe

New Variant of COVID in Massachusetts: Everything You Need to Know : boston

Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders were less effective in states with a greater share of Trump voters, finds a new study. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic was urgent. States took different paths to trying to deal with it. Some policies were evidence-based and others weren't : science

This is the best explanation I've seen yet of how the vaccine works : Coronavirus
Exclusive: Two variants have merged into heavily mutated coronavirus : Coronavirus
Almost Half of Coronavirus Sufferers Report Depression : Coronavirus
Pandemic Parent Survey Finds Perverse Pattern: Students Are More Likely to Be Attending School in Person Where Covid Is Spreading More Rapidly : Coronavirus
Coronavirus pushes 450,000 families into housing debt : Coronavirus

India Is Set to Become a Vital COVID Vaccine Maker Perhaps Second Only to the US

China Used Russian Strategy To Spread Lies That US Created COVID-19: Report : worldnews
China arrests leader of multi-million dollar fake vaccine scam : worldnews

North Korea made attempts to steal COVID-19 vaccine technology from Pfizer: Yonhap citing NIS : worldnews

Israel plans to reopen gyms, malls, and hotels -- but only for people who have been vaccinated
Israel blocks shipment of Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Gaza : Coronavirus
Will Facebook Ban Criticism of Israel? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

New Zealand PM urges Australia to 'do the right thing' over terror suspect's citizenship : worldnews

Olympic medallist charged with running drug ring in Australia : worldnews
Australia PM apologises to adviser who alleges she was raped in parliament : worldnews

Myanmar coup: Military takes country offline for second night : worldnews
Myanmar police file second charge against Aung San Suu Kyi : worldnews

The Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom was greeted with a rather embarrassing lunar new year surprise on Saturday (UK time), slogans of Liberate Hong Kong Hong Kong Independence Fuck CCP have been painted on the floor near its entrance @daily_recordhk : worldnews
Hong Kong police buy firearms from Czech supplier after US order blocked by sanctions : worldnews

S. Korean Sexual Slavery Survivor Wants UN Court Judgment : worldnews

Osaka court rules against school that forced teen to dye hair black. : worldnews
School-age suicides in Japan hit record in 2020 : worldnews
Hate factory finally exposed in Ind1a. Organized secret spam cell infiltrated. : worldnews
Mufti seeks probe into alleged attempt of abduction, molestation of girl by Armymen in Bandipora : worldnews
Students in Delhi protest against environmentalist's detention : worldnews
Bus drives off bridge into canal ; 40 dead : worldnews

At least 60 killed after passenger barge crashes on Congo river : news

'Fired a little tear gas on govt employees to test it,' Pakistan minister on firing 1000 tear gas shells against employees in capital : worldnews

Bangladesh sentences five to death for killing U.S. blogger : worldnews

Alexei Navalny back in court for 'politically motivated' slander trial : worldnews
Russian ex-journalist accused of treason says investigators have not told him exactly what his alleged crime was : worldnews

Princess Latifa: 'Hostage' ordeal of Dubai ruler's daughter revealed : worldnews
Saudi woman handed death sentence for killing Bangladeshi maid : worldnews
Biden Team Downgrades Saudi Crown Prince to Recalibrate Ties - Bloomberg

Yemeni Activists Launch Campaign Condemning Houthi Recruitment of Child Soldiers : worldnews

Israel blocked Covid vaccines from entering Gaza, say Palestinians : worldnews
Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in their own homes : worldnews
Israel tanks invade Gaza, open fire at farmers : worldnews
Gaza women now need guardian's approval to travel : worldnews A Hamas-run Islamic court in the Gaza Strip has ruled that women require the permission of a male guardian to travel, further restricting movement in and out of the territory that has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since the militant group seized power.

Sudan declares states of emergency after protests over soaring food prices : worldnews

In Tehran, families of downed Flight PS752 demand arrest of Revolutionary Guard leader : worldnews

Finland is facing an acute shortage of healthcare workers to meet the demands of an aging population. Half of the municipalities report occasional problems recruiting and 1/3 of municipalities report constant problems recruiting healthcare workers. : worldnews

At Least 1 in 4 Europeans Have Negative Feelings Towards Muslims : worldnews

Spain's Jewish communities call for an investigation into a neo-fascist demonstration in Madrid. At the event on Saturday, at which attendees carried Nazi symbols, a young woman made a speech proclaiming that the enemy is always going to be [...] the Jew . : worldnews
Spanish police storm university, arrest rapper convicted in free speech case : worldnews

The Netherlands must lift curfew immediately as Hague ruling says government response 'illegitimate'. : worldnews

France's BNP to stop financing firms farming deforested land in the Amazon : worldnews

British soldiers sacked for being gay can now get their medals back : worldnews
UK Consumer Group: Fake Amazon reviews 'being sold in bulk' online : worldnews

Canada creates coalition with 57 countries to declare arbitrary detentions immoral : worldnews
Canada's New Democratic Party wants to make sure all Canadians can take care of their teeth : worldnews

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban : worldnews

Inflation Isn't Lurking Around the Corner. This Isn't the 1970s. | Democrats need to shelve the memory of stagflation. : politics

Eschaton: BUT THIS IS NEWS People in journalism would react with mock disbelief if you suggested they didn't have to run every single thing live. -- For four years every cable channel took every daily Trump White House press live briefing giving Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany massive platforms to spread unadulterated lies and rewrite history. Not one month in and the only channel airing Psaki is MSNBC -- It's news!!! It's the White House!!! We have to cover it!!!

Biden seeks to return attention to combating the coronavirus with televised town hall
Lancet Report: 40% of U.S. COVID Deaths Were Preventable. The Country Needs Universal Healthcare Now : politics (Refucks killed hundreds of thousands, Amerrica shrugs)
President Biden extending ban on housing foreclosures during pandemic : politics

Justice Reform Coalition Urges Biden to Pardon All Non-Violent Marijuana Convictions : politics

Biden stimulus plan would boost incomes for nation's poorest by 33%, analysis shows : politics

Pelosi says there will be a 9/11 Commission-style panel to examine Jan. 6 Capitol riot - The Washington Post
Nancy Pelosi's commission should do to Trump what Republicans did to Hillary Clinton : politics
GOP Tries To Blame Nancy Pelosi For Pro-Trump Mob That Wanted To Kill Her : politics
An impeachment manager says Republicans privately told her she made a compelling case to convict Trump, but they acquitted him anyway : politics
Impeachment manager mystified at Pence's silence after targeting by Trump for mob attack : politics
The 43 Senators of the Republican Sedition Caucus Are Every Bit As Guilty as Donald Trump : politics
Republican Party is now a terrorist organization and none of this is a surprise | Republicans have revealed their true colors in the ugliest fashion and too many liberals want to look away
Republicans cant quit Trump
Rep. Swalwell: 'We could have had a confession signed by Donald Trump, that wasn't going to change their minds' : politics
Written By Gaslight : People Aren't Buying McConnell's Reasons For Acquitting Trump ... "Unbelievable explanation from Ron Johnson, which we've had translated from the original Russian of course"
Mitch McConnell Proved He's Even More Craven Than Ted Cruz : politics

So Which Republicans Are Seriously Going to Serve on This Trump Insurrection Commission? There is no more terrifying term for people who actually want to know what happened than "blue-ribbon commission." ... And, on Monday night, Joy Reid got her teeth down to the bone when she asked her guests which Republicans they would trust on a commission to examine the role of a Republican president* in inciting an insurrection for which their Senate brethren just this weekend largely gave him a pass.

Poll Shows Nearly 60% in US Believe Senate Should Have Convicted Trump : politics
Yes, Jan. 6 Capitol assault was armed insurrectionan : politics
Republicans have tied themselves to an anvil
Republican Party is now a terrorist organization and none of this is a surprise | Republicans have revealed their true colors in the ugliest fashion and too many liberals want to look away
Anti-Ted Cruz Activists Fundraise for 'Traitor' Billboards in His Texas Neighborhood : politics
Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio saw no evil that day at the Capitol to their everlasting shame
Twitter users rip Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'John McCain would spit on him' : politics

Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot : politics
Trump and Giuliani sued for conspiracy to incite deadly Capitol riot : politics
N.A.A.C.P. Sues Trump and Giuliani Over Election Fight and Jan. 6 Riot : politics

Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot : politics
Lack of witnesses at Trump's trial is not the problem. Witness intimidation is. | The former president has a record of threatening rhetoric toward anyone who crosses him. Now there's a record of supporters willing to back him with violence. : politics
Trumpworlds performative outrage over doctored evidence at the impeachment trial, briefly explained

As QAnon Predicts Donald Trump Reinstatement on March 4, D.C. Police Prepare for Threats : politics ... Did we say March 4th? We meant April 1st.
Trump Didn't Just Lose Swing Votersthe GOP Did as Well - Post-election focus groups show some swing voters are done calling themselves Republicans

Lindsey Graham threatens impeachment of Kamala Harris on Fox News appearance (bc her mob stormed the Capitol and killed people) ... The summer of protests against racial inequality and violent policing practices, particularly targeting people of color, were largely non-violent; a 2020 Harvard study of over 7,300 Black Lives Matter protests found they were overwhelmingly peaceful.
Don't Care for This Impeachment? Wait Until Next Year - The New York Times Dont Care for This Impeachment? Wait Until Next YearLeaders of both political parties suggest that impeachments, Electoral College standoffs and Supreme Court nomination blockades may become frequent fights in American politics.

Capitol Police officers give vote of no confidence in leaders : politics
New radio and video footage from Capitol riot shows a coordinated attack and officers' restraint : politics
Dozens charged in Capitol riots spewed extremist rhetoric : politics
(1) Alan Feuer on Twitter: "Like so many others, Proud Boy William Chrestman blames Trump for his role in the Capitol riot. His plea to be released quotes McConnell's post-impeachment speech. "The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their President."" / Twitter
(1) Alan Feuer on Twitter: "This one bears repeating: The leader of a Proud Boy group from Kansas City charged in the Capitol riots apparently thought he could keep the FBI from executing a search warrant on his home by...removing the address numbers displayed outside the house." / Twitter
Veterans Used Their Military Training to Plot Violence in Capitol Riot, Feds Say : politics
Insurrectionists are rushing to delete evidence of their participation in the Capitol riot, report says : politics

Pizzagates violent legacy -- The gunman who terrorized a D.C. pizzeria is out of prison. The QAnon conspiracy theories he helped unleash are out of control.

Bannon thought Trump was suffering from dementia and pushed 25th Amendment behind the scenes: 60 Minutes producer - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Subpoenas in Trump criminal probe suggests fresh scrutiny of his Seven Springs estate - CBS News

Ron Johnson and the effort to downplay the Capitol riot - The Washington Post
Ron Johnson and the emerging hoax-ification of the Capitol riot : politics
Ron Johnson questions whether armed insurrection occurred at Capitol

Republicans Have Emerged From The Capitol Insurrection United Against Democracy : politics
The Trumpiest Republicans Are At The State And Local Levels Not In D.C.
What's Next for Trumpism? - The Atlantic Populist movements have a knack for sticking around long after their leaders leave office.
You joined the Devil's Army : Adam Kinzinger reveals letter "brainwashed" Trump-loving relatives sent him after he voted for impeachment ... Maga is the mark of the beast, if there is one.
The Christian Life - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Here's the letter that members of Adam Kinzinger's family sent to him, disowning him for joining the "devil's army" by voting to impeach Donald Trump, genuine Man of God (just like King David dontcha know). ... Just where do these people get their deranged ideas about the world? It is truly a deep and abiding mystery.
Ugly new attacks on Republicans who defied Trump hint at a dark GOP future (Refucks must support treason and sedition)
Opinion: The right's grift machine is only growing stronger : politics
On Trump, Michigan Republicans Lean One Way: Fealty at All Costs

Unhinged pastor demands Biden take a gay man as his second wife to practice what s he's preaching | Joe Biden says he's an LGBTQ ally, but is he willing to marry a man? Checkmate, libs. : politics

South Dakota Gov Used State Airplane To Travel To Right-Wing Political Events : politics

And now we need never hear from any of them again - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- It seems, unsurprisingly, that the Lincoln Project dudes knew about their in-house sexual predator early in 2020:

46,218 news transcripts show ideologically extreme politicians get more airtime : politics

Some Lincoln Project founders knew about sexual harassment allegations as early as March | The 19th

First they came for Donald Trump, and I said nothing because I was not an aspiring fascist dictator who tried to overthrow the government of the United States - Lawyers, Guns & Money Then they stopped so I was basically cool with it: J.D. Vance

Eschaton: Chip Off lol. -- Leo Brent Bozell IV, the son of conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III, was captured on video inside the Senate chamber during the attack on the U.S. Capitol and has been charged with three federal offenses, according to a federal criminal complaint unsealed on Tuesday. ....the best family: The story of American conservatism in L. Brent Bozells : L. Brent Bozell, Sr - Anti-New Deal advertising exec - L. Brent Bozell, Jr. - Pro-lifer who loved Franco - L. Brent Bozell III - Tracked when TV was mean to conservatives - L. Brent Bozell IV - Q freak who stormed the Capitol
(1) Aaron on Twitter: "The story of American conservatism in L. Brent Bozells L. Brent Bozell, Sr - Anti-New Deal advertising exec L. Brent Bozell, Jr. - Pro-lifer who loved Franco L. Brent Bozell III - Tracked when TV was mean to conservatives L. Brent Bozell IV - Q freak who stormed the Capitol" / Twitter

u/eightiesladies details the shocking normalcy of police assaulting a 9-year-old black girl with pepper spray : bestof

State police officer ducks two investigations, grabs hefty disability pension : boston
Boston Police Commissioner's Daughter Says Domestic Violence Allegation 'Was A Lie' (says her mother was the aggressor)

Opinion | Daily Beast reported Fox's CEO was on her way out. Then she got a new contract. - The Washington Post prominent enabler for late founder Roger Ailes alleged serial sexual misconduct

Covid wars launch DeSantis into GOP's top tier (of evil and stupidty)
The truth about Cuomo - Popular Information

Cancel Culture! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - At this point, I just assume that most of the people whining aboutcancel culturein fact have some personal skeletons in the closet that would come out with any basic investigation. For example, Princeton professor Joshua Katz
Stop Treating Celebrities Like Politicians (and Vice Versa)
Hasbro Reportedly Canceling Production of Cara DuneMandalorianFigures After Gina Caranos Firing
Only Half Of Americans Have Heard Of Cancel Culture ... many Americans are unaware of the idea, which has become a major Republican talking point.

South Dakota judge rejects amendment legalizing marijuana : politics
N.J. cops filed 6,000 charges for weed since voters passed ballot question to legalize marijuana : politics

Whos The Racist Here? Tucker Carlsons Quotes Haunt Him In Jeopardy Parody

Professor quits after being accused of posing as a female immigrant to make racist, sexist tweets : news

Amy Cooper: Charges dismissed against woman who called police on Black birdwatcher in viral Central Park video - The Washington Post
Charge dropped against white woman who called police on Black bird-watcher : news

How the baby boomersnot millennials screwed AmericaThe boomers inherited a rich, dynamic country and have gradually bankrupted it
Baby Boomers Are the Worst Generation - Paul Begala Essay Or, how I learned to stop worrying and hate the Boomers.

The 5-year-old injured in a car crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid is awake : news
Man Carjacked on Capital Beltway as He Slowed Down for Exit Ramp : news

An Ode to Low Expectations - The Atlantic

The joy of pancakes: 10 top chefs on their favourite recipes from apple crepes to duck dosa

How didn't reece convert to Islam under the Ottoman Empire?
What is WW2's greatest forgotten battleground?

Neanderthals moved to warmer climates and used technology closer to that of modern-day humans than previously believed, according to a group of archeologists and anthropologists who analyzed tools and a tooth found in a cave in Palestine : science

Study: Heavy drinking raises a person's risk for colon cancer significantly, while a diet high in red meat also raises it to a lesser extent. Such drinking increases colon cancer risk by nearly 60%, and eating lots of red meat boosts it by more than 10%, the data showed. : science

Heavy metal lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety, according to new study : Music

Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytecnhic Institute discovered that EGCG, an antioxidant found in green tea, increases levels of p53, a critical tumor-suppressing protein the guardian of the genome. Their study points to a new target for cancer drug discovery. : science

What is the creepiest thing that happened in the dead of night? : AskReddit

What is something you witnessed that you will never forget? : AskReddit

What are your honest views in religion? : AskReddit

[Serious] people of reddit what did you do that you will never be able to forgive yourself for? : AskReddit

People in HOAs: what's the dumbest rule in your Home Owners Association agreement? : AskReddit

U/jonqtaxpayer explains how to date/get laid without being a jackass : bestof

u/CryptoNoob-17 explains how to protect yourself from SIM swap attacks : bestof


Sea level data confirms climate modeling projections were right | Projections of rising sea levels this century are on the money when tested against satellite and tide-gauge observations, scientists find. The finding does not bode well for sea level impacts over coming decades : worldnews

500+ Scientists Demand Stop to Tree Burning as Climate Solution : worldnews

Sawfish have disappeared from half of the world's coastal waters : worldnews

Historic winter storm freezes Texas wind turbines

Moscow digs out from snow apocalypse And more is coming. - The Washington Post

Pandemics have spawned extremist movements since ancient times - The Washington Post

MA COVID-19 Data 2/15/21 : boston (3.2%+ 32 deaths 1480 new cases 2.3% positive)
63k Tests Reported (+48k); 3.5% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 2.2% Overall Positivity (-0.0); 1,480 New Confirmed Cases; 46k Active Cases; 32 Deaths (-28); 1,107 Hospitalized (-18) including 286 in ICU (-4), 174 Intubated (-9), and 16 in Alternate Med Sites (-0); February 15, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 15th. 846,886 first doses (+17,467), 296,544 second doses (+7,589) : CoronavirusMa

Hospitals Fume As Governor Shifts Coronavirus Vaccine Strategy | CommonHealth
Just got back from the Danvers site; very impressed! : CoronavirusMa

Fauci wins $1 million Israeli prize for 'defending science' : Coronavirus
Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine sharply reduces symptomatic Covid-19 in the real world, Israeli researchers say : Coronavirus
Fauci Warns UK Virus Variant More Deadly, Transmissible : Coronavirus
Why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could mark a turning point in the pandemic : Coronavirus
Pfizer Vaccine as Good in Real Life as Trials : Coronavirus
Why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could mark a turning point in the pandemic : Coronavirus
7 Virus Variants Found in U.S. Carrying the Same Mutation - The New York Times : news
Probable Evidence of Fecal Aerosol Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in a High-Rise Building : Coronavirus
Bill Gates says innovation sparked by COVID-19 pandemic could help eradicate global diseases : Coronavirus

How vaccine distribution failed in Washington State - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The short version is that the state invested too much time in drawing fine distinctions about how distribution should be prioritized and far too little on logistics, with the result being a vaccination process that was both slow and inequitable: (hello, Charlie Underbaker)

Jared Moskowitz, Florida's COVID-19 pandemic manager, is resigning : politics

Lafayette, Louisiana among cities ignoring pleas to make masks mandatory : politics

'Humbled and pained': Calif. tech exec's indoor conference becomes COVID superspreader : news

Portuguese politician implies Jewish finance behind Israel vaccine push : worldnews

Tanks on streets of Myanmar city prompt US embassy warning : worldnews
Myanmar rattled by army movements, apparent internet cutoff : worldnews
Myanmar security forces open fire to disperse protesters in Mandalay : worldnews

China topples US as EU's top trade partner over 2020 : worldnews

Japan Clocks Another Quarter of Double-Digit Growth : worldnews

Putin Accuses West of Using Navalny to 'Contain' Russia : worldnews
Russian Women Form Human Chain Following Navalny Protest Crackdown : worldnews

The Taliban Close In on Afghanistan, Pushing the Country to the Brink - The New York Times The Taliban have positioned themselves around several major population centers, including the capital of Kandahar Province, as the Biden administration weighs whether to withdraw or to stay.
30 Taliban militants killed in explosion during bomb-making class : news

In India, a Muslim woman was brutally assaulted by a Hindu fringe group for running successful shop. Police filed a case against the victim rather than the accused : worldnews
India government arrests 21 year old for sharing a Google doc tweeted by Greta Thunberg on farmers protests : worldnews

'We can't speak': 10 years on, Bahrain's democracy movement has been crushed : worldnews

Six people killed in Israeli strikes near Damascus, reports say : worldnews
Democrats watching Israeli election hope for anyone but Bibi - U.S. News -

The Dutch Government Just Promised to Return Any Stolen Colonial-Era Objects in Its Collections Back to Their Countries of Origin : worldnews

Socialists win most votes in Catalonia, but separatists set to maintain power : worldnews

'That's enough': France confronts decades of neglect of incest cases : worldnews

Scottish Government set to reveal new Scottish independence Bill within six weeks : worldnews

Crisis in Haiti | At the initiative of several civil society organizations, thousands of people took to the streets of the capital this Sunday to demand the departure of Jovenel Mo>se and say no to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country. : worldnews

SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: Microsoft president : worldnews
Microsoft says it found 1,000-plus developers' fingerprints on the SolarWinds attack : technology
France identifies Russia-linked hackers in large cyberattack

Biden will try to close Guantanamo after 'robust' review : politics
Reality Winner's Family Urges Biden to Order Her Release, Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Prison Guard : politics

ICE Deep State - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Wanted to recommend Will Bunch's recent piece on how ICE is the real deep state, resisting treating immigrants like humans no matter if Democrats are in power.
ICE wasted millions on unused detention space, report says : politics
President Biden cancels funding for Trump border wall : politics

Eschaton: Fact Chuck

Biden opens special new ACA enrollment period; to run until May : politics
Biden Admin Quietly Rolls Back Trump-Era Medicaid Work Requirements : politics
Medicaid Work Requirements - Lawyers, Guns & Money Republicans believe in punishing the poor for their own poverty. Democrats do not. That is a fundamental difference between the parties ...
In addition to Covid relief measures, President Biden has long-term plans to bring back jobs : politics
Many Republican mayors and governors support Biden's $1.9 trillon covid relief plan - The Washington Post

Biden calls on Congress to ban assault weapons and institute other gun restrictions : politics

3 Out Of 4 Republicans Want To See Trump Play A Big Role In GOP, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 68% Of Americans Say Trump Didn't Do Enough To Stop Insurrection
Pelosi announces plans for 9/11-style commission to examine Capitol riot | US Capitol breach | The Guardian
Impeachment's Over. Bring On the Criminal Investigations. - After Mitch McConnell's cynical speech, Republicans can't complain.
Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal : politics
Pelosi calls for 9/11-style commission on Capitol insurrection : politics
Blue Dogs push for further action on domestic terrorism : politics
Opinion | The beginning of the end of Trumpism - The Washington Post

The world watches, stunned as Trump is cleared : politics
Trump's acquittal proved it -- if we want real democracy, we need to get rid of the Senate
Trump's Defense Was an Insult to the Impeachment Proceedings and an Assault on Reason : politics
The impeachment trial is over, but Donald Trump faces more investigations : politics

Biden's Justice Department to ask nearly all Trump-era U.S. attorneys to resign : politics

What explains MAGA - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Panel Study of the MAGA Movement
(1) Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "What DOES unite MAGA supporters is high levels of racial and gender-based resentments" / Twitter

Senators applauded Eugene Goodman's courage yet failed to show any themselves : politics
Blunt, Hawley, Marshall and Moran side with Trump, making future sedition more likely : politics
Missouri Newspaper Says Josh Hawley's Mind 'Permanently Closed,' Condemns Vote to Acquit Trump : politics
Opinion: Trump left them to die. 43 Senate Republicans still licked his boots. : politics
In Their Own Words: The 43 Republicans' Explanations of Their Votes Not to Convict Trump in Impeachment Trial : politics
43 Radical GQP Senators Stand With Trump, Capitol Rioters, Cop Killers : politics
Impeachment trial created a test that (most) Republicans flunked : politics

Trump's two impeachments hold same lesson: Republicans can't be trusted with our democracy | Democrats have less than 2 years to make sure America never has another president who would incite a mob against his own government. End the filibuster. : politics
Nearly 60 percent say Trump should have been convicted in impeachment trial: poll : politics
The Problem Isn't Just One Insurrection. It's Mass Radicalization. : politics
Half of Republicans say that the Capitol violence was mostly antifas fault

Tammy Duckworth Urges Joe Biden to Upend Entire USPS Board for 'Silence' Under Louis DeJoy : politics

Eschaton: Asymmetry During a press conference with House managers after Trump's second impeachment trial, Nancy Pelosi said: "I think our country needs a strong Republican party. It's very important." ... I'll leave it as an exercise for you, dear readers, to decide what this means, but you never hear the reverse from Republicans. Paul Ryan (now a "Reasonable Republican") never went out and said, "We need to have a strong Democratic party for the good of the nation." (fuck Pelosi and the stupid dems)
Trump's impeachment attorney mocks reporter in whiny tone then walks out of interview : politics
They couldn't get a summer internship with My Cousin Vinny -- mpeachment manager hits out at Trump lawyers

Support for Third U.S. Political Party at High Point : politics
Wall Street Journal warns Republicans: Trump won t win another election : politics
A GOP donor gave $2.5 million for a voter fraud investigation. Now he wants his money back. : politics

The FBI Wants You To Make These Photos Of Capitol Insurrectionists Go Viral | HuffPost evolving strategy to get photos of the Trump supporters who invaded the U.S. Capitol on your social media feed.
Violence Capitol FBI
(1) #SeditionHunters on Twitter: "Please share across all platforms. Do you Know this person?? Please contact the FBI with FBI 221-AFO if you do! #SeditionHunters #DCRIOTS #CapitolRiots #Doyouknow Please DO NOT post names on social media # tricorntraitor" / Twitter
The Feds Caught The Most Infamous, Viral Insurrectionists. Now Comes The Hard Part. | HuffPost ... "low-hanging fruit,"
2 arrested on weapons charges near White House, authorities say : news

Trump hotel in Washington boosts price for March 4, date QAnon predicts ex-president's return to power : politics
QAnon Believe Trump Impeachment Trial Part Of 'Plan' For White House Return : politics

Of Proud Boys and Boogaloos: Today's GOP is the default party of white supremacists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists : politics
Jews fear what follows after Republicans applauded Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics
Marjorie Taylor-Greene's anti-Semitism is as American as apple pie (but Trump made it worse) : politics

Investigating Trump a big early move for Atlanta's new DA : politics
Georgia prosecutor calls Giuliani's election claims 'various overt acts for an illegal purpose' that could warrant a racketeering charge : politics
Georgia State Bar Files Grievance Against Lin Wood : politics
Lin Wood Doxed Georgia Officials to Hundreds of Thousands of QAnon Supporters : politics

Georgia considering a panel of three physicians to evaluate girls' genitals for school sports : politics
Republican lawmakers under fire for comparing non-binary people to animals & inanimate objects : politics

'Voting shouldn't be easy' Idaho's laws shouldn't t be based on rumors, Trump's big lies

Woman who commissioned anti-Trump sky banners over Mar-a-Lago calls former president a dictator : politics

Call Kyrsten Sinema's Bluff: The would-be maverick Democrat is trying to sink the minimum wage hike. Her threats are emptier than they seem. : politics

Parler, a Social Network That Attracted Trump Fans, Returns Online - The New York Times <
The Lincoln Project and the Death of a Mauve Bat
The Capitol Riot Killed Both Sides Journalism | The New Republic
br /> What Was the Wing? To the extent that its remembered, it will be as an artifact of the Trump era.

The last straw : the US families ending love affair with grocery chain after Capitol riot (Publix traitors)

Pennsylvania G.O.P's Push for More Power Over Judiciary Raises Alarms : politics

Exclusive: GOP governor Kristi Noem, potential Trump successor, used state aircraft for tens of thousands of dollars in political travel - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

The University Endowment - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- As a public school kid all the way through and now a public university teacher, I am a bit resentful of how all the media attention for higher education focuses on the same elite institutions where all the reporters attended college (or wish they had) ... It is rarely, if ever, discussed how endowment fund management is an integral part of the budget problem. As the tax filings of virtually every private college or university show, enormous investment management fees are pouring out of nearly every substantial endowment and into the pockets of fund managers. ... During that same period, Amherst College paid out $186,601,258. At both colleges, investment management fees actually exceeded reported profits from investments several times (hello Harvard)

Mail-in voting a winner, let's keep it | But It'ss time to add Election Day voter registration to the list of permanent reforms. : politics

The Problem With Mandatory Patriotism in Sports : politics
Transgender Boy Book Prompts Utah School District to Suspend Reading Program : books

Why Does Louisiana Consistently Lead the Nation in Murders? It has problems common to several Southern states, like a high rate of poverty, but also an inheritance of violence. : politics

Coalition launches petition to replace Minneapolis Police Department : politics
Michigan State Police Officials Are Dodging Public Records Obligations By Using Encrypted Messaging Apps : technology

The Rich Fool and the Race Scientist - The Strong Paw of Reason -- A Great American Story of Money, Guns, Sex, Racism, Divorce, and Horse Breeding

How 'American Idol' Used Claudia Conway - Variety ... In light of this, and of further strange and troubling turns like Kellyanne Conway allegedly posting a topless photo of her daughter online in seeming revenge last month ...

WandaVision teases Monica Rambeau's superpowered origin from the comics - Polygon
New Marvel movie releases: What's coming out in 2021 and beyond - Polygon

The reason the MBTA is constantly in debt. This is criminal and it needs to change : boston

Energy drink consumption linked to depression, anxiety and stress, finds a new longitudinal study that follows 897 individuals from birth to age 22. Energy drink consumption were positively associated with increased stress scores and, in young adult males, depression and anxiety. : science

Ketogenic diets inhibit mitochondrial biogenesis and induce cardiac fibrosis (Feb 2021) : science


Large Japan earthquake was an aftershock of 2011 killer quake : worldnews

USA 7-day average of cases drops below 100,000 : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/14/21 : boston (3.6%+ 60 deaths 1829 new cases

7-day moving average of 1st doses: 28,511, projected date to 75% receiving 1st dose: July 18 : CoronavirusMa
'More capacity than doses': Baker remains frustrated by vaccine supply from feds - WCVB - February 13, 2021 [also, 2-1-1 telephone assistance hours expanded -- Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.] : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 14th. 823,429 first doses (+51,999), 259,760 second doses (+23,850) : CoronavirusMa

I believe in both Covid-19 and the Vaccine but I'm wondering why I would get it as a healthy person that has also already had Covid if you still need to mask/take all other precautions. Curious as to the thoughts of the community? : CoronavirusMa
Serious Question: What is the deal with this sub and the lack of positive news and/or discussion surrounding the very encouraging signs we are seeing with vaccines and reporting? : CoronavirusMa

22 million jobs lost in pandemic likely won't come back till 2023 : Coronavirus

Vaccinate faster by changing the rules - The Washington Post -- What are we waiting for?We could reach herd immunity so much faster. Heres how. ("Fractional" dosing)

Making masks fit better can reduce coronavirus exposure by 96 percent : Coronavirus
Analysis of 1.2 million Israelis, half vaccinated by Pfizer, the rest un-vaccinated, reveals a 94% efficacy in preventing symptomatic disease. 92% drop in severe disease. : Coronavirus
Mask Alternative
Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks | ACS Nano
Why a failure to vaccinate the world will put us all at risk : Coronavirus

Israeli study indicates post-COVID immunity stays when antibodies fade away : Coronavirus
94 percent drop in symptomatic COVID cases seen among vaccinated, was equally effective for all age groups, including people aged 70 and older : Coronavirus
First known patient reinfected with South Africa coronavirus variant is in critical condition : worldnews
WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019, including establishing for the first time there were over a dozen strains of the virus in Wuhan already in December 2019. : worldnews
China hits back after US expresses 'deep concerns' over WHO Covid-19 report | World Health Organization : worldnews
Scientists from the WHO recently took to Twitter to refute claims in a New York Times article that Chinese scientists refused to hand over important data - Our quotes are intendedly twisted casting shadows over important scientific work. : worldnews
Wuhan's COVID-19 outbreak probably 500% bigger than first thought, WHO team : Coronavirus
An outrage: AstraZeneca told to justify unequal vaccine pricing amid soaring profits
If World Manages to Conquer Covid, It Will Be Because of India: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau : Coronavirus

Putin's lies revealed -- Russia has most coronavirus deaths

Four people have died of Ebola in Guinea in the first resurgence of the disease in five years, the health minister said on Saturday : worldnews

New Zealand's largest city to go to level 3 lockdown amid 3 community cases found : worldnews

British variant found in 28.5% of COVID-19 tests in Denmark, up from 20.3% last week : worldnews

Don't Call It a Coup, Myanmar Military Leaders Warn Media : worldnews
Myanmar's Military Arrests Doctors for Joining and Supporting Civil Disobedience Movement : worldnews
Hundreds of thousands protest in Myanmar as army faces crippling mass strike : worldnews
Thousands march in Tokyo to protest Myanmar coup, biggest Japan demonstration so far : worldnews
Myanmar army chiefs order arrest of leading coup opponents : worldnews

Russians set for candle-lit Valentine's Day protests after Navalny jailing : worldnews
Tesla founder Elon Musk asks famously internet-adverse Vladimir Putin to join him for 'Clubhouse' talk : worldnews
Russia moves to extinguish pro-Navalny 'flashlight' protests : worldnews
Mountains of snow, collapsed roofs & sliding trucks as Moscow gets hit by record-breaking snowfall : worldnews

Kim Jong-Un blames cabinet officials for North Korea's economic failures : worldnews

Indian climate activist arrested in Greta Thunberg 'toolkit' case : worldnews ... We have registered a case for spreading disaffection against the government of India - it's regarding sedition - and disharmony between groups on religious, social and cultural grounds, and criminal conspiracy to give shape to such a plan" (fascist fuckers)
Terror attack averted in Jammu; police recover 7 kg IED, two detained : worldnews

Taliban Controls 52% of Territory in Afghanistan: Survey : worldnews ... So 23 more years of war should fix this ...
Afghanistan: At least 30 Taliban militants killed in Balkh Province blast : worldnews
Huge blasts on Afghanistan-Iran border spotted from space | Afghanistan : worldnews

Sudanese official says former President al-Bashir, facing genocide charges for Darfur conflict, to be transferred to International Criminal Court : worldnews

Kosovo votes in election that could complicate dialogue with Serbia : worldnews

Report exposes Saudi crown prince's debauchery in Maldives resort : worldnews (when he's not hacking people up)

Germany partially closes borders with Czech Republic : worldnews
German homeless woman gives birth outside in freezing weather : worldnews

U.K. hit with biggest economic decline in more than 300 years : worldnews
The pill could be sold in pharmacies without prescription : worldnews
Does yoga have a conspiracy theory problem? - BBC News

US-led sanctions on Venezuela "devastating" to human rights, says UN report : worldnews

Deputy White House press secretary TJ Ducklo resigns. - The Washington Post ... "I WILL RUIN YOU ON TWITTER!" he screamed ...
"Abhorrent, disrespectful, and unacceptable": White House aide TJ Ducklo resigns after reports he threatened reporter : politics ... Meanwhile, the Republican who body slammed a reporter, plead guilty to the assault, and nonetheless won his reelection to Congress that year, is now governor of Montana. (the ghost of Al Franken nods)

With impeachment over, 9/11 probe leaders lend weight to calls for an independent commission to investigate Capitol attack : politics
New Evidence Shows Trump Used Riot To Pressure Congress to Steal Election : politics
FBI Informant Panic Is Ruining Friendships All Over the Far Right : politics
FBI Informant Panic Is Ruining Friendships All Over the Far Right Proud Boys and America Firsters
Capitol rioters scramble to trash photos and social media posts showing they were part of mob: report : politics
First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack. : politics
Six Oath Keepers Who Guarded Roger Stone Stormed the Capitol: NYT : politics

Kevin McCarthy's Smoking Gun Phone Call to Trump to Remain a Mystery After Witness Deal : politics
Herrera Beutler Says McCarthy Told Her Trump Sided with Capitol Mob : politics
Critics Accuse Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Borderline Witness Intimidation and Mafia Movie Behavior for Straight Up Threatening Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler : politics
Rep. Greene warned Rep. Herrera Beutler ahead of possible testimony : politics
The Republican party is devolving further into crazytown : politics
Opinion: The massive GOP betrayal of our democracy requires a forceful Democratic response : politics
The GOP Just Spit in the Face of American Democracy - They know they're a minority party. They know they'll need to cheat again, so they choose not to punish cheating even if that means the unleashing of fascism. : politics

Trump left them to die. 43 Senate Republicans still licked his boots. : politics
The Mob Is Still Occupying the Capitol | The GOP acquits its president. : politics
GOP Sen. Cassidy: 'I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty' : politics
7 Senate Republicans vote to convict Trump the most bipartisan impeachment trial verdict ever
Let's stop pretending we don't know why most GOP Senators didn't vote to convict Trump : politics
Pelosi called McConnell 'pathetic' after he said he wouldn't vote to convict Trump for inciting Capitol riot : politics
McConnell would have happily considered finding Trump guilty, were it not for Mitch McConnell : politics
A moment of truth? After years of Trumps lies, amplified by MAGA media, that proved impossible for most Republicans
Republican Acquittal of Trump Is a Pivotal Moment for the Party - The New York Times The vote, signaling how thoroughly the party has come to be defined by the personality of one man, is likely to leave a blemish on the historical record.
Forget the Senate, charge Donald Trump with insurrection in criminal court : politics
Letters to the Editor: Trump deserves to be criminally charged for what he did on Jan. 6 : politics
Majority of Americans want Trump completely removed from politics, poll finds : politics

A Trump criminal probe in Georgia expands to include Sen. Lindsey Graham : politics
Progressives urge Biden pick for attorney general to prosecute Trump : politics

Republicans Ask the Courts to Take Care of Trump for Them
Trump's heaping list of legal problems post-impeachment - CNNPolitics
Column: How will the refusal of GOP senators to convict Trump look to future voters? : politics
History Will Find Trump Guilty : politics
Trump escapes conviction but even his allies say he's damaged : politics
A moment of truth? After years of Trump's lies, amplified by MAGA media, that proved impossible for most Republicans
The Dumbest Member of Congress Derby | Column : politics
Lindsey Graham: 'I don't see how Kamala Harris doesn t get impeached' - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday said that he expects Republicans to impeach Vice President Kamala Harris if the party takes control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

'Fire DeJoy Before He Burns Down USPS': Postmaster General Pushes Plan for Slower Mail, Higher Prices : politics

And the grift goes on - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- This seems like a good moment to point out the Former Presidents Act, which is now going to funnel millions of dollars of taxpayer money to Trump, is a bad law that should be revoked.
Did Trump being president save his life? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Welcome to Iowa, a state that doesn't care if you live or die : politics
Tom Perez on Democrats' Mistakes and Why Iowa Shouldn't Go First ... said Iowa and New Hampshire starting the presidential nominating process was unacceptable (yeah, Barry fucked that up also)

Whistleblowers allege AG Paxton got home remodel, woman got job in exchange for helping Nate Paul : politics

Postcard From Peru: Why the Morality Plays Inside The Times Wont Stop (McNeil is a asshole w/a BA in Rhetoric but helped w/Fire in the Blood movie)
Nikole Hannah-Jones on Don McNeil's firing and tensions at the New York Times. Nikole Hannah-Jones on Donald McNeils resignation, what the reporting got wrong, and how she was involved
Former NY Times Chief Jill Abramson Says Reporters Use of N-Word Did Not Hurt Readers
Ex-New York Times boss Jill Abramson responds to unrest at the paper

Statement on New York Times Article - Astral Codex Ten ... The article also made me concerned for my safety, since there are some scary stories about Internet-famous people whose identities get revealed getting stalked or attacked or something. (you don't want this guy as your therapist)
Ontology Of Psychiatric Conditions: Tradeoffs And Failures - Astral Codex Ten To what degree are psychiatric conditions more like diseases (always bad) vs. diverse neurotypes (potentially good)?
Genetic Architecture of 11 Major Psychiatric Disorders at Biobehavioral, Functional Genomic, and Molecular Genetic Levels of Analysis | medRxiv
In defense of interesting writing on controversial topics - Slow Boring Some thoughts on the New York Times' Slate Star Codex profile - Matthew Yglesias

If you use this emoji, Gen Z will call you old - CNN
Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins | Pew Research Center

Black couple lowballed by $500K in home appraisal, showing legacy of discrimination and racism on California home ownership - ABC7 San Francisco

PSA: Card skimmers at self-checkout in Target and Star Market : boston

Archaeologists Have Found the Roman Emperor Hadrian's Palatial Breakfast Chamber, Where He Dined Before Servants on a Marble Throne

What first date behavior is a dealbreaker? : AskReddit


'Ecocide' proposal aiming to make environmental destruction an international crime : worldnews
Walmart selling beef from firm linked to Amazon deforestation : worldnews ... US chains Walmart, Costco and Kroger

Coca-Cola company trials first paper bottle : worldnews

Japan earthquake: Huge 7.1 magnitude quake strikes off the coast - strong shaking reported : worldnews
Earthquake in Japan, Epicentre in Fukushima : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/13/21 : boston (3.4%+ 65 deaths 1949 new cases 1.95$ positive)
100k Tests Reported (-6k); 3.8% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.3), 2.4% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 1,949 New Confirmed Cases; 46k Active Cases; 87 Deaths (+22); 1,149 Hospitalized (-74) including 291 in ICU (-9), 196 Intubated (+16), and 18 in Alternate Med Sites (-4); February 13, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Northeastern States and USA Total vaccine doses administered per 100 people [Massachusetts vaccinations accelerate] from Our World in Data : CoronavirusMa

Latest Scrum Podcast: Is Charlie Baker's Teflon Wearing Thin? : CoronavirusMa

The CDCs latest demands will keep millions of kids out of school unnecessarily
Virologist says reopening indoor dining is 'reckless' as new, more transmissible coronavirus strains spread in the U.S. : Coronavirus

U.S. Passes 50 Million Doses Administered : Coronavirus
Pfizer's vaccine appears to reduce coronavirus transmission : Coronavirus
One person in 100 is turning down chance of Covid vaccine : Coronavirus undefined

China refuses to give WHO raw data on early COVID-19 cases - WSJ : worldnews (not that they're hiding something)
White House says it has 'deep concerns' about WHO COVID-19 report from China : news
White House cites 'deep concerns' about WHO COVID-19 report, demands early data from China : Coronavirus
WHO Expert, Dr. Peter Daszak, Exposing NYT Lies : Sino (CCP propaganda)
Mathematical Modeling Finds People Under 20 Are Just Half As Susceptible to COVID-19 as Adults : Coronavirus

Andrew Cuomo: The story keeps getting worse about nursing homes and Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
New York governor's top aide admits administration delayed the release of Covid-19 deaths in long-term care facilities over federal investigation concerns : news

Montana governor lifts mask mandate; medical officer resigns : Coronavirus

Inside a Nursing Home After the Vaccine: Joy, Relief and Game Night : Coronavirus

Inside the Worst-Hit County in the Worst-Hit State in the Worst-Hit Country -- When COVID-19 surged through a North Dakota community, a battle with the pandemic became a battle among its residents.

New do not resuscitate orders imposed on Covid-19 patients with learning difficulties | Coronavirus : worldnews

Dreadful Four-Metre Crocodile Killed in Australia After Remains of Missing Fisherman Discovered : worldnews

At least 400,000 Yemeni children under 5 could die of starvation this year - UN agencies : worldnews

Myanmar Military's next move: Arresting protestors, students and kidnapping officials at night after releasing more than 23,000 prisoners : worldnews
Opposition to Myanmar's new military regime intensified on Saturday as spontaneous neighbourhood watch groups mobilised to thwart arrests of anti-coup activists and the UN demanded the release of ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi : worldnews
UN official confirms they have 'evidence' that Myanmar is using live ammunition against protestors : worldnews

Hong Kong: alarm over proposed law that could ban anyone from leaving : worldnews

Japan appoints 'minister of loneliness' to help people home alone : worldnews

Thai protesters scale Bangkok's Democracy Monument calling for abolition of royal insults law : worldnews

Russian Students Sue After University Expels Them For Joining Protests : worldnews
Caged in court, Navalny mocks Putin and chases fans : worldnews
Two centuries after Napoleon defeat, Russia and France bury their dead : worldnews

Ethiopia confirms rapes without a doubt in Tigray conflict : worldnews

India provides 2000 tonnes of rice to Syria as humanitarian aid : worldnews

US Demands Israel Halt Unilateral Steps against Palestinians : worldnews

German state pulls plug on China's CGTN channel after Britain revokes broadcasting licence : worldnews

Mario Draghi sworn in as prime minister of Italy | World news : worldnews

Fury over photo of 200 homeless people queuing for food amid freezing weather in Glasgow : worldnews
Britain's most prolific peadophile groomed 5000 boys and abused 500 via social media : worldnews

Cut police, build affordable housing instead, says British Columbia human rights commissioner : worldnews

Mexico: 18 bags full of hacked-up body parts found by police : worldnews

U.S. to resettle more child refugees fleeing violence around the world : worldnews
The Long History of Black Migratory Confinement - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Postmaster general's new plan for USPS is said to include slower mail and higher prices ... strategy includes banning air travel for all first-class mail at a time when delivery rates are at historic lows.
Duckworth urges Biden to oust entire Postal Service board : politics

New York Prosecutors Investigating Trumps Manhattan Properties Officials are investigating loans the former president took on four buildings, including his flagship Trump Tower
Trump Survived Impeachment But Now His Criminal Nightmare Begins

Ultimately, Donald Trump Beat the System. Again. -- I'm not interested in the verdict of history. I want a perp walk, not the march of time.
Ultimately, Donald Trump Beat the System. Again. : politics
Anatomy of an Insurrection. To convict Trump, the House Managers laid out a meticulous case. The defense team was left quoting Nancy Pelosi and Johnny Depp. : politics
Some quick thoughts on that thing that happened today - Lawyers, Guns & Money (1) Seven Republican votes to convict was very much a glass half full result. In an age of hyper-polarization, highlighted by the Republican base becoming nothing but lunatic fringe voters, seven is a big number.
Trump acquitted by minority of Senate on charge of inciting Jan. 6 riot at Capitol
Megathread: Senate Votes to Acquit Former President Donald Trump in Impeachment Trial : politics
Trump acquitted for second time following historic Senate trial : news

The chilling expletive-laden phone call that threw Trump impeachment trial into chaos : politics
Herrera Beutler Again Confirms Conversation with McCarthy Regarding January 6 U.S. Capitol Attack | Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler
Senate votes to call witnesses in Trump impeachment trial : politics
Mitch McConnell Delayed Trump's Impeachment Trial. Now He Says the Delay Makes it Unconstitutional. : politics

Discussion Thread: Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump - Day 5 02/13/2021 | Live - 10:00 AM ET : politics
'Subpoena Kevin McCarthy If You Have To': Democrats Urged to Bring Witnesses After Bombshell Report on Trump Call : politics
McCarthy snapped at Trump when he refused to help during riot, report says: Who the f*** do you think you're talking to? : politics
Trump Sided With Rioters in Expletive-Heavy Call With Rep. McCarthy, GOP Rep. Confirms : politics
Trump impeachment defense lied in Senate about Trump's response to 1/6 attack on Capitol : politics
Impeachment Defense Team: Twisted Facts and Other Staples of the Trump Playbook - The New York Times
Trumps Taste for Blood : If Republicans wont convict, bring on the handcuffs.
House Republican calls on Trump aides to reveal what they know about the attack on the Capitol : politics
Trump lawyers refuse to answer repeated questions on when he knew about Capitol riots : politics
Trump's Impeachment Team Was Such a Mess One Lawyer Quit and Rejoined During the Trial : politics
GOP congresswoman confirms controversial Trump-McCarthy call, calls on others to speak up : politics
'Sociopathic': New Reporting, GOP Lawmaker Account Suggest Trump Sided With Violent Mob During Capitol Attack : politics
New revelation could derail plan for Senate to acquit Trump Saturday: Fresh questions arise about timeline that may spur Senate to consider witnesses : politics
Mitch McConnell confirms he will vote to acquit Trump : politics
Historians say impact of expected Trump acquittal will be felt for years : politics

Mike Pence keeps quiet as his safety during Capitol riot becomes a focal point in Trump's trial : politics
Mike Pence's 'nuclear football' was also apparently at risk during the Capitol siege : politics

Sen. Patty Murray recounts her narrow escape from a violent mob inside the U.S. Capitol | PBS NewsHour

EmbarrassedTrump Supporter Begs Judge For Sons Freedom After Capitol Riot Arrest

Trump's Lawyer Falsely Blames Insurrection on Antifa, Directly Contradicting FBI : politics

Trump's lawyer erupted when Bernie Sanders asked if the former president lied about winning the election : politics
Sen. Blumenthal: Trump team's defense was an insult to all of our intelligenc : politics
Trump Is Guilty : politics

The Beauty of Jamie Raskin's America, on Display at Trumps Impeachment Trial

57 GOP state and local officials were at the Capitol insurrection : politics

Graham's post-election call with Georgia's Secretary of State will be investigated: report : politics

Evan McMullin: The Republican party is rotten to the core : politics

McCarthy Attended Son's Maskless Wedding on Same Day He Mocked Newsom's Rule-Breach : politics

GOP super-lawyer Ted Olson cuts off donations to Republicans who refuse to convict Trump - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Facebook Failed To Respond to Dire Emails Ahead of Capitol Riot (Fuckbooked Zuckerfucking democracy)

Harriet Tubman was a Union spy, freeing slaves during the Combahee River raid in South Carolina - The Washington Post

Lincoln Project co-founder resigns - Axios Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt is resigning from the group's board amid a series of scandals that has rocked the high-dollar anti-Trump super PAC,
Inside the Lincoln Projects toxic workplace - Interviews with nearly two dozen people with knowledge of the group's workings reveal a culture of infighting, sexist language and disparate treatment.

> (1) Seyward Darby on Twitter: "Actual "genitalia assessment boards," from the same party that brought you fear-mongering about imaginary death panels." / Twitter
Grand Old Sex Panics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Tennessee Republicans propose making coverture great again - Lawyers, Guns & Money In one of the latest, more outrageous attempts to erode a woman's right to choose, Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have put forward a bill that would grant a man the power to veto a womans's hypothetical abortion,

Silicon Valley's Safe Space -- Slate Star Codex was a window into the psyche of many tech leaders building our collective future. Then it disappeared. (Scott Alexander/Siskind is a very rational substack drama queen)

And then along comes Donald Trump with his fascist charisma and his louche charm - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Gina Carano
Antisemitism, the Brick Lane mural and the stitch-up of Jeremy Corbyn | by Bob Pitt | Medium

Facebook Meets Apple in Clash of the Tech Titans -- We Need to Inflict Pain -- Animosity between CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook erupts over privacy and dueling visions of internet (when Apple is the good guys)

Everybody hates Millennials >

The Battle for History Education - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community | The Underlying Causes

Gun Laws - Gun Laws By State -- The Complete Guide

These Are The 10 Best Drone Stocks To Buy Right Now!

Relaxation Blogs | Relax Like A Boss : Blogs about Relaxation, mindfulness & meditation.

Vagisil feminine wash for teens provokes online backlash - The Washington Post

ELI5: Why do we retain memories if all of our cells replace themselves after a small amount of years? : explainlikeimfive

Libby is stuck between libraries and publishers in the e-book war : books

What's the most delusional belief you held as a child? : AskReddit

Which celebrity got cancelled and you genuinely felt bad for them? : AskReddit


MA COVID-19 Data 2/12/21 : boston (3.4%+ 87 deaths 2228 new cases 2.1% positive)
106k Tests Reported (-5k); 4.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 2.5% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 2,228 New Confirmed Cases; 48k Active Cases; 87 Deaths (+26); 1,223 Hospitalized (-90) including 300 in ICU (-4), 180 Intubated (-5), and 27 in Alternate Medites (-5); February 12, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

MA COVID Vaccination Data 2-12-21 : boston
Let's use the 75+ Companion Rule to Help Each Other Get Vaccinated! (Survey to find companions) : CoronavirusMa
Judge rules Nero Cafe can't be forced to pay rent for months it was forced to be closed due to the pandemic : boston

After a Sluggish Start, Vaccine Rollout Is Improving in Every State : Coronavirus
Vaccine side effects are actually good: Moderna and Pfizer side effects, explained : Coronavirus
Definitely not just the flu: risk of death from COVID-19 3.5 times higher than from influenza - Patients admitted to hospital in Ontario with COVID-19 had a 3.5 times greater risk of death, 1.5 times greater use of the ICU, and 1.5 times longer hospital stays than patients admitted with influenza. : science
Vitamin C, zinc don't lessen Covid-19 symptoms, study finds : Coronavirus

We Asked 175 Pediatric Disease Experts if It Was Safe Enough to Open School - The New York Times In many places, the debates over reopening are fraught. But in a survey, experts broadly agreed that elementary schools didnt need vaccines to open safely.
Eschaton: The School Opening "Debate" "By large margins, they think schools can be open, in person with masks and distancing and ventilation." - As long as things that aren't happening, likely won't happen, and in many places can't happen, schools should open. Therefore schools should open. QED. Here's the Philly school ventilation solution.

New Allegations of Cover-Up by Cuomo Over Nursing Home Virus Toll : politics
New Allegations of Cover-Up by Cuomo Over Nursing Home Virus Toll - The New York Times In a leaked conversation, the governor's top aide admitted that data was withheld on nursing homes, where more than 10,000 New Yorkers have died during the pandemic.
Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa admits they hid nursing home data from feds

"We are not trying to vaccine as many people as quickly as possible" - Lawyers, Guns & Money Rhode Islands incompetence in administering the vaccine is astounding and suggestive of larger problems with technocratic centrism. The above quote comes from this story. See, Rhode Island is merely last in the nation in administering vaccinations ... If Gina Raimondo cant manage the vaccination of her tiny state against the worst pandemic in a century, I see no reason why she should be leading a federal agency.

R number falls below 1 for first time since July as infection rates fall faster than expected : Coronavirus

Australian state of Victoria to go into Stage 4 Lockdowns from Midnight after 12 community transmission cases of UK COVID-19 Strain detected. : worldnews

Israeli healthcare provider that has vaccinated half a million people with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine says that only 0.1% have been subsequently diagnosed with the coronavirus and no people have died : worldnews

Myanmar police fire rubber bullets, wounding three, as hundreds of thousands protest : worldnews
Myanmar coup: Mass protests defy military leader's plea : worldnews

China Uses Rape as Torture Tactic Against Uighur Detainees, Victims Say : worldnews
China bans BBC for 'content violation' : worldnews (non CCP content)

Mekong at 'worrying' low level in part due to outflow restrictions from Chinese hydropower dams upstream, the river commission says. : worldnews

Minority Muslim Ahmadi doctor gunned down inside his clinic in Pakistan : worldnews

These satellite images capture the enormity of India's devastating glacier collapse : worldnews

Russia says it is ready to cut EU ties if hit with painful sanctions : worldnews (Pootie's mafia sells out to China)
Russian opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza's 2015 and 2017 poisonings linked to the same FSB Unit that poisoned Navalny. : worldnews
Kremlin critic Navalny back in Moscow court for slander trial : worldnews
A group of tourists have gone missing in an infamous Russian mountain pass where nine people died under mysterious circumstances more than 60 years ago. : worldnews

Four Years On and Literally Meters from Land, Tanker Crew Still Stuck Aboard : worldnews

Iran's use of electric shocks on gay children is torture, says UN report : worldnews

Stabbed Free State farmer shoots and kills three attackers : worldnews

Brazil: missionaries 'turning tribes against coronavirus vaccine' | Brazil : worldnews

Prosecutor wants 30 police officers and members of the Security Corps to be judged for bullying and racism in WhatsApp group - BELGIUM : worldnews

Mealworm burgers, flour and other products could be coming to supermarkets across Europe after the EU's food safety agency ruled that the insects are fit for human consumption. : worldnews

UK suffers biggest drop in economic output in 300 years : Coronavirus
UK economy suffered record annual slump in 2020 : worldnews
The pandemic leaves 27% of British adults struggling financially : worldnews
River Thames freezes for first time in 60 years as temperatures in England plunge to record lows : worldnews

Police killed baby when shooting at father's truck, Canada watchdog finds : worldnews
B.C. man ordered to pay $7 million for brutal beating of teenager : worldnews

Biden just purchased 200 million additional doses of coronavirus vaccin and we now have enough shots to immunize most Americans
He did not do his job: Biden slams Trump's vaccine preparedness while announcing US on track with dose supply

Biden brings in asylum seekers Trump left stranded in Mexico : worldnews
Applause as Biden Plans to Rescind Medicaid Work Requirements, Targeting One of Most 'Cruel' Policies of Trump Era : politics

Rep. Ilhan Omar takes leadership post in House Foreign Affairs : politics

Translator who listened to Trump and Putin's calls says it was like overhearing friends chatting in a bar : politics

New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters - CNNPolitics
New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters : politics
Trump Call Shows He Kept Inciting Capitol Mob After Learning Pence Was in Danger : politics
Impeachment video shows Pence had 'nuclear football' as he moved away from Capitol riot : politics
Mounting evidence suggests Trump knew of danger to Pence when he attacked him as lacking courage amid Capitol siege : politics
After Senate trial, will Donald Trump face criminal charges? : politics
It didnt take long for Trump's attorneys to blame Jan. 6 on antifa : politics
Capitol Police tried to seal off tunnels during the insurrection. Members of the Proud Boys tried to block them. : politics

Republicans Are Gearing Up to Ignore All Evidence in Service to the Bag Job : politics
199 legal experts say Senate must not acquit Trump over constitutionality issue : politics
Opinion: If Republican senators acquit Trump, they will own the violence that follows : politics
Elizabeth Warren fires back with her own video after being painted as advocator in impeachment trial : politics

GOP Senate jurors caught helping Trump impeachment lawyers plot their legal strategy. Sens. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee huddled with s lawyers to share thoughts about their arguments : politics
Trumps impeachment lawyers conclude defense, say ex-president not responsible for deadly Capitol attack
Impeachment trial shows him under attackbut Pence remains loyal to Trump (Satangelical remains faithful to Satan who tried to kill him)
A running tally of Trumps misleading impeachment defense
We Lost the Line: Trump Is on the Brink of Yet Another Senate Acquittal - Republican senators ran for their lives, but they will not run from the former President.
The stupidity is the point - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting. : politics
Feds Arrest Two Militia Members Associated With The Boogaloo Bois | USAO-WDKY | Department of Justice

Meadows Attempts To Rewrite History By Claiming Trump Didnt Delay National Guard During Riot : politics
Taking notes for any future crimes of mine

Trump attorneys hold impeachment strategy meeting with Republican senators : politics
'Very unusual:' Senator reacts to key Republicans' private meeting with Trump's lawyers : politics

Lindsey Graham: Democrats Should Be Ashamed of Themselves for So Thoroughly Incriminating Trump : politics
Eschaton: The American Experiment Most Republicans are perfectly fine with what happened. Lindsey Graham got a bit nervous when they almost killed him, but he's cool with it now. And that's pretty much the Republican party.
Trump's Guilt Is Far Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Yet that's the problem: Senate Republicans are anything but reasonable. : politics
Dr. Justin Frank on the trial: For Trump, Capitol riot was a source of "incredible pleasure" : politics
Shredding every defense, impeachment trial proves Trump's guilt : politics

Anderson Cooper: The Fix Is Likely In On Trump's Impeachment Trial | The CNN anchor pointed to a meeting between GOP senators and Trump's defense attorneys. : politics
Fox News Analyst: 'Hard To Quantify' How Badly Trump Betrayed The Constitution : politics
The way Senate Republicans are acting during Trump's impeachment proceedings would likely lead to juror removal in any other trial : politics
Accomplice ysenators who amplified Trump's lies now get a say in his fate
Blunt, a juror, calls Trump's lawyers our side on third day of impeachment trial : politics
If Trump is acquitted, then we may as well strike the impeachment provision from the Constitution : politics
Republicans Wont Convict Trump Because They Wont Convict Themselves
When Trump started his speech before the Capitol riot, talk on Parler turned to civil war : politics
Some GOP senators 'worried' about personal safety if they vote to convict Trump : politics
Lawyer David Schoen leaves impeachment trial to do Fox News interview on Trumps orders : politics
Key Republican breaks with Trump: 'We shouldn't have followed him' : politics
Trump hits the golf course as senators shown videos of him encouraging violence : politics

Trump ally Nikki Haley turns on him during impeachment: We shouldn't have followed him : politics (hahaha)
Eschaton: Infinite Redemptions Haley can do this every other day and the very savvy members of our elite press will write and re-rewrite her redemption arc. And when she is being bad they just reassure us that she's just being smart.

Newsmax analyst Alan Dershowitz: Donald Trump didnt incite, he invited
Almost half of Americans think Trump was worst president ever, with Obama named best, poll finds : politics
Opinion: Stop trying to save the GOP. It's hopeless : politics
Of Course Trump Will Get Away With Criming While White | Wealthy and Consequences for thee, not for me. : politics
Come on, Republicans -- Trump incited the mob, and it's obvious how he did it
Rep. Peter Meijer: Only GOP Freshman Who Voted To Impeach Trump Tells All : politics
Sure, The Real Threat to America Right Now Is Basketball Teams Not Playing the National Anthem | What's a better referendum on patriotism: whether you play a song, or how you react to an assault on the American democratic republic? : politics

Few Consequences So Far For Georgia Senators Who Pushed Election Misinformation : politics

Majority of Kentuckians disapprove of McConnells job in Senate
Hawley and Blunt deepen Missouris embarrassment by refusing to see Trumps guilt

Biden appealed more to Independents and Republicans while consolidating Democrats - The Washington Post

Top Idaho Republican: Voting Shouldn't Be Easy In Attempt To Outlaw Ballot Harvesting : politics

Fire Louis DeJoy : politics

Lawsuit: Texas AG Ken Paxton swapped political favors for home remodel, job for alleged mistress : politics

I Will Destroy You: Biden Aide Threatened a Politico Reporter Pursuing a Story on His Relationship -- Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo lashed out at journalist Tara Palmer ,,, After Vanity Fair published this account, the White House announced that Ducklo would be suspended for one week. (there was more to the story)
The White House Response to the TJ Ducklo Story Should Remind Reporters: Press Staff Are Not Your Friends. | Washingtonian (DC)
White House aide suspended for threatening reporter - ABC News

Melania Trump disengaged from her husband's second impeachment trial - CNNPolitics

I'm going to come kill the president: NC man charged with threatening Biden

Supreme Court Rebuffs s Effort to Bar Pastor From Execution Chamber - The New York Times Supreme Court Rebuffs Alabama's Effort to Bar Pastor From Execution ChamberThe case was the latest in a series of disputes over the presence of spiritual advisers in execution chambers that have bitterly divided the justices.

Lincoln Project Accused of Protecting Predator John Weaver -- The Predator in the Lincoln Project : John Weaver used his power to get jobs for young men he allegedly harassed. His colleagues were warned.
Former Lincoln Project Workers Ask to Be Released From Nondisclosure Agreements - The New York Times Leaders of the anti-Trump group came under fire from former workers who want to talk about John Weaver, a co-founder who harassed young men.
Eschaton: The Project Of Lincoln
Yashar Ali on Twitter: "1. Lincoln Project tweeted out a thread that appeared to contain screenshots from their former partner @NHJennifer's account Unclear how they got access to them These exchanges were with journalist @AmandaBecker They have deleted the thread but here are screenshots (Cont)" / Twitter

Read the column the New York Times didnt want you to see

Tennessee Legislator Who Suggested White People May Become Slaves One Day Introduces Bill Allowing Men to Stop Abortions : politics

Twitter permanently suspends conservative activist group Project Veritas : technology

Michelle Trachtenberg Says Joss Whedon Was Not Allowed To Be Alone With Her on 'Buffy' : television
Rape Portrayed as Redemption - TV Tropes

California Liberal Dreamin' - Lawyers, Guns & Money
If progressivism cant work there, why should the country believe it can work anywhere else?
Liberals Are Choosing Convenience Over Workers - The Atlantic
How California Became Americas Housing Market Nightmare (oh look, MA is #3)

Hamilton County Sheriff investigates deputy who posted Three Percenter flag on Facebook : news
Two teens, 15 and 17, charged with homicide in beating, assault of woman in Washington Park : news

North Dakota House Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From High School Sports Teams : worldnews

New Footage Emerges of Police Pepper-Spraying of Distraught 9-Year-Old - The New York Times ... "You did it to yourself, hon" the officer replied

Britney Spears Dad Loses Case To Have Sole Control Over Her Estate : worldnews

Carl Lentz and the Trouble at Hillsong | Vanity Fair
10 Religions And Cultures From Crusader Kings 3 That Are Gone in 2021

Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move (Official Audio) - YouTube
Carole King - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Official Audio) - YouTube

Fruit juice will now have a lower health star rating than diet cola in shift to sugar-based grading : worldnews

Hundreds journals indexed on leading scholarly database: Scopus has stopped adding content from most of the flagged titles, but the analysis highlights how poor-quality science is infiltrating literature : science

eli5: Why is Freud concidered to be "the father of modern psychology" but at the same time, every psychologist hates freudian analysis? : explainlikeimfive
Is the Freudian slip still a road to the unconscious? | Aeon Essays

People with gay-sounding voices face discrimination and anticipate rejection : science
Do I Sound Gay? - YouTube

Dramatic discovery links Stonehenge to its original site -- in Wales
Dramatic discovery links Stonehenge to its original site -- in Wales : Find backs theory that bluestones first stood at Waun Mawn before being dragged 140 miles to Wiltshire

Astronomers confirm orbit of most distant object ever discovered in our system solar nicknamed "Farfarout" : worldnews

This is what happens when a Special Effects guy stays at home with his son during lockdown - YouTube

What theory do you 100% believe in without having any evidence? : AskReddit

QAnonCasualties - Do you have a friend or loved one taken in by QAnon? Look here for support.
Brother in Law still believes Trump will pardon him : QAnonCasualties


Oil giant Shell says its carbon emissions and oil production have peaked : worldnews

Global salmon farming harming marine life and costing billions in damage | : worldnews
B.C. allows logging in nine protected old-growth areas: The BC government has consistently stated it placed protections on 353,000 hectares of old-growth forest, yet a recently unearthed document shows logging will continue in more than 150,000 hectares of these ostensibly protected areas. : worldnews

Conservationists plead with public to stop milking psychedelic toads : worldnews
Pigs can play video games with their snouts, scientists find : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/11/21 : boston (4.9%+ 61 deaths 2313 new cases 2% positive)
111k Tests Reported (+11k); 4.2% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.3), 2.6% Overall Positivity (-0.2); 2,213 New Confirmed Cases; 50k Active Cases; 61 Deaths (-21); 1,313 Hospitalized (-45) including 304 in ICU (-5), 185 Intubated (+2), and 27 in Alternate Med Sites (-1); February 11, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 11th. 715,308 first doses (+28,215), 207,392 second doses (+12,424) : CoronavirusMa

Black market in 75+ seniors springs up for Covid-19 shots : boston
Baker says there are disturbing reports of people trying to take advantage of companion vaccine program for people 75 or older : boston ("We're Republicans, we don't like people being helpful" Underbakers said).

Manager confirms: Border Cafe (Harvard) won't reopen, victim of a fire, though pandemic proved fatal : boston

Pfizer vaccine found to give strong immune response to new Covid variants : Coronavirus
Feeling better 'in 2 hours': COVID drug for critically ill starts Phase 3 trials : worldnews
Britain's Kent Covid Variant Will Sweep the World, Battle to Last at Least a Decade, Warns Top Scientist : worldnews
AstraZeneca says vaccine against new Covid variants may take six months : worldnews
Over-the-counter inhalers suppress severe COVID symptoms, trial finds - Brisbane Times - Feb. 10, 2021 : Coronavirus

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is barred from Instagram over false coronavirus claims. - The New York Times
Doctor fired and criminally charged for not throwing usable vaccines out - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is absolutely outrageous:

Many assumed suicides would spike in 2020. So far, the data tells a different story : Coronavirus

Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19 : Coronavirus

Epidemiologist says Florida could be clear from COVID-19 by June : Coronavirus

India vaccinates over 7 million people in 26 days : worldnews ... So at that rate, only 15 years to do their entire population ...

Digital siege: Internet cuts become favored tool of regimes : worldnews

New Zealand Maori leader ejected from parliament for refusing to wear 'colonial noose' : worldnews

Biden imposes sanctions on Myanmar military leaders who directed coup : worldnews
Myanmar/Burma Coup: Woman shot at protest and fight for life : worldnews

US 'deeply disturbed' by reports of systematic rape in China's Xinjiang camps : worldnews
Biden raises coercion of Taiwan and human rights abuses with Xi Jinping in first phone call : worldnews
China's Tianwen-1 enters orbit around Mars : worldnews

Tokyo Olympics Chief to Resign After Saying Women Talk Too Much in Meetings : worldnews ... And they replaced him with a 84 year old who supports corporal punishment for kids. Well done, Japan. Well done. /s

India's Modi govt planted evidence against activists who have been serving jailtime for more than two years without trial, according to a report by digital forensics firm : worldnews
Big Names Get Behind India Farmers' Protest As Government Silences Supporters : worldnews
PM Modi gets call from friend Trudeau, assures Canada of supply of Indian Covid vaccines : worldnews
Web mystery sees random flower picture receive 90 million hits every day : worldnews

EU Starts Work on Russia Sanctions Over Navalny Imprisonment : worldnews

Lithuania bluntly rejects Russia's order to arrest an exiled ally of Alexei Navalny, says it raises doubts about Russia : worldnews

Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden family, new transcript reveals : worldnews

Egypt opens Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip 'indefinitely' : worldnews

Netanyahu after Blinken remark: Golan will remain Israeli. The Golan was and will remain part of Israel, Netanyahu said. With an agreement, without an agreement, we are not coming down from the Golan. It will remain a sovereign part of the State of Israel. : worldnews
Twenty Israelis suspected of selling advanced missiles to country Asian the suspects, who include former Israeli defense officials, 'developed, manufactured and tested' the weapons before clandestinely selling them : worldnews

After a blast of historic proportions at Beirut's port last year, Lebanon only escaped a second chemical inferno by chance, the German company clearing the dockside has said : worldnews

Women's rights activist Loujain Alhathloul released after 1,001 days in Saudi prison : worldnews (pig fuckers)

Iranian nuke scientist killed by Israeli 1-ton automated gun : worldnews ... The automated weapon was placed on a Nissan pickup and was operated remotely by agents on the ground. The gun was heavy because it included a bomb that destroyed the evidence after the killing.

Angola Just Decriminalized Same-Sex Sexual Relationships : worldnews

Second Victim Dies Of Ebola In Congo, Marking Virus's Return : worldnews

Algerian Christian given five year prison sentence for blasphemy : worldnews

Women's rights activist charged for role in Polish protests : worldnews

Biden will stop the U.S. troop drawdown in Germany, but also push for smaller deployments around the world : worldnews

Trump told Emmanuel Macron that Theresa May and Angela Merkel were losers, documentary reveals - Former ambassador reveals moment Trump derided UK and German leaders in front of French president : worldnews
France's Marine Le Pen on trial for posting jihad atrocity images : worldnews

Amsterdam ousts London as Europe's top share trading hub : worldnews

Irish president attacks 'feigned amnesia' over British imperialism : worldnews
Facebook under fire over encryption plans as man is jailed for abusing 52 children : news
British TV presenter Saira Khan receives threats after saying she is not a practising Muslim : worldnews
KPMG chair steps aside after telling staff to stop moaning about pandemic : worldnews

Three rescued from deserted island in Bahamas after surviving on coconuts for 33 days : worldnews

Haitian police fired tear gas on hundreds of protesters who were marching against President Jovenel Moise in Port-au-Prince Wednesday, and attacked journalists covering the demonstration, in the latest clashes to mark the country's political crisis : worldnews

World's top 15 hedge fund managers made $23.2bn in total last year : worldnews
Mastercard to allow payments in cryptocurrencies : worldnews
Virgin Hyperloop unveils their passenger experience vision, set to stir travel : worldnews

Biden terminates national emergency declaration on the US-Mexico border which Trump used to pay for his wall : politics

Explosives are missing from the nation's largest Marine Corps base and an investigation is underway : news

40 percent of U.S. COVID deaths could have been averted if it weren't for Trump: Report : politics (Trump killed 200,000 people on 5th Ave)
A New Study Says Trump's Health Care Policies Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans : politics

U.S. is worst among developed nations for worker benefits : politics
Biden gets 62% approval in CNBC economic survey, topping first ratings of the last four presidents : politics

Discussion Thread: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds a Briefing - 02/11/2021 | Live 12:30 PM ET : politics

Justice Department tells Supreme Court it thinks Obamacare is constitutional, reversing Trump-era position : politics

The impeachment managers have sealed off Republicans escape hatches

The images of Trumps mob are unforgettable
Opinion: The images of Trump's mob are unforgettable : politics
Knock the crap out of them: Videos of Trump encouraging violence over the years played at impeachment trial

More than 250 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far. This searchable table shows them all. : politics

3 takeaways from Day Three of Trumps impeachment trial
Opinion: The missing elephant in the room at Trump's trial: Ongoing GOP radicalization : politics
Trumps defense team expected to finish its arguments in one day
Managers say acquittal could embolden pro-Trump extremists - POLITICO Impeachment managers intend to rest their case Thursday

House Democrats Are Showing That Trump Is More Guilty Than You Thought. They have produced evidence that he directly incited and inflamed his extremist supporters as the Capitol attack occurred. : politics
Opinion: January 6 was the crime of the century : politics
Chilling video footage becomes key exhibit in Trump trial : politics

Democrats Show Trump Knew Pence Was in Danger and Incited Rioters Targeting the Veep : politics
Donald Trump Tweeted Attack on Mike Pence Minutes After Hearing VP Was Fleeing Capitol Rioters : politics
'Looks Like Trump Wasn't Playing Around': President Was Told Pence in Danger Just Minutes Before Twitter Attack on VP | Latest revelation could be put to use by Democratic impeachment managers. And as one observer put it, "When the jurors are also witnesses, strange things happen." : politics
Tuberville says he informed Trump of Pence's evacuation before rioters reached Senate : politics
Trumps Tweet Attacking Pence Came Right After Learning His VPs Life Was In DangerTrump turned his mob against Pence minutes after hearing his vice president had to be hustled from the Senate.

Capitol rioters searched for Nancy Pelosi in a way that should make every woman's skin crawl : politics
Trump eerily silent in wake of attack and showed no remorse , impeachment trial hears : politics

The Evidence Against Trump Is Now Undeniable : politics
'Oath Keepers' militia was ready on Jan 6 to act on Trump's orders, prosecutors say : politics
Oath Keepers leader waited for Trump's direction before Capitol attack, DOJ says - CNNPolitics
Prosecutors: Extremist leader was "awaiting direction" from Trump ahead of inauguration : politics
Capitol march not permitted until Trump got involved -Rep. Plaskett : politics
Chaotic scenes as GOP senator Mike Lee demands evidence of Trump phone call be stricken from record : politics

Most Republicans see Democrats not as political opponents but as enemies : politics

Bodycam footage of police being attacked in Capitol shows officers crying in pain during impeachment trial | The footage shown during the trial clearly moved the senators in the audience as screams and anguish echoed across the chamber : politics

Fox News Abruptly Cuts Off Impeachment Trial During Chilling Testimony : politics
'Shameful': Fox News Cuts Away From Senate Trial as Shocking Footage Emerges : politics

Opinion: Trumps trial has crystallized the horror of Jan. 6. The Senate must convict him. : politics
Column: Let's call the Capitol riot what it really was -- an attempted massacre
Confronted With Evidence, Republicans Can't Claim Ignorance of Trump's Actions Anymore : politics
Eugene Goodman Warned Mitt Romney to Run from Rioters, Unseen Security Video from Capitol Shows : politics

The Unbearable Weakness of Kevin McCarthy : politics
Trump's impeachment defense is basically 'Don't hold me accountable for violence or there might be more violence.' : politics
GOP Senators Under Fire for Not Paying Attention During Trump Impeachment Trial : politics
Republican senators reportedly nap or doodle during Trump impeachment trial as Democrats outline case : politics
Ted Cruz under fire for tweeting about breast milk during Trump impeachment trial : politics
US Capitol breach Congresswoman and Jonestown survivor Jackie Speier: Trump is a political cult leader : politics
Graphic riot videos not enough to convict Trump, some Republican senators say : politics
In chilling video, Democrats focus Trump trial on mob's threat to his fellow Republicans : politics
Lincoln Project takes aim at Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy and others who fed mob "diet of lies" : politics

A 'Scary' Survey Finding: 4 In 10 Republicans Say Political Violence May Be Necessary : politics
Survey: More than a quarter of white evangelicals believe core QAnon conspiracy theory
White Evangelicals Are More Likely to Believe in QAnon Than Any Other Faith Group, Poll Finds : politics
Barely Anyone Believes In QAnons Conspiracy Theories - Kevin Drum (well, Kevie, look above)
The paranoid style is now completely mainstream - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lindsey Graham complains Democrats are making Trump out to be a secret member of the Proud Boys : politics
Five people associated with Proud Boys arrested for Capitol riot on conspiracy charges - CNNPolitics

The right's hatred of AOC isn't just racism and sexism: It sums up the entire toxic Trump era | All the right-wing paranoia that led to Trump and Jan. 6 is visible in the exaggerated hatred for one woman : politics
Insurrectionist who threatened to kill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says he was following Trump's orders during riot : politics

Trump DOJ officials sought to block search of Giuliani records: report : politics

Why won't Rand Paul just wear a mask? : politics

Missouri's Biggest Paper Says Josh Hawley Brings 'Embarrassment' to State : politics

Over 100 Anti-Trump Ex-Republicans Held Zoom Call to Plot New Breakaway Party : politics

Rep. Lauren Boebert Faces FEC Complaint Over Mileage Reimbursement : politics

Even for the Trumpist Conspiracy-Peddler Sidney Powell, This Was Weird as Shit

Tucker Carlson Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist, Ties Insurrection to George Floyds Death

Embattled QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 'openly cheated' on her husband of 25 years with a polyamorous tantric sex guru and then moved on to another affair with the manager at her gym

Democrats Need H.R. 1 and the New VRA to Protect the Party - The Atlantic

Iowa Republicans want to ban teachers from talking about transgender people : politics

Thread Man - Columbia Journalism Review - Seth Abramson's viral meta-journalism unreality
Wayback Machine -- -- Dan Baum -- The Following Account of My Short Career at The New YorkerRan as a Series of Tweets onMay 8, 11, and 12, 2009

For decades Donald Trump bullied Palm Beach to get his way. Now hes determined to make it his home.

Bruce Springsteen .02 BAC during DWI was quarter of legal limit
Eschaton: Cops : Bruce has fuck you money and can take care of himself, but getting charged like this with a blood alcohol level of .02 - one drink, legally and culturally acceptable whether or not it should be - is about a cop looking for fame (as are the initial news leaks which excluded this part).

How Much Have Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott Donated of Net Worth to Charity? MacKenzie Scotts Remarkable Giveaway Is Transforming the Bezos Fortune

The Confederate Monuments of the 1990s - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Feinstein's Approval Rating Sinks to Historic Low in New Poll : politics

Armed out-of-state bounty hunters, assisted by BPD storm the wrong home : news

Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian after 'abhorrent' social media posts ... after she appeared to compare the treatment of Republicans in the US to that of Jews in Nazi Germany ... also previously ridiculed the wearing of masks to protect against Covid-19.
Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian after 'abhorrent' social media posts : worldnews

TIL babies can acquire sign language just like they would acquire any language and follows the same patterns as vocal language acquisition, where deaf infants (if exposed to sign language early) start to "babble" 1-2 sign sentences around the time their hearing counterparts start to "babble" words. : todayilearned

What fan theory do you 100% accept as true? : AskReddit

3 deaths, multiple injuries from icy wreck on I-35W in Fort Worth involving 70-100 vehicles : news


Australia bushfire photo revealing charred forest wins award in Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest : worldnews
B.C.'s old-growth forest nearly eliminated, new provincewide mapping reveals : worldnews

Powerful M 7.9 earthquake strikes southeast of the Loyalty Island : worldnews
Stunning 45-ft 'Ice Volcano' Forms in Kazakhstan from Underwater Springs : worldnews

Women still face a massive gender bias in science careers worldwide, UNESCO reported on Wednesday, with several rich western nations way behind poorer ones in terms of gender equality : worldnews
With 10-Point Declaration, Global Coalition of Top Energy Experts Says: '100% Renewables Is Possible' : worldnews

'People should be alarmed': air pollution in US subway systems stuns researchers : boston

MA COVID-19 Data : boston (5.8%+ 82 deaths 1920 new cases 1.9% positive)

MA getting an F on vaccine rollout compared with other states. : boston
People accompanying residents 75 and older to vaccine appointments can get shot starting Thursday : CoronavirusMa

CDC urges that people double mask or to wear masks that fit - The Washington Post Making the seals tighter to prevent air leakage can reduce peoples exposure by more than 95 percent in laboratory tests.
C.D.C. Outlines Mask Options That Increase Protection For Everyone
Can't Find an N95 Mask? This Company Has 30 Million That It Can't Sell. - The New York Times
Ford is rolling out clear N95 filtration masks and DIY air filtration kits - The Washington Post
Survey: 3 out of 4 people in U.S. will continue wearing masks after pandemic : Coronavirus
Semen impairment and occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 virus in semen after recovery from COVID-19 | Human Reproduction : Coronavirus
Mounting evidence raises worry that having Covid-19 won't prevent reinfection with new variants : Coronavirus
The N.F.L. Had Over 700 Coronavirus Positives. The Seahawks Had None. : Coronavirus
Delaying second dose of AstraZeneca by up to 12 weeks could increase immunity: study : Coronavirus

WHO team says theory Covid began in Wuhan lab extremely unlikely : Coronavirus
Coronavirus Most Likely Spilled Over to Humans Through Intermediate Animal, Says WHO : Coronavirus
US will not accept World Health Organization findings out of Wuhan without independently verifying : worldnews

Rhode Island Kept Its Schools Open. This Is What Happened. - The New York Times Rhode Island Kept Its Schools Open. This Is What Happened. -- Some teachers and students got sick. Principals had to improvise constantly. But it worked -- mostly

Global Covid-19 cases declined 17% worldwide last week, WHO says : worldnews

Covid Accounts for Record 46% of Deaths in England & Wales : Coronavirus

'No, no.': Mexican president rejects mask-wearing after COVID-19 recovery : worldnews

Japan says it has to throw away millions of Pfizer COVID-19 shots because it doesn't have enough syringes to extract them : worldnews

A Muslim cleric convicted of leading an Australian terror cell that plotted to kill thousands will have his detention extended for up to three years beyond his original sentence, a court ruled Wednesday. Algerian-born Abdul Nacer Benbrika was sentenced to 15 years in jail in February 2009 : worldnews

A police officer in Burma/Myanmar fired several 9mm rounds at peaceful protest about military coup killing one and injuring several other people. : worldnews

US: China 'committed genocide against Uighurs' : worldnews
China bans Clubhouse app as thousands share stories about Xinjiang and Tiananmen Square : worldnews
China Mars mission: Spaceship arrives on Red Planet to explore surface in search of signs of life : worldnews
Biden withdraws from Trump-era policy to track Chinese influence in American schools : worldnews

Tokyo Olympics organisers will supply 150,000 condoms but urge athletes to keep their distance : worldnews
Harvard Professor's Paper Claiming Comfort Women in Imperial Japan Were Voluntarily Employed Stokes International Controversy : worldnews

YouTube removes Punjabi songs related to farmers' protest: YouTube displays a message stating, 'This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government' : worldnews
Twitter defies Indian government and refuses to remove more than 1,100 accounts over farmer protests. : worldnews

A video of Russian police physically humiliating journalist provokes online outcry : worldnews
Wife Of Aleksei Navalny Leaves Russia For Germany : worldnews
Infighting erupts in Russia's anti-Kremlin opposition over Alexei Navalny : worldnews

Family of girl, 12, forced to marry abductor condemn Pakistan authorities : worldnews

12-Yr-Old Girl Allegedly Gangraped, Killed In Bihar, India; Police Asks Accused To Cremate Body Secretly : worldnews

Terrorism: Arab Coalition: Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia's Abha airport causes plane fire : worldnews

The USA will sell Iranian oil it seized making a huge profit : worldnews

Police use water cannons to disperse mob as ultra-Orthodox Jews continue violent resistance to Covid rules in Jerusalem : worldnews (go back to your shit-hole century)
Netanyahu tries to delay corruption hearings until after Israel's election : worldnews
Israel/Palestine: ICC Judges Open Door for Formal Probe : worldnews
How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel - Current Affairs
Palestinians granted the right to vote for the first time in 15 years - international observers remain skeptical : worldnews

The United Arab Emirates has become the fifth nation to ever reach Mars, with its space probe successfully inserting into Martian orbit. : worldnews

One of Hungary's last independent radio stations ordered off the air : worldnews

Poland's planned ad tax will eliminate some media, publishers say : worldnews
Polish court orders historians to apologize over Holocaust book : worldnews

Ukraine Releases Shock all With Giuliani : worldnews
Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden family, new transcript reveals : politics

German cabinet approves legislation to ban glyphosate and from 2024 : worldnews

French government seeks to set age for sexual consent at 15 : worldnews
French nuclear submarine patrols South China Sea in challenge to Beijing : worldnews

Stowaways 'try to take control' of bulker off south coast of England : worldnews

Biden now has access to all of the phone conversations with Putin that Trump went to great lengths to conceal : politics

Jen Psaki shuts down Fox News transphobic question with Trans rights are human rights : politics

Impeachment managers show chilling new video from Capitol attack - The Boston Globe
All of the evidence presented in Trump's impeachment trial - Washington Post
Mike Pence;s narrow escape thanks to Capitol officer Eugene Goodman revealed in new video : politics
Impeachment managers unveil new video of officer pointing Romney to safety, Pence evacuating - POLITICO
Where are you Nancy? : Audio of rioters stalking the halls of the Capitol revealed at impeachment trial
Trump's second impeachment trial: Live updates - The Washington Post
Takeaways from Trump's impeachment Day 2 - The Washington Post
Impeachment managers to show never-before-seen footage of Capitol attack The video will be part of the first day of formal arguments in Trump's second trial. : politics
Impeachment trial 2, day 1: Now the Republicans are the party of terrorism : politics
The Jan. 6 images were already disturbing. The impeachment-trial video makes them terrifying. : politics
Impeachment manager says Trump acted like a 'fire chief' on the day of the Capitol riot and sent 'a mob not to yell fire in a crowded theater, but to actually set the theater on fire' : politics
Trump declared inciter in chief at impeachment trial as Democrats vow evidence shows he's no bystander : politics
Decision to seek federal search warrant in Rudy Giuliani probe could be early test for Biden's DOJ : politics
#StopTheSteal: Timeline of Social Media and Extremist Activities Leading to 1/6 Insurrection

Nearly half the Republicans who will judge Trump bolstered the falsehood that drove the Capitol riot - The Washington Post
Lie After Lie: Listen to How Trump Built His Alternate Reality : politics
Trump was 'borderline screaming' and 'deeply unhappy' over his defense lawyers' performance in his impeachment trial, per report : politics

Trump's lawyers make a mockery of Republican senators: Impeachment trial makes GOP complicity clear : politics
Trump's own impeachment lawyer called him a f***ing crook : politics
Trump's lawyers utterly failed today. Republicans admitted it then cast their cowardly votes
Sen. Coons: Trump's impeachment defense is 'the Four Seasons Total Landscaping of the legal profession' : politics
Senate Denies January Exception to Donald Trump as Six Republicans Break Ranks to Let Trial Proceed : politics
Donald Trump Is the Domestic Enemy the Constitution Warned Of Trump is one of the worst monsters this nation has ever seen, and Republicans stand poised to protect him once again.

Trump loyalist Josh Hawley ignores impeachment trial evidence by sitting in gallery to review paperwork : politics
GOP senators draw criticism for appearing to pay half-hearted attention to impeachment trial : politics

Proud Boy charged in insurrection blasts Trump's 'deception' in new court filing : politics
Zip-Tie Guy Cites Impeachment Managers Trial Memo in Prologuea to Get Out of Jail: Trump's Lies Led to the Insurrection
At Least 9 Far-Right Insurrectionists Have A History Of Violence Against Women : politics
Capitol insurrection: Most of the people charged, like Jenna Ryan, showed signs of prior money troubles - The Washington Post Trail of bankruptcies, tax problems and bad debts raises questions for researchers trying to understand motivations for attack
Dominic Pezzola is latest Capitol rioter to blast Trump for misleading supporters : politics

Opinion: Biden is not the barrier to bipartisanship. Republicans are. : politics
The problem with Cruz, Rubio pushing bills over impeachment -- They're effectively arguing, "Instead of impeachment, we should be focused on meaningful legislation, which we'll also oppose."

Trump's political operation paid more than $3.5 million to Jan. 6 organizers : politics
Trump started tweeting about election fraud in April 2020, eight months before Capitol riot : politics

Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Inquiry Into Trumps Efforts to Subvert Election
It Sure Looks Like Trump Will Face Criminal Charges for Election Fraud : politics
Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation of Trump Call : politics

70% of Republicans Would Consider Joining New Party Formed by Donald Trump, Poll Finds : politics
There's Nothing Left : Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party
GOP image takes a hit, says Gallup; greatest drop among Republicans themselves : politics
Favorable views of GOP declines by double digits among Republicans since Nov: poll : politics
Over 33,000 registered voters left California GOP in January : politics
GOP Image Slides Giving Democrats Strong Advantage : politics
State Level Republican Parties Have Gone Crazy - Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine

Top aide to Texas AG Ken Paxton met with senior White House officials week of U.S. Capitol riot : politics

Mike Shirkey caught in hot mic moment, says he stands by points on Capitol attack 'hoax' : politics

Twitter Says Trump Is Banned Forever, Even if He Becomes President Again in 2024 : politics

How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege - The New York Times Shows hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other talk radio stars promoted debunked claims of a stolen election

Tanden pays for belittling Bernie - POLITICO Senators in both parties dredged up her longtime beef with Sanders, a political nemesis during her 2016 push to get Hillary Clinton elected president.

Former GOP Staffer Arrested for Child Porn Discussed Killing a Kid: Prosecutors : politics

Presidential flipper who flipped off Donald Trump won an election & oversees his golf club - The cyclist was fired after she flipped Donald Trump off in a viral picture. She's putting more bike lanes in around his golf club now.

Is This Beverly Hills Cop Playing Sublime's Santerias to Avoid Being Live-streamed? : worldnews

Could anything be worse than Florida's Stand Your Ground? Yes, a new, racist legislative proposal | Editorial : politics

Bruce Springsteen Busted for DWI in New Jersey in November

The Moth | Radio Hour | Ionesco, Voodoo and Therapy

'Lead' vs.'lede': Roy Peter Clark has the definitive answer, at last - Poynter ("linotype romanticism")

Was the German navy in WWII run by a third-rate leadership? What were the Kriegsmarine leaders thinking?

(9) What did Freud mean when he said the essence of neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity?' - Quora What did Freud mean when he the essence of neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity?'


'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds : worldnews
State-owned fossil fuel firms plan to invest $1.9tn could destroy climate hopes : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/9/21 : boston (4.8%+ 68 deaths 1319 new cases 2.5% positive)
52k Tests Reported (+9k); 4.7% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (+0.1), 3.0% Overall Positivity (-0.0); 1,319 New Confirmed Cases; 56k Active Cases; 68 Deaths (+13); 1,401 Hospitalized (+14) including 324 in ICU (-5), 191 Intubated (+3), and 27 in Alternate Med Sites (+1); February 9, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Charlie Baker's handling of the vaccine rollout has been a joke. : massachusetts

Researchers engineer a tiny antibody capable of neutralizing the coronavirus : worldnews
Vaccinated people less likely to transmit coronavirus, Israeli study suggests : worldnews
Study Finds People With Dementia Are Twice as Likely to Get Covid - The New York Times The analysis of nearly 62 million electronic medical records in the U.S. also found that Black people with dementia were at an even greater risk.

WHO will end research into 'extremely unlikely' theory that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan lab : worldnews ... Weird that people with a gun against the back of their head found no wrongdoing by China.
Bats carrying coronaviruses closely related to the one that causes Covid-19 found outside China : worldnews

New Zealand suspends ties with Myanmar; to ban visits from military leaders : worldnews
Maori MP ejected from NZ parliament for refusing to wear tie : worldnews

EU to hit Australia with a border tax on carbon emissions : worldnews
Sydney officer was driving at 135km/h without siren or police lights before crash, court told : worldnews

Five Micronesian Countries Leave the Pacific Islands Forum : worldnews

Myanmar coup: 'My ex is bad but military is worse' : worldnews

China will seriously sanction any country that boycotts Winter Olympics, says state-backed media chief : worldnews
New geopolitical fears surround 2022 Beijing Olympics : worldnews
There's nothing for me: China's over-35s struggle to find jobs amid pandemic
The number of newborns in China falls by 15% : worldnews
Pentagon sends two carrier groups into South China Sea amid tensions with Beijing : worldnews

North Korea developed nuclear, missile programs in 2020: U.N. report : worldnews
North Korean hackers stole more than $300 million to pay for nuclear weapons, says confidential UN report : worldnews

Olympics volunteers resign over president's remarks about women : worldnews
Japanese submarine collides with commercial ship while surfacing in Pacific : worldnews

Germany, Poland and Sweden expel Russian diplomats : worldnews
US deploying B-1 bombers to Norway to send a message to Russia : worldnews
Russia's Yearly Mortality Surges 20% in 2020 : worldnews

Indian space startup fires world's first fully 3D printed rocket engine as others play catch up : worldnews
India, Afghanistan Sign Agreement to Build Dam near Kabul : worldnews
Kidney trade 'booming' in Afghanistan as organ trafficking lures the poor : worldnews

UK declines to follow US in suspending Saudi arms sales over Yemen : worldnews

Israel's Netanyahu walks out on his own corruption trial : worldnews

Syria 'finds body of archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad beheaded by ISIS : worldnews

Iran, Russia, China to hold naval drill in Indian Ocean soon : worldnews
Iran cleric: People who are vaccinated for COVID have become homosexuals : worldnews

In Kuwait, women launch their own #MeToo movement : worldnews

The UAE's "Hope" orbiter reaches Mars this morning (Feb. 9), officially kicking off the country's first interplanetary mission. : worldnews

Dutch freeze international adoptions after abuses uncovered : worldnews

A 100-year-old German man has been charged with accessory to murder in 3,518 counts by prosecutors in the city of Neuruppin, near Berlin, where he now lives. The man is accused of "material and intentional" contributions to killings at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp : worldnews
Syrian refugee who fled to Germany five years ago in rubber dinghy runs for parliament : worldnews
Germany: State of Emergency Declared in Nuremberg After Major Power Plant Fire : worldnews

'Woke' American Ideas Are a Threat, French Leaders Say - The New York Times Politicians and prominent intellectuals say social theories from the United States on race, gender and post-colonialism are a threat to French identity and the French republic.
Looks like anti-racism is contagious So, apparently, we've endangered the French Republic. "We" here is US academics who talk about race. And "endanger" seems to mean that the idea that racism needs to be taken seriously as a global historical phenomenon might require some difficult reflection on the part of a supposedly colorblind formal imperial power with endemic problems of segregation, discrimination, and exclusion. (pretty racist sexist little country you have there)
He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive? - The New York Times Dan-el Padilla Peralta thinks classicists should knock ancient Greece and Rome off their pedestal even if that means destroying their discipline.
Minneapolis in Paris -- On State Violence and Global Racism

Two YouTubers projected Boris Johnson is a wet wipe onto the UK Parliament : worldnews

UK visitors from 'red list' countries will have to pay 1,750 for hotel quarantine, Hancock says. Anyone who provides false information on a passenger location form, or who lies about having been in a red list country 10 days before their arrival, could face a prison sentence of up to 10 years : worldnews
Yorkshire lobster exporter says Brexit costs have forced it to close : worldnews
Man to pay 25,000 damages over negative TrustPilot review : worldnews

Colombia to grant temporary protection to nearly 1m Venezuelans : worldnews
Cuba has tipped Colombia off about a plan by the left-wing ELN guerrilla group to attack Bogota in the "next few days," Colombia's defense minister said : worldnews

Indigenous leader becomes surprise contender in Ecuador's presidential election. : worldnews

Right place at the right time: Man rescues elk from B.C. mountain avalanche : worldnews

European spies can stop holding back secrets from the US after Biden called for end to Trump's briefings, sources say : worldnews

Outcry as more than 20 babies and children deported by US to Haiti : politics

Trump Team Suppressed COVID Tests, Weakened CDC Reopening Guidance to Protect President, Says Report : politics
Schumer and Ocasio-Cortez announce funds for families who lost a loved one during Covid but couldn't afford funeral : politics

DOJ will ask majority of Trump-appointed US attorneys to resign : politics

Democrats Introduce Bill to Remove Taxes on up to $10,200 in Unemployment Aid : politics
Most Americans to qualify for stimulus payments, as Democrats reject calls to limit eligibility : politics

Jen Psaki fires back at controversy over LGBTQ executive order: Trans rights are human rights xsy : politics

Biden Doesn't Need and Shouldn't Want the Votes of the Sedition Caucus or the Obstructionists : politics
Biden and Democrats prepare to act fast on judges, having learned lesson from Trump : politics

Jim Crow relic: Senate filibuster stands in way of Democratic voting rights push

Trump turned red when staffers said he had missed a call from Putin, new documentary reveals : politics
Trump was 'loving watching the Capitol mob,' former White House official tells CNN : politics
The Constitution doesn't shield Trump from accountability. It demands it : politics
Republican congressman says Trump supporters will carry out more violence if he is acquitted by Senate. Adam Kinzinger argues that colleagues are taking the country down a path towards 'the end of America as we know it' : politics
Rep. Raskin Recounts His Experiences During The Capitol Riot At Senate Impeachment Trial | NBC News - YouTube
Watch House impeachment managers' 13-minute video recapping Capitol riot that opened Trump trial : politics
Senate Impeachment Trial: January 6 Video Montage - YouTube
House prosecutors will use previously unseen video evidence of attack : politics
User Clip: House impeachment managers' opening video |
They could have killed all of us: Trump trial opens with gripping footage of Capitol violence
Live updates: Day 1 of Trump's second impeachment trial - Axios
Trump impeachment trial opens with video of him telling supporters to march on Capitol and mob turning violent : politics
Democrats Showed A Stunning Video Of Trump's Supporters Using His Own Words As They Attacked The Capitol In His Impeachment Trial : politics
What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol | ProPublica (repeat link for context)

GOP Lawmaker Urges Senate Republicans To Convict Trump In Powerful Op-Ed : politics
xsy Trump impeachment prosecutors will use new evidence, aides say : politics
Expulsion is the only remedy: Insurrectionists in Congress must be rooted out | Republicans in Congress have doubled down on Trump's attempted coup. If we tolerate that, it will happen again : politics
Ambush of Biden campaign bus in Central Texas could play a role in Trump impeachment trial : politics
This Is Not Representative Democracy | The American people overwhelmingly favor conviction, and there is no chance the Senate will convict. : politics
Trump incited Capitol riot further after it began, impeachment prosecutors will claim : politics
Did Trump Incite Violence? To Scholars of Propaganda, There's a Mountain of Evidence : politics
Trump impeachment trial will be like 'violent crime' prosecution with new evidence, Democrats say : politics
The Latest: Aides say Trump impeachment case 'devastating' : politics
As Trump Trial Begins, Impeachment Officials Promise 'Devastating' New Evidence | "I think it very well may be the case that reluctant senators change their mind and vote to convict," prosecution aides said. : politics
Republicans: Trump Can't Be Impeached Because He Can't Be Impeached : politics
Trump finds far fewer defenders this time around. : politics
Senators react to shocking video of Capitol assault at Trump impeachment trial : politics
(1) Lissandra Villa on Twitter: "A couple of observations while that video montage was played from inside the Senate chamber:" / Twitter
Democrats have a back-up plan in case the Senate doesn't convict Trump on impeachment : politics

Researchers say voters are leaving the Republican Party : politics
Real Conservatives Want the Senate to Convict Donald Trump : politics
Most GOP senators would convict Trump via secret ballot, Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono says : politics
The Lincoln Project Says GOP Senators' Choice is 'Trump or the Truth' : politics
(1) The Lincoln Project on Twitter: "Today begins the trial of America vs Donald J. Trump." / Twitter
Trump compares impeachment to The Apprentice
Impeachment minefield awaits 2024 GOP field - POLITICO

The GOP's gaslighting of AOC reveals a party unable to admit its own trauma | Trauma doesn't have to be filmed to be believed. But in the case of the Capitol riots, we have the receipts. : politics
AOC Is Right to Get Personal About the Capitol Riot : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene hit by furious backlash after sharing conspiracy about Capitol rioters and Trump ahead of impeachment trial : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene's Bizarre QAnon Floor Speech, Translated : politics

Michigan state senate majority leader says Capitol insurrection was a staged hoax - Lawyers, Guns & Money (off the crazy cliff of everything is "staged")

Man charged in Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer says : politics
'Because President Trump said to': Over a dozen Capitol rioters say they were following Trump's guidance : politics
MAGA mob turns on Trump: More than a dozen capitol rioters say Trump directed them to violence - The rioters' claims will almost certainly factor into Mr Trump's second impeachment trial : politics

Georgia Secretary of State opens investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn election : politics
Trump Is One Step Closer to a Possible Criminal Case For That Georgia Phone Call : politics
Georgia Probe of Donald Trump Call Could Spell Jail Time in Worst-Case Scenario : politics
Congress is investigating reports that Trump representatives held discussions with Parler about him taking a 40% ownership stake in the app : politics
Parler's ownership offer to Trump and possible Russian ties probed by Congress : politics

Trump plans a reemergence and some retribution after impeachment - POLITICO

Trump's Postmaster General wants to stay on the job, but his days in the Biden administration may be numbered : politics
Democrat Named Postal Board Chair Amid Calls to Fire Postmaster : politics

Tipping Is a Legacy of Slavery. Abolish the racist, sexist subminimum wage now. : politics
Bernie Sanders Clears Path in Congress to Raise Minimum Wage : politics

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Reaped Stunning Amount Of Outside Income At White House : politics
Trump Partner Exploring Ways to End Relationship With Ex-Presidents Company

Republicans came within 90,000 votes of controlling all of Washington - The Washington Post

Asian Americans Are Calling on Allies in Response to a Wave of Violence Three recent attacks of senior citizens show the continued rise of anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter Forgoes Covering President as Romance Blossoms with Biden Aide Battling Cancer: Didnt Think Twice

'Likely to grow even worse.' Ohio ranks No. 2 for most extremist anti-government groups : politics

Piers Morgan rips Sarah Palin on election claims: 'People like you' are the GOP's problem : politics

Ammon Bundy builds U.S. militia network on COVID-19 backlash - Los Angeles Times

South Dakota judge strikes down voter-passed marijuana measure : politics

Minnesota mom fights QAnon conspiracies, one Instagram story at a time : politics

Paris Hilton backs Utah bill to regulate troubled teen centers: You can't silence me : politics

Foxs effort to clean up its post-election misinformation is not terribly convincing
Rush Limbaugh is ailing. And so is the conservative talk-radio industry. - The Washington Post Faced with aging and shrinking audiences, competition from newer technologies and financial problems for the biggest station owners, talk radio is decline in both as a business and a political force
Lou Dobbs is lashing out at Fox on Twitter for dropping his show - The Washington Post

The Case for Semicolons - The New York Times There are very few opportunities in life to have it both ways; semicolons are the rare instance in which you can; there is absolutely no downside.

Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit used by police : worldnews

Opinion | What happened with New York Times reporter Donald McNeil? - The Washington Post

Scientists Create A Tattoo That Is Able To Change Its Color Depending On Glucose Levels : worldnews

Canadian traces origin of AIDS to starving First World War soldier who hunted chimpanzees : worldnews

ELI5: Once a opioid addict has stopped using, are the dopamine and serotonin receptors completely fried, or do they heal themselves and begin to release the chemical without the intoxicant : explainlikeimfive

A billion galaxies lurk in a 10 trillion pixel map of the sky : worldnews

The Markov blankets of life: autonomy, active inference and the free energy principle | Journal of The Royal Society Interface

Something Awful, a Cornerstone of Internet Culture, Is Under New Ownership

Elon Musk to start Neuralink trials this year. : worldnews

Facebook will now take down posts claiming vaccines cause autism. : technology (Fuckerberg cackles for profit)


Batteries From Nuclear Waste That Last Thousands Of Years : worldnews

Bolivian environmental authorities on Sunday announced an investigation into the apparent poisoning of 35 Andean condors in a rural community, one of the most devastating such cases for the endangered species. "It is an irreparable injury to our nature and the species" : worldnews

U.S. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations log biggest weekly drops since pandemic started : CoronavirusMa
New U.S. COVID-19 deaths down, cases under 100K for 1st time since November : Coronavirus
COVID-19 Infections in The U.S. Nearly Three Times Greater Than Reported, Model Estimates : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/8/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (4.42%+ 55 deaths 1276 new cases 3% positive)
43k Tests Reported (-70k); 4.6% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.2), 3.0% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 1,276 New Confirmed Cases; 58k Active Cases; 55 Deaths (-21); 1,387 Hospitalized (-2) including 329 in ICU (+11), 188 Intubated (-3), and 26 in Alternate Med Sites (-7); February 8, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID Vaccination Data 2-8-21 : boston

Mass. reports 1,276 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 55 new deaths - The Boston Globe
Baker built a reputation as a managerial expert. The sluggish vaccine rollout is testing it : boston
Olivia Adams is a powerhouse on CNN's New Day (video) : CoronavirusMa

Oxford Covid vaccine 10% effective against South African variant, study suggests | World news : worldnews
Researchers engineer a tiny antibody capable of neutralizing the coronavirus : Coronavirus
Way more women are reporting long-haul covid symptoms. Doctors aren't sure why. : Coronavirus
Common asthma treatment reduces need for hospitalisation in COVID-19 patients, study suggests : Coronavirus

Too many people imagine the fight against COVID-19 as a land war to be waged with sudsy hand-to-hand combat against grimy surfaces.

C.D.C. Warns the New Virus Variant Could Fuel Huge Spikes in Covid-19 Cases - The New York Times The more contagious version, first identified in Britain, is expected to spread widely and lead to further strains on an already overburdened health care system.

Cuomo's War on Public Health - Lawyers, Guns & Money By far, the most overrated politicians response to COVID is Andrew Cuomo, who has been outright terrible but gets played up in the media as the mainstream responsible alternative to Donald Trump. But when your actions, like those of Trump, cause leading health experts to resign rather than work with you, well, I think that means the public needs to reconsider your unearned accolades.

Global democracy has a very bad year (2020 rankings) : worldnews
Global food prices soar to 6-year high, UN agency says : worldnews

In Myanmar, protesters urge police to join democracy fight : worldnews
Saffron-robed monks join third day of street protests against Myanmar coup : worldnews
Martial law declared in parts of Myanmar as rallies heap pressure on coup leaders : worldnews
Three-finger salute: Hunger Games symbol adopted by Myanmar protesters : worldnews

The Green Party has criticised Air New Zealand following revelations it has been helping the Saudi Arabian military - despite the Middle Eastern nation's role in the humanitarian crisis in Yemen : worldnews
New Zealand plans national syllabus on Maori and UK colonial history : worldnews

China arrests Australian TV host on suspicion of spying : worldnews
China appears to have blocked Clubhouse, the buzzy social-media app, after people in the country flocked to it to discuss politics : worldnews
Canada's visa application centre in Beijing run by Chinese police ... the visa centre that processes visa applications is owned by a corporation that is owned by the PSB : worldnews

Japanese mostly opposed to Tokyo Olympics this summer : worldnews

Scores feared dead as glacier causes dams to burst in north India : worldnews
Super Bowl Ad On Farmers' Protest Calls It 'Largest Protest In History', Tells India 'We Stand With You' : worldnews
Tirupattur Woman Gets No Caste, No Religion Certificate: Advocate Sneha Becomes First Indian To Get This Certificate : worldnews

EU, UK and U.S. to speak with Navalny team after Russia expels diplomats : worldnews

Netanyahu: An ICC investigation of Israel would be 'pure anti-Semitism' : worldnews ... Note: currently under investigation of corruption.
Israeli PM's corruption trial resumes weeks before election : worldnews
Officials hold meeting to determine if Palestinians will be able to vote in elections. : worldnews

Saudi Arabia has commuted the death sentences of three men who were arrested for taking part in anti-government protests as minors, in the latest attempt by the kingdom to improve its human rights record : worldnews
A former Saudi official now living in Canada has levelled new allegations against the crown prince he says tried to have him killed, painting a picture of repeated and ongoing efforts to hunt down the exiled official and his family : worldnews

Biden says U.S. won't lift sanctions until Iran halts uranium enrichment : worldnews

David Beckham signs a lucrative 10million deal to be the media-friendly face of 'homophobic' Qatar : worldnews

Fears rise that Polish libel trial could threaten future Holocaust research : worldnews

OpenLux : the secrets of Luxembourg, a tax haven at the heart of Europe : worldnews

France's latest COVID measure: letting workers eat at their desks which was previously forbidden under French labor law : worldnews

Brexit red tape makes it easier for EU nations to import lamb from New Zealand than from Wales : worldnews
British teen emerges from nearly year-long coma to pandemic-hit world : worldnews

Canada-U.S. land border closure extended to Feb. 21 : worldnews

Biden Administration Urged to Drop Julian Assange Case - The New York Times A Friday deadline in the London extradition case may force the Biden administration to decide whether to keep pursuing a Trump-era policy.

AP: U.S. moves to rejoin UN Human Rights Council : worldnews
Why is America getting a new $100 billion nuclear weapon? : politics

Biden said Trump's handling of COVID-19 was 'even more dire than we thought' after finding insufficient vaccine supplies : politics
House Democrats renew investigation into Trump administration's pandemic response : politics
Trump administration influenced CDC guidance to suppress Covid testing, House panel says : politics
Trump Pandemic Officials Allegdly Meddled in Science of Response -- I Want to Watch All the Accomplices and Enablers Squirm Before Congressional Committees -- That includes those who allegedly meddled in the science of the pandemic response.

Psaki: Biden won't watch much of impeachment trial : politics

Ilhan Omar Warns Progressives Will Revolt If Dems 'Poison' Relief Bill by Curbing Eligibility for $1,400 Checks | "Democrats with a slim majority in the Congress can't pass this bill without progressives and must resist suggestions that will ultimately tank this relief bill. : politics
Democrats to unveil $3,000 child benefit as part of Biden relief package : politics

The Forces That Stopped Obama's Recovery Won't Stop Biden's : politics

Eschaton: Spending Was The Problem It was slightly worse in the UK and Europe than in the US, but the overall message wasn't simply "government spending doesn't work," it was that "too much government spending was actually the cause of the problems." Spending was the disease, austerity was the cure. The message was so powerful that the president at the time said this during his State of the Union address when unemployment was 10%.

Joe knows us: Polls show broad support for Biden, his policy proposals

Donald J. Trump Presidential Library (updated)

The House's Impeachment Trial Memorandum Is Damning : politics
U.S. House impeachment managers say evidence against Trump overwhelming : politics
Donald Trump should be convicted unanimously by secret ballot : politics
Trump's Crack Impeachment Lawyers Misspelled United Again : politics
States A Conservative Constitutional Scholar Left Trump's Impeachment Gambit in Tatters - But it's just the first thing that will defy logic in these proceedings.
First Thing: Trump could face criminal investigation over Capitol siege, says Cheney : politics
Timeline: What Trump Told Supporters For Months Before They Attacked : politics
Trump's Final Defense of His Presidency May Be His Most Deranged: He's misreading the Constitution and claiming to be the real victim of the Capitol riots. : politics
Impeachment Managers Afraid of Implicating GOPers Who Enabled Trump's Lies About Election Fraud: Report : politics
Democratic impeachment managers feeling muzzled
Democrats risk committing a serious blunder at Trumps impeachment trial
Opinion | Witnesses Could Prevent a Foregone Conclusion in Second Impeachment Trial - POLITICO
Accused rioters blame Trump for inspiring US Capitol violence : politics
Is this how I die? (opinion) - CNN
This Capitol riot footage could be problematic for Trump. Democrats argue that former President Donald Trump incited the Capitol riot with his rhetoric. This video from the insurrection may help them make their case. : politics

Trump Campaign Funneled Donor Money to his Debt Ridden Businesses after Election Loss: Report : politics

Trump impeachment trial: Most AmericanS think former president should be convicted and barred from office. Support for Trump's conviction is overwhelming among Democrats, with 92% in favour : politics
Millions who likely voted for Trump want him barred from future office : politics
The Trump Trial Wouldn't Have Been Possible Without This Impeachment : politics
We Sued Trump for Emoluments Violations. That Fight's Just Getting Started. - Congress needs to take the baton now to prevent presidential corruption. Here's how. : politics

White House indicates Trump hasn't asked for intel briefing : politics

Kushner, Ivanka Trump reported up to $640M in outside income during White House years : politics
< Jared and Ivanka made up to $640 million in the White House : politics
Trump legacy: Personal responsibility is for suckers and GOP means 'Grievances On Parade' : politics
I Think People Will Get Tired of Him: For Donald Trump, Sarah Palins Fall Shows the Limits of Media Obsession

GOP Senator attempts to blame Nancy Pelosi, not Trump, for the Capitol riot as impeachment trial looms : politics (Ron "Yes I was compromised in Moscow" Johnson)
Fourth Republican senator announces they won't seek re-election. Richard Shelby of Alabama made the announcement on Monday. : politics
The *real* reason this latest Senate retirement announcement matters : politics

Opinion: The GOP is not a normal party : politics
In America's Uncivil War Republicans Are The Aggressors : politics
The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy : politics
Republicans have abandoned reality and democracy. 4 ways to fight back | Opinion : politics
Poll: Just 16 percent say democracy is working well in US : politics
The Religious Right's Rhetoric Fueled the Insurrection: And it continues to fan fear and rage. : politics

President Biden can't fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, but weary USPS workers hope he'll bring change : politics

His Biz Is Shunned, She Resigned, and Everyone Is Being Sued: What Became of Trump's Election Dead-Enders : politics
Pressley: 'We have been cleaning up after violent, White supremacist mobs for generations and it must end' : politics

Chris Wallace Pokes Holes in Rand Paul's Impeachment Defense The veteran Fox News anchor repeatedly pressed the Kentucky senator over his defense that Trump can't be impeached because he's already left office. : politics

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman enters Pennsylvania's 2022 Senate race : politics
John Fetterman Promises to Be '100 Percent Sedition-Free' As He Announces Senate Run : politics

House chair wants to know who's financing Parler : politics
Magistrate judge orders release of top Proud Boys organizer charged in Capitol insurrection - POLITICO Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida agreed to release Ethan Nordean with a series of conditions.

H.R.881 - To require the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service to submit to Congress an annual report on the effects of gun violence on public health. : politics

Georgia Secretary of State opens investigation into Trumps efforts to overturn election

White Women and Racism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
We Need to Talk About These White Texas Pastors Who Referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a 'Jezebel' : politics

Rep. Ron Wright dies after battle with COVID-19 : politics ... Word is he got COVID from bunkering in place during the insurrection. Remember when GOP were in the bunker, laughing at the thought of accepting masks underground?
Texas Republican first in U.S. Congress to die from COVID-19 : politics
Ron Wright: Republican congressman dies after contracting Covid : Coronavirus ... Wright had not received a vaccination, unlike many House members (anti masker/vaxxer)
Eschaton: Final Acts Wright was part of the sedition caucus.

How QAnon Seized a Small Town in Washington State - Bloomberg Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory and other far-right extremist movements have set their sights on local offices. Now a small Washington town is facing a battle for the communitys future.

Senators killed measure to combat violent extremism in military - Roll Call

Yearlong Prison Sentence Handed Down in Fraud Probe of Giuliani Associates - WSJ
Alan Dershowitz, Using His Trump Connections, Became a Force in Clemency Grants - The New York Times Dershowitz, who represented the former president in his first impeachment trial, used his access for a wide array of clients as they sought pardons or commutations.

WATCH: Drop Dead Funny Film 'The Squalid' Starring Your Favorite 'Seditious S*it Trumpets' - PolitiZoom The Democrats have The Squad and the Republiquans have The Squalid

Describing a Slur Is Not the Same As Using It

John McWhorter: The Neoracists - Persuasion - A new religion is preached across America. Its nonsense posing as wisdom.

Why Matt Duss Matters - The Beinart Notebook ... Christian hostility to Jews draws more attention than Jewish hostility to Christians.

Andy Ngo's "Unmasked" wildly, dishonestly inflates antifa - Los Angeles Times

In court documents about the pro-Trump riots at the Capitol, Facebook is cited far more than any other social network : politics (Fuckerberging democracy)

John F. Kennedy was not a fan of Jordan Marsh furniture. : boston

Drunk History - Teddy Roosevelt Leads His Rough Riders Into Battle - YouTube

Cannabis reduces blood pressure in older adults, finds the first study of its kind to focus on the effect of cannabis on blood pressure, heart rate and metabolic parameters in adults 60 and above with hypertension. Cannabis research is in its early stages : science

'Conservatives' may be more liberal than they let on - conservatives in general aren't as likely as their liberal counterparts to exclude ideological rivals from their social circles because many people who report right-leaning identities are not particularly wedded to conservative policies. : science

130,000 year old Neanderthal skull encased in stalagmites, found in a sinkhole in a cave in Italy : pics

u/BaldKnobber123 describes how Neoliberalism has engendered a collapse of society in favor of economy, giving rise to the Precariat class : bestof

Stealing tangerine from a moving truck! : WTF

What did a teacher do that made you automatically gain respect for them? : AskReddit

A Silicon Chip Shortage Is Causing Big Issues for Automakers : worldnews

The computers rejecting your job application : worldnews

Barcode Scanner app on Google Play infects 10 million users with one update : worldnews


India, Massive Glacier Burst, 100-150 Casualties feared in flash flood. : worldnews

Denmark to build world's first energy island which will have 200 wind turbines and provide power for millions : worldnews
Oil companies buying up EV charging networks: Shell acquires ubitricity : worldnews

Coronavirus Variant First Found in Britain Now Spreading Rapidly in US - The New York Times A new study bolsters the prediction by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the so-called B.1.1.7 variant will dominate Covid-19 cases by March.
As Covid-19 Vaccines Raise Hope, Cold Reality Dawns That Illness Is Likely Here to Stay - WSJ Ease of transmission, new strains, limits of vaccination programs all mean Covid-19 will be around for years -- and a big business

U.S. administers 41.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines - CDC : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/7/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (4.7%+ 76 deaths 3004 new cases 2.66% positive)
113k Tests Reported (-17k); 4.8% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 3.1% Overall Positivity (-0.0); 3,004 New Confirmed Cases; 59k Active Cases; 76 Deaths (+17); 1,389 Hospitalized (-62) including 318 in ICU (+8), 191 Intubated (+2), and 33 in Alternate Med Sites (-5); February 7, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 7th. 609,483 first doses (+37,630), 169,148 second doses (+15,456) : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,004 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 76 new deaths Sunday - The Boston Globe

Covid-19s Hit to State and Local Revenues Is Smaller Than Many Feared

Here's how to tell the difference between a fake N95 mask and a real one - CNN

South Africa suspends Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rollout after researchers report minimal protection against coronavirus variant
Pfizer expects to cut COVID-19 vaccine production time by close to 50% as production ramps up, efficiencies increase : Coronavirus
Dr. Anthony Fauci says second vaccine doses should not be delayed 'based on the scientific data that we have' : Coronavirus
U.K. coronavirus strain is doubling in the U.S. every 10 days, study finds : Coronavirus

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's strict COVID orders effective in driving down cases: analysis : politics (Refucks: invade the state capitol!)

The Narcissism of the COVID troofer - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's another day for everyone to dunk on Naomi "death recorded: Wolf, and does she ever deserve it:

'We have educators who are dying': Teachers still fear COVID-19, but calls to open schools grow louder : Coronavirus
A California school district reopened in-person learning. In two days, 81 students were quarantined. : Coronavirus

South Korea Beat Back Covid. The U.S. Didn't. Growth Data Suggest It Paid Off to Contain It. : worldnews

Canada's Largest Meatpacking Facility Is on Trial for Endangering Its Workers During the Pandemic : worldnews

Suicides in Japan dropped for a decade. Then the pandemic hit. : worldnews
Healthcare workers in Japan face discrimination over coronavirus. : worldnews

Israel Is the World's Most Vaccinated Country. Why Are Cases Rising? : Coronavirus

Tens of thousands protest Myanmar Military's coup amid internet blackout : worldnews
Thousands protest army takeover in Myanmar's biggest city : worldnews
Myanmar: Internet finally returns amidst several nationwide protests against military coup : worldnews

MPs call to relocate 2022 Beijing Games over China's reported abuses of Uighur minority : worldnews

Indonesia bans forced religious attire in schools : worldnews (list of American interventions/atrocities)

Pokemon Go Grandpa who owns 72 phones became the most serious victim of Taiwan's earthquake alert glitch : worldnews

Russian protesters detained at pro-Navalny rallies say police threatened and intimidated them: 'The regime has shown its teeth' : worldnews
Is Russia distorting GPS signals to protect Vladimir Putin? : worldnews (try to find his palace)
Two gay Chechen men who fled to Russia after allegedly being tortured have been returned to Chechnya and are in "mortal danger", a rights group says. : worldnews

You are not a sultan and we are not your subjects : Boazici University's open letter to Tayyip Erdoan
Youth unemployment reaches alarming level in Turkey - The unemployment rate among young people in Turkey is estimated to have reached about 40% : worldnews

Al Qaeda leader in Yemen in custody, U.N. confirms : worldnews

Jameela Jamil is getting rape threats after voicing support for Indian farmers : worldnews

ICC ruling brings hope for Palestinians, dismay for Israelis : worldnews
ICC investigation into Israeli 'war crimes' an immoral decision - The Jerusalem Post - What makes the courts decision ridiculous is that it puts Israel on equal footing with terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. (and Nazi Germany)

Black woman kept as a slave for 38 years by wealthy family in Brazil : worldnews
Modern Slavery in Asia Pacific Fuelled by Widespread Poverty, Migration & Weak Governance - 1 Part Global Issues

Iran will reverse nuclear steps only if US lifts sanctions first : worldnews

Thousands of Tunisians pushed through a heavy security cordon and marched down the main avenue in their country's capital Saturday to mark the eighth anniversary of the killing of a left-wing political leader : worldnews

Pope Francis appoints first woman to the Synod of Bishops : worldnews (but not a bishop)

Polish journalist quizzed by police for writing that Poles were involved in the Holocaust - Europe - ... after being asked by Warsaw police if an article she wrote last October was intended to slander the good name of the nation

Outrage over French girl's rape case sparks demand for law to protect minors : worldnews

Exports to EU plunged 68% in month after Brexit, hauliers say : worldnews
The growing Brexit threat to Ireland : worldnews
Queen lobbied for change in law to hide her private wealth : worldnews ... That country will be third world until they ditch their oppressive octogenarian mascot.
Fashion executive accused in rape lawsuit reportedly hosted Prince Andrew at Bahamas estate | New York : worldnews

Cuba announced Saturday that private activity will be authorized in most sectors, a major reform in the communist country where the state and its companies dominate economic activity. The measure, which was unveiled last August by Labor Minister Marta Elena Feito, was approved Friday : worldnews

Joe Biden Restarts Tradition of Presidential Weekly Address that Donald Trump Failed to Continue : politics

Senior Democrats to unveil new $3,000-per-child benefit as Biden stimulus gains steam : politics
'Unbelievable': Bernie Sanders slams Democrats who want to narrow income eligibility for stimulus payments : politics
Stimulus checks: Why Congress started handing out cash, and why it won't stop - Vox Giving people money was once a policy long shot. It's now having a moment.
'America is back': Biden says U.S. will allow more refugees, support LGBTQ rights globally and get tough on Russia : politics
Biden's Homeland Security czar vows to fight domestic terrorism : politics

Trump left behind a damaged government. Here's what Biden faces as he rebuilds it. : politics

Senate Democrats push for nationwide marijuana legalization : politics

Weary postal workers hope Biden will bring new tone, change : politics

Trump's access to sensitive briefings will be determined by intelligence officials, White House clarifies : politics
Rep. Val Demings Says Trump Would Sell Intelligence Briefings Info to 'the Highest Bidder' : politics

Breaking With G.O.P., Top Conservative Lawyer Says Trump Can Stand Trial - The New York Times Charles J. Cooper, a stalwart of the conservative legal establishment, said that Republicans were wrong to assert that it is unconstitutional for a former president to be tried for impeachable offenses.
Pat Toomey Calls Trump's Upcoming Trial 'Constitutional,' Says QAnon Has No Place Within GOP : politics

Trump's tweets may have affected US beliefs about the pandemics severity. Prior to his infection ~20% of tweets showed a belief that COVID-19 was a hoax, but this dropped to 3% after Trump tweeted about his infection. This reversed back to 10% after he tweeted, Don't be afraid of COVID-19. : science

Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from holding federal office in impeachment trial: Poll : politics
Eschaton: "Narrow Majority" Remind me to keep track of when 56%+ is described this way by ABC in other contexts.
Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from holding federal office in impeachment trial: POLL - ABC News - 56% of Americans say Trump should be convicted and barred from holding office again, and 43% say he should not b
GOP registration drop after Capitol attack is part of larger trend As voters and former elected officials leave the Republican party, the drifts in voter identification come into focus.
Trump Trial Also A Referendum On Authoritarianism In America : politics

Opinion | Acknowledging the malice of some precedes charity for all - The Washington Post

Adam Schiff says mistake to presume Americans have full picture on Capitol riot incitement : politics

Democrats big shift in Trumps second impeachment -- Senate Democrats arent pressing hard to include witnesses in the upcoming trial. (they ARE the witnesses)
Trump's second impeachment trial set to kick off this week amid questions about what it will look like : politics
Democrats' big shift in Trump's second impeachment : politics
Trump has walked into jiu jitsu trap by refusing to testify at impeachment trial, legal analyst says : politics
What Trump and the Myanmar Coup Have in Common | The Asian country's military overthrew its government over baseless claims of voter fraud. Sound familiar? : politics
Liz Cheney: Trump's Pence Tweet During Riot Could Be 'Premeditated Effort to Provoke Violence' : politics
Watch Liz Cheney Lay Waste to Donald Trump During Fox Interview : politics
(1) Chris Hayes on Twitter: "I genuinely wonder, and I mean this seriously, if the crowd had actually carried through on the hang Mike Pence! chant if there would be enough votes to convict. Probably not!" / Twitter
144 Constitutional Lawyers Call Trump's First Amendment Defense Legally Frivolous : politics
Analysis: Trump's Senate trial matters regardless of outcome : politics
Trump's conviction chances slim, but experts say impact to his reputation will last : politics
Trump impeachment lawyer says he will play videos of Democrats using 'inflammatory rhetoric' during BLM protests at the trial : politics
How Donald Trump's hand-holding led to panicky call home by Theresa May : politics ... president's notoriously short attention span suggested aquirrel careening through the traffic ...

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund says entire intelligence community missed signs of riot : politics ("missed" = deliberately ignored)
False narratives seeped in through multiple channels to fuel violence at the Capitol : politics
Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and the criminal conspiracy case of U.S. v. Donald Trump | Will Bunch

Less than 10% of Americans like QAnon - CNNPolitics
Video of QAnon Shaman Emerges to Support Claim Rioters Took Cues From Donald Trump : politics
Trump's Pal Roger Stone Caught Hanging With Oath Keepers Before Capitol Attack : politics

Death threats and intimidation of public officials signal Trump's autocratic legacy : politics

Sheryl Sandberg Downplayed s Role In The Capitol Hill Siege - Justice Department Files Tell A Very Different Story
Facebook (Sandfuckerberged)

So Much for Unity. Sorry, Congressional Republicans lost their right to be advocates for unity and bipartisanship when they enabled Trump and his mob to attack the Capitol. : politics

GOP Rapidly Morphing Into GQP with Strong Support for Greene : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is No Outlier. She Is Now the Face of the Republican Party : politics

Sen. Bill Cassidy on Rep. Greene: 'She's part of the conspiracy cabal' : politics ... In other words .. Greene is the new orange.
Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Republican Perversion of Freedom | She's playing the victim. Don't fall for it. : politics
Free to Spread Her Bile Without Actually Having to Do Any Real Work. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Representative Without a Job, Can Now Spend Her Time Talking About How She's Been Mistreated : politics
Diehard QAnon followers think Trump is secretly still president and carrying out executions at White House : politics
Republicans worry Greene could be drag on party in suburbs : politics

Kevin McCarthy (Q-Ca) Tests Theory that Any Press is Good Press : politics

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley used campaign funds to pay for $197 in food during family Universal Studios trip : politics
Opinion: Josh Hawley made his choice and cast his lot. He deserves his fall from grace. : politics

The House GOP's Dangerous Swerves : politics

Liz Cheney becomes latest House Republican to be censured by state party for her vote to impeach Trump : politics
Defiant Cheney says voters were lied to by Trump as she insists GOP should not party of QAnon : politics
GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Blasts 'Weird Worship' Of Trump As He Faces Party Censure : politics

After Record 2020 Turnout, State Republicans Weigh Making It Harder To Vote : politics ("weigh" = "rush")

Those big, misleading maps of presidential results by land area are getting worse - The Washington Post

The martyrdom of Mike Pence - As vice-president, he abased himself and his office. In reward, Donald Trump sent a mob to kill him. Now, as another impeachment trial looms, he is cast out from Republican ranks : politics
Mike Pence officially joins disgustingly anti-LGBT+ think tank Heritage Foundation to promote traditional values : politics (Christofacism)
The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus, an excerpt from Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - Beliefnet

How Lindsey Graham's Petty Partisan Decision Stalled the DOJ How Lindsey Grahams Petty Partisan Decision Stalled the DOJAt the center of the imbroglio is a figure who is accustomed to being collateral damage of partisan warfare on Capitol Hill: Merrick Garland.

Dark money groups are shutting down now that the FEC can enforce the law again : politics

Two Republican lawmakers first to be fined for bypassing Congress metal detectors : politics

Stacey Abrams: Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Heres ho w to revive it.

The Bankruptcy of Right Populism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

I Spent 11 Hours Inside the MAGA Bubble - POLITICO - One America News is making a play for the pro-Trump audience, but its missing its star player. (One America Hates)

They may be at odds now. But Trump and CNNs Jeff Zucker have always had one thing in common.

Lou Dobbs' last show was a surprise to him and his viewers - CNN
Lou Dobbs Retweets Daily Beast Reporter Trolling Him In Donald Trumps Voice

Mike Lindell Has Sudden Epiphany And Says He Will Sue Dominion And Smartmatic

The South Dakota Attorney General Killed a Man. Everything Else Is a Mystery. : politics

Intimidation measure: Louisiana AG criticized for suing reporter over records request

How San Francisco Renamed Its Schools | The New Yorker

I didnt see the insidious ways women are held backuntil I became a widow

Big Publishing Pushes Out Trump's Last Fan - The New York Times />

Opinion | The Rochester pepper spray incident is part of a broader problem of how we view Black youth - The Washington Post

I just see no problem here. Nope, no problem at all. -- Planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments

Utah school allowing parents to opt students out of Black History Month curriculum : politics

He became the nations ninth vice president. She was his enslaved wife. ... In 1825, Chinn and Johnson hosted the Marquis de Lafayette during his return to America.

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 780 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Born in 1860 in Battle Creek, Michigan, Kellogg grew up with the Seventh Day Adventist ridiculousness, like his brother John Harvey

Where does the city end and the suburbs start for you? : boston
Cantabrigians are mourning a loss of identity, reporting shutdown of Peoples Republik bar

TIL the USSR considered Darwinian evolution a lie created by "bourgeois capitalism", and instead opted for Lamarckian evolution for political reasons. The failure of Soviet biologists to acknowledge natural selection resulted in a series of crop failures and food shortages. : todayilearned

According to new research, a happy and secure childhood does not always protect a child from developing a mental illness later in life. : science

Scientists develop transparent wood that is stronger and lighter than glass : worldnews

Excavation at three Late Prehistoric Eskimo sites in arctic Alaska has revealed the presence of Venetian glass trade beads in radiocarbon-dated contexts that predate Columbus's discovery of the Western Hemisphere. : worldnews

Harvard Scientists Trilayer Graphene Breakthrough Opens the Door for High Temperature Superconductors : technology

Baby mice recognize their mothers, just like human infants do. And researchers have found that mouse pups form memories of their mothers that last into adulthood. : science

Space travel may harm health by damaging cells' powerhouses : worldnews

Technion researchers develop mathematical 'conjecture generator' : worldnews

Thanks to the Internet Archive, the history of American newspapers is more searchable than ever : news

Is there an alternative to Goodreads from well established critics? : books

Awesome! Baby Veterinarian delivers a baby goat : gifs

What is it like to live alone? : AskReddit

What recurring dreams do you have? How often and for how long? : AskReddit

What isn't a cult but feels like a cult? : AskReddit

What dark thoughts you keep to yourself everyday? : AskReddit

[SERIOUS] What is the Creepiest or most Unexplained thing that's happened to you that you still think about to this day? : AskReddit


The ocean's soundscape is fundamentally different from that of preindustrial times, with anthropogenic noise negatively impacting marine life. : science

Three countries are due to reach Mars in the next two weeks - The Verge A Martian marathon with the UAE, China, and NASA

The Battery Is Ready to Power the World - WSJ

Coronavirus Model Predicts U.S. Death Toll to Top 630,000 by June : Coronavirus
1 year after the first known US coronavirus death, over 450,000 families will never see a loved one again : Coronavirus
59.3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines distributed, 39 million administered: U.S. CDC : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/6/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (4.9%+ 59 deaths 3378 new cases 2.6% positive)
130k Tests Reported (+3k); 4.9% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.2), 3.1% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 3,378 New Confirmed Cases; 59k Active Cases; 59 Deaths (-15); 1,451 Hospitalized (-52) including 310 in ICU (-12), 189 Intubated (-7), and 38 in Alternate Med Sites (-1); February 6, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,378 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 59 new deaths Saturday - The Boston Globe

Coronavirus cases are falling in the US but experts say it's not from the COVID vaccine, yet : Coronavirus
Mutated virus may reinfect people already stricken once with covid-19, sparking debate and concerns - The Washington Post More than 100 million people have been infected with the coronavirus, but they may not be completely protected against new variants
Oxford/AstraZeneca jab fails to prevent mild and moderate Covid from S African strain, study shows | Financial Times Impact on hospitalisations and deaths caused by variant not yet determined, according to preliminary findings
AstraZeneca thinks shot can stop severe disease from South Africa COVID variant : Coronavirus
Putin's Once-Scorned Vaccine Now Favorite in Pandemic Fight : Coronavirus

Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What the Coronavirus Wants Us Do to ProPublica Governors continue to open indoor dining and other activities before vaccinations become widespread. Experts warn this could create superspreading playgrounds for dangerous variants and squander our best shot at getting the pandemic under control.
There is no reasonable defense for permitting indoor dining under COVID, and there is no reasonable defense for dining indoors under COVID - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Indoor-Dining Debate Isnt a Debate at All
How Popular Epidemiology is Both Necessary and Has Significantly Damaged Our COVID Response - Lawyers, Guns & Money

This is shaping up to be the winter nobody got sick -- unless you got COVID-19

Supreme Court Partly Backs Religious Challenge to California Covid Restrictions - The New York Times - more evidence of a change in the courts direction after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (but they would have been happy with Trump's martial law)
Supreme Court lifts California worship bans prompted by coronavirus - POLITICO
Kagan Warns the Supreme Courts New COVID Decision May Kill People (Refucks: "that's the plan")
A Powerful Conservative Coalition Is Fueling The State-Level Push To Hamper COVID-19 Restrictions | HuffPost ALEC and other groups that fomented anti-lockdown protests are now pushing bills to curb the powers governors have used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Iowa officially governed by death cult - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Politicians must be held to account for mishandling the pandemic : worldnews

Myanmar: tens of thousands protest against coup despite internet blackout | World news : news
Myanmar coup: Teachers join growing protests against military : worldnews
Internet connections in Myanmar being cut off : worldnews

Canada to Officially Open Door to Young Hong Kongers Next Week : worldnews

Russian police have detained two gay men who escaped from the republic of Chechnya and handed them over to Chechen authorities : worldnews
Putin plans to crush the Navalny protest movement, encouraged by that playbook working in Venezuela and Belarus, intelligence sources say : worldnews
Russian court orders mining giant to pay nearly $2 billion for Arctic spill : worldnews
Moscow Government Uses Face Recognition to Arrest Protesters From the Recent Rallies : worldnews

Greta Thunberg effigies burned in India over tweets supporting farmer protest : worldnews

U.S. intends to revoke terrorist designation of Yemen's Houthis : worldnews

Bin Salman ordered second assassination attempt against ex-Saudi official: Lawsuit : worldnews
A shock for the Saudis - Joe Biden puts Saudi Arabia on notice | Middle East & Africa | The Economist war in Yemen will be harder to wage without American arms

Turkey: Erdogan promises 'no mercy' towards Istanbul protesters : worldnews

Former ruling party in Pakistan concedes to having received funds from Osama Bin Laden in 90's during foreign funding scrutiny case : worldnews

German Woman, 95, Charged With Complicity In More Than 10,000 Murders During WWII : worldnews

Italy's births plunge, busting lockdown baby boom expectations : worldnews

Fury at Gove as exports to EU slashed by 68% since Brexit | Brexit | The Guardian Hauliers say Cabinet Office minister ignored warnings, amid fears that worse is to come with introduction of import checks in July (off the racist dumb cliff)

Canada loses 213,000 jobs, unemployment rate jumps to 9.4% : worldnews

Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle : worldnews

How the US Lost to Hackers - The New York Times biggest vulnerability in cyberwarfare is hubris (if by hubris you mean stupidity)

ICE Threatened Asylum-Seekers With Covid-19 Exposure

Biden just gave the weekly presidential address a reboot : politics
Biden returning fireside to Americans after Trump ended tradition : politics
The Official Overseeing Bidens Daily Briefings Previously Defended The CIAs False Intelligence About Torture (torture Barry at work)

Migrant Families Force Biden to Confront New Border Crisis - The New York Times In recent days, hundreds of migrant families have been released into the United States by Border Patrol agents. Thousands more are hoping for a chance to enter under looser policies.

Biden withdraws Trump pick for US ambassador to Singapore : politics
Biden Tosses Out Trump's Last-Minute Judicial Nominations : politics
Biden Bars Trump From Intelligence Briefings : politics

Kamala Harris has already broken 2 Senate ties on COVID relief. She could give Democrats more victories in the future : politics

Biden, Democrats Prepare To Go It Alone, Believing Most Of Country Is On Their Side : politics
Lincoln Project Releases 'Don't Be Distracted' Riot Video Ahead of Trump Impeachment Trial : politics
(1) The Lincoln Project on Twitter: "It's been one month since the insurrection. Don't be distracted. Keep your eyes on the truth." / Twitter
Trump;s lie that the election was stolen has cost $519 million (and counting) as taxpayers fund enhanced security, legal fees, property repairs and more : politics

Biden administration makes radical decision to listen people who were right rather than people who were wrong - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Economist Larry Summers has been the kingpin of every economic calamity Democrats have weathered over the last three decades.

199 House Republicans have embraced anti-Semitism and violence : politics
(1) Jared Holt on Twitter: "NEW: D.C. Police arrested Ruben Verastigui -- a former "senior digital strategist" for the Senate Republican Conference -- on charges of distribution of child pornography resulting from a time span that allegedly included his time at the SRC. How I confirmed ID in thread (1/?)" / Twitter
Former Trump and GOP Aide Ruben Verastigui Charged With Child Pornography Offenses Court documents allege that, while working for Republican senators, Ruben Verastigui distributed, received, and possessed images of child pornography.
Former Trump and GOP Aide Charged With Distributing Child Porn : politics

Why has Donald Trump not faced charges for criminal incitement? : politics

Trump campaign paid Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem $6,000 during effort to overturn election results : politics
Trump's Murderous Rampage - Lawyers, Guns & Money - When Trump was doing everything he could to kill as many people on Death Row in his last month, he was also ensuring that COVID superspreader events were part of the killing.

$2.8 Million In Trump Reelection Donations Went To The Trump Organization: Report : politics

Nearly 150 Constitutional Scholars Reject s The First Amendment Does Not Apply in Impeachment : politics
5 key questions for Trumps Senate impeachment trial
Trump Senate Trial to Be Held With Signs of Siege All Around : politics

Seditionaries: FBI net closes on Maga mob that stormed the Capitol. A huge investigation has so far arrested 235 people, including far-right militants, members of the military - and otherwise unremarkable Trump fans
Man Who Maced Police At Capitol Riot Arrested Peter Schwartz was seen on video macing officers and wielding a wooden baton outside the Capitol, according to the FBI.
Proud Boys charged in Capitol riot may have been targeting police, filings show | Salon first reported on video of Proud Boys leader issuing challenges to police shortly before Capitol riot
FIRST ON CBS7: FBI raids home of Alpine man who too k part in Capitol riot Sean Watson, freely admits he was one of the people who stormed the capitol on Jan. 6.
FBI arrests pink hat lady seen with bullhorn in Capitol riots : politics
Authorities charge Missouri man seen in riot footage with Pelosi's nameplate : news

'Punch in the face to voters': Arizona bill would let lawmakers throw out presidential election results : politics
Republicans advance more than 100 bills that would restrict voting in wake of Trump's defeat : politics
Montana House endorses bill to end Election Day voter registration ~ Missoula Current
Opinion | Virginia Senate passes a state Voting Right Act that will test Democrats efforts to expand access - The Washington Post

Michael Flynn Re-emerges Pushing QAnon, Stolen 2020 Election Lies - The New York Times - the man who spent four years unjustly ensnared in the Russia investigation. (fuck off NYT subhead writers)

A party of zombies | If a political party t condemn someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene and her appalling beliefs, there is no limit to what they will accept. : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene has an average 24% approval rating among Republicans: Polls : politics
Morgan Wallen backlash spotlights shameful Republican failure on Greene
What a fortunate coincidence - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The armed citizen - Lawyers, Guns & Money The right to murder your neighbors if they annoy you sufficiently.

This Far-Right Militia Member Provided Muscle for Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Former Trump Aide Michael Flynn

Chris Cuomo Hits GOP With A Damning New Nickname | HuffPost - GOPQ
Opinion | QAnon Believers Are Obsessed With Hillary Clinton. She Has Thoughts. - The New York Times The mass execution cult has roots in three decades of demonization (and projection)
The MyPillow Guy's Fever Dream - In a bizarre, two-hour-plus disinfomercial on OANN, an election conspiracist sells a myth of a victory stolen.
MyPillow Chief's Apocalyptic Election Fraud Epic Falls Flat
Fox News was forced to fire all hosts who promoted falsehoods : PoliticalHumor

Ivanka Trump Thinks Her Political Reemergence Is Just Around the Corner

Trump's Chicago hotel found in violation of Illinois environmental laws for use of river water. - The Washington Post
What Lou Dobbs and Trump allies said about Smartmatic, Dominion - The Washington Post (Slobbs)

Ex-GOP congressman suggests many Republicans are discussing whether to form a new anti-Trump party : politics
Republicans are fleeing the GOP because of Trump but the rot started long before he was president George W. Bush was politicizing science, empowering the religious right, and torturing brown people years before Trump ever took office.

Poll: Biden notches higher approval rating in Texas than Gov. Abbott : politics

Virginia House votes to Jefferson Davis Emancipation : politics
Confederate monument, erected in Gwinnett in 1993, comes down

Mississippi governor goes on anti-trans tirade over Joe Biden's pro-LGBTQ protections. President Biden issued an executive order instructing the government to respect existing law. Tate Reeves calls that a "radical social experiment" that somehow "limits" his daughters. : politics

A modest proposal: Make D.C. a state, and merge Wyoming with South Dakota | Commentary : politics

Lawsuits Take the Lead in Fight Against Disinformation - The New York Times Defamation cases have made waves across an uneasy right-wing media landscape, from Fox to Newsmax ... In just a few weeks, lawsuits and legal threats from a pair of obscure election technology companies have achieved what years of advertising boycotts, public pressure campaigns and liberal outrage could not: curbing the flow of misinformation in right-wing media.
Judge Orders OAN to Pay Rachel Maddow, MSNBC $250,000
Fox News Canceled Lou Dobbs Just One Day After a Voting Machine Company Sued for $2.7 Billion : politics

Indiana Argues That the State Should Be Able To Take Everything You Own if You Commit a Drug Crime : politics

Gascon makes exception to death penalty ban for killer - Los Angeles Times

Donald McNeil and Andy Mills Leave The New York Times - The New York Times Donald McNeil, a veteran science reporter, and Andy Mills, who helped make the Caliphate podcast, were the focus of complaints inside and outside The Times.
NY Times Star Reporter Donald McNeil Exits After Daily Beast Expose

A Handbook For Surviving In The Wild - P83 Tactical

New study finds the number of Americans reporting "extreme" mental distress grew from 3.5% in 1993 to 6.4% in 2019; "extreme distress" here is defined as reporting serious emotional problems and mental distress in all 30 of the past 30 days : science

Non-nicotine substances in cigarette smoke cause changes in the activity of the brain's reward circuitry, leading to more pronounced addictive behaviors than just nicotine alone. : science

Can We Control the Voice in Our Head? | The New Yorker A new book argues that our inner critic can become our strongest guide.

Prehistoric bone etchings found in Israel believed to be among oldest evidence of human use of symbols : worldnews

Spaghetti-Os Pie: Why Gross Viral Food Videos Are Popular - The Atlantic

A s Guide to Investing
Beginner's Guide to Investing

Reddit banned a group of WallStreetBets moderators after they staged an attempted coup : technology


Seas will likely rise even faster than worst-case scenarios predicted by climate models : worldnews

Distressing animation captures a blue whale's struggle to avoid ship strikes : worldnews

South Korea unveils $43 billion plan for world's largest offshore wind farm : worldnews
Denmark to build US$34 billion clean energy island to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 : worldnews
Kenyan recycles plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete : worldnews
A lawsuit is leaning on the new research that found a global warming fingerprint on the melting glacier threatening to send an outburst flood into Huaraz, Peru.
Paris court finds France guilty of failing to meet its own Paris climate accord commitments : worldnews

'It is getting better': The United States is making vaccine progress on several fronts, and experts are encouraged : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 2/5/21 (imgur links in comments) : boston (4.3%+ 74 deaths 2982 new cases 2.3% positive)
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 5th. 539,877 first doses (+22,742), 143,690 second doses (+9,379) : CoronavirusMa

Better ways to read wastewater data : CoronavirusMa

Study suggests that the biggest spreaders of coronavirus are younger adults aged 20 to 49, : worldnews
Alcohol deaths hit record high during Covid pandemic : worldnews
Infectious disease specialist: Johnson & Johnson vaccine 100% effective in preventing death : Coronavirus
AstraZeneca vaccine 75 percent effective against highly contagious COVID-19 variant : Coronavirus
Coronavirus medication developed in Israel is 96% effective, hospital says : worldnews
Israeli hospital claims may have found cure for COVID-19
COVID: People getting infected twice may be 'far more common than we imagined', doctor says : worldnews

America's Soviet-Style Vaccine Rollout - The Atlantic Americas distribution plan is no more fair or logical than a Soviet-style queue for cabbage.

Three American Mothers, On the Brink - The New York Times -- THE PRIMAL SCREAM

Woman named Karen arrested for trespassing after refusing to wear mask in Northeast Ohio grocery store : news

University of Miami reports dramatic increase in coronavirus cases, including UK variant : Coronavirus

Cambridge Analytica Psychologist Advising Global COVID-19 Disinformation Network Linked to Nigel Farage and Conservative Party : worldnews (Tories are professional liars?)

Rich countries block India, South Africa's bid to ban COVID vaccine patents : worldnews
Govt claims 162 doctors died of Covid so far, IMA places toll at 734 : worldnews

PM Jacinda Ardern wants conversion therapy ban in Parliament by end of year : worldnews
Soul-destroying: What conversion therapy in NZ looks like
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's 'grave concern' after reports of systematic rape in China's Uighur camps : worldnews
The Victorian parliament has passed a bill banning gay conversion therapy : worldnews
Four women and teenagers freed from alleged sexual slavery in Brisbane after police raid : worldnews

Myanmar protests spread as resistance to military coup grows : worldnews
Myanmar coup: Teachers join protests against military : worldnews

Malaysian woman born to Muslim father and Buddhist mother wins appeal in Federal Court, declared not a Muslim | Malaysia : worldnews

Fake accounts gain traction as they praise China, mock US : worldnews

In Japan, Kirin Beer ends beer alliance with conglomerate linked to Myanmar military : worldnews

Navalny urges Russians from jail to free country from thieves : worldnews
Moscow's jails overwhelmed with detained Navalny protesters : worldnews
Former Russia deputy prime minister involved in Russian billionaire scandal and dealings with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort dies at 64 : worldnews
Russia expels European diplomats over Navalny protests - BBC News

Rihanna Paid $2.5 million by PR Firm with Khalistani Links to Tweet in Support of Farmers: Report : worldnews (prob disinfo)

Egypt frees Al-Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein after more than 4 years in detention on accusations of publishing fake news : worldnews

UAE Arrests British Woman After She Tells Flatmate "F**k You" On WhatsApp : worldnews

Saudi Arabia's Houses of Horror for Disobedient Women (bow down to Bonesaw's dick)

Journalist Who Predicted He Would Be Murdered by Hezbollah Found Dead : worldnews

Student protests grow as Turkey's young people turn against Erdogan : worldnews

Baby dies of heart attack following baptism in Romania : worldnews -- Baby drowned by priest during baptism. (then has heart attack)

Judges, not voters, may decide on Scottish independence vote : worldnews

UK expelled three Chinese spies posing as journalists in past year : worldnews

Mexican president tests negative for COVID-19, less than two weeks after contracting it : worldnews ... Trumps world record is still in tact then.
Mexico arrests ex-governor in case of tortured journalist | Mexican authorities arrested a former governor on charges that he had a reporter who investigated a pedophilia ring illegally arrested and tortured : worldnews

Saving For A Down Payment Has Never Been Worse: National Bank Of Canada
U.S. tech firm accused of mass surveillance in Canada : worldnews

Biden Freezes Trump's Withdrawal of 12,000 Troops From Germany : worldnews
Biden can't let Turkey's Erdoan get away with his threats to Americans any longer : politics
Revealed: US citizen newborns sent to Mexico under Trump-era border ban : politics
Biden calls for accepting as many as 125,000 refugees per year more than 8 times the number accepted under Trump
Deportee - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump and Steven Miller's ethnic cleansing campaign

Trump Is the First President to Leave Office With a Loss of Jobs Since Hoover : politics

After 14+ Hours of Amendment Votes, Senate Approves Covid Relief Resolution With Zero GOP Support : politics
Covid stimulus package worth $1.9trillion clears Senate after Kamala Harris gives tie breaking vote : politics (every.single.fucking.Republican)

Kamala Harris Tie-Breaking Vote on COVID Relief Package - Congress COVID Relief Details Kamala Harris Is Going to Be Doing a Lot of This for the Next Two Years : If you needed further proof that the stakes of the 2020 election were even more monumental than they were made out to be over the past two years, this vote should be all the evidence anyone needs.

Surprise! Surprise! Republicans Care About Deficits Again! : politics (and, of course Larry "always catastrophically wrong" Summers)
Biden rips GOP for 'all of a sudden' showing fiscal restraint : politics

Larry Summers's Churlish Payback to Biden
200 Obama Officials Urge Congress to Go Big on Stimulus - The New York Times (let's not toally fuck things up again, they said)
Eschaton: Hope And Change Anyway, shut the fuck up Larry. By the logic you appy to the unemployed, you should be comfortable enough to never want to work again.
Politico Playbook ecstatic that guy who is always wrong is wrong again - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden may move to fire the big 3 Credit Bureaus : politics
Democrats' $50,000 student loan forgiveness plan would make 36 million borrowers debt-free : politics
Booker reintroduces baby bonds bill to give all newborns a $1K savings account : politics

If Democrats want to keep control they have to take control. It's time to end the filibuster. : politics

Representative Jamie Raskin Is Going to Prosecute the Hell Out of Donald Trump: The lead impeachment manager's letter demanding that Trump testify is a masterstroke that signals Raskin will pull no punches. : politics
Why the G.O.P. Argument Against Trying Trump Is So Dangerous - By Republicans' logic, a president is free to commit insurrection so long as it's at the end of his term : politics (or, just a Republican traitor crook)
Trump's Impeachment Strategy Is Straight Out of the Pizzagate Conspiracy Playbook : politics
Trump's Impeachment Strategy: Let's Not Talk About the Whole Attempted Coup Thing : politics
I've practiced law for decades. When I read Trump's impeachment defense, I couldn't stop laughing. Trump's lawyers say the same thing in three different ways, without ever citing any authority or making any coherent argument : politics
MEME: You're In A Cult. Donald Trump refuses to testify at his trial for insurrection, while Hillary Clinton testified under oath for eleven hours at the Republican Benghazi hearings. And you still believe him. : PoliticalHumor
Trumps allies fear the impeachment trial could be a PR nightmare
Trump hopes to skip his impeachment trial. Democrats should subpoena him. : politics

The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time

Smartmatic Joins Dominion in Lawsuits Against Rudy Giuliani, Fox News - Smartmatic $2.7 Billion Lawsuit Smartmatic Joins Dominion in Lawsuits Against Rudy Giuliani, Fox News - Not only is this a whopper, it's also better written than most legal documents I've ever read.

2 recent GOP votes show the party is more invested in censuring members who break with party line than addressing extremism and violence within its own ranks : politics

In Fiery Floor Speech, Cori Bush Demands Accountability for Every Republican Who Incited 'Vile White Supremacist Attack' of January 6 "We can't build a better society if members are too scared to stand up and act to reject the white supremacist attack that happened right before our eyes." : politics

They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them | Times Opinion was able to identify individuals from a trove of leaked smartphone location data. : politics
In Powerful Speeches to Congress, AOC & Rashida Tlaib Demand Accountability for Capitol Attack : politics
No, Ocasio-Cortez Didn't Make Up Her Capitol Riots Experience : politics
AOC is an asset for Democrats, Greene is an albatross for the GOP : politics

GOP Reps. Gohmert, Clyde fined under new metal detector rules
GOP Reps. Gohmert, Clyde are first lawmakers fined $5,000 under new metal detector rules : politics

Man who wore horns in Capitol riot moved to Virginia jail that serves organic food Jacob Chansley went nine days without eating because organic food wasnt served at the jail in Washington, his attorney said.
2 Capitol Rioters Busted After They Delayed Their Bus Trip Home To Pennsylvania | HuffPost A Trump supporter who organized the bus trip on Facebook told law enforcement that Mark Aungst and Tammy Bronsburg held up their return trip by an hour.
The Misogynistic Dating Coach Who Was Charged in the Capitol Riot - Samuel Fisher left a long trail of videos and social media posts that reflect the views of a fringe faction of disgruntled men who became fixated on President Donald J. Trump. (totally not gay guy infatuated with Trump's tiny dick)
Did the Proud Boys Help Coordinate the Capitol Riot? Yes, U.S. Suggests - The New York Times In court papers, prosecutors have painted a picture that indicates planning among members of the extremist group on Jan. 6.
Can We Call the Proud Boys Terrorists? : politics
Video surfaces showing Trump ally Roger Stone flanked by Oath Keepers on morning of Jan. 6 : politics
Donald Trump's Business Sought A Stake In Parler Before He Would Join -- Documents seen by BuzzFeed News show that Parler offered Trump 40% of the company if he posted exclusively to the platform. The deal was never finalized.
Maine White Nationalist Charged in Capitol Attack Shares Racist Views of State GOP Leaders - Mainer Kyle Fitzsimons
Josh Hawley blasts "lie" he incited riot as Missouri newspaper calls him "FrankenHawley" : politics
Swalwell on Impeachment, Capitol Riot, and That Chinese Spy

Pete Buttigieg: I want the United States to be leading the world in high speed rail : politics

GOP senator warns his party must decide between 'conservatism and madness' : politics
Poll: 64 percent of GOP voters say they would join a Trump-led new party | TheHill (done deal)

Radical in its inanity : Good Ezra column on the indefensible idiocy of the Senates anti-democratic rules:

Democratic senator demands Covid skeptic Rand Paul wear a mask on Senate floor : politics (slimy asshole refuck)
Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown chastises Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: 'Start wearing a mask' : politics

Cary Elwes and Ted Cruz Are Continuing Their Princess Bride Twitter BattleThe actor asked the Texas senator how it feels knowing the cast of the film has "nothing but rabid contempt" for him

Miami Republicans vote to kick Parkland conspiracy theorist off House committees : politics

Lou Dobbs's Show Is Canceled by Fox Business - Mr. Dobbs, a loyal supporter of former President Donald J. Trump, was named in a $2.7 billion lawsuit filed on Thursday against the Fox Corporation and two other Fox anchors. (that's some sweet karma)
Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs show; pro-Trump host not expected to be back on air

North Carolina To Stop State Licensed Racism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Kyle Rittenhouse has fired controversial civil lawyer John Pierce : news
Youre Fired! Kyle Rittenhouse Terminates John Pierce

Pa. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman files paperwork for Senate run : politics

Georgia Republicans Are Working to Rig Elections So They Never Lose Again : politics

Harrison, sign : pics : Harrison Arkansas "Welcome" sign (not even a dog whistle, headquarters of the KKK) )

TX GOP Chair Endorses Holding A Vote on Texit : politics

Ivankas pardon push part of her reemergence plan (irony is deep)
The cottage industry behind Trumps pardons: How the rich and well-connected got ahead at the expense of others

Jeffrey Epstein fund abruptly halts payouts to victims : news

Michigan man sentenced for pointing BB gun at Black man who was grilling with his child : news

Attacker Stalked Women in Brooklyn for Weeks as Police Stayed Silent : news

31 anti-transgender bills filed in 20 states as GOP targets schoolchildren nationwide. From school sports to putting doctors in prison for treating trans patients, lawmakers in these states want to make people's lives harder. : politics
Senate committee kills bill requiring biological sex to remain on birth certificates : politics (S. DaCovid)

External report says Harvard administrators did little to stop a professor's decades-long sexual harassment - The Boston Globe - government professor Jorge Dominguez (Harvard sucks from the top)

ELI5: If our brains do not have pain receptors, how does it seem like we want to split our skull when we get migraines or headaches? : explainlikeimfive

Fecal transplant turns cancer immunotherapy non-responders into responders - Scientists transplanted fecal samples from patients who respond well to immunotherapy to advanced melanoma patients who don't respond, to turn them into responders, raising hope for microbiome-based therapies of cancers. : science

Scientists believe they may have discovered the smallest reptile on earth - a chameleon subspecies that is the size of a seed. Two of the tiny lizards were discovered by a German-Madagascan expedition team in Madagascar. The male Brookesia nana, or nano-chameleon, has a body of just 13.5mm. : worldnews

TIL about Operation Mindf**k: a group of 1960s pranksters who wanted to show how ridiculous conspiracy theories were by placing stories in the media attributing all calamities and conspiracies in the world to an 18th century Bavarian society called the Illuminati. : todayilearned

Pregnant women of reddit, what is something you wish you knew BEFORE you got pregnant? : AskReddit

Security guards of reddit, what is the creepiest thing you've seen/experience during your shift? : AskReddit


Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update (Feb. 3, 2021) - YouTube

"Without ending factory farming, we are in danger of having no future at all. Plant-based diets crucial to saving global wildlife, says UN-backed report : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/4/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (

Mass. reports 2,602 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 74 new deaths - The Boston Globe (6%+ 74 deaths 2602 new cases 3.2% positive)
81k Tests Reported (-11k); 5.2% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (+0.1), 3.3% Overall Positivity (-0.0); 2,602 New Confirmed Cases; 62k Active Cases; 74 Deaths (+21); 1,554 Hospitalized (-81) including 335 in ICU (-0), 208 Intubated (+5), and 41 in Alternate Med Sites (+5); February 4, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 4th. 517,135 first doses (+19,690), 134,311 second doses (+7,751) : CoronavirusMa

Baker to increase the capacity limit on restaurants, gyms, other businesses to 40 percent starting Monday : boston

Johnson & Johnson applies to FDA for emergency use authorization of coronavirus vaccine : Coronavirus
Study finds COVID-19 vaccine may reduce virus transmission : CoronavirusMa
A cluster of viral mutations seems to be speeding the spread of COVID-19 and scientists are racing to understand how they work : worldnews
/> How COVID-19 Ended Flu Season Before It Started : Coronavirus

Schizophrenia Identified as Second Greatest Risk Factor For COVID-19 Death. New study of nearly 7,400 people has found that the odds of people diagnosed with schizophrenia dying from COVID-19 are nearly three times higher than for those without the disorder. : science

Coronavirus cases are falling all across the country : Coronavirus

World faces around 4,000 COVID-19 variants as Britain explores mixed vaccine shots : worldnews
China bat caves need exploring in search for COVID origins, WHO team member says : worldnews
U.S., Israel Years Ahead of Europe in Early Race for Covid Shots : worldnews
Canada the only G7 country to take vaccines from fund that helps developing countries : worldnews

Covid live updates: U.S. vaccine numbers surpass coronavirus cases - The Washington Post

Wisconsin governor issues new mask mandate after GOP repeal Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued a new statewide mask order on Thursday, an hour after the Republican-controlled Legislature voted to repeal his previous mandate saying he didnt have authority to make such a decree.

Woman's Entire Family Dies After She Hides Positive COVID Test : Coronavirus

Water in two tiny NZ towns has toxic levels of lead. Locals weren't warned for a month because staffer was on holiday - NZ Herald : worldnews
Smuggler found with nearly 1,000 cacti and succulents strapped to her body : worldnews

Myanmar military blocks Facebook, social media as pressure grows : worldnews
Myanmar coup: China blocks UN condemnation as protest grows : worldnews

Nearly 11,000 Hongkongers moved to Taiwan in 2020 as security law accelerates exodus : worldnews
Taiwan opens office in Guyana in push against China influence : worldnews
US sends warship through Taiwan Strait for first time under Biden : worldnews

China has nearly 1 billion internet users : worldnews
China promotes education drive to make boys more 'manly' : worldnews
US, UK governments condemn reports of systematic rape in Uighur camps : worldnews
Hong Kong downgraded from flawed democracy to hybrid regime as city drops 12 places in Economist's democracy index : worldnews
Groups call for boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics next year : worldnews
UK pulls license of Chinese state-owned broadcaster CGTN : worldnews

Russian pro-Navalny detainees and relatives denounce jail conditions : worldnews
Russia and the U.S. extend nuclear arms treaty : worldnews
Kremlin defends arrests of thousands of protesters as a necessary response : worldnews
Navalnys jailing was a Groundhog Day for Russian democracy
Russian doctor who treated Navalny has died : news (died "suddenly" after shooting himself four times in the back of the head and jumping out a window)

Japan sees steep population drop as pandemic keeps foreigners away : worldnews
Olympics will happen this summer no matter how pandemic "evolves," says Tokyo 2020 president : worldnews
Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori stirs controversy after saying women talk too much at meetings, calls it 'annoying' : worldnews
Tokyo Olympics Chief Refuses To Resign Over Misogynistic Comments : worldnews
Japan Looks To Amend Copyright Law To Force Some Cosplayers To Pay To Cosplay : worldnews

India falls to 53rd position in EIU's Democracy Index, dubbed as flawed democracy : worldnews
Indian Police file a police case on Greta Thunberg for speaking up for Farmers in India. : worldnews
Modi's Response to Farmer Protests in India Stirs Fears of a Pattern - Critics say Prime Minister Narendra Modi's approach to dissent increasingly involves stifling dissenting voices, blocking the internet and cracking down on journalists. : worldnews

Aljazeera exposes systemic corruption in the top ranks of all facets of law enforcement (Military, Police, RAB) in Bangladesh orchestrated by a criminal gang with links to the PM, Sheikh Hasina. : worldnews

Student protests grow as Turkey's young people turn against Erdogan : worldnews
Turkey's President says 'there's no such thing as LGBT' and calls student protesters 'terrorists' : worldnews
Turkey state media marks Jews in Biden administration with Israeli flag : worldnews

Lebanese activist, Hezbollah critic Lokman Slim found shot to death in his car : worldnews
Lokman Slim, a prominent Lebanese Shiite publisher who criticised Iran-backed Hezbollah, was found shot dead in a car in southern Lebanon on Thursday. Lokman Slim had four bullets in the head and one in the back, in the first such killing of a known activist in years : worldnews

A former Ugandan child soldier who became a commander of the rebel Lord's Resistance Army was convicted on Thursday of dozens of crimes, including widespread rape, sexual enslavement, child abductions, torture and murder, including killings of babies. : worldnews

Polish ministry proposes "room to cry in" for women forced to give birth by abortion ban : worldnews

Belgium: Imam deported, mosque may close after anti-LGBTQ activities : worldnews

EU plans to ban vaping in public places as part of drive to slash tobacco use by 2040 : worldnews

France bomb plot: Iran diplomat Assadollah Assadi sentenced to 20 years : worldnews
To avoid lockdown, France cracks down on Covid rule breakers - France 24 : worldnews

Piers Corbyn arrested over leaflets comparing vaccine programme to Auschwitz : worldnews
Rupert Murdoch's Papers Illegally Ran Obscene Spying War on Chelsea FC for Over a Decade : worldnews
Harry Dunn suspect was employed by US intelligence agency at time of crash, court told : worldnews

Mexico stops accepting Central American families expelled by US along border : worldnews
12 state police officers charged after 19 bodies found near Mexico-U.S. border : worldnews (cop cartels)

Opioid Prescriptions Decline in Canada Following Cannabis Legalization | High Times : worldnews (why big Pharma, cops and Charlie Underbaker hate MJ)

Study finds the U.S. ranks last among industrialized countries for employee benefits including healthcare, paid leave, vacation days, unemployment and retirement : worldnews (Refucked and Dem complicity)
U.S. is worst among rich nations for worker benefits : politics

Puerto Rico pushes for statehood amid debt crisis: We will fight for it until we achieve it : politics

U.S. ending support for Saudi-led war in Yemen as Biden shifts foreign policy priorities - The Washington Post (Trump was Bonesaw's pawn)
Biden to stop U.S. support for the war in Yemen - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden says days of rolling over to Russia are done as he signals foreign policy reset from Trump era : politics

House passes budget resolution, moving forward with $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan : politics
House Democrats voted to circumvent Republicans and pass Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus package on their own : politics
House votes to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments : news
Megathread: Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) Stripped of House Committee Assignments : politics ... GOP votes to remove Cheney from leadership: 61 - GOP votes to remove Greene from committees: 11

In First Speech as Budget Chair, Sanders Rebuffs 'Partisanship' Complaints From GOP That Unilaterally Passed $1.9T Gift for Rich | "Eighty-three percent of the benefits of the Trump tax plan went to the 1% and large corporations... There was not one Democrat that voted for that bill." : politics
Mitt Romney unveils plan to provide $3,000 per child, giving bipartisan support to President Biden's effort : politics
Mitt Romney unveils plan to provide at least $3,000 per child, giving bipartisan support to President Bidens effort

'So Utterly Disingenuous': GOP Files Slew of Unrelated Amendments as Dems Push Ahead With Covid Relief | "If the GOP actually wanted to provide Covid relief, they'd introduce amendments to do so. Instead they're going to introduce what they believe are gotcha amendments to try to trip up Dems." : politics

Dems to introduce plan to erase $50,000 of student debt Roughly 44 million Americans, or 1 in 6 people, have debt in the form of federal student loans
Biden is considering sending every American a face mask through the post, according to a new report : politics
Democratic Senators say they'll file legislation to legalize weed : politics

READ: Letter from House impeachment managers asking Trump to testify - CNNPolitics
House Impeachment Managers Request Former President Trump Testify Under Oath Next Week : politics
Opinion | Why Jamie Raskin called on Trump to testify at his impeachment trial - The Washington Post
Trump rejects request to testify at Senate impeachment trial; House strips Rep. Greene of her committee assignments
Trump impeachment defense will display images of Capitol siege at trial
Democrats Just Dared Trump to Testify at His Own Impeachment Trial : politics
Evidence for Trump's second impeachment trial is all over the internet : politics
National (US) Poll - February 4, 2021 - 50% Of Americans Say Senate Sh | Quinnipiac University Connecticut 50% Of Americans Say Senate Should Convict Trump In Senate Impeachment Trial, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 74% Say Social Media Sites Should Be Held Accountable For Spread Of Disinformation

Joe Biden can deliver USPS from Donald Trump by firing his joke of a board : politics

The Senate Has Become a Dadaist Nightmare - No one would ever design a legislative body that worked this way : politics

Trump is so frustrated by his Twitter ban that's he's writing out insults and asking aides to tweet them, report says : politics
Trump is plotting a campaign against Republicans who voted to impeach him

After Trump Failed to Overturn 2020 Election, Republicans Are Trying to Steal the Next One: This is the most concerted effort to roll back voting rights in decades. : politics

Cheney refuses to apologize for voting to impeach Trump during closed-door GOP meeting : politics
Republicans Officially Okay Violent Death Threats Against Democrats, Psychotic Conspiracy Theories About Jewish Laser Beams : politics
(1) Cameron Joseph on Twitter: "Source tells me that roughly half the House GOP conference gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation after she rose to speak a few min ago." / Twitter
The March Of The American Kooks | Defector
(1) David M. Drucker on Twitter: "INSIDE HOUSE GOP CONFERENCE: @RepMTG tells fellow members she thinks school shootings are 'real and awful.' Says she doesn't know what "Jewish space lasers' are & takes issue w/ having said that. 'Apologizes' for subscribing to QAnon theories 'in the past' (per source)" / Twitter
Kinzinger on GOP ovation for Greene: 'Disappointing by a factor of 1,000' : politics

Don't blame a lack of education QAnon proves privileged white people are losing their minds too

Parler CEO Says He Was Fired by Board After He Proposed Cracking Down on QAnon, Terrorists and Hate Speech : technology (Mercer Trumped him for not being evil enough)

Arrested in Capitol Riot: Organized Militants and a Horde of Radicals - The New York Times (most of the men have beards)
Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before
Insurrectionists could be in more trouble than presumed : politics
New charges allege Proud Boys prepped for Capitol insurrection : politics
South Carolina man charged with threatening federal prosecutor over Proud Boys case | Columbia |
DOJ Moves Towards Parallel Conspiracy Prosecutions of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys | emptywheel
New militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for far-right groups (they are seceding)
FBI Raids Home Of Rachel Powell, Mercer County Mother Of 8 Suspected In Capitol Attack - the lady with the bullhorn, seeming to have knowledge of the Capitol buildings floor plan, instructing insurrectionists where to go.
Third North Texas real estate professional is charged with storming U.S. Capitol building Jason Hyland, 37, of Frisco arranged a flight to D.C. on a private plane with others to protest the election results and ended up inside the Capitol building with a mob of rioters, the feds say ... Hyland, 37, is at least the 11th North Texan to be charged after the violent Washington uprising..

Adam Schiff says Republican Party has become essentially a cult
The lawyers who pushed Trump's falsehoods may soon be done lawyering : politics

Sen. Warren Asks Treasury to Investigate Role of Dark Money in Attack on U.S. Capitol : politics

Why comparing Marjorie Taylor Greene to AOC is ridiculous : politics
Did AOC Exaggerate the Danger She Was in During Capitol Riot? AOC was targeted with another round of bad-faith smears after giving an emotional, firsthand account of her experiences during the Capitol riot.
Ocasio-Cortez didn't lie about location during Capitol riot
Bernie Sanders staffer defends Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's account of Capitol riots : politics ... The problem is that the right in this country is a bunch of degenerates that thrive on lies, anger, and drumming up vitriolic hatred against their enemies.

Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign' - CNN
Smartmatic Files $2.7 Billion Lawsuit Against Fox News - The New York Times Smartmatic accused Rupert Murdochs network of promoting a false narrative about the 2020 election that damaged the company.

McCarthy (Q-CA) Fails to Lead, Hands Keys to Party to Greene : politics
McCarthy Now Claims He Doesn't Know What QAnon Is Despite Previously Condemning It 3 Times : politics
Kevin McCarthy wants you to believe he has no idea what QAnon is : politics
Pelosi says cowardly McCarthy has made GOP the QAnon party over Marjorie Taylor Greene scandal : politics

Ted Cruz Lashes out at Billboards Demanding His Resignation : politics

Israeli Jewish Antifa hacks KKK website, doxxes members : worldnews

Secretary of Defense orders all military to pause and review handling of extremism in ranks : politics

How one billionaire family bankrolled election lies, white nationalism and the Capitol riot (fascist Rebekah Mercer)

Lauren Boebert already faces three Democratic challengers in 2022, including state Sen. Kerry Donovan : politics

Its Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremismstrong authoritarian streakthat runs through parts of American evangelicalism,

Conservative Group Calls Out Republicans By Name In Scathing New Fox News Ad : politics
Sen. Ben Sasse slams Nebraska GOP committees plans to censure him for criticizing Trump (the big crackup continues)

Iowa's House speaker said he can't make lawmakers wear masksbut he did enforce a ban on jeans ... Grassley, who is the grandson of Iowa Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R), did not respond to a request for comment.

After 412 Years and 1,391 Executions, Virginia Poised to Abolish Death Penalty as Senate Passes Historic Bill : politics

Deputy who killed himself left haunting videos on racist policing, division: 'I've had enough' : news

Rand Paul calls trans school girls hulking six-foot-four guys in bizarre Senate committee rant : politics (and the Mittster feels the same way)

David Hogg launching competitor to Mike Lindell's MyPillow - Axios David Hogg launching competitor to Mike Lindells MyPillow

Pence reveals his post-White House plans - politico (Heritage Foundation tank for non-thinkers)

How Andrew Gillum's Marriage Survived a Night of Scandal | GQ

Takeaways: AP investigation of Catholic Church and US aid ... So far, Congress has committed nearly $1 trillion in relief. An Associated Press investigation found that the Roman Catholic Church, one of the worlds largest institutions, was perhaps the biggest beneficiary.

Cheap Rent Makes New York a Better Deal than Austin - Bloomberg Big cities and office-settings may be most appealing to early-career professionals who need the networking. Cheap rents offer a golden opportunity.

Evermore: Taylor Swift sued by theme park over album name : worldnews

According to this video, and the database it uses, Great Boston is the second largest metropolitan area by land the world... : boston

Walsh: Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White placed on leave amid investigation : boston

Twitter bans Shiva : boston

Should psychedelic drugs be decriminalized in Mass.? Advocates see opening : boston
Somerville Is First Mass. Community To Move To Decriminalize Psychedelics | CommonHealth

US states that opted to expand Affordable Care Act Medicaid had significant reductions in mortality. Individuals in expansion states experienced a 9.4 percent reduction as a result of the Medicaid expansions. The effect is driven by a reduction in disease-related deaths and grows over time. : science (Republicans want to kill you)

TIL that 82% of avocado oil sold in the United States is either rancid or mixed with other oils. Researchers at UC Davis even discovered three bottles labeled as avocado oil contained no avocado oil whatsoever. : todayilearned

New report finds toxic heavy metals in popular baby foods. FDA failed to warn consumers of risk : Gerber, Beech-Nut, HappyBABY and Earth's Best Organic baby foods contained arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury, report found (big babyfood making America even more stupider)

Chemists create and capture einsteinium, the elusive 99th element : worldnews

'Future Shock,' Pop Futurism, and the Pandemic - The Atlantic

What if the God of religions (Christianity, Islam, Hindu, etc) was actually the devil and his greatest success was convincing millions of people that he was the one true god? : AskReddit


Sea Levels Are Rising Faster Than Most Pessimistic Forecasts - Bloomberg : worldnews
World's largest iceberg shatters into a dozen pieces : worldnews
Obsession With GDP, Disregard of Nature Leading Towards Ecosystem Collapse: Report : worldnews
Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think? - The Atlantic

Mass. reports 2,186 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 53 new deaths - The Boston Globe (7.1%+ 53 deaths 2846 new cases 2.3% positive)
92k Tests Reported (+31k); 5.1% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 3.3% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 2,186 New Confirmed Cases; 64k Active Cases; 53 Deaths (+8); 1,635 Hospitalized (+4) including 335 in ICU (-18), 203 Intubated (-21), and 36 in Alternate Med Sites (-0); February 3, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Tips From Mass. Residents Who Successfully Booked Coronavirus Vaccinations Online | CommonHealth ... "At 100,000 new doses a week, you can do the math and figure out that might mean it will take a little while for you to have the opportunity to get your first vaccination," Governor Underbaker said (YOU do the fucking math you idiot, that's a year and a half)

Charlie Baker urges patience with Massachusetts coronavirus vaccine rollout - February 3, 2021 : CoronavirusMa ... The headline misses the part where he said he wasn't sorry for the decisions theyve made up until now ... hope we remember this in 2 years.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is shown to drastically cut transmission of the virus. : Coronavirus
New Pre-Print Study Suggests COVID Reinfection Is Not That Rare : Coronavirus (but mild/asympto)

The race for next generation COVID vaccines is heating up : worldnews

Live Covid-19 News Updates: The Latest on Vaccines and Variants - The New York Times
1 In 4 Say No Thanks to Vaccine | Monmouth University Polling Institute Partisanship more than demographics drives willingness -- More than 4 in 10 Republicans (42%) say they will avoid ever getting the vaccine if they can, which is significantly higher than the number of independents (25%) and Democrats (10%) who feel the same.

The governor of the state second-hardest hit by the coronavirus probably shouldn't be bragging about it - The Washington Post (South DaCovid's Kristi Deathmonger Noem) g1

A woman has been banned from all hospitals for posting misleading Covid conspiracy videos online : worldnews

India becomes fastest country to reach 4 million COVID-19 vaccination mark : worldnews

China sending 10M vaccine doses to developing nations : worldnews

Out-of-controbushfire burns homes in Australia | Thousands of people urged to evacuate as dozens of homes engulfed by wildfire outside Australia's western city of Perth
Microsoft Says It Will Back Proposed Australian Media Code : worldnews (supports Murdoch)

Biden administration officially calls Myanmar coup a 'coup' : worldnews
China blocks UN condemnation of Myanmar coup : worldnews
Days before coup, IMF sent Myanmar $350 million in emergency aid it cannot get back | BusinessWorld : worldnews
Thousands protest Myanmar coup in Tokyo, demand Japan take tougher action : worldnews
After Coup, Myanmar Military Charges Aung San Suu Kyi With Obscure Infraction of having illegally imported at least 10 walkie-talkies

'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape : worldnews
China bans children from using mobile phones at school : worldnews
Chinese rights activist missing after stop at Shanghai airport : worldnews

Protests across Russia demand the release of Putin foe Alexei Navalny : worldnews
Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Penal Colony
Alexei Navalny calls Vladimir Putin the "underwear poisoner" in defiant court address : worldnews
Russia warns Joe Biden it will retaliate against any U.S. sanctions over Alexei Navalny : worldnews ... California alone has a greater GDP than Russia.

Ukraine finally bans 3 free air-TV channels 112.Ukraina, NewsOne and ZIK for spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda and Russian desinformation : worldnews

'No more media people will enter': Police bar entry to journalists at Farmers protest site in India : worldnews
Rihanna, Greta Thunberg anger India by backing protesting farmers : worldnews
Rihanna and Greta Thunberg Speak Up for Farmers' Protest, Face Vicious Troll Attack : worldnews

Indonesia bans schools from forcing students, teachers to don Muslim headscarf : worldnews

Twitter pressured to disallow Armenian Genocide denial : worldnews (Erdofuck has meltdown)
Turkey's Erdogan denounces LGBT youth as police arrest students : worldnews

Pakistan's Senate Approves Law Allowing Public Hanging of Child Rapists : worldnews

Academic jailed in Iran pulls off daring escape back to Britain : worldnews
US moves carrier from Gulf in a sign of ebbing tensions with Iran : worldnews (Netanyahu is mad)
US already in Iran deal talks, officials met in New York - report : worldnews

US airstrikes in Somalia continue at rapid pace even after force relocation : worldnews

While monitoring known and presumed far-right extremists, Germany's domestic intelligence agency has discovered that 1,203 had licensed firearms. 528 license-holders were the so-called Reichsburger -- members of a right-wing organization which rejects Germany's democratic order
German Nuns Sold Orphaned Children to Sexual Predators : worldnews

French state guilty of failing to meet its commitments to curb greenhouse gas emissions : worldnews

UK asks EU for grace period extension in a bid to soften Brexit impact : worldnews
'We felt like we were animals': asylum seekers describe life in UK barracks : worldnews
Firm running asylum-seeker barracks in Kent stands to make 1 billion : worldnews

Eric Trump hits out at Scottish plan to debate his fathers golf courses

'It's a perfect storm': A shipping container crisis has upended the global food trade : worldnews

Twelve Mexican police arrested over mass killing of migrants near US border : worldnews

Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group - The Washington Post

Big name corporations more likely to commit fraud - Fortune 500 firms with strong growth profiles are more susceptible to cooking the books than smaller, struggling companies. This type of elite, white-collar crime is understudied especially when compared with street crime. : worldnews

Lloyd Austin removes hundreds of Pentagon advisory board members to purge last-minute Trump picks. Trump's acting defense secretary had replaced dozens of board members with Trump loyalists following election loss : politics

120 Democrats Demand Repeal of 'Obscene' Tax Cut for Millionaires That GOP Buried in Previous Covid Relief Bill : politics
Not a single Senate Republican voted to advance the stimulus package that would give most Americans a $1,400 one-time check : politics
McConnell slams Democrats for using the same mechanism to force through COVID-19 stimulus that he used to pass the 2017 tax cut : politics
Romney: Disingenuous to criticize Democrats after big spending under Trump : politics
Sanders amasses budget arsenal to enact $15 minimum wage : politics
Sanders's claim the 2017 tax cut went to the wealthiest and large >corporations : politics

Discussion Thread: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds a Briefing - 02/03/2021 | Live - 1:30 PM ET : politics

Biden Ousts All 10 of Trump's Union Busters From Powerful Labor Panel : politics

Biden: No family members will be involved in any government decisions : politics
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Selfless Public Servants, Made as Much as $120 Million Last Year : politics
Beyer And Lieu Introduce Legislation To Reform Security Clearance Approval Process In Wake Of Trump Abuses : politics
Biden White House: We cant release Trumps visitor logs
Donald Trump's campaign owes almost half its debt to its own company, new filings show : politics

How to stop Russia from recruiting the next Trump. Voters deserve to know more about who they're electing. : politics

Lawmakers aim to dissolve 'draconian' law that placed heavy financial burden on Postal Service : politics
New Bill Aims to Scrap 'Ludicrous' Mandate Forcing Postal Service to Prefund Retiree Benefits Decades in Advance | "The unreasonable prefunding mandate has threatened the survival of the USPS and placed at risk vital services for the millions who rely on it." : politics

Insiders say Trumps second Senate impeachment trial is going to be unprecedented and ugly
Maxine Waters wants Donald Trump charged with premeditated murder for Capitol riot : politics
Lindsey Graham Threatens to Switch Focus to Kamala Harris at Donald Trump's Senate Trial (Flimsey-Dimsey)
House Democrat cheers Gaetz's offer to resign, help Trump with trial : politics
Trump Administration Lame Duck Conversations Revealed - Inside the Final Days of Trump's Presidency The closest parallel I can think of is the most recent onethe way a number of the architects of the deceptions that led to the Iraq fiasco tried to distance themselves from the stench of that catastrophic blunder. But even that was nothing like what we're seeing today, and what we're likely to see going forward, as the entire Republican establishment tries to plea bargain with history for its accessorial conduct in the crime of assaulting democracy with a deadly lunatic.

Nancy Pelosi Calls for '9/11-Type Commission' To Address Capitol Security : politics
Exclusive: U.S. mulls using law designed to prosecute Mafia against Capitol rioters | Reuters
In Rare Public Statement, Congressional Aides Call for Trump's Conviction : politics
Attack On Our Workplace 370 Congressional Aides Sign Onto Letter Urging Trump Conviction

Former CIA Officer: Treat Domestic Extremism As An Insurgency : politics (carpet bomb the fuckers)

(1) Richard W. Painter on Twitter: "Congress and the Department of Justice must investigate this immediately. The invasion of the Capitol on January 6 is looking more and more like an inside job. Trump Defense Secretary Disarmed D.C. National Guard Before Capitol Riot" / Twitter
(1) James Gleick on Twitter: "Two days before the Capitol riot D.C. wanted the National Guard. Trump's acting Defense Secretary ordered them disarmed and unable to conduct searches, seizures, or other similar direct law enforcement activity. He knew. This is actual treason." / Twitter
Did Donald Trump and His Supporters Commit Treason? | The New Yorker
Opinion: A damning legal brief makes it even more obvious why the Senate must convict Trump : politics
Insiders say Trump's second Senate impeachment trial is going to be unprecedented and ugly -- You can't do an impeachment on the floor of the Senate with two f**king lawyers, said one former Trump official, adding that s was worried the former president will embarrass himself : politics

Time to hold Trump accountable for his criminal use of the pardon power | Opinion : politics

Democracy or the white supremacist mob: which side is the Republican party on? : politics
Why Republicans can't dump Trump: The future of the GOP looks as bleak as its past : politics

House to vote tonight on leveling fines of up to $10,000 on lawmakers who flout security screening : politics
The Capitol Rioters Aren't Like Other Extremists - The Atlantic (just normal white Republican idiots)

Ocasio-Cortez's admission about her experience of sexual assault is context for her story about the violence perpetrated by the GOP. It shouldn't have been the headline
Opinion: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nailed it : politics
(1) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter: "This is the latest manipulative take on the right. They are manipulating the fact that most people don't know the layout the Capitol complex. We were all on the Capitol complex - the attack wasn't just on the dome. The bombs Trump supporters planted surrounded our offices too." / Twitter (Refucks saying she wasn't even there)
Steven Crowder Jokes That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Abused by Karl Marx, Faces Backlash : politics
(1) Charles Blow. Davis on Twitter: "The rich man's Michael Tracey." / Twitter (Greenwaldfuck is a cartoon of himself) ... AOC single-handedly weakened a movement of retail investors who were being duped by a pump and dump scheme?

FBI raids homes of 2 men who held rally on eve of Capitol attack - CNNPolitics

Confront military's white supremacy and nationalism head-on, or it will get worse: Veteran : politics

She was stunned by Bidens inauguration. How this South Carolina mom escaped QAnon

Election fraud liars are scrambling to avoid lawsuits, but they can't retract the damage they've done : politics

Deadly Situation : Omar Sounds Alarm Over Being QAnon Rep's Latest Target

Marjorie Taylor Greene's history of dangerous conspiracy theories and comments - CNNPolitics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Was a Moderator of a Facebook Group Featuring Death Threats and Racist Memes
An ugly truth links Marjorie Taylor Greene to Trump -- one the GOP wont confront
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is on Her Way to Becoming a Household Name -- As Democrats tie GOP to the Georgia Republican, an increase in her national profile compares favorably with Ocasio-Cortezs two years ago

Josh Hawley Is the Only Republican Senator to Vote Against All of Biden's Cabinet Nominees So Far : politics ... Even Ted fucking Cruz voted for the Secretary of Defense. Imagine being a bigger partisan shitheel than Ted Cruz.

New filing suggests Mark Meadows under investigation for campaign finance violations : politics
Watchdog Investigates Ted Cruz Over Loan Changes That Aided Billionaire Donors - The Wilks brothers obtained a $35 million Main Street loan. They also donated $15 million to a PAC that backed Cruz's presidential run. : politics

Rep. Lauren Boebert's mileage reimbursement raises red flags, ethics experts say : politics

Support for America First populism linked to increased odds of having been arrested. Individuals holding Islamophobic, anti-immigration and anti-globalization views are more likely to have been arrested in their lifetime, finds new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. : science
Israeli Jewish Antifa hacks KKK website, doxxes members : technology

Trumpism without Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money
More Than 10,000 Arizonans Left the GOP in January

Parler CEO Says He Was Fired by Conservative Political Donor Rebekah Mercer - WSJ

Fixing Political Journalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is an interesting essay on how to fix our incredibly broken political journalism that is more interested in horse-races, bipartisanship that means Democrats always cave to Republicans, and trivia such as what kind of watch Joe Biden wears than actually reporting on things that matter. (cover "government" not the two "political" parties)
Star NYT reporter with Earth-shattering scoop - Lawyers, Guns & Money (typical)
(1) Parker Molloy on Twitter: "If you lose your job, you lose your benefits. That's how it goes. This is such a ridiculous non-story." / Twitter (more politico "journalism")

Warren: $5.2 million bonus to nursing home CEO an act of "unfathomable greed" : politics

The Trump administration's terrible restaurant guests. They were exhausting, impossible, stingy, and cruel, just like at their day jobs. (assholes will asshole and Stephen Nazi Miller esp)

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne describes bluffing his way into Trumps White House -- Bizarre details emerge: scarfing White House meatballs like popcorn with Donald Trump.

Contractor Who Was Awarded $34.5 Million in Government Money and Provided Zero Masks Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Pumped and dumped - Lawyers, Guns & Money
GameStop stock plunge leaves newbie traders to reckon with heavy losses - The Washington Post -- The Reddit forum that helped kick off the frenzy has given way to anxiety, financial bloodshed and infighting
The GameStop Rally Exposed the Perils of Meme Populism
This Hedge Fund Made $700 Million on GameStop - WSJ

Morgan Wallen suspended by record label, dropped by hundreds of radio stations after using racial slur - The Washington Post (white country music dude is racist asshole)

Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted NEW: The courts can not find #KyleRittenhouse . Prosecutors now want his bond for charges in two homicides raised. @WISN12News
Kenosha County DA says Kyle Rittenhouse has violated bond : news
u/AmbitiousButRubbishh explains Kyle Rittenhouse's "soft-handed treatment for somebody facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison" by Kenosha County Wisconsin DA : bestof

In the first six months of health care professionals replacing police officers, no one they encountered was arrested : politics

Ex-Columbus Cop in Andre Hill Shooting Arrested After Grand Jury Indictment

New York Finally Gets Rid of Walking While Trans Ban After Decades of Discrimination : politics

Kanye West faces multi-million-dollar lawsuits for mistreating and refusing to pay employees : Music

The Down Side to Life in a Supertall Tower: Leaks, Creaks, Breaks - The New York Times
Noise Inside Building Swaying from Wind - YouTube

Scenes From a Marriage, Patinkin-Style - The New York Times Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody's charming, irreverent pandemic-era posts led to unlikely social media stardom. Will the vaccine end their run?

TIL in 1940 the WPA and NYC Tax Department took a picture of nearly every building in the five boroughs of NYC, these were digitized by the NYC Municipal Archives in 2018, collated, and geo-tagged to create a comprehensive streetview of 1940s NYC. : todayilearned

Erosion from this weeks storm caused a Sandwich home to collapse onto the beach

Musicaroo - Learn How To Sing And Play Music

The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Eating - Cook and Brown

Scientists developed technology for freeze-dried vaccines. Upon rehydration, vaccines can be ready against diverse bacterial pathogens in 1 hour, confirmed in experiments with mice. The platform promises increased access through refrigeration-independent distribution and portable production. : science

Metagenomics Analysis Finds 90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development : science

Eating too much fat and sugar as a child may alter your microbiome for life, even if you later learn to eat healthier. The new study is one of the first to show a significant decrease in the total number and diversity of gut bacteria in mature mice fed an unhealthy diet as juveniles. : science

Children with higher narcissism levels more often emerged as leaders in classrooms. When given a leadership role in the task, children with higher narcissism levels perceived themselves as better leaders, but their actual leadership functioning did not differ significantly from that of other leaders : science

Merck anti-baldness drug Propecia has long trail of suicide reports, records show : news

What is your nobody will ever believe this story? : AskReddit

[Serious] If you could learn the truth of any one mystery, urban legend or conspiracy theory. What would you choose? : AskReddit

What is your NSFW fun fact about yourself? : AskReddit

JesseKansas comments on Is there anything I can do to prevent my aunt from marrying my 18 year old cousin to a radical islamist in the UK?

Twins of reddit: In what ways did you take advantage of having a twin? : AskReddit


Astronomers spot bizarre, never-before-seen activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe : worldnews

Greenland is careening toward a critical tipping point for ice loss : worldnews

Economics' failure over destruction of nature presents extreme risks - New measures of success needed to avoid catastrophic breakdown, landmark review finds : worldnews
Australia's proposed gas pipelines would generate emissions equivalent to 33 coal-fired power plants : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 2/2/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (5.3%+ 45 deaths 1963 new caes 3.2% positive)
61k Tests Reported (-27k); 5.2% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 3.4% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 1,963 New Confirmed Cases; 68k Active Cases; 45 Deaths (+15); 1,631 Hospitalized (-45) including 353 in ICU (-20) and 224 Intubated (+2); 81.2% Hospital Capacity; 76% ICU Capacity; February 2, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 1,963 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 45 new deaths - The Boston Globe

UK variant has mutated again, scientists say : worldnews
The experts are sounding warnings about coronavirus variants. Heres what you need to know.
Russia's Sputnik V vaccine has 92% efficacy in trial : worldnews
Pfizer plans to deliver 200 million doses of Covid vaccine to U.S. by May, sooner than expected : Coronavirus
Biden administration announces direct vaccine shipments to pharmacies : Coronavirus
Coronavirus is in air -- there's too much focus on surfaces

Student, 19, wakes from 11-month coma with no knowledge of COVID pandemic : Coronavirus

N.Y.C.s Covid Metrics Are Dire. Cuomo Is Reopening Restaurants Anyway.

LAPD Chief: Anti-Vaxxers Who Block Clinics Face Arrest : Coronavirus

Scientology took 80 loans from the government during the coronavirus pandemic : politics

Show us the data or be quiet: WHO blasts conspuracies of virus's origins : worldnews (show us the evidence we deliberately hid!)

Vietnam confirms latest virus outbreak is more contagious UK variant : worldnews

Europol warns fake negative Covid certificates being sold across Europe : worldnews

Vaccine crime ring: Chinese police make 80 arrests & seize 3,000 saline-filled syringes : worldnews

Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus. : worldnews

Communications Minister touts the opportunities of a Google-less Australia : worldnews

Hundreds of Myanmar lawmakers under house arrest after coup : worldnews
Myanmar activist group launches civil disobedience campaign : worldnews

Taiwan's economy outgrows China's for the first time in 30 years, as chips demand soars : worldnews
Taiwan lawmakers seek to remove Chinese unity from constitution : worldnews
Chinese man tortured, beaten in jail after posting details of Xi Jinping's daughter online, mother says : worldnews
Chinese state newspaper omits Jack Ma from list of entrepreneurial leaders : worldnews

Top former North Korean diplomat says he defected for the future of his teenage daughter : worldnews

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny in court ridicules claims he failed to contact authorities while in a coma : worldnews
Putin's palace. History of world's largest bribe
At least 20 fakes found in Russian Billionaire's Faberge collection
Russia Is Ready to Disconnect from Global Internet, former Russian President Medvedev Says : worldnews ... The InterNYET
Russia hints it may return to overflight treaty if US does : worldnews
Russia's Economic Slump Erodes Consensus That Shielded Putin : news

Indian Journalists Accused of Sedition Over Protest Reporting: Several senior Indian journalists are facing charges of sedition over their reporting and online posts about a protest by farmers last week : worldnews
Doctors Are On Hunger Strike Over Govt's Move To Allow Ayurveda Doctors Perform Surgery: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) members and doctors of modern medicine have started a relay hunger strike from Monday at over 50 places across the country : worldnews

Facebook suspends chatbot linked to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu : worldnews

U.S. and Palestinians re-engage after 3-year freeze : worldnews

Islamic State relies on money transfers from sympathizers in Turkey, Iraq: Report : worldnews

Somalia: Several dead as Mogadishu hotel siege ends : worldnews

Bolsonaro allies win control of Brazilian Congress : worldnews
Gutting environmental protection in the Amazon: A new report documents budget cuts to Brazilian environmental monitoring and firefighting of 27.4% in 2021. : worldnews

Teenage leader of neo-Nazi group is UK's youngest terror offender : worldnews

An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2020 Election Results: Trump vs. Biden - The New York Times

Biden signs order to undo moral and national shame of family separations as Homeland Security chief sworn in : politics
Pentagon chief purges defense boards; Trump loyalists out : politics
Biden to Free Up Billions in Delayed Puerto Rico Storm Aid: The administration plans to release $1.3 billion that was meant to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria in 2017, and will remove restrictions on another $4.9 billion. : worldnews

Opinion | Why Are Republican Presidents So Bad for the Economy? - The New York Times G.D.P., jobs and other indicators have all risen faster under Democrats for nearly the past century.

Biden doesn't budge on $1.9 trillion COVID plan after meeting with Republicans : politics
Democrats are moving ahead without Republicans on Covid relief : politics
Manchin will support Democrats' reconciliation bill, allowing COVID relief to move forward without GOP : politics

Inside the Brutal Power Struggle at Homeland Security An investigation, conducted in 2020 by an outside firm and obtained via FOIA, paints a picture of DHSs Office of Inspector General in chaos.

House Democrat urges Biden to declare white supremacy a national security threat : politics

Manhattan district attorney considering state case against Stephen Bannon following his pardon by Trump - The Washington Post

Trump Raised $76 Million Then Spent Nothing On Vote Challenges Or Georgia
Meatballs, f-bombs, vote fraud conspiracies: A Trump Oval Office meeting so insane, Giuliani was 'the voice of reason' : politics
Biden's White House will look into Trump's visitor logs and whether it can release them : politics

(1) Isaac Chotiner on Twitter: "I never know how to interpret stuff like this. Is McConnell actually stupid? I assume not." / Twitter

Trumps actions described asa betrayal of historic proportions in trial brief filed by House impeachment managers
Read the Brief from Trumps Defense Team on Impeachment Charge
Trump lawyers in impeachment defense brief misspell United : politics
Trump's Guilt in Inciting Riot is Unmistakable Democrats Say : politics
'He invited us': Accused Capitol rioters blame Trump in novel legal defense : politics
Trump WH planned march that led to Capitol insurrection : politics
Trump's Guilt in Inciting Riot Is Unmistakable, Democrats Say : politics
Conservative groups go MIA on Trumps impeachment
Trump fell out with impeachment lawyers after trying to negotiate millions off their fees, report says : politics

Lindsey Graham proven wrong immediately after trying to defend numerous Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's statements : politics
Lindsey Graham threatens to bring in FBI testimony if Democrats call witnesses in Trump impeachment trial : politics
Lindsey Graham Warns Democrats Against Calling Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial : politics
The weird threats Lindsey Graham and Trumps lawyer are making about calling impeachment witnesses

Democrats nurse fresh memories of bad faith Republican 'bipartisanship' : politics
Opinion: Trumpism is American fascism : politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hid in bathroom during Capitol riot and thought she was going to die : politics
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she is a survivor of sexual assault and compares Republicans urging Americans to move on from the insurrection to abusers : politics
Outpouring of support for AOC as she reveals sexual assault and likens letting Trump off to sparing abusers : politics
"I had fulfilled my purpose." - Lawyers, Guns & Money AOC did another Instagram Live on what it was like to be a target of the Trump/Hawley/Cruz/McCarthy lynch mobs:

Missouri newspaper tells Josh Hawley to "impose law and order" on Donald Trump or resign : politics

A Pennsylvania Mother's Path to Insurrection | The New Yorker How claims by Rudy Giuliani and Alex Jones spurred a parent of eight to become one of the Capitol riots biggest mysteries, and a fugitive from the F.B.I. ... Rachel Powell ...
The church of the poisoned mind - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Ronan Farrow has an excellent piece about how Rachel Bullhorn Lady Powell was a normal, relatively apolitical woman completely radicalized by Mark Zuckerbergs firehose of conspiracy bullshit:
In 2019, Marjorie Taylor Greene told protesters to "flood the Capitol," feel free to use violence : politics
Democrats to start process of kicking Marjorie Taylor Greene off House committees, report says : politics

Progressive PAC kick-starts search for challengers to Manchin, Sinema - POLITICO

New Georgia election analysis: How Democrats won Georgia's Senate seats Jan. 5 ... Over 752,000 Georgia voters who cast ballots in the presidential election didn't show up again for the runoffs just two months later

New Democratic Ad Campaign Ties G.O.P. to QAnon : politics

Matt Gaetz is not just incompetent, he's a danger to the military and our national security : politics

Twitter Bans MyPillow Company Account After CEO Mike Lindell Hijacks It For Lies // Lindell used the MyPillow account to baselessly accuse Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of being involved in election fraud. : technology

Whitmer wants attorneys in Michigan election challenge suit disbarred : politics

North Carolina to stop issuing Confederate flag license plates : politics

Dolly Parton says she turned down Trump's offer of the Presidential Medal of Freedom -- twice

Fox News Ratings Free Fall Is aSelf-Inflicted Wound Insiders Say

The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor - The New York Times

The Nightmare Apartment Share in the West Village

What was the worst job interview you've had? : AskReddit

A new video player, updated email designs, mobile community settings, and an exciting new sidevote (award) : blog

Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy to take over in Q3 : news


Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years - a period spanning the entire development of human civilisation. Human-driven climate change has put the world in uncharted territory , the scientists say
Climate Campaigners Say 'Listen to the Science' as New Study Shows Earth Now Warmer Than Any Time in Last 12,000 Years : worldnews

Professor Avi Loeb: 'It would be arrogant to think we're alone in the universe' | Science : worldnews
Alleged UFO Sighting Clear Shots of the Mother ShipOn Outskirts of L.A.!!!

U.S. Hits Milestone in Pandemic With More Vaccinated Than Cases : Coronavirus undefined

MA COVID-19 Data 2/1/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (4.75%+ 30 deaths 3002 new cases 2.57% postive)
88k Tests Reported (-6k); 5.3% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.0), 3.5% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 2,270 New Confirmed Cases; 72k Active Cases; 30 Deaths (-16); 1,676 Hospitalized (-0) including 373 in ICU (+2) and 222 Intubated (-11); 81.0% Hospital Capacity; 77% ICU Capacity; February 1, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Feb. 1st. 484,829 first doses (+23,421), 122,652 second doses (+6,337) : CoronavirusMa

Why isn't there a main source to get enrolled for vaccines? : CoronavirusMa

There are now 5 cases of COVID variants in Massachusetts : CoronavirusMa
New study finds reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 in healthy young adults is common : Coronavirus
Don't take painkillers before your COVID-19 vaccine shot, doctors warn : Coronavirus
All five vaccines with public results have eliminated COVID-19 deaths : Coronavirus
The Covid-19 Death Toll Is Even Worse Than It Looks : Coronavirus
COVID-19 will likely be with us forever. Here's how we'll live with it. : Coronavirus
Getting different types of vaccine may give a "heterologous prime-boost" to immunity (theoretically) : Coronavirus
Covid-19 Patients Are Doing Their Own Research - WSJ

The 6 ft 15 minute rule is bullshit - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Biden approves $230m for Covid home test kits that take 15 minutes and are 95% accurate : politics
TSA authorized to fine passengers who refuse to wear masks : politics
Homeland Security gives TSA workers authority to enforce Biden's mask mandate : politics

9 Top N.Y. Health Officials Have Quit as Cuomo Scorns Expertise - The New York Times (big dick Cuomo smarter than your so-called "scientists")
Eschaton: Seems Bad ... He's a monster no one sane would want to work for ... Reminds me of someone

53-year-old man arrested after beating, stomping victim for not social distancing by Florida pool, officials say : news

Key events in Myanmar, long under military rule - ABC News

Australia's weak donation laws allowed $1bn in dark money to go to political parties over two decades : worldnews (they got Murdoched)

Myanmar military says it is taking control of the country : worldnews
US urges Myanmar's military to release detained leaders, threatens action
Japan demands restoration of democracy in Myanmar : worldnews
Japan whale hunting: Fishery in Taiji, Japan let whale struggle in net for 3 days and then proceeded to drown it. : worldnews

China spreading conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was created in US lab and Pfizer vaccine is killing elderly : worldnews
Leave Hong Kong before it's too late, say those who now call Britain home : worldnews
China Has Stolen The Personal Data Of 80% Of American Adults: Report : worldnews ("stolen" = given by Zuckerfucker)
Romania bans Chinese companies from participating in highway and railway tenders. : worldnews

Indian government builds cement barrigates around Protesting farmers to choke water and food supplies : worldnews
US Doctor and his team are 'brutally beaten' by police as they try to help victims of vicious clashes as Indian farmers' protests turn violent : worldnews
Twitter helps govt block accounts tweeting on farmer protests. : worldnews

Over 5,100 arrested at pro-Navalny protests across Russia : worldnews

Saudi Arabia has been scrubbing its textbooks of anti-Semitic and misogynistic passages : worldnews

Iran pursues German companies that gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons : worldnews

Thousands of Orthodox Jews violate lockdown to attend funeral of prominent rabbi killed by coronavirus : worldnews
Trump secretly eased sanctions against Israeli billionaire on way out - Mining magnate Dan Gertler was sanctioned in 2017 for corrupt deals with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rights groups are calling on the Biden administration to reinstate full sanctions. : worldnews

Shell Ordered To Compensate Nigerian Farmers Affected By Oil Spills : worldnews

Norway Wealth Fund Dumps Oil Stocks Amid $10 Billion Loss : worldnews
For first time, Norway's wealth fund ditches firms over tax transparency : worldnews

EU claims court errors in bid to overturn $15.7 billion Apple tax judgment : worldnews

Canada Post Carriers Suspended For Refusing to Deliver Pro-Trump Epoch Times

US veterans deported to Mexico want Biden to let them 'back into their country' before cartels get to them : politics
Trump's trade war on China was a failure in every possible way : politics

US prepared to 'stand up' to Moscow, says secretary of State : politics

Calculated Risk: December Employment Report: 140 Thousand Jobs LOST, 6.7% Unemployment Rate

All 10 GOP Senators Behind Skimpy $600 Billion Covid Relief Offer Happily Voted for $740 Billion Military Budget : politics
Cutting $2,000 Payments, and Limiting Who's Eligible for Them, Is Bad Economics and Loser Politics : politics
Biden's Approval Rating Is Trump's in Reverse : politics
Biden has reversed Trump's plan to cut $27.4 billion from government spending : politics
Biden Should Reject the Latest GOP Bipartisan Fantasy | A cynical Republican push for a bipartisan stimulus bill makes clear why Democrats have to go it alone. : politics
Bolstering Reconciliation Case, Study Shows $15 Wage Would Boost Federal Budget By $65 Billion : politics

Court tosses Trump EPA's 'secret science' rule : politics ("no science" rule)

White House reviewing whether Trump should continue receiving intel briefings : politics

Opinion: Before 2024, we had better fix the election law failings we saw last year : politics

Poll: Half of Americans believe Senate should convict Trump in impeachment trial : politics
Opinion: Prosecuting Trump is more essential than ever : politics

Trump's own lawyers secretly drafted Texas lawsuit challenging election results, report says - The Texas lawsuit sought to overthrow 20 million votes in four battleground states : politics
White House allies secretly wrote the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn Biden's win : politics

McConnell: Trump Tricked Me Into Backing His Coup : politics
Mitch McConnell Thought Trump Was Just 'Blustering' In His Election Lies: NYT The Senate leader was assured by Jared Kushner that the former president would "bow to reality" and concede, according to the report. : politics

Trump faces Tuesday deadline to deliver formal response to impeachment as trial looms : politics
Trump Now Has Neither a Legal Team Nor Strategy for His Impeachment Trial : politics
Trump just fired his legal team because he is trying to turn his impeachment trial into a circus. Trump sabotages Republicans' planned defense of his insurrection, tries to turn second impeachment into a sideshow : politics Trump's new legal team includes an attorney who declined to prosecute Bill Cosby and another who met with Jeffrey Epstein just days before his death : politics
Even Trump's impeachment lawyers are not defending his attempted coup : politics
Trump's legal team exited after he insisted impeachment defense focus on false claims of election fraud : politics

As Trump Raked in Cash Denying His Loss, Little Went To Actual Legal Fight : politics
Trump "election defense fund" was actually massive fundraising scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trumps Sleight of Hand: Shouting Fraud, Pocketing DonorsCash for Future

Democrats will expand their Senate majority in 2022 : politics
Republican State Legislatures Are Radicalizing Against Democracy : politics

Trump May Be Gone, But He Left Plenty of Lackeys Behind. Here Are Some of the Worst. How last-minute appointments will keep Trump's stench alive. : politics

Remember: There Was An Attempted Coup Against the United States Less Than a Month Ago : politics
The Worst President in History -- Three particular failures secure Trumps status as the worst chief executive ever to hold the office
If we don't hold Trump accountable for his 'high crimes,' America will pay a high price : politics
Sorry, Republicans, but there's no way to acquit Trump without endorsing his insurrection. Trump's new loyalty test makes it clear: Republicans who vote to acquit are siding with the insurrectionists : politics ... less than two weeks after the insurrection, 87% of Republican voters said they approved of Trump, a drop of only two percentage points from November. And three-quarters of Republican voters insist that Trump got more votes than Joe Biden, even though he received 7 million fewer ... Republican voters back the insurrection, back the excuse for it, and back the man who incited it.

Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it 'Trump cult' : politics
N.C. Republicans are leaving their party in larger numbers after Capitol riot : politics

Learned impunity - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The riots at various statehouses taught America's white supremacists that capitols could be invaded with little legal risk:
Sense of Entitlement: Rioters Faced Few Consequences Invading State Capitols. No Wonder They Turned to the U.S. Capitol Next.
They stormed the Capitol to overturn the results of an election they didn't vote in : politics
An Emboldened Extremist Wing Flexes Its Power in a Leaderless G.O.P. : politics

'Civil War!' : How Trumps words before the Capitol riot were amplified and echoed: Text analysis shows calls for civil war intensified on the right-leaning social media app Parler as Trump urged his followers to march on the Capitol.
Strange costumes of Capitol rioters echo the early days of the Ku Klux Klan - before the white sheets : politics

QAnon and the Cultification of the American Right The conspiracy theory has become a theology of right-wing rebellion

Capitol Rioters Blamed Antifa For The Insurrection. You'll Never Guess What Happened Next. - They got arrested, not antifa.
Genius Wore Jacket with His Companys Name and Phone Number on It While Storming the Capitol, Kicking in Window

McConnell says Taylor Greenes embrace of conspiracy theories a cancer to GOP, country
House Democrats file resolution to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments : politics
A coalition of representatives announced they will try to remove GOP Rep. Marjorie Greene : politics
If Marjorie Taylor Greene Isn't Beyond the Pale, Who Is? : politics
Parkland mom says Marjorie Taylor Greene won't disavow shooting conspiracies publicly : politics
The Boogaloo Bois Have Guns, Criminal Records and Military Training. Now They Want to Overthrow the Government. : politics
Cowboys for Trump Leader Charged in Capitol Riots Met Ex-President Several Times
FBI releases new images of DC pipe bomb suspect : news

The Coup Attempt Was Launched By Highly Privileged People - Lawyers, Guns & Money At this point, we shouldnt have to say that the people who can take time off from work and travel to Washington in order to overthrow a democratically elected government are not the Working Man of America.
How Trump Unleashed a Domestic Terrorism MovementAnd What Experts Say Must Be Done to Defeat It (invade and carpet-bomb?)

Missouri Faith Leaders Call on Josh Hawley to Resign : politics ... 81% of White Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in November. (Fuckangelical spawns of Satan)
Group targeting Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz in $1M billboard campaign wants them to apologize : politics

After barely surviving 2020,Pa's democracy might not survive the Republican effort to gerrymander the court | Editorial : politics
Georgia Republicans Are So Afraid of Stacey Abrams That They Created a Group Called Stop Stacey : politics
Atlanta U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine, who Trump appointed amid post-election pressure campaign, resigns - The Washington Post

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice breaks with Joe Manchin, calls for large stimulus bill : politics (Manchin to the right of asshole Republican)

Claim of anti-conservative bias by social media firms is baseless, report finds : politics
Conservative claims of online censorship 'a form of disinformation:' report : politics

ACLU, for first time, elects Black person as its president : politics

Report: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may challenge Chuck Schumer for Senate seat : politics

Rochester Police Pepper-Sprayed 9-Year-Old Girl, Footage Shows - The New York Times The incident brought renewed scrutiny to a department whose officers had placed a hood on Daniel Prude, a Black man, before he died from suffocation.

Oregon law to decriminalize all drugs goes into effect, offering addicts rehab instead of prison : politics

Police: 3 people dead following dispute over shoveling snow : news

Man hires two to kill rape victim, pair kills man's sister and neighbor instead : news

Top Pa. election official to resign after agency bungled requirement for constitutional amendment -- Spotlight PA that will delay a statewide vote on whether survivors of decades-old sexual abuse should be able to sue the perpetrators and institutions that covered up the crimes.

He Horrifically Abused Me for Years: Evan Rachel Wood and Other Women Make Allegations of Abuse Against Marilyn Manson

GameStop, AMC origins were in a letter from a Wall Street investor before a Reddit WallStreetBets message board took up the cause - The Washington Post

UCF fires professor who sent controversial tweets following complaints about classroom conduct : news

Superstar Cities Are in Trouble - The Atlantic

Marilyn Manson's dropped from his record label following abuse allegations : Music

The pandemic has highlighted how tone deaf, selfish, and inconsiderate celebreties and influencers are. : videos

The Bactericidal Action Of Propylene Glycol Vapor On Microorganisms Suspended In Air.

P A M A R A M A : funny

TIL that Ponzi schemes are at their highest levels in ten years. There were at least 60 major Ponzi schemes in 2020 alone, costing investors over $3 billion. The SEC and others say "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." : todayilearned

Where to buy feminized seeds? : bostontrees



Earth's ice melt has sped up dramatically in past 30 years | Annually, the melt rate is now about 57 per cent faster than it was three decades ago, scientists report in a uncharted territory , the scientists say : worldnews

GM Going Electric - Lawyers, Guns & Money General Motors has seen the writing on the wall and for the first time since it introduced yearly models a century ago is actually ahead of the curve on the future of the auto industry.

Insect protein could soon become a staple food because it can produce similar quantities of product to existing livestock industries with a fraction of the resources needed. However, some worry as researchers have shown that people with shellfish allergies could be at risk from eating insect food. : worldnews

Human-made mass exceeds all living biomass. : worldnews

Part of Highway 1 just slid into the ocean:

U.S. distributes 49.9 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines, administers 31.1 mln shots -CDC : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 1/31/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (5.1 46 deaths 3174 new cases 2.7% positive)
94k Tests Reported (-49k); 5.3% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.6), 3.6% Overall Positivity (-0.4); 2,546 New Confirmed Cases; 72k Active Cases; 46 Deaths (-41); 1,676 Hospitalized (-63) including 371 in ICU (-22) and 231 Intubated (-8); 83.4% Hospital Capacity; 78% ICU Capacity; January 31, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Jan. 31st. 461,408 first doses (+22,556), 116,315 second doses (+9,516) : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts second-to-last state in % of vaccine supply administered: Covid-19 Tracker : CoronavirusMa

What is going on with the vaccine rollout? : CoronavirusMa (Charlie Underbaker)

Saliva Tests for COVID-19 as Effective as Swabs : Coronavirus

COVID-19 reduces fertility in men, study suggests : worldnews
COVID-19: Life won't return to normal for at least two years, expert warns, saying pandemic 'isn't over until it's over globally' : worldnews
As Virus Variants Spread, No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe
Coronavirus mutations threaten to extend pandemic - The Washington Post
Dr. Fauci explained the advantages J&J's one-shot coronavirus vaccine has over other drugs : Coronavirus

Wisconsin Vaccine Saboteur Steven Brandenburg Is a Flat-Earther, FBI Document Reveals Steven Brandenburg also allegedly carried a handgun to work, and believed the sky was actually a shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God (because the sky wasn't their before 1776)

Michigan restaurants defy state covid restrictions - The Washington Post ... This is the other rebellion. While armed extremists gathered outside the statehouse in Lansing a week after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in support of President Donald Trumps false claims of election fraud, dozens of restaurateurs across Michigan held their own protests against reality.

WHO investigators meet Wuhan hospital leaders on day two of Covid-19 missio -- nbut afternoon will be spent visiting museums (not hiding anything!)

Study finds that Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro carried out institutional strategy to spread the coronavirus u : worldnews

After 10 months with zero community transmission, a quarantine hotel worker tests positive for COVID in Western Australia : worldnews

New Zealand Prime Minister Says Borders Will Remain Closed to Tourists Until Citizens Are Vaccinated : worldnews

Israel to give 5,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the Palestinians to immunize front-line medical workers : worldnews (that'll help a lot)
Thousands attend funeral for ultra-Orthodox rabbi killed by virus in Israel : worldnews (Rave in the Grave)

German military to send medical staff and equipment to Portugal where space in hospital intensive care units is running out after a surge in coronavirus infections with only seven of 850 ICU beds vacant : worldnews

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Detained in Myanmar Amid Coup Fears - The New York Times ... The action came after mounting indications of an impending coup in the Southeast Asian nation ... (yesterday: Myanmar military vows to abide by constitution amid coup rumurs)

Corruption in China: former top banker Lai Xiaomin executed for taking US$277 million in bribes : worldnews
China 'threatens war' with Philippines as US pledges support to Manila : worldnews
Philippines protests China green light for its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels : worldnews
UK opens doors to millions of Hong Kong citizens. : worldnews

Disturbing signs are emerging that human remains from the ferocious 1945 Battle of Okinawa might be mixed with soil landfill for a massive reclamation project for a U.S. military base in Japan's southernmost prefecture : worldnews
Japan whale hunting: By-catch rule highlighted after minke death : worldnews (whole country has NPD)

Kim Jong Un's wife has been missing from the public eye for more than a year : worldnews

Bangladesh Garment Makers Score Victory Against Sears In $40 Million Lawsuit : worldnews
Bangladesh sends more Rohingya refugees to remote island despite criticism : worldnews

'No full withdrawal' of international troops from Afghanistan by May: report : worldnews

Video of Delhi police breaking CCTV cameras during Delhi riots viral as farmers protest : worldnews

Russia arrests over 1,000 people demanding Navalny's release : worldnews
Russia arrests nearly 5,000 at wide protests backing Navalny
Russian activist Navalny's foundation calls on Biden to sanction Putin's closest allies : worldnews
Supporters of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny were set to stage fresh protests in Moscow and across Russia on Sunday for a second straight weekend despite a sweeping crackdown on his allies and the near-certainty of a confrontation with police : worldnews
To Discredit Navalny Protesters, Russia Spreads 'Myth' Of Mass Youth Participation : worldnews
The FBI should reveal what it knows about another Russian dissidents poisoning

Russian jets wipe out ISIS hideouts in Syria with 95 air strikes in 24-hour bombing blitz : worldnews

Mossad head says IDF chief irresponsible for panning US Iran nuclear policy

Palestinian Authority praises Munich massacre as a 'quality operation' : worldnews

Outcry, arrests in Turkey over poster depicting sacred Kaaba with LGBT flags : worldnews

Central African Republic's capital in apocalyptic situation as rebels close in : worldnews

Abortion law protests in Poland put civil liberties in the spotlight : worldnews

Rivers breaking banks in Germany as more snow falls : worldnews

Black Lives Matter foundation wins Swedish human rights prize : worldnews

Amsterdam: Tourists face ban from cannabis cafes - Mayor wants to get rid of "low-value tourists" : worldnews

Anti-capitalist and environmental groups protest Amazon expansion in France : worldnews

George Nkencho: Family of black man shot dead by Irish police at family home call for unity after protests : worldnews

Scottish Parliament to hold vote on Unexplained Wealth Order into Donald Trumps financesMSPs will be asked to vote this week on whether the Scottish Government should pursue an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) to investigate the source of financing for Donald Trumps Scottish resorts.

No change in dollars: A new challenge for Venezuelans. : worldnews

Stimulus update -- Biden, Pelosi prepare to push for $1,400 payments without GOP backing
Ghosts of 2009 Drive Democrats' Push for Robust Crisis Response - In their quest for Republican backing, Democrats say they missed opportunities in 2009 for a stronger response to the Great Recession. They're determined not to repeat the mistake. (tnx, reach-across-the-aisle Barry and those centrist dem fuckers)
Why Biden has a rare opportunity for early success - CNNPolitics

Democracys stress test: We survived the worst of Trumpism -- By Barney Frank
Gang of Collins offers Biden a one-term presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money

All the Lies They Told Us About the Filibuster : politics
Opinion | Democrats are faced with a choice. Protect the filibuster or protect democracy. - The Washington Post

Democratic presidents keep having to save the US economy after Republican presidents run it into the ground : politics

Biden administration should sue Donald Trump to pay for Capitol riot cleanup : politics
What riot? Amnesia sets in among Republicans in Washington : politics

U.Anti-Science Movement Sacrificed Tens Of Thousands Of Lives To COVID: Medical Expert | The needless toll was triggered by an active and unabashed anti-science disinformation initiative by the Trump White House, writes Dr. Peter Hotez. : politics
Trump officials lobbied to deny states money for vaccine rollout last fall (killing you for their gain)

77 Days: Trump's Campaign to Subvert the Election - Hours after the United States voted, the president declared the election a fraud -- a lie that unleashed a movement that would shatter democratic norms and upend the peaceful transfer of power.
Piling up incriminating information about Trump's Russian connections : politics
Russian Intelligence Cultivated Donald Trump for Decades, Says Former KGB Agent : politics

Trump announces new legal team for second impeachment trial - Axios - Former President Trump announced on Sunday that lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor Jr. will lead his defense at his upcoming impeachment trial.
Something went terribly wrong with Trumps defense
Megathread: Trump Parts with Impeachment Lawyers a Week Before Trial : politics ... Trump could literally have a can of week old tuna fish represent him, and at least 45 Republican senators would say it smelled fine to them ... Correct. The Republican party is now a domestic enemy which needs to be dealt with wholesale and immediately.
Trump's impeachment defense is out. Bannon is reportedly encouraging him to go to the Senate himself. : politics (that'll def work)
Entire Trump legal defense team quits - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Delusional Trump Is Sabotaging His Own Impeachment Defense : politics
Eschaton: Brain Worms I do think "we" all got accustomed to Trump being Trump, rather than recognizing that he's been sliding deeper into dementia all this time. (Kathleen Parker)
How it started: (the complete Kathleen Parker loop-de-loop)

Lincoln Project to sue Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon over Capitol riot claims : politics
Lincoln Project Threatens Lawsuit After Rudy Giuliani Falsely Links Group To Capitol Riot: It's difficult to sue for defamation, but our lawyers are telling us that Rudy is well across the line, so we're thrilled about this, said co-founder Steve Schmidt. : politics
Lincoln Project Sends Scorching Letter Demanding Giuliani Retract His Fantastical Claim They Planned Capitol Riot: 'Refuse At Your Peril'
New Lincoln Project video attacks Josh Hawley for role in Capitol riot: "You did this" : politics
21 Men Accuse John Weaver, Lincoln Project Co-Founder, of Online Overtures and Harassment - The New York Times John Weaver, a longtime G.O.P. operative who advised John McCain and John Kasich, made sexual overtures to young men, sometimes offering to help them get work in politics. (gay guy w/wife and 2 kids)

Trump Raised $255.4 Million in 8 Weeks as He Sought to Overturn Election Result : politics

It's not a post-Trump world, it's a post-Bush-Obama-Trump one - Lawyers, Guns & Money (how soon we forget or never knew in the first place)
Trumps Long Shadow and the End of American Credibility

Christian nationalism is a threat, and not just from Capitol attackers Jesus invoking Christian nationalists inside our government are working quietly to take America for Jesus. They are the more resilient danger to religious pluralism. : politics (Nazis for Jesus)
How the Christian Right Helped Foment Insurrection : politics (burn them all at the stake)
Trump-supporting evangelicals must repent after turning blind eye to his evil : politics

The US Capitol riot was not the language of the unheard, as the Republicans would like you to believe. : politics

Democrats seek to make guns in the Capitol illegal for everyone

Here Is How Alex Jones, a Trump Campaign Fundrasier and a Grocery Store Heiress Helped Plan the Jan. 6th Rally : politics ... ("rally")

Secretive Ethics panel will judge Hawley and Cruz : politics
New 'Treason Caucus' Campaign Targets Cruz, Hawley, and Others for Role in Deadly Capitol Insurrection : politics

Democrats plan to marshal video, audio for Trump trial : politics
Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege - YouTube
What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol | ProPublica

Disproportionate number of current and former military personnel arrested in Capitol attack, CNN analysis shows - CNN ... 21 of the 150, or 14%, are current or former members of the US military. That is more than double the proportion of servicemen and women and veterans in the adult US population (oath-breakers)

The Republican Party is in disarray post-Trump and faces a crisis bigger than after Watergate, says veteran GOP Congressman : politics

Bodycam footage shows rioters attacking police during insurrection : politics
The US Capitol riots showed what bunch of entitled White people can do : politics

McConnell adviser says GOP should cut ties with Marjorie Taylor Greene to make her most useless congressperson : politics
A Different Sort of Storm Is Coming for Marjorie Taylor Greene: More and more Democrats want to toss the conspiracist out of Congress. : politics
GOP Sen. Portman Says Republicans Should Stand Up and Send a Message to Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics ... For six weeks Rob Portman refused to call Biden president-elect, pushing the Big Lie that led to the Jan. 6 riot ...
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the Worst Enemy for Most Causes That She Supposedly Supports : politics

A Texas gubernatorial candidate tweeted out a photo of a noose after the Capitol riot and said 'let 'em hang' : politics

New Report Identifies Big Legislative Push To Tighten Voting Restrictions : politics

Just One-Third of Georgia Voters View Republican Party Favorably, Poll Finds : politics

So youre being held accountable? That's not cancel culture (Refucks enraged their evil is being canceled)

'It's endemic': state-level Republican groups lead party's drift to extremism : politics
Trump loyalists in South Dakota turn on home state senator : politics ... Thompson, a retired rodeo announcer and broadcaster ...

"It was a drug": Capitol riot exposes reach of QAnon disinformation : politics
Unwelcome On Facebook, Twitter, QAnon Followers Flock To Fringe Sites : politics

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. to defy ban on weed, LGBTQ rights flags : politics
There's no stopping the industry now: Democratic control is a big win for marijuana

Prominent lawyer with Epstein days before death speaks out: I don't believe it was suicide' (so many lost threads)

Billionaires are blaming the GameStop surge on Covid stimulus checks : politics ... "Billionaire fund manager Leon Cooperman who was convicted of insider trading in 2016 said that the coronavirus aide checks were to blame for GMEs rocketing share price ...
GameStop mania exposes SEC's failure as regulator : politics
Citadel, its partners and Point72 took losses from their investment in the hedge fund

After Joe Bidens inauguration, Newsmax personalities are distraught and enraged (say telling the "truth" is "very dark and divisive"_

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Prompt Another Alaska Attorney General Resign to ProPublica Ed Sniffen stepped down as the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica were preparing an article about his relationship with a 17-year-old girl three decades ago. The state has now launched an investigation into the allegations ... Alaska has the highest rate of sexual assault in the nation, and the appointed attorney general oversees all criminal prosecutions in the state. (more Refuck pedos)

NYT opinion writer admits being paid $265K by Iranian mission to UN : worldnews (American Stinker)

Review of Charles Blow's The Devil You Know - The Washington Post -- African Americans should return to the South.

RPD body-cam video of 9-year-old girl getting handcuffed, pepper sprayed released : news

They Decided to Have Sex With Other People. Disaster Ensued.

Facebook Knew Calls for Violence Plagued Groups, Now Plans Overhaul ... findings that rabid partisanship had overrun a feature central to its future ... American Facebook Groups became a vector for the rabid partisanship and even calls for violence that inflamed the country after the election (Fuckerberg is shocked he's colluding with fascists)

Self-Regulation without use of force: A new model of using awareness to leverage reward to drive behavior change. : science

Amazingly realistic AI voice narrates updates on the status of volcanic and other news events in Hawaii, here sharing a release on Kilauea : videos

What are some hidden gem subreddits with plenty of stuff to binge read? : AskReddit
What Elan Never Wanted People To Hear - YouTube
A man named Joe talks about his Elan School experience
Anti-Troubled Teen Industry Activism & Survivor Support
Hobby Drama
For the identification of mysterious objects
RBI: Reddit Bureau of Investigation
My Whole Family Is Acting Weird, Remembering Stuff That Didnt Happen. : RBI

What are some alarming statistics that more people should know about? : AskReddit ... 1 in 8 pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Band makes hilarious songs about the women in different Massachusetts towns. Music at link, info in comments... : boston


US plans to end fossil fuel finance overseas, threatens billions in support for oil and gas : worldnews
Air Pollution Is Linked to Permanent Vision Loss, Study Finds : worldnews
Breathtaking: what Joe Biden's sweeping climate plan means for Scott Morrison
Dizzying pace of Biden's climate action sounds death knell for era of denialism : politics

Scientist invented a new fusion rocket thruster concept which could power humans to Mars and beyond. : worldnews

CDC orders mask mandate for planes and public transportation - Axios

MA COVID-19 Data 1/30/21 2 infection in vitro (imgur link in comments) : boston CoV(5.2%+ 87 deaths 3957 new cases 2.7% positive)
Study shows SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies were transferred across the placenta in 72 of 83 pregnant women. : CoronavirusMa
143k Tests Reported (+57k); 5.9% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.3), 4.0% Overall Positivity (-0.3); 3,957 New Confirmed Cases; 73k Active Cases; 87 Deaths (-11); 1,739 Hospitalized (-50) including 393 in ICU (-19) and 239 Intubated (-9); 85.6% Hospital Capacity; 78% ICU Capacity; January 30, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Jan. 30th. 438,852 first doses (+16,049), 106,799 second doses (+10,426) : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,957 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 87 new deaths Saturday - The Boston Globe

Massachusetts congressman has COVID after getting 2 vaccine doses : politics

Study shows SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies were transferred across the placenta in 72 of 83 pregnant women. : CoronavirusMa
N-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence Review
17b estradiol reduces SARS-COV-2 infection in vitro
Opinion: America needs better masks to fight Covid-19 : CoronavirusMa

AP Analysis: Racial disparity seen in US vaccination drive
'Price gouging from Covid': student ebooks costing up to 500% more than in print - Call for inquiry into academic publishers as locked-down students unable to access study material online : worldnews (Fuckitalists)

In Philadelphia, a scandal erupts over vaccination startup led by
In Philadelphia, a scandal erupts over vaccination startup led by 22-year-old

Dodger Stadiums COVID-19 vaccination site shut down after protesters gather at entrance

WHO urges Britain to pause Covid jabs after treating vulnerable : worldnews

Covid: Argentina imposes new tax on wealthiest : worldnews

India fastest in the world to reach 3 million vaccinations : worldnews (and then got left in the dust after the Brahmins got their jabs)

WHO team, on tightly controlled China mission, visits hospital : worldnews (what are they hiding?)

Study finds that Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro carried out institutional strategy to spread the Coronavirus

Maskless crowds pack Australian Open tennis exhibition in Covid-free Adelaide, As Australia around 13 days covid free. : worldnews

The GameStop phenomenon has gone global - The GameStop (GME) mania that's hijacked US markets is grabbing the attention of investors all over the world, as traders from London to Mumbai try to get in on the action. : worldnews

Chinese vessels detained by Vanuatu, accused of fishing illegally : worldnews
Experts warn of China's growing media influence in Africa : worldnews
Chinese millennials aren't getting married, and the government is worried : worldnews
China's first Hualong One nuclear reactor starts commercial operation : worldnews
U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans' DNA : worldnews

Japanese woman hid mother's body in freezer for 10 years over fear of being evicted | Japan : worldnews

Myanmar military vows to abide by constitution amid coup fears : worldnews

Russian anti-Putin anger spreads: 'We have to protest' : worldnews
Putin's Popularity Slumps As Navalny Calls Fresh Protests : worldnews ... All the way down to 105%, what a disaster. Maybe annex Belarus for another boost?
In crackdown on last weekend's opposition protests, Moscow police arrest prominent independent journalist Sergey Smirnov : worldnews
Russia moves to isolate Navalny allies, shut part of central Moscow ahead of protests : worldnews
Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg says 'Putin Palace' is his : worldnews

India blocks mobile internet at sites of farmers' protest. India blocked mobile internet services in several areas surrounding Delhi on Saturday as protesting farmers began a one-day hunger strike after a week of clashes with authorities that left one dead and hundreds injured. : worldnews
Indian E-commerce fashion Giant Myntra to change logo after woman files complaint against it for being 'offensive' (my dirty mind never noticed it all these years) : worldnews

US airstrike kills top Islamic State leader in Iraq : worldnews

Taliban Says US Bombarding Civilians, Houses in Violation of Afghan Deal : worldnews

US state secretary offers to prosecute Omar Sheikh following SC acquittal : worldnews ... The pardoning of Blackwater murderers seems to be creating a dangerous legacy for Trump ... (Fuckistan muzfuck head-chopper if Trump can do it so can they)

U.N. condemns Iran execution spree, worried about minorities : worldnews

More than 200,000 flee 'apocalyptic' conflict in Central African Republic. : worldnews
Study: Much of Rwanda's mass violence could have been stopped if key armed groups controlled by elites had been sidelined early. UN Peacekeepers had raised alarms, but no action was taken. The findings lend support to focused interventions in conflicts that appear to be spiralling out of control. : science

Israel has voiced concern over US plans to lift sanctions imposed on the International Criminal Court - Israel fears ICC will reopen probe into suspicions of Israeli war crimes against Palestinians in 2014 : worldnews (Jared and Adelson)
Israeli archaeologists find 'Biblical royal purple dye' : worldnews

Egypt announces new archaeological discovery in Alexandria : worldnews

Italy permanently halts arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE : worldnews
Ahmed Mansoor, a prominent UAE human rights activist, has been held for four years in a tiny 2m x 2m solitary confinement cell with no bed or mattress in the United Arab Emirates, according to Human Rights Watch : worldnews

Italy puts over 320 on trial for 'ndrangheta mob ties : worldnews

Poland: Thousands protest against abortion law for third straight night : worldnews

Portuguese parliament approves law to legalise euthanasia : worldnews

France's Le Pen, at record high in polls, proposes hijab ban : worldnews
'Half-friends is not a concept': UK should decide who its allies are, says Macron : worldnews

Shock and anger at EU's move to invoke Brexit clause on Irish border | Vaccines and immunisation : worldnews (reversed due to outrage)
Northern Ireland First Minister, Arlene Foster, describes EU decision to invoke Article 16 as an incredible act of hostility : worldnews
Mother and baby homes: Audio recordings of personal interviews have been destroyed - Irish Examiner : worldnews (of course)
Chinese Scot described as 'pillar of community' ordered to leave Scotland : worldnews
Catholic school sex education resource says men are the initiators and women are receiver-responders . A Catholic relationship and sex education programme being used in UK schools says that contraception is wrong and suggests gay people should abstain from sex. : worldnews
Joe Biden's administration doesn't trust Boris Johnson because of his ties to Trump : politics ... They could not trust Boris for a better reason, he's a lying sack of shit.

International groups have offered Mexico their aid in identifying the bodies of 19 migrants believed to be from Guatemala who were burned alive and shot last week : worldnews

It's a mess : Biden's first 10 days dominated by vaccine mysteries
Sweeping budget blueprint for pandemic aid readied for floor action Measure would set the stage for quick movement on President Joe Bidens $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan, bypassing Senate filibuster

Biden, Democrats hit gas on push for $15 minimum wage : politics ... The federal minimum is $7.25 and has not been raised since 2009. (Refucked)
Biden faces pressure to oust federal student loan chief appointed by DeVos : politics
Biden removes controversial Trump appointees from key posts : politics
Why Hasn't Biden Fired These Three Terrible Trump Holdovers? : politics
Played by GOP in the Obama era, wary Democrats and Biden go big on their own (Is our Democrats learning? bc Barry sure was stupid)

Amerikkka : PoliticalHumor

Judge blocks Trump rule to limit health studies used for EPA regulations : politics

8 Things to Know About Jen Psaki, Bidens Press Secretary

Ukraine stayed quiet during Trump-era pressures. Now it's sharing some Giuliani tales. : politics

Russia began cultivating Trump as asset 40 years ago, ex-KGB spy says - Business Insider : worldnews
As more Capitol rioters are caught, Trump's ringleader role comes into focus : politics
Trump impeachment defense: Two attorneys leave team two weeks before trial - CNNPolitics
Donald Trump invents Office of the Former President for himself - The former commander-in-chief has given himself a participation trophy. : politics
Trump adminsitration and USAID donated ventilators for the coronavirus but now no one knows where they are, watchdog finds - The Washington Post
NY judge orders Trump Organization's tax firm to hand over more documents to state attorney general - CNNPolitics

A toxic conception of masculinity is correlated with support for Trump : politics

Time to relocate FBI headquarters -- whether that hurts the Trump hotel or not

Pelosi, Schumer Announce Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick Will Lie in Honor in the United States Capitol Rotunda : politics

Publix heiress paid for Trump rally preceding Capitol riots, WSJ reports : politics (lock her up permanently)
Jan. 6 Rally Funded by Top Trump Donor, Helped by Alex Jones, Organizers Say - WSJ Publix Super Markets heiress donated about $300,000 to the Ellipse event; far-right show host pledged seed money, organizers say
Text Messages Show Top Trump Campaign Fundraiser's Key Role Planning the Rally That Preceded Siege the ProPublica Caroline Wren, a Trump fundraiser, is listed as a VIP Advisor in a National Park Service permit for the Jan. 6th rally at the Ellipse. Text messages and a planning memo show the title downplays the active role she played in organizing the event. (coke-head Kim's buddy)

Biden Trying to Pass His Agenda Is Divisive, Says Party of Insurrection : politics
Opinion: The GOP isn't doomed. It's dead. : politics
Republicans are no longer a political party. They're a mob : politics (of dead brain-eating zombies)
Stop Trying to Make This About "Unity" -- There's No Uniting With Fascists
Lifelong Republican Donor Quits GOP: 'Absolutely' Now The Party Of QAnon : politics
Republicans Can't Believe Democrats Don't Want to Work With Them Just Because of the Guns and the Death Threats and the Congresswoman Who Thinks Jews Started the California Wildfires With Space Lasers : politics

Our system is rigged so the minority can rule - The Electoral College, Republican gerrymandering and the filibuster are all examples of how American democracy is at risk : politics
Republicans are going all-out to limit voting rights. We know why : politics
The Trump Era Could Have Been Much, Much Worse | The New Republic
Only Accountability Will Allow the U.S. to Move Forward - The Atlantic - The insurgents were never charged with any crimes, and history remembered them kindly.
Put the Republican Party on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List : politics

How Trump's s Focus on Antifa Distracted Attention From the Far-Right Threat - Federal law enforcement shifted resources last year in response to Donald Trump's insistence that the radical left endangered the country. Meanwhile, right-wing extremism was building ominously.

As more Capitol rioters are caught, Trump's ringleader role comes into focus : politics
Be ready to fight : FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault
Be ready to fight: FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault
Nadler presses DOJ to prosecute all involved in Capitol riot : politics
Woman charged in Capitol riot said she wanted to shoot Pelosi in the friggin' brain, FBI says | At least 160 people have been charged in federal court with crimes related to the riot : politics

Human Rights Campaign calls for Marjorie Taylor Greene's removal from committees : politics ... Remember when Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman were the craziest people in politics? Good times.
Rep. Gomez just revealed why he's filing the bill to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene
How Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, promoter of QAnons baseless theories, rose with support from key Republicans
G.O.P. Quiet as Pressure Mounts to Address Lawmaker's Conspiracy Claims : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene's Controversies Are Piling Up. Republicans Are Quiet. - The New York Times -- In a video from 2018, Ms. Greene falsely suggested that 9/11 was a hoax, President Barack Obama was a Muslim and the Clintons were guilty of murder.
The Republican party will not disavow Marjorie Taylor Greene she is the party
Truly Unfathomable : Gun-Obsessed GOPer Draws Disgust After Mocking Parkland Survivor (Boebert)

Anderson Cooper Interviews Ex-QAnon Follower Who Believed CNN Anchor Ate Babies | HuffPost

Texas City Councilman Posted Photo Of Noose After Insurrection, Saying 'Let 'Em Hang' -- Martin Holsome, a city councilman running for governor, is part of a growing group of Republicans embracing right-wing extremism and cheering the Capitol riot.

NRA laid the groundwork for deadly Capitol riot for years, say gun control advocates | Militia groups, QAnon, Capitol rioters and anti-lockdown protesters are all linked by toxic NRA ideology : politics

Charlotte Observer Issues Damning Plea For GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn | The newspaper's editorial board slammed the first-term North Carolina Republican as an embarrassment to his party and state. : politics ... well your party elected a guy that bombed out of a bullshit christian college in nowhere Virginia after one semester with shit grades, worked at chick-fil-a, then worked a year as a low level district staffer for Mark Meadows ... Don't forget that on multiple occasions, he invited girls to take a ride in his sports car, drove them to a deserted location, locked them inside the car, and attempted to force them to make out with him.

Lawyers, Law Students Officially File Grievances Seeking To Disbar Senator Ted Cruz : politics

Capitol Rioters Blamed Antifa For The Insurrection. You'll Never Guess What Happened Next. They got arrested, not antifa. : politics
Republicans Are Over the Armed Insurrection of the Capitol. But We Cant Be.

Far-right extremist violence and American presidents: The pattern isn't what you'd think. From Oklahoma City to the Capitol, right-wing extremist violence is a part of America's political landscape : politics
Here's What Happens to a Conspiracy-Driven Party : politics

Opinion: Calling out bigotry shouldn't be controversial : politics

Reality Winner's mother: : I blame Trump and his DOJ' for my daughter's imprisonment

Emails Reveal DOJ Official's Close Working Relationship with Stephen Miller at Height of Family Separations : politics ... notoriously anti-immigrant Senior Adviser Stephen Miller served as the architect of many of former President Donald Trump's harshest immigration restrictions .... The report reveals that a key figure behind the conceptualization of and implementation of the family separation policy was Gene Hamilton, a counselor to the attorney general who had previously worked at the Department of Homeland Security.

In Iowa, a GOP stalwart becomes a casualty in party war : politics

Eschaton: Perhaps Chaining Yourselves To Trump Is Not So Bright

Texas can't legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth : politics

AJC poll: Republicans in dicey political territory in Georgia
Republican operatives sweat Trump's role in upcoming Senate primaries - CNNPolitics

TIL that since 1868 over 200 anti-lynching bills have been introduced to the US Congress. None of them have passed both houses. : todayilearned

How the Christian right helped foment insurrection | Reveal Christian-right activists inside and outside of government promoted the election fraud lie and claimed God told them to let the church roar

Inside Andrew Yang's presidential campaign which former employees say was rife with sexism and a hostile 'bro culture' : politics

The United States Needs a BBC : politics

Inside the Reddit army that's crushing Wall Street : technology
Robinhood is still severely limiting trading, customers can only buy one share of GameStop : news
Meme stock rally rescues AMC theaters from $600M debt

National Police Foundation to Review LAPD's Response Tactics to BLM Protests : news

Hamilton police chief, patrolman asked to resign after body cam footage of Black Lives Matter protest surfaces : news

California sheriff's deputy arrested, accused of staging 'shocking ambush' : news

UPDATE: West Georgia police chief resigns, officer fired after bodycam video shows them using racial slurs

A Vast Web of Vengeance - The New York Times Outrageous lies destroyed Guy Babcocks online reputation. When he went hunting for their source, what he discovered was worse than he could have imagined.
(1) Kashmir Hill on Twitter: "In September 2018, Guy Babcock discovered that he and his entire extended family had been branded pedophiles, scammers, thieves and sexual deviants online. When he investigated, he discovered a 25-year-old grudge." / Twitter

TIL Paula Abdul constantly talks about surviving a plane crash of which no record exist. : todayilearned

Sudy has identified that certain microorganisms living in the guts of female mice causes them to neglect their offspring. It adds to the growing body of science demonstrating that microbes in the gut are important for brain health and can affect development and behavior. : science

With child discipline, physical punishment or verbal reasoning when parent is loud and abrupt, may lead to aggression, finds global study (n=215,885). Long-term actions by parents (letting children know they are loved, spending time and listening to them) are better than nonviolent discipline. : science

Neuroscience study indicates that LSD frees brain activity from anatomical constraints - The psychedelic state induced by LSD appears to weaken the association between anatomical brain structure and functional connectivity, finds new fMRI study. : science
r/unclebens (Shroom growing in rice bags)

Newly licensed autistic drivers crash less than other young drivers - Researchers found that compared with their non-autistic peers, young autistic drivers have lower rates of moving violations and license suspensions, as well as similar to lower crash rates. : science

What did your crush do that absolutely killed your interest? : AskReddit


2020 was the worst year for economic growth since World War II : worldnews

Vaccines Have Saved 37 Million Children's Lives Since 2000. Over the lifetime of those born between 2000 and 2030, the findings reveal 120 million deaths will be averted by vaccination, of which 96 million will be saved by the measles vaccine and the hepatitis vaccine together. : worldnews

Commercial fishing is destroying the oceans. Global shark and ray population crashed more than 70% in past 50 years
Amazon Rainforest on the Brink of Turning Into a Net Carbon Emitter, Study Warns : worldnews

49.2 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines distributed, 27.9 mln administered: U.S. CDC : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 1/29/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (5.5%+ 98 deaths 2781 new cases)
86,197* Tests Reported (+33k); 6.2% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 4.3% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 2,781* New Confirmed Cases; 75k Active Cases; 98 Deaths (+55); 1,789 Hospitalized (-89) including 412 in ICU (-30) and 248 Intubated (-7); 86.4% Hospital Capacity; 80% ICU Capacity; January 28, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID Vaccination Data 1-29-21 (7-day average: 21,400 doses/day) : CoronavirusMa - Today: rank 48 out of 50 states. (Rank 26/50 for fully vaccinated %) (Charlie Underbaker)
Percent positivity added to Town-by-Town COVID charts (link in comments) : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 2,781 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 98 new deaths - The Boston Globe

As 75+ Become Eligible For Vaccines, Mass. Residents Describe A 'Frustratingly Impossible' Sign-Up System : boston
969 At Massachusetts Schools Test Positive For COVID-19 In Last Week : CoronavirusMa
Harvard's Joseph Allen says everyone should be wearing an N95 mask

Anti-science movement set up US for worse pandemic, infectious disease expert says : Coronavirus -- 30 years of defunding education and attacking teachers' unions preceded it.

Novavax expects to produce 150 million vaccine doses per month as early as May: CEO : Coronavirus
Johnson & Johnson's Vaccine Offers Strong Protection but Fuels Concern About Variants - The New York Times
J&J Vaccine Is 100% Effective at Stopping Deaths, Hospital Stays : Coronavirus
Fauci warns variants are wake up call as he heralds Johnson & Johnson vaccine in race to stop Covid : Coronavirus
The Latest: Fauci: May start vaccinating children by summer : Coronavirus
When it comes to vaccine efficacy, here's why 94% isn't much different than 72% : Coronavirus
Just 0.04% of Israelis caught COVID-19 after two shots of Pfizer vaccine : Coronavirus

U.S. handling of American evacuees from Wuhan increased coronavirus risks, watchdog finds - The Washington Post The special counsel also criticized the HHS general counsels office for its attempts to shame the whistleblower ... officials were told to remove protective gear when meeting with the evacuees to avoidbad opticsand days after those initial encounters, departed California aboard commercial airline flights to other destinations.

New COVID Cases Plunge 25% or More as Behavior Changes : Coronavirus

A Pandemic Is Hard Enough. For Some, Being Single Has Made It Harder. : Coronavirus

Analysis: Damning Report from Democratic NY Attorney General Confirms Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal by Guy Benson
Eschaton: Lock Him Up : There are politicians who are good and bad (to me) for various reasons, but Cuomo is almost as much of a monster as Trump and I hope his career is over quickly ... The New York State attorney general accused the Cuomo administration of undercounting coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50 percent

Coronavirus: California's cases down 50%; hospitalizations by 25% : Coronavirus
How overcrowded housing led to COVID death in a L.A. family - Los Angeles Times
Oakland airport is first in U.S. to offer COVID-19 tests in a vending machine : Coronavirus

A Georgia medical center gave teachers vaccines. So the state took away its supply for six months. : Coronavirus

Study: Michigan's strict public health measures over holidays reduced COVID-19 cases, saved lives : Coronavirus

Florida super-spreader wrestling tournaments caused at least 79 COVID infections, 1 death, CDC says : Coronavirus

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law requiring schools to offer 100% in-person learning option : Coronavirus

Alabama's coronavirus positivity rate now highest in the nation : Coronavirus (then Kansas)

Pentagon May Send Troops to Assist With Vaccines, Enlarging Federal Role : Coronavirus

In the Same Breath review -- Nanfu Wangs shattering Covid-19 documentary (also, yes, China is lying bigly)

AstraZeneca must deliver vaccine doses from UK to EU, says Von der Leyen : Coronavirus

Coronavirus death toll spikes in France as government considers new lockdown : Coronavirus

Brazil Is The Worst country in Managing the Pandemic, According to Analysis by 98 Governments - New Zealand ranked best in health crisis management in the world : Coronavirus
Brazil researchers find people infected with two different coronavirus strains : worldnews
Bolsonaro Says Covid Will Last Forever, Isolation Leads Nowhere : Coronavirus

Vaccine found 92% effective in Israel, in first controlled result outside trials : worldnews

China pushes conspiracy theories on COVID origin, vaccines : worldnews

Dubai blamed for virus cases abroad; questions swirl at home ... After opening itself to New Years revelers, Dubai is now being blamed by several countries for spreading the coronavirus abroad, even as questions swirl about the city-states ability to handle reported record spikes in virus cases.

Mexico overtakes India to have world's third most Covid deaths : worldnews

Canadian couple who got vaccine meant for Indigenous people may face jail time : worldnews
6.3M travellers entered Canada and didn't have to quarantine : worldnews

Philippine President Duterte Refuses to Have Vaccine on Camera Because He Wants to Take It in His Butt : worldnews

'Dodged a bullet': Melbourne lockdown may have prevented more deadly Covid-19 variant : worldnews

Wake-up call for elite as COVID-19 floods Zimbabwe's hospitals, killing rich and poor : worldnews

The British Government launched - and quickly deleted - a Covid ad showing all household chores done by women : worldnews (Tories, you know)

China says it will no longer recognise British passport for Hong Kong residents : worldnews
UK PM Johnson 'immensely proud' as visa offer for Hong Kong citizens launches : worldnews
Hong Kong mulls mainland-style real name SIM card registration for mobile phones : worldnews
Special UK visa for Hong Kong residents from Sunday. About 300,000 people are expected to leave Hong Kong for Britain using a new visa route which opens on Sunday. : worldnews
Revealed: Massive Chinese Police Database - Millions of Leaked Police Files Detail Suffocating Surveillance of China's Uyghur Minority : worldnews
Activist detained at airport barred from leaving China to care for ill wife, contact cut off : worldnews
China Executes Ex-Banker Lai Xiaomin In Corruption, Bigamy Case : worldnews
Xi says China should make contingency plans for "black swan" and "grey rhino" events : worldnews

Documentary alleging opulent Putin palace gets 100M views : worldnews (the one he said didn't exist)
Defiant Alexey Navalny vows from jail cell that Russians won't let Putin "steal our country" : worldnews
Russia threatens Tiktok with fines over protest posts : worldnews
Russia's Population Decline Hits 15-Year High : worldnews

Lebanese security forces used tear gas to repel rock-throwing youths in the northern city of Tripoli amid outrage over the death of a protester. Demonstrations in Tripoli have entered the fourth day and the unrest is showing no signs of abating : worldnews

Iran rejects reversing nuclear steps before US lifts sanctions : worldnews

Google's plans for Saudi-based Cloud is dangerous, says digital rights advocacy group : worldnews

Israel coronavirus: some ultra-Orthodox Jews resort to violence and slurs over lockdowns - CNN More widely, police actions against them are seen by many Israelis as a long overdue effort to end the exceptionalism that has characterized the ultra-Orthodox for decades. It's allowed them to shirk military service, live on state benefits and often act as king makers in Israeli politics, critics and political rivals say. (Haredi welfare-queens living in the 17th century with giant donout hats)
Violence and slurs from some of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews in battle over coronavirus lockdowns : worldnews
Israel destroys nature reserve, uproots 10,000 trees : worldnews ("settlers" in "occupied" "terrirotry")
Palestinians on Thursday replanted hundreds of trees in the occupied West Bank, a day after Israel's army uprooted thousands of trees in the area, saying they had been illegally planted in a military zone : worldnews

Two men publicly caned 77 times for having sex in Indonesia's Aceh province : worldnews (muzfucks doing sharia)

More Chibok girls have escaped from Boko Haram almost 7 years later, parents say : worldnews (disgusting)

The United States Smuggled A Russian-Made Pantsir Air Defense System Out Of Libya : worldnews

Italy blocks sale of missiles to Saudi Arabia and UAE : worldnews

Top German court rules war crimes committed abroad can be tried in Germany : worldnews
Far-right extremist Stephan Ernst sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a German politician : worldnews

Dutch court rules Shell liable for Niger Delta oil spills : worldnews

Two lesbians attacked while counter-protesting an anti-LGBTQ demonstration, The women were protesting with a sign that said, "It takes more than heterosexuality to be a good parent," until men wearing masks surrounded them and it turned violent. : worldnews

Why is Ireland so successful, when not so long ago it was a basket case?Ireland is currently the 2nd most developed country on earth on the HDI scale, 4th wealthiest per capita, Ireland is the most food-secure country on earth and tops the good country index,

EU opens price-fixing probe against maker of Toblerone, Oreo and Cadbury chocolate : worldnews

UK government accused of covering up 'national scandal' of lethally flammable building cladding by advising local councils not to release information : worldnews
Royal Documentary Banned By The Queen 50 Years Ago Is Leaked On YouTube : worldnews
World's first hydrogen double deckers start their routes in Aberdeen thanks to Wrightbus : worldnews
UN court rules UK has no sovereignty over Chagos islands : worldnews
Brexit: Amazon to launch first Ireland fulfilment centre to mitigate UK border chaos : worldnews

Chile police officer sentenced for killing of Mapuche farmer on 'historic day' : worldnews

Scathing Report Calls Out RCMP's Toxic Culture : worldnews (ACAF)

Suspected Russian Hack Extends Far Beyond SolarWinds Software, Investigators Say - WSJ Roughly 30% of victims are said to have no connection to the network-management companys tainted software

Trump's Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines Was No Plan at All. Biden's Inherited Disaster -- Not Enough Doses, Not Enough Equipment, No Distribution Network

Biden wants to triple protected lands- Conserving 30 percent of land and 30 percent of ocean waters by 2030 would be a big win for the climate and biodiversity. : politics

The New York Times Has Tied Itself Into Knots With This One - The Paper of Record suggests President Joe Biden keep one foot in reality and the other on a banana peel. (NYT is a sick newspaper, bc Sulzfuck and Baquet)

Biden administration halts effort to install Trump loyalists on Pentagon advisory boards : politics
Calls Mount For President Biden To Shake Up Postal Service's Leadership : politics

Schumer: Senate to consider stimulus package with $1,400 checks as early as next week : politics

Republican outraged by Dems' willingness to govern without them : politics
How to Destroy the Republican Party Just do the popular stuff. This isn't rocket science. : politics

Republican Ties to Extremist Groups Are Under Scrutiny : politics
American fascism isn't going away
Opinion: We're still too complacent about the threat of violent domestic extremism : politics
Did Trump and His Supporters Commit Treason? : politics
Florida man's arrest on 2016 election charges suggests Russia probe may have survived Bill Barr : politics

Impeachment prosecutor says Trump committed the most dangerous crime ever by a president : politics
Mattis implicates Trump in Capitol riot : politics
The perfect target : Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years -- ex-KGB spy
Russia has been cultivating Trump as an asset for 40 years, says former KGB spy : politics
T he perfect target : Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years -- The KGB played the game as if they were immensely impressed by his personality, Yuri Shvets, a key source for a new book, tells the Guardian
New book claims KGB started grooming 'vain and greedy' Trump forty years ago : politics

Legal Pressure on Trump Increases With Judge's Order in Fraud Inquiry - The order, answering a demand for documents by New York's attorney general, rejected a bid to shield the records with attorney-client privilege.

What is the Trump Library going to look like? ... it is unlikely that Trump has the focus, administrative savvy and financial resources to execute a presidential center ,,, (give money to build the wall/library!)

Tracking the Oath Keepers Who Attacked the Capitol - The New York Times Actions by Proud Boy at Capitol show planning, determination, and coordination U.S. alleges
Proud Boys Charged With Conspiracy in Capitol Riot - The New York Times The conspiracy charges were the first to emerge against members of the extremist group in connection with the assault on Congress.

Stop the StealOrganizer Called for Execution of Trump's Foes - Alan Hostetter helped organize and finance a rally that preceded the deadly Capitol rampage.
Video shows pipe bombs found near Capitol were placed the night before - The Washington Post
Body Camera Footage Shows Capitol Rioters Trampling Over Woman - The New York Times
Man who wore horns at riot willing to speak at Trump's trial
A reporter shares her minute-by-minute recollection of being trapped in the Senate on Jan. 6 - Poynter
Stop The Steal organizer bragged about a phone call with people from the White Houseweeks before the insurrection

Brazen, entitled, dangerous: D.C. judge jails man photographed in Pelosi's office
A Major Trump Forum Scrubs Its Archives of Thousands of Pre-Riot Posts - The removal of messages discussing violent plans could bring evidence tampering charges - users of, a major online pro-Trump forum, were preparing for a fight, posting maps of the Capitol and swapping messages about being ready to die.

The Capitol insurrection isn't moderating the GOP. It's making them more extreme. : politics
Hostility between congressional Republicans and Democrats reaches new lows amid growing fears of violence - The Washington Post ... "The enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about, in addition to what is happening outside" Pelosi said
(1) Tara Golshan on Twitter: "Asked what she meant when she said the "enemy" was inside, Pelosi repeated that it means there are members of Congress who want to bring guns on the House floor." / Twitter
'I'm just furious' : Relations in Congress crack after attack - Lingering hostility over the Capitol attacks have left lawmakers more bitter than ever.
Opinion | Why 1850 Doesn't Feel So Far Away - The New York Times
Center-right Republicans fear party headed for disaster at the hands of the far right.
Conservatives warn culture, political wars will worsen - Axios ... The vast majority of Republicans will stand firm with former President Trump. The next phase is clear, too: Republicans are rallying around a common grievance that big government, big media and big business are trying to shut them up, shut them out and shut them down.
After Capitol Riot, Republican Ties to Extremist Groups Are Under Scrutiny - The New York Times (usual Refuck traitor suspects)
Pentagon halts Trump appointments to advisory boards - POLITICO The move effectively prevents a number of Trump allies, including Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, from actually serving on panels.

Arizona GOP lawmaker introduces bill to give Legislature power to toss out election results One section grants the Legislature the ability to revoke the secretary of states certification at any time before the presidential inauguration.

Amnesia nation: To "forget" the Trump era is a toxic act of privilege and very dangerous. "Moving forward" without a public reckoning is an act of willful blindness and a massive historical mistake
House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy visited Trump in Florida to seek his favor, showing how the party is still beholden to him : politics
Kevin McCarthy Made a Pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of the Golden Commode - Barely three weeks have passed, and the seditious criminal who nearly got his (Republican) vice president strung up is entertaining gentleman callers in his shabby palace by the sea.
The Antipope of Mar-a-Lago - POLITICO
Brian Williams Deadpan Trolls Trump, McCarthy With 'Exclusive Video' Of Meeting | HuffPost
Brian Williams Roasts Trump & McCarthy Meeting ... Deadpan Delivery
Anti-Trump group launches $1M billboard campaign calling on Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy to resign : politics
AOC just yanked Ted Cruz up by the collar & shook him in a brutally honest tweet"Get off my timeline and stop clout-chasing. Thanks."

Trump Impeachment Lawyer Removed A Black Juror He Said 'Shucked And Jived'

Media tries to "both sides" an insurrection: No, anger over the Capitol riot isn't "partisan rancor" : politics

Nancy Sinatra Slams Trump: I'll Never Forgive The People That Voted For Him' : politics

Democrats plan to make every House Republican take a vote on GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics
In a Pre-Election Video, Marjorie Taylor Greene Endorsed Political Violence
GOP ignored its early fears about Marjorie Taylor Greene - Axios GOP ignored its early fears about Marjorie Taylor Greene ... fears that QAnon-supporting conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene would end up a flaming trainwreck for their party.
Parents of Sandy Hook Victims: Naming of Marjorie Taylor Greene to Education Panel an Attack on All 'Whose Loved Ones Were Murdered in Mass Shootings' : politics
Education Chair Demands McCarthy Explain Decision To Assign QAnon Supporter To Committee : politics
Absolutely horrific: David Hogg criticizes Marjorie Taylor Greene appointed to Education Committee
Biden Refusing to Give Marjorie Taylor Greene the Attention She Craves : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene uses offensive slur in rant referencing Down's syndrome : politics
Here's Every Disturbing Conspiracy Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes In : politics
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faces mounting calls for repercussions over her words, actions and social media behavior : politics

Lauren Boebert mocks Parkland Survivor David Hogg, prompting outrage : politics
GOP lawmaker Lauren Boebert mocked Parkland shooting survivor, telling them to 'give your keyboard a rest, child' : politics

Madison Cawthorn is a Republican creation and North Carolina embarrassment : politics

QAnon supporters turn to online support groups and therapy after Trump leaves office: I'm a recovering QAnoner : politics
Trump Just Used Us and Our Fear : One Woman's Journey Out of QAnon : politics

Job Seekers With Trump White House on Their Resumes Face a Cold Reality - Working at the White House has traditionally been a ticket to a lucrative future. But that hasn't been the case so far for Trump alumni.

The Conservative Case Against the Boomers | The New Yorker - For bleakness, scope, and entropic finality, the progressive critique of the generation has nothing on the social-conservative one.

Police: South Park man submitted mail-in ballot under his deceased wife's name ... Presto is a registered Republican

Red Alert: The Return of Cass Sunstein - The American Prospect - it did not even occur to me to include Cass Sunstein on the roster of Clinton and Obama horribles such as Larry Summers and Mike Froman. The return of Sunstein seemed inconceivable ... Sunsteins wife, Samantha Powerhas been named by Biden to head USAID. So Cass, who teaches law at Harvard, needs an appropriately distinguished Washington job. (wtf?)

Teachers At The Capitol Invasion Are Back Teaching Kids - Trump Taught Teachers Conspiracy Theories. Now Theyre Teaching Them To Students.

Lou Dobbs says the claim that systemic racism exists isracism itself (racist fucker)

Florida Republican Wants to Exclude Felons From Minimum Wage Increase Because Florida Republicans Are Terrible People : politics

New Georgia runoffs data finds that more Black voters than usual came out. Trump voters stayed home. : politics

Louisiana cemetery told family of Black deputy he couldn't be buried due to 'whites only' policy : worldnews

New proposal would scrap MPD but maintain officers under new agency -
UW-Madison Police Chief Kristen Roman bans use of thin blue lineflag

Crime In America: Study Reveals The 10 Most Unsafe Neighborhoods

ACLU sues Jackson County Public Library after man was banned for poem critical of President Trump : news (Fuckiana)

NYPD officer charged with soliciting pornography from at least 46 teens: Carmine Simpson, 26, used photo filters to pose as a 17-year-old and solicit pornographic images and videos from teenagers on Twitter, prosecutors said. : news

Dow tumbles 700 points amid GameStop mania, on pace for worst day since October : news
'Cry Me a River': Sanders Hits Back as Billionaire Investor Whines About Potential Tax Hikes Amid GameStop Fiasco | "Oh look, another billionaire is mad that he might have to pay more taxes while children in America go hungry and veterans sleep on the street." : politics
The GameStop Craziness Pulls Back the Curtain on the Stock Market - Day traders with apps have occupied Wall Street -- and shown it to be a sham.
Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal. - WSJ
Suck It, Wall Street - TK News by Matt Taibbi
The GameStop Fiasco Is Democrats' Golden Opportunity to Tame the Stock Market : politics
Robinhood gets $1 billion infusion, signaling cash crunch : worldnews
GameStop share frenzy starts again as platforms ease restrictions | Business News | Sky News
GameStop mania goes global as retail traders gang up on shorts : worldnews
Canadian banks report disruptions as internet frenzy boosts GameStop, AMC shares : worldnews
San Antonio 10 year old cashes in GameStop stocks : news
Dogecoin Hits All Time High Surging Over 500% In 24 Hours : worldnews

The End of Rent Control in Cambridge | NBER
What happened when Massachusetts repealed rent control? - Curbed Boston Massachusetts rent control repeal fallout in the 1990s a lesson for today

Box seat: scientists solve the mystery of why wombats have cube-shaped poo : worldnews

If modern humans have been around for 200,000 years but civilisation only 6,000, then what were we doing for the other 194,000?


Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years - Scientists say temperatures globally at highest level since start of human civilisation
Doomsday Clock: Humanity is still closer to apocalypse than ever, experts say : worldnews
Biden: 'We can't wait any longer' to address climate crisis : worldnews (Republican deathmongers have already killed us)
Denouncing 'Handouts to Big Oil,' Biden Calls on Congress to End $40 Billion in Taxpayer Subsidies for Fossil Fuels | "Biden campaigned on eliminating fossil fuel giveaways, and voters agree by a huge margin," said one climate activist. : politics
Pentagon declares climate change a 'national security issue' : politics
Almost two-thirds of people believe climate change is a global emergency, UN poll finds : worldnews

The first 22M Americans have been vaccinated for COVID-19, and initial safety data shows everything is going well, CDC says : Coronavirus
Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Hospitalizations Down for 15th Day in a Row : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 1/28/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (6.6%+ 43 deaths 4222 new cases)
116,963 Tests Reported (+21k); 6.3% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (-0.1), 4.4% Overall Positivity (-0.3); 4,222 New Confirmed Cases; 78k Active Cases; 43 Deaths (+2); 1,878 Hospitalized (-21) including 442 in ICU (+24) and 255 Intubated (-15); 87.6% Hospital Capacity; 81% ICU Capacity; - January 28, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA Covid Vaccine update Jan. 28th. 406,024 first doses (+15,554), 83,637 second doses (+10,485) : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 4,222 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 43 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Baker must make adjustments to the state's vaccination plan - The Boston Globe Baker must make adjustments to the state's vaccination plan - Massachusetts has had one of the slowest rollouts in the country so far. (Baker is completely incompetent)
As 75+ Become Eligible For Vaccines, Mass. Residents Describe A 'Frustratingly Impossible' Sign-Up System : boston
Teachers push back on Baker administration claim that unions oppose in-person school until there are COVID-19 vaccines for children

N.Y. Severely Undercounted Virus Deaths in Nursing Homes, Report Says - The New York Times (worse than what we thought, and hello Charlie Underbaker)

German expert panel recommends giving AstraZeneca shot only to under 65s : Coronavirus
Under 0.027% of recipients of 2 vaccine doses contract COVID : Coronavirus
Stop ignoring long-haulers who were never tested for Covid-19 - STAT : Coronavirus
How the Coronavirus Turns the Body Against Itself. Some patients struggling with Covid-19 develop antibodies against their own tissues, scientists have found. : Coronavirus
Over-the-Counter Nasal Spray Could Be Effective Against COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Young pregnant women are also at an increased risk of mortality and severe illness due to coronavirus disease 2019: analysis of the Mexican National Surveillance Program : Coronavirus
COVID-19s Effects on the Brain

Doctor who correctly predicted COVID-19 death toll in US reflects on pandemic : Coronavirus
WHO team exits Wuhan quarantine to start Covid fact-finding mission : worldnews

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship : Coronavirus
The Pandemic Is Resetting Casual Friendships - The Atlantic

Dr. Fauci: Getting vaccine doesn't mean you have free pass to travel : Coronavirus

L.A. has avoided a New York-level COVID-19 hospital meltdown as conditions improve : Coronavirus

US student in charge of distributing vaccines injected friends : Coronavirus The bigger issue is why is a 22 year old in charge of these decisions. Who made that decision?

One evening, one bar, 80 infections, 1000+ quarantined : Coronavirus

EU could block millions of Covid vaccine doses entering UK with new powers : Coronavirus

Backlash grows for selfish millionaire who got vaccine meant for Indigenous people | Canada : worldnews ($2,500 fine hahah)
Nova Scotia snowbirds face $300,000 medical bill after contracting COVID-19 in Florida : worldnews

Heil Hitler chants: Nazis invade Australian tourist town
Small Australian mining firm sees share price grow 50% as traders on Reddit mistake it for retail giant Game Stop

China toughens language, warns Taiwan that independence 'means war' : worldnews

Forced Monkey Labor - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Two Indonesian men publicly caned 80 times each for gay sex : worldnews
King of Thailand Reportedly Accused of Breaking Sister's Ankles After She Questions Plan to Name Second Queen : worldnews

Biden stresses commitment to defend Japan in first call with Suga : worldnews

Russian court orders Kremlin critic Navalny be kept in jail, rejects his appeal : worldnews
Moscow police arrest brother of opposition leader Navalny : worldnews
Navalny Poison Squad Implicated in Murders of Three Russian Activists : worldnews

Jagtar Singh Johal: British man tortured to sign blank confession in India - BBC News : worldnews

Islamist convicted of beheading U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl to go free, victim's family in 'shock' : worldnews (Fuckistan)

US pauses billions in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE : worldnews

Iran fires back at Biden's top diplomat: We didn't violate nuclear deal, you did : worldnews

Israeli Soldiers Fatally Shoot 17-Year-old Palestinian Near Settlement : worldnews

Protests erupt as Poland adopts near-total ban on abortion : worldnews

We're afraid : Greek plan to police universities panics students - The government wants to create a new police force for universities, with powers to arrest and charge (for "putting up banners" and "noise pollution")

A German court is due Thursday to deliver its verdict in the trial of a neo-Nazi accused of murdering pro-migration politician Walter Luebcke, a killing that shocked the country and highlighted the growing threat of right-wing extremism : worldnews

Boris Johnson takes heat for saying U.K. did everything it could about covid : worldnews
Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson visit 'not essential' travel : worldnews

Thousands of Brazilians have taken to the streets for a second day to call for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro : worldnews

Canada Is Formally Considering Full Drug Decriminalization For One Major City | Health Canada is reviewing Vancouver's request to decriminalize all drugs, just as Montreal has made an ask for national decriminalization. : worldnews
Canada considers designating neo-Nazis, white supremacists as terrorist groups : worldnews

Joe Biden's Done More Good in a Week Than Donald Trump Did in Four Years : politics
President Biden will sign executive order to reopen affordable care act enrollment : politics
Joe Biden needs to rebuild the wall between religion & government : politics
Biden To Revoke Trump Abortion Policy, Expand Obamacare With New Executive Orders : politics
Biden removes Sean Conley, the White House physician accused of misleading the public about Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis : politics

Opinion | Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe - The New York Times (fuck off, Baquet)

The greatest gift Biden ever received was Trump getting booted off Twitter : politics ... The greatest gift the world ever received was Trump getting booted off Twitter

Impeaching a Former President Is Plainly Constitutional : politics
Donald Trump's Big Lies: How millions of Americans were radicalized | Trump isn't Hitler, but he used a similar strategy to try to poison democracy. Republicans must reject his lies : politics
Trump's radioactive properties in New York are plummeting in value, report claims : politics

Insurrection aftermath: Staffers struggle with trauma, guilt and fear : You all had it coming - callers tell congressional aides still reliving the day in their minds
Black Vets Weren't Surprised Military Members Stormed the Capitol. Now They Want the Department of Defense to Root Out Far-Right Extremism in Its Ranks : politics
These are Trump terrorists, call them by their nameJoe Scarborough explodes at senators trying to protect ex- president | I am a conservative. You come after us, you come after our Capitol, we gonna come after you

92-year-old Holocaust survivor says white supremacist imagery during Capitol riot "gave me taste of the past" : politics
A Trump advisor who promised to eat his shoe if Biden won is refusing to do it, citing debunked election-fraud claims : politics
McConnell Was Done With Trump. His Party Said Not So Fast. - The New York Times After four years, the minority leader had finally had enough. But with most Republicans rallying around Donald J. Trump, he sided with his colleagues trying to throw out the impeachment case.
McCarthy to meet Trump after rift over his assertion that the former president bears responsibilityfor the Capitol attack.

What was Tommy Tuberville doing in the Trump Hotel D.C.? - 1100 Pennsylvania -- Despite his denials, photos appear to show Tuberville in the Trump Hotel D.C.s lobby the night before the Capitol insurrection (oh, the traitor Tubs lied, of course)
Photos put Tuberville in Trumps hotel on Jan. 5 despite denying meeting

Following US Capitol attack, we senators must investigate fellow members of Congress and follow the money -- We need to understand what took place that day. We need to understand who was behind the tide of disinformation that led to the insurrection, and we need to understand who orchestrated the deadly actions that took place.
Self-styled militia members in three states began planning in November for recruits, weapons ahead of Capitol breach, U.S. alleges - The Washington Post

Feds rushing to find leads on person who put bombs outside RNC and DNC buildings : worldnews
Trump supporter found with pipe bombs accused of plot to attack Democrats : politics
Roger Stone Did Something Wrong

Op-Ed: I called Arizona for Biden on Fox News. Heres what I learned

At Least 30,000 GOP Voters Have Left the Party Since the Capitol Breach : politics

The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the GOP caucus has 'white supremacist sympathizers' at its core : politics
Ocasio-Cortez: 'No consequences' in GOP for violence, racism : politics

The Electoral College Is Racist. Here's How to Kill It Without a Constitutional Amendment. The case for finally doing away with the electoral college. : politics

Three Weeks After Capitol Riot, Republicans Come Crawling Back to Trump
In the Republican Party, the post-Trump era lasted a week - CNNPolitics

Ted Cruz Suggests Everyone Just Get Over Trump's Fascist Little Coup - The Texas senator is sickened by the idea of people being held accountable for their actions. : politics

Pelosi calls on GOP to act on Marjorie Taylor Greene for mocking killing of children : politics
Democrat proposes move to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress : politics
Democrat announces resolution to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress : politics
A reporter was kicked out of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's town hall and threatened with arrest for asking a question : politics
If Republicans don't denounce Marjorie Taylor Greene's extremism, they'll own it : politics
QAnon congresswoman filmed herself harassing Parkland shooting survivors -- Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing growing calls for her to resign from Congress.
Parkland Parents: Marjorie Taylor Greene Won't Get Away With Lying About Our Son : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to force Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to retake their oaths on a Bible in a resurfaced video : politics
David Hogg says he felt threatened by Marjorie Taylor Greene: She would rather protect guns than children : politics
The Party of Greene - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Camp Fire laser beam conspiracy theory. (Jews in space with lasers!)
GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser : politics

'Kevin McCarthy Answers to These QAnon Members': AOC Rips Republicans for Embracing Violence, Misogyny, and Racism : politics

Kelli Ward led a push to overturn Biden's victory -- Now her own win as Arizona GOP chair is being questioned
Republicans demand audit of Kelli Ward's narrow win for Arizona GOP chair

FBI: Napa man arrested with explosives may have been targeting Newsom - Los Angeles Times - Federal prosecutors charged Ian Benjamin Rogers, 43, of Napa County, with possessing five homemade pipe bombs that investigators found when they searched his home and auto repair business Jan. 15. They also confiscated additional bomb-making material along with 49 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The Texas Republican Party has gone off the rails. Corporate America is along for the ride. - Popular Information

Taking Cara Babies : Trump donations sparked drama among parenting influencers on Instagram - Vox - Taking Cara Babies taught her 1.3 million followers how to get their babies to sleep. Then her political affiliations sparked a social media meltdown. (supports babies in cages)

2022 Senate Races: Initial Ratings

Sometimes It's Who You Most Expect: Senate Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The Senates worst Democrat remains firmly ensconced in her position.

Sometimes it's who you most suspect - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The former managing of The Atlantic explains what it was like to be a woman and work for James Bennet: ... The extent to which coverage of the 2016 election was shaped by powerful editors and reporters somewhere on the misogynist-to-outright-sexual-predator continuum is a problem that has not gotten nearly enough attention, for reasons that are self-evident.

Actually existing neoliberalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Surprised that Donald Rumsfeld becoming the Mayor of Philadelphia didnget more attention: ... officials turned to the start-up Philly Fighting COVID, a self-described group of college kids with minimal health-care experience. Chaos ensued.

Trump officials moved the jobs of hundreds of Bureau of Land Management staffers out of D.C. More than 87 percent of them quit. - The Washington Post

` AOC tells Ted Cruz to take his GameStop bipartisanship and shove it up his ass and while he's at it, tender his resignation from the Senate. : politics
Elon Musk backs AOC's call to hold hearings on Robinhood barring GameStop purchases
'You almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago': AOC rejects Ted Cruz's support for her criticism of Robinhood : politics
AOC demands probe after Robinhood app banned GameStop purchases triggering 90-minute sell-off frenzy : politics
Dumb Money Is on GameStop, and Its Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game
What happened with GameStop? Goliath vs. Goliath, with David as a fig leaf (says the hedgies)
Markets = GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Street Wall --and the Pros Are Reeling
Keeping Customers Informed Through Volatility Market Under the Hood
GameStop's three largest shareholders earn over $2bn amid stock surge : worldnews
GameStop shares surge as other stocks targeted by Reddit users plummet - The Boston Globe
When they came for the hedge fund managers, I did nothing - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Black middle class is a mirage - Vox Black Americans have been shut out of stability at every turn.

But I never smoked: A growing share of lung cancer cases is turning up in an unexpected population ... Worldwide, 15% of male lung cancer patients are never-smokers. But fully half of female lung cancer patients never smoked. And women never-smokers are twice as likely to develop lung cancer as men who never put a cigarette to their lips.

Supercomputers aid scientists studying smallest particles in universe | Mirage News snapshots of the strong-force field in a cube of space-time, weighting the snapshots to describe what the quarks were doing in the vacuum
Susceptibility to Mental Illness May Have Helped Humans Adapt Over the Millennia Mental illness may have nothing to do with a genetic flaw or a traumatic event ... Evolutionary Psychiatry ...

Warning Signal: the messaging app's new features are causing internal turmoil - The Verge The fast-growing encrypted messaging app is making itself increasingly vulnerable to abuse. Current and former employees are sounding the alarm.


UN global climate poll: Biggest ever survey finds two-thirds of people think climate change is a global emergency : worldnews
The '1%' are the main drivers of climate change, but it hits the poor the hardest: Oxfam report : worldnews

Alberta Paid $28K for a Report Smearing Hundreds of Climate Journalists : worldnews (the sludge province)

Aging Dams built in 20th century pose an emerging global risk: UN report : worldnews
World's ageing big dams pose 'emerging risk': UN - By 2050, more than half the global population will live downstream from tens of thousands of large dams near or past their intended lifespan, according to a United Nations report. : worldnews

Climate change will cause a shift in Earth's tropical rain beltthreatening water and food supply for billions, study says

January has been the deadliest month for Covid-19 with nearly 80,000 lives lost so far in the US : Coronavirus
Dr.Osterholm: The very worst of the pandemic is yet before us : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 1/27/21 (imgur link in comments) : boston (7/9%+ 83 deaths 3022 new cases)
96,203 Tests Reported (+46k); 6.4% Non-Higher Ed Positivity (+0.0), 4.7% Overall Positivity (-0.1); 3,022 New Confirmed Cases; 81k Active Cases; 41 Deaths (+42); 1,930 Hospitalized (-21) including 418 in ICU (-9) and 270 Intubated (-8); 86.8% Hospital Capacity; 82% ICU Capacity; - January 27, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Vaccines Will Take Months To Slow Down The Pandemic. Until Then, Mask Up - WBUR - January 26, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts ranked #38 in COVID vaccines administered-January 27, 2021. Down five spots since last week. Link appears below. : boston (huge Baker fuckup)
Massachusetts has the lowest R value of all New England today : boston

Counterproductive vaccine doomsaying - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Opinion | Everyone needs N95 masks now. But here are the best alternatives. - The Washington Post
84% of Mexican hand sanitizers toxic or flawed; FDA issues drastic alert : Coronavirus
Pfizer follows Moderna in developing vaccine booster shots for COVID variants : Coronavirus

House opens investigation of pandemic ventilator purchases overseen by White House : Coronavirus (Jared's basement)

Sanofi, in unusual move, to lend spare production capacity to Pfizer, BioNTech, manufacture more than 100 million doses after setbacks and delays in the development of its own vaccine candidates : worldnews

Philadelphia let college kids distribute vaccines. The result was a disaster,volunteers say.

Sick kids in class, teachers punished for speaking out: Over 780 COVID-19 complaints reveal schools ignoring safety : Coronavirus

NJ hospital gave vaccine to wealthy donors, ineligible relatives in December : Coronavirus

Broken Arrow, OK woman compares possible local mask mandate to yellow badge worn by Jewish people during Holocaust. Broken Arrow city council has yet to disavow remarks and continues to refuse imposing mask mandate. : Coronavirus (thinking in reverse)

With this letter by Jens Spahn, the vaccine disaster in the EU began : Coronavirus

Oxford vaccine bomb threat: Police respond to 'suspicious object' at factory : worldnews
Coronavirus: Germany rejects 'mixed up' reports on AstraZeneca jab - BBC News

South Korea reports big jump in COVID-19 cases on outbreaks in Christian schools : worldnews

Calm returns to Dutch cities after riots, with police out in force : worldnews

Nationalism is 'not the way forward,' New Zealand trade minister says on global relations : worldnews

Parents-to-be struck and killed by a stolen 4WD while out walking their dogs. The drugged up 17 year old fled and tried to steal another car before being caught. He will be charged as a juvenile. : worldnews

300,000 dual citizens in Hong Kong must choose between Canada and China after policy change : worldnews

Japan joins calls for Russia to release Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, protesters : worldnews

Mali army and French forces kill 100 extremists this month : worldnews

16-year-old Singaporean detained under ISA for planning terrorist attacks on two mosques, Singapore News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
16-year-old Christian who was inspired by Christchurch shootings was planning to perform terrorist attacks at two mosques and detained by the ISD : worldnews
16-year-old Christian who was inspired by Christchurch shootings was planning to perform terrorist attacks at two mosques and detained by the ISD : worldnews
16-year-old Christian who was inspired by Christchurch shootings was planning to perform terrorist attacks at two mosques and detained by the ISD : worldnews
Three people in Singapore arrested for protesting for LGBTQ rights outside Ministry of Education headquarters : worldnews

Biden Administration Restores Aid To Palestinians, Reversing Trump Policy : worldnews
UN calls on Israel to provide Palestinians with coronavirus vaccines : worldnews

Indian court rules that groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault : worldnews (woman judge ruled)
Supreme Court stays Bombay HC's skin-to-skin order under Pocso Act | India News - Times of India

Estonia to become the only country in the world with a female president and female prime minister : worldnews

US, Russia agree to extend 'New START' nuclear arms treaty : worldnews

Biden Freezes U.S. Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. - WSJ

Tory party illegally collected data on ethnicity of 10m voters, MPs told : worldnews

The child environmentalist receiving death threats in Colombia : worldnews

19 Burned Bodies Found Near the US-Mexico Border May Include Teen Migrants : worldnews

Trump Presidency May Have Permanently Damaged Democracy, Says EU Chief : worldnews

Google employees around the world have formed a new international union alliance called Alpha Global : worldnews

Discussion Thread: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds a Briefing - 01/27/2021 | Live - 12:15 PM ET : politics

Opinion | 50 things Biden has already made better - The Washington Post
A new Biden executive order promises to 'restore scientific integrity' to the US government in a slapdown of the Trump White House : politics
POLITICO Playbook: The White House power map - POLITICO
Democrats prepare to pass Covid relief bill without Republican votes : politics (all Refucks voted to kill you)
Federal judges are retiring now that Joe Biden will pick their replacements. : politics
President Bidens First White House Sign Language Interpreter Has Ties to the Far Right
Jon Henner on Twitter: "Gather round folks. I have a story to tell you about the interpreter in the current White House Briefing. This is her. In the Trump/Pence shirt and the MAGA hat." / Twitter

Oligarchy in America - The Spectator - The age of the democratic republic is over, the age of the American oligarchy beginning. (stick around, dude)

Legislation that would make Washington DC 51st state introduced to Senate : politics
Senate Democrats reintroduce DC statehood bill : politics

Republicans now 'shocked, shocked' that there's a deficit : politics

'You Stole a Supreme Court Seat': Critics Pan McConnell Threat to Sabotage Senate If Democrats Target Filibuster : politics

Democrats stunned by briefing on Capitol's security before insurrection: 'It was only by pure dumb luck' more weren't killed : politics
Second police officer died by suicide following Capitol attack - POLITICO ... Pittman also admitted that the Capitol Police Board denied a request on Jan. 4 for additional support from the National Guard. It wasn't until the building was overrun by a pro-Trump mob the panel relented, an hour after another plea was made. (door openers?)

January 5 Meeting at Trump International Hotel Could Hold the Key to the January 6 Insurrection - The night before the insurrection, a large group of Trump family and advisers held an urgent meeting with January 6 organizers at the president s private residence in DC. ... But less clear is why the Trumps had invited, to a private residence outside the White Houseand on the eve of an insurrection(1) Michael Flynn, a man who that very day had organized a D.C. rally to protest the 2020 election, and would the next day conjoin his Jericho March with the Stop the Steal/March to Save America that Trump was to speak at; (2) Peter Navarro, a man who would later say on live television that he believed Trump had the unilateral authority to postpone s inauguration; (3) Tommy Tuberville, the U.S. senator who in a matter of hours ...
Trump appointee says Tuberville, RAGA director met with Trump family, top advisers on eve of Capitol attack
Sedition can always get stupider - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Looks like the Riverboat Drooler, America's dumbest senator, met on January 5th to discuss some light treason: (the Tubs says he wasn't there, sure)
The Capitol Attack Is Looking More and More Like a Right-Wing Plot : politics

Pentagon restricted commander of D.C. Guard ahead of Capitol riot - The Washington Post
Trump administration sabotaged the defense of the capitol on 1/6 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Capitol Police Detail Failures During Pro-Trump Assault - The New York Times The acting chief of the Capitol Police told lawmakers that the department knew days ahead of time of the risk of violence targeting lawmakers but was unprepared when the mob attacked on Jan. 6.

Homeland security bulletin warns Americans about violence by grievance-fueled domestic extremists - The Washington Post
Right-Wing Extremists Could Be Planning More Attacks, According To A National Terror Alert. Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists...could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence, according to the Department of Homeland Security. : politics

Trump's horror show isn't nearly over: The coup wasn't defeated, only slowed down | Trump is both a symptom and a cause of America's terrible ailment. Whether or not he returns, the disease is real : politics
Trump must be prosecuted : politics
The Capitol Coup Attempt Was the Far-Right's Opening Shot : politics
Trump in worse legal trouble now than ever before, says author : politics
Manhattan's Trump Buildings Have Lost Half Their Value

House panel investigating Trump administration purchases of ventilators : politics (run up to insurrection)

Feds: Trump Supporter With Pipe Bombs Discussed Targeting Twitter, Democrats : politics
Man Charged With Threatening Congressmans Family as Riot RagedRelatives of Hakeem Jeffries and George Stephanopoulos received threatening text messages as rioters stormed the Capitol, federal prosecutors said.

Congressional Republicans have only as much power as Democrats give them. Democrats should give them none. : politics
Senate GOP braces for more retirements after Portman stunnerRepublicans' efforts to win back the majority could be hampered if swing-state incumbents decide not to run again next year

Ted Cruz, who obsessed over Clinton emails, wants to move on from insurrection. : politics

GOPer Who Voted To Impeach Trump Says He's Prepared To Lose Political Career : politics
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), one of the few Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump for instigating a violent insurrection at the Capitol,

Arizona lawmakers who were in D.C. during Capitol riot won't release records from phones : politics

Virginia senator who called U.S. Capitol rioters patriots is censured
Two police officers died by suicide after responding to Capitol riot : news

House May Expel QAnon Lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dem Congressman Says : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly endorsed executing Democrats on Facebook before she was elected to Congress. : politics
The GOP's Marjorie Taylor Greene problem is spinning out of control : politics
GOP leader to 'have a conversation' with QAnon-affiliated congresswoman after more posts surface : politics
Just Wait Until Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds the Person Who Used Her Facebook Account to Like a Post About Executing Nancy Pelosi! : politics
Video surfaces showing QAnon-promoting congresswoman harassing Stoneman Douglas student after massacre : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes In Frazzledrip, QAnon's Wildest Conspiracy : politics
The GOP's Marjorie Taylor Greene problem is spinning out of control - The Washington Post The GOPs Marjorie Taylor Greene problem is spinning out of control
Channel 3 crew threatened with arrest after asking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a question during town hall meeting -

Expel Josh Hawley : politics
Josh Hawley ridiculed for claiming he is being silenced while on country's most-watched cable news channel : politics

A Georgia GOP lawmaker refused coronavirus tests. He was kicked off the floor for jeopardizing the healthf of colleagues. : politics

Watchdog Group to Track Hiring of Top Ex-Trump Aides : politics

Opinion | Meet Alan Hostetter, the police chief turned yoga instructor prodding wealthy suburbanites to civil war - The Washington Post (the "wellness" community and conspiracy theories)

Proud Boys leader has been informant for law enforcement since 2012: Reuters : politics
Old Acquaintances Of U.S. Capitol Attackers Are Narcing On Their Worst Facebook Friends | HuffPost
Ricky Vaughn Twitter Troll Arrested For Alleged Election Interference Douglass Mackey, a white nationalist troll who ran a Trump-boosting Twitter account

Lawrence: Never forget how Dr. Birx enabled Donald Trump : politics

Nearly 4,600 Colorado Republicans changed their party affiliation after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol : politics

Biden Fires Steve Bannon Protege, Who Tried To Turn Voice Of America Into A New Breitbart : politics

Tucker Carlson Rails Against White Nationalist Crackdown, Warns Viewers: That's You : politics

Militia leader to admit conspiring to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, cooperate in probe, records say : politics
Ty Garbin, Michigan Militiaman Who Planned to Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, Pleads Guilty and Turns on His Pals
GOP-led Senate rejects 13 Whitmer appointees tosend a signalo her

Georgia legislation proposal would require photo ID for absentee voting (Refucks fucking your dem