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Laura Ingraham Announces Week Off Air As Advertisers Flee | HuffPost - Almost a dozen advertisers have dropped her Fox News show after she mocked a teenage survivor of the Florida school massacre. (the kids own you, bitch)
NRA board member Ted Nugent calls Parkland students poor, pathetic liars with no soul - The evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul (said the soulless asshole murder supporter)
Far From Over - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The demented hatred the right has for the Stoneman kids is remarkable.
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "The demented hatred the right has for the Stoneman kids is remarkable. "

Siege in Gaza: Twelve killed by Israeli forces, 370 injured and DRONES drop tear gas on thousands of Palestinians as they swarm the border, burn photos of Trump, and vow to protest for weeks until US embassy moves to Jerusalem
Palestinians hold day of mourning after 773 shot with live ammunition

Eschaton: Don't Punch Down - Lefty Americans have an odd misplaced fondness for the British press for 2 reasons: 1) they like the international coverage of BBC World and 2) they appreciate that it eschews the View From Nowhere in a good way. The BBC has actually been horrible for many years in its coverage of domestic UK politics ... But aside from the BBC the UK has a tabloid culture. And they are horrible. The lie shamelessly. They don't just lie about important people. They make up random shit about non-public figures

Long-lost film that predicted rise of anti-Semitism has ominous message for today's world ... "A City Without Jews," 1924

Pippa Middleton's father-in-law denies 'scandalous' accusations of rape of minor in France

Top United Nations official 'forced himself on me,' employee says ... alleging she was offered a promotion if she accepted an apology from the man and claiming that the organization failed to take her complaint seriously. Martina Brostrom accused a UN assistant secretary general, Dr. Luiz Loures, of grabbing her in a hotel elevator, forcibly kissing her and trying to drag her to his room during a conference in 2015 ... Brostrom is one of three women to describe similar encounters with Loures (UN patriarchy at work +Brazilian)

Being Dead, He Learned, Is Hard to Overcome - The New York Times - BARLAD, Romania

Another chapter on Facebook's privacy woes is being written in Latin America (Zuckerfucking democracies, the world over)
The real threat to Facebook is the Kool-Aid turning sour - TechCrunch - Who wants to work on a weapon?

One by one, European ambassadors learn they're being expelled from Russia

Russian Accused of Hacking U.S. Technology Firms Is Extradited - The New York Times - A Russian man accused of hacking the systems of three American technology companies in 2012, possibly compromising the personal information of more than 100 million users, was extradited to the United States from the Czech Republic on Friday.

14 Million Visitors to U.S. Face Social Media Screening - The New York Times - The Trump administration said Friday that it planned to require nearly all applicants for a visa to enter the United States to submit their social-media user names for the past five years (and passwords, they are just being cagey about it, how to kill tourism, haha suckers)

Adam Schiff on Twitter: "For a President to float the idea of pardons to people who may incriminate him as a way to dissuade them from cooperating only adds to the evidence of potential obstruction of justice. Actions taken with corrupt intent may be illegal, and are certainly corrosive to our democracy."

Federal investigators question Ted Malloch in special counsel probe - CNNPolitics
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "2/ You don't subpoena a guy like Ted Malloch without already knowing with some clarity why you want and need him before a grand jury. Presumably, this is about linking Donald Trump to Nigel Farage, Julian Assange, and/or WikiLeaks. (Or to Guccifer 2.0 via Stone? It's not clear.)"
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "I gave an interview with Columbia Univ. researchers yesterday and said all indications are that Trump's 2019 impeachment will be (by DC standards) bipartisan. Right now we're in an investigative lull; on the other side of this are months of revelations that will rock the country."

From Mueller to Stormy to 'emoluments,' Trump's business is under siege (crime ring)

WaPo: Two Top Staffers In WH Personnel Office Have Several Past Arrests -- Two young staffers with top positions at the Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) have records of previous arrests for drunk driving and assault, the Post reported Friday ... Wiles never completed her college degree and had her license suspended for drunk driving and was arrested over a bad check, according to the Washington Post (the worst of the worst)

Did Shulkin get fired or resign? This is why it matters - POLITICO - Trump potentially opened the door to legal challenges that could hobble the VA.

Ethics chief Walter Shaub used Headspace meditation to deal with Trump

How Will the Midterm Elections Play Out? Watch Pennsylvania - The New York Times - Democrats appear to be in position to flip at least three, and perhaps as many as six, of Pennsylvania's 18 House seats, according to strategists from both parties. That could represent a quarter of the 24-seat gain they need nationwide to take control of the House.

Inside This Ex-Texas Congressman's Absolutely Bonkers Federal Fraud Trial - former Texas congressman Steve Stockman resurfaced last spring when he was arrested by federal agents while trying to board an international flight and subsequently slapped with a 28-count felony fraud indictment, which he said was the work of the "deep state"

This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations : videos - Sinclair's script for stations ("very disturbing")

NYT's Bret Stephens Comes to Kevin Williamson's Defense Over 'Antry Tweet' on Hanging Women (who've had abortions)

A Christian Publisher Was Running The Same Ad Fraud Scheme As Newsweek Media Group - Newsweek Media Group and Christian Media Corporation both have close ties to a controversial religious leader and the university he founded ... "Dr. David Jang is an evangelical theologian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible" ... "This issue has zero, absolutely no relevance at all to Olivet University" (none, I tell you, none!)

Texas megachurch pastor charged by federal authorities with defrauding elderly investors - Mar. 30, 2018 - Federal authorities have charged the pastor of a Texas megachurch and a Louisiana financial planner with defrauding elderly investors out of more than $1 million. -- Kirbyjon Caldwell (yay, satangelical "properity for me" gospel grifters)

Eschaton: Like Sands Through The Hourglass - We're having another eruption from the usual suspects about how ACTUALLY, BLACK PEOPLE ARE STUPID. Perhaps they are but they can read. I always chuckle (and then cry) about how these things are always written as if black people can't see you. They, uh, can. (hello Sam "I'm an idiot" Harris and Andrew Dullyvan

California voters are joining this party by mistake, but lawmakers aren't doing anything about it (read comprehension is hard, segregationist party is popular)

Stephon Clark 'deserved it,' nurse wrote on Facebook. Now she's no longer working for Kaiser (standing in your own backyard while black deserves to be killed by murderous cops)

New Video: Cop Called Alton Sterling a Stupid Motherf**ker After Killing Him -- He was standing, not holding a gun, when two Baton Rogue police officers rushed in. One tried to deescalate, the other threatened to kill him -- and then did it

New York Just Passed A Bill Banning Cops From Having Sex With People In Custody - State lawmakers acted following a BuzzFeed story that showed how existing law lets cops accused of raping detainees fight charges by claiming the sex was consensual

Teen Mob Randomly Beats Man to Death on NJ Street: Prosecutors - NBC New York

Suffolk County district judge apologizes, admits he's serial underwear stealer ... A Long Island judge who police say repeatedly broke into his neighbor's home to steal her underwear has confessed to snatching panties on multiple occasions, even though he has pleaded not guilty ... Still, Suffolk County District Judge Robert Cicale has been removed from the bench and is facing up to 15 years in prison ... a married father of three young children, ... he said he stole the underwear upon feeling "urges" (in his dick)

Nashville pastor molested children during 20 years as church leader, police say - Matthew Dennis Patterson, known as Denny, served as pastor of Nolensville Road Baptist Church for more than 20 years. He resigned on Sept. 24.

Stop protecting sexual predators: Outburst interrupts LDS General Conference

'ren and Stimpy' creator John Kricfalusi admits to dating an underage girl - ANALYSIS | She was 13 when they met

French director Catherine Breillat speaks out against #MeToo and Asia Argento - The Lily - 'I don't believe Asia' ... Breillat also defended Harvey Weinstein ...

Here's why pot sellers are paying prime rents for warehouse and storefront space

What We Know (and Don't Know) About How to Lose Weight -- One conclusion from a much-discussed study: The best diet is the one you can stick to.

One of America's most popular drugs -- first aimed at schizophrenia -- reveals the issues of 'off-label' use - Seroquel an antipsychotic developed to treat schizophrenia but increasingly prescribed for insomnia (turns you into a jerky sleep-walking zombie, so all is good) a pill that medical experts say can cause diabetes, heart arrhythmia and potentially irreversible movement disorders (hello tardive dyskinesia) AstraZeneca declined an interview request

What horrid secrets do your parents have, and are oblivious to you being aware of? : AskReddit

How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you


EPA poised to scrap fuel economy targets that are key to curbing global warming -- setting up clash with California (meanwhile, the Party of Death and Destruction is fucking the whole planet)

Parkland survivor David Hogg to John McCain: 'Why do you take so much money from the NRA?' (no one thought to ask him that question before)
Laura Ingraham Ripped On Twitter For Hiding Behind Religion In 'Bogus' Apology - The Fox News host taunted a mass shooting survivor on Twitter (and got owned by a kid)
Noor Salman, the Orlando nightclub shooter's wife, acquitted of charges she aided 2016 massacre
Pulse Nightclub Shooter's Widow Found Not Guilty Of Aiding Her Husband's Attack ... Noor Salman's family said she was a victim of Omar Mateen's violence, not his collaborator ... investigators found nothing to suggest Mateen was motivated by homophobia ... t is extraordinarily rare for the federal government to lose a terrorism case (and your FBI and prosecutors lied their asses off)
How Noor Salman Became The Scapegoat Of The Pulse Massacre | HuffPost - rooted in gendered Islamophobia ... By the time of the trial, Salman had spent 14 months in jail, mostly in solitude. Each day, she was allowed a single phone call to her son, but that was it. (asshole fuckers added to the abuse )
School walkouts: Student shot at school gets detention for protest - The sophomore got a detention. And so did 42 other students who walked outside with him. -- Some in this small Butler County community are upset with the punishment, saying if anyone has a right to protest it's these students.

Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell' (rightwing goes nuts, Vatican says fake news)
Pope To World: Hell Does Exist : The Two-Way : NPR - Things got a little heated at the Vatican this week when an Italian journalist reported that Pope Francis denied the existence of hell.

How Slovakia stood up to a journalist's slaying and kicked out its prime minister (strongman asshole murderer falls)

Report: Israeli stealth fighters fly over Iran - Middle East - Jerusalem Post - Two IAF F-35 Adir fighter jets entered Iranian airspace undetected, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

Immigration chief in San Francisco apologizes for social media post seen as offensive - San Francisco Chronicle
The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant - The New York Times

PoppinKREAM comments on Lawyer Who Lied to Bob Mueller May Have Blown Paul Manafort's Russia Cover -- Alex van der Zwaan

FBI questions Ted Malloch, Trump campaign figure and Farage ally | US news | The Guardian - American once touted as possible ambassador to EU tells of being detained at Boston airport and subpoenaed by Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia inquiry ... the FBI also asked him about his relationship with Roger Stone, the Republican strategist, and whether he had ever visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has resided for nearly six years. (busted him at Logan)

Mueller probing Russia contacts at Republican convention: sources | Reuters

Pruitt's EPA security broke down door to lobbyist condo -- believing he was unconscious and unresponsive and needed rescue, in a bizarre incident last year that the EPA has for months refused to discuss, according to sources and police radio traffic obtained by ABC News.

Trump's pick to head veterans department faces skepticism over his experience
Opinion | A Coup at Veterans Affairs - The New York Times (the incompetizing and privitization of everything, haha suckers)
Veterans Affairs Shake-Up Stirs New Fears of Privatized Care - The New York Times

I Can't Believe It's a Law Firm LLC

Puffin_Fitness comments on #DeleteFacebook movement gains steam after 50 million users have data leaked - Russia is deeply embedded into Facebook.
Here are the internal Facebook posts of employees discussing today's leaked memo -- "I've always thought our 'open but punitive' stance was particularly vulnerable to suicide bombers'
Growth At Any Cost: Top Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection In 2016 Memo -- And Warned That Facebook Could Get People Killed
Facebook's Cambridge Analytica problems are nothing compared to what's coming for all of online publishing (haha look at you, NYT)

Trouble in candy land: How Peeps, pensions and a lawsuit threaten to upend the American retirement system - The Washington Post - How Peeps, pensions and a lawsuit threaten to upend the American retirement system (haha you thought you had a pension, suckers)

Opinion | The 2016 Exit Polls Led Us to Misinterpret the 2016 Election - The New York Times - Crucial disputes over Democratic strategy concerning economic distribution, race and immigration have in large part been based on Election Day exit polls that now appear to have been inaccurate in key ways ... polls substantially underestimated the number of Democratic white working-class voters -- many of whom are culturally conservative -- and overestimated the white college-educated Democratic electorate, a far more culturally liberal constituency ... 33 percent of Democratic voters and Democratic leaners are whites without college degrees ... 26 percent of Democrats who are whites with college degrees -- the group that many analysts had come to believe was the dominant constituency in the party ... this noncollege white 33 percent makes up a larger bloc of the party's voters than the 28 percent made up of racial and ethnic minorities without degrees. It is also larger than the 12 percent of Democratic voters made up of racial and ethnic minorities with college degrees ... the white working class is the largest bloc of Democratic voters and substantially larger than the bloc of white college-educated Democratic voters. (let's run more soccer-mom commercials, Hillary)

Hillary Clinton fires back at critics: No one told a man who lost an election to shut up | TheHill (and fuck you, Meidi and Claire)

EPA Chief's $50-a-Night Rental Raises White House Angst (payoff design not to look exactly like a payoff)

Sean Penn Rips Steve Bannon: You Can't Age Like That Without Hating People ... "until I looked at him closely and imagined the Steve Bannon I knew but with the toxins of the soul so deteriorated"

Texas woman gets five years prison for illegal voting | Fort Worth Star-Telegram (she voted while on probation, persecuted by evil fuckers)

Oklahoma teachers dismiss proposed pay raise, plan to hold walkout | TheHill

Stephon Clark Was Shot 8 Times Primarily in His Back, Family-Ordered Autopsy Finds - The New York Times

'Clueless' star Stacey Dash withdraws from congressional race and former Fox News commentator (clueless is her brand)

Opinion | Affirmative Action for Reactionaries - The New York Times - Kevin Williamson

Roseanne Keeps Promoting QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory That Makes Pizzagate Look Tame - tweeting a fringe conspiracy, leading some fans to question whether she had been kidnapped and replaced with an imposter. (way off the deep end of rightwing insanity) ... In 2012, she launched a presidential campaign as a Green Party candidate but lost to Jill Stein in the primary.
CircuitRider on Twitter: "Crazy talk " - Roseanne Barr

Who Does She Think She Is? - he internet does not hate women. People hate women, and the internet allows them to do it faster, harder, and with impunity.

Conn. congresswoman kept aide on staff for 3 months after she learned of threat allegation - The Washington Post - Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.)
Esty under scrutiny over handling of alleged abuse - Connecticut Post

The Disturbing Secret Behind An Iconic Cartoon 'Ren and Stimpy'
'Ren & Stimpy' Creator Accused Of Sexually Abusing Teen Girls -- In the 1990s, John Kricfalusi reportedly made a drawing of a dog ejaculating on one of the two women.

Trapped Inside The Monster Energy Frat House | HuffPost - A woman who worked at the drink company said she was sexually harassed and abruptly fired. This is what can happen when a boys club runs amok.

[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what happened, did you tell anyone, and did they take you seriously? : AskReddit

Synthetic pot warning issued after 22 people in Illinois report bleeding from eyes, ears - Chicago Tribune (K2 so let's execute real pot dealers)

CBD is cannabis that won't get you high. So why are so many people using it?

What Are Screens Doing to Our Eyes -- and Our Ability to See? -- Our eyes are hardening; we can barely see our phones anymore. We must learn to look at the wider world.

The Mind-Expanding Ideas of Andy Clark | The New Yorker

The dark truth about chocolate | Life and style | The Guardian - In 2016, eating chocolate was linked to reduced risks of cognitive decline among those aged 65 and over, while cocoa flavanol consumption was linked to improved insulin sensitivity and lipid profiles markers of diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk.

What would you consider the greatest video of youtube history? : AskReddit
I asked Reddit for a list of essential classics to read. . . This is how long it would take to read them all. . . : books
What are some "Reddit Mysteries" that still exist or are still ongoing? : AskReddit
What is the most infamous phrase in reddit history? : AskReddit


Advertisers Ditching Laura Ingraham's Show Over Attack On Parkland Survivor | HuffPost - The Fox News host mocked 17-year-old David Hogg for not getting into a few colleges.

Fire, Riot At Venezuelan Police Station Leaves 68 Dead | HuffPost - Venezuelan prisons are notoriously overcrowded and filled with weapons and drugs. Riots leaving dozens dead are not uncommon (over the cliff with Maduro the Stupid)

John Bolton to Kim Jong Un: Give Up Your Nukes Like Gaddafi Did -- Before We Killed Him -- incoming national security adviser is sending the exact wrong message to Pyongyang. Maybe because deep down he really wants to bomb it (the Death Squad of the Party of Death and Doom)

China Warns U.S. Not To Open Pandora's Box, Unleash Trade Ills On World | HuffPost - tariffs decision provoked a warning from Beijing that it could retaliate with duties of up to $3 billion of U.S. imports.

Trump Administration's Justification For A Census Question On Citizenship Appears Shaky | HuffPost - Census experts are skeptical of the reasons given for adding the question on the 2020 form. (it's a deep mystery)

FBI looked into Trump plans to build hotel in Latvia with Putin supporter | World news | The Guardian - US authorities made inquiries even before 2016 election campaign into Trump property dealings in former Soviet Union
Trump loses arbitration to win back control of Panama hotel - Univision - an international arbitrator ruled against returning control of a landmark hotel in Panama to the president

Robert Mueller May Have Found That Witch That Trump Claims He's Hunting For -- The special counsel spells out a link between Trump's campaign and Russian military intelligence in a new court filing.
We may know why Paul Manafort has kept quiet. But his bet is still risky. - The Washington Post - refusal to cooperate can't be driven by a rational calculation that he has any reasonable chance of escaping conviction, multimillion-dollar legal fees and a prison sentence that will result in years behind bars ... Manafort believes he has a get-out-of-jail-free card, so long as he keeps quiet and absorbs the costs of trial.

Emails reveal DOJ would have 'very little involvement' if Trump tweeted a pardon

Sessions Rejects Republican Calls for Second Special Counsel - The New York Times

Trump in Ohio: 'I don't know what that means, a community college' ... "That's what I do. I build. I was always very good at building. It was my best thing. I think better than being president, I was always very good at building."

Inside the Cutthroat Battle to Be the Next Hope Hicks - The race to fill the Hicks void is a clandestine parade of all the worst human impulses (but whatever, Fox/Murdoch/Satan will win) ... the higher you climb in the Trump White House, the quicker you're killed off ...

I'm Skeptical About a Blue Wave in November ... because Republicans have rigged the system (all during the Obama years) Because of maps designed to favor Republicans, Democrats would need to win by a nearly unprecedented nationwide margin in 2018 to gain control of the House of Representatives. To attain a bare majority, Democrats would likely have to win the national popular vote by nearly 11 points ... Even a strong blue wave would crash against a wall of gerrymandered maps

Scott Walker Wastes Taxpayer Money Fighting Special Elections - Wisconsin Republicans will do anything to tamp down on democracy. (in Kochistan)
Senate, Assembly drop plans to come in on special elections bill | WisPolitics - "a bridge too far"

Fake Kirsten Gillibrand flap reveals double standard in our politics - The Washington Post - More than 10 years ago, Gillibrand's attorney and lobbyist Doug Rutnik, worked very briefly with Nxivm (BDSM sex cult with literal branding) ... "Smallville" actress Allison Mack is involved, as are Sara and Clare Bronfman , the daughters of the late Canadian multimillionaire businessman Edgar Bronfman Sr. (but did she shoot herwelf in the head by stabbing Franken in the back?)

It's Time to Stop Yammering About Liberal Bias -- The right has plenty of representation in the nation's opinion pages

Judge 'beyond angry' after Corrections workers withheld evidence, allowing Utah killer to avoid death penalty ... Department of Corrections had withheld nearly 1,600 pages of medical records -- even after 6th District Judge Wallace Lee ordered last October that they be turned over ... "This is tto Chaffetz wouldally wrong," the judge said. "That is something I would expect from Russia or North Korea, not a society like we have under the Constitution." ... One doctor, he said, would not even disclose which medical school he went to during an interview with a defense lawyer.

White Supremacist Men See White Manhood Under Siege | HuffPost -- All these men are motivated by the desire to defend the myth of a country "created by and for" white men ... more motivated by defending their status as men than they were by defending their status as whites

Groupon Sorry for Horrific Racial Slur -- boots in n****r brown

'Roseanne' Really Overperformed in Middle America ... highest rated in ... Tulsa OK

Senator Rosenberg's husband, Bryon Hefner, indicted on assault, lewdness charges ... and distributing nude photographs without consent.

Can Social Media Be Saved? - The New York Times

Boeing hit by WannaCry virus, but says attack caused little damage | The Seattle Times

Eschaton: They Can Be Programmed Not To Hit Things - Uber Technologies Inc. disabled the standard collision-avoidance technology in the Volvo SUV that struck and killed a woman in Arizona last week -- The good news is that this can be reclassified as "human error." har dee har har.


Leaked Memo: EPA Shows Workers How To Downplay Climate Change | HuffPost - Point 5: Suggest that humans are only responsible "in some manner"

Donations to the NRA tripled after the Parkland shooting : news

Here's who actually attended the March for Our Lives. (No, it wasn't mostly young people.) - Like other resistance protests, and like previous gun-control marches, the March for Our Lives was mostly women. Whereas the 2017 Women's March was 85 percent women, the March for Our Lives was 70 percent women. Further, participants were highly educated; 72 percent had a BA or higher ... About 27 percent of participants at the March for Our Lives had never protested before ... new protesters reported being motivated by the issues of peace (56 percent) and Trump (42 percent), who has been a galvanizing force for many protests ... (overall) ... 89 percent reported voting for Hillary Clinton.
The sliming of Parkland students shows the spreading stain of media polarization - The Washington Post - Erik Erikson ... praising the reporting of RedState writer Sarah Rumpf. (hmmm)
Rep. Mary Franson compares 'March for Our Lives' kids to Hitler Youth

Julian Assange Just Got His Internet Privileges Revoked -- No more will the WikiLeaks founder be able to tweet or send other messages from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London ... after Assange breached a written agreement signed in 2017 not to send out messages that interfere in other countries' business.

The web of connections between Trump and Putin, visualized - The Washington Post
Mueller just drew his most direct line to date between the Trump campaign and Russia - The Washington Post ... That line is drawn in a new court filing related to the upcoming sentencing of London attorney Alex van der Zwaan.

Eschaton: Morning Thread - O.J. had no problems putting together the Dream Team. Just saying.
Trump's Lawyer Raised Prospect of Pardons for Flynn and Manafort as Special Counsel Closed In -- The discussions came as the special counsel was building cases against both men, and they raise questions about whether the lawyer, John Dowd, who resigned last week, was offering pardons to influence their decisions about whether to plead guilty and cooperate in the investigation.
Who Ratted Out John Dowd? I Think We Know (Gates)

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "(THREAD) Per NBC, Trump has told friends he'd be in trouble if Paul Manafort "flipped" on him -- clearly signaling that Manafort can incriminate him and get him impeached. By that measure, today's events have brought Trump closer than ever to impeachment.
Trump Aide Spoke During Campaign to Associate Tied to Russian Intelligence - The New York Times - A top Trump campaign official had repeated communications during the final weeks of the 2016 presidential race with a business associate tied to Russian intelligence, according to a document released on Tuesday by the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the election. The campaign official, Rick Gates,
Manafort associate had Russian intelligence ties during 2016 campaign, prosecutors say - The Washington Post

Trump may be in the greatest legal jeopardy of his presidency - The Washington Post

The "bliblical" defense of Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels -- King David, President Trump, and using Scripture for political purposes ... Hannity: "King David had 500 concubines for crying out loud". (Trump has at least 10 or 20 left)

As Stormy Daniels tells her story, six conservative Americans debate whether Trump is a role model - The Washington Post ... 61 percent of Republicans consider the president a good role model for children
Trump ousts Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, nominates personal physician to replace him - The Washington Post - Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson as his replacement. (the payoff for Dr. "6'3" 239lbs, great health")

At Least A Dozen States Plan To Sue Over New Census Citizenship Question | HuffPost

Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook - Axios (hates WaPo furiously)
Trump's land of make-believe (stupid and ignorant and delusional)

Trump attack unleashes oppo against Mueller -- 'It looks like the beginnings of a campaign'
Why Is Trump So Quiet This Week? - The Atlantic - This might be the slowest period of news since the president took office -- despite ample material to get him fired up

The Ballad of the Never Trumper, A Continuing Series - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Mittens is very evil also)

Justices cast doubt on partisan redistricting - POLITICO - But it was unclear after oral arguments in a key case whether there are five votes to strike it down.

Nunes opponent raises $1 million in first quarter - CNNPolitics - Andrew Janz, the Deputy District Attorney in Fresno County, is still considered a long shot in his bid to unseat Nunes

Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day 'Were Trying' to Have a Baby During Affair

'Heartbroken' Trump Critic Ann Coulter: He's a 'Shallow, Lazy Ignoramus' ... whose 2016 campaign book In Trump We Trust touted the many virtues of the Republican nominee, is having second, third, and possibly even fourth thoughts about Donald J. Trump.

Statement from Playboy Enterprises, Inc. regarding Facebook (if Telsa doesn't need FB ...)

Al D'Amato curses at his wife while she's laid up in the hospital amid child care dispute (Republican asshole has always been an asshole - "Senator Pothole")

Morgan Stanley Knew of a Star's Alleged Abuse. He Still Works There. -- A top Morgan Stanley broker was repeatedly accused of violence against ex-wives and girlfriends. Bank managers were told. But he kept his job.

Maine's Radical Democratic Experiment -- An unpopular governor and a voter uprising are leading to historic political reforms that could reverberate across the country. (ranked-choice voting antidote to all those fucking independent fuckers, hello Elliot Cutler)

Intentionally, And Irritatingly, Like A Martyr - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ezra has a really good piece about people who act as if making claims about the genetic inferiority of African-Americans makes them heroes whose speech is being suppressed rather than elites repeating the same self-justifying myths white elites have been repeating for time out of mind: (Sam Harris, racist much?)

b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "having read this thread I honestly do not understand why Harris thinks it's exculpatory of him, because he comes across as a gigantic baby" ... "This is the leaked email equivalent of a suicide bombing" ... "He's like the Donald Jr. of pretend academics

Sam Harris on Twitter: "My response to the fake, defamatory controversy engineered by @ezraklein. Dear @voxdotcom, meet your editor-in-chief:" (angry entitled "new atheist" twerp runs into the wall)
"It's impossible to look at the cruel and insane experiment America has run on its black residents and say anything useful about genetic differences in intelligence."
Matt Crossin on Twitter: "People should read the Chomsky exchange for something even funnier: " (Sam Harris struggles heroically against the realization he's an idiot, again)
PeterNorway on Twitter: "Sam Harris tried to attack Ezra Klein by releasing private emails between the two of them but it backfired and even his own fans on r/samharris thinks he comes off as an angry pissbaby while Klein sounded completely reasonable"
Sam's recent attitude and spat with Ezra Klein evidence of his privilege (e.g. white, male, etc.) and his blindness to it. : samharris
Say WHATEVER you want about Ezra Klein, but... : samharris
To those claiming Harris was wrong to characterize Murray's views as uncontroversial, you're wrong
The Tainted Sources of 'The Bell Curve'

On The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, and hiring men who want women dead
Terrible Takes on Journalism From America's Beltway Elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Josh Kraushaar
It's Just A Question Of What Your Red Lines Are - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A feces panini that hates tRump is still a feces panini - Lawyers, Guns & Money

"Today, Explained": An Edgy New Vox Podcast to Compete with "The Daily"

The anti-LGBT head of a major religious group just mysteriously resigned over a 'morally inappropriate relationship' (sounds like he'S gay)

MSU spent $500K to monitor social media from Nassar victims, others ... which often included the accounts of victims and their families, journalists, celebrities and politicians ... Office of Communication and Brand Strategy (really, burn it all down)

Bud Light - Lawyers, Guns & Money - he vast majority of Americans drank no Bud Light in 2016. In fact the total number of people who drank Bud Light at any point in the previous month during that year is estimated to have been about 28.5 million. That, as it were, is the Bud Light nation -- a nation not much smaller than Canada or California, whose residents imbibed an average of 409(!) Bud Lights in 2016 ... and elected Trump

Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality?

Worth repeating: medical marijuana defeats Crohn's Disease
Marijuana as a Crohn's disease
Medical marijuana - Mayo Clinic - Despite a federal ban, many states allow use of medical marijuana to treat pain, nausea and other symptoms.

1 hour lecture by renowned Professor on Procrastination: He claims if you know how it works, you won't ever do it anymore. Thought this might be helpful considering how many people here suffer from procrastination. : videos
Social anxiety is related to a preoccupation with making mistakes, finds a new study that monitored children's brain activity

Eschaton: What Problem Are We Trying To Solve - What Problem Are We Trying To Solve This will quite possibly be the worst job ever devised. - Gradient Ventures, an early-stage venture fund within Google, is leading a $6 million investment in a new company that's building software to let humans control cars remotely.


Sheriff: Maryland high school shooter died by shooting himself in the head - Baltimore Sun
NRA Says It Receives Foreign Funds, But None Goes To Election Work : NPR (sure)
Why conservatives are so mad about the Parkland students - The Washington Post (shut up and get off my lawn or I'll AK-47 you)

Washington Monthly | Why are Parkland Students So Articulate? Because They Were Taught Civics in Middle School - country's most successful effort to teach civic knowledge and engagement.
City Council backs civics lessons legislation - The Cambridge City Council threw its support behind a bill in the state legislature that would require American history and civics be taught in public schools ... "I'm a little perplexed as to why we as a council think it's a good idea to weigh in on curriculum, but we have difficulty asking the School Department or the School Committee to do anything directly,' Kelly said.

Man arrested in connection to suspicious packages sent to Washington, D.C., military bases - CBS News - 43-year-old Thanh Cong Phan.

Christopher Steele'S Other Report: A Murder In Washington -- The author of the famous Trump dossier provided a secret report to the FBI asserting that RT founder Mikhail Lesin was bludgeoned to death by thugs hired by an oligarch close to Putin. Three other sources independently told the FBI the same basic story, contradicting the government's finding that Lesin's death was accidental (yeah, he beat himself to death, now, why would they say that?)

Facebook Says Zuckerberg Won'T Give Evidence to U.K. Lawmakers (zUCKATRON threatens to buy UK and sell it to the Russians, your move, Parliament)

CNN Poll: On Russia, Americans' views are settled and partisan (58% sane, 36% insane)

Citizenship question on 2020 census may result in undercount - San Francisco Chronicle ("check here if you would like to be deported")
Trump Administration Decides To Add A Question About Citizenship To 2020 Census | HuffPost - Civil rights groups say the question is untested and could depress response rates among minorities.

Dan Webb and Tom Buchanan Latest Lawyers to Decline to Join Trump's Legal Team ("sincere regrets")
"A Target, Not a Witness" : Will Trump's Legal B-Team Collapse Before Mueller? -- "The team is thinner than you might expect for perhaps the most important investigation of our lifetime"

Jimmy Carter says John Bolton as national security adviser is "worst mistake" Trump has made (because doom, but it wasn't a "mistake," Jimmy)

Stormy Daniels Spanks Trump Again - The New York Times - Everyone also knows that Trump has a repulsive compulsion to sexualize his daughter Ivanka -- he once happily concurred with Howard Stern that she was a "piece of ass" -- so it's not surprising that he told Daniels she reminded him of his child before he slept with her. (According to McDougal, Trump said something similar to her.)
After Stormy Daniels, Republicans Face a Referendum on Trump's Conduct (they love it) "Trump is way more than the proverbial elephant in the room -- he's the elephant in the room with political bad breath, B.O. and a foul mouth," said Ace Smith
Stormy Daniels And Her Lawyer Have Team Trump Right Where They Want Them | HuffPost - legal team seems to be stepping into every legal trap Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti are laying for it.

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to testify before Congress, sources say - Mar. 27, 2018 ("condecsends")
Facebook confirms it records call history, stoking privacy furor : news - "Facebook is not a social media company; it is the largest data mining operation in existence."
Zuckerberg Hits Users with the Hard Truth: You Agreed to This : technology

Forget Facebook, Russian agents have been pretending to be furries on Tumblr : news

Wisconsin's Scott Walker denied delay in calling two special elections - For the second time in less than a week, a Dane County judge Tuesday told Gov. Scott Walker he must quickly order special elections to fill two legislative seats that have been vacant since December. (meanwhile, in Kochistan, they are trying to hold elections)

Linda Brown, center of Brown v. Board case, dies at 75 - News - The Topeka Capital-Journal - Topeka, KS

Democrats may already be 35% of the way to a House majority - CNNPolitics

Sam Harris, Charles Murray, and the allure of race science - Vox

Damon Linker on Twitter: "Why say our working class is "largely" women and people of color? Why not talk about our working class coming in all races and genders? There are a lot of white working-class people in upstate NY. Why exclude them? It'In a memo to staff, editor Jeffrey Goldberg cites an affinity for both politically stupid and morally wrong." (comments show how stupid Damon Linker is)
If you don't center the interests of white people, you're engaging in IDENTITY POLITICS

Why Would the Atlantic Hire Kevin Williamson? - In a memo to staff, editor Jeffrey Goldberg cites an affinity for "second chances" and ideological diversity in hiring the conservative troll. Both justifications ring hollow.

Police arrest Larry Nassar's Michigan State University boss (ok, howa about the bosses' boss? burn it all down)

Researchers: Parts of Amazon rain forest thought empty may have been home to 1 million people - The Boston Globe

A newly discovered network of fluid-filled channels in the human body may be a previously-unknown organ, and it seems to help transport cancer cells around the body. : science

Enter the Pulp Magazine Archive, Featuring Over 11,000 Digitized Issues of Classic Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Detective Fiction : books

Canada teen wins $1000 a week for life on 18th birthday : news

Eschaton: Oopsie - Arizona rolled out the regulation-free welcome mat after California basically kicked Uber out because Uber didn't think minimal "regulations" or "safety measures" applied to them. (good job, Republicans!)
Gov. Ducey goes from touting Uber's driverless cars to parking them


A fake photo of Emma Gonzalez went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains - The Washington Post
SIGsexuals react to March for Our Lives with their usual tact and restraint - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The right wing response to The March for Our Lives continues to be everything one would expect: They're bouncing back and forth between the first two stages of denial, with frequent side trips to being complete pieces of shit.

SIGsexuals react to March for Our Lives with their usual tact and restraint - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The right wing response to The March for Our Lives continues to be everything one would expect: They Motion reveals Pulse gunman's father was FBI informant -- Omar Mateen shot, killed 49 inside Orlando nightclub in June 2016 - Seddique Mateen was a confidential FBI source from 2005 through June 2016 (Feebs crooked?)
Noor Salman trial: Defense seeks mistrial or dismissal, citing new information about Pulse gunman's father
Remington, Centuries-Old Gun Maker, Files for Bankruptcy as Sales Slow - The New York Times - The company, which was founded in upstate New York in 1816 but is now based in North Carolina, was acquired in 2007 by the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for $118 million. (Bained to death)

Putin's Favorite Tactic Has Finally Backfired
Russian trolls attempted to manipulate view of Salisbury poisoning - Researchers have estimated that there are up to 150,000 accounts operated by Russians that meddle in British political and cultural life.
Sergei Skripal and daughter may never recover from poisoning (brain-dead)

Trump administration expels 60 Russian officers, shuts Seattle consulate in response to attack on former spy in Britain - The Washington Post
Spy poisoning: US to expel 60 Russian diplomats : news

Donald Trump: Man at War - The New York Times
It's Very Difficult to Overestimate the Potential Danger John Bolton Could Put Us In
Trump and Bolton's Plan to Isolate Allies and Encourage Enemies

Cambridge Analytica Sent Foreigners To Work On U.S. Elections, Former Employees Say | HuffPost - Its dirty little secret was that there was no one American involved in it,

Fund-Raiser Held Out Access to Trump as a Prize for Prospective Clients - The New York Times - For Elliott Broidy, Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign represented an unparalleled political and business opportunity. (weird semi-humans)

Anderson Cooper's Stormy Daniels interview draws highest ratings for '60 Minutes' in 10 years - Mar. 26, 2018
Trump's payoffs are a much bigger national security issue than Hillary Clinton<'s Email Server - 1. How many other sexual partners has Trump paid hush money to? 2. How many foreign intelligences services know about one or more of those women?/a>
Stormy Daniels Has Put Trump Fixer Michael Cohen in Serious Legal Danger
The Note: Stormy weather ahead? - ABC News
Why the Stormy Daniels story matters, in one paragraph - Her 60 Minutes interview shows it's not about sex. It's about the abuse of power
Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview raises 2 critical questions she can't answer -- Are there other women? And who else knows about them?
Despite porn stars and Playboy models, white evangelicals aren't rejecting Trump. This is why. (Christian nationalism - Trump/Satan is part of God's plan so it's ok to worship him)
EW! Tweeters React To Stormy Daniels' Dirty Details About Alleged Affair With Trump | HuffPost
John Cusack on Twitter: "60 minutes reveals more of same -trump a gangster - engages world through gangster ethics - totaly unfit for office - not worth mentioning all the laws he breaks as there's too many to number- a vast pattern /picture of a deranged criminal who must be removed from power -now
Josh Dawsey on Twitter: "A porn star just said on 60 minutes that she took a magazine with Donald Trump's face on it and spanked the president, with him only wearing his underwear."
The consent of the governed - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Trump assumed "consent" to his gross "perching" and Stormy felt guilty for getting herself into this mess)

Despite porn stars and Playboy models, white evangelicals aren't rejecting Trump. This is why.

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "2/ I honestly don't care if the data were collected "surreptitiously" or not. They shouldn't have been collected at all, and my view of that doesn't change by virtue of some fine print (if there was any) that Facebook at some point slipped into its terms of use. Good grief." (Zuckerville: we're spying on everything you do so we can sell your data to corps and provide a "batter Facebook experience' for you)
ICE Uses Facebook Data to Find and Track Immigrants, Internal Emails Show

White House counsel examines loans to Kushner's family business '

Report: Democrats would need huge wave to win US House - Democrats would need a tremendous electoral wave not seen in more than 40 years to overcome Republican advantages from gerrymandered districts in key states

Sen. Claire McCaskill Chastises Hillary Clinton: Be 'More Careful' When Talking About Trump Voters | HuffPost - "show respect to every American vote" (Clair and Heidi Fuckkamp want us to be "respectful" of Satan and his minions)

An Ohio Bill Would Ban All Abortions. It's Part of a Bigger Plan ... his rash of radically unconstitutional bills is appearing by design. The anti-abortion movement has been trying to pass pre-viability abortion bans, like the Ohio bill, hoping that efforts to overturn them would lead to a challenge of Roe v. Wade ...

Can the Most Hated Man in West Virginia Win? - POLITICO Magazine - Don Blankenship went to prison after the deaths of 29 of his miners. For some Republicans, that's the beginning of a successful Senate campaign.

Scott Walker and Special Elections - Why the Wisconsin Governor Doesn't Want Special Elections - Scott Walker and his allies will do anything except democracy.

The Growing College Graduation Gap - The New York Times - The college-graduation rate for these poorer students is abysmal. It's abysmal even though many of them are talented teenagers capable of graduating. Yet they often attend colleges with few resources or colleges that simply do a bad job of shepherding students through a course of study ... You can think of college as adulthood's first obstacle course.

Eschaton: It's A Total Mystery Why There's A Lack of Class And Racial Diversity In Journalism - All you need is one little sifting device - like unpaid internships requiring that people are funded by the Bank of Parental Units - and the entire pool of potential applicants is skewed. - Of course there are lots of these little life sifters. This is just an obvious one that publications actually have control over.

Utah Just Passed America's First 'Free-Range Parenting' Law -- The new law, which will take effect on May 8, specifies that it is not a crime for parents to allow kids who display maturity and good judgment to do things like walk to school alone or play outside without supervision. (did you know it's illegal for kids to play outside without a helicopter?)

Back in 2015, a team of scientists discovered a new antibiotic called teixobactin, the first novel antibiotic isolated from bacteria in over 30 years. Now researchers have, for the first time, successfully synthesized the compound and used it to treat MRSA and VRE superbug infections in mice. : science

/u/DethkloksNewManager demonstrates how to explain t_d to Reddit's advertisers. It "is like Target having a Nazi section of their store." : bestof


March for Our Lives crowd size: Estimated 200,000 people attended D.C. march - CBS News
The March for Our Lives Presents a Radical New Model for Youth Protest | The New Yorker - The outcry against violence was delivered with a mix of pop sentiment, corporate covperation, and an awareness of the socioeconomic privilege that allows certain voices to be heard louder than others.
11-Year-Old Activist Honors Black Girls Whose Stories Never Make The News | HuffPost - People were in awe of fifth grader Naomi Wadler
Santorum: Instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes - CNNPolitics
NRA Takes Aim At March For Our Lives' Rally, Mocks Gun Violence Survivors | HuffPost - "Gun-hating billionaires and Hollywood elites are manipulating and exploiting children" (the kids should just shut up and die before our blazing gunz)
Armed white men showed up to intimidate kids at #MarchForOurLives rallies -- it didn't work
The Silence Heard Round the World - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Value of Protest in American Politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Child bride survivors of Boko Haram share their horrific stories and urge lawmakers to rescue others - The Washington Post

Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont arrested in Germany - The Washington Post

The Liberal Order Isn't Coming Back: What Next?

Trump to make 'one or two major changes to his government' soon (getting rid of voting for democrats)

In another blow to Trump's efforts to combat Russia probe, diGenova will no longer join legal team - "The President is disappointed that conflicts prevent Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing from joining his Special Counsel legal team."

How Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party - The Washington Post
The opening act was tumultuous. Phase two of Trump's presidency could be even more so.

Stormy Daniels Interview: 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper discusses Daniels' alleged affair with Donald Trump - full interview transcript - CBS News
Stormy Daniels Says She Stayed Silent on Trump Out of Fear - The New York Times

Eschaton: Attacking The Troops To Own The Libs - It'll never get framed this way in the Emm Ess Emm but Trump is attacking The Troops (transgender troops) in order to Own The Libs. -- If The Libs ever went after The Troops like this it would be an assault on the flag and country and... but since it's conservatives going after transgender troops, it's all good.

Trump Won't Hire 2 Lawyers Whose Appointments Were Announced Days Ago ("conflicts of interests")

Eschaton: Everybody's A Big Fame Whore Like Me - The conservative movement is filled with grifters who would kill their parents for 5 minutes on Fox&Friends so I shouldn't be surprised, but... by Atrios at 09:26

Congressional candidate Diane Harkey suggests curfew, buddy system for House members - The San Diego Union-Tribune - should be back home by 8 p.m. because lawmakers entrusted with setting health-care policies, funding the government and declaring war need a curfew to stay out of trouble.

Renowned photographer Nicholas Nixon abruptly retires as MassArt investigates alleged misconduct - The Boston Globe - Nicholas Nixon retired abruptly from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design this month, departing mid-semester amid allegations of inappropriate behavior, the school has announced.

How our dreams made us human - The Boston Globe - Ultimately, what dreams mean matters less than what dreams do. And while dreams may be bizarre in their content, the study of them gives us a sort of manual to the mind that creates them.

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones | Ars Technica (Zuckatron knows who you talked to and has read your text messages, suckers)


March for Our Lives: Huge crowds gather for rally against gun violence in Washington - The Washington Post - Students demand action against gun violence in nation's capital
March for Our Lives: Students rally in Washington and across the nation - CNN
Watch: Emma Gonzalez's incredible moment of silence at March for Our Lives Gonzalez abruptly went silent for minutes to honor the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.
73 Teens Shot To Death In The 37 Days Since The Parkland Massacre | HuffPost - As young people around the world rally against gun violence, this should serve as a reminder that the problem affects them far beyond school shootings.
Broader gun restrictions lead to fewer intimate partner homicides | MSUToday | Michigan State University - Currently, 13 states and federal law prohibit gun purchases by individuals convicted of domestic violence; the study finds that states that extend this ban to people convicted of any violent misdemeanor experience 23 percent fewer intimate partner homicides (well, they were mostly women and our gunz are our masuclinity)
Austin bombing victim had that Rembrandt light - Chicago Tribune
The Lessons of a School Shooting - in 1853 - POLITICO Magazine - How a now-forgotten classroom murder inflamed the national gun argument. (it was legal to shoot a teacher; they've only changed their tactics)

'Locker Room Talk' : Trump Fans Charged In Anti-Muslim Terror Plot Say It Was Just Bluster - But the government contends the Crusaders militiamen were hatching an actual plan to kill Muslim refugees. (Somali "cockroaches") Kansas militiamen ("militiamen" = crazy racist white dudes with lots of gunz)
Feds: Man threatened to shoot Virginia congressman over pot policy | Government-politics | - "I am a natural-born conservative," he wrote. "Read the federal law on marijuana. ... Marijuana has been altering the minds of the American people since the early '60's." (natural-born lead-poisoned conservative idiot)

The Brexit whistleblower: Did Vote Leave use me? Was I naive' | UK news | The Guardian

'Should We Have Waged the Iraq War?' Is Not a Gotcha Question (2015)
No Need to Repent for Support of Iraq War - Commentary Magazine - Max Boot (2013)

Eschaton: The Moustache Of Death - Bolton's a "kill'em all" racist. Trump will do whatever Fox and Friends tells him to do. Bolton will be good at getting his message on there, and kill'em all racists are basically their target demographic. Time to become a prepper.
Reaction to Bolton: Stunned, worried, horrified - The Washington Post
Potential Trump official recorded video for Russian gun group - NY Daily News - High-profile conservative politician John Bolton recorded a video for a Kremlin-connected pro-gun group a few months before the Russian government began plotting to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election.

After Another Week of Chaos, Trump Repairs to Palm Beach. No One Knows What Comes Next. - The New York Times

Trump moves to ban most transgender troops - POLITICO - The decision follows a Pentagon review but the Justice Department will still have to make the case in federal court. (J Rubin supported Boston in 2/16)

"The President May Be Able to Fire Mueller, but He Can't Fire Me" : Stormy Daniels' Attorney Relishes His Role as Trump Nemesis du Jour -- On the eve of the porn star's 60 Minutes appearance, Michael Avenatti insists the show is only just beginning - Joe Hagan
Stormy Daniels, Trump's Unlikely Foe, Is 'Not Someone to Be Underestimated'

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, explained with a simple diagram - Vox
How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account : technology
'A grand illusion': seven days that shattered Facebook's facade ("dumb fucks" said Fuckerberg)

Tumblr finally releases information about state-sponsored propaganda - Axios -- Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo, is the last of the social media services to comment on how it was used for attempted propaganda. (Marissa is giggling somewhere)

The (likely) last major act of an anti-spending Congress: A $1.3 trillion budget-busting bill - The Washington Post (swamping the swamp)

Internal watchdog to open probe into National Park Service leader for allegedly making crude gesture - The Washington Post - P. Daniel Smith, currently the top-ranking official at the National Park Service, for allegedly making a gesture involving his genitalia in the hallways of the department's headquarters this year (only the worst of the worst)

Justice Dept. Revives Push to Mandate a Way to Unlock Phones - The New York Times (built-in backdoors will work really well!)

How Close Is Donald Trump to a Psychiatric Breakdown? - Last fall, prominent psychiatrists broke with the American Psychiatric Association to warn that President Trump is dangerous and mentally unstable. A bitter controversy started -- To this day, the APA has not reconsidered its gag rule, although some members have resigned in protest.

When Trump goes low, go low - The Washington Post - Michelle Obama had it all wrong. (the float-above-it Obamas)

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community - Wanker of the Day: Jonathan Turley - Turley suggests that one of two things should happen. Either McCabe should be charged with lying to investigators under the same 18 U.S.C. 1001 statute used to charge Michael Flynn or the charges against Flynn should be dropped.
The effects of Obama'ss refusal to investigate Bush crimes -- Rachel Maddow and Jonathan Turley point out the obvious inconsistency of telling the world that we again are a nation of laws and then protecting the crimes of the Bush era. (look forward! to Trump!)

In new memoir, a top Clinton aide says campaign was 'foolish' not to address email issue more forcefully (how about "totally stupid")

Roseanne Barr Tells Jimmy Kimmel To 'Zip That F**king Lip' About Donald Trump - she voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election (Roseanne is pro-gun, pro-war, pro-rich, pro-dictatorship, racist, and very, very, stupid)

Sources: US Rep. Costello to drop out of PA-6 race before May primary | City & State PA - Republican U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello has decided not to seek reelection in Pennsylvania's hotly contested Sixth Congressional District ... last month, Costello called for the impeachment of the state Supreme Court Justices involved in that decision ... Recently, he had been tarred for supporting legislation that critics say defanged federal attempts to crack down on pharmaceutical opioid manufacturers (another evil fucker down)

The New 'Superpredator' Myth - Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities also use gang databases to subject young people to heightened surveillance, criminal penalties, deportation and inclusion in broad-reaching civil injunctions. These databases have come under scrutiny because a child may be included for arbitrary reasons, like wearing a certain color of clothing or hanging out in a particular park.

How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of 'Race'
Europe's fourth ancestral 'tribe' uncovered - BBC News - The Yamnaya transformed the gene pools of northern and central Europe, such that some populations, like Norwegians, owe around 50% of their ancestry to these Steppe pastoralists ... They suggest that this strand of ancestry may also have been associated with the spread of Indo-European languages to the region.
'Fourth Strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age - Populations of hunter-gatherers weathered Ice Age in apparent isolation in Caucasus mountain region for millennia, later mixing with other ancestral populations, from which emerged the Yamnaya culture that would bring this Caucasus hunter-gatherer lineage to Western Europe.

The Humane Society's sexual harassment scandal just won't end - But eight weeks after the resignation of Wayne Pacelle, who stepped down after three misconduct complaints surfaced against him, his replacement, Kitty Block, faces pressure for broader changes, suggesting the Humane Society's cleanup has barely begun ... The donors say they remain outraged by the board's public statement -- issued two hours before Pacelle's resignation Feb. 2 -- that an inquiry by an outside law firm found no "credible evidence' to support the women's claims (and let's remember board member Erika "he can fuck me anytime" Brunson)

Why Sherman Alexie's Sexual Misconduct Feels Like a Betrayal -- In addition to the women he wronged, Alexie let down the writers of color who needed his help, and the Native writers he eclipsed

Norman Mailer's biographer says the noted wife-stabber "was never accused of hurting women" (ended up as a little creep, he stabbed her "to create a debate")
Norman Mailer Was Never Violent Towards Women, With Notably Rare Exceptions - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Teenagers Have Become Lovely Human Beings. But Why? Mother Jones - The Economist discovers that teenagers in the West are a lot less worrisome than they used to be ... The obvious answer here is: Today's teenagers are the first generation in more than half a century to grow up completely lead free.

A birth control pill for men includes a side effect that has frustrated women for decades - The Washington Post ... It took congressional hearings, in 1970, to compel the FDA to include in each pack of pills a package insert detailing the potential side effects -- a practice the American Medical Association initially opposed ... contended that an insert would undermine a doctor's authority with "his" patients. (of course they did)

Uber's Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash - human drivers had to intervene far more frequently than the drivers of competing autonomous car projects.


How many children are affected by school gun violence in America? - Washington Post - Scarred by school shootings - More than 187,000 students have been exposed to gun violence at school since Columbine, The Washington Post found. Many are never the same.
Parkland students: our manifesto to change America's gun laws | Editorial staff of the Eagle Eye | US news | The Guardian
'Oh my God ... It's Fake': Far right falls for hoax about Broward County sheriff
16-year-old victim of Maryland school shooting dies, sheriff's office says - Baltimore Sun
She Thought She'd Shot A Burglar. Then She Realized It Was Her Roommate. -- Good guys with guns don't only shoot bad guys. At least 47 times since 2015, a person has shot a friend, family member, or emergency responder they mistook for an intruder in their home.

Joshua Kushner Met With Government of Qatar to Discuss Financing in the Same Week Father Charles Kushner Did

Reaction to Bolton: Stunned, worried, horrified - The Washington Post -- He still passionately supports the Iraq War, a conflict President Trump has often criticized. (haha suckers) Bolton frequently advocates use of military power, specifically against Iran and North Korea.
John Bolton Is a National Security Threat - Foreign Policy - John Bolton wants regime change in North Korea and Iran, and he'll do whatever it takes to get it
With Bolton, Trump Creates a Hard-Line Foreign Policy Team - The New York Times
It's Time to Panic Now -- John Bolton's appointment as national security adviser puts us on a path to war.
Bolton, McMaster present contrast on Russian hacking - politico - Bolton has made headlines by casting doubt on Russia's role
Nobody Is Left to Save the World From Trump Now (Chait) As awful and comically surreal as the first year and a quarter of his term has been, after Trump has taken full command of his administration, we may see it as a golden age.
Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica's Facebook Data
Inside Trump's Snap Decision to Oust McMaster - McMaster Ousted Days After His Briefing to Trump on Putin Call
The Fox and Friends Presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump fired H.R. McMaster in large measure because McMaster wouldn't treat him like a particularly dim and uninformed Fox News viewer ... The nation was briefly spared having a raving maniac as national security adviser because the president based his personnel decisions based on his prejudices about facial hair (Trump hated Bolton's rediculous 'stache)
John Bolton has decade-long association with anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller - CNNPolitics
This Old Donald Trump Tweet About Bush-Era Officials Has Not Aged Well | HuffPost - hypocrisy in light of his appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser has not gone unnoticed.
N. Korea Experts Tear Into Bolton: He's Never Met A Country He Hasn't Wanted To Destroy

Andrew McCabe: Not in my worst nightmares did I dream my FBI career would end this way - The Washington Post

Mattis Holds Firm as Chaos Engulfs Trump's National Security Team
McMaster firing upends plan to oust other top Trump officials - politico - Chief of staff John Kelly had been weighing a single announcement on the departure of Shulkin, McMaster and possibly other officials, including Carson.

Even if Trump fires him, Mueller could have plenty to say - The Washington Post - Congress could require that, if the special counsel is fired, he report to the House and Senate the status of his investigation as of the date of dismissal, with specific attention to any evidence of criminal activity that implicates the president (instead of dropping 30 indictments?)_

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "(THREAD) New evidence suggests Rick Gates' plea has much more to do with Russia than we thought. And that's because it may have more to do with Trump advisor Erik Prince and Trump fundraiser/RNC deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy than we thought. Hope you'll read on and share."

/u/PoppinKREAM brilliantly lays out the case for collusion between Trump campaign and Russia. : bestof

Trump aides are 'at their wits' end' - unpredictable behavior has West Wing staffers worried about their own credibility (that happened them moment you stepped on board the Trumptanic) There's only one person who truly knows what Donald Trump is thinking at any given moment: Donald Trump ("thinkiing, there's your mistake)

McDougal says she was intimate with Trump 'many dozens' of times - CNNPolitics
Melania Trump Rides to Air Force One solo - CNNPolitics - The day after a CNN interview with a former Playboy model who claims to have had a 10-month affair with her husband, first lady Melania Trump opted to leave President Donald Trump alone for the ride from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base.

Trump Fundraiser Offered to Help Lift Sanctions on Russian Firms - Bloomberg - Elliott Broidy, a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump, offered last year to help a Moscow-based lawyer get Russian companies removed from a U.S. sanctions list.

Leaked: Cambridge Analytica's blueprint for Trump victory | UK news | The Guardian
Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica's Rise and Fall - The secretive data firm said it could move the minds of American voters. That wasn't its real victory ... Brought to Cruz by two of the campaign's biggest backers, hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, Cambridge Analytica was put in charge of the entire data and digital operation
Facebook had a closer relationship than it disclosed with the academic it called a liar - The Washington Post (and then they lied)

Former U.S. Senator Al Franken - Posts - Lack of candor (thanks, Kirsten, he would have pursued this, unlike you or his replacement. but fuck, Al, Facefuckingbook?)

Elon Musk deletes Facebook accounts for Tesla, SpaceX - Axios
Elon Musk deletes own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages : technology

'Lone DNC Hacker' Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer (Trump's 14 yr-old in his mother's basement)
Liberal PAC Wants Unreleased Footage From Netflix's Roger Stone Doc After Daily Beast Report ... following revelations that the DNC hacker with whom Stone communicated was, in fact, a Russian intelligence officer.

James Risch holds up bill over political rivalry with deceased governor - CNNPolitics (anti-education Republican/Mormon asshole)

Eschaton: Matthew Dowd Is A Fraud - This man is paid a lot by ABC News to pretend to know nothing about politics ... a liar who is trying to maintain his No Labels Third Way If Only There Was A Party Of Common Sense Centrism Just For Me brand that networks are comfortable with and which has a totebagging fanbase.

Craigslist Shuts Down Its Personals Section - The Daily Beast - The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which was approved by the Senate earlier this week - subjects websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully (will that include Zuckerville? )

Attorney says Roy Moore supporters offered him $10,000 to drop client who accused the Senate candidate of sexual impropriety - The Washington Post

De Blasio Donor Says He Steered Thousands in Bribes to Mayor's Campaigns

WBUR Poll: Gov. Baker Maintains Big Leads Over Democratic Challengers | WBUR News - two-thirds of them have a favorable view of the governor, while a majority still have not heard of the three Democrats: Jay Gonzalez, Bob Massie or Setti Warren.

How to win friends and influence people - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Amy Wax has written yet another op-ed in the nation's s largest circulation newspaper on the ever-popular theme of how conservative professors can't get a hearing for their ideas ... This whole thing is turning into an almost Platonic ideal of a particularly beautiful right wing academic grift ... And check it out: because you teach at an especially fancy law school, you're getting paid north of $300,000 a year to NOT deal with students, and to use your now even-more copious free time to write WSJ op-eds and Regnery books, to jet off to exotic locales where you can recount in exquisite and lucrative detail your metaphorical water boarding at the hands of the PC inquisition, and to spend lots of time on RWNJ TV and radio building your "platform" and "brand." Congratulations: you are now Ann Coulter, but with tenure. (+the view from George Wallace in comments)

The Most New Gilded Age Move Imaginable - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What could be more New Gilded Age than the return of the Pinkertons as the hired thugs of anti-union companies? Nothing more New Gilded Age is possible

Are you provoked yet? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Both James Bennet and Fred Hiatt have been asked to hold David Bradley's beer:
Jessica Valenti on Twitter: "Hey remember when @TheAtlantic's new political writer said women who have abortions should be executed by hanging? I SURE DO

Tensing settlement: University of Cincinnati pays ex-cop who killed Sam DuBose ($250,000 incentive pay)

The new era of grocery just claimed its first victims - The Washington Post - The grocery business is in the midst of a radical disruption, squeezed by a range of new competitors from Dollar General to Amazon ... The two companies carry enormous debt loads, the result of management by private equity firms (hello Bain Capital, the Toys 'R' Us model) ... sales at Whole Foods's first location in Buffalo -- where it competes with Wegmans, Tops and another strong local chain, Dash's -- have been "disasterous"

Exclusive: 'I've never seen anything like it.' Video of mating deep-sea anglerfish stuns biologists - A dwarf male is fused to her underside, essentially acting as a permanent sperm provider.

People who "switched sides" in a highly divided community (political, religious, pizza topping debate), what happened that changed your mind? How did it go? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Can Also Recognize Mangled Flesh - Cool cool.
Apple is reportedly launching low-cost iPads for schools - As a point of reference, the cheapest iPad available is the standard $329 iPad with 32GB of storage. By contrast, many Chromebooks and PCs can be had for less than $200.


Underwater 'fountain' of magma found beneath Yellowstone | Daily Mail Online

FBI Agents And The Internet Agree: The Feds Should Call Terrorism What It Is | HuffPost - There's no federal criminal statute outlawing domestic terrorism (the kind committed by white guys)
Bang for the Buck | by Adam Hochschild | The New York Review of Books
Footage Shows The Moment Cops Fatally Shot Unarmed Black Man Stephon Clark | HuffPost - Clark was in his own backyard when officers shot at him 20 times. "armed with a cellphone"

Trump announces tariffs on billions in Chinese imports - The Boston Globe

Israel's War on Culture ("culture" is too left-wing)

A French baker is fined $3,600 for working too hard - The Washington Post

Anniversary of a world-historical catastrophe - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The idea that destroying the Iraqi state and hoping that some random Heritage Foundation interns could supervise the formation of a stable democracy ex nihilo would protect the United States from terrorist attacks was insanely stupid on every level, but that doesn't mean that most of the people responsible for the Iraq War didn't believe it. The lesson of both 9/11 and its aftermath is that people motivated by bad ideas and/or misguided principles can do far more damage than mere grifters.

How 2 Gulf Monarchies Sought to Influence the White House - The New York Times
Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was "In His Pocket" (creepy little spy)
John Hudson on Twitter: "This story comes pretty close to saying Kushner relayed sensitive information from the Presidential Daily Brief to MBS"

Retired 4-Star General: 'Simply Outrageous' That Jared Kushner Represents America | HuffPost - "This is the personalization of a family business dealing with U.S. policy," said Barry McCaffrey

Special Counsel studies Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytica, sources say - ABC News
Cambridge Analytica was offered politicians' hacked emails, say witnesses - Hackers offered personal data about future Nigerian president and future PM of St Kitts and Nevis

Dow plunges 724 points as trade war fears rock Wall Street - Mar. 22, 2018

"Now I'm F---ing Doing It My Way" : Jubilant and Self-Liberated, the President Prepares for War with Mueller -- With John Dowd out, John Kelly and Ty Cobb marginalized, Joseph diGenova on board, and Marc Kasowitz possibly returning, the next battle comes into focus (the Beast unbound)
Trump's lawyer just quit. Here's what it means for the Mueller investigation

McMaster to Resign as National Security Adviser, and Will Be Replaced by John Bolton - The New York Times

'Elected to lead, not to proofread' : Typos, spelling mistakes are commonplace in Trump's White House (they never passed 4th grade: moronocracy)

Russians are hacking our electric grid. Where's the urgency on this escalating threat? (well, if we turn off your electicity, you can't use your electronic voting machines, can you?)

How a porn star is beating Trump at his own media game - The Boston Globe - Stormy Daniels is proving that she is the master of the prolonged reveal.

'It's taken partisanship to a place it's never been.' Inside the House Intelligence Committee. (little commie Nunes will go to jail)

Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say - McCabe oversaw a federal criminal investigation into whether Sessions lacked candor when testifying before Congress about contacts with Russian operatives (little lying elf didn't recuse himself)

The Fight to Replace Hope Hicks in the Trump White House Enters Its 'Smerar Campaign Stage' Even in a White House accustomed to brutal and constant backstabbing, this battle really stands out.

Mark Zuckerberg has regrets: 'I'm really sorry that this happened' (it just 'happened' it's not like we designed it that way or anything)
What You Need To Know About Zuckerberg's Medi Blitz (you've been Zuckerfucked, hahah)
Mark Zuckerberg says he 'open' o testifying to Congress, fixes will cost 'many milions' and he feels 'really bad' ... admitted that the social networking giant may have made mistakes in opening up its network so much a decade ago (he's 'open' to not going to jail)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits mistakes, outlines steps to protect user data - The Boston Globe

NYC agency investigating more than a dozen Kushner buildings (Kushki goin' down)

iNew York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney had a theory about why the HUD Secretary is in ethical trouble. - GOP Rep: The 'Deep State' is Responsible for Ordering Ben Carson's Dining Set -- "Deep State" is a catch all phrase for the cadre of career government staffers that conspiratorial-minded Republicans believe has been weaponized to undermine Donald Trump's administration (loop-di-loop)

Eschaton: Not About Free Trade - But US tariffs on most things are tiny and so for a long time these agreements have had little to do with textbook free trade. They are what their critics have always said they are - ways for multinationals to get a veto over democracy -- If the junk food industry gets its way, the resulting pact will then be blessed as a "free trade" deal. The Washington Post and all the other beacons of the establishment will the proclaim their support for the new NAFTA and denounce opponents as Neanderthal protectionists.

The Radical Proposal Moderate Democrats Should Be Running On - a federal jobs guarantee. (Connor Lamb showed that Heidi Heitkamp was right and Warren is way too radical and Dems should act like Republicans so she can get reelected is wrong, but JoeBi has it sewed up)
Republicans already have many abandoned districts to defend this November. Are there more to come?

This Public Relations Firm Has Been Secretly Placing Articles In Conservative Publications - But if you look closely at key conservative sites including the Daily Caller, Breitbart, the Washington Examiner, and the Daily Wire ...

Jeff Zucker Hits '"Propaganda Manine" Fox News: It Is Really State-Run TV"

Judge orders Scott Walker to hold special elections in Holder suit - The judge took a shot at Walker for contending he didn't have to hold the election when the statutes are clear and he so often talks about the need for judges and others to follow the plain meaning of laws.
Milwaukee voters: Thousands have been dropped from voting rolls - Some 44,000 voters were removed from city rolls after the state started using a new process (mostly Dems)

The United States of Misogyny - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One lesson of the Trump Era is something I hope sticks with us for all time and that's the fact that things don't automatically get better. No political battle is ever won. Everything is an endless war for dignity and decency against the exploitation of misogyny, racism, and capitalism. The moment we assume the fight is over, we start losing that fight ... gender equality has significantly stalled out in the United States.

As If! | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books -- It is conscious deviation from the truth that makes a theory an idealization, and keeping this in mind is a condition of its value.

Jordan Peterson joins the club of macho writers who have thrown a fit over a bad review. | The New Republic - Since Peterson loves to categorize the world into Jungian archetypes (the devouring mother, the dragon-slaying hero), it's worth noting that this tweet fits an age-old pattern: the hyper-masculine writer who is unhinged by critical words ... At a dinner party, he threw a drink at Vidal before tackling him to the ground "Once again, words fail Norman Mailer," Vidal quipped, while still on the floor.
Yes, Jordan Peterson Really Is That Smart - The New York Review of Books sneered at him, but he's for real. To have David Brooks and the Trumpists in his corner, he has to be ... Not since Buckley has the right boasted such firepower. It's no wonder people are so mad (anyone who think Peterson is "smart" is really stupid)

Winthrop man, 70, allegedly carried assault rifle in vehicle to fight 'jihadists on the highway' (all over Route 1)

After scandals, State Police need to restore accountability, legal specialists say - The Boston Globe (organized crime/detail ring)

Outlaw weed comes into the light -- Humboldt County, the heart of California's dark marijuana economy, is facing a new market force: legalization.
OP-ED: Humboldt, We Have A Problem -- Too Much Weed

Off With Their Heads | by David Shulman | The New York Review of Books - Political Violence in Ancient India

Raised by Wolves | by Tim Flannery | The New York Review of Books

Neutron star mergers may create much of the universe's gold - even if there are only one or two such mergers each year in a cube of space 6 million light-years on a side, they would still be the dominant source of europium in the Milky Way, the researchers say.


Scientists have issued a warning to humanity, and it's finally getting a huge reaction
20,000 Scientists Have Now Signed 'Warning to Humanity' a>

THE SUSPECT: Mark A. Conditt 'rough around the edges' friend says -- Pflugerville - homeschooled ... Sunday church service and attending Bible study and other activities together ... "I know faith was a serious thing for him" ... Conditt described himself as a conservative ... He wrote that he was against gay marriage and abortion and in favor of the death penalty. He also wrote that he supported doing away with the sex offender registration system
Austin serial bombing suspect's grandmother says he's a loving man from a tight family (good Christian)
13-Year-Old Arrested For 'Disgusting' Terroristic Voicemails Against Cobb NAACP - "My number is kill n****** 101. My name, Johnny Rebel. My profession murdering black people. F*** you stupid f****** n******. (Inaudible) F****** kill yourself. Stupid n**** loving jews"
Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports : news
Teen remains in critical condition as authorities investigate Md. school shooting - The Washington Post
Virginia Heffernan on Twitter: "Great news. And that A+ Vermont State House is...true wholesome government." (no comment from Bernie yet)

Chief rabbi calls black people 'monkeys' Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef uses pejorative term 'kushi' for African Americans in weekly sermon ... His office told Ynet that the comparison was a quote from the Talmud ... Non-Jews, Yosef said, are in Israel only to serve Jews.

Boko Haram Returns Dozens of Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria - The New York Times

Iraq War 15th Anniversary: 1 Million Dead, No One Held Accountable - latest anniversary passed in all-American silence.

Senators Warn About Russian Election Meddling and Call for Paper Ballots - The New York Times - The Senate Intelligence Committee offered recommendations on Tuesday for securing American elections from foreign attacks, pressing states to buy voting machines that produce paper ballots and to secure voter databases, and calling for better cooperation between state and federal elections officials ahead of November's midterm elections (but Trump says "Russia is my friend")

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "We must stop decontextualizing the DO NOT CONGRATULATE instruction Trump got via his NatSec team and ignored. The meaning of the warning, as Trump knew in ignoring it, was DO NOT LEGITIMIZE THE SHAM ELECTION OF THIS HOSTILE FOREIGN STRONGMAN WHOSE PUPPET YOU ARE BELIEVED TO BE" ... Whatever Putin has on Trump must be serious, very serious because his siding up to him despite the warnings is beyond comprehension.
The Hill on Twitter: "Ex-CIA chief: Russians may have something incriminating on Trump "

Trump furious over leak of warning to not congratulate Putin - CNNPolitics ("furious" as usual)
A stunning leak rattles Trump and his aides - Axios - he speed and sensitivity of the leak prompted immediate finger-pointing within the administration, as aides reeled from a leak that could only have come from a small group of people, each of whom is trusted with sensitive national secrets. (just Trump being Trump)

A GOP senator's remarkable admission about Trump and Mueller ... Corker ... "People who tell me, who are out on trail, say, look, people don't ask about issues anynmore. They don't care about issues. They want to know if you're with Trump or not""

Mueller's Interest in Obstruction Is Probably Just the Tip of the Iceberg

John Dean on Twitter: "Cohen's ... really sloppy work. Stormy is not going to pay a cent, rather she will do just fine. Hope 60 Mins goes with her interview on 03/25!
Stormy Daniels: 'There was no sleeping' during alleged affair with Trump ... here was no sleeping (hehe) and he was just a goofy reality TV star
Fox News really doesn't want to say "Trump" and "porn star" on air - Fox News is censoring a Trump sex scandal again. ("alternate reality" of stupid)

White House Job Requirement: Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement - The New York Times - But if Mr. Trump thought that the use of a tactic commonly used in the tabloid-fueled business and entertainment circles in which Mr. Trump has existed for decades could plug leaks in the White House, he was mistaken.
Trump senior staff who signed non-disclosure agreements may have broken the law - The Washington Post

Multiple witnesses tell Mueller: Jeff Sessions lied under oath about opposing Russia outreach during campaign

'We made mistakes' - Facebook's Zuckerberg : news - That non-apology just highlights how sinister this company is as an organisation.
Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Cambridge Analytica Incident As Facebook Fumbles | HuffPost

Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica's collection of Facebook data, according to former employee (Bannon and Zucky, partners in evil)
Cambridge Analytica Looked to Pounce on Russian Hacks, Email Shows - The email came two days after Trump 'joked' about asking Russia to find Hillary Clinton's emails
The End for Facebook's Security Evangelist (Sheryl fired him because she loves Russia)
Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly make a statement on the data breach scandal within 24 hours : news
Welcome to Zucktown. Where Everything Is Just Zucky. - The New York Times - In Menlo Park, Calif., Facebook is building a real community and testing the proposition: Do people love tech companies so much they will live inside them?
Did Cambridge Analytica Leverage Russian Disinformation for Trump? | Just Security - Channel 4 is in the midst of broadcasting a five-part exposi including undercover footage of recently suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix offering to engage in not just microtargeting and data services, but also the dark arts of propaganda, entrapment, and other illicit tactics to win elections.
Almost a year ago, redditor points out the connections between Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and Russia recently investigated by the Guardian, and Observer : bestof

TSA denies accessing data on electronic devices carried by domestic airline passengers - Despite the denial from the TSA, the ACLU said it continues to demand that the TSA provide documentation to prove the agency is not scanning electronic devices. (they wouldn't lie, would they?)

Breitbart's readership plunges - The onetime voice of the pro-Trump alt-right struggles to find a niche without its driving force, Steve Bannon ... The site dropped from 15 million unique visitors in October, per comScore, to 13.7 million in November, 9.9 million in December, 8.5 million in January and 7.8 million in February.

Small-town America has gotten an economic jolt under Trump - CNNPolitics - But smaller communities, lifted by higher prices for oil, gas and other commodities and some gains in manufacturing, last year clawed back a significantly larger share of new job creation than in the final years of Barack Obama's presidency ... even after the rural gains during 2017, the two largest categories of metropolitan areas still accounted for 78.5% of all jobs as of last December, essentially unchanged from when the year began. (so where are these "small town and rural" areas with all the oil wells? because we aren't talking W.Va here)

Democrats are contesting more state legislative seats than they have in decades. - The Washington Post - In November, 6,066 state legislative seats are up for grabs (oh, look, Barry killed the Dems in state houses)

Tennessee Senate race: Phil Bredesen leads Marsha Blackburn, poll finds (they need this one)

Top takeaways from the Illinois primary - POLITICO - Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is in big trouble in November.
Denounced by His Party as a Nazi, Arthur Jones Wins Illinois G.O.P. Congressional Primary - The New York Times

Cynthia Nixon vs. the Post-Trump Celebrity Politician Freak Show - With the trend of D-list celebrity candidates spiking at the same rate as American exasperation with the Trump presidency, can Cynthia Nixon's bid for governor be taken seriously?

Will newspapers disappear in the future? - The Washington Post

Satanism Drama Is Tearing Apart the Murderous Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen - 'How do you allow [in] people who explicitly say they are satanic doomsday cultists who infiltrate right-wing groups in order to press their agenda?' one frustrated neo-Nazi asked.

Minneapolis Officer Charged With Murder in Australian Woman's Death ... lawyer for Officer Noor ... "The facts will show that Officer Noor acted as he has been trained, and consistent with established departmental policy," (kill women in nightgowns asking for help)
Police fired 20 times at South Sacramento man fatally shot while holding a cellphone | The Sacramento Bee ('felt threatened' by cellphone)

Switching from unhealthy to healthier diet lowers depressive symptoms more than social support sessions : science

A single intravenous infusion of ketamine led to a rapid decrease in suicidal ideations. Within a day, about 55% of individuals who received ketamine no longer had suicidal ideations compared to 20% who received placebo. This reduction in suicidal ideations lasted for at least 7 days. : science

A support community for people who have decided to stop smoking pot.

Who is the most evil character in fiction literature? : books

A redditor who has meditated for 20 years provides notes and encouragement on getting started without frustration. : bestof

New addition to site-wide rules regarding the use of Reddit to conduct transactions : announcements


Austin bombings: Two explosive devices shipped through FedEx, police say - The Washington Post
Austin bombings: Police probe possible link to package bomb blast at FedEx facility - The Washington Post
Multiple Injuries Reported in Shooting at St. Mary's Co. High School (Maryland)
2 Students, Suspect Injured in Shooting at St. Mary's Co. High School - NBC4 Washington - 'This is the realization of your worst nightmare -- that, in a school, that our children could be attacked" (more gunz is the only solution)
Great Mills High School shooting: Student gunman dead, two students injured - The Washington Post
Shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland, school confirms : news
GOP candidate Carl Nett suggests shooting Rep. John Yarmuth over NRA

Ex-French president Sarkozy held on Gadhafi claims - Sarkozy was placed in custody on Tuesday as part of an investigation that he received millions of euros in illegal campaign financing from the regime of the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi - underway since 2013, the case gained traction some three years later when French-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine told the online investigative site, Mediapart, that he delivered suitcases from Libya containing 5 million euros ($6.2 million) in cash to Sarkozy and his former chief of staff Claude Gueant. (more long-delayed justice)

The Rothschilds, a pamphlet by 'Satan' and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories tied to a battle 200 years ago
D.C. lawmaker Trayon White suggested Rothschilds control government - The Washington Post

Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country - The New York Times (Barry and Hillary wouldn't look back but Donnie at least said it was a "catastrophe" even though he lied about it)
15 Years Ago, I Helped Start a War That Hasn't Ended -- When I deployed to Iraq in 2003, there was no war. We had to start it. (look forward, Barry)

Eschaton: Heckuva Job - There were the evil bastards, and then there were the Model UN debate team crowd, young boy blunders putting on their first big boy suits writing for big boy magazines and being on big boy teevee shows, being patted on the head for punching hippies. War was very serious, they intoned, and only the Very Serious People could be trusted with it. It must have been so exciting! -- No one knows for certain how many Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion 15 years ago. Some credible estimates put the number at more than one million. You can read that sentence again. The invasion of Iraq is often spoken of in the United States as a "blunder," or even a "colossal mistake." It was a crime. Those who perpetrated it are still at large. Some of them have even been rehabilitated thanks to the horrors of Trumpism and a mostly amnesiac citizenry.

Trump Says He Congratulated Putin on His Re-Election and They May Meet Soon - The New York Times (to coordinate their election sabotage)
s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.
Statement By SASC Chairman John Mccain On President Trump Congratulating Vladimir Putin - Press Releases - United States Senator John McCain - An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections

Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team as He Takes On Mueller More Aggressively - The New York Times
Trump shakes up team of lawyers as legal threats mount - The Washington Post
Republicans say Congress doesn't need to pass law protecting Mueller - Republican Senate leaders threw cold water Monday on passing a bill to protect Mueller, calling it unnecessary despite Trump's increasingly scathing attacks against the special counsel and his team. ... 'total upheaval" in the Senate if Trump were to fire Mueller (but Retraitors don't give a fuck)
How the attacks on Mueller are putting Trump in greater danger - The Washington Post - President Trump is apparently getting legal advice from his television set ... Democratic resurgence is being heavily driven by organizing among ordinary women across the country who are deeply concerned about our current civic health
Ronald Brownstein on Twitter: "To all voters who are alienated from, or even just uneasy about, Trump, @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr & colleagues are sending an unambiguous message that a R majority Congress will never restrain or meaningfully oversee Trump. That is their defining gamble for 2018."

Legal superstar turns down offer to defend Trump in Russia probe - The White House had contacted Theodore B. Olson, who served as solicitor general under President George W. Bush and who has far more experience on big cases than the president's current lawyers,

Trump's New Lawyer Is Someone I Remember Well - For those of us who were amazed and (ultimately) appalled as the Great Penis Hunt unfolded in the years 1997 and 1998, seeing Joseph diGenova back on the national stage, this time as a mouthpiece supporting a president being dogged by a special prosecutor, is proof enough that, whatever else we may think of Her, God has a deft hand for the plot twist.

A family affair: Susan Pompeo's active role raising debate within the CIA ... "Honorary Chair" of the Family Advisory Board,

The Stormy Daniels saga could turn into a big deal for Mueller's Trump probe
Summer Zervos lawsuit against Trump moves forward as Karen McDougal seeks to break silence about alleged affair - The Washington Post
Ex-Playboy Model Karen McDougal Sues to Break Silence on Trump - The New York Times - A former Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Donald J. Trump sued on Tuesday to be released from a 2016 legal agreement requiring her silence
Former 'Apprentice' contestant can sue Trump for defamation ... "It is settled that the President of the United States has no immunity and is 'subject to the laws' for purely private acts
Donald Trump Jr. romanced Aubrey O'Day during marriage to Vanessa ... around the time she was pregnant with their third child (like cheating daddy, like moron, and they do love their silicone)

Ivanka Trump Called Out For Cosplaying As a Scientist In Latest Weird Photo Op (fake human pretends to have a brain)

The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency | The New Yorker - How Robert Mercer exploited America's populist insurgency - Jane Mayer (deep and tangled web of evil +aliens)
Shit shots count if the table's tilted

Eschaton: Pariahs - Zuckerberg and the gang should be social pariahs. That's the worst you can do to full of shit boy billionaires. It isn't so much about political campaigns, it's that Facebook basically let everyone scrape their database in ways that even data/privacy paranoids weren't quite aware of.
Mark Zuckerberg's silence amid controversy has Facebook execs frustrated - Mar. 20, 2018
Facebook Just Lost More Than Tesla's Entire Market Cap in Two Days

Alex Stamos, Facebook Data Security Chief, To Leave Amid Outcry - The New York Times - Mr. Stamos, who plans to leave Facebook by August, had advocated more disclosure around Russian interference of the platform and some restructuring to better address the issues, but was met with resistance by colleagues ... He and other Facebook executives, such as Ms. Sandberg, disagreed early on over how proactive the social network should be in policing its own platform (it's not just Zuckerfuck, it's also little Russian Sheryl, of course she would fire they only one who cared)
'Utterly horrifying' : ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine -- Sandy Parakilas, the platform operations manager at Facebook responsible for policing data breaches by third-party software developers between 2011 and 2012, told the Guardian he warned senior executives at the company that its lax approach to data protection risked a major breach. (Zucky and Sheryl said shut up )
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg summoned by UK MPs over Cambridge Analytica (lock him up and throw away the key)
FTC Probing Facebook for Use of Personal Data, Source Says - Bloomberg (they are "probing" Zuckerberg's butt)
Facebook's s Surveillance Machine
Ted Cruz under fire in Cambridge Analytica scandal; firm targeted voters with data from 50M Facebook users | Politics | Dallas News
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On the list of villains of the 2016 campaign, Mark Zuckerberg belongs somewhere on the list along with James Comey and Dean Baquet:
Tillis may have benefited from Facebook data breach :: (Rethug)
Mark Zuckerberg has been sent a formal request to appear before MPs and answer questions regarding a growing scandal about user data : technology (Zuck's rep down many points)

Before He Was FBI Director, Chris Wray Supervised an Investigation That Found Erik Prince Likely Broke U.S. Law - informed the Justice Department that Blackwater founder Erik Prince had likely violated U.S. law while trying to sell secretly modified paramilitary attack aircraft to Azerbaijan's military

Insiders See Democratic House Gains of 30-45 seats - Polling, election results, fundraising tend to point in one direction (rural deadheads support Trumpster)

GOP fears another potential electoral disaster - POLITICO - The national GOP is flummoxed over what to do about the surging candidacy of coal baron and ex-con Don Blankenship. (running against crypto-Republican Manchin W.Va loves their lying crooks)
Will the Republican Base Own Itself Again?

5 things to watch for in the Illinois primary - ABC News

Is Governor Cuomo losing it? | New York Post (speaking of angry toxic-male assholes)
Eschaton: I'd Vote For Dick Nixon Over Cuomo - I don't know enough about Cynthia Nixon's actual views to know if she's Good, but Cuomo is very very bad. As bad as they get. Most bad Democrats have to hide the fact that they'd prefer to have Republicans in power, but Cuomo's basically open about it!
Christine Quinn bashes 'unqualified lesbian' Cynthia Nixon -- Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, an openly gay supporter of Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Challenging Cuomo - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Republican Appointee to the Senate from Mississippi Has G.O.P. Worried - The New York Times - agricultural commissioner to fill the seat Senator Thad Cochran is vacating next month, alarming senior Republicans who believe it could create a messy special election and an opening for Democrats ... Ms. Hyde-Smith would be the first woman to represent Mississippi in Washington, and the first female Republican to represent the Deep South in the Senate (awaiting The Donald's approval)

Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich's death

Subpoenas issued as part of investigation of Greitens's use of charity donor list ... The subpoenas indicate that investigations that initially focused on allegations of blackmail by the governor have expanded to include his political campaign finances. (so he didn't have to resign because Republicans)

Undue Burden - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) signed the country's most restrictive abortion bill into law Monday, banning abortion after 15 weeks gestation. The law will take effect immediately, and makes exceptions only for cases of fetal abnormality or medical emergencies, but not for rape or incest.

An "Ashamed" Commentator Just Quit The "Propaganda Machine" - Col. Ralph Peters

Wide Gender Gap, Growing Educational Divide in Voters's Party Identification -- College graduates increasingly align with Democratic Party (Republicans, the party of stupid and angry white guys)

TIL that in 2015, the median viewer age for Fox News was 68 years old. : todayilearned - CNN's median age is 59, MSNBC's median age is 63.

Republicans are in denial about a blue wave - The Washington Post

Nathan Robinson's discussion of Jordan Peterson is gold from beginning to end, and most damning when it quotes Peterson's would-be profundities:

Shuja Haider on Twitter: "I can't even handle this, Jordan Peterson got upset by Zizek's recent article about him so he's trying to pick a fight with a Zizek quotes account"
Jordan B Peterson on Twitter: "You arrogant, racist son of a bitch Pankaj Mishra: How dare you accuse me of "harmlessly romancing the noble savage." That's how you refer to my friend Charles Joseph (, who I've worked with for 15 years?"

Women say director James Toback assaulted them at Harvard Club of New York - The Boston Globe (another little Jewish dick-flasher)

Weinstein Company Files for Bankruptcy and Revokes Nondisclosure Agreements - The New York Times - As part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the Weinstein Company said it released anyone "who suffered or witnessed any form of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein" from nondisclosure agreements. The move had been advocated by Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general, who is investigating wrongdoing at the studio.

Lawsuit accuses celebrity chef Mike Isabella of 'extraordinary' sexual harassment (another toxic-male asshole foodie-dick goes down)

Self-driving vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian in Arizona | The Kansas City Star (robots rise)


D.C. lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by 'Rothschilds controlling the climate' - Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) (black Dem loop=de=loop)

What We Know About the Austin Bombings - This is our American way of life -- somebody has moved along from mail bombs to what was essentially an IED. I don't want to think about what might be next, but I seem to recall a great number of SUVs and panel trucks plying the highways and by-ways down there ... (truck bombs) ... As far as I'm concerned, the culprit is the wildness at the fringes of our culture that has been nurtured and encouraged by too many people. Profiteering off impotent rage comes at a high cost.
Friend confirms identity of Sunday Austin bombing victims
Austin bombs were 'meant to send a message,' authorities believe - CNN - All the victims have been African-American or Hispanic, leading people of color in the community to feel threatened

Middle East civilian deaths have soared under Trump. And the media mostly shrug. - The Washington Post (Putin unleashed by Trump)

What might be keeping Putin from a good night's sleep? Watch this film - "The Death of Stalin"

Trump Organization's real estate partner in India accused of $147 million fraud

Iraq War still divides Americans 15 years after it began | Pew Research Center - Nearly half (48%) of Americans say the decision to use military force was wrong, while slightly fewer (43%) say it was the right decision (Iraq changed a lot of people's minds +61% of the party of death
The Iraq reckoning still to come - NY Daily News - Andrew Bacevich - Donald Trump got the blood sacrifice vote. More specifically, communities that paid a high price for the Iraq War in terms of casualties tended to vote for Trump. (always look forward, never backwards at your disasterous tragic blunders, oh look, Hillary!)

Trump Loved Hacks. But Now They're Hitting His People -- And Anyone Could Be Next.

A huge clue about Muelle's endgame - That suggests a focus on obstruction of justice while in office, rather than collusion with Russia during the campaign. But both sagas are interwoven with Russia: Trump himself has linked Comey's firing to Russia, and Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador during the transition ... Comey's book ... out April 17, went from #15 on Amazon's best sellers on Saturday morning, to #1 (where it remains) by Sunday.

Trump: The Un-American President - The New York Times (that's because he's Russian, duh)
This new report on Trump's state of mind should alarm you

The President and His Lawyers, Part II: The Attorney General and the Saturday Night Pre-Massacre - Lawfare
Fox New's Sean Hannity is suddenly an expert on Trump and Mueller
Fact-checking Trump's error-filled tweetstorm about the Mueller probe

What Michael Flynn Could Tell the Russia Investigators - Bloomberg - The former national security adviser mingled business with government. That could help Robert Mueller look for similar overlaps among Trump insiders.

Trump originally planned to put Cohn at CIA, but changed his mind - POLITICO

Kushner Companies confirms meeting with Qatar on financing - The Washington Post (the bribe wasn't big enough, so he went with the Saudis/Emirates)
Cambridge Analytica Is Not an Anomaly - Ratf*cking is political tradition -- just ask G. Gordon Liddy and Richard Nixon.
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far (lock up Zuckerberg)

Facebook investigating employee's links to Cambridge Analytica - was suspended by Facebook on Friday ... Joseph Chancellor
Facebook Falls as Pressure Mounts on Zuckerberg Over Data Leak - Bloomberg (lock him up and burn it to the ground)
Revealed: Trump's election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians - Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world - Channel 4 News - Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers.

Trump had senior staff sign nondisclosure agreements. They're supposed to last beyond his presidency (for all eternity)

What Hope Hicks Learned in the White House - The departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos. Which surely pleases some outsiders angling to get back in.

Republicans bet their Senate majority on Trump - POLITICO - welcome the president to their states with open arms, despite his unpopularity nationally.
Democrats brace for potential California disaster - politico - Dems have little room for error in California (too many dems, disaster I tell you, disaster!)
2018: Democrats prepared to pick favorites in CA primaries | The Sacramento Bee

Border wall Dreamers deal implodes - POLITICO

Donald Trump Jr. Sent Suggestive Twitter DMs While Married -- First Boy Donald Trump Jr. may have been flirting with more than a life-size chocolate Easter bunny and the idea of becoming a rap critic before he and his wife filed for divorce. Amid revelations of the couple -- confirmed split this week, a former model tweeted screenshots of racy, misspelled messages Trump Jr. sent her while he was married (like father, like moron)

Time's Up Pens Powerful Open Letter to Cuomo -- calls for Investigation of NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance (lock up the lying bribe-taker)
Cuomo Says His Name Was 'Never Mentioned.' It Was. 136 Times. (or maybe 1500)

The GOP Effort to Block Pennsylvania's New Map Is Dead - Both the state and U.S. Supreme Courts rejected GOP requests just a day before the filing deadline for candidates running in November's midterm elections

Why Roger Ailes Took Me Off Fox News - (Erick, son of Erick)

FBI Tracked an Activist Involved With Black Lives Matter as They Travelled Across the U.S., Documents Show (what they always to do to keep American white)

Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys - The New York Times

The Judge Will Hear Your 223,000 Excuses Now - The New York Times - Tales from the tiny offices where New Yorkers -- go to fight summonses for everything from unshoveled sidewalks to underheated hot dogs.

Jordan Peterson & Fascist Mysticism | by Pankaj Mishra | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books - It is imperative to ask why and how this obscure Canadian academic, who insists that gender and class hierarchies are ordained by nature and validated by science, has suddenly come to be hailed as the West's most influential public intellectual ... (if by "intellectual" you mean Kim Kardashian) ... But he is a disturbing symptom of the malaise to which he promises a cure
Speaking of "Truth" with Jordan B. Peterson - Sam Harris ... A clearer way of stating this is that he thinks I locate all values within a system of truth claims, whereas he locates all truth claims in a system that selects for a single value: survival. Hence our stalemate. ("He thinks" wrong)
Sam Harris on Twitter: "Should @jordanbpeterson and I do a second podcast in which we attempt to discuss religion, atheism, ethics and other topics?"
The Faces of Joseph Campbell | by Brendan Gill | The New York Review of Books (1989, JC hated Jews and blacks) )
The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs - Nathan Robinson : JordanPeterson
The Intellectual We Deserve: "Jordan Peterson"
Jordan B Peterson on Twitter: "Very critical article by @NathanJRobinson of my work (including Maps of Meaning) in Current Affairs ( is accompanied most hilariously by this ad..." (it went over his head, which is not that hard to do, but still)
The Intellectual We Deserve - a good takedown of an alt-right hero : politics

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian - The New York Times (with an actual driver, so even that didn't work)


Why does Putin treat Britain with disdain? He thinks he's bought it -- Londongrad (he sorta does)

Trump rails against Mueller investigation, dismisses McCabe's note as 'Fake Memos' (said the fake president with the fake hair)
McCabe's s firing shows yet again how readily Trump incriminates himself
Trump attacks FBI and Mueller investigation in morning tweets - Axios
Trump Attacks McCabe, Comey And Mueller Probe In Sunday Tweet Barrage | HuffPost - doesn't believe McCabe "made memos except to help his own agenda, probably at a later date" (hahah you stupid)

Gowdy to Trump: 'When you are innocent
act like it'
Mike Huckabee Celebrates Firing Of Former FBI Deputy Director By Making Dead Dog Joke | HuffPost - "Breaking Wind from CNN! Andy McCabe offered deal for lying to FBI and won't get pension but will get passage in overhead bin on United flight to Oakland to work for scofflaw mayor." (only the worst of the worst)

Eschaton: There's No Way Jeffy Jeff Is A Liar - What would we tell the white children? -- WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions's testimony that he opposed a proposal for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign team to meet with Russians has been contradicted by three people who told Reuters they have spoken about the matter to investigators with Special Counsel Robert Mueller or congressional committees. (lock him up)

Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians - The New York Times

Kushner Cos. filed false documents with NYC - The Kushner Cos. routinely filed false paperwork with the city declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants in dozens of buildings it owned across the city when, in fact, it had hundreds.

New Yorker depicts President Trump without a tie at a press conference - The Washington Post

Jesse Watters Takes On Hillary Clinton's Health: She's 'Acted a Little Erratic in the Past -- President Donald Trump could fire every single person from his administration in one sweeping tweet, and Fox News host Jesse Watters would still be alerting his audiences about Hillary Clinton's head colds (distaction! look over there!)

Democrats hold double-digit lead for 2018 midterm elections - also show Trjmp's approval ratings edging up - Fifty percent of registered voters say they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 40 percent want a GOP-controlled one - Fifty-three percent of adults say they disapprove of the president, down from 57 percent two months ago.

Kris Kobach's Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court (also, his deplorable lying and cheating)

Eschaton: Look Forward To Your Pedestrian License Test - Gonna have to learn a new language to earn one - In essence, the car would need to be lit up like the Las Vegas Strip in order to make up for the absence of a human behind the wheel.


Ohio student suspended for staying in class during walkouts: What actually happened. - The Washington Post - Jacob Shoemaker, 18, (didn't want to "pick sides," NRA cranks up)

The Latest: Russia says 30,000 flea besieged east Ghouta - The Washington Post (copy editing is hard, read comments: "The UN is airlifting 30 dogs to Ghouta to relieve the suffering")

Shashi Tharoor: In Winston Churchill, Hollywood rewards a mass murderer - The Washington Post - "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against the uncivilised tribes; it would spread a lively terror"

Sergei Skripal: Russia retaliates against Britain by expelling 23 diplomats

Richard W. Painter on Twitter: "I am also not convinced that he is planning to have an election in 2020." (Bush's ethics lawyer +Tina Smith, Franken's replacement, is an idiot, thanks, Kristen)

AP source says McCabe kept notes on Trump (and Mueller has them)
Mueller's team interviewed McCabe, asked about Comey's firing ... The memos also detail what Comey told McCabe about his own interactions with Trump while he was FBI director
Andrew McCabe, Trump's foil at the FBI, is fired hours before he could retire (Trump loves fucking people over)
McCabe: Trump's 'Ongoing war' On FBI Led to My Firing
Five reasons Trump would have wanted Andrew McCabe fired - The Washington Post
Read Andrew McCabe's Response To Being Fired Two Days Before His Retirement | HuffPost
Ex-CIA Boss John Brennan Tears Into Donald Trump Over Andrew McCabe Firing | HuffPost - America will triumph over you
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!"
John O. Brennan on Twitter: "When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you."
Our Banana Republic - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Jeff Sessions looks 6 years old and not fully human)
Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "(blows dust off tweet)"
Donald Trump and the Craven Firing of Andrew McCabe | The New Yorker -- President Trump displays the pettiness and the vindictiveness of a man unsuited to the job he holds ... McCabe was fired because he is a crucial witness in the investigation led by Robert Mueller

murkar comments on Justice Department Fires Embattled FBI Deputy Director Just Short of Retirement ... In addition, Jeff Sessions is now unquestionably implicated in witness tampering and obstruction of justice himself. (reddit is 10 steps ahead of your newsy pundits // Trump leaked to Fox 24 hrs in advance, "a smoking gun for obstruction of justice" and witness tampering, brilliant analysis of our present peril)
Redditor explains in great detail the impact McCabe's firing will have on the Russia investigation (and a lot of speculation about the movie to come in the comments)

History won't be kind, Republicans ... Clapper ... "This is a case of people living in their own reality bubbles when we can't agree on basic facts" (the reckoning is coming)

FEC probes whether NRA got illegal Russian donations - politico - Complaint alleges that the gun-rights group may have received contributions intended to help the 2016 Trump campaign. (yes, and what's the remedy? Lock them all up)

Democrats Want to Subpoena Apple to Find Out When Key Administration Officials Downloaded Encrypted Messaging Apps - undefined

Did Trump Just Acknowledge An Affair With Stormy Daniels With His Legal Team's $20 Million Demand? (admits he's DD)
Trump attorney accuses Stormy Daniels of violating nondisclosure agreement 20 times, claims right to seek $20 million in damages - The Washington Post ("yes, I fuck porn-stars bigly, but shut up")
Trying to Silence Stormy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Secretive religious charity run by top US housing officials raises questions | US news | The Guardian - GJH Global Ministries, which made its website private after inquiries by the Guardian, does not appear to have a clear purpose

Seah Hannity isn't just attacking Shepard Smith. He's attacking the very nature of news ... "reality erosion" (Satan's mouths always lie)

Watch the video: Blogger says LePage shoved her; he says she was chewing in his face - Portland Press Herald - An unusual encounter between Maine's governor and a Portland blogger is captured on video Thursday.

Beleaguered Leslie Gibson abandons state House race, seeks 'peace and quiet' - Gibson has been under fire this week for comments he made online about teens in Florida who survived a school shooting in Parkland. He criticized two of them who were leading an effort to increase restrictions on gun sales in the wake of the Feb. 14 killings. (rightwing Mainer's pic is weird, as usual)

Michael Osgood Is Determined to Bust Harvey Weinstein - The NYPD's top sex-crimes investigator tried to bust Harvey Weinstein three years ago. Then the DA stepped in. (Cyrus Vance Jr. took the bribe)

Everything you need to know about Massachusetts's new pot rules
Recreational marijuana companies face bans, moratoriums in most Mass. cities and towns - The Boston Globe

In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state (running on a white people, gunz and booze platform, don't realize they are moochers on Cali's cities and would be screwing themselves, as usual, becuase they are stupid and can't think "We Okies are fun, aren't we?) )
It's Time to Leave San Francisco
The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest | The New Yorker - An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when ... Counting from the earthquake of 1700, we are now three hundred and fifteen years into a two-hundred-and-forty-three-year cycle. (PacNorthWest doomed and it won't be pretty)

Eschaton: Shutdown Facebook - It isn't just about the election. They have no safeguards on the use of user data other than "against our policy."
How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions - The New York Times -- The firm had secured a $15 million investment from Robert Mercer, the wealthy Republican donor, and wooed his political adviser, Stephen K. Bannon, with the promise of tools that could identify the personalities of American voters and influence their behavior. But it did not have the data to make its new products work ... the researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American academic ... (look at the pic: are they human?)
Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach | News | The Guardian - Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters (Zuckerfuck is complicit)

How American High Schools Teach The Iraq War | HuffPost - American troops have been in Iraq longer than the average high school freshman has been alive. But for the most part, the deadliest U.S. military intervention since the Vietnam War remains a footnote in America's social studies classrooms.

Before You Buy 'Ready Player One' Tickets, Read Ernest Cline's Horrifying Porn Poetry

Marshall Hansberry on Twitter: "A coyote attempting to attend MIT. Pretty cute little guy. Animal control is on their way. @universalhub "


A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians From Cars - The New York Times - Legislation would allow more home building along transit routes to reduce -- gas-guzzling commutes. Some who support the goal have denounced the method. (Sierra Club opposed ... "NIMBY stance is a disappointing but not a surprise. We've been having this same battle in San Francisco for a while now, where the local chapter is captured by rich, white, land-owning boomers")

FIU Bridge Collapse Construction Firms Accused of Unsafe Practices | Miami New Times -- The bridge collapse has now killed six people; the contractor behind the bridge is also a major political donor in Dade County. (spend it on bribes, not the fucking bridge)
At Least 6 Dead After New Pedestrian Bridge Collapses Over Cars In Miami | HuffPost - The 950-ton bridge was lifted into place on Saturday in order to provide a safe walkway for Florida International University students.

2DeadMoose comments on ?? manthefuckup / imhereforyou ??
The Troubled Tenure of Scott Israel, Sheriff of Broward County | The New Yorker

In Syria, at least 100 killed in attacks as more people flee

Romanian Court Rejects Man's Claim He's Alive

French Judge Has Issued Arrest Warrant for Saudi Princess - The New York Times

Jacob Zuma, Former South Africa Leader, Charged With Corruption - The New York Times -- related to a multibillion-dollar arms deal in the late 1990s. (corrupt-ass fuck falls)

Mystery surrounds how ex-Russian spy was poisoned in UK - As British authorities investigate the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in England, there is much mystery about how exactly the brazen attack was carried out. Here are some of the unanswered questions that British officials are chasing:
Britain Hints at Tougher Blow Against Russia: Stripping Tycoons' Assets
U.K. Labour Leader's Stance on Russian Ex-Spy's Poisoning Splits Party (Corbin, the Bernie of Britain, is a friend of Russia)
Murder investigation launched after man found dead in New Malden - Metropolitan Police - A murder investigation has been launched following the results of a post mortem into the death of 68-year-old Russian businessman Nikolay Glushkov.
How a Poisoned Russian Spy Could Cost Putin the World Cup

Pentagon: No survivors in American helicopter crash in Iraq - All seven service members aboard a U.S. helicopter that crashed in Iraq were killed, the Pentagon said Friday in a written statement.
Trump's CIA Has Set Up Teams To Kill Terrorists (Pompeo's assassination squads)

Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says - The New York Times

The Trump Malignancy and the Book That Will Not Be Written - Lawfare

Barry Blitt's "Exposed"
Trump jokes 'who's next?' as tumult engulfs his White House (he thinks it's funny because he loves firing people)
Trump gives McMaster the Tillerson treatment - POLITICO - The president is keeping his national security adviser in a state of limbo, acutely conscious that he could stay indefinitely or be dismissed any time in a tweet.
Trump may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of shake-up (AMERICA THE CABLE TV SHOW)
The Note: More political shock waves possible - ABC News
Trump gives McMaster the Tillerson treatment - POLITICO - The president is keeping his national security adviser in a state of limbo, acutely conscious that he could stay indefinitely or be dismissed any time in a tweet.

Possible Russian trolls try to register for Texas Democratic convention ... Five senior intelligence officers, two current and three former, say the case of the Texas 48 looks like Russian meddling. And they tell NBC News that despite the clumsiness of the failed registrations, the Texas case fits a pattern of Russian behavior seen in its covert operations ... Twenty-five of those 48 were trying to register with email addresses ending in "" ... "If things like this appear to be happening in small county registration systems in Texas, what could that mean for other parts of the country?' ... "It's outrageous that we are in March, just months ahead of midterms, and we are not feeling this urgency from our own government" (la-di-la and so it starts, but "Russia is my friend" says Trump)

Robert Mueller Has Likely Crossed Trump's 'Red Line.' Now What? .. Trump's business is firmly in the crosshairs.... From this, it looks like Mueller plans to burn it all down. It looks as though he's decided that everything with which this president* is involved is so irredeemably corrupt and lousy with dirty money that trying to split the difference between which corruption was involved with the campaign, and what dirty money financed it, is an impossible rat's nest to untangle. So the easiest thing is to light a match and see what burns in what color flame ... something stirring in the murk. Too many people are acting far too nervously. Something shapeless is rising from the deep and, waiting for it, is Robert Mueller.
Eschaton: Follow The Money - Whatever went on, I've long been sure the only thing Trump has worried about personally - and maybe the only thing he really had to worry about, though it's not a small thing - is the financially cesspool that is his business. -- From this, it looks like Mueller plans to burn it all down. -- It's hard for our legal system to take down a president. It's probably not so hard to take down his business (which the constitution should have already done, but, hey...)

Democrats May Seek Prosecution of Witnesses Who Misled House Intelligence Committee -- Erik Prince, Carter Page, and Roger Stone are among their top targets.

u/charging_bull puts the pieces of the Russia investigation together with links and shows a clear connection between Trump, his family, and a Russian Development bank known for hosting Russian spies (who we know tried to recruit Carter Page) : bestof (with chart)

Eschaton: Phew - I suppose not being a torturer means I have a somewhat different psychological makeup, but if I was involved in this stuff and avoided prosecution due to the belief by elites that we must Look Forward, Not Backward, I'd look for most convenient moment to slip out the back door and start collecting my pension. I'd count my blessings and not think, "hey, maybe I should stick around and pursue the highest job in order to ensure that I would have renewed media scrutiny for all that torture." ... The problem isn't simply that these people weren't prosecuted (though they should have been). It's that they weren't even shamed enough to think that maybe the public spotlight wasn't the best thing for them. (fuck you Barry, again)
I went to prison for disclosing the CIA's torture. Gina Haspel helped cover it up. -- John Kiriakou (and stop using that old pic, WaPo)
Declassify CIA Director Nominee's Role in Torture, Rights Groups Demand (more light in dark places needed, and also, thanks, Barry)

Stormy Daniels Was Physically Threatened, Lawyer Says | HuffPost
Daniels' lawyer says some alleged incidents took place during Trump presidency
The Stormy Daniels Saga Shows How Vulnerable Trump Is To Blackmail | HuffPost
Six women have come forward to Stormy Daniels' lawyer with similar stories

Vanessa Trump hires criminal defense attorney for Donald Jr. divorce | Page Six

Burn It Down, Rex - The New York Times - If Tillerson came out and said that the president is unfit, and perhaps even that venal concerns for private gain have influenced his foreign policy, impeachment wouldn't begin tomorrow, but Trump's already narrow public support would shrink further.

Trump wildlife protection board stuffed with trophy hunters - A new U.S. advisory board created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters, including some members with direct ties to President Donald Trump and his family. (haha, swamp drained, suckers)

Eschaton: Like Flies To Shit -- Grifters to grifter central ... "microcities" where managers privately set their own laws and taxes away from central government control. (hahah suckers)

Federal court tosses out Obama-era rule requiring financial advisers to act in customers' best interests (5th ciruit Republicans say your advisor can steal all your money)

The Myth of the Centrist Holy Grail - Heidi Heitkamp, Conor Lamb, David Brooks, and delusion. not alone in tossing a candidate who got 65 million votes overboard. A lot of people went running for cover. Again, CNN: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown told Huffington Post (HH is a lump of shit)

This Is B-A-D: Some Democrats Are Sick Of A DIRE Email Strategy - They have this relentless fucking strategy that seems to overwhelm and deceive their supporters (DCCC absolutely sucks and they don't even mention the phone-bombing; is this Debbie Doofuss's legacy?)

Los Angeles barred from enforcing nearly all gang injunctions, federal judge rules - the latest blow to one of the city's oldest and most controversial law enforcement initiatives ... which were born from a time in the late 1980s and '90s when gang activity in the city gained national attention ... Following an audit by the Los Angeles city attorney's office and the LAPD, 7,300 people were released last year from the conditions of the injunctions, which are civil court orders that can restrict someone from associating with friends, or even family members, in neighborhoods considered to be havens for certain street gangs ... thousands of people were unfairly swept up simply because they knew, or were related to, a gang member. Some also contend the injunctions disproportionately target African Americans and Latinos. Many of those included in the orders have never been convicted of a crime. (28 years of fucking people over, no due process for black/brown people; how about an unjunction for the gang of evangelical Christians?)

Meet "The Storm" the conspiracy theory taking over the pro-Trump internet (grand synthesis of frightwing lunacy rises from the depths of unthinking)
The Storm Is the New Pizzagate -- Only Worse (all the prophecies will be fulfilled)

The Man Who Knew Nothing at All | Josh Fruhlinger - Living in a liberal fantasy is complicated (oh, NYT, you are rediculous)

The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs - by Nathan J. Robinson -- Jordan Peterson's popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape ... the chair of the Harvard psychology department praised his magnum opus Maps of Meaning as "brilliant" and "beautiful" (Mahzarin R. Banaji? Is that you? -- shallow minds think alike, often in gibberish +Nathan J Robinson is the critic we deserve:) If Jordan Peterson is the most influential intellectual in the Western world, the Western world has lost its damn mind. (anyone who thinks JP is worth reading is not worth reading, like ... Jonathan Haidt ... we already no one should ever read David Brooks)
Disappointed with my "The Big Five Aspect Scale" results. : JordanPeterson (45K scammed on reddit +marketing scheme +oh, look: girly chaos dragon being slain by masculine knight!)

Today among our overcompensated and underachieving elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Harvard's money managers are doing very well, for themselves at least: (worse than average for their employer, good job j.faust)

Eschaton: Portal Bridge - It doesn't get as much ink as the tunnels, and it won't be as expensive to replace, but they need to replace it... TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Amtrak and New Jersey Transit service to and from New York's Penn Station is being affected because a 111-year-old bridge is stuck open and the tracks are not aligned. (fuck your stupid coastal elite so-called "infrastructure")

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes' wife alleges widespread abuse in petition for restraining order | Southern Poverty Law Center - Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes faces allegations of abuse and household violence in a motion for a temporary restraining order his wife filed last month with a Montana court ... will frequently threaten himself and his family with a weapon he always carries, and he has a history of violent outbursts against his family, including an incident in 2016 when he choked his teenage daughter by the throat. (good anti-government Christian conspiracy theorists with lots of gunz, sounds like that incestous Nazi guy)

Watch The New Yorker Festival | Sallie Krawcheck on Working in a Male-Dominated Business World | The New Yorker Video | CNE

Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual misconduct. Hollywood shrugged. - Vox -- Time's not up for the "hardest-working man in Hollywood." Why?

John Bailey Sexual Harassment: Academy President Under Investigation - Variety

Monty Python Member Says #MeToo Movement Turned Hollywood Into 'the Mob' - Terry Gilliam ... Harvey Weinstein was exploited ... (as they fall every day: fuck you Terry)

Why 'micro-cheating' might be good for your relationship -- PERSPECTIVE | It's the latest buzzword on the internet

Neanderthals Weren't the Only Species Ancient Humans Hooked Up With: A New Study Reveals Bachelor Number Two - the Denisovan. : science

A short-ish history of new features on Reddit : announcements

Snapchat stock loses $800 million after Rihanna responds to offensive ad - Mar. 16, 2018 ... "slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown"


WEST MIAMI-DADE - FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped underneath : news

NRA Tweets Photo Of AR-15 On Day Of National School Walkout For No Particular Reason | HuffPost
Rubio stops short of banning gun sales to young adults | McClatchy Washington Bureau - Here's what kind of weapons Marco Rubio thinks should be OK for 18-year-olds to buy
At a school in North Carolina, he was the only one of 700 students who walked out - CNN
Sister of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof given $5,000 bon - - Columbia, South Carolina
Muslim teen watched jihadi videos, read Koran for 'courage' before Florida sleepover stabbings, cops say ("Corey Johnson" sounds very Muslim)
Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns? - Scientific American Blog Network - Research suggests it's largely because they're anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market and beset by racial fears
Horrifying Videos Show Racist Moms Teaching Kids To Be Patriots By Vandalizing A Mosque | HuffPost - The disturbing Facebook live video captures a troubling excursion in which two women and three children trespass and vandalize a mosque.

U.S. officials: Saudi crown prince has hidden his mother from his father, the king - NBC News (behind the scenes)

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia - The New York Times
Public Confidence in Mueller's Investigation Remains Steady - Most are skeptical Trump will act to block future Russian meddling - A majority of Americans (61%) say they are very or somewhat confident Mueller will conduct a fair investigation

NRA lawyer said to have had concerns about group's ties to Russia

u/charging_bull puts the pieces of the Russia investigation together with links and shows a clear connection between Trump, his family, and a Russian Development bank known for hosting Russian spies (who we know tried to recruit Carter Page) : bestof

Trump decides to remove national security adviser, and others may follow - The Washington Post (unchaining the Beast)

Republicans fear they botched Russia report rollout - POLITICO - GOP lawmakers are on the defensive after challenging the intelligence community's finding on election meddling

Gina Haspel Should Tell Congress the Truth About CIA Torture - The Atlantic - Trump's nominee to lead the agency should answer a number of tough questions about her role in its now-defunct "enhanced interrogation" program (you know, the APA approved torture program)

In fundraising speech, Trump says he made up trade claim in meeting with Justin Trudeau - The Washington Post (rambling incoherent self-congratulatory word-salad of lies)
Why Trump's s admission that he made stuff up to Justin Trudeau is particularly bad

Why hasn'tt Mueller talked to Donald Trump Jr. yet?
Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. | Page Six (he always looks empty and soulless)

Clifford (aka Daniels) v. Trump et al. (haha, she did it, $139,000 as of today with 28 left to go)
Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Says More Women Are Exploring Legal Cases Against President Trump -- A lawyer representing the adult film actor said he has received inquiries from other women about potential cases against the president.

Mike Pence's Man in the Swamp - The Huffington Post - The vice president's trusted -- chief of staff is young, handsome, talented and rich. He's also got some skeletons.

Trump's personal aide apparently lost White House position over gambling habit

Here Is Ryan Zinke Making a Complete Fool of Himself (only the best morons)
Trump Cabinet members accused of living large at taxpayer expense - The Washington Post (they are stars in their own reality movies)

Betsy DeVos used Shutterstock picture to attack U.S. schools. Teachers aren't having it (we have a moron running education in America, which seems appropriate for the times +first hit on shutterstock search for "classroom" show the de[pth of her knowledge)

Trump Claims Credit For Shock Dem Win In Pennsylvania | HuffPost "

Team Obama settles score with Lipinski - POLITICO - Democratic congressman who voted against Obamacare gets some Chicago-style payback. ("conservative democrat")

Exclusive: Trump finalizing opioid plan that includes death penalty for dealers - POLITICO

Heitkamp on when Hillary Clinton will go away: 'Not soon enough' (too divisive, unlike little bluedog Heidi)

Pelosi in peril - Axios - Top Democrats tell me that if they take back the House in November, a restoration of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no longer guaranteed. In fact, some well-wired House Democrats predict she will be forced aside after the election and replaced by a younger, less divisive Dem. (yeah, less divisive in the face of the greatest diviseness in history is the solution! who are these asshole "top" democrats?")

Sen. Tammy Baldwin's fight to win back Wisconsin for Democrats, explained -- Baldwin, in her first reelection, is facing a ton of outside conservative money: $8.5 million -- The past decade has been a slow-motion Republican conquest of Wisconsin. (Kockistan/Wississppi)
'A Different Kind of University' 'Shocked, dismayed and angry': faculty members at Wisconsin Stevens Point react to a plan to cut 13 majors, including English, history, political science and sociology, and expand more job-oriented programs. (Wisconsin: you don't need no education)

Republicans Say Forced Labor Is Good for Detained Immigrants in Letter Defending Private Prison

Eschaton: Crazy Ideas - We'll see how this progresses. (non-maximum sentences for any plea-bargain)

She took her daughter to see Michelle Obama's portrait. Now they need a publicist.

This Is What Record-Low Unemployment Looks Like in America - Bloomberg - In towns where workers are scarce, employers are boosting pay and perks and stepping up recruiting

The real problem with the New York Times op-ed page: it's not honest about US conservatism -- It wants to challenge its readers, but not with the ugly truth. (talk about "intellectual bubbles" -- the Times is protecting its readers from the truth of virulent rightwing insane conservatism)
T. R. Ramachandran on Twitter: "1) Trump support in 2016 was strongly correlated w/ racial resentment & sexism / tweetstorm kanvz'd here

For Women Behind The Camera, Sexual Harassment Is Part Of The Job | HuffPost - A HuffPost investigation found that women across crew positions experience an onslaught of lewd comments, gendered discrimination and even physical assault

John Skipper on ESPN Exit and Cocaine Extortion Plot | Interview | Hollywood Reporter

Dog gone: United Airlines mistakenly flies family German shepherd to Japan | World news | The Guardian - Pet canine, 10, was meant to fly from Oregon to Kansas City - Airline investigating after family were instead handed a great Dane

Limbaugh questions Stephen Hawking's promotion of the Big Bang Theory: "Since nobody could see it, how the hell do they know it really happened?" (there's our problem, right there)

Traditional Iranian dance moves : NormalDayInArabia
For us to be Successful we go through difficult things or challenges : sports

What subreddits are hidden gems? : AskReddit

Amazon didn't kill Toys 'R' Us. Here's what did -- A year later the company was taken private by KKR, Bain Capital and real estate firm Vornado. The $6.6 billion purchase left it with $5.3 billion in debt secured by its assets and it never really recovered. (Bained to death)


'We deserve better' : Students nationwide walk out in massive protest over gun violence (sorry snowflake kids , no literal "safe spaces" for you)
National School Walkout: Thousands of students rallying in solidarity to end gun violence : news
Seaside High teacher accidentally fires gun in class, students injured

Counter-terrorism unit investigates death of Berezovsky friend who claimed political asylum in UK after fraud conviction (Putin's working his way down the list)

Pennsylvania Special Election Results: 18th Congressional District - The New York Times
Eschaton: Lamb Is A Victory For Wypipo Labor Democrats Moderates Clintonites Berniebros Anti-Racism The DCCC Republicans - Joke, obviously, though both the Republicans and the DCCC are painting this as a victory for Democrats-who-aren't-like-other-Democrats ... Paul Ryan says he won because he's basically a Republican! Both sides agree: Lamb is not really a Democrat! ... "Another kind of a Democrat." "A new kind of Democrat." "A Democrat, but not like those other nasty Democrats." This is not a branding operation that works long term. There's just an immense amount of self-loathing in the party that assholes like me can't even begin to match.
Three big takeaways from Trump<'s humiliating Pennsylvania failure /a>
Conor Lamb Wins Pennsylvania House Seat, Giving Democrats a Map for Trump Country - The New York Times
The Pennsylvania special election shows the 2018 House battleground is enormous - Vox - By one calculation, more than 110 seats could theoretically be in play ... There are the districts Hillary Clinton won, of course, but there are also the suburban, classically Republican districts where Trump has soured the electorate, and those white working-class districts with Obama-Trump voters. (oh, look, those temporarily disillusioned racist Bush voters, again)
Republicans Paralyzed by Pennsylvania Election Stunner (they thought the teapary would last forever)
GOP Blames 'Lackluster' Candidate And His 'Porn Stache' For Pennsylvania Setback | HuffPost - Ice cold.

Beware of Devin Nunes's Next Move

ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about California immigrant arrests - The Washington Post (they lie, and they only lie)

Rex Tillerson has been fired. Experts say he did damage that could last "a generation" ... was one of the worst secretaries of state in moden history (mission accomplished +you know who else is the worst?)
Senior Tillerson aide Steve Goldstein fired - CNNPolitics - Goldstein publicly contradicted the White House account of how Tillerson was fired on Tuesday morning. (who you gonna believe, me or what your lyin' eyes saw on twitter ... you will pledge allegiance to my lies)
State Department Staffers Cry 'Halleluhah' Over Rex Tillerson's Downfall - Experienced U.S. diplomats and Donald Trump agree on at least one thing: Rex Tillerson sucked as secretary of state.

Fred Hiatt's favorite torture apologist supports sadistic torturer for head of CIA
Gina Haspel, C.I.A. Deputy Director, Had Leading Role in Torture - The New York Times
Gina Haspel as CIA director? It's a test of America's conscience (what's with the 20 yr-old pic? )
'She Should Be in Jail' -- Rights Groups Rally to Stop Torture Overseer Turned Trump CIA Pick Gina Haspel
Gina Haspel, Trump's CIA director pick, oversaw the torture of dozens of people -- She also tried to destroy video evidence of the torture of two suspects ... But she remains a controversial figure for her years-long involvement in a wider CIA program that led to the torture of dozens of suspects, which included stuffing people into coffins or depriving them of sleep.

Andrew McCabe, a Symbol of Trump's F.B.I. Ire, Faces Possible Firing

"Trump Wants Them Out of There" : After Swinging the Axe at Tillerson, Trump Mulls What to Do with McMaster, Sessions, Jared, and Ivanka

The most toxic working environment on the planet (with the most toxic people)

BuzzFeed maneuver could free Stormy Daniels to speak on Trump - POLITICO - The same Trump attorney who brokered the deal with Daniels, Michael Cohen, filed a libel suit in January against BuzzFeed and four of its staffers over publication of the so-called dossier compiling accurate, inaccurate and unproven allegations about Trump's relationship with Russia ... If Daniels' testimony is formally demanded in a deposition, the nondisclosure agreement would likely be no obstacle, legal experts said.
Another Trump attorney involved in Stormy Daniels case - CNNPolitics

Donald Trump Jr. and wife headed for divorce, friends say | Page Six (jesus, she looks even more unhappy than Melania +5 kids)

Trump's pick for National Economic Council is a CNBC host who gives bad financial advice ... In 2007: "There's no recession coming" (only the best pro-Trump celebrities)
Trump's New Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlow Has Been Wrong About Everything for Decades -- The appointment of Lawrence Kudlow as head of the National Economic Council indicates how firmly supply-siders control Republican economic policy, and how little impact years of failed analysis have had upon their place of power. (don't bother us with your so-called "analysis")
Former (?) $100,000 per month cocaine addict with no training in economics who has a historical 100% error rate in regard to economic predictions named nation's top economic adviser - Lawyers, Guns & Money (yeah, worse even than you thought)

The Republican coverup for Trump just got much worse - The Washington Post - House Republicans may have the power to prevent important facts about President Trump and Russia from coming to public light. But here's what they don't have the power to do: prevent important facts about their own conduct on Trump's behalf from coming to public light.

Eschaton: Everybody's Grifting - The boss is, so why not? -- (CNN)President Donald Trump's longtime personal aide John McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes, a source familiar with his firing told CNN. The charges are not related to the President, the source said. -- "Serious" is interesting.
John McEntee, longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime investigation - CNNPolitics - longtime personal aide John McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes ... not related to the president (uh-huh) "we don't comment on security clearances or personnel issues" White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN (new policy, don't comment on "personnel" being arrested)
Trump fires White House assistant John McEntee, who promptly rejoins Trump's campaign

Scott Pruitt's $25,000 soundproof phone booth? It actually cost more like $43,000 ... Officials hired another contractor to pour 55 square feet of concrete more than two feet thick, at a cost of $3,470, ("swuare feet" "two feet thick" - could you give us a drawing, WaPo? +$2,963 for a "captain's desk" - swamp drained, suckers)

Eschaton: The Little Grifts - I admit I don't even know why $31,000 dining set is even a story, but it's always the "cover ups" that get you in trouble. -- Washington (CNN)Newly released emails cast doubt on claims by Secretary Ben Carson and his spokesman that he had little or no involvement in the purchase of a $31,000 furniture set for his Department of Housing and Urban Development dining. -- I will say that anyone appointed to a big important job whose first thought is "let me redecorate" (whatever the protocol) should not be appointed to a big important job. Though I do think this would exclude just about everybody who gets these appointments.

Eschaton: The Best People - Looking forward to the Cuomo presidential run. -- NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was found guilty by a Manhattan jury on Tuesday of agreeing to take bribes from executives at two companies seeking to do business with the state government, federal prosecutors said. -- Not that they were close or anything. Oh, wait... But to Cuomo he was much more, appearing as a fixer as well as the governor's eyes and ears at the Capitol. Cuomo referred to Percoco as a veritable brother, calling him his father's third son in a 2014 memoir. (bros in crime)

Schumer struggles to contain Warren-led rebellion - politico - Senate Democrats are feuding over legislation to roll back the Dodd-Frank law
Heitkamp Takes On Warren Over the Senate Banking Bill - The Atlantic - The two Democrats are clashing over legislation that could ease regulatory requirements on banks adopted after the 2008 recession. (let's fuck the economy again so bluedog Heidi Fuckamp can get reelected +$250 billion is a "small bank")

Defense Dept. charged nearly $140,000 at Trump branded properties - CNNPolitics

Dems are angry over Hillary Clinton's latest comments -- She also insinuated that women who voted for Trump were motivated by "ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should"

A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why they're so pissed off -- Hint: it's not about the economy ... less concerned about economic issues and more concerned about Washington threatening the social fabric of small towns and causing "a moral decline" in the country as a whole. The problem, though, is that it's never quite clear what that means or how Washington is responsible for it. (let's call a racist spade a racist spade": they fucked themselves and need to blame non-white people but the real picture is retardation: religious freedom to beat your kids)

TWP chief Matthew Heimbach arrested for battery after affair with top spokesman's wife | Southern Poverty Law Center -- the leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party (also known as "nazis")
Neo-Nazi Group Implodes Over Love Triangle Turned Trailer Brawl - Matthew Heimbach and his spokesman came to blows after Heimbach was caught sleeping with the spokesman's wife. What's more, Heimbach is married to the spokesman's daughter (folie a quatre)

The Dangerous Misconceptions About the Opioid Epidemic and How We Respond -- eponymic Kevin Manchester (Trump will fix this by executing anyone who buys drugs with someone else: "the syringe is a murder weapon" is "law enforcement's response to the opioid epidemic," copsters at work) | Theranos, CEO Holmes, and Former President Balwani Charged With Massive Fraud - Holmes Stripped of Control of Company for Defrauding Investors

5 Women Accuse the Architect Richard Meier of Sexual Harassment - The New York Times - Richard Meier, the celebrated architect and Pritzker Prize winner who designed the Getty Center in Los Angeles, established a graduate scholarship in January at his alma mater, Cornell University ... Intended to honor the 55th anniversary of his practice, the scholarship was designed to "recruit and retain the most talented women applicants." ... they were sent to M. Meier's New York apartment, where he exposed himself ... "our recollections may differ" ... Alexis Zamlich, a 22-year-old communications assistant, who reported that Mr. Meier exposed himself during her visit to his apartment that same year ... (ah, the old look at my awesome dick move, ugly little creepster finally gets his comeupance +they knew, of course because he did it all the time)

Alaska Airlines Co-Pilot: My Captain Drugged and Raped Me Between Flights (what's a little rape in the toxic bro culture?) -

Fall from Grace: The Worship of Clinical Leaders -- Bessel Van Der Kolk ... How could this be? He wrote the book on this. He knows better - so how could he not do better? (very murky with Spinazzolla and JRI)

Amy Wax removed from teaching required first year courses at Penn Law School - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- peaking about black law students at Penn and peer schools, she went on to say that "some of them shouldn't even to to college" (should have kept her stupid mouth shut and they should have fired her stupid ass) )

24 Pets Died Flying With U.S. Carriers Last Year. 18 Were On United. | HuffPost (they knew: just stuff them in the death bin)

Harper Lee's Estate Sues Over Broadway Version of 'Mockingbird' (they want to coverup her racism)

Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores - The Washington Post

American Wealth Gone Wild: A Blistering Takedown of Greedy Kardashian Culture -- From prepubescent boys surrounded by hired dancers at bar mitzvahs to a high school-aged Kim Kardashian mingling at a dance (so it's part of jewish culture?)
Paris famously said that Kim's butt reminded her of "cogttage cheese inside a big trash bag"

TIL United Airlines has repeatedly killed more pets per year than any other US airline. : todayilearned

Microwave Buckwheat Bread Recipe

A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is "100 percent fatal"

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, child care expert and pediatrician, dies at 99 - The Boston Globe
Pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton writes his autobiography - The Boston Globe

TIL Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital with pancreatic issues after following Steve Jobs' fruitarian diet in preparation for the movie Jobs. Steve Jobs died of Pancreatic cancer. : todayilearned

Cambridge University tribute video to Stephen Hawking : videos
Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76 : AskReddit
Stephen Hawking's Appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation as himself. : television
Epic Rap Battles of History - Albert Einstein vs Steven Hawking [Rap] I thought it was fitting since Hawking passed away on Einstein's birthday : Music

Astronomers discover that all disk galaxies rotate once every billion years, no matter their size or shape

Daughters of reddit, what is something you wish your father knew about girls when you were growing up? : AskReddit

Crossover : funny


Maine candidate calls teen activist who survived Florida school shooting 'a skinhead lesbian' -- Leslie Gibson of Sabattus, the only declared candidate in House District 57, later apologizes on Twitter.

Eschaton: Pompeo - No more Tillerson. Secretary of State scary evil bigot Pompeo. We're really overdue for that war crimes tribunal. And a new CIA director.

Top Arab spy was at Seychelles meeting being probed by Mueller | Daily Mail Online

The Walls Are Closing In on Trump - Nunes' 'investigation' has shown Washington at its worst.
GOP Rep. Tom Rooney Breaks Ranks On Russia Report: 'We've Lost All Credibility' | HuffPost

Roger Stone claimed contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2016, according to two associates - The Washington Post - undefined

No Trump Zone: Only two of 23 vulnerable Republicans want him - Axios - Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of California and Carlos Curbelo of of Florida

Trump evangelicals have sold their souls - The Washington Post (Gerson's new thing)

Eschaton: Even God - Liberals (which means Democrats in our Discourse) are supposed to be the smug condescending ones, but while people like me might be smug assholes, actual politicians almost never are, while for Republicans this is pretty standard stuff.


Trump Announces Support For Arming Teachers, Backpedals On Gun Purchase Age | HuffPost - The series of proposals generally fall in line with what the NRA supports. (the party of Death wants more taxpayer funded guns)
Look who's afraid of the NRA now: Trump owes Toomey an apology

Saudis Said to Use Coercion and Abuse to Seize Billions - The New York Times - In the early days of the crackdown, at least 17 detainees were hospitalized for physical abuse and one later died in custody with a neck that appeared twisted, a badly swollen body and other signs of abuse, according to a person who saw the body.

Qataris opted not to give info on Kushner, secret meetings to Mueller - NBC News - Qatari officials gathered evidence of what they claim is illicit influence by the United Arab Emirates on Jared Kushner and other Trump associates, including details of secret meetings, but decided not to give the information to Special Counsel Robert Mueller for fear of harming relations with the Trump administration (so they're all crooks)

Mueller Weighs Putting Off Trump Obstruction Decision - Bloomberg - Delay would let him wrap up less explosive parts of inquiry - Obstruction decision might undercut probe, one way or another

A Trump spokesman just said something about collusion that he might come to regret - The Washington Post - deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah said President Trump would have been aware of any such collusion if it did occur.
House Intelligence Committee to announce they are done with Russia probe interviews - CNNPolitics
Despite Mueller's Push, House Republicans Declare No Evidence of Collusion

Expert warns of "terrifying" potential of digitally-altered video - CBS News - CBS News reached out to a number of tech companies for comment and heard back from Reddit and Facebook. Both companies are aware of this false video phenomenon and are looking for ways to regulate it. (in your dreams, CBS)

Ivanka Trump never cut ties with the Trump Organization. That's turned into a problem. (crooked Ivanka, lock her up!)

Stormy Daniels Offers to Return Payment to End Deal for Her Silence - The New York Times (where's George Soros when you need him?)
Is The Stormy Story More Damaging Than We Thought? -- Talking Points Memo
Texas notary's failure to sign Stormy Daniels' hush agreement is under investigation

DeVos struggles through '60 Minutes' interview - CNNPolitics (she sure didn't think this through, but then ... )

Dem Gains in CD18 Special | Monmouth University Polling Institute | Monmouth University - Lamb holds a 51% to 45% lead over Saccone if turnout yields a Democratic surge similar to voting patterns seen in other special elections over the past year.
Pennsylvania election is bad news for Trump
PA-18 Will be Excellent News For John McCain - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Pennsylvania GOP chairman says Tuesday special election is in 'Democrat distract'

While elites are sharply polarized, there are lots of cross-pressured individuals -- especially rank-and-file Republicans with liberal economic views and rank-and-file Dems with conservative cultural ones

Eschaton: Whatabout Farrakhan - Any time there's a powerful anti-semitic racist Republican like, say, the president of the United States or many of his employees and advisers or his former chief of staff or..., we get around of "all liberals must denounce Farrakhan." ... Jake Tapper's been leading the "whatabout Farrakhan" movement the "mainstream" press. Perhaps he should talk to his boss about Steve Bannon, someone a bit closer to power (recently and probably more in the future). (Jake Fapper)

Russian trolls pushed rally in Buffalo -- then urged blacks not to vote

Russian spy: Highly likely Moscow behind attack, says Theresa May - BBC News

David Roberts on Twitter: "12. It is no coincidence that these guys - Gerson, Douthat, Brooks, Stephens - have little voice or influence inside actual conservatism, or that they're all anti-Trump (unlike 95+% of Republicans). They are anomalies, idiosyncrasies, not representative of anything broader." - 19. Forget the self-regarding onanism of Stephens types. If NYT really wants to expose its readers to the right, it should give Dinesh D'Souza, Dana Loesch, or Ben Shapiro a column. Let readers see, up close & personal, the crude tribalism & resentment that animate the RW base ... 20. In conclusion, yes, everyone in mainstream politics, everyone who lives outside the Fox/Breitbart bubble, NEEDS exposure to the actually existing US conservative movement. @NYTopinion isn't helping (NYT is always minimizing and conservatives have always been more evil than you think) )

Today Among Our Special Elite Media Snowflakes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Iowa Senate leader Bill Dix resigns after video of him kissing woman in Des Moines bar is posted -- months after Iowa taxpayers were put on the hook for a $1.75 million settlement from the Kirsten Anderson lawsuit. Senator Dix has come under significant scrutiny for his role in firing Anderson hours after she reported a toxic work environment and for continuing to insist he did it solely for job performance reason.

James Levine's Final Act at the Met Ends in Disgrace

> Missouri is a destination wedding spot -- for 15-year-old brides (because conservative rockheads don't believe in birth-control)

Many Women Come Close To Death In Childbirth : NPR - why American mothers die in childbirth at a far higher rate than mothers in all other developed countries, three times more than in Britain and Canada (shit doctors)

Tammy Baldwin defiant as millions in outside money pour into Senate race - Since last year, the political network financed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch has spent more than $5 million taking on Baldwin.


A must-do list for climate change in Greater Boston - The Boston Globe
Electricity demand is flat. Utilities are freaking out. - Vox - the US utility sector was built around the presumption of perpetual growth. Utilities were envisioned as entities that would build the electricity infrastructure to safely and affordably meet ever-rising demand, which was seen as a fixed, external factor, outside utility control. But demand is no longer rising.

Marco Rubio Still Wants 18-Year-Olds To Be Able To Buy Guns | HuffPost - The senator from Florida previously said he supported raising the legal age to 21. (lil' Marco flop-flips)
The Very Strange Case of Two Russian Gun Lovers, the NRA, and Donald Trump Mother Jones - what we uncovered about an odd pair from Moscow who cultivated the Trump campaign.

Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED -- Authorities failed to act over 40 years - despite repeated warnings to social workers - with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused in Telford

Whatever comes next, North Korea's Kim Jong Un can claim a win against Trump
Trump under pressure over chaotic approach to North Korea nuclear talks | World news | The Guardian - Republicans: denuclearisation must be prerequisite for meeting - CIA director and White House spokesman contradict each other

Steve Bannon: 'Let them call you racist ... Wear it as a badge of honor' ("because we're fucking racists")

Russian spy: Salisbury diners told to wash possessions - BBC News
Russian spy: Poisoning poses major challenge for MI6 - BBC News

Departing U.S. Ambassador To Panama Slams Trump's 'Jingoistic Chest-Beating' | HuffPost - John Feeley let loose on the White House after leaving his post this week.

Trump told Netanyahu U.S. will pull out of Iran deal if big changes not made (see bibi's smirk)

Trump Is Remaking The Courts In His Image: White, Male and Straight | HuffPost
President Donald Trump Suggests Death Penalty For Drug Dealers | HuffPost - Trump used Singapore's "zero tolerance" drug policy as an example of how the U.S. should be. (or maybe the Philippines, or Turkey)

Trump Lawyers Are Considering A Challenge To Stop "60 Minutes" From Airing A Stormy Daniels Interview - Anderson Cooper interviewed the adult film performer and director on Thursday ... The Supreme Court has a long history of opposing efforts to stop publication in advance, ruling in 1931 that prior restraint was an inappropriate way to deal with alleged press abuses
For Stormy Daniels, controversy blows up into a club scene bonanza - CNNPolitics

Trump in talks with impeachment lawyer as aide reveals new concerns - The revelation that Trump has reached out to an impeachment lawyer comes just as former aide Sam Nunberg is expressing new concerns about potential legal troubles awaiting Trump campaign officials.

Donald Trump and the Stress Test of Liberal Democracy | The New Yorker - Resistance must take the form of the affirmation of the values and institutions that the President has scorned and threatened ... the widening historical distance from any direct experience of the horrors of German Fascism or Soviet Communism "Over two-thirds of older Americans believe that it is extremely important to live in a democracy; among millennials, less than one-third do" ... In 1995 only one in sixteen believed that army rule is a good system of government; today, one in six do (millenials think of "democracy" as "the government")

Trump Might Be Too Busy to Talk to Mueller, Says Lawyer

Trump: "Maxine Waters A Very Low I.Q. Individual" (for the speech patterns)
Bill Grueskin on Twitter: "And when he called a journalist an SOB, bellowed a racial epithet, and demeaned the intelligence of a black congresswoman? That all went, literally and unbelievably, into the last paragraph. Stenographers would be cheaper and would accomplish as much." (Maggie said he was just being "jocular")

Trump wants new authority over polling places. Top election officials say no - The Boston Globe (only Trumpsters will be allowed to vote in Trumpmerica!)
Vote. That'S Just What They Don'T Want You To Do
Hans Against America - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Vote suppression guru and guy whose face melted in Raiders of the Lost Ark Hans von Spakovsky was on the stand to defend Kris Kobach's vote suppression law earlier this week, with grimly amusing results ... Von Spakovsky is the John Lott of racist vote suppression, in other words. And his prominence in the Republican Party didn't start with trump, and his crusade is supported at the most elite levels of the party.
The Importance Of Mobilizing Obama-to-Nonvoters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Some de-mobilization of young people of color was probably inevitable with Obama not appearing on the ballot, but going forward re-mobilizing them makes a lot more sense than focusing on chasing Obama-to-Trump voters who mostly aren't going to come back to the Democrats ... For example, nearly three-quarters of Obama-to-Trump voters supported repeal of the A.C.A., while less than half of Obama-to-nonvoters did (they were disaffected Bush voting Republicans, so let's model our election strategy around them, said the DCCC)

Trump celebrates winning 52 percent of women in 2016 -- which is only how he did among whites -- He got only 41 percent of the vote from women. He got 52 percent from men (fact s are subjective)

Trump and the Evangelical Temptation - The Atlantic - Here is the uncomfortable reality: I do not believe that most evangelicals are racist. But every strong Trump supporter has decided that racism is not a moral disqualification in the president of the United States. And that is something more than a political compromise. It is a revelation of moral priorities. (Republican flunky Gerson "doesn't believe" Evangelicals are racist, hahaha)
White Evangelical Women, Core Supporters of Trump, Begin Tiptoeing Away - The New York Times (their husbands let them do that?) And the majority of evangelical women remain in his corner.

At Pennsylvania rally, Trump endorses himself - POLITICO - The president visited western Pennsylvania to boost a struggling Republican congressional candidate -- but made it clear to voters it's all about him (it's always all about him)
Trump privately trashes Rick Saccone - Axios
EDITORIAL In 18th district election, Lamb is the best choice | Editorials |

No Republican candidates on the Utah ballot this year? It's a possibility after planned fix falters.

Sen. Warren says she isn't running for president in 2020

Welcome to the United States - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Now, you may remember Karen Handel from such lovely things as turning the Susan Komen Foundation into an anti-abortion outfit by pulling money for breast cancer exams from Planned Parenthood because only certain women should live. And you almost certainly remember her from the most expensive race in the history of the House of Representatives, the legendary GA-06 race early in 2017 where she defeated Jon Ossoff.

Tamika Mallory and the Farrakhan Conundrum - The Atlantic - Why black leaders like Tamika Mallory find it so hard to distance themselves from the Nation of Islam

Understanding Student Mobbists - The New York Times (annotated by Froomkin, why you should never read this asshole's "thoughts")

Drew Magary on Twitter: "You're not gonna believe it but the Times found the most insufferable dipshit possible to profile.
"If I Close My Eyes And Ignore the Bad News, It Still Won;t Affect Me" ... He lives alone and has never been married. As for money, a financial adviser in San Francisco manages his investments. Mr. Hagerman says he throws away the quarterly updates without reviewing them ... Last winter, Mr. Hagerman spent several weeks visiting his twin brother, a tech C.E.O., in San Francisco. Strict arrangements had to be made -- the Sunday newspaper kept out of sight, the TV switched off, his teenage niece and nephew under special instructions. (very special snowflake not affected by Trump policies screwing the poor because he's rich so shut up with your so-called "news")

Eschaton: He'll Never Love You, Maggie - Cute game they play. -- ...have shown conclusively that there was no Collusion with Russia..just excuse for losing. The only Collusion was that done by the DNC, the Democrats and Crooked Hillary. The writer of the story, Maggie Haberman, a Hillary flunky, knows nothing about me and is not given access. -- Donald J. Trump (all those puff-pieces and he still hates them. sad.)
And Readers Were Provoked - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A New York Times columnist blamed a far-left 'mob' for her woes. But maybe she deserves them (Sulzes hired Baquet who hired Bennet who hired Stephens who said to hire Weiss from the WSJ)

Fox News host Jesse Watters to divorce after affair with employee - NY Daily News - wife, Noelle Watters, filed for divorce in October. The couple has twin girls ... relationship with DiGiovine spread within the network late last year as both posted social media photos of their outings together, including on a Caribbean vacation ... Fox News' golden boy ...

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel | New York Post

Bill Grueskin on Twitter: "A @nytimes tech columnist wrote this week about how he unplugged from Twitter for 2 months, which is totally true, except for the hundreds of tweets he posted while he was unplugged from Twitter. Via @CJR" ('ol lyin' Farhad, the rot is deep)

If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? Turns out it's just chance The most successful people are not the most talented, just the luckiest, a new computer model of wealth creation confirms. Taking that into account can maximize return on many kinds of investment.

The myth of the lonely gamer playing in solitude is dead - The Washington Post (it's a social scene, without all the drinking)

YouTube, the Great Radicalizer - The New York Times
How Lies Spread Online - The New York Times

Potent malware that hid for six years spread through routers | Ars Technica


Trump Rollbacks Target Offshore Rules 'Written With Human Blood' Drillers seek to gain from an easing of Obama-era safety and environmental regulations that were adopted after the Deepwater Horizon disaster killed 11 people. ("drillers" = big oil corps who don't give a shit about your life)

Three women, suspect dead after hostage standoff at veterans home in California - CNN
All 3 hostages and gunman die in armed siege of Yountville veterans home in Napa Valle : news
Suspect arrested in killing of Pomona police officer, ending long standoff
80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says : gaming
Student accidentally shoots self at Lexington, Kentucky high school : news (KY, all the kids are packing)

Russian spy latest: Home Secretary in emergency Cobra meeting as chemical warfare troops descend on Salisbury | The Independent - The Home Secretary is to chair an emergency Cobra meeting as nearly 200 troops including chemical warfare specialists are on the streets of Salisbury helping investigate and clean up after the suspected nerve agent attack on Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. With the Russian embassy accusing the British of propaganda and "following the Litvinenko script" ((who they also killed)) in the Skripal investigation, one UK Government minister has revealed Britain will be discussing the case with its Nato allies. (Trump has Putin's back, in fact he has a list of his own for Vlad)

Ex-Model, Mob Suspect and a Murder Could Bring Down Slovakia's Government (which ordered the hit)

Malaysia's PM is about to steal an election -- American officials say he already stole millions from taxpayers (why do they all do this?)

Women's rights group to fight for rights of 17-year-old girl who was beaten and tortured by new in-laws for failing the virginity test : news (meanwhile, in India)

Statues Across India Are Vandalized as Political Tensions Rise - The New York Times (as Hindu Nationalism Rises)

Turkey Sentences 24 Journalists to Prison, Claiming Terrorism Ties - The New York Times (Trump's model after Putin)

Steve Bannon Is Done Wrecking the American Establishment. Now He Wants to Destroy Europe's (so wrecked)

Eschaton: Everything Trump Does Is A Victory - If Obummer had walked into the press room one day and said a big announcement was coming and then the big announcement was that he was going to meet with the North Korean leader with no "preconditions" or no pre-negotiated concessions, NK nukes would have been unnecessary because DC's "foreign policy community" would have imploded the city themselves in a black hole of rage and the Washington Post would not have had this headline (top one) ... It would have been more like, "Experts say naive Obama is Rocket Man's little bitch." ... It's happening not because of Trump's angry tweets, but because Trump is a dumdum.
Planning Begins for Kim Jong-un Meeting Some Trump Aides Believe Will Never Happen - The New York Times
Will Kim Jong Un -- like every other dictator -- suck Trump?

Putin: Jews might be responsible for election meddling Search for Hope Hicks replacement turns into West Wing food fight - politico
Putin says Jews, Ukrainians, Tatars could be behind U.S. election meddling : news
Putin on U.S. election interference: 'I couldn't care less'

Ivanka Trump Backed Flynn and Manafort. She Discussed Firing Comey. How Has She Evaded Mueller's Investigation?
Former Trump aide speaks to Mueller, believes Russia probe is 'not a witch hunt'

Joy Reid on Twitter: "Lordy..."
KeithLeBlanc on Twitter: "He cannot deny being at the club that night Keith Schiller is right behind him the club was shut down in October of the same year for reasons related to the performances and other issues."
Miss Universe in Moscow: How Trump's beauty contest spawned a business deal with Russians and a bond with Putin ... in which naked college girls simulate urinating on a professor. In another act, two women disrobe and then one female stands over the other female and simulates urinating while the other female catches the urine in two wine glasses. (lil' Trumpy's pee-fetish)
In a personal letter, Trump invited Putin to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant - The Washington Post ("I need hydrated blondes this time, ok?")
At the bottom of the typed letter, Trump scrawled a postscript adding that he looked forward to seeing 'beautiful' women during his trip

One Night with Stormy Daniels, the Hero America Needs - Rolling Stone
The 7 most interesting aspects of Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump (Stormy has the dick pics)
How Stormy Daniels could impact the Russia investigation - CNNPolitics
Sadly, Cooley Law School *Is* Sending Its Best - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Stormy Daniels isn't suing Trump for money. She's suing to make sure her story is told ... it's getting harder for powerful men to pay for women's silence

Search for Hicks replacement turns into West Wing food fight - POLITICO - Various White House factions are backing different candidates for communications director, while Trump is soliciting advice from Hicks on potential successors.

Trump Talks With Clinton Impeachment Lawyer About Aiding in Mueller Response - The New York Times

White House scolds Cabinet officials after ethics reports - CNNPolitics - nternal watchdogs have launched at least nine audits, reviews or investigations across several Cabinet agencies, and stories about first-class travel, expensive office furniture, and internal strife have become commonplace.

North Korea experience may not be all he claims - Rick Saccone, standing in Pennsylvania's special congressional election, says he negotiated regularly with communist officials -- other remember it differently ... "he has tended to embellish his role"
The GOP'ss messages don't seem to be working in Pennsylvania. Is that a warning sign?

Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers - The Washington Post (death penalty for fentanyl - evil at work)

Top ACLU Voting Rights Lawyer Rips Into Trump Expert's Evidence Of Kansas Voter Fraud | HuffPost - Hans von Spakovsky admits he can't name an election that turned on noncitizen ballots in a trial over proof-of-citizenship law (don't bother us with your liberal facts +Hans, "member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity" is always lurking in the shadows) He also conceded that his research into voter fraud had not been subjected to the same kind of rigorous peer review that academic work would face. (peer-reviewed by "conservative alternative scientists")

Trump's Latest Pardon Shows The Best Way To Get One: Go On Fox News | HuffPost (crooked Hillary!) Saucier destroyed a laptop, a camera and the camera's memory card shortly after he was interviewed by the FBI. Pieces of a laptop were later found in the woods near a Saucier family home. Prosecutors tend to treat suspects more harshly when they are accused of destroying evidence. (but crooked Hillary!)

Eisenhower - Lawyers, Guns & Money - At a stag dinner .. Eisenhower took Warren by the arm and asked him to consider the perspective of white parents in the Deep South - "These are not bad people," the [president said. "All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in school alongside some big black bucks" It was an appalling moment. Here was the president leaning on the chief justice about a pending case while using the racist terms of an overseer. (Ike was a racist fucker, like all Republicans +fucking "stag dinner")

There's A Christian Alternative To Obamacare. But There's A Catch. | HuffPost ... Health sharing ministries ... "Do you agree with our statement of faith?" (haha suckers, try reading next time)

Dems pledge to limit superdelegates, but don't say how
The Missing Obama Millions - The New York Times - these perspectives play down the importance of a crucial group of disaffected voters: those who voted for Mr. Obama in 2012 but then failed to go to the polls in 2016. Because this group is disproportionately young and black, this erasure is racially tinged ... We would hardly urge Democratic strategists to abandon Obama-to-Trump voters. However, Obama-to-nonvoters are a relatively liberal segment of the country who have largely been ignored. They are mostly young and nonwhite

The Man Who Knew Too Little - The New York Times - The most ignorant man in America knows that Donald Trump is president -- but that's about it. Living a liberal fantasy is complicated. (NYT does another one of their "visits to the heartland" this time to talk to a stupid "liberal")

I Was Assaulted. He Was Applauded. - The New York Times - Andy Savage ... apologized to the mega-congregation for what he calls a "sexual incident" ... He received a standing ovation from the congregation ... The church pulled the video offline, but not before The Times saved a copy. (rape is a core evangelical Christian "family value")

Lawmaker gets restraining order against another lawmaker - A Pennsylvania state lawmaker who says a fellow lawmaker pulled a gun on her and threatened to kill her has gotten a restraining order against him.

Where's Harvey? (and where is he going?)

Meet the world-reknowned author at center of trauma-program controversy - The Boston Globe - Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Your state's teachers are underpaid. Find out by how much - not just West Virginia: Teacher salaries have been stagnant or falling for years.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Has Been 'Worst Ever' For Transgender Rights, 'Set Our Community Back 20 Years' (but still wears her MAGA hat )

Rush Limbaugh: Through sanctuary cities, Democrats have made California a "modern-day slave state -- Limbaugh: Democrats "want to hold on to their illegals so they can get their grass mowed" (who mows your lawn in Florida, Mr Projecter?)
Trump Can't Stop the Sanctuary Movement (but Sessions will invade California because protecting innocent people is like slavery)

Eschaton: New York's Worst Persons - Jeremy Peters -- NYT reporter @jwpetersNYT :
Jon Levine on Twitter: "NYT reporter @jwpetersNYT : "That term microaggression ... I think made wusses out of our college kids." some of those wusses were hired by his paper! " (Peters is a white journo-bro)

Sweet Jesus, Will the NYT's Conservatives Ever Write About Anything but the "Intolerant Left" Ever Again? ... "challenging ... readers with beliefs "outside the bubble" (speaking of "bubbles")

Forced to marry her rapist at 11, woman finally changes Florida marriage law : news (pregnant 16-yr-olds still have to marry their rapists)

'The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell' - BBC News (delusional disorder +folie a deux)

Video captured people chanting 'F*** the blacks' in a dorm. Now, 2 teens are under arrest : news
5 girls assault female freshman in Florida high school cafeteria : news

Scientists create nanowood, a new material that is as insulating as Styrofoam but lighter and 30 times stronger

ELI5 why is there a universal limit for speed, c, when there aren't any resistive forces in space? : explainlikeimfive

TIL even though physicists have confirmed every prediction made by the general relativity and quantum theories, they are mutually incompatible for very small or very massive objects. Therefore a framework revealing a deeper underlying reality must be discovered in order to unify the two theories. : todayilearned

18 Cognitive Bias Examples Show Why Mental Mistakes Get Made
How to Balance Your Media Diet ART + marketing (7-15 hrs/day and you haven't even gone to work yet)

What's your favorite euphemism for masturbation? : AskReddit - Threesome with a few no-shows.
What was the moment you fell out of love? : AskReddit
What subreddits are hidden gems? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Don't Fuck With The Wrong People - The lesson to be learned from Shkreli and McFarland is you can defraud the little people (otherwise known as "people") as much as you want, but do not fuck with investors.
Snapchat and Instagram remove Giphy feature due to racial slur GIF | TechCrunch


More of the Bay Area Could Be Underwater in 2100 Than Previously Expected - The New York Times (bye-bye Palo Alto and the airport)

Gov. Rick Scott signs gun, school security legislation over NRA opposition | Tampa Bay Times - Parkland parents attend bill signing ceremony at Capitol in Tallahassee -- a three-day waiting period for the purchase of all firearms and raising the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21
Detailed timeline sheds new light on Parkland police response | Miami Herald ... "At one point he says to keep back 500 feet. Why would he say that?" (heroic cop lied, of course)
There's A Serious Divide Over Gun Policy Between Gun Owners Who Are And Aren't NRA Members - broad support among gun owners for some policies intended to curb gun violence, but NRA members are less likely to back many of the proposals. (there are no "less extreme" NRA members)
Reports of shots fired at Yountville Veterans Home - Story | KTVU
Police find guns and ammunition at home of high school student in Gardena threat case - Gardena police found several guns and a cache of ammunition at the home of a high school student who threatened campus violence in two social media posts this week, authorities said.
A Mass Shooting Tore Their Lives Apart. A Corruption Scandal Crushed Their Hopes For Justice. | HuffPost - As prosecutors fixated on the death penalty for a killer, some family members of his victims found solace in an unlikely figure ... the gunman's attorney

Damage control at White House to reverse Trump's stunning blunder
North Korea Experts Stunned Yet Cautiously Optimistic About Trump-Kim Meeting | HuffPost - "My head is literally spinning... I don't know what to make of it"
Eschaton: Jaw Jaw - I doubt Trump will ever have this big meeting with Kim Jong-un, but it's the kind of thing Republicans would freak over if a Democrat proposed (and not entirely without justification!). There's a Trump tweet about not talking to North Korea, too, because there's always a Trump tweet. -- Deal Man will probably give them Hawaii.
North Korea Asks for Direct Nuclear Talks, and Trump Agrees - The New York Times
s North Korea gambit blindsides U.S. diplomats
What Will Trump Give Up for Peace with North Korea? - The New York Times (or maybe California so he'd dump a bunch of sessessionist libtards)

Catholic Women's Event Persists Despite Vatican's Rejection Of Progressive Participants | HuffPost - The Vatican did not approve of a lesbian activist and her allies speaking during a women's conference in Rome (fuck you, popester)

U.S. Allies Sign Landmark Trade Pact As Trump Announces Tariffs | HuffPost - Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership last year.
This time, China can fight back against tariffs - Axios - China's capability to retaliate against Trum's tariffs now rivals that of the entire EU, and with Beijing's economic clout continuing to grow these tariffs may be the last time the U.S. gets to set the terms of engagement with China.

Russian spy attack: focus falls on Salisbury cemetery | UK news | The Guardian - Hundreds of troops arrive on streets and experts in hazmat suits work near grave of Sergei Skripal's wife
U.K. Spy Poisoning: Treat Russia Like the Terrorist It Is - Bloomberg - Whether the Skripal poisoning can be conclusively pinned on Moscow is beside the point.

It's Time to Abolish ICE - A mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.
ACLU sues Trump administration to stop family separation

The Economy Is Looking Awfully Strong - The New York Times - Blockbuster job growth in February suggests this economy, already nine years into expansion, may yet have room to run.

Mueller tight-lipped as media leaks shape Russia narrative - POLITICO - Leaked glimpses of special counsel Robert Mueller's activities tell an incomplete story, angering some Trump associates ...

An Operative With Trump Ties Was Once Indicted on an Obscenity Charge -- George Nader was accused of importing photographs of nude boys "engaged in a variety of sexual acts"

Trump called Gary Cohn a 'globalist.' Here's why some people find that offensive. (only "some people" because Nazis think it's fine)

The Stormy Daniels Scandal Gets Serious - The New York Times ... Russia could blackmail Trump with evidence of his "sexual perversion" - Nothing we know of Daniels confirms the dossier's outre claims about what such perversion entailed. The NDA does, however, show that Trump was susceptible to blackmail ... "It all kind of fits together in a way, Nick Akerman, a former Watergate prosecutor, said of the Daniels scandal and the Russia one. "Its really blackmail over sex."
Stormy Daniels beat Trump at his own game - The Washington Post ... comment: " the utter moral, ethical and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican Party, the self-styled "conservative" movement and the Religious Right, all in one fell swoop. May they all fall with him."
Stormy Daniels Absolutely Slays Trump Trolls on Twitter - The porn actress has become Trump-world's enemy number one -- with sexist vitriol being tossed her way online -- but Daniels puts on a masterclass in roasting your haters.
Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements - NBC News
Michael Cohen dismisses claims of email as proof that Trump knew about payment to porn star to buy her silence - ABC News
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Opens Door to Further Trouble for Trump - The New York Times - "A lawsuit opens the door, and judges almost always allow for a plaintiff to have a fishing expedition ... Have you paid other people money?"
Anderson Cooper interviews Stormy Daniels for '60 minutes'
Pro-Trump Pastor: Thou Shalt Not Have Sex With A Porn Star 'Thou Shalt Not Have Sex With A Porn Star' Doesn't Apply Here - Robert Jeffress says it's about "policies and strong leadership," not sex scandals (said a mouth of Satan)

"Trump Is Going for a Clean Reset": Fuming in the West Wing, Trump Prepares to Defenestrate Cuck Allies and Go Full MAGA -- The president will meet with potential chief-of-staff candidates at Mar-a-Lago next weekend. McMaster is likely next to go. Then Jivanka.

Trump's Abstinence-Only Pamphlet Is Quite Educational | HuffPost - wait-until-marriage agenda. (from Pres Abstinence himself)
Abstinence-only education making a comeback under Trump | TheHill ... $10,000,000 focus on ... "sexual delay" (that'll work for sure)

Nonfarm payrolls increase by 313,000 in February vs. 200,000 est. - Nonfarm payrolls rose by 313,000 in February while the unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent, the lowest since December 2000. (Trump's excellent policies are Making America Great Again)

Kris Kobach Just Got Torched By A Federal Judge In Kansas Vote Trial | HuffPost - At the trial over requiring proof of citizenship to vote, the state official's missteps on evidence draw rebuke. (perfect sense that the AG of KS wouldn't know shit about the law)

Interior spending $139K to fix doors in Sec. Zinke's office (only the best doors)
Trump's VA secretary so fearful of his own staff that he posted an armed guard outside his office (he needs one of Zinke's $139K doors)

The endangered GOP senator who thinks Justice Kennedy could save him - POLITICO - Nevada's Dean Heller predicts an imminent high court vacancy (Tony will retire, Rethugs will turn out so they can have an even more conservative judge to fuck the country)

"Why the Hell Are We Standing Down?" The secret story of Obama's response to Putin's attack on the 2016 election (Mitch told him to shut up and Barry was powerless to do anything +susan Rice, an unknown player in Trump's election ... she didn't want to "box Obama in" with facts) "There was a disconnect between the urgency felt at the staff level" and the views of the president and his senior aides (+fuck you, again, Barry)
Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix - The New York Times - to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure from the White House (working title: "Top Fuck Up")
Team Biden mulls far-out options to take on Trump in 2020 - POLITICO - One possibility is picking a running mate out of the gate, perhaps someone younger or from outside of politics. (shut up and go home)

How Democrats can sweep the midterm elections - By Adam Schiff

Elizabeth Warren Says Democratic Votes for Wall Street This Week Are a "Stab in the Heart" -- 16 Senate Democrats voted for the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act ...

Trump Administration Blocks Idaho's Plan to Circumvent Health Law - to allow the sale of stripped-down, low-cost health insurance that violates the Affordable Care Act ... It would allow insurance companies to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. People with such conditions could be denied insurance for up to 12 months if they had not maintained "continuous prior coverage" (keep voting Rethug, Idawhore)

A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches - The New York Times (no soul) comment: "We are watching the death knell of Christianity in America and It makes me sick."

Why Louis Farrakhan Is Back in the News - The New York Times - Louis Farrakhan, the 84-year-old head of the Nation of Islam,

Professor Declares Black Students 'Rarely' Graduate In The Top Half Of Law School Class -- And have NEVER graduated in the top quarter as far as she can remember ... "black people would be better off if they understood that they're better at menial tasks" (like cotton-picking, oh look, it's Amy Wax, racist conservative liar and dimbulb)

'Commie scum, We're going to burn down your store!' : Trump supporters caught on camera threatening California book shop - A pair of Trump supporters were caught on camera this past weekend issuing unhinged threats to a left-wing bookstore in Berkeley, California ... "Trump is going to get rid of all you pieces of sh*t" "This is America, I can burn down your store if I want" (said the Russian dupe)

Asheville police officer resigns after beating and choking suspected jaywalker - CNN - On Thursday, a judge issued a warrant for Hickman's arrest on one count each of assault by strangulation, assault inflicting serious injury and communicating threats. (why they hate body cameras)
North Carolina police officer resigns after beating, choking and tasing suspected jaywalker : news

Man killed snoring elderly roommate with pillow: cops | New York Post

Newsweek Exec in Secret Tape: We Gotta Turn the Business Around or We're Dead Newsweek's chief content officer acknowledged in a private meeting that revenue has collapsed following a BuzzFeed story about the company's advertising practices

When Smug Liberals Met Conservative Trolls - The New York Times (if you think libs are "smug," try libertarians like Katherine Mangu-Ward)
alicublog: FRIDAY ROUND-THE-HORN. - As if the Bari Weiss debacle hadn't already put a rancid cherry on the shit parfait that is the New York Times Op-Ed section, here come the radioactive sprinkles in the form of Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward ...
Elites on Free Speech: Shut the Bleep Up | The Mahablog - Now Brooks has a column up in which he tries to put himself in the place of a Young Person and understand all this disrespectful heckling of their betters public intellectuals going on at colleges these days. This is what he came up with:

Startups, Deals, Parties And Pals: Will News Exec Levinsohn Repeat The Past? : NPR - This story contains language that some readers may find offensive (TRONC reorg)

Instagram Influencers Are All Starting To Look The Same. Here's Why. | HuffPost - Between makeup and Facetune ... "Don't settle for just being yourself. Why be you when you can be me?"

TIL your brain is able to make a decision for you seconds before you become aware of the fact that you are making a decision : todayilearned - This is why I like to try and trick my brain by changing my mind at the last second

Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections. Scientists followed 125 long-distance cyclists, some now in their 80s, and found they had the immune systems of 20-year-olds. The research was published in the journal Aging Cell. : science

Vision-improving nanoparticle eyedrops could end the need for glasses : technology

kwii420 comments on Honestly I'm kinda addicted.

Amazon Knows Why Alexa Was Laughing at Its Customers - The New York Times - In rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase 'Alex, laugh," (believe us, it's not a rogue AI making fun of you before it kills you)

Two Miramar SWAT officers suspended for heading to Parkland massacre - Sun Sentinel
Huffman High School shooting: Courtlin Arrington killed; Birmingham police question injured teen |

Resigned Guantanamo lawyers found microphone in meeting site | Miami Herald - in their special client meeting room and were denied the opportunity to either talk about or investigate it .. "legacy microphones" ... "not activated" (claimed your totally corrupt lying military)

Trump partied with Russian oligarchs at Vegas nightclub shut down over 'lewd' acts involving women and urine:

Mueller gathers evidence that 2017 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin - The Washington Post - In January 2017, Erik Prince, the founder of the private security company Blackwater, met with a Russian official close to Russian President Vladi-mir Putin and later described the meeting to congressional investigators as a chance encounter that was not a planned discussion of U.S.-Russia relations (and oh look Eric Prince is a lying traitor)
Democrats say Trump associate may have misled House panel over Seychelles meeting - CNNPolitics - The founder of the security firm Blackwater did not mention to the House Intelligence Committee last year that a Lebanese-American businessman had attended a meeting in the Seychelles islands, a trip that has come under intense scrutiny in the Russia investigation (then he told Devin Nunes, "I'm done here, fuck your questions")

Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel - The New York Times - two conversations in recent months in which President Trump asked key witnesses about matters they discussed with investigators, according to three people familiar with the encounters ... Mr. McGahn never released a statement and later had to remind the president that he had indeed asked Mr. McGahn to see that Mr. Mueller was dismissed ("when I tell you to lie, you lie!)

Lewandowski testimony: House Russia probe signals end is near - CNNPolitics - Rep. Mike Conaway and other Intelligence Committee Republicans are signaling they're ready to end the investigative phase of their Russia probe and move on to writing the final report, while Democrats say there are still scores of witnesses the committee needs to speak with. (Nunes sticks fingers in ears)

Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to an 18-count indictment in Russia probe - ABC News

Judge to Trump: Muting, not blocking followers, may end suit ... muting would enable Trump to avoid reading a tweet he doesn't want to read

This Anti-Semitic Term Was Casually Used At The White House 3 Times This Week | HuffPost - "globalits" (you know, a jew)

'I have to see you again' : How Trump's alleged affair with a porn star spilled into public view (alleged? excuse me?) Sarah Huckabee Sanders reiterated Trump's denial of an affair ... Trump had been married to his third wife, Melania, for a year and a half. Their son, Barron, was about 4 months old. Trump turned 60 that summer. He spent much of it in California, where one of his favored haunts was the Beverly Hills Hotel, a pink stucco landmark, and the private bungalows on its lush grounds (family values!)
Eschaton: He Turns On Everyone - Will be hearing the insulting and sexist nicknames he has for her soon. -- CNN's Jim @Acosta reports the President is furious with WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over her handling of news on Stormy Daniels. A source close to the White House tells Jim "POTUS is very unhappy. Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels story line steroids yesterday" (haha Fuckabee getting rewarded for her loyalty to the Swamp Monster)
DJ Judd on Twitter: "CNN's Jim @Acosta reports the President is furious with WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over her handling of news on Stormy Daniels. A source close to the White House tells Jim "POTUS is very unhappy. Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels story line steroids yesterday.""

Eschaton: TERMINATED - I suppose not in the Arnold way. -- Several White House staffers have been terminated or reassigned for issues related to their security clearances with at least one individual employed in the Office of the First Lady relieved of duty, sources with direct knowledge tell ABC News.

Refugee skeptic lands top State Department refugee job - POLITICO - A White House aide close to senior policy adviser Stephen Miller who has advocated strict limits on immigration into the U.S. has been selected for a top State Department post overseeing refugee admissions (Trump admin is basically a big fuckyou to good government)
We took a broken system and just broke it completely - veterans health care .. a disaster (Hulk Smash)
Senior adviser at HUD spread conspiracy theory that Clinton campaign chairman was Satanist - CNNPolitics (insanity is a job requirement)

Eschaton: ONE BILLION DOLLARS - Holy crap someone told Dr. Evil that this was a big significant number and he believed it. -- China has been asked to develop a plan for the year of a One Billion Dollar reduction in their massive Trade Deficit with the United States. Our relationship with China has been a very good one, and we look forward to seeing what ideas they come back with. We must act soon! -- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 7, 2018

Marist poll: Trump's job approval highest of his presidency - CNNPolitics - 42%, his highest in that poll since he took office. -- The poll, which was conducted Monday and Tuesday, found that some 50% disapproved of the President's job performance. (wildly popular crime boss)

Exclusive polls: Big warning signs for Senate Democrats - Axios - Five Senate Democrats would lose to Republican candidates if the elections were held today and three have approval ratings under 50%, according to new Axios/SurveyMonkey polls. ("survey monkey" hahaha) approval is at just 46% in Florida and Pennsylvania and 54% in Ohio. (o rly axios?)
Trump approval rating by state - Vox - Trump got 56 percent of the vote in Ohio, Indiana, and Kansas, but his approval rating is below 50 percent now.
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ; House 2018: 26 Ratings Changes, All in Favor of Democrats - PA-18 special now a Toss-up; Democratic incumbents in strong position; and what about Paul Ryan? (not what axios is telling us, must be a "fake poll" as opposed to russian bots on survey monkey, and by the way, fuck you Michigan)
Trump Down, Dems Up, Russia Bad, Kushner Out | Monmouth University Polling Institute | Monmouth University ... Pres. Trump's job rating now stands at 39% approve and 54% disapprove. This is a net decline from his 42% approve and 50% disapprove rating at the end of January, but it is still higher than his December 2017 low of 32% approve and 56% disapprove. (another fake poll saying Dear Leader is down)

Tennessee Republicans kill anti-child marriage bill, cite possible case against gay marriage ... citing an obscure legal theory that passing the bill could deter a conservative lawyer's case against gay marriage. (TN Republicans love their children)

Why Won't Women's March Leaders Denounce Louis Farrakhan's Anti-Semitism?

15 Remarkable Women We Overlooked in Our Obituaries - The New York Times (just a little overlooking)

They reported sexual harassment. Then the retaliation began | PBS NewsHour
U.S. Forest Service chief under investigation after complaints of sexual misconduct | PBS NewsHour (PBS needs Adobe Flash, welcome to 1999)
Tony Tooke, head of U.S. Forest Service, stepping down amid sexual misconduct allegations | PBS NewsHour - The chief of the U.S. Forest Service is stepping down amid allegations of sexual misconduct and an investigation commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture into his own behavior (that tooke a long time)

'Silicon Valley' Confronts a "Darker Side" of Tech Culture (and T.J. Miller's Messy Exit)

Yale Student Found Not Guilty in Rape Trial - The New York Times - A Yale student who had been suspended by the university was found not guilty on Wednesday of sexually assaulting a fellow student, in a rare college rape accusation to be tried in the courts. The verdict laid bare seemingly gaping divides in the national reckoning around sexual consent and assault.

How Russian Trolls Crept Into the Trump Campaign's Facebook Messages

Sinclair's new media-bashing promos rankle local anchors ... a promotional campaign that sounds like pro-Trump propaganda. ... decry "fake stories" from national news outlets ... 60- and 75-second spots should run frequently "to create maximum reach and frequency"

NYT's Bari Weiss Cites Hoax Twitter Account To Criticize Liberals | HuffPost
No More Mister Nice Blog: The Unkillable Zombie Lie That Attacks On Mccain And Romney Made Trump Possible - A lot of people are going to be writing about Bari Weiss's latest column, in which she makes the usual complaints about campus lefties and others who attack speech they consider hateful and speakers they consider totalitarian.
Jack Crosbie on Twitter: "bari weiss's latest column features stellar reporting on the "intolerant left," like these two hyperlinks, which go to tweets from a fake antifa account that buzzfeed debunked in may 2017 source:"
Jack Crosbie on Twitter: "lol someone in the mentions has pointed out that this specific journalistic triumph started with jordan peterson, which tracks"
(c) Cookie Monster?? on Twitter: "@KyleKulinski you should definitely do a segment on how @jordanbpeterson is such a smear merchant hack, that he retweeted a fake antifa account to his reactionary fan base of 22 year old virgins as part of his usual anti-left/SJW propaganda. On par with Shapiros hackiness now imo"
If You Truly Care About Speech, You Will Invite Me to Your Office to Personally Call You a Dipshit - Alex Pareene
NYT's Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel -- Glenn Greenwald
New York Times Opinion Editor Ties Campus Free Speech to Fascism - Throwaway paragraphs can throw away a whole piece. (jfc she looks like a dumb 14-yr old conservative)

How To Read Laterally: A Lesson for New York Times Columnists Including But Not Limited to Bari Weiss | Hapgood (SHE DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING GOOGLE IT, thanks, Sulzfucks)
Lateral Reading: Reading Less and Learning More When Evaluating Digital Information by Sam Wineburg, Sarah McGrew :: SSRN - In contrast, fact checkers read laterally, leaving a site after a quick scan and opening up new browser tabs in order to judge the credibility of the original site. Compared to the other groups, fact checkers arrived at more warranted conclusions in a fraction of the time.

Mike Caulfield is tired, so tired. on Twitter: "The interesting thing about this for me is it is a great example of how the Russians (and others) just (throw) a ton of stuff out there and see what sticks. Which is really the same model as clickbait publishing I guess."
Heck of a Grasshopper - Four Moves
FACT CHECK: Did a Man in Montana Catch a Three-Foot Long Grasshopper?
ShukerNature: The Giant Grasshopper Of Wisconsin - Focusing Upon A Phoney Photograph

Living in a sea of false signals: Are we being pushed from "trust, but verify" to "verify, then trust"? -- We have a human problem on our hands. Our cognitive abilities are in some ways overmatched by what we have created
Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers - Simple Book Production (lateral reading)

The science of fake news | Science -- Contrary to conventional wisdom, robots accelerated the spread of true and false news at the same rate, implying that false news spreads more than the truth because humans, not robots, are more likely to spread it.
Huge MIT Study of Fake News -- The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News -- Falsehoods almost always beat out the truth on Twitter, penetrating further, faster, and deeper into the social network than accurate information ... falsehood consistently dominates the truth on Twitter, the study finds: Fake news and false rumors reach more people, penetrate deeper into the social network, and spread much faster than accurate stories.

Texas Judge Tortured Defendant With Stun Belt to Show 'Power' Court Rules - 'Never before have we seen any behavior like this, nor do we hope to ever see such behavior again' said the court, ruling that Judge George Gallagher violated a man's rights ... During the 2014 trial, Terry Lee Morris was convicted on one count of soliciting the sexual performance of a child online and through text exchanges with a 15-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison.
Outrage Over Footage of Police Officer Beating a Black Man in North Carolina - The New York Times


Modify my views on guns, or vilify traumatized teens? I have chosen the latter. - The Washington Post
Police: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS | KUTV (UT)
Alert students, police, K9 credited with stopping potential deadly Utah school bombing | KUTV
Trump reopens a seemingly settled video-game debate - In the wake of the Florida school shooting, President Donald Trump is reviving an old debate over whether violent video games can trigger violent behavior. There's just one problem: Roughly two decades of research has repeatedly failed to uncover any such link. (Trump is much smarter than your liberal so-called scientists)
'I'll kill you': Threats and violence from the school workers who may soon carry guns -- The Florida Legislature is considering arming certain school employees to protect against school shooters. But at least 19 times, such employees have shown dangerous behavior themselves.
Gov. Malloy: 'NRA has become a terrorist organization'
NRA Says Bronin Putting Politics Before Public Safety - Hartford Courant ("safety" = more guns)
Winchester suspect had two dozen encounters with police in 6 years - The Boston Globe

U.S. Holocaust Museum Revokes Award to Aung San Suu Kyi - The New York Times (now know as the "genocide lady")

Kurdish-led forces in Syria withdraw from fight against ISIS to battle Turkey in Afrin - The Washington Post (not the first time)

Poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal was close to consultant who was linked to the Trump dossier (Putin's working his way down the list)
UK Deepens Investigation Into Possible Poisoning Of Former Russian Spy In England | HuffPost - A counterterrorism unit has taken over the case. Sergei Skripal remains in critical condition.
Sergei Skripal: Russian ex-spy isn't the first victim of a mysterious poisoning in the UK - The Washington Post

What we believe Mueller is investigating - The Washington Post
Mueller Is Teaching This Country a Lesson on the Nature of Corruption - Everything Donald Trump touches turns to, well... And to understand the corruption of the businesses, you have to understand the ability of the man to corrupt everything and everyone he touches. This, of course, includes the country that elected him. Mueller is teaching an awful lesson, but one that is no less important for the view it gives us of our republic and ourselves.

Trump's dangerously thin red line

Hope Hicks told House Intelligence Committee she was hacked, sources say - NBC News
Several White House staffers terminated or reassigned for security clearance issues: Sources - ABC News

Stormy Daniels goes nuclear on Trump, reveals all in new lawsuit The adult film star will not be silenced.
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen tries to silence adult-film star Stormy Daniels - NBC News
hearing some strange legal analyses of the Daniels-Trump lawsuit. I think it's important we understand the ways in which Trump's "Hush Agreement" with Daniels was nonstandard -- and why these deviations from common practice could harm Trump.
#Muellerlujah hashtag on Twitter

Kyle Griffin on Twitter: "The officials who run the federal government's background check system say it would be difficult to approve a permanent security clearance for someone like Jared Kushner who failed to disclose "significant financial entanglements with a foreign adversary"
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "I started accusing Trump of Witness Tampering on Twitter a year ago (regarding Yates, then Comey, then Flynn...). I knew the day would come we'd discover what was always clear from an investigative standpoint: Mueller could, should, and *would* look into it and consider charges."

Trump Fundraiser's Email Breach Shows Risks Before Midterms ... A top Republican fundraiser for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign learned last week that his email accounts had been hacked, sowing concerns that document leaks could roil another national U.S. election cycle.

Chao Goes Off the Rails on New York-New Jersey Project - But she spent much of the time confirming and defending the administration's attempt to kill a New York and New Jersey rail program. (Trump's revenge on the east coast)

unR?A?D?A?C?K?ted on Twitter: "Sessions's historical amnesia and intellectual dishonesty is stunning ... compared California's new sanctuary city laws to attemps by slave-hoding sourthern states to nullify federal laws ... (it's the same thing, I tell you!)

Senate Democrats Help Advance Bill That Could Increase Risk Of Financial Crisis | HuffPost - But only slightly. Nothing to worry about! -- The Senate bill would relax longstanding capital requirements for small banks and raise the threshold for enhanced prudential regulation from $50 billion in assets to $250 billion, exempting 25 of the 38 largest banks in the U.S. (fuck you bluedogs)

Ben Carson Removes Anti-Discrimination Language From HUD Mission Statement | HuffPost (exclusion and discrimination are back! slavery next)

Trump Charges His Campaign Top Dollar To Rent A Basically Empty Trump Tower Office | HuffPost - His tiny re-election effort spent more on its monthly rent there than his campaign paid for most of the 2016 run.

Blue wave? Texas Republicans outvoted Democrats in the 2018 primaries -- again - Vote counts Tuesday night once again showed how Texas is a red state. Despite an apparent early rush to the polls for Democrats, Republicans ended up casting more ballots in the 2018 primaries.
Here's what happened in the 2018 Texas primaries | The Texas Tribune - More than 1.5 million people voted in the Republican primary, with close to 100 percent reporting, compared to about 1 million Democrats, also with near 100 percent reporting.
National Democrats' strategy comes up short in Texas - A candidate whom the House campaign arm tagged as a carpetbagger and a loser nonetheless advanced to a May runoff. ("National Demorats" = DCCC)
The DCCC's scorched-earth campaign against Texas Democrat Laura Moser backfired

Lupe Valdez, Andrew White headed to runoff to challenge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott | The Texas Tribune - Lupe Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff, led Mark White, the son of late Gov. Mark White, in vote totals Tuesday night. They were far ahead of the seven other Democrats vying to challenge Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is seeking a second term.

Arizona Teachers Gearing Up for West Virginia-Style Action | Phoenix New Times

It's time to give socialism a try

Give me a break, Axios - The Washington Post (c'mon, Eric, they're smarticles)

Eschaton: RIP Chris Cillizza - He was murdered by words. Soledad O'Brien killed him.
Soledad O'Brien on Twitter: "It's not accurate. It's not funny. It's not clever. It's not analysis. It's facile. It shows an actual lack of understanding of reality tv (can't believe I'm typing that). It's mediocre. It's a time when viewers need to understand what's going on at the highest levels of govt."
Cillizza Destroyed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The fact that CNN fired Soledad O'Brien and hired Chris Cillizza tells you all you need to know about the network.
Donald Trump is producing the greatest reality show ever - CNNPolitics - Analysis by Chris Cillizza

Eschaton: The Better Stephens - This isn't so much as a parody as Pareene proving he could crank out columns in the style of the NYT's latest conservative affirmative action hire. It's a joke aimed at his editors, not him, in other words. It's a lot better than an actual column by Stephens (though bad in all the appropriate ways), who is both dumb and lazy. Stephens should just pay Pareene half his salary to write his column for him be his research assistant.
James Bennet Affirmative Action Hire Has Another Nuclear Take For You - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Bari Weiss, straight from the WSJ to your intellectually un-diversified brain)

Fox News keeps running columns from the same guy explaining, "I'm a Democrat but [insert agreement with GOP" ("I'm a Republican pretending to be a Democrat on Fox")

Rafael 'Ted' Cruz accuses his Democratic opponent of changing his name to appeal to voters

Mississippi Senate passes nation's most restrictive abortion ban, clinic plans to sue -- After a heated floor debate, the Senate on Tuesday passed a bill 35-14 to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy ... Opponents of the measure questioned how a mother's health could be a priority when the proposal does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest. (the "Republicans Love Rape and Incest" bill)

Idaho Transgender Community Celebrates Victory In Birth Certificate Ruling | HuffPost - A federal judge in Boise ruled this week that barring transgender people from changing the assigned gender in their birth certificates is unconstitutional. (fuck you Mormons)

Mississippi Town Approves Pride Parade After Fierce Backlash | HuffPost (they got a little too much attention for their gay hatred)

A Florida provocateur has his day before the U.S. Supreme Court -- again (Fane Lozman vs corrupt authority and the ability of public official to arrest you for criticizing them)

Five myths about domestic violence - The Washington Post - No, abusers are not poor and uneducated.

Allegations of employee mistreatment roil renowned Brookline trauma center - The Boston Globe - Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a best-selling author on trauma whose research has attracted a world-wide following, has been fired from his job over allegations that he bullied and denigrated employees at his renowned Trauma Center. (for being traumatizing) His firing capped a tumultuous three months at the center that van der Kolk founded 35 years ago. Executive director Joseph Spinazzola, like van der Kolk a longtime advocate for abuse victims, was removed in November over his alleged mistreatment of female employees ... Dr. Martin Teicher, director of developmental biopsychiatry research at McLean Hospital, said ...

The NYPD Is Ready to Arrest Harvey Weinstein. Will District Attorney Cy Vance Finally Agree to Let Them? - A police official says that the department is ready to arrest him for sexually assaulting Lucia Evans. (they're coming for you, Harvey)

In 2011, Portland Police Investigated a Sexual Assault Complaint Against Billionaire Mark Cuban. He Wasn't Charged. Here's What Happened ... While they smiled for the camera, she claimed, he thrust his hand down the back of her jeans and penetrated her vagina with his finger. ... And on Feb. 20, Sports Illustrated published a searing investigation of the workplace culture in the Maverick's front office, portraying an organization "rife with misogyny and predatory sexual behavior: alleged public fondling by the team president; outright domestic assault by a high-profile member of the staff; unsupportive or even intimidating responses from superiors"

'Doomsday clock' professor put on leave amid allegations of sexual misconduct - Arizona State University professor Lawrence Krauss, internationally known as an outspoken atheist and for his work on the symbolic "Doomsday Clock" has been put on paid leave by university officials after allegations of sexual misconduct were published in a recent BuzzFeed article ... denies everything ... "including groping women, ogling and making sexist jokes to undergrads, and telling an employee at ASU, where he is a tenured professor, that he was going to buy her birth control so she didn't inconvenience him with maternity leave."

Eschaton: Why Didn't They Listen To His Ideas? - Because despite not holding any community meetings until now, they know exactly what his "ideas" are: to build a football stadium in the middle of a residential neighborhood so people don't have to take a 15 minute subway ride (it's door to door) to see football games -- Protesters shut down a Temple University town hall meeting called to discuss plans for a controversial football stadium within 10 minutes of its start Tuesday.

Amelia Earhart mystery solved? Scientist '99 percent' sure bones found belong to aviator

Balenciaga looks a little bonkers now. But trust us: In a few years, your eyes will adjust. - The Washington Post (or your brain)

Yes, Those Are Probably Bugs In Your Paprika. Here's What To Do. | HuffPost

James Corden had one thing right: We're neurologically wired to love puppies ... alloparenting means "other" parenting ... Scientists believe that human babies are so vulnerable and needy that our species would never had survived unless every adult member of a human troop was willing help take care of them.

Geek Squad's Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought

Fyre Festival Founder Faces Prison After Pleading Guilty To Wire Fraud | HuffPost - "I grossly underestimated the resources that would be necessary to hold an event of this magnitude" said Billy McFarland


'It's Fake News!': Congresswoman Who Said Most Mass Shooters Are Democrats Cuts Off Interview | HuffPost - Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) walked away from a television interview on Monday after she was asked about her claim that Democrats are more prone to be mass shooters ... The fact-checking site Snopes found that a popular list circulating among conservatives purporting to show that mass shooters are more likely to be Democrats was riddled with faulty, inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims. The list was first shared online in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, according to the website. (fake news I tell you, fake!)
Broward sheriff's captain who gave initial order to 'stage' not enter Stoneman Douglas is ID'd (they were waiting for some good guys with guns to happen by)
Bumble Bans Guns Across Platform -- The Beehive

North Korea Signals Willingness to 'Denuclearize,' South Says (learning from Trump is just lie)

Additional Thoughts on Chinese Hegemony - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Either way, the United States needs to rethink how it approaches international order; for the first time since the 19th century, it will soon face a situation in which it cannot assume even a "first among equals" position in determining the nature of the international order.

I'm Sorry for Creating the 'Gerasimov Doctrin' I was the first to write about Russia's infamous high-tech military strategy. One small problem: it doesn't exist -- how in the modern world, the use of propaganda and subversion means that's "a perfectly thriving state can, in a matter of months and even days, be transformed into an arena of fierce armed conflict, become a victim of foreign intervention, and sink into a web of chaos, humanitarian catastrophe, and civil war." (- well, it does sound familiar - ) The Russians honestly -- however wrongly -- believe that these were not genuine protests against brutal and corrupt governments, but regime changes orchestrated in Washington, or rather, Langley ... Some major operations are coordinated, largely through the presidential administration, but most are not. Rather, operations are conceived and generally carried out by a bewildering array of "political entrepreneurs" hoping that their success will win them the Kremlin's favor: diplomats and spies, criminals and think-tankers, oligarchs and journalists ... How can a country with an economy perhaps the size of Canada's an army that is still going through an expensive modernization and already bogged down in two wars, and precious little soft power compete with a larger, richer coalition of democracies? (MATO)
Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin's Hybrid Warfare - Marius Laurinavicius

EU Raises Stakes for Trump by Aiming Levies at GOP Heartland - Bloomberg - The European Union is preparing punitive tariffs on iconic U.S. brands produced in key Republican constituencies, raising political pressure on President Donald Trump to ditch his plan for taxing steel imports ... motorcycles, jeans and bourbon whiskey (Harley-Davidson is based in Ryan-ruled Wississippi)

Gary Cohn Will Resign as Trump's Top Economic Adviser
Trump Confronted Cohn on Trade Hours Before Resignation, Sources Say - Bloomberg 9Trump: "you wll obey and kiss my ass" Cohn: "hastalavista")

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Received Inside Info From Russia Probe - Closed-door testimony before the House Russia probe is supposed to stay behind closed doors. Somehow, it got into the hands of another witness< -- and key Trump confidante -- instead ... Accusations of improper coordination with the White House have dogged Nunes, who was part of Trump's presidential transition team, since the investigation's inception. (little Russian ratfucker is always at work)
Special counsel has examined episodes involving Michael Cohen, Trump' longtime lawyer ... Cohen is also among nine Trump associates whose communications with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg are being sought by the special counsel

Adviser to Emirates With Ties to Trump Aides Is Cooperating With Special Counsel - The New York Times - An adviser to the United Arab Emirates with ties to current and former aides to President Trump is cooperating with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and gave testimony last week to a grand jury, according to two people familiar with the matter -- George Nader ... The meeting, convened by the crown prince, brought together a Russian investor close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia with Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and an informal adviser to Mr. Trump's team during the presidential transition

The 42 craziest quotes from Sam Nunberg's absolutely bonkers CNN interviews
Ex-Trump Aide: Trump 'may very well have done something during the election with the Russians'
Awful scandal porn: Nunberg gone wild - Axios - Now an ethical debate is raging in journalism circles. If your source seems drunk or drugged or just plain out of his mind, what iThose close to Nunberg said they fear he was drunk while going on a cable news blitz.
s your responsibility? (get him another drink, duh!)
'What the Fuck?" : Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg's Mueller Meltdown Leaves Friends Petrified - Those close to Nunberg said they fear he was drunk while going on a cable news blitz.
Sam Nunberg's Media Meltdown -- and What He Might Want to Remember About Special Prosecutors' Powers

Trump mocks 'lowest rated Oscans':"We don't have stars anymore -- except your president" (highest-rated star president ever)
Trump complicit with Scaramucci attacks on Kelly - CNNPolitics - The President has emboldened Anthony Scaramucci, the boisterous former communications director who was fired after just 10 days, to continue attacking White House chief of staff John Kelly during his cable news appearances, a source familiar with the situation told CNN. (totally normal)

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed
Top Republicans urge Sessions to appoint special counsel to probe FBI - POLITICO - House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy sent a letter Tuesday to Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, urging them to name a special counsel to review Republican's allegations that the FBI misled a federal judge to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance of Page, whose contacts with Kremlin-connected Russians had drawn agent's scrutiny (benghazi tactics otherwise known as beating a dead horse)

Senate investigators want answers from Reddit and Tumblr on Russia meddling - The Washington Post ... Reddit more broadly suffered from "indirect propaganda" that was posted and shared by thousands of users who are "mostly American, and appear to be unwittingly promoting Russian propaganda." (dumb russian stooges, thought clinton was a pedophile and a cannibal: the "gross factor" because conservatives are projecting their disgustingness)

Fortunately, Trump doesn't have what it takes to be a dictator (Republican Gerson normalizing Trump, linked only for the comments)

George W. Bush Reportedly Sounds Off On Trump: 'Sorta Makes Me Look Pretty Good' | HuffPost - Former president zings Trump in candid comments.
The Trump presidency could cost the nation more than we realize (corrupt traitor Republicans designed it to dismantle democracy because that's who there are)

Warren slams senators for backing bank deregulation bill - politico
Why Are Democrats Helping Trump Dismantle Dodd-Frank? - The New York Times - The Crapo bill is unusual in today's s hyperpartisan environment: It has over 10 Democratic co-sponsors, many from swing or red states and up for re-election this year -- like Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Jon Tester of Montana and Claire McCaskill of Missouri -- making its passage possible ... What do Democrats get in return? Nothing substantive that they should want. (fucking fake dems get to look like evil Republcans +it's really called the "Crapo bill")

Man hired to sweep Scott Pruitt's office for bugs is in business with a top EPA security official ... Pasquale 'Nino" Perrotta (showrunners just slipped that one in +Pruitt is a weird little paranoid fucker)

West Virginia lawmakers reach deal to give striking teachers pay raise - CNN - a 5% pay raise to all state employees, including striking teachers and school staff ... West Virginia ranks 48th in the nation in terms of how much it pays its teachers ... There will be no tax increase to offset the raise, and Blair said the government will see a $20 million reduction in spending to come out of cuts to general services and Medicaid (so, you lose anyway)
The Teachers Revolt in West Virginia - The New York Times

Democratic Party Set To Show Its Force In Nation's First 2018 Primary | HuffPost - Democrats in Texas have turned out in massive numbers for early voting.
If Texas Turns Blue, It Starts Tonight: Three Districts to Watch ... In the state's 15 largest counties, almost 50,000 more Democrats than Republicans have already cast votes. Compared to the number of Democrats who voted early in the 2014 midterm cycle, their early vote numbers this year are up 105 percent.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is expected to announce her resignation Tuesday morning amid scandal - The resignation comes amid multiple investigations into her affair with her bodyguard, police Sgt. Rob Forrest (she would have gotten away with it except for the nude selfies)
>br /> Thad Cochran seat: Mike Espy plans to run - Espy served as a Democrat in the U.S. House representing the 2nd District from 1987 to 1993 -- the first African-American to hold a Mississippi congressional seat since Reconstruction, then served as secretary of agriculture in the Clinton administration, the first African-American to hold that post.

GOP Senate hopeful's radio show listed pro-southern secession group as a 'favorite' website - Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel (Fuckassippi and traitors forever)

The Utah State Bar emailed a photo of a topless woman to lawyers00 and now it is "investigating" how it happened (haha Mormon porn, they have "no idea" how it got in there)

Evangelical leader Collin Hansen believes we live in 'a culture full of fear and loathing' - "President Trump says that he's never had anything to ask forgiveness for. I mean it is very confusing" (you voted for the Antichrist, dude, and you're going down with him, it's not that "confusiong")

Florida school removes teacher who hosted white nationalist podcast - NBC News - a middle school teacher from her classroom after it was revealed that she had secretly hosted a white nationalist podcast, raising concerns that she may have exposed her students to such ideology.

Charlie Walk: Music Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct - Rolling Stone - Five women accuse Republic Group president of long pattern of harassment and misconduct (creepy little fucker is toast)

Jordan Peterson's Gospel of Masculinity
Talking Basement-Dwellers With Jordan Peterson, Reddit's New Favorite Philosopher
Jordan B Peterson on Twitter: "CBC interview yesterday offers stunning proof of my appalling character (having failed to watch The Metaphysics of Pepe:"
Defending The Big People - Jordan Peterson Is Having A Moment -- We Should Ignore It

"He Can Go from a B Player to an A Player" : At Rolling Stone, Ryan Lizza Is Writing, Jann and Gus Wenner Are Still Kicking Around, and Jay Penske Is the Media Tycoon du Jour - Jay Penske, the scion of an auto-racing empire, has a legitimate shot to turn the baby-boomer culture bible around - if he can make it safe for millennials. (sorry, none of that made sense)

Vice claimed 'Broklyn barbecue' was world famous. Now it is -- in the worst way possible

These Are The 'Most Millennial' Baby Names | HuffPost

Alabama man arrested 4 days after criticizing his local sheriff has been released from jail amid public outcry : news

ELI5: Why is an electric toothbrush so much better than a manual toothbrush? : explainlikeimfive
Which movies have the largest disparity when ranked by men and women? : movies

Employees kept crashing into the glass walls at Apple's new headquarters. Here's what they told 911 (a metaphor for Jobs' "vision")
Humans slapped and shouted at robot cars in two of six DMV crash reports this year (we need a robot in the robot to protect the robot)
New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants | ZDNet


Nor'easter left path of destruction up and down coast
Here's how our second nor easter in a week is shaping up
Hundreds of trees were knocked down by Friday's powerful nor'easter

Despite Parkland, States Plow Ahead With New Pro-Gun Bills -- Even as gun control legislation remains stalled in Congress, the NRA has campaigned for 15 measures in 11 states that would further loosen gun restrictions. Among other things, the bills would strengthen existing stand-your-ground laws (Wyoming and Idaho), allow people to carry handguns without a permit (Oklahoma), and expand the list of places where people can carry guns (numerous states) ... "We just need to eliminate gun-free zones,"
Wounds From Military-Style Rifles? 'A Ghastly Thing to See' Trauma surgeons tell what it is really like to try to repair such devastating injuries. "Bones are exploded, soft tissue is absolutely destroyed"
Frantic Florida lawmaker has a complete meltdown in bonkers AM Joy interview about arming teachers -- Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) pressed for "multipliers of force" on school campuses who engage in crossfire with potential shooters as way to make schools safer.

Italy's voters choose populists, deliver stinging rebuke to Europe (thanks, Austere Angela, couldn't have seen that one coming)
Italy's election is another blow to the European establishment (NYT just can't say "victory for fascism")

Trump dangles Israel trip for new embassy; mum on peace plan - ABC News (they could share a jail cell in Jerusalem)

US Embassy in Turkey closes due to security threat - POLITICO - Turkish authorities have detained several suspects on charges of plotting an attack.

Police evict Trump staff from Panama hotel amid ongoing dispute - ABC News - More than a dozen police wearing bulletproof vests entered the lobby of the Trump International Hotel in Panama on Monday morning and evicted the Trump Organization's staff ... The Trump name was removed from the outside of the building shortly thereafter.

Critically ill man is former Russian spy - BBC News - He and a woman, 33, were found unconscious on a bench at a shopping centre in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon. - The substance has not been identified.

ICE Shackled 92 Somalis for 40 Hours On a Failed Deportation Flight. That Was Just the Start of the Abuse.

State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0. - The New York Times (why, it's almost like ...)

Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier | The New Yorker - How the ex-spy tried to warn the world about Trump's ties to Russia - Jean Mayer ... "It was as if all criminal roads led to Trump Tower," Steele told friends.
Our man in Moscow - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Amazing reportage from Jane Mayer in the New Yorker. I hate to excerpt any of it, but: ... " Obama, instead of issuing a statement himself, said nothing." (and here we are)
"I Would Not Want to Influence an Election, With Notably Rare Exceptions" (Mayer makes clear how much they knew, and when, and still did nothing because Comey didn't want to influence an alection rigged by the Russians! so let's look at Weiner's laptop!)
Study: Hillary Clinton's emails got as much front-page coverage in 6 days as policy did in 69 A stark finding from an analysis of New York Times coverage.

Escort Says Audio Recordings Show Russian Meddling in U.S. Election - The New York Times ... said from behind bars in Bangkok on Monday that she had more than 16 hours of audio recordings that could help shed light on Russian meddling in United States elections ... Ms. Vashukevich, who described herself as close to the Russian aluminum tycoon Oleg V. Deripaska ... a billionaire with close ties to Russia'ss president, Vladimir V. Putin, also has business ties to Paul J. Manafort, President Trump

Mueller Subpoena of Trump Documents Hints at Corruption - President* Trump is scared. He should be - This means that Mueller and his staff have likely concluded now that the entire Trump For President campaign was a corrupt enterprise in one way or another almost since the moment it was first conceived and that the same can be said of the Trump presidency - The whole damn dirty deal is one great writhing ball of poisonous snakes and Mueller seems to be perilously close to untangling it ... The working presumption of the Mueller investigation now is that nobody is clean in all of this. Everybody has something to tell about everybody else.
Special counsel wants documents on Trump, numerous campaign associates - NBC News - investigators want emails, text messages, work papers, telephone logs and other documents going back to Nov. 1, 2015, 4= months after Trump launched his campaign.
Mueller's hit list - 1. Carter Page 2. Corey Lewandowski 3. Donald J. Trump 4. Hope Hicks 5. Keith Schiller 6. Michael Cohen 7. Paul Manafort 8. Rick Gates 9. Roger Stone 10. Steve Bannon

Trump says Obama administration investigated campaign's alleged Russia ties to help Clinton ... "Wanted to discredit so Crooked H would win. Unprecedented. Bigger than Watergate! Plus, Obama did NOTHING about Russian meddling." (gettin' hot in there, little Donnie?)
The Steele Dossier Is Overflowing with Russian Meddling - At what point does circumstantial evidence become something else entirely?

Trump is implicated in his attorney's Stormy Daniels payment for the first time ... After Mr Trump's victory, Mr. Cohen complained to friends that he had yet to be reimbursed for the payment to Ms. Clifford ... the first time a major news outlet has reported that Cohen had spoken even behind the scenes about Trump being involved in the payment. Previously, the origins of the payment were more mysterious.

With Roles Reduced, Kushner And Ivanka Trump's Fate Uncertain (except for that jail cell)
"Now, the most shocking thing about that is if somehow only four foreign governments thought they could manipulate him," said Oliver. "How is it not more than that? What nation looked at this man and thought, 'Forget it! His mind iCA + PA = half-way there:
s a fortess.'"

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg called before grand jury, says he will refuse to go - The Washington Post - Nunberg said he was planning to go on Bloomberg TV and tear up the subpoena ... "Putin is too smart to collude with Donald Trump."
Sam Nunberg Starts Talking. You Know Who's Listening ... There was one piquant passage that occurred when Tur asked him if Sam thought that Mueller had the goods on the president*. " I think they may. I think he may have done something during the election. But I don't know that for sure."
Fargo - Mr. Jerry Lundegaard (Arrested) - YouTube

'Trump, Inc.' Podcast Extra: The Trump Organization Ordered Golf Course Markers With the Presidential Seal. That May Be Illegal. ("I AM THE STATE," Trump said, furiously)

Democrats may have already won the House - Axios - The correlation between the president's approval number and first-term midterm losses -- party: In the six times that the president's job approval was under 50%, the average loss was more than 43 seats. The Democrats need 24 to flip the House. - eCA + PA = half-way there

10 years after financial crisis, Senate prepares to roll back banking rules - The Washington Post (took Dems 8 yrs to fix the last one, time to loot and pillage again)

Ben Carson on His Vexing Reign at HUD: Brain Surgery Was Easier Than This - The New York Times

Exclusive: Congress requires many unpaid interns to sign nondisclosure agreements - Vox - What happens in Congress stays in Congress.

Trump's Voter Fraud Czar, And His Claims About Illegal Voting, Are About To Go On Trial | HuffPost - This could really be in a lot of ways the case where we really put the evidence of fraud on trial in this country (the fraud of voter fraud) Kobach has suggested that 127 noncitizens in Kansas registered or attempted to register to vote in the state anytime before 2013, instances which he said diluted a legitimate voter's ballot. That 127 number represents less than 1 percent of the total number of voters in Kansas. But Kobach has said there could be more than 18,000 noncitizens on the rolls. (so, 6,000 more non-citizens on the rolls than the 12,700 on "the rolls")

The coming Trump landslide - I know Donny Deutsch only too well. A stereotypical, spoiled, lucky sperm club, New York liberal ... Trump turns out to be a brilliant political strategist. He's expanding the GOP tent like no other Republican in history. (Sherman Adelson ordered this one up)
What to watch in Texas: Can Democrats maintain their enthusiasm advantage? - NBC News - ahead of Tuesdays's primaries in Texas ... the early-vote numbers are stunning: Nearly 50,000 more Democrats than Republicans already have voted in the state's (landslide! I tell you, landslide!)
Emerson College ePoll: Statistical Dead Heat in PA 18th Congressional Special Election - Democrat Conor Lamb leads Republican Rick Saccone 48% to 45%, 10 days out from election (shut up, it's a Republican landslide!)

The source - Columbia Journalism Review - How hacked emails and a yacht in Monaco ended my career at The Wall Street Journal

Why It's Hard for Conservatives to Date in DC Right Now - Fewer people are hooking up across party lines, and Republicans say it's because Democrats are too quick to dismiss their dating-app profiles. (the are all wearing their stupid MAGA hats)

Why Are We Still Arguing About Marijuana? - Move along, people - Azar, we should all recall, is a creature of Big Pharma. He used to be the president of Eli Lilly, which is as big as big pharma gets. It's no surprise that he might not be wild about a pain remedy that doesn't come in a pill and that you can grow pretty much in a window-box in your third-floor walk-up.

Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People -- And Still Keep Their Jobs Internal NYPD files show that hundreds of officers who committed the most serious offenses -- from lying to grand juries to physically attacking innocent people -- got to keep their jobs, their pensions, and their tremendous power over New Yorker's lives -- from 2011 to 2015 at least 319 New York Police Department employees who committed offenses serious enough to merit firing were allowed to keep their jobs (thanks, Bloomfuck)

2 children dead after being struck by car in Brooklyn - ABC News - Police say the driver was in custody after the incident in Park Slope.

Oscar Ratings Down Double Digits, Eye All-Time Low In Early Estimates | Deadline (even more than the Super Bowl)

Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco - The New York Times ... Starcity residents get a bedroom of 130 square feet to 220 square feet ... Starcity rooms go for $1,400 to $2,400 a month fully furnished, with utilities and Wi-Fi included. (one 10x13 room with a bed and no room for anything else)
Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley - The New York Times

Tennessee school removes Confederate flag, lynching murals : news - Lynching murals? What fucking school has lynching murals?

Reddit Admits to Removing a 'Few Hundred' Russian Propaganda Accounts. : news

Facebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images? | Technology | The Guardian - Social network admits survey asking whether it should permit adults to ask 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures was a mistake ("mistake" - pedos are a core market)
Rare, Cox Media's Facebook-driven conservative site, is shutting down - Axios - undefined - another example of a viral website built on Facebook traffic that is shutting down after Facebook announced it would be making changes to its News Feed algorithm to weed out publisher content
Amazon Is Exploring Checking Accounts for the Young and the Unbanked: Report ("what's a bank account?")

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Storm recovery continues two days after nor'easter
Some worry Boston officials aren't doing enough to prepare for more giant storms - For the second time in weeks, Boston and the scenic South Shore a few miles southeast were lashed by yet another hundred-year storm
'The storms we're seeing now, people thought this was decades in the future'
St. Maarten Is Still Striving to Recover from Its Worst Hurricane in a Century | The New Yorker

The Gun-Control Debate After Parkland | The New Yorker - Half of all gun owners say that ownership is essential to their identity. Fear is a factor: nearly half of male gun owners and almost a third of female owners say that they have a loaded gun "easily accessible to them at all times at home." (them and their children) many of them considered firearms crucial to reclaiming a sense of purpose, especially if they were no longer breadwinners
'SNL' usually avoids parodying tragedy. Then Trump said he'd confront a school shooter unarmed.
On the street where Jeffrey Yao lived, fear grew slowly and won't soon leave
Mother arrested after boy shoots 4-year-old sister in Ashland County - an 8-year-old boy shot his 4-year-old sister ... the 4-year-old was shot "multiple times" (he kept blazing away at her)

The crisis next door -- Mass exodus of desperate Venezuelans is overwhelming neighboring countries - The massive scale of the exodus is being compared to the flow of Syrians into Western Europe in 2015. And, just as in that crisis, countries overwhelmed by the flood of new arrivals are beginning to bar their doors. (Maduro's plan)

Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden's middle class

The Genocide the U.S. Didn't See Coming -- Barack Obama was determined to open up to Myanmar. Now the country's military is slaughtering its most vulnerable ethnic group. Could the United States have prevented it? ... On September 15, 2016, America's political and business elite gathered at the Four Seasons in Georgetown to honor Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's beloved icon of democracy, on her visit to the U.S. capital ... The day before the Four Seasons bash, Obama had pledged to do away with the last major economic sanctions on Myanmar ... Ben Rhodes, the influential Obama aide known for pushing the narrative that America should engage rogue regimes in hopes of changing their behavior. Ultimately, Obama had sided with the Rhodes camp ... They worried that Obama was so determined to fortify his legacy of outreach to adversaries that he was ignoring how far from a true democracy Myanmar still was, and how splintered a nation it remained. (Barry has a lot of "legacies")

Mexican man assumes American's identity for 37 years, steals $361,000 in government benefits

Trump on China's Xi consolidating power: 'Maybe we'll give that a shot some day' (yes, he really said that)
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "Things we've just learned Trump has no interest in: the Constitution (due process); American democracy (presidential term limits or elections); courtroom oaths (furiously berating Hope Hicks for her truthful Congressional testimony). #MAGA? Or hatred for all America stands for?"

Trump trade adviser says no exceptions for allies on new aluminum and steel tariffs - The Washington Post ("Fuck Canada," Trump said, "it's a shithole country")

Public doesn't trust Trump on midterms meddling -- A majority of Americans have little to no faith that the Trump administration will stop foreign governments from interfering in the 2018 midterm elections

Mueller's Focus on Adviser to Emirates Suggests Broader Investigation
Amy Fiscus on Twitter: "NEW: Mueller appears to be broadening the investigation; he's looking at whether an adviser to the UAE is influencing US policy
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "See my prior threads on Trump Jr.'s secret trip to the UAE, Erik Prince's multiple ties to the UAE, and, days ago, my thread on the UAE and U.S. aluminum policy. Regular readers of this feed will not be surprised to see this New York Times story or the UAE-U.S. policy connection."
Mueller Is Now Looking Into Middle Eastern Influence as Part of the Trump Investigation

Donald Trump's bubble presidency - He has largely done away with the political optics of rubbing shoulders with members of the public, instead cloistering himself in the White House and at his clubs.

'Off the rails' : House Russia probe hits new low - Some House Republicans want to end their Russia investigation soon, even as Democrats insist many crucial questions about Kremlin meddling remain unanswered ... Amid the anticipation of a GOP push to wind down the probe, Schiff also released a list of Democrat' outstanding requests for subpoenas that Republicans have failed to grant. He accused GOP members of constructing the fagade of a thorough probe but allowing recalcitrant witnesses to avoid answering central questions and refusing to deploy the committee's vast subpoena power to compel crucial information. (some dare call it treason)

Trump ignored 'bright line' on discussing Russia with Hicks - 'The president has put her in a very precarious position (Hopey can "model" her prison cell) '
One source close to the White House characterized the reason for Hick's departure as "getting tired of beating her head off a wall" ... The White House pushes back against reports of chaos and disillusionment, insisting that such stories are sensationalized, and the product of sources with axes to grind and a biased media

BuzzFeed News on Twitter: "An ex-White House official said he's spoken with more aides inside the White House who are trying to leave, but not necessarily getting the kinds of high-paying offers in the corporate world as former aides usually do"

Denis McDonough: McConnell 'watered down' Russia warning in 2016 (and bipartisan Barry cooperated/colluded)

Trump will never 'let it go' that Jeff Sessions' recusal from Russia probe was 'original sin': Priebus

Eschaton - Treating Maxine Waters like this is just normal for DC. Been normal for decades. -- Trump made an incredibly racist crack about Maxine Waters needing to take an IQ test tonight at the Gridiron and it has barely even registered a mention in coverage of the event. An appalling moment that I can't believe isn't everyone's lead takeaway ("takes" and "takeaways" are the new "facts" in Trump era)
Trump Says Rep. Maxine Waters Needs 'An IQ Test' At Gridiron Dinner

What if Republicans Win the Midterms? - The New York Times (Putin will laugh)

36 women flood Texas races to flip male-dominated House seats blue
As Primaries Begin, Divided Voters Weigh What It Means to Be a Democrat - The New York Times - Representative Daniel Lipinski, a conservative-leaning Democrat
The Lefty Democratic Shift On Wall Street Is Happening For Real

Steve Silberman on Twitter: "Please don't spread this video of a student being dragged away by cops as she accuses Steven Mnuchin of engaging in "the politics of fascism." Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post it. Thank you."

Corporation Shouldn't Be Political Except When They Should - Let's check in on Fred Hiatt's latest conservative affirmative action hire and see her would-be gotchas turn into hilarious own goals: (McMegan McAddled)

What The Guardian has learned trying to build a more intelligent story format -- one that knows what you know -- Like Circa before it, The Guardian aims to atomize a big breaking story into its individual parts -- and then be smart about showing you the right ones at the right time. (because "whole stories" are way too much reading unless you throw a couple of podcasts in so lets make them a paragraph long, plus "core elements" which used to be known as "sentences" and also, "smarticles")

Oscars Security: LAPD Will Be Out in Force On the Carpet - Variety (prime terror target)
Catt Sadler Slams E! for Firing Red-Carpet Producer - Variety

How Your Oscars Sausage Gets Made - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Emily Nussbaum on Twitter: "Can't say these aren't illuminating

Ryan Seacrest Faces Potential Oscar Red Carpet Delay From E! Over Allegations | Deadline

Self-defense gadgetry for women, from locking panties to man-repelling bracelets - The Washington Post - Is this what the women of 2018 need? (it' a start, anyway)

In the maestro's thrall -- They were known as 'levinities' -- the young musical acolytes who bent to the will of James Levine in all things, back when the conductor was the brightest emerging star in conducting. From the outside, it seemed a charmed circle; the reality inside was otherwise: dark, sexually charged, and often demeaning. (creepy little gay asshole)

What about sex did you think was normal until you met your second partner? : AskReddit

Why you cannot quit Amazon Prime -- even if maybe you should


Flooding and high winds are expected to continue Saturday - The Boston Globe (pathetic article, no reporters left at the Globe)
Yesterday's Storm Damage in Massachusetts : CatastrophicFailure
Watertown Police: Avoid Arsenal Street | Watertown, MA Patch - The storm has downed several poles on the road.
8 Utility Poles Crash Down in Storm In Watertown + CBS Boston
Onset firefighter seriously injured in hit and run pedestrian crash - The Boston Globe

'Just try to keep calm' - How one Parkland student's phone became his lifeline, and his voice
Fla. Senate rejects assault weapons ban, holds moment of silence for shooting victims - The Washington Post (and then went back to taking the NRA's "contributions")
The best available evidence suggests NRA-backed gun policies are making crime worse - The Washington Post
The real reason Congress banned assault weapons in 1994 -- and why it worked
Advertisers flee InfoWars founder Alex Jones' YouTube channel

Footage shows Israeli Border Policeman throw grenade at Palestinian couple carrying infant : worldnews

Theresa May: 'Life is going to be different' after Brexit (but much better!) warned her people that they must accept some trade-offs to achieve the independence their government seeks, even as she asked the Europeans to, please, seek compromise on the issues of trade, tariffs and borders she said are essential ... "I want to be straight with people," said May ("ok, you stupid fucks, you're doomed, just like those idiot in the U.S. who thought they were "draining the swamp")

Why Italy's Insular Election Is More Important Than It Looks (the fascists are back: Make Italy Fucked Again)
How Italy does Putin's work -- Sympathy for the Russian president among many lawmakers and voters is out in the open. (and Burlusconi is back!)

s Social App Becomes The Most Downloaded In 18 Countries - It remains unclear as to why Vero, founded in 2015, surged in popularity this week. It has an average 2 out of 5 star reviews on both app stores. (Russian bots, ya think?)

Lindsey Graham: War with North Korea would be 'worth it' in the long run (twisted Lindsey has always been a monster +'hey, what's a few million dead non-white people?")

Canada, top exporter of steel and aluminum to U.S., 'flabbergasted" by Trump's tariff proposals (typical Canadian response to American idiocy)
TBogg - Totally King of New New California on Twitter: "Trump was pissed at Kushner, so he imposed steel tariffs. Tomorrow his cheeseburger will be late, so he'll bomb Iowa
Trump escalates trade war, threatens European carmakers with stiff tariffs - The Washington Post (baby president is having a tantrum)

It's time to talk about Nastya Rybka -- the sex worker from Belarus who has plausibly claimed to have intel on Trump's ties to the Kremlin and is seeking asylum to tell her story. No longer a sideshow, this developing story is now in major media
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "28/ Trump has at some point lied about *every aspect* of his Moscow trip which suggests he has something to hide about it."
34/ So YES, Mueller's team -- I say with confidence -- believes it likely such a tape exists. (For all the foregoing reasons, and *also* because many Russian journalists have confirmed for U.S. journalists that such a recording would be Putin's M.O. for a high-value target like Trump.) (so yes, the Pee-Me tape is real and Putin has it)
35/ So the question is whether Rybka would *know* the women who went to Trump's room -- or know those who know the women and could act as witnesses for Mueller in trying to access those women. Here, again, we get a reasonably strong YES for reasons you can probably already guess at.

Intelligence veterans sound the alarm over House Intel Committee partisanship - Business Insider - "You've got the Republicans in the hot seat, clearly cooperating with the White House, to beat up the White House's intelligence and law enforcement agencies. That's unprecedented." ... Nunes said last month that he is planning on releasing a series of additional memos raising questions about the intelligence community and multiple federal government agencies, like the State Department. And while it remains to be seen how fiercely Democrats will push back, in many ways, the damage may already be done.

Week 41: Mueller's Digging Picks Up Speed - POLITICO Magazine - burying Russians and lobbyists. How long before he dumps Trump in the hole?
The Hill on Twitter: "Obama AG: Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice "
Holder predicts Mueller trying to bolster obstruction of justice case | TheHill < br /> 'Pure madness' : Dark days inside the White House as Trump shocks and rages - Trump is now a president in transition, at times angry and increasingly isolated. He fumes in private that just about every time he looks up at a television screen, the cable news headlines are trumpeting yet another scandal. He voices frustration that son-in-law Jared Kushner has few on-air defenders. He revives old grudges. And he confides to friends that he is uncertain about whom to trust ... in an unorthodox presidency in which emotion, impulse and ego often drive events ... "Pure madness" ... "I think the president is starting to wobble in his emotional stability and this is not going to end well" ... he thinks the American people are finally starting to conclude that the Democrats, as opposed to his campaign, colluded with the Russians ... Trump jetted Friday to his favorite refuge, his private Mar-a-Lago Club in South Florida, where he dined on the gilded patio with old friends
Trump Is Coming Apart as the World Comes Apart Around Him - This week has been different.

John Kelly Caught Peddling More Bullshit About the Rob Porter Scandal (it was just "emotional" abuse, which all men do)

Jared Kushner entanglements increasingly concern President Trump: Sources - ABC News (there's stupid and then there's Jared)
Jared Kushner Backed Qatar Blockade a Month After Qataris Wouldn't Finance His Property (dad will go back to jail, along with his crooked kid)

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "I recently called for Trump-Russia analysts to stop erasing the women of Trumpworld from the Russia investigation -- as some of those closest to Trump's clandestine schemes are smart, talented women. Now @page88 has leapt into the breach with this great essay
Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute ... One person present said, "It was like Princess Ivanka had laid the sword on Flynn's shoulders and said "Risa and go forth" ... It's impossible to keep track of all the gangsters Ivanka has palled around with. But what's truly damning are the shady real-estate projects she has made rise and go forth (she can redecortate her prison cell +MACA: Make America Corrupter Again +thanks gain, Cyrus "Yes I am totally corrupt" Vance)

Seth Abramson on Twitter: "Just like the man whose wall it is."
The Hill on Twitter: "First company awarded contract for Trump border wall has history of refusing to pay subcontractors"

A Presidential Milestone: Trump has spent 100 days in office at one of his golf clubs - CNNPolitics

Smarter-than-thou media outlets like Slate that once tried to bury me under an avalanche of allegations of conspiracy theory -- just because I tried to fact-check the Steele Dossier -- are now daily confirming what I've been writing on my feed since January 2017 (haha, contrarion Slate for Trump!)
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "That it's the GOP inquiring about this is wild as hell. The month delay in notifying Comey about the Weiner emails or getting Abedin/Weiner permission to view them or getting a search warrant kept the issue alive to blow up right before the election. The FBI's delay hurt CLINTON." (investigate Hillary! +Comey fucked the country trying to preserve his Rethug cred)

The Right Can't Fight the Future - While Trump and his cabinet loot the palace, the GOP has reckoning coming its way. (they've always fought the future along with the rest of reality) Republicans who are now in full blown freakout over a potential trade war voted for exactly what they're getting.

TBogg - Totally King of New New California on Twitter: "First they came for the guys who wear cowboy hats, but who aren't cowboys ... "Patriot Hats: Under Seige (sic) by the Deep State" (yeah, Fox can't spell, either +"cowboys" are "patriots" +their facial hair)

Days before the election, Stormy Daniels threatened to cancel deal to keep alleged affair with Trump secret - The Washington Post

'All-In or Nothing' : West Virginia's Teacher Strike Was Months in the Making

Eschaton: At Least There's A Bathroom For Women Now - But not much more. -- "For example, you are not allowed to bring children onto the floor of the Senate at all," Duckworth noted. "If I have to vote, and I'm breastfeeding my child, especially during my maternity leave period, what do I do? Leave her sitting outside?" ... Duckworth said she's also being told she can't "technically" take maternity leave to care for her daughter. "Because if I take maternity leave, then I won't be allowed to sponsor legislation or vote during that time period," she explained. (the patriarchy strikes back)

The Dumb Reason Some Kids Born To LGBTQ Americans Aren't U.S. citizens - the department has clung to an outdated interpretation of the law under which it requires a biological tie between the U.S. citizen parent and the child. (next: children of Democrats will be deported to ... Canada!)

Trump pushes Republicans to oppose crucial New York-New Jersey tunnel project - The Washington Post -- Trump personally appealed to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) this week to target federal funding for the $30 billion Gateway project, which would construct a tunnel into New York's Penn Station to supplement two aging tubes that are at risk of failing in the coming years. The project is widely considered to be among the most pressing and most expensive infrastructure needs in the country ... "North Carolina and the other 48 states should not have to foot the bill for this hall of fame earmark," said Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.), who offered the amendment. (yeah, all those red state moochers +MADA: Make America Dysfunctional Again)
Are You Tired Of All the Winning Yet? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Let's risk the collapse of the East Coast's transportation infrastructure out of spite!

Colorado House Members In Bulletproof Vests Vote To Eject Rep For Sex Harassment | HuffPost ... It was the first time in over a century that the state's House of Representatives has expelled a member. Former Democratic state Rep. Steve Lebsock, who switched to the Republican Party an hour before the decision, was expelled in a 52-9 vote (so he was actually a Rethug) "I am an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran," he said tearfully (that explain a lot)

Texas early voting numbers a 'wake-up call' for GOP as Democrats double their 2014 turnout - a 92 percent increase for Dems, 18% for ReCrooks ... The jump in Collin County, which votes for more conservative candidates, is even greater -- the number of Democratic primary voters increased 235 percent from 2014, while Republican voters increased by 47 percent (alien Ted Cruz may lose)

Kentucky's 'child bride' bill stalls as groups fight to let 13-year-olds wed ... "This is legalized rape of children" schrod (a whole state of good Christian pedohiles ... "parents should decide" not the law)

HuffPost on Twitter: ""No problem!" "No worries!" "Anytime!" "Of course!" "Sure thing!" "Uh huh!" These are some of the many ways people commonly respond to "thank you." But what happened to the classic "you're welcome"?

Exclusive: Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast | HuffPost - Dayanna Volitich suggests Muslims be eradicated from the earth, believes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories ... and teaches middle school social studies.

CMU shooting: James Eric Davis, Jr. fatally shot parents, police say
Parents killed by son in Central Michigan University dorm, campus police say - The Washington Post - A suspect has been arrested for fatally shooting his mother and father Friday in a dormitory at Central Michigan University

Last Call for George Plimpton's Apartment, and the Era It Embodied

DNA Testing Forced Me To Rethink My Entire Racial Identity | HuffPost

Researchers have found that individuals who took even a single dose of psychedelic drugs like LSD, "magic" mushrooms and ayahuasca could experience sustained personality changes that lasted several weeks, months or even years : science
This is LSD attached to a brain cell serotonin receptor (January 26, 2017)
ELI5: What exactly does LSD do to your brain? : explainlikeimfive
Depersonalization/derealization news, discussion & awareness

New data shows just how much social sharing has decreased since 2015 (and News Feed tweaks are just one factor) ; Nieman Journalism Lab


Oil Was Central in Decision to Shrink Bears Ears Monument, Emails Show - The New York Times (sell of all those damn parks, our corps need the money)
EPA moves to overhaul Obama-era safeguards on coal ash waste - The Washington Post (coal corps free to dump toxic waste into any old river they feel like)

Deputies were told to set up 'perimeter' around Parkland shooting. That's not the training - Capt. Jan Jordan, commander of BSO's Parkland district, gave the order, the log shows, identifying her by her police call sign ... The document raises fresh questions about the department's handling of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14.
How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries - The New York Times - Many Americans can buy a gun in less than an hour. In some countries, the process takes months. Here are the basic steps for how most people buy a gun in 15 of them
Central Michigan University shooting: 2 dead, gunman missing - Sources told the Free Press that the victims are believed to be the shooter's parents
N.R.A. Suggests Trump May Retreat From Gun Control - The New York Times (they had a little talk with him)
The student activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High demonstrate the power of a full education. - How the student activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High demonstrate the power of a comprehensive education.
White House softens tone on gun-control measures after Trump meets with NRA - The Washington Post
Delta Airlines NRA dispute: Only 13 passengers ever bought tickets - That translates into each discount costing the airline about $3 million in tax breaks.
Tucker Carlson Turns On Trump: 'Imagine If Barack Obama Had Said That' | HuffPost - Congress would be talking impeachment right now (it took taking guns away from dangerous people for Fucker to draw the line)

Instead of Taking on Gun Control, Democrats Are Teaming With Republicans for a Stealth Attack on Wall Street Reform

Depth of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed - A prominent Kremlin-linked Russian politician has methodically cultivated ties with leaders of the National Rifle Association, and documented efforts in real time over six years to leverage those connections and gain access deeper into American politics,

Amsterdam Kosher restaurant vandalized again | NL Times - Bar-on previously requested permanent police and camera surveillance for his restaurant. But in January the municipality rejected this request, according to the newspaper. He will now file another request. (idiots)

A Trump ally is likely to replace a career diplomat as U.S. ambassador, and Mexicans are worried - The Washington Post - An experienced diplomat and Latin America expert, Jacobson is the latest of several high-level officials at the State Department to part ways with the Trump administration.

The Trump-Russia Story Gets Even Weirder - The New York Times - In his 2014 book "Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible" Peter Pomerantsev describes modern Russia as a decadently surreal place where the ruling regime fuses propaganda with over-the-top entertainment to systematically distort and recreate reality ... "the missing link in the connection between Russia and the U.S. elections"

Trump's embrace of Russia: The evidence on public display already paints a jarring picture - Trump's in-plain-sight embrace of Russia gets obscured by the Trump news avalanche. It's worth reviewing what's been established so far. - Long before running for president, Trump relied on Russian money. - Trump consistently defends Russia and attacks U.S. officials investigating Russia.
Leaked: Secret Documents From Russia's Election Trolls - Kremlin-backed troll farm efforts to stir up real protests and target specific Americans to push their propaganda.

U.S. Allies Threaten Retaliation Over Trump's Tariffs Announcement | HuffPost ... "trade wars are good, and easy to win" (only if you're really stupid)
Trump's trade war could erase all the tax-cut gains (win-win)
Man of steel: Trump's secret fantasies realized
Ben Sasse slams Trump's "kooky 18th century protectionism"
Who's the Sucker? - Tales from the Junk Bond Cabinet, courtesy of Donald Trump and Carl Icahn.
Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week -- Carl Icahn has impeccable timing - Icahn dumped $31.3 million of stock in a company heavily dependent on steel last week, just days before Trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel imports. (just a coincidence)

Trump was angry and 'unglued' when he started a trade war, officials say ... By Thursday afternoon, the U.S. stock market had fallen and Trump, surrounded by his senior advisers in the Oval Office, was said to be furious. ("furious" because the stock market fell because he's an idiot - "furious" is the word most often associated with Trump)

Mueller's net is tightening around Trump's inner circle -- and maybe Trump himself
Mueller team asking if Kushner foreign business ties influenced Trump policy - NBC News
Trump vs. Mueller is a battle for America's soul (better late then never, Max)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarifies: Trump said lots of stuff this week he may not mean - The Washington Post (otherwise known as "lies")

The great unraveling: Trump's allies are really worried about him - Not since Richard Nixon started talk??? here's why it still matters - The Washington Post - Agents were focused on how Abedin's and Clinton's messages ended up on a laptop used by former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), Abedin's estranged husband (historical role of fuck up) ... Strzok's text about Abedin appears to rebut the notion that he was pulling punches for Clinton or her associates, as it shows him advocating for aggressive steps if Abedin's lawyer were to push for immunity. (so, the exact reverse of what Trump has been rage-tweeting)

Eschaton: The Maggie Haberman Defense Squad - It's too boring to go through it all, but as is often the case Maggie took to Twitter last night to say Hicks' departure was NOT due to her House intel meeting and Trump being pissed about her performance, but instead was just something she had been thinking about for months and, well, there are no other reasons so STOP SAYING THAT SHUTUPTSHUTUPSHUTUP FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS (she actually used the term 'fake news.') Other journalists offered other accounts, as predicted, but Maggie has THE SOURCES, so you stupid proles should stop believing FAKE NEWS shutupSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP.

Hope Hicks $10 million payday as publishers scramble to sign her | Daily Mail Online - for a book deal to spill the secrets of Trump's inner sanctum inner sanctum and her affair with wife abuser Rob Porter
"She's in Immense Personal Jeopardy": Even for Hope Hicks, the West Wing Got Too Hot

When Jeff Sessions finally called Trump's bluff - The top three officials at the Justice Department strolled to dinner together Wednesday evening with smiles less than eight hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions launched his first public rebuttal to President Donald Trump's latest fusillade on Sessions' "disgraceful" handling of Republican allegations of surveillance abuses at the department and FBI. (Mr. Magoo, defender of white supremacy)

DHS offers to drop deportation case against wife of 7th Special Forces Group vet (looked kinda extreme, so ..)
Justice Department reviewing Oakland mayor's tipoff of immigration raids, which led to 232 arrests

Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin 'Extremely Pranoid' Ahead of Damning New Investigation, Sources Say - The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs is running out of allies and lifelines after he was criticized for vacationing on the taxpayer's dime. The worst may be yet to come ... over his use of his security detail to run personal errands

Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Obamacare supporters 'stupidest, dumbass people' (speaking of lizards)

Australian Columnist Gushes Over Trump, Then Hits Him Where It Hurts | HuffPost - "He does still have little hands'
Donald Trump Attacks Alec Baldwin In Early Morning Twitter Rant Amid Week Of Chaos | HuffPost - rump misspelled Baldwin's name twice in unhinged rant (presidential unhinged rants are the new normal and we know it's hard, HuffPo, but he actually also misspelled "dying" until he was corrected)

Eschaton: Vote For Us - And, well, we'd like to do some stuff but 60 votes and the veto and for some reason there are always some bad senators named "Joe" and maybe if we beg Republicans to pass this compromise and...but we will fight for yooooouu!!! ... Everybody should know that what Democrats should really want is an abortion cart on every corner, just as everyone knows that Republicans want to stone women who have abortions to death. The abortion cart on every corner bill might not get past the filibuster. I get that. But that should be what "we're fighting for yooooouuuu" means. Dems should not be fighting to "return regular order to the Senate and, um, continue the tradition of bipartisan comity and compromise, preferably with as many gangs of senatorial media hogs as possible."

House Race in Pennsylvania May Turn on Trump Voters's Regrets

Everyone in Washington Is Having a Lovely Time (the culture you're not a part of and aren't supposed to know anything about)

Did CNN Purchase an Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News? (Snope in on the joke, apparently)
Freakout Over a Satirical Blog Shows the Perils of Its Fight Against Fake News

4 Tulsa high school football players accused of raping a fellow student at the superintendents house over 6 months ago. Multiple officials being investigated for cover-up. : news

Why Montgomery Blair High School alumni are saying #MeToo - The Washington Post - Eric Walstein, a nationally recognized teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland, has been accused of harassment by hundreds of alumni ... 400 alumni from the Class of 1989 to the Class of 2017 ... More than 430 alumni have signed the letter that went to magnet faculty,

Former Obama administration official has reached a deal to buy Weinstein Co. assets - An investor group led by former U.S. Small Business Administration head Maria Contreras-Sweet and billionaire Ron Burkle has reached an agreement in principle to purchase assets of Weinstein Co

Police officers' names disappear from Maryland court case search database : news (America has a cop problem)
Woman Says Fort Lauderdale Cops Beat Her After She Testified in Brutality Case : news

NYC man wins nearly $1M lawsuit against NYPD over DWI charge - NY Daily News
Police shootings of unarmed black people occur more often in states with higher levels of segregation and other forms of structural racism : science

Joshua Tree Couple Arrested After 3 Children Found Living in Plywood Box for Years:

Child called racial slur, spat on by firefighter at Overland Par - KCTV5

Silicon Valley home shatters new record with enormous price tag (880 sq ft $2+ million, $2,358/sq.ft.)

TIL that cats have almost twice the amount of neurons as dogs and can be allergic to humans. : todayilearned - undefined

TIL a massive earthquake struck Japan in 1923, causing a fire tornado that incinerated 38,000 people in 15 minutes and was so hot, people's feet were melted to the ground and they could not run away. : todayilearned

/u/400-rabbits provides an excellent, well sourced take-down of another user's ridiculous pseudo-archaeology claims that an unknown third civilization influenced both ancient Egypt and the Olmec : bestof

Which serial killers interest/scare you the most? : AskReddit
Redditors Who Smoke Weed, What's the Most Entertaining Thing to Watch When You're Stoned? : AskReddit
(NSFW) Waiters of reddit, what's some fucked up shit you overheard while waiting tables? : AskReddit

Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired because I resisted "illegal" diversity efforts
Google accused in lawsuit of excluding white and Asian men in hiring to boost diversity : technology

Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds | Technology | The Guardian - Majority of drivers make less than minimum wage and many end up losing money - "The companies are losing money. The businesses are being subsidized by [venture capital] money
And the drivers are essentially subsidizing it by working for very low wages." ... "effectively what you're doing as a driver is borrowing against the value of your car,"
AT&T's is now saying keeping America safe is dependent on them creating internet fast lanes : technology (we'll protect you with extortion!)
A 1.3Tbps DDoS hit GitHub, the largest attack ever recorded in the history : news


Witness deflates Trump's claim that he stopped bat beating in 1991: 'He came at the tail end of the event' (lied about it and planted story in the news like he always did)

EU Warnss Tech Giants to Remove Terror Content in 1 Hour -- or Else - Bloomberg

Are Saudi Arabia's reforms for real? A recent visit says yes ... comment: "Not another puff piece about the Saudis from their court sycophant Ignatius."

Pew Research Center: 1. Generations' party identification, midterm voting preferences, views of Trump
4. Race, immigration, same-sex marriage, abortion, global warming, gun policy, marijuana legalization | Pew Research Center
Where Millennials end and post-Millennials begin | Pew Research Center

Putin boasts military might with animation of nuke strike on Florida - CNN - "I do think Vladimir Putin was speaking to one audience," she said. "It wasn't anyone in Russia. It was Donald Trump" (nukes over Mar-a-Lago)
Putin Unveils 'Invicible' Nuke, Shows Animation Striking Florida

Russian model in Thai jail promises to spill Trump secrets - CNN
Rick Gates canceling trip due to threat invoking Russian mafia - CNNPolitics

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico to Quit Amid Tense Relations Under Trump - The New York Times - The ambassador, Roberta S. Jacobson, 57, served just under two years in the post, after her arrival was delayed by a prolonged confirmation process. (Trump's meltdown over the wall was the last straw) Trump's election abruptly changed the generally warm relations that the United States had developed with Mexico over the last 25 years -- ones that Mrs. Jacobson had helped foster through much of her career. Mrs. Jacobson was left working with her Mexican counterparts to assuage growing concern -- and anger -- at the new president's tough talk (fuck this shit, she said and another experienced diplomat is gone)

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senator's Texts (dirty little Russian Nunes ratfucking)
Senate sources suspect Nunes behind leak of Warner texts - CNNPolitics
It's Time for Devin Nunes To Go - for Good - The idea that either intelligence committee would breach security protocol and take part in partisan attacks is a major problem, and it makes it clear that there is one person responsible for the breakdown of the integrity of the committee: Devin Nunes. (if even Redstate ...)

Russia "Previewed" Plan to Disseminate Emails with Trump Campaign - And how that's legally signicant ... So when Donald Trump openly called on the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's emails, they'd be richly rewarded if they released these to the press, his campaign had already been put on notice that the Russians were prepared to do just that and disseminate these stolen emails." (dot 1 meet dot 2)
Mueller eyes charges against Russians who stole, spread Democrats' emails

Has Jared Kushner Conspired to Defraud America? - The New York Times - By Marcy Wheeler - According to reports, Mr. Mueller appears to be assessing whether Mr. Kushner, in the guise of pursuing foreign policy on behalf of the United States, was actually serving the interests of his family and foreign governments.
Jared Kushner's Family Business Received Loads After White House Meetings (bribes in every direction)
Jared Kushner's many, many scandals, explained - From the Russia investigation to the security clearance troubles to loans to his family business.
Jared Kushner Is Deep in It with Robert Mueller Now - What happens next? ... (Mueller's) looking into every dark corner of the family business, and the family business is nothing but dark corners

Trump refers to Sessions as "Mr. Magoo' - Trump has been comparing his top law enforcement official to the bumbling cartoon character, an elderly man who lands in comic situations largely due to his severe near-sightedness. (he refused to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Obama's illegal spying on Trump) Trump's New Target: The Justice Department's Inspector General
Besieged Sessions dines with Rosenstein, Francisco -- If Donald Trump finally follows through on his rage and fires Jeff Sessions, the image with this story will be printed in history books. (rager-in-chief)
Mueller investigation examining Trump's apparent efforts to oust Sessions in July (it's called "obstruction," Donnie-boy)

Trump berated Hope Hicks for admitting she told white lies for him - Business Insider - during which she admitted to telling white lies on behalf of Trump ... Trump's "last emotional crutch" (he screamed at her and then said "you're fired!")
Hope Hicks refused to answer whether "a litany" of Trump associates asked her to lie (because they are so saintly) U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney R-FL : "bullshit question" ... "The whole line of questionning was a tramp, They sent her down a rabbit hole that she could not get out of. And it was completely unfair." U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-California, fired back "it's a question that is asked of witnesses every day across America - and most people don't have a hard time answering it."
Hope Hicks refused to tell House panel whether she had lied for senior Trump officials, lawmakers say - The Washington Post
Hope Hicks Leaves the Trump White House | The New Yorker - Hope Hicks is kidding herself if she thinks that her tenure in the Trump White House will be judged only for harmless, situational untruths ... In the moral universe of the Trump White House, her sin could not have been the lying; it could only be the admission ... As a communications director, she was, when it came to the subject of Hope Hicks, uncommunicative. The words she used to describe her feelings upon resigning were that she had "no words."
How Hope Hicks trapped into saying she told 'white lies' for Trump | Daily Mail Online -- 'If your response to the question, 'Have you ever been asked by your boss to lie for him?' is to take two time outs, we already know the answer to the question,' Swalwell told the network. (Trump: "how could you be so stupid to let them ask you if I ever told you to lie? You should have spent 10 years in prison, instead." +it was a trap, I tell you)

Exclusive: FBI counterintel looks at Ivanka Trump business deal - the negotiations and financing surrounding Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver, according to a US official and a former US official. The scrutiny could be a hurdle for the first daughter as she tries to obtain a full security clearance in her role as adviser to President Donald Tr

The White House Didn't Break Hope Hicks Overnight ... the 13th prominent White House official to leave during the first 13 months of the administration.

Many Trump Staffers Are Trying To Leave His Out-Of-Control White House
The wild wars within the Trump White House - Axios - sources close to President Trump say he is in a bad place -- mad as hell about the internal chaos and the sense that things are unraveling. (said the chaos man)

Trump's new tariffs could make beer, cars and baseball bats more expensive
See Hud'ss $31,000 mahogany dining set

Fail as deputy chief of staff? You're the next drug czar! ... Trump, meanwhile, isn't engaged with anything

Scott Lloyd and the ORR Policies Regarding Pregnant Teens - Scott Lloyd, an anti-choice fanatic who has been placed in charge of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. This is the organization that takes care of minor children who enter this country without their parents and without documentation. Lloyd is currently tangled up with the ACLU because he consistently denies the requests of young women in his custody to obtain abortions.

Questions linger about how Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, scored 'the Einstein visa' (she's married to an Einstein of criminality)

AP-NORC Poll: Most Americans say Trump is racist - Fifty-seven percent of all adults, including more than 8 in 10 blacks, three-quarters of Hispanics and nearly half of whites, said they think Trump is racist. Eighty-five percent of Democrats consider Trump racist, but just 21 percent of Republicans agree.
Voters vow to elect a Congress that stands up to Trump, poll shows - By close to 2-1, 58%-32%, those surveyed say they want to elect a Congress that mostly stands up to the president, not one that mostly cooperates with him. - The level of voter unrest is rare at a time of prosperity, when a 55% majority rate the economy as being in a recovery. (80% of Refucks)

Trump's corruption deserves to be a central issue in the 2018 midterms - Democrats need to shine a spotlight on conflicts of interest.
Why Democrats are suddenly competitive in deep-red Texas - Texas Democratic primary 2018: what to expect - Vox - unbridled enthusiasm among Democrats

White House furious at embarrassing stories about HUD, Secretary Ben Carson - CNNPolitics (but very presidentially "furious")

National Security Pros, It's Time to Talk About Right-Wing Extremism

The Trump Official Who Blocked Undocumented Teens From Getting Abortions Said He Doesn't Believe They Have The Constitutional Right To The Procedure - Scott Lloyd, the head of the Office of Refugee Resettlement

The Myth of the Times' Intellectual Diversity - opinion section reflects the elite establishment consensus, not the reality of America's political divisions -- "The newsroom feels embarrassed" ... star columnists "full of "blowhardy bullshit" one senior Times staffer recently told Vanity Fair ... Bennet's apologia frames the dispute as a battle between those who are intellectually curious and open minded and those who are ideologically homogenous and hidebound. (dishonest libtards vs. "intellectually curious conservatives"

Sexual harassment cases force universities to reconsider relationship policies - The Boston Globe - This winter, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology followed institutions such as Harvard University, Northwestern University, and Yale University in outlawing sexual or romantic relationships between professors and undergraduate students. MIT also sought to limit these relationships between graduate students and professors and barred student teaching assistants from dating other students they may have authority over. (and that made four)

Far-right extremists are quietly murdering police officers - Data shows dozens of officers have been murdered by the far-right over the last decade. But no one seems to be talking about it.

Pennsylvania deputy was killed by friendly fire -- not by a fugitive wanted for shooting pregnant woman (takes a good guy with a gun ...)

State trooper involved in shooting has history of racist online posts - The Boston Globe - The Massachusetts State Police trooper who fired his rifle during a police confrontation in which a Cape Verdean ATV driver was injured in Boston on Saturday has a long history of posting racist and profane comments on a website called MassCops, including some in support of police officers who shoot suspects.

Balance on cannabis may lead to answers on opioids - The Boston Globe - Recent research has shown that medical or recreational cannabis policies are associated with decreased opioid use and overdoses, and deaths by overdose. A review in Health Affairs of Medicare Part D prescription data from 2010 to 2013 revealed a significant decline in pain medication prescriptions in states with medical cannabis laws compared to those without. (someone call Jason "The Mass Legislature is the Original Vice Industry and Gateway Drug to Stupidity Addiction" Lewis

California's quality of life is the worst in the country: Says who? (among others, Fox News) - If you're under 40 or a renter, the California dream of owning a home is out of reach according to a new poll.

Beverly man charged with threatening Donald Trump Jr. - The Boston Globe - Daniel Frisiello was arrested Thursday morning on federal charges of mailing threats to injure and providing false information and hoaxes

Boston's most radical TV show blew the minds of a stoned generation in 1967 -- What's' Happening, Mr. Silver? -- When a Tufts instructor launched the trippy TV show on WGBH, it was unlike anything viewers had ever seen ... Up on Fort Hill in Roxbury, the experiment impressed Mel Lyman, the impossible-to-freak-out creator of "Avatar" a popular underground newspaper that was the subject of multiple controversies that year ... The old guard at WGBH wanted to hold the line, but six years later ... (WGBH was fine with him until he criticized the Vietnam war, and, responding to criticism of their racism, GBH switched to "black programming" because MLK and an hour a week is enough of either hippies or black people)

AI Experts List the Real Dangers of Artificial Intelligence - Defense One - Every AI advance by the good guys is an advance for the bad guys, too.


The US Could Supply 80 Percent of Its Energy with Wind and Solar : technology

With AR-15s, Mass Shooters Attack With the Rifle Firepower Typically Used by Infantry Troops - The New York Times (NSFL)
Church officials hold their AR-15-style rifles while people attend a blessing ceremony with their AR-15-style rifles at the Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, U.S., February 28, 2018. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz : pics (gun worship at its pinnacle: who would Jesus shoot?)
Florida Moves To Arm Teachers After School Massacre | HuffPost - More guns.
Rubio Bill Would Let 18-Year-Olds In D.C. Buy Assault-Style Guns -- Despite What He Just Said | HuffPost (both side of his mouth lie)
Dick's, Major Gun Retailer, Will Stop Selling Assault-Style Rifles (yeah, it's really called that)
Roku Will Not Drop NRA TV Amid Pressure From Protestors : television
Fedex's s secret deal with the NRA and the gun industry - While publicly trying to distance itself from the NRA, FedEx has made a secret agreement with the association and other major players in the firearms industry.
Dems fear overreach as left presses assault weapon ban | TheHill - Still it comes as other Democrats warn that embracing aggressive new gun restrictions carries risks, particularly in conservative-leaning districts where gun rights are sacrosanct. (DCCC offers their thought and prayers and tells Dems to shut up)

Eschaton: Gotta Give People Something To Be Intense About - It's generally accepted - and true, at least to some extent - that gun nuts and the NRA have such political success because the issue can turn out really intense single issue voters. Just say Obama (or Pelosi or Clinton or...) is gonna take away your guns and they show up to the midterms - The thing is that D politicians rarely try to inspire their own intense single issue voters who could be turned out on issues, including, yes, the gun issue ... 69 percent of Americans favor "stricter gun control laws," and 52 percent do so "strongly." Meanwhile, only 26 percent oppose them, with only 14 percent doing so strongly. (but the DCCC told us to keep our mouths shut)
We studied thousands of anonymous posts about the Parkland attack -- and found a conspiracy in the making
Harvard study finds gun injuries drop nationwide -- during NRA conventions

Florida Woman shoots fianci's dog, when he refused to crack her back : news

Alleged 9/11 plotter held at Guantanamo illegally should be released immediately, says UN: His interrogation inspired scenes in the film 'Zero Dark Thirty' : news

The Snowman and the Queen: Declassified NZ intelligence service documents confirm assassination attempt on Queen |

EU's Irish border position is a 'fantasy,' says former UK Brexit minister - 'amounts to an annexure of Northern Ireland' ... comments came in the wake of a leaked letter from Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to Prime Minister Theresa May, in which Johnson appears to accept the return of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, contradicting the U.K. government's position on the issue. (they fucked themselves and now they're complaining, which is what conservatives do)

The Model, the Mafia, and the Murderers - OCCRP - When the bodies of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fianci Marina Kusnirova, both 27, were found this Sunday

Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination probed amid fakery concerns - BBC News - Mr Trump was reportedly nominated for his "ideology of peace by force" by an anonymous American.

A self-described sex expert says she will spill information on Trump and Russia to get out of a Thai jail - The Washington Post - A self-described sex expert whose videos highlighted the ties between one of Russia's richest men and the Kremlin has been jailed in Thailand and is calling for U.S. help, claiming she has information about links between Russia and President Trump.

Roger stone's Secret Messages with WikiLeaks - Transcripts obtained by The Atlantic show Donald Trump's longtime confidante corresponded with the radical-transparency group ... On March 17, 2017, WikiLeaks tweeted that it had never communicated with Roger Stone (dirty Julian lied, again and again)

Cyber chief says Trump has given him no new authority to strike at Russian interference threat - The Washington Post (or "defend against" presumeably)

U.S. intel: Russia compromised seven states prior to 2016 election - NBC News - Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin ... compromised in a variety of ways, with some breaches more serious than others, from entry into state websites to penetration of actual voter registration databases. (Republican governors except CA)

ICE confirms 150-plus arrests in California sweep, slams Schaaf's early warning

Deciphering the Redactions in the Schiff Memo | Just Security - contained a few nuggets of new information ... "DOJ's warrant request was based on compelling evidence and probable cause to believe Page was knowingly assisting clandestine Russian intelligence activities in the U.S." (knowingly) the four individuals most likely are: Carter Page, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort ... "We hope the Majority will never again misuse this obscure congressional rule to selectively declassify sensitive information for political purposes" Schiff added.

Mueller team asks about Trump's Russian business dealings as he weighed a run for president
Mueller asking if Trump knew about hacked Democratic emails before release - NBC News - team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been stolen before that was publicly known, and whether he was involved in their strategic release, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.

Hope Hicks to Leave Post as White House Communications Director - The New York Times
Why Hope leaving matters - Axios - Trump will miss her in the same way he misses former bodyguard Keith Schiller. Hicks is family and has been part of his routine for nearly three years now. Trump increasingly finds himself working in a building populated by people he doesn't know an doesn't trust; some of whom did not even vote for him.
Little white lies could be a big problem for Hope Hicks - CNNPolitics
Hope Hicks told the truth about lying for Trump. Now she's gone ... Hicks had done something that is incompatible with serving in this administration: She told the truth about the lies. (well, it was that or go to jail =comment:" Hope had dated every single guy in the White House but Stephen Miller, so even she has some standards." comments focus on lying and the truth)

More Than 30 Trump Aides Lose Top Secret Clearance, Sources Say - Bloomberg (out of how many, please)
The White House chief calligrapher has a higher security clearance than Jared Kushner - CNNPolitics

Kushner's overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage (dirty little traitor)
Kushner loses access to top-secret intelligence - POLITICO - A memo sent Friday downgraded the presidential son-in-law and adviser and other White House aides who had been working on interim clearances.
The Deep State Takes Out the White House's Dark Clown Prince - Jared Kushner had a very bad terrible no good day. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
They went to Jared - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Another day, another scandal that would have been considered an existential crisis for any presidential administration in the Before Time:

Four Commerce Department appointees lose their posts after problems in background checks - The Washington Post - Among the Commerce appointees who lost their jobs Tuesday was Fred Volcansek, who served as a senior adviser to Ross for several months last year. Since last April, he has worked as executive director of SelectUSA, a program that promotes foreign investment in the United States. (they won't say, but looks criminal)

Hope Hicks Acknowledges She Sometimes Tells White Lies for Trump - The New York Times - She also pointedly and repeatedly declined to answer questions about the presidential transition or her time in the White House, lawmakers who sat in on the testimony said, telling investigators that she had been asked by the White House to discuss only her time on the campaign. They added that she did not formally invoke executive privilege.

Scoop: Trump family v. John Kelly - Axios - Don Jr., in particular -- was angry about the overwhelmingly negative TV coverage about Jared Kushner last night, and feels White House Chief of Staff Kelly is hanging Jared out to dry, a source familiar with the situation tells Axios.

11 ill after suspicious letter arrives at military base - CNNPolitics - Eleven people fell ill after a suspicious letter was opened in an administrative building at Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia, on Tuesday, according to the Arlington County Fire Department. A law enforcement official said field tests for the letter all came back negative for any harmful substance, but the FBI is transporting it tonight to its lab in Quantico for further analysis.
11 People Have Fallen Ill After a Suspicious Letter Was Sent to a Military Base Near the Pentagon : news

"Free Speech" As A Republican Weapon - Lawyers, Guns & Money - he highly selective use of the First Amendment by Rpeublicans to protect Republican interests:

Ben Carson's HUD, Planning Cuts, Spends $31,000 on Dining Set for HiProposed budget cuts would affect poor and homeless Americans
US housing department to spend $165,000 on own furniture as it faces $6.8bn budget cut | US news | The Guardian - Spending is in addition to $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson's Office - Proposed budget cuts would affect poor and homeless Americans

Democrats Flip Two State Legislative Seats in CT and NH, Bringing Trump-Era Total to 39 - In a state House race in New Hampshire's Belknap County District 3 and another in Connecticut's House District 120 ... (NH) Donald Trump won the district by a sizable 54-41 margin in 2016, four years after Barack Obama carried it by just one point, 50-49 ... Last week, Democrat Linda Belcher won back her seat in Kentucky's state House District 49, which had favored Trump by nearly 50 points.

PA-18 Special Election Moves from Lean Republican to Toss Up | The Cook Political Report - not normal for Republicans to be worried about losing a seat President Trump carried by 20 points. But with two weeks to go before the March 13 special election, Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone is locked in an extremely close contest against Democratic prosecutor/Marine veteran Conor Lamb, who has significantly outspent him. We're e moving the race from Lean Republican to Toss Up.

Pence believes abortion will end "in our time," hinting that he thinks Trump will get another supreme court appointment who will overturn Roe. We all must register to vote. It can be done online. Here is the link. If the Dems retake the senate in Nov., Trump's appointments are dead on arrival. : TwoXChromosomes

PBS launching new conservative political talk show - Columnist Michael Gerson and commentator Amy Holmes are teaming to start a conservative-oriented talk show on PBS that takes its cue from William F. Buckley's "Firing Line," which aired from 1966 to 1999.

Former Infowars employees claim Alex Jones harassed them | Daily Mail Online

In Arizone, Joe Arpaio's Senate bid tests the strength of Trumpism

Democrats and Republicans are increasingly divided on the value of teaching black history - The Washington Post - 67 percent of Democrats thought our schools should be teaching more black history, compared with just 10 percent of Republicans. This divide, unlike the racial divide, is more recent. The left graph below shows that in 2000, Democrats and Republicans were about 20 points apart. The partisan divide is now 57 points.

Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology - The Verge - Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans that even city council members don't know about ("deployed")

North Bay woman who allegedly ran sex ring with her son is a prolific feminist erotica writer - SFGate - A Rohnert Park woman who is accused of running a 150-woman prostitution ring with her son is also a prolific author of feminist erotica

Press secretary quits FEMA, citing 'boys club' Resignation comes after top public affairs leader left the agency amid pressure over its response to hurricanes.

Jeff Franklin Out as Showrunner of 'Fuller House' Amid Complaints About His Behavior - accused of being verbally abusive to staffers and making inappropriate statements in the writers' room, including making sexually charged comments about his personal relationships and sex life. Franklin has not been accused of directly sexually harassing or engaging in physical misconduct with any staffers. (another one down)

Young Harvey Weinstein: The Making of a Monster | Hollywood Reporter - The Hollywood Reporter retraces his moves in Queens and Buffalo and interviews dozens of former friends and associates to examine the formative years of Hollywood's most infamous figure ... Sources tell THR that Harvey has had little or no contact with his children, and one of his daughters, Remy (from his first marriage to Eve Chilton), has stayed out of the public view, absent for weeks from the L.A. gym where she once was a constant presence ... long before he was a mogul, he was a bully and a predator.

Retired Buffalo-area priest admits sexually abusing 'dozens' of boys : news

In L.A., a $35 ticket for sleeping on the sidewalk can turn into $238 in total charges. We are L.A. Times reporters who spent a year investigating police enforcement against homeless people (the jail industry)

Missouri man comes home to find girlfriend murdered in front of her two children; calls police, is charged with marijuana possession. : news (sadism industry)
Police thwart woman's alleged elementary school ax attack
Texas girl, 17, stabs newborn to death minutes after giving birth, police say : news

Uncover Confederate statues, says judge : news
TIL that racial segregation in the American South didn't begin right after the Civil War; it was imposed in the 1890s when rich whites in the South feared the Populist movement bringing poor whites and blacks together. Segregation literally stopped the two sides from legally gathering together. : todayilearned

5-year-old girl died hours after doctor turned her away for being late : news - It's also ironic that the only reason FOX is reporting on a little town in Wales is that they want to shit on Universal healthcare, when it wasn't the healthcare that caused the death.. it was the mothers choices.

Aliens Exist | The FADER - there was more to the moon landing than we were told, the mass of nuclear weapons the U.S. has is being held for a war with aliens, human evolution was tampered with by someone or something, and the U.S. government has a real live alien species locked up somewhere.

Dunning Kruger effect; why has it recently become an excuse for people to categoriz e the researchers found. : science
or cite stupidity they find in others, and justification for their own intelligence? : AskReddit - The Dunning-Kruger effect has its own Dunning-Kruger effect.

LSD produces a new type of 'harmonic' order in the brain, according to neuroimaging study - The drug resulted in the "emergence of new type of order in the brain"
Psychedelic mushrooms likely developed their "magical" properties to trip up fungi-munching insects, suggests new research. The work helps explain a biological mystery and could open scientific doors to studies of novel treatments for neurological disease.

The effects of light from the first stars in the universe has been detected for the first time: they started shining 180 million years after the Big Bang. The data also suggests the primordial gas was much colder than expected; this may be a sign of dark matter : science

People with more authoritarian attitudes are more likely to be disgusted by foul-smelling body odours, and the more easily disgusted a person is, the more they are likely to support Donald Trump. Scientists believe this disgust is related to avoidance, whether to new people and ideas or pathogens. : science (purity)

Young women who get abortions don't face an increased risk of depressive symptoms, according to results of a new study.

This scientist is testing a marijuana ingredient as a way to prevent relapse. It's a daunting task (mainly b/c anti-pot hysteria embedded in government)

What's your favorite website, other than Reddit? : AskReddit

Responding only using Haiku, how's your day going? : AskReddit
Do you believe that guys and girls can be just friends? Why? : AskReddit
What's the worst part of having siblings? : AskReddit
What's your favorite one liner ever? - A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
What's the hottest thing your SO has ever done?
[NSFW] People who got their nudes leaked, how did it affect your life? : AskReddit

Experienced Redditors, what is a typical rookie Redditor mistake? : AskReddit
What are some landmarks in Reddit history that all Redditors should know about? : AskReddit

With Net Neutrality Rules Repealed, AT&T Gets Ready For Paid Prioritization : technology (here it comes)
NASA Engineer Describes the Difference Between SpaceX and NASA When it Comes to Making Decisions : videos

Major EPA reorganization will end science research program | TheHill - A federal environmental program that distributes grants to test the effects of chemical exposure on adults and children is being shuttered amidst a major organization consolidation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (just die, kids, we need the money for the riches)

The Parkland students are our first glimpse of the post-Millennial wave that's going to change the country - CNNPolitics
Children and Activism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

DCCC Advised Candidates Not To Discuss Gun Control Policy Right After Vegas Shooting | HuffPost - The campaign organization said Democrats should focus on offering thoughts and prayers. (a window into their incompetence -- fire them all and burn the place down)
The Parkland Shooting May Have Just Cemented America's Newest Voting Bloc | HuffPost - Furious teens and parents are emerging as a political force for gun control.
Donald Trump would have charged into school and stopped assault rifle-wielding murderer with his bare hands - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Catherynne Valente on Twitter: "The guy who couldn't even walk 700 yards with other world leaders on a sunny day in Italy toward a meeting & had to take a golf cart like a Walmart scooter-jockey now says he'd run into an active shooter situation unarmed and save the day. I mean, unless there are stairs.
Trevor Noah Spells Out Why Donald Trump Wouldn't Actually Confront A School Shooter | HuffPost - Remember that bald eagle?
Trump said he would charge a gunman.
Stephen Colbert Nails The NRA's Complete Hypocrisy In A Single Sentence | HuffPost
Here's a list of companies cutting ties with the NRA - Feb. 25, 2018 - In a statement, the National Rifle Association called the decisions "a shameful display of political and civic cowardice" (yeah, that makes a lot of sense)
Hypocrisy takes flight in Georgia - The Washington Post - Republicans have been trying for years to convince us that corporations have First Amendment rights -- at least, that is, when it works in their favor.

Sept. 11 trial judge orders explanation from Mattis | Miami Herald (your corrupt military aided by your bigly corrupt Trumpster)

Four far-right plots thwarted last year, says counter-terrorism chief Mark Rowley | UK news | The Guardian - The outgoing head of counter-terrorism policing in the UK has used his valedictory speech to warn against the rise of the far-right as he revealed four extremist rightwing plots were thwarted in 2017 ... more than 600 investigations encompassing Islamist, extreme rightwing and other motivations comprising more than 3,000 subjects of interest and a legacy of more than 20,000 individuals who featured in past terrorism investigations. (rise of the facists, again)

Bizarre legal brawl intensifies at Trump hotel in Panama - The Washington Post - He wanted to fire the Trump Organization, which has managed the hotel since it opened in 2011 ... blames ... poor management and damaged brand for the hotel's declining revenue ... With that, this bizarre standoff turned a theoretical concern about the Trump administration -- that someday, the president's private business might be investigated by a foreign government -- into a reality. (Trump considering invading Panama)
Panamanian police handcuff a guard at the Trump hotel as standoff escalates - The Washington Post ... But now, Fintiklis was at least inside. After the guard's detention, he went to the lobby piano and played Beethoven's "Fur Elise."

America's top diplomat to North Korea joins mass exodus from State Department - Trump's disregard for diplomacy is driving career diplomats to flee. (bullying is all you need)
Trump Is Preparing for a New Cold War With China - The Atlantic - by undermining America's soft power even as it ramps up competition with China, the Trump administration is sabotaging its own strategy. (who needs your liberal big government pansy soft power when you got the hard power of Trump?)

Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue To Be Detained Indefinitely : NPR (5-3, Kagan recused because Obama, prison state is here)
No Bail Hearings for Detained Immigrants, Supreme Court Rules - The New York Times
Immigrants Rotting in Prison Will Show The Neoliberals That The Left Can't Be Blackmailed! Pretty clear that telling leftists to vote for a flawed Democrat over a fascist because of the vacancy on the Supreme Court was total blackmail.

US cyber chief says Trump hasn't told him to confront Russian cyber threat (wonder why that is?)
CNN Poll: 6 in 10 concerned Trump isn't doing enough to protect US elections

Mueller moves to dismiss charges against Gates - Axios - decision to drop the more expansive charges against Gates suggests that he may have provided good information for Mueller's probe. (sang like a bird)

What did Trump know, and when did he know it? - The Washington Post - To Pirro, Trump used a narrower definition: He himself made no phone calls and had no meetings related to Russian interference. (time to LOCK HIM UP)

How Trump's2020 campaign manager is connected to the Russia scandal - Parscale is linked to Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that has become a focus of the Trump-Russia investigation.
The Professor At The Center Of The Trump-Russia Probe Boasted To His Girlfriend In Ukraine That He Was Friends With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Patton Oswalt on 'The View': Trump Is the 'Final Boss' of #MeToo Video Game - -- The comedian denounced Ivanka Trump's attempts to dismiss her father's sexual misconduct accusers.

Security clearances downgraded for Kushner and other White House officials - The Washington Post
Kushner's s overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage - Officials in at least four countries have privately discussed ways they can manipulate Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, by taking advantage of his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience (and general stupidity)
In Russia probe, Hope Hicks refuses to answer questions about Trump administration - The Washington Post - Hicks, who has already spoken with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's team as part of its probe, has become a central figure in a dispute between lawmakers and the White House about when and where witnesses can legitimately resist answering questions in a congressional probe.
Scoop: Josh Raffel leaving White House - Axios - quickly became the point man internally for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
'Give Me A Damn Break': Tweeters Drag Ivanka Trump For Playing The Daughter Card | HuffPost
Ivanka Trump's South Korea trip fuels White House tension

DCCC Internal Polling Presented to Members of Congress Panned Single Payer Health Care (again, fire them all and burn the place down along with their "consultants")

Why the poor don't soak the rich - Poor voters may oppose a policy of higher taxes and income transfers because they wrongly think they'll be victims of it (we're talking racist WHITE POor and very stupid)

Trump Losing College-Educated Whites? He Never Won Them in the First Place - The New York Times - New evidence that exit polls are a very flawed vehicle for doing post-election analysis ... In the end, the exit poll overestimates Republican support among most demographic groups, including well-educated white voters, and it overestimates the number of voters from Democratic-leaning voting blocs, like young, nonwhite and well-educated voters. (education not asked in exit polls)

Antisemitic incidents in US soar to highest level in two decades | Society | The Guardian - Largest year-on-year increase since 1979 comes as Trump administration is accused of failing to condemn bigotry ("failing to condemn" = cheering on) antisemitic incidents in the US surged 57% in 2017,

Housing official says she was replaced for rejecting Carson's costly office redecoration | US news | The Guardian ex-chief administrative officer says she was replaced by a Trump appointee and told '$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair' (swamp drained)
HUD Official Says She Was Demoted For Refusing To Blow Budget Cap On Decor (budget caps are for suckers)

How to recognize different types of white supremacists from quite a long way away - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Anyone who voted for Trump and/or does anything to support him is supporting racism and white supremacy ... This is America in 2018. If you support Donald Trump, you support white supremacy. Does that make you a white supremacist? Yes it does.

Corker decides against reelection bid, sticks with retirement - politico - voids what could have been an ugly primary between Corker and Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn. (crazy and crazier)

Greitens under fire as Missouri House launches probe; prosecutors may seek more charges | Law and order | ... unprecedented probe of a Missouri chief executive. (Seal with a big fish in his mouth +good job, MO Republicans)
Sex, blackmail and knights in shining armor - The Washington Post - It's a scandal for our times, an iconoclastic political outsider undone by allegations of homemade revenge porn. Or maybe Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens won't be undone. Running a page from the playbook of his pal President Trump, the Republican rookie is plunging ahead, gutting it out, evidently impervious to embarrassment.

Texas Democrats' early voting totals should 'shock every conservative to their core,' Abbott email says. Through Sunday in the 15 Texas counties with the most registered voters, 135,070 people had voted in the Republican primary and 151,236 in the Democratic. Compared to the first six days of early voting in 2014, Democratic turnout increased 69 percent, while Republicans saw a 20 percent increase. The Democrats even surpassed their early voting totals from the 2016 primary -- a presidential election year. Sen. Ted Cruz told a group of Republican voters this month that the left would "crawl over broken glass in November to vote ... We could get obliterated at the polls."

How Republicans Can Win the Midterms - POLITICO Magazine - It won't be easy, but with some lucky breaks and a lot of Democratic squabbling, the GOP could hold the House ... Beginning in late December, both the generic congressional ballot and Trump's approval ratings began ticking upward. These numbers, apparent across almost all polls ... (if by "all polls" you mean "Rasmussen")

WMUR first: Levi Sanders makes it official, he's a candidate for NH's 1st District House seat Bernie Sanders' son, a Claremont resident, running for Shea-Porter seat ... Sanders, 48, enters the race in the rare -- although not unprecendented -- position of residing out of the district he hopes to serve in Washington. He is a resident of Claremont, which is in the 2nd District, where he is a registered Democrat ... In addition to the eight Democrats now seeking the 1st District seat, there are also three Republican candidates ... After his father ended his presidential campaign, he returned to Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts, Legal Services, where he has been employed since 2000 as Social Security disability insurance and supplemental security income benefits specialist, according to his LinkedIn page.

Pro-Trump College Group Won't Tell the Feds What the Hell It's Doing -- The FEC has sent Students for Trump nine letters requesting info on who its donors are and what the group is funding. It has gotten no response ... It's legally distinct from the Trump campaign itself, but they have coordinated as SFT tried to craft a youth turnout operation on Trump's behalf. (kinda like his tax returns)

Carter Page Lavishes Praise On State TV Host Hannity: You're The Edward R. Murrow Of Trump/Russia ("State TV," very nice)

Sean Hannity Asked 'The Left' To React To Right-Wing Art. The Response Was Priceless. -- That probably didn't go as planned (because he's really dumb)
The "left" loves art, and especially taxpayer funded art that is "provocative." Let's get their reaction to this.
The Reagan Battalion on Twitter: "To be fair, some of us on the right like art too. "

How Powerful Men Reap Big Payouts On Their Way Out The Door For Sexual Harassment | HuffPost - And the public doen't hear about it

Eschaton: James Bennet Is A Dumdum - "People were not satisfied with his answers," one staffer who attended the meeting told HuffPost in a text message," since his answers were equivocal bullshit that didn's really address that the opinion section abuses fact and elevates white male conservative voices under the guise of'diversity of thought' And that he admits to making mistakes without any concern or even acknowledgement of what the consequences of those 'mistakes actually are." (fire his stupid conservative ass, sulzfucks!)
Leak: How NYT Editor James Bennet Justifies The Op-Ed Page To His Own Paper | HuffPost - "The world needs this from us right now." ... "The New York Times is in favor of capitalism because it has been the greatest engine of, it's been the greatest anti-poverty program and engine of progress that we've seen." (more dumbass evil conservative thought is just what the world needs right now +fuck your "engine of progress")
Quinn Norton: The New York Times Fired My Doppelgdnger - The Atlantic - I saw the internet create and destroy a bizarro version of myself ("context collapse" and a little "incoherence")

Turning Point USA: How one student in a diaper caused an eruption in the conservative youth organization | The Independent - What one chapter thought would be a great stunt turned them into a mockery. This is what happened next ... "As of right now, I am in disbelief at how I went from being so upbeat, enthusiastic, and passionate about this organisation to being disgusted, frustrated, and embarrassed to have invested my entire senior year into an organisation founded by a college dropout who hires some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered," wrote former president Kaitlin Bennett in her scathing letter of resignation ... She added: "Maybe answering to business professionals rather than college dropouts, egotistic enough to put their face on stupid memes, will give you the leadership skills you desperately need for your positions." (+the usual grift)

More on Amy Wax and the right-wing academic martyr racket - Lawyers, Guns & Money (because being stupid, she's not that smart)

Barbra Streisand on How She Battled Hollywood's Boys' Club (like, literaly) ... She notes that only eight of the 100 top-grossing movies of last year were made by women ... Streisand has strong feelings about the president, "Everything he called Hillary, he is."
Cover Story: Jennifer Lawrence, a New Light | Vanity Fair


North Pole surges above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientists - The Washington Post
What Land Will Be Underwater in 20 Years? Figuring It Out Could Be Lucrative - The New York Times

Trump says he would have rushed into Florida school without a weapon (sure, Donnie, and your "base" believes you)
Trump says he would have run into Florida school unarmed - The Boston Globe (for the comments)
The Latest: Trump, lawmakers to talk about guns Wednesday - President Donald Trump says he had lunch during the weekend with key leaders of the National Rifle Association as he seeks to address gun violence and school safety.
Trump campaign emails photo of Parkland survivor, asks for donations - CNNPolitics
Stop sucking up to 'gun culture.' Americans who don't have guns also matter ... The poll finds that a majority of Americans strongly support action and vastly outnumber those who strongly oppose action. It finds that 69 percent of Americans favor stricter gun control laws,' and 52 percent do so 'strongly.' Meanwhile, only 26 percent oppose them, with only 14 percent doing so strongly ... One one side are aging, rural, non-college-educated and evangelical Christian white voters who are more inclined to be gun owners. (the heart of evil)
Florida Gun Show sees 'record number' of attendees amid gun control debate -- The manager for the Florida Gun Show, George Fernandez, says they've never seen such a big crowd
NRA battles Florida Republicans over gun crackdown - politico - The Florida debate will be closely watched beyond Tallahassee, as President Trump discusses various gun violence-related proposals.
Eschaton: The Good Guy With A Gun Problem - Wasn't even his, but when law enforcement arrives they're going to aim and likely fire at the person with the gun. Because presumably they're the bad guy -- Officers entered the building and saw the churchgoer holding the gun and opened fire, according to the Amarillo Police Department. The churchgoer was hospitalized in stable condition. -- And, of course, no matter what the laws say, being a brown person with a gun is an execution-without-trial offense. (cops didn't take half a second to think about what they were seeing)
/u/hurtsdonut_ provides insight into whether Trump would've run in, unarmed, to stop the school shooter using Trumps own words about how he once behaved in a crisis. : bestof

So Trump is claiming that he would have run into a school shooting without a weapon : AdviceAnimals

Delta severs ties with NRA, risking lucrative state tax break (Georgia is an arm of the NRA)

An attack on North Korea would be massive -- and massively stupid (someone tell President Massivly Stupid) Sen. James E. Risch (R-Idaho) said he was told the conflict would be brief and would cause "mass casualties the likes of which the planet has never seen."

Will the U.S. Help the Saudis Get a Nuclear Weapon? - The New York Times (was the payoff to Tru mp big enough?)

Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak is killed, raising press freedom worries in Europe - The Washington Post - European and Slovak authorities believe that an investigative reporter who was shot to death Sunday in Slovakia was killed because of his reporting on fraud in the central European country.

The Olympic flame has been extinguished. The USOC should be next. - The Washington Post - USOC chief executive Scott Blackmun made $1 million in salary and bonuses in 2016. Meanwhile, until last spring, our women's hockey squad members were paid just $6,000 in an entire four-year cycle. This is a national team that has medaled in every Olympics since 1998, yet not until they staged a boycott were they granted a raise to a living wage. How is this system excusable? ... the USOC is supposed to be a nonprofit, yet 129 of its staff make over six figures, and 14 of its execs are paid more than $200,000 ... Maybe all you need to know about the USOC is that the chair of that board of directors is Larry Probst, who devoted much of his adult life to commercially ripping off college athletes as the longtime CEO of Electronic Arts (EA, really? +column written by a liar, see comments)

Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says | World news | The Guardian

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues - YouTube - The vandals stole all the handles (with built-in open captioning)

U.S. Supreme Court Rebuffs Trump, Won't Hear Immigration Appeal - The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a Trump administration appeal aimed at ending deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants, steering clear for now of the debate over the fate of hundreds of thousands of people. (otherwise known as the "boxcar plan")
Warning of ICE action, Oakland mayor takes Trump resistance to new level - SFGate

My conspiracy theory on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Think Area 51 meets 'B613' (Vlad the snake threw the election to crooked Donnie, but nothing's in the constitution to deal with it)


On Russian meddling, Americans trust Mueller more than Trump, poll shows (58$ trust Mueller, 57% don't trust Trump, 44% think Russia got Trump elected)
Collusion or not, Russia probe is worst political scandal in decades - NBC News - Nineteen individuals have been charged with crimes, including President Trump's former campaign chairman (Paul Manafort), as well as 13 Russians ... Five have pleaded guilty ... "sub-inquires" into MULTIPLE individuals connected with the Trump campaign

In Russia probes, Republicans draw red line at Trump's finances -- Six Republican leaders of key committees told CNN they see little reason to pursue those lines of inquiry or made no commitments to do so (the heart of the matter, which Trump himself said was a "red line")
olddivorcecase comments on A Former Manager At The Russian "Troll Factory" Is Now Living In The US, Report Says (early and deep Russian involvment with Zuckerberg's FB)

Hope Hicks set to appear before House Intel Committee after month-long delay - CBS News

The New York Congressman Who Could Lead an Impeachment Charge Against Trump | The New Yorker - Jerry Nadler

Trump privately pushing personal pilot to run FAA (total inco9mpetence rises to the top)
Trump privately talks up executing all big drug dealers
Ivanka Trump believes her father's denials of sexual misconduct - 'I think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it ... I believe my father. I know my father (like father like daughter)
Ivanka Trump says it's 'inappropriate' to ask her about her father's alleged affairs. Here are 2 big reasons it's not (she's working for the fucking government)
Jenna Johnson on Twitter: "The White House went out of its way to make clear that Ivanka Trump traveled to South Korea as a senior adviser to the president, not a First Daughter. But as soon as she's hit with a difficult question, suddenly she's a daughter
Checking in on America's First Family ... Monday's barely even over and they're already stepping on rakes -- Hey, world. America is being run by truthless yahoos. Have a nice day, world. (but Chelsea!!)
Don't hire relatives: Kushner should have been gone long ago (especially crooked little spy-relatives)

Koch Document Reveals Laundry List of Policy Victories Extracted from the Trump Administration (and it was so cheap)

Trump has long vowed to slash government. Now the knives are finally coming out. - The Washington Post (haha suckers)

Michael Wolff is crumbling before our eyes - The Washington Post

If this is what conservatism has become, count me out - The Washington Post - Max Boot ... I spent years writing for conservative publications such as the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Commentary magazine and working as a foreign policy adviser for three Republican presidential campaigns. Being conservative used to be central to my identity. But now, frankly, I don't give a damn. I prefer to think of myself as a classical liberal, because "conservative has become practically synonymous with 'Trump lackey" (not to mention "evil idiot" +should have thought of that before, Max)
It's time to say last rites over American conservatism - After years of drifting steadily toward extreme positions, conservatism is dead, replaced by a far right that has the Republican Party under its thumb. (no, they have always been this way)

Trump FCC Boss Under Fire For Ethics Violations : technology (completely, shamelessly, corrupt)

Elizabeth Warren's stealth campaign to shed 'Pocahontas' The potential 2020 candidate has made a series of moves this year to neutralize a nagging political vulnerability. (but still refuses to get genetically tested)

California's top court strikes down 50-year sentences for juveniles

Chaos in the Utah GOP! Hardliners adopt rule change that could kick Mitt Romney (and other candidates) out of the party - You may have thought the internal workings of the Utah Republican Party were really screwed up before. But now get this: If former U.S. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues gathering signatures as part of his U.S. Senate run this year, he may well be kicked out of the Utah Republican Party via a bylaw change adopted Saturday over the objections of party chairman Rob Anderson. And that's not all. (a "rightwing" group taking control of the Republican party in Utah, yes you read that right.

West Virginia teacher strike: Some progress seen in talks to end it - CNN

Republicans fret sexting scandal could cost them easy House seat - POLITICO - But a bombshell report of nude photos and text messages exchanged between the candidate, former state Sen. Steve Montenegro, and a legislative staffer

"The Newsroom Feels Embarrassed": Backfires and Explosions at The New York Times as a Possible Future Chief Re-Invents the Paper's Opinion Pages - A yoga-pants refusenik, a climate-science skeptic, and a tech writer with a neo-Nazi pal, among other offenders, have put James Bennet in the crosshairs.

David Klion on Twitter: "Bennet is creating space for a healthy debate between people with different points of view, ranging from neoliberals who think Woody Allen is a pedophile but the real problem is SJWs, to neoliberals who think he was only a pedophile one time and the real problem is SJWs"
Sarah Jones on Twitter: ""Sure, Erik Prince wrote in our pages. You know who else has written in our pages? Bernie Sanders, and not just once." One of these things is not like the other!"
slackbot on Twitter: "everyone complains about the indefensible things we publish but they never mention the *defensible* things we also publish!!"
Sam on Twitter: "We strive to reflect the full spectrum of public opinion, from long-serving left-of-center elected officials to secretive billionaire warlords whose army of mercenary soldiers routinely slaughter innocent civilians the world over with seemingly total impunity. What?"

Ryan Seacrest's E! Stylist Reveals Abuse and Harassment Allegations - grinding his erect penis against her while clad only in his underwear, groping her vagina, and at one point slapping her buttock so hard that it left a large welt still visible hours later.

Weinstein Co. is set to file for bankruptcy after sale talks collapse (Rapestein will go to jail also)

Suspect in fatal Winchester library stabbing suffers from mental illness, lawyer says - The Boston Globe
Former classmate of stabbing suspect says he gave warning in 2012 - The Boston Globe

Burlington police, SWAT team confiscate AR-15 rifle from man with criminal record - The Boston Globe

The Inside Story Of How An Ivy League Food Scientist Turned Shoddy Data Into Viral Studies - Brian Wansink won fame, funding, and influence for his science-backed advice on healthy eating. Now, emails show how the Cornell professor and his colleagues have hacked and massaged low-quality data into headline-friendly studies to 'go virally big time."

Nothing worked for my depression -- until I tried meditation
Autism connection to ultrasound seems unlikely, study says - The Washington Post

Women reported higher levels of incivility from other women than their male counterparts. In other words, women are ruder to each other than they are to men, or than men are to women, finds researchers in a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. : science

When did scientists realize that Jupiter had no solid ground? : askscience

Eschaton: More Cars - Regulated medallion tax regimes, even if the systems in some cities were bad, existed for reasons. They existed to restrict the number of cabs so that the services could make money and so that there weren't, well, too many cabs -- BOSTON (AP) One promise of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft was fewer cars clogging city streets. But studies suggest the opposite: that ride-hailing companies are pulling riders off buses, subways, bicycles and their own feet and putting them in cars instead -- They're a substitute for walking, public transportation, and, yes, medallion cabs. There were restrictions on the number of medallion cabs.

Fortified but Still in Peril, New Orleans Braces for Its Future - The New York Times - In the years after Hurricane Katrina, over 350 miles of levees, flood walls, gates and pumps came to encircle greater New Orleans. Experts say that is not enough.
Left to Lousiana'ss Tides, a Village Fights for Time - For the community of Jean Lafitte, the question is less whether it will succumb to the sea than when - and how much the public should invest in artificially extending its life ... $1 billion to protect fewer than 7,000 people (trump voters mooching at the public trough +here's your canary, Miami Beach)
Distraction: Bruce Sterling: Books
Distraction by Bruce Sterling
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Scott Pruitt tells CBN that God told him to roll back environmental regulations" (but it was really Satan and he knew it)
Adam Tooze on Twitter: "Multi-breadbasket failure - on current climate conditions and modeling there is a 6 % chance per decade of simultaneous failure of maize crop in US and China = 60 % of world total. With devastating impact on global food supply. One for @FlassbeckEcon"
Heckuva Job Trumpy - Lawyers, Guns & Money (looting your national parks)

BuzzFeed News on Twitter: "The Broward Sheriff's Office got nearly twice the calls about Nikolas Cruz or his family than it has said publicly, records show (chief of chickenshit cops lying though his teeth a lot but won't resign)
Records Show Far More Calls For Sheriff's Deputies To Visit Suspected Florida Shooter's Home - Broward County sheriff's officials have publicly insisted they responded to just 23 calls regarding the suspected Florida school shooter and his family over the years, but records obtained BuzzFeed News show at least 22 more.
Disgraced deputy in Florida shooting once named 'officer of the year' (chickshit of the year and was he thinking "this will be in my obituary")
The Mob - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Michelle Malkin, freaking out about citizens using the free market to attack the NRA. (she, of the flying monkeys +"She comes from the D'Souza school of brown people who hate brown people.")
Gun Rights and Civil Rights, The Hidden History - Lawyers, Guns & Money
J?ST?R ? ?CTU?L33:9 on Twitter: "SideNote: So when we've got all these teachers with their $1000 bonus packing heat (PS what exact heat btw, no point taking a knife to an AR fight right?) - obviously the actual COPS are gonna show up pretty rapid. How do they distinguish who's the teacher, and whos the shooter?"

Hoax attempts against Miami Herald augur broader information wars | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Russian spies hacked the Olympics and tried to make it look like North Korea did it, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post - Analysts surmise the disruption was retaliation against the International Olympic Committee for banning the Russian team from the Winter Games due to doping violations.

Will Trump Wage A Privately Funded War? - In one of the most frightening stories I've read since the start of the Trump presidency, The New York Times reported on Saturday that the administration is seriously considering paying for the new U.S. embassy it wants to build in Jerusalem with funds provided by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. (outsourcing governement to oligarchs and enemies)

After testy call with Trump over border wall, Mexican president shelves plan to visit White House - The Washington Post ... Trump "lost his temper" ... Trump believed it was unreasonable for Peqa Nieto to expect him to back off his crowd-pleasing campaign promise of forcing Mexico to pay for the wall (demanded Mexico pay for his stupid wall, deep in psycho-land)

Police, yelling, power turned off: Confrontation over Trump's Panama hotel escalates

CNN Poll: Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of presidency - CNNPolitics - 35%, down five points over the last month to match his lowest level yet - Overall, 80% of self-identified Republicans say they approve of the President, one point below his previous low mark of 81%, hit in late September of last year. Just 13% of Republicans say they disapprove of the President's performance. Approval for the President stands at just 5% among Democrats and 35% among independents. Among women, just 29% approve of the way Trump is performing, compared with 42% approval among men. Only about one in five Americans under age 35 approve of the President (22%), compared with 43% approval among those age 50 or older. And while 42% of whites approve of the way Trump is handling his job, just 23% of non-whites agree.

5 Takeaways From the Release of the Democratic Memo - The New York Times
Trump urges national unity, investigation of 'the other side' amid Russia probe (the non-traitor side)
The Nunes Memo Is Fake and the Russia Scandal Is Very Real ... Nunes is Trump's leading goon in Congress. By the standards of the conservative movement, this renders him a champion of freedom, defined as protecting Trump from any accountability before the law.
The Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo tears it apart - Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff brought receipts ... Nunes is either deeply misinformed or straight-up lying. (let's go with the little Russian ratfucker is lying)
Takeaways From the House Intelligence Democrats' Memo
Pwn All The Things on Twitter: "Ugh. Learn to redact people "
Schiff Memo Released - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "The Devin Nunes memo that seemed like bullshit is, in fact, bullshit."
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Maybe Trump is tweeting bogus mischaracterizations of the memo this evening for no particular reason. Or maybe..."

Behind a Key Anti-Labor Case, a Web of Conservative Donors - The New York Times (freedom!)

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that Ivanka Trump briefed South Korean President Moon about the new NK sanctions. (with no clearnance)

Trump's Approval in All 50 States = Tracking Trump (WY and GA most evil states)

Eschaton: The Penis Hat Brigade - So there's this guy you know who wears a giant penis hat around everywhere. He forms a club for other penis hat wearers. There's a kind of fellowship of the penis hat. They have competitions for who has the best penis hats, the biggest ones, the ones with the most bling, etc. They walk among us, proudly wearing their penis hats, telling each other how cool they look with their penis hats. They hang out in malls and movie theaters, parade up and down their suburban neighborhoods, wearing their giant penis hats, all while the rest of us just point and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh because they're a bunch of fucking idiots ... We would laugh if the penis hats didn't kill people, anyway.

I'm Glad I Got Booed at CPAC - By Mona Charen ... We built and organized this party -- but now we're made to feel like interlopers. (no, you are reaping what you sowed, Mona)

All of West Virginia's public school teachers are on strike - 48th-lowest-paid in the country. (stupid people hate education)

Peter Wehner on Twitter: ""I spoke to a hostile audience for the sake of every person who has watched this spectacle of mendacity in disbelief and misery for the past two years." -- Read this marvelous and important piece by @monacharenEPPC"

California Democratic Party won't endorse Dianne Feinstein - snubbing Sen. Dianne Feinstein in her bid for a fifth full term.

Prepping for impeachment: Here's what Greitens and lawmakers face in the coming days

Appalachia deserves more than J.D. Vance | The Outline - A conversation with Elizabeth Catte, author of 'What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia' (what, you have something against the spawn of vampires?)

What went wrong at Newsweek, according to current and former staffers. - It stands accused of improper ties to a religious institution. Its newsroom has been gutted by firings and resignations. Here is the inside story of the magazine's explosive growth and spectacular downfall.

At Yale, Trying Campus Rape in a Court of Law - The New York Times - They argue that Yale, under fire for not taking sexual assault on its campus seriously, blurred the line between school and law enforcement in the name of proving that it did.

There's no firm rule for punishing a California lawmaker's bad behavior (guess who wrote the "rules")

Inside the toxic atmosphere at 'Megyn Kelly Today' ... "She's not for women. She's extremely mean and rude to women." (toxic Fox bitch entrenched in entitled male Murdoch culture with a fake "transformation")

Olympics ratings: NBC's $12 billion investment is looking riskier : television - Viewership for the current Olympics on NBC is down 24% compared to Sochi among viewers aged 18-49, the age demographic most coveted by advertisers.

Los Angeles' homelessness crisis is a national disgrace

Turmoil strikes Boston Athenaeum - The Boston Globe - Current and former senior staff describe a "hostile" and "ruthless" administration that undermined their expertise. Beloved colleagues have been fired on the spot and marched out of the building. Others have retired in disgust, giving little or no notice. ... director Elizabeth Barker (makes a lot of money)

Two Newton colleges move toward merging - The Boston Globe (BoGlo can't afford a map)

Prison officials limit number of visitors for inmates - The Boston Globe - nmates in maximum security will be permitted no more than five names on their preapproved visitors list; inmates in medium security will be limited to eight names; and inmates in minimum security will be allowed 10 (Chawlie Faker cracks down on rehabiliation)

Woman dies after stabbing at Winchester Public Library - The Boston Globe

ELI5: How does breastfeeding reduce the risk of developing breast cancer later in life? : explainlikeimfive - Breast tissue remains immature in women until lactation

TIL a woman has Chimerism: she's a fraternal twin who fused together with her sibling in the womb. Now she has 2 different immune systems and 2 different bloodstreams. Her immune system's constantly fighting off her twin sister's cells, as it recognizes them as foreign, causing autoimmune issues.

!Heads Up!: Congress it trying to pass Bill H.R.1856 on Tuesday that removes protections of site owners for what their users post : technology - In an attempt to stop sex trafficking, congress is changing section 230 of Communications act of 1934, the Communicatons Decency Act of 1996. This will punish site owners for what their users post by fine or potential jail time of 20 years. (it's always about "protecting the children")

Eschaton: Finally Some Important Innovation - Good plan -- A patent application published Thursday from the self-driving arm of Google's parent company detailed an elaborate system to prevent motion sickness in its vehicles. The method involves determining routes that could minimize motion sickness. For example, sensitive passengers would be given a relaxed ride on gentle roads. Those people who are more in a rush could select a faster but slightly rougher trip.


Sources: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school - CNNPolitics - not only that Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff's deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school. (chickenshit good guys with guns)
Student to Stoneman Douglas officer: 'You could have saved a lot of lives'
Here's definitive proof that a good guy with a gun doesn't always stop a bad guy with a gun
When Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Was Accused of Corruption, He Responded: 'Lions Don't Care About the Opinions of Sheep' (said the hamster)
The racist history of the 'crisis actor' attacks on Parkland school shooting survivors ... the nine African American teens who braved racist crowds to enroll in Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas were also accused of being impostors.
These Companies Are Sticking By The NRA | HuffPost - Many brands that offered discounts to NRA members are dumping the gun group after its furious response to the Florida mass shooting.
Scoop: Bank of America to review relationships with gunmakers - Axios
Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Cyberbullying Me | HuffPost
'Scripted' controversy: CNN releases emails of correspondence with Florida student
East High threat: Abigail Hernandez, undocumented immigrant, arrested - Abigail Hernandez, 21, is charged with making a terroristic threat, a felony. She is currently in the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia because she is an undocumented immigrant (just got herself deported)
Oberlin student cleared by law enforcement still banned from sch - | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette - Department responded to a comment that an Oberlin High School student made about the square root symbol looking like a gun. (which it does) - "He committed no crime. He was the victim of the ole morphing of information [phenomenon] ... Any student accused of talking about guns or school shootings will be investigated by three entities: the school board, the sherrif's department, and the district attorney's office (so, if a kid says s/he's afraid of gun-nuts shooting up his school, they'll lock them up for using the word "gun")
Student investigated after allegedly saying a math symbol looked - | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette (with a pic of the "gun')
Oregon bill bans domestic abusers from buying guns : news

TBogg - Totally King of New New California on Twitter: "At this rate, the only companies that will be left with affiliate programs with the @NRA will be Bullets-R-Us, Catheters Direct To You, Russian Bride Connect and Wayne LaPierre Will Blow You Behind An Arby's Dumpster (gun company execs only)

Algorithms are one reason a conspiracy theory goes viral. Another reason might be you. (trending)

21 Red Cross staff fired or resigned for sex violations - Axios - The Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross has said 21 staff members were fired or have resigned since 2015 for "paying for sexual services"

'A Total Fuck-Up' : Russian Mercenaries in Syria Lament U.S. Strike That Killed Dozens

6 bodies were found dismembered in landscape planters in Canada. There might be more. - The Washington Post - The mystery deepened this week in the case of Bruce McArthur, the man charged with killing several middle-aged men linked to Toronto's Gay Village and burying dismembered body parts in landscape planters ... McArthur, a large man who is believed to have once worked as a mall Santa, was arrested on Jan. 18 in his high-rise Toronto apartment, now considered a homicide scene by police. Officers discovered a young man in restraints on a bed and acted because they feared he was in imminent danger ... When more men began disappearing last year, Toronto police set up a new task force but continued to deny the possibility that a serial killer was at large until McArthur was arrested.

Trump: If North Korea Doesn't Obey Me, I Might Punish the Whole World ... "Phase 2 may be a very rough thing. May be very, very unfortunate for the world"

McMaster Gives a Belated Russian Lesson - time for Americans to add a new Russian word to their strategic lexicon -- Kompromat (otherwise known as the pee-me tapes)

Lawyer for Susan Rice: Obama administration 'justifiably concerned' about sharing intel with Trump team (THEN they got concerned)

House panel releases Democrats' memo defending FBI surveillance of ex-Trump campaign aide
a counterweight to a GOP memo that Trump declassified three weeks ago, claiming that FBI officials mislead a secret court to obtain a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign adviser. (so basically Russian Nunes lied his ass off)
2 Weeks After Trump Blocked It, Democrats Release Rebuttal of G.O.P. Memo - The New York Times

Mueller Is Gaining Steam. Should Trump Worry? - The New York Times

'The Hapsburg Group': Mueller Says Manafort Secretly Paid European Leaders
Former Austrian chancellor appears to have lobbied as part of Manafort scheme - POLITICO - The former chancellor isn't named in the court filings, but appears to be Alfred Gusenbauer, who served as chancellor of Austria between 2007 and 2008.
Inside the Manafort money machine: A decade of influence-peddling, lavish spending and alleged fraud - The Washington Post - As Donald Trump crisscrossed the nation promising to drain the swamp, two of his top advisers were busy illegally building a colossal fortress of riches deep inside that swamp, according to federal prosecutors ... If convicted, Manafort faces punishment that could put him behind bars for the rest of his life. (unless he rolls over against Dumpster +comment: "Alex van der Zwasshole: London lawyer, married into Russian Mafia, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Rick Gates and another unnamed person based in Ukraine.")
Paul Manafort, American Hustler - The Atlantic - Decades before he ran the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort' pursuit of foreign cash and shady deals laid the groundwork for the corruption of Washington ... In 2003 ... When Davis arrived, he found himself pumping the hand of the Honorable Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild, the British-born financier known as Nat. (and there you are)

Pro-Russia GOP Congressman Features Prominently In Trump Aide's Plea Document | HuffPost - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has been interviewed by congressional investigators but not yet by special counsel Robert Mueller. (lock up the little Russian ratfucker)
Meeting That Gates Admits Lying About Matches Rohrabacher Dinner - Bloomberg - a March 19, 2013, meeting between his boss, Paul Manafort, and an unidentified U.S. congressman. Public filings show a meeting that day between Manafort and Dana Rohrabacher, a Russia-friendly Republican congressman from California. (he's been a traitor for years, thanks for focusing on whistleblowers, Barry)

Manafort Left an Incriminating Paper Trail Because He Couldn't Figure Out How to Convert PDFs to Word Files (supergenious)

Minute by minute at Donald Trump's wild, rambling CPAC speech - He patted his bald spot. He said his opponents "committed a lot of atrocities." At one point, he pantomimed a stabbing. (nevereneding campaign)
Watch ex-RNC head Michael Steele unleash holy hell on CPAC exec over 'black guy' slur
CPAC speaker calls conservatives "hypocrites" for ignoring Trump's sexual harassment allegations -- The crowd wasn't happy, and security escorted her out for her protection when the panel ended. (sacrilege in the temple)
Going Rogue at CPAC: Mona Charen Slams Sexist Hypocrisy and Racism at CPAC; Calls invitation of Le Pen a 'Disgrace' Republicans anti-woman for Moore support.
CPAC speaker Mona Charen stuns with fiery rebuke of Trump, Le Pen
Still Glad You Voted Trump? At CPAC, Conservatives Had an Answer - The New York Times
Nationalism -- and hecklling -- take spotlight at conservative conference (young white evil on display)
The unending campaign of Donald Trump - The Washington Post

In Donald Trump, Evangelicals Have Found Their President - The New York Times (they have always worshipped Satan and David Brody is clueless, which means ...)
I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to poison the culture and make lots of money by publishing it in my newspaper - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The NYT opinion page decided that a good use of its space would be to pay David Brody to run a 900-word ad for his facially preposterous new book

Eschaton: The Battle Of Ideas - One maddening thing about The Acceptable Discourse in DC is that there are people who are paid to lie. It is their job to lie ... The incentives to lie are not identical, so even if none of us are pure, having Both Sides coverage of issues, where one side is The Committee On Feeding Your Children More Lead, and the other side is Save Our Children From Lead Poisoning, means you're going to get a bit more dishonesty from the former.

Eschaton: What Happened To Our Oakeshottian Burkean Purity? - Trump brings it out more than usual, but we regularly get conservatives lamenting that their movement is filled with racist hucksters, mad because the new kids say the quiet bits a bit too loudly and because they're getting in on their grift ... One doesn't have to rehash the whole modern conservative party from Goldwater to Nixon and onward. Elite conservatives promoted Sarah Palin to be Vice President. OK, maybe this was just a little mistake. Once they did that of course they had pretend they wanted her to win. Fine. Then they (not all of them, but most) spent at least 2 years promoting her as the leader of their movement (it's sort of been memoryholed, but Politico was Sarah Palin Daily from 2009-2011 or so, and not simply because Politico writers were interested in her).

Jared Kushner, International Man of Mystery - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I'd say the media making Hillary Clinton's compliance with information security best practices the dominant issue of the 2016 campaign is working out smashingly.
Jared Kushner encapsulates what's wrong with the Trump administration ... A callow man with little experience outside the world of real estate, no policy depth and no credibility in government (or around the world) might be employable as an intern, but in any other administration would not be there.

RNC paid Trump campaign Trump Tower rent after paying legal bills for Russia probe ... The payments include more than $37,000 a month in rent to President Donald Trump's company, and thousands more in salary to Vice President Mike Pence's newphew, John Pence

Trump is right back where he started, and that's a problem for the GOP ... The latest Quinnipiac poll has the president's approval rating down to 37 percent (with 58 disapproving), compared to a 40-percent approval rating on Feb. 7. And by a margin of 67 percent to 24 percent, they want him to release his tax returns. (Republicans "think" Trump has been faithfull to all his wives and respects women)

CPAC has always been 'out there.' Now the rest of the GOP is, too.

Michael Tomasky on Twitter: "New Column: Rebekah Mercer's insanely dumb and dishonest WSJ op-ed: She wants a "kind and generous" America with no hatred? Her? Really? via @thedailybeast" (they ARE the lie)

Scoop: Corey Lewandowski returns to the Oval Office - Axios (meanwhile, behind the scenes)

The Jew is the Jew of Modern GOP Fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Missouri GOP finally knows who to blame for Eric Greitens blackmailing the woman with whom he was having an affair ... It's always the Jews making Republicans blackmailing their mistresses ... Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) not only kept $1 million from a venture capitalist accused of sexual abuse but even gave him a seat on stage at his inauguration.

Judge dismisses coal mogul's defamation lawsuit against John Oliver ... "I'm not going to say, for instance, that Bob Murray looks like a geriatric Dr. Evil, even though he clearly does" he said.

Republicans Terrified By Rules Tilted Only Slightly In Their Favor - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Pennsylvania Republicans

A conservative Democrat in Illinois feels the ire of his liberal base - The Washington Post - Lipinski, one of the last antiabortion Democrats in the House, and one of only a few to oppose the Affordable Care Act, was confronting many of the voters who want to oust him ... "He doesn't have true Democratic values, and his record proves it." "This ins't some deep-red district. This district is solid blue. The seat has been held by a Democrat for 58 out of the last 60 years. Yet Lipinski votes more like a right-wing Republican." (last of the bluedogs) ... The Democrats who run nearly every office in the district endorsed Lipinski, as did the AFL-CIO. (fuck off asshole)

Docs: Woman whose affair led rep to quit threatened husband - Her husband claims in court records Edwards made multiple threats to kill him, including saying she would use a steak knife or hire a hit man ... Edwards is seeking the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle.

NCAA hoops corruption case docs list players involved, payment amounts

Serial scans make it official: In people with Alzheimer's mutations, ABeta_ starts building up 20 years before symptoms; hypometabolism and shrinkage follow.

Inside the OED: can the world's biggest dictionary survive the internet?

What are some horrifying history facts or events that most people don't know about?
Dad turns Son in for Snapchat Gun Posts, Cops find Child Porn on his phone : news

This Man Helped Peter Thiel Demolish Gawker - That man, an Oxford-educated Australian citizen named Aron< D'Souza (from the D'Souza crime family) /a>


We should change the names of AR-15s to "Marco Rubio" because they are so easy to buy. (one of the MSD "kids" said that)
Florida school shooting: Sheriff got 18 calls about Nikolas Cruz's violence, threats, guns : news
Catherine Rampell on Twitter: "Trump suggests "a little bit of a bonus" for trained teachers who are armed, throwing out 10%, 20% and 40% as possible percentages of teachers who might be qualified. Also: "You can't hire enough security guards... Your need 100, 150 security guards" (they will cut teachers salaries by 25%, replace "civics" with target practice, it will pay for itself!)
Parkland Survivor: 'I've Never Been So Unimpressed By A Person' After Trump Call | HuffPost
What An AR-15 Does - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A radiologist describes what she found examining victims Marjory Stoneman Douglas:
What Do Jotted Talking Points Say About Trump's Empathy? they seemed to suggest that the president needed to be reminded to show compassion and understanding to traumatized survivors, an impression that Mr. Trump has sometimes fed with public reactions to national tragedies that were criticized as callous.

Trump Appears To Read From The NRA's Script Hours After The Gun Lobby Chief's Speech
CBS News poll: Support for stricter gun laws rises; divisions on arming teachers - CBS News - Nearly two-thirds of Americans support stricter laws on gun sales, including an increasing number of Republicans, but the public divides on the idea of allowing more teachers and school officials to carry guns. Arming teachers draws partisan splits, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed (68% of Rethugs support shootouts in the hallways)
NRA Goes On Offense In Wake Of Florida Shooting | HuffPost - Two of its top officials deliver fiery speeches at an annual gathering of conservatives.
The Death Cult and The Big Money - Lawyers, Guns & Money - NRA ... the staggering amounts of money it dumps into the political process: In October alone, according to the Center for Public Integrity, roughly one out of every 20 television ads in Pennsylvania was sponsored by the NRA. That same month, the group paid for one in nine ads in North Carolina, and one of every eight in Ohio. The ads imply that Clinton and Democrats would leave law-and-order abiding citizens defenseless. (all Russian money, too)
'We're going to take action': Inside Trump's shifting stance on gun rights
In my part of red America, no one sees guns as part of the problem - The Washington Post - This is both Trump country and single-issue voter country. People here vote on guns, and people vote on abortion. Every other issue, every other considerable nuance, is nothing but noise. (KY, the heart of stupid and evil +"getting back to the good old days")
We know who really rules the Gunshine State - The Washington Post - Smut, not guns, is the great risk to teenagers.
Three major car rental companies dump the NRA - ThinkProgress - The backlash is growing ... a partnership with the NRA to provide discounts to members of the gun lobby (why the fuck in the first place?)

How Political Pessimism Helps Doom Tougher Gun Laws ProPublica - How Political Pessimism Helps Doom Tougher Gun Laws -- Saying 'nothing will change' has empowered the NRA and ignores its declining punch.
The N.R.A. Lobbyist Behind Florida's Pro-Gun Policies -- Marion Hammer's unique influence over legislators has produced laws that dramatically alter long-held American norms.
It's Not All About the NRA - Gun owners also see the ownership of a firearm just as valuable as the right to vote, freedom of speech and freedom of religion (Jesus packed a Glock) the NRA spent $50M in the 2016 cycle, $30M of which was spent on behalf of Trump. (other orgs including Kockbros spend more money so nothing to see here)

Trump administration to target North Korea with new sanctions on Friday | Reuters ("bigly")

Operation Sanctuary review finds adult abuse 'extensive' - BBC News

AP sources: Adelson offers to help pay for Jerusalem embassy - The Trump administration is considering an offer from Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson to pay for at least part of a new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, four U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

Trudeau's India trip is a total disaster -- and he has only himself to blame (cozying up to Sikh terrorists)

Rick Gates' Guilty Plea Proves Mueller Is Working His Way Up - o, on Friday, Rick Gates, without whom Paul Manafort could not have fluffed and folded a single dollar, copped a plea in federal court. This brings Robert Mueller's investigation even closer to the king fixer, who absolutely has no place to go right now. He is on a spit over an open flame and it's turning ever faster. The skin is starting to crackle and Paul Manafort is almost done and ready for serving. And Manafort, unless he's an idiot, which nobody thinks he is, has to be pretty close to serving up the only person he can serve up ... Gates has copped a plea. Manafort is done like dinner, and the fog is beginning to set in over the Great Grimpen Mire, distant sounds echoing ever louder.
Rick Gates, Trump Campaign Aide, to Plead Guilty in Mueller Inquiry and Cooperate - The New York Times
Now I gotta turn my back - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Gates flips.

This Is the Law That Could Take Down Trump - Bribery statutes apply to public officials. And Trump became one, says one federal prosecutor, when he became the GOP nominee. Dum-da-dum-dum.

McCain associate invokes Fifth Amendment on Trump dossier sources: report | TheHill - An associate of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) invoked the Fifth Amendment in order to not testify before the House Intelligence Committee on a dossier of opposition research that claims ties between President Trump and Russia, according to Fox News. (another Nunes charade)

Trump's CPAC Speech Was a Reminder of What We've Done to Ourselves
Trump Ditched the Script at CPAC. Here's What Happened He talked about, among other things, jogging. (and many, many other things)
In Trumpworld, every day is yesterday - Axios - Remember that President Trump thinks of each day as a new episode in a reality show, with him as the star, writer, producer and critic.

Reagan was the Gipper. Trump is the grifter. - The Washington Post (no, Reagan was the original trickle-down lying grifter, Max, and what's with your dumb hat?)
Trump Hotel paid millions in fines shortly after the inauguration for stiffing contractors: report (+zombie Melania)

Happy to announce I will be joining the NYT opinion pages. My kickoff column will be entitled "Cannibalism - Why Don't You Just Try It?" My future columns will all be interviews with actual Nazis

'They have had it': West Virginia teachers strike, closing all public schools ... "Work stoppages by public employees are not lawful in West Virginia and will have a negative impact on student instruction and classroom time," n 2016, West Virginia ranked 48th in average teacher salaries. Only Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Dakota sat below it in the rankings, which included 50 states and the District. (1-2% raise in pay, offset by 4% paying for their own insurance and 3.5% cost-of-living = 6% pay cut +coal miners and Rethugs had education)
Governor Jim Justice on Twitter: "Today I signed SB267 which will provide teachers, school service personnel and state police with a 2 percent pay increase starting in July. #wvgov #wvlegis"

Here's what young conservatives at CPAC think of the media (young and dumb)

Bernie Sanders' son wants to run for Congress. Not everyone is on board. (Putin supports him, however) "The basic difference is that I'm a vegetarian and he's not," Levi said of his father ...

Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania - Republicans Getting Desperate (will try to throw democracy in the garbage can)

National Democrats come out against Laura Moser, primary candidate in bid for Culberson's seat | The Texas Tribune - Then, referring to a 2014 Washingtonian magazine piece in which Moser wrote that she would rather have a tooth pulled without anesthesia than move to Paris, Texas

Robert Patrick on Twitter: "I just saw MO Gov. Eric Greitens being led away in the custody of the St. Louis Sheriff." ("the face of Republican family values")
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, indicted on a felony charge, was a rising GOP star - The Washington Post
Greitens indicted for felony invasion of privacy | The Kansas City Star (still no pic of him being led away in handcuffs)
Greitens didn't shoot straight with Missourians, can't govern under indictment (you might have reported on all his dark money, KCStar)

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry affair: Nude photos, deleted chats may show evidence of crime, TBI says - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it has obtained nude photos of a woman taken on the phone of former Sgt. Rob Forrest, evidence that investigators believe shows Nashville Mayor Megan Barry engaged in an affair with her former bodyguard while he was on duty.

As an Arkansas judge, he dismissed sentences for sexual photos. Now he's going to prison ("community service" and Republican, of course)

Two more high-ranking officials at Massachusetts State Police retire - The Boston Globe - Risteen was also the former longtime boyfriend of a trooper who is now a subject of an internal affairs investigation because she was hired in 2014 even though she previously testified in federal court that she sold marijuana and laundered money.

Brendan Fraser Says He Was Groped by Former HFPA President | HuffPost - The actor told GQ the alleged incident was one of many reasons why he disappeared from Hollywood.

Missing CDC employee left work sick 10 days ago, hasn't been seen since, police say : news

Southwest Airlines passenger bitten by an emotional-support dog - The Washington Post (giving emotional support by attacking everyone)

Here's What It Means To Be A 'Cannasexual' | HuffPost

Led Zeppelin Lyrics - Since I've Been Loving You
Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You 1973 [HD] - YouTube
I finally listened to Led Zeppelin and was blown away! What have I been missing.. : Music

A systematic review and meta-analysis did not find evidence to support the hypothesis that US medical marijuana laws (MMLs) until 2014 have led to increases in adolescent marijuana use prevalence, contrary to the belief that such laws increase recreational marijuana use among adolescents. : science (someone call Jason Lewis again)

Depression substantially reduced with multivitamin and getting Vitamin-D above 40 ng/ml : science
Dr. Rhonda Patrick was right. Getting your vitamin D = less depression : JoeRogan
Hey Seattle: a friendly reminder in these dark, sunless times here in the north to take daily a vitamin D supplement since it helps combat seasonal depression. : SeattleWA
Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency: Causality, Assessment, and Clinical Practice Implications : science - Vitamin D deficiency rates in the USA are about 40% countrywide and up to 97% during cold months in Canada.

23andMe: Talk about your genes and their possible implications!
Redditors who have used genetic testing services like 23andme and have had unexpected results, what happened? : AskReddit
Best Genetic Testing site? : Nootropics

Little humans falling over, for your joy
Don't touch my food! : gifs
Violent video games actually reduces violence amongst children : gaming
Ah, the old... switcharoo
Bird photobombs meteorologist : gifs
Lawyer buys tank and parks it on street in HOA, exploiting a legal loophole : videos

Eschaton: Car Washes Are A Metaphor - Cost (for those who dream of running robot taxis) and convenience (for the rest of us) are the entire point. And yet... The most cutting-edge cars on the planet require an old-fashioned handwashing. Car washes have been automated for decades, but companies developing fully autonomous vehicles must rely on a human touch to keep their cars and trucks in working condition.
Snap CEO Evan Spiegel Made $636 Million Last Year Even as Company Lost $720 Million : news


Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides - The Washington Post - The warmth over Alaska occurred as almost one-third of the ice covering the Bering Sea off Alaska's West Coast vanished in just over a week during the middle of February ... the overall sea ice extent on Feb. 20 was the lowest on a record by a long shot. (Trump will build a Trump hotel on the North Pole)

Armed sheriff's deputy stayed outside Florida school while mass killing took place -- Israel said he suspended School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson on Thursday after seeing a video from the Parkland, Fla., school that showed Peterson outside the school building where the shooter was inside and attacking ... Peterson, 54, a resource officer at the school since 2009, resigned after Israel suspended him. Israel said two other officers have been placed on a restricted assignment pending an internal investigation relating the school shooting. (so there were three cops there and they did nothing)

Bill Bratton on Twitter: "Proposals to arm American teachers are the height of lunacy. Are we also then going to arm school bus drivers and school crossing guards. The #NRA & gun manufacturers would love that."
josh Trump Needs Reminder To Listen To Parkland Survivors In Listening Session (gets cheat-sheet on how to resemble a human being)
This photo of Trump's notes captures his empathy deficit better than anything
Trump denies saying teachers should have guns -- and then says some teachers should have guns
In School Shooting's Painful Aftermath, Sheriff Faces Questions Over Police Response
School shooter made gun threats, first host family told police - CNN ... "has put the gun to other's heads in the past" (no big deal)
Florida Sheriff Rebukes NRA Spokeswoman Who Claims She's 'Fighting' For Shooting Survivors | HuffPost - Dana Loesch was roundly criticized by gun violence survivors and others for her remarks on gun control.
Florida Shooting Survivors Face Down The NRA And Politicians, Vow To Keep Fighting | HuffPost - In a heated exchange, Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter, Jamie, was killed last week, demanded Rubio tell him that he would "work with us to do something about guns" (hahaha if you think that's going to happen)
Facing jeers and boos, Rubio shifts on guns during tense forum - POLITICO - It was a striking turnabout for Rubio, who never met a gun-rights bill he didnn'vote for in the Florida legislature and in Congress. (keep voting Republican, white Floriduh)
Florida House approves bill to post "In God We Trust" in all public schools (lurching towards theocracy, one idiocy at a time +trusting God helped so much last time
Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting - Sun Sentinel - images were "delayed 20 minutes and nobody told us that."
We should all take a lesson from the Stoneman Douglas students. - The teenagers from Stoneman Douglas are fearlessly reimagining how to effect change in the Trump era.
Trump wants to arm teachers: #armmewith movement doesn't include guns - Arm me with the resources and funding needed to help students experiencing mental health issues, not guns
How Florida shooting survivor David Hogg became the victim of an online conspiracy - The Washington Post
The AR-15 Is Different: What I Learned Treating Parkland Victims - The Atlantic - Should Change the Debate on Guns - They weren't the first victims of a mass shooting the Florida radiologist had seen -- but their wounds were radically different. (in addition to letting deranged teenagers and anyone else buy military weapsons, let's give them super-death bullets because Freedom)

The One-Way Empathy Ratchet - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Guns and capitalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - While around 30% of Americans own at least one gun, the much more salient statistic, from the perspective of gun manufacturers, is that one tenth of that cohort -- made up of 3% of Americans -- collectively own half the guns in the nation ... Again, this is a common pattern. Consider alcohol consumption ... But the tenth decile -- en per cent of the population -- averages more than ten drinks per day. That, obviously, is where the real money is, i.e., in selling alcohol to alcoholics ... an industry which nearly quadrupled its manufacturing between 2003 and 2013, to eleven million weapons per year (gunaholics)
Marco Rubio and an N.R.A. Official Were Jeered and Lectured on Gun Control - The New York Times
The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy - The New York Times ... "trending"
NRA chief Wayne LaPierre berates the media, calls for more armed guards after Florida school shooting - The Washington Post - "They don't don't care about our schoolchildren," LaPierre said Thursday morning near the start of the Conservative Political Action Conference. "They want to make all of us less free." (yeah he really said that, it's all upside-down talk now)
NRA's Wayne LaPierre accuses Democrats of exploiting Parkland shooting in speech
Why does only one side of the gun debate get respect?
A superintendent threatens to suspend students protesting gun laws. But that's not legal. (never stopped them before)
An Armed Principal Detained a Campus Gunman. But He's Against Arming School Staff.
Ohio student dies after shooting himself in school bathroom, officials say | Fox News

Putin ally said to be in touch with Kremlin, Assad before his mercenaries attacked U.S. troops - The Washington Post - A Russian oligarch believed to control the Russian mercenaries who attacked U.S. troops and their allies in Syria this month was in close touch with Kremlin and Syrian officials in the days and weeks before and after the assault, according to U.S. intelligence reports.

Eschaton: Gun Nuttery - Gun nuts believe their position is popular. It isn't. They have (have had) intensity on their side for two reasons. One reason is that "gun nuts" are, well, nuts, and they are single issue voters about it. There isn't an equivalent voter opposition. The second is that there isn't an equivalent opposition from electeds. When Democrats do propose gun measures, they're...ant steps ... The outcome of Heller (individual right in 2nd amendment) was supposed to open the door to sensible gun regulation. Fine, it's a right, so we can't take away all your guns, but that doesn't mean we can't have some reasonable regulations. That was a stupid view because that isn't how politics works (nor is it how conservative judges are likely to see Heller). But little things like "constitutionality as interpreted by the Supremos" never stop conservative activists.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Will Remove "Nation of Immigrants" From Mission Statement (next: deleting "Liberty" from the statue)

The Immigration Debate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - really between people on one side who think problems can be solved through policy and people on the other side who want mass-scale ethnic cleansing.

U.S. official focused on election security being shoved aside - The action raises fresh questions over the degree to which Republican President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans who control Congress are taking steps to protect the security of American elections, and some state officials have accused them of doing too little to address the threat. (Trump clearing the path for Putin)

Trump supporters, conservatives rage over Russian bot purge, #TwitterLockOut (raging they lost all their commie followers)

McMaster could leave WH after months of tension with Trump - CNNPolitics - the Pentagon is considering options that would allow the President to potentially move the three-star general out of his current role and back into the military

The Pardon Boomerang: Why Trump Associates May Need to Decline Any Offer of a Pardon | Just Security - The dilemma for these Trump campaign affiliates is not simply that a presidential pardon would fail to erase the risk of a state prosecution, but rather that their acceptance of such a pardon may significantly increase the prospect that state prosecutors will both pursue a case and secure a conviction. Let me be more specific as to the reason why: individuals run a significant risk that acceptance of a pardon would be used by state prosecutors as an admission of guilt ... This get-out-of-federal-jail card comes at a price.

Occam's Razor Says There Was Collusion - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump collusion with Russia? Mueller's investigation has good odds -- the cover-up is likely covering up serious wrongdoing

Special counsel Mueller files new charges in Manafort, Gates case - The Washington Post - The new indictment contains 32 counts, including tax charges. (comments: "We can rename it Mar-a-Guantanamo." and "There needs to be an investigation to find out if anyone in the Trump administration has ties to America.")
Ex-Trump Staffer Rick Gates Fires His Lawyer in Russia Probe - Manafort's long-time deputy has terminated Tom Green, the Washington attorney who reportedly tried to get him a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle connects the dots in latest Mueller indictment to tie Trump directly to Putin ... Van der Zwaan's father in law, German Khan is the head of Russia's Alfabank, which was named in the Steele dossier as a major launderer of Russian mob money ... At that engagement -- also attended by the Green Party's Jill Stein -- Flynn sat at the same table as Pres. Putin. (lock her up!)

Why You Shouldn't Be a Russiagate Skeptic - What Blake Hounshell misses about the Mueller investigation ... Faced with this evidence, arguing there was no collusion is no longer the position of a skeptic, but of someone in denial. It is the refusal to acknowledge what is staring us all in the face: The president of the United States and his campaign colluded with a foreign adversary to defeat his political opponent. (and is totally illegimate)

Sources: Mueller probe stymies Kushner security clearance - CNNPolitics - Jared Kushner has been unable to obtain a full security clearance in part because of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Eschaton: Where We Fucked Up - I don't need narcissistic navel gazers about "why I was wrong" but I would like more people who have been in power at key moments and over key time periods and who were responsible for, or party to, key decisions, to explain what they got wrong ... The people who lead us - even the good ones- have fucked up a lot for decades. I don't get the sense that many of them realize it. (it wasn't a good sign when Obama said look forward, not backward at Bush's war crimes ... it's almost like he knew he'd fuck up cosmically)

Two weeks after Trump chose him for ambassador, nominee pledged money for a gala at Trump's club - Two weeks after President Trump nominated Florida businessman Leandro Rizzuto Jr. to be ambassador to Barbados, Rizzuto pledged thousands of dollars to fund a gala at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club (so he has a built-in money collection and laundering business, pure presidential genious

Trump Steers Right-Wing Summit on Populist Path Blazed in Europe - Bloomberg - President Donald Trump has pushed the Republican Party toward a European-style populism that is amply evident in the line-up at an annual conference in Washington that long has reflected the pulse of the American right. The list of speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference that opens Thursday includes two European nativists, Marion Marechal-Le Pen and Nigel Farage, who will address the gathering between panels and events on the dangers of immigration, Sharia law and "lawless" government agencies.

Trump-appointed judge who donated to campaign refuses to recuse himself from dossier matter - ABC News - and worked on his presidential transition team has rejected requests to recuse himself from overseeing a legal battle involving Fusion GPS,

Melania Trump's parents are legal permanent residents, raising questions about whether they relied on "chain migration" (duh, yes. call ICE and load them into a boxcar)
Questions Swirl as Melania Trump's Parents Obtain Green Cards

Middle America Reboots Democracy : Democracy Journal ... anti-Trump forces not who pundits say they are (a lot of the grass-roots Barry told to go home and let the smart people handle things have come back +the kids since then)

Violence, Slavery, and the Human Experience - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Democrats Didn't Even Dream of This Pennsylvania Map. How Did It Happen? -- They seemed not to believe that they would be allowed to strive for partisan balance in addressing Republican gerrymandering. (well, no shit, Nate +slightly less stacked to Rethugs)

Democratic Congressional Candidate Built Lucrative Career Spying on Left-Wing Activists - Patrick Ryan, a congressional candidate from New York, is leaning on his experience as a small business entrepreneur to establish his readiness for office, but he has curiously failed to mention the business he used to work in: domestic surveillance ... Seven years ago ... then working at a firm called Berico Technologies, compiled a plan to create a real-time surveillance operation of left-wing groups and labor unions, hoping business lobbyists would pay top dollar to monitor and disrupt the actions of activist groups across the country ... spy on the families of high-profile Democratic activists and plant fake documents with labor unions in a bid to discredit them. (ahead of his time)

Fueled by a Democratic surge, Texans turn out in force on first day of early voting | 2018 Elections | Dallas News - Of the 51,249 Texans who cast ballots Tuesday on the first day of early voting, more than half voted in the Democratic primary. The total number of voters from 15 of the state's largest counties is high for a midterm year.

Fox's book of martyrs

Black Lung Disease Comes Storming Back in Coal Country - The New York Times - Federal investigators this month identified the largest cluster of advanced black lung cases ever officially recorded. -- More than 400 coal miners frequenting three clinics in southwestern Virginia between 2013 and 2017 were found to have complicated black lung disease (and they all voted for Trump)

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens indicted on felony invasion of privacy charge stemming from affair - The Washington Post - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL who was once considered a rising Republican politician, has been under siege since January, when accusations emerged that he threatened to blackmail his former hairstylist -- with whom he was having an extramarital affair -- by distributing a nude photo he secretly took of her. On Thursday, he was indicted by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony invasion of privacy charge.
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens's sexual blackmail scandal, explained (only the tip of the corruption iceberg)

In rare move, national Democrats come out against Laura Moser, primary candidate in bid for Culberson's seat | The Texas Tribune - Then, referring to a 2014 Washingtonian magazine piece in which Moser wrote that she would rather have a tooth pulled without anesthesia than move to Paris, Texas

Margaret Brennan Named Host of 'Face the Nation' on CBS - makes Ms. Brennan, 37, the only woman currently serving as a solo anchor of a major Sunday political affairs show

Cruz: Dems aren't he party of Lisa Simpson' and Republicans are happily the party of Homer, Bart, Maggie and Marge (proundly stupid, he really said that)

Harvey Weinstein Apologized To Meryl Streep And Jennifer Lawrence For Using Their Words In His Defense

Kylie Jenner Tanks $1.3 Billion of Snapchat Parent's Market Value - Bloomberg - "sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad." ... Meanwhile, as the app takes criticism, Chief Executive Evan Spiegel may become one of the highest paid executives in the U.S. After the company's IPO last March, Spiegel got a $636.6 million stock grant that will be payable through 2020. (Evan Spiegel has known better than you his entire life)

Google Fired and Disciplined Employees for Speaking Out About Diversity [Updated] - practice of formally reprimanding -- and in at least one case, firing -- employees for comments the company deemed discriminatory toward white men suggests that Google made an effort to moderate speech by its liberal employees as well as its conservative ones.


Make America Toxic Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Rebecca Leber'ssuperb article about Scott Pruitt's dismantling of the EPA is essential reading: (Republicans are toxic)

Will America Choose Its Children Over Guns? - The New York Times
Florida House Votes Down Assault Rifle Ban After Parkland | Miami New Times

Watch Van Jones annihilate Jack Kingston for doubling down on his attacks on the Parkland survivors
Right-Wing Media Uses Parkland Shooting as Conspiracy Fodder - The New York Times - from more mainstream voices like Rush Limbaugh and a commentator on CNN (Limbag is "mainstream" now)
David Hogg, Florida school shooting survivor: 'I'm not a crisis actor' - CNN

These Florida lawmakers accepted money from the NRA - CNNPolitics
Colorado congressman booed as people demand action on guns - f Republican Rep. Mike Coffman - "We're done with thoughts and prayers"
CPAC Says Dinesh D'Souza Not Going to Speak This Year, Condemns 'Indefensible' Remarks (Dinesh DaFuck)
CPAC Condemns D'Souza After Attack On Parkland Survivors, Claims He Wasn't Scheduled This Year (fake news, we tell you, fake!) | 'I was almost a school shooter' - I was almost a school shooter. I am not a school shooter because I didn't have access to guns.
Florida legislators vote down attempt to revive ban on assault rifles - The Boston Globe - The motion failed by a 36-71 vote. (Floriduh wants dead kids)
Supreme Court leaves in place California's 10-day wait for gun buyers, rejects 2nd Amendment challenge ... Dissenting alone, Justice Clarence Thomas said "the 2nd Amendment is a disfavored right in this court"

Parkland Conspiracy Theories Have Made Us a Nation Within a Nation - The Parkland responses are merely the latest sign.
The Parkland Shooting May Be a Sea Change Moment for Gun Laws - The Parkland shooting may be a sea change moment after all.

New Netanyahu Corruption Allegations: The Details - The New York Times - Two more serious allegations have surfaced in the metastasizing corruption investigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his inner circle: that one of his aides tried to bribe a judge to quash a criminal case involving Mr. Netanyahu's wife, and that he or his aides traded lucrative regulatory approvals for favorable coverage on a news website owned by Israel's largest telecommunications company. (Israel's oligarch crime family)

Sex Abuse Allegations Shatter Illusions of Charity Sector - An investigation into Oxfam cast a seedy new light on the NGO world, and the #metoo movement is now sweeping through the industry. ... charity bosses paid for "full-on Caligula orgies" (the more things change)

Latvia Signals Russia May Be Interfering in Banking Crisis - Bloomberg - "There is a high probability that an externally organized widespread information operation is being carried out that, by its structure and execution, is identical to those observed in pre-election periods in the U.S., France and Germany,"

UPDATED: Attorney who whitewashed Tymoshenko prosecution charged with perjury | KyivPost - An attorney for international law firm Skadden, Arps, Meagher, & Flom who helped whitewash the prosecution and imprisonment of Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko was charged with perjury in U.S. federal court today.

Conservative Twitter Users Lose Thousands of Followers, Mass Purge of Bots Suspected

The unwitting: The Trump supporters used by Russia - Feb. 20, 2018 (stupid and racist)

Kushner Doesn't Want To Give Up His Security Clearance As John Kelly Cracks Down: Report | HuffPost - unclear why the president's son-in-law needs access to highly classified material. (because he's a paid spy, duh)
Kushner Resists Losing Access as Kelly Tackles Security Clearance Issues - The New York Times (Slushner is a crooked spy, but who cares?)

Trump's former bodyguard makes $15,000 a month from a GOP 'slush fund' ... Keith Schiller worked for Trump for nearly 20 years, becoming one of his most trusted aides.

Russiagate Targets the Left - Liberal conspiracy theorists are using Russiagate to smear Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. How long until they come for you? (Jacobin jumps to their defense)
Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference - POLITICO - The senator and his top political adviser also denied Mueller's assertion that Russian actors backed his campaign. (no Russioans here, Bernie declared, emphatically, it was Hillary's fault) Sanders repeatedly refused to say why he didn't call out Russian involvement during the campaign. Clinton's campaign regularly raised suspicions of Kremlin-backed activity during the home stretch of the race ... Joan Walsh ... "Seriously, this could be the end of Sanders 2020. Someone who cares about him ought to tell him how badly he stepped in it today"

Should Clarence Thomas be impeached? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Billy Graham, 'America's Pastor' And Noted Evangelist, Dead At 99 | HuffPost - He believed that all men were lost and would face God's judgement (Satan welcomes him home)

The Storm Is the New Pizzagate -- Only Worse

Eschaton: Perfectly Aligned Incentives - What could go wrong. -- Hospitals are increasingly offering "patient-financing" strategies, cooperating with banks and other financial institutions to provide on-the-spot loans to make sure patients pay their bills. (evil squared)

Democrats Flip Kentucky State House Seat Where Trump Won Overwhelmingly | HuffPost - Another sign of a big year for Democrats - Democrat Linda Belcher, a former public school teacher and state lawmaker, defeated Republican Rebecca Johnson, 68 percent to 32 percent ... Trump defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among the district's 72 percent to 23 percent. The special election was prompted by the December death of then-state Rep. Dan Johnson, a Republican. Johnson took his own life after denying allegations that he had molested a 17-year-old girl at a church where he had served as a pastor ... Rebecca Johnson, the defeated Republican candidate, is Johnson's widow.
Democrat Linda Belcher Takes Deep-Red Kentucky Seat, the 37th Flip Since Trump's Inauguration - an 86-point turnaround
After losing to Linda Belcher, Dan Johnson's widow claims voter fraud ... There were 4,947 votes cast. (massive voter fraud caused by Republican policies) | Arizona candidate got topless selfie from legislative staffer, messages reveal - A legislative staffer sent Steve Montenegro a topless photo via text message, according to a series of messages between Montenegro and the staffer that were reviewed by 12 News. -- Republican congressional candidate Steve Montenegro is a married man and a church minister whose campaign emphasizes his 'virtue, honor and integrity." A series of text messages between Montenegro and a female staff member at the Arizona Legislature may raise questions about that claim.

Missouri Fought For Years To Hide Where It Got Its Execution Drugs. Now We Know What They Were Hiding. - The state of Missouri did everything it could to keep secret where it got the drugs it used to put 17 inmates to death. Now, BuzzFeed News has discovered the supplier is a pharmacy repeatedly found to engage in hazardous practices that could put patients -- and convicts -- at risk --- The state of Missouri has engaged in a wide-ranging scheme -- involving code names and envelopes stuffed with cash -- to hide the fact that it paid a troubled pharmacy for the drugs it used to execute inmates ... Foundation Care, a 14-year-old pharmacy based in the suburbs of St. Louis that has been repeatedly found to engage in hazardous pharmaceutical procedures and whose cofounder has been been accused of regularly ordering prescription medications for himself without a doctor's prescription. (and then passed a bunch of laws to stop you from finding out) Foundation Care said that it sold execution drugs for political reasons ... Missouri hasn't carried out an execution in more than a year now, because it executed all of the eligible prisoners ... When he left public service, Koster found a new job: senior vice president of corporate services at Centene.

Gateway Pundit founder pulled from panel on CPAC sidelines over article about Florida survivors - Feb. 21, 2018 - Pamela Geller ... canceled her event over being asked by the American Principles Project, the organization sponsoring the panel, to remove Jim Hoft as a speaker after he spread conspiracy theories about a student survivor of last week's Florida shooting.

Dallas Mavericks: Inside the Corrosive Workplace Culture | - As the woman sat down, the team president and CEO, Terdema Ussery, asked if he could join her. She grew nervous, not because Ussery was her boss's boss or because he was one of the most prominent figures in the Dallas sportscape. It was because his reputation as a serial sexual harasser of women preceded him. (toxic sports dudes worse than actual locker rooms) is 100% trumptastic - Lawyers, Guns & Money - No gay people allowed, but people who are happily married and sex offenders are welcome ... Barrett Riddleberger

Today In the Perfect American Meritocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I hope those of you who have criticized the great James Bennet will apologize for not properly deferring to your social superiors:

Megan McArdle Superstar - Lawyers, Guns & Money (mediocrity rises to the top in our elite media)

Eschaton: Nothing Is More Important Than The Lifetime Income Streams Of Elite Tenured Columnists - And let's face it, it's a pretty good gig. If you've got a highly paid gig spewing crap about stuff you know little about, while other elites kiss your ass and consider you a part of the club, you're going to want to keep it and have it be as cushy and lucrative as possible AND you're to get a bit annoyed when people, often people who know a lot more than you, point out that you have an undeserved gig spouting nonsense about stuff you know little about.

Vox Media Laying Off Around 50 Staffers | Hollywood Reporter - The cuts, which mainly targeted social video teams ... "he cited "industry changes over the past few months" ... (FB just destroyed "pivot to video")
The Atlantic Plans a Hiring Spree - The New York Times - A media company is expanding its newsroom. You read that right ... The ramping up comes six months after Emerson Collective, an organization run by the philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, acquired a majority stake in The Atlantic ... The announcement of the hires came on a day when Vox Media said it would lay off some 50 staff members, with most of those targeted working in the social video departments at Racked, Curbed and SB Nation. The Vox Media move occurred, not coincidentally, after Facebook recalibrated its News Feed to drive less traffic to content produced by professional news organizations.

'Black Panther': Erik Killmonger Is a Profound, Tragic Villain - The Atlantic - if an African superpower like Wakanda existed, with all its power, its monopoly on the invaluable sci-fi metal vibranium, and its advanced technology, how could it have remained silent, remained still, as millions of Africans were devoured by The Void?
Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War? - ABC News - This report originally aired on Nightline on March 5, 2003.

Cannabis use is associated with beneficial reductions in inflammation and immune activation that improve health outcomes in people living with HIV, according to a new study in Clinical Infectious Disease. : science

I am Michio Kaku, physicist, futurist and author of **The Future of Humanity**. AMA! : IAmA

Amazon confirm they will be adapting Iain M Banks' Culture series for TV : books

What's the easiest way to tell if someone is a redditor in real life? : AskReddit


Sea lions have made a magnificent comeback, and they want their beaches back - The Washington Post

5 things that are more complicated than buying a gun in Florida - CBS News - 1) Cold medicine
This single cartoon about school shootings is breaking people's hearts
Mass Murder -- A gut-wrenching tragedy or a welcome break from the daily grind? - It depends. If you're a Republican working in the tRump White House, you think about how it makes your life easier.
Parkland students come under attack for their outspokenness | Tampa Bay Times - Critics begin to question their motives.
Seventh grader shoots self at Ohio middle school
McMorris Rodgers set to attend fundraiser with auction of AR-15 - POLITICO - Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) is scheduled to headline a local Republican Party fundraising dinner next month that has been advertising its plans to auction off an AR-15 rifle

Netanyahu Faces New Accusations: Did His Adviser Try to Bribe a Judge? - The New York Times (hahaha what do you think?) an allegation that one of his closest advisers had sought to bribe a judge into dropping a criminal investigation involving the prime minister's wife ("crooked wife")

'It's not a war. It's a massacre': scores killed in Syrian enclave | World news | The Guardian -- Assad regime uses barrel bombs and attacks hospitals in rebel-held eastern Ghouta

Eschaton: So What You're Saying Is That It Will, Then - So What You're Saying Is That It Will, Then -- Funny. -- David Davis will tell business leaders in Austria that fears the Conservatives will plunge Britain into a 'Max Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction" after leaving the EU are unfounded. (totally unfounded, I tell you!)

The Affluent Society - Lawyers, Guns & Money - From classical antiquity until around 1700, no society featured any significant long-term economic growth. The industrial revolution arrived in the United Kingdom almost before anywhere else, yet as this chart shows, per capita GDP at the beginning of the 18th century was barely higher than it had been in the Middle Ages ... per capita GDP in the US is now about nine times what it was in 1900 and 27 times what it was in 1840 ... If millions of Americans are either sleeping on the streets, or on the edge of finding themselves there, or going hungry every day, or doing without even the most basic medical care, this has nothing whatsoever to do with economic scarcity, and everything to do with what is a purely political failure. (Galbraith)
$2 a Day

End ICE - The most notorious government agency under the Trump presidency is surely U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. The president may not be able to build his wall, but he can turn a horde of goons loose on America's schools, churches, and homes

A decade after meltdown, Senate moves to roll back bank rules - politico - That the legislation is coming 10 years after the worst credit crunch since the Great Depression has fueled passions around the debate. (why, it's almost like Republicans are always destroying the econommy; huge tax cuts and no regulation, what could go wrong again?)

Trump's conduct is inexplicable, unless he's in Putin's pocket ... (comment:) "Donald J. Trump is violating his oath of office. Our president is a traitor. It is The Truth of truths."
Trump's unhinged Russia tweetstorm boomerangs back on Republicans
The Content of the G.O.P's Character - Paul Krugman

London-based son-in-law of Russian businessman to plead guilty to false statements - The Washington Post - The Dutch son-in-law of one of Russia's wealthiest men ...
Mueller Charges Lawyer With Lying in Russia Probe - Bloomberg - Van Der Zwaan helped prepare Ukraine report for Manafort - False statements case comes days after Russians charged
5 clues to Mueller's roadmap
Manafort Under Scrutiny For $40 Million In "Suspicious" Transactions - Those records were part of an FBI operation to track international kleptocracy that ultimately failed, but which Robert Mueller's team resurrected

Mueller Just Made Many More People Much More Nervous - Mueller's Indictment of a Lawyer Is a Warning Shot - The indictments are not going to stop anytime soon - One plea at a time, Mueller is establishing that the president* is inherently corrupt and that his candidacy and election were just two unusually successful operations in a continuing criminal enterprise
Why Is Steve Bannon Cooperating With Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation? - The Russia investigation has grown in speed and strength.

A Facebook Executive Apologizes To His Company -- and to Robert Mueller ... @realdonaldtrump decided that he wanted to introduce his 48 million followers to Rob Goldman ... That's when, according to executives at the company, Facebook realized it was holding a shit sandwich (and needed to do more lying and damage control)
"Just an Ass-Backward Tech Company" : How Twitter Lost the Internet War (tech geniuses are inexperienced, young, and stupid) ... "And I hate to say it, but she clearly was in so far over her head on both of those. It was a disaster. I'm sure she's a nice person personally, but in this job, she was utterly incompetent."

Don't blame 'Washington.' Blame the GOP. (finally, someone in the media noticed)
Shakesville: Yes, This, Thank You, Finally, Etc. - Masking intransigent Republican obstructionism behind the notion that "Washington is broken" is the worst of bothsiderism. "Both sides" are not failing to govern. "Both sides" are not manifestly incapable of governing. That is true of the Republicans, and the Republicans alone.

The Unwavering Principles of Mitt Romney, Man of Integritude (TM) - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Romney was able to capture the Republican nomination in 2012 in part bu running to the furthest right of the major candidates on immigration. He proudly accepted the endorsement of Donald J. Trump, the New York City real estate grifter and reality TV star who became a major figure in the Republican Party by popularizing a racist conspiracy theory about Barack Obama

Why Do Liberals Feel the Need to Rehabilitate Terrible Recent Republican Presidents? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The last few months has seen a lot of moments where it has looked like liberals are rehabilitating George W. Bush in response to Trump. This is absurd. Back at the end of Bush years, a lot of people were calling him the worst president of all time. I disagreed with this. George W. Bush was a terrible president. But the worst of all time -- Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Pierce, Harding, and a few others -- are really, truly, horrifyingly awful. (well, yeah, if you skip the killing millions of people part)

The Upcoming Public Sector Apocalypse - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On February 27, the Supreme Court will hear Janus v. AFSCME, the case almost certain to eviscerate public sector unions by proclaiming a national right-to-work for public workers. This is intended to kneecap unions such as AFSCME, SEIU, AFT, and NEA, i.e. most of the unions who can still fund massive organizing campaigns and GOTV efforts for Democrats. This nearly happened in 2016, but then Scalia ate one too many cannolis (the party of death and destruction is a cancer on the body politic)

A man acquainted with sorrows - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This meme is currently all over Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and whatever else the kids are into these days. (Jesus Trump sacrificied billions to save you +thoughts on what's wrong with Trumpsters)

American Hippopotamus - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If you're ired of reading about the absurdity of American politics in the present, and would like to read about the absurdity of American politics in the past instead, you could do a lot worse than the story of the time we almost brought Hippopotamuses to the bayous of Louisiana.

Man featured in ads for pro-Trump dating site was convicted of child sex crimes: report (c'mon, just a little kiddie pussy-grabbing) While the site has been mocked for not allowing LGBT people but allowing married people (no jail time at all, of course)

Nashville's Mayor Has Stumbled. Who Will Cast the First Stone? - On Jan. 31, the mayor here, Megan Barry, called a news conference to announce that she had been having an affair with Robert Forrest Jr., a police sergeant who was the head of her security detail: "It was wrong, and we shouldn't have done it" she said

You Dumb Motherfuckers, John Kelly Was Always Bad - FiveThirtyEight, a website that apparently still exists, has a deeply depressing story out Tuesday on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly by politics writer Perry Bacon Jr. The piece is essentially a mea culpa, where Bacon admits that he and much of the political media got Kelly all wrong, and that he is Actually Bad.

In Idaho, medical-care exemptions for faith healing come under fire - The Washington Post - Nearly one-third of the roughly 600 gravesites in Peaceful Valley Cemetery belong to a child, advocates say. Spotty records make it difficult to identify how and why the children died before their burial at the graveyard used by the Followers of Christ, a splinter sect that practices faith healing and believes that death and illness are the will of God. (oh good, Idaho supports "faIth healing" by idiots) Child advocates estimate that 183 Idaho children have died because of withheld medical treatment since states across the nation enacted faith-healing exemptions in the early 1970s ... More children die of faith-based medical neglect in Idaho than any other state ... and more than half thBuchanan, Andrew Johnson, Pierce, Harding, and a few otherse other states, some kind of religious exemption allows parents to withhold medical treatment from a child. ("religious freedom" to kill your kid)

Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed Me. Yes, He Should Be Impeached. | HuffPost

#MeToo in medicine: Women, harassed in hospitals and operating rooms, await reckoning - NBC News

The Smarm of the Contrarian - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Conor Friedersdorf has taken some time off from his complaints about how college students are coddled snowflakes to write a column about how horrible it is when people say unkind things about the arguments made by well-compensated newspaper columnists (+the Chait and anti-feminist Roiphe) Roiphie, a tenured journalism professor taking to the pages of a prestigious magazine to claim that her arguments just can't get a fair hearing.
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "I'm sometimes a little confused as to which side of the culture war is calling for safe spaces and which side is urging vigorous debate as the optimal way to run the marketplace or ideas." "I guess the idea is that college students need to grow thicker skins while everyone else grows more attentive to the delicate feelings of prominent columnists."
Katie Herzog on Twitter: "it'd be a lot easier to judge for ourselves if you'd actually link to it." (no ever showed little Katie how to use the googler)
Tom Scocca: On Smarm (2013, history)

The Left Needs to Be Smarter, Part Who Even Knows - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Why would Our Revolution, the Bernie Sanders-affiliated political action group, endorse Dennis Kucinich over Richard Cordray in the Democratic nomination for the governor of Ohio?

Dan Gillmor on Twitter: "The @nytimes Op-Ed page ran a piece by an anti-gun-control commentator whom the Times Editorial Board called "disreputable" 5 days later."
New York Times Editorial Board: Person Published by Times a Week Ago Is 'Disreputable' and Untrustworthy - John Lott ... not its reporters, but the very people who have spent the last week defending James Bennet's decision to start running predictable bullshit from boring conservatives in the name of balance -- calling out as a fraud someone they deemed expert enough to write an opinion piece for them just one week ago. Is this a cry for help?

Readers' tips for curbing car break-ins pour in (maybe it's a SF thing, but 23 paragraphs later, don't leave stuff in the fucking car)

A Political History of the Future: Black Panther - Lawyers, Guns & Money


Trump surveyed Mar-a-Lago members over gun control in wake of school shooting: report | TheHill
'How much are they being paid?' Fox News fans trash teen Parkland survivors who demand stronger gun laws ... Democrats must be proud he can disrespect the president, and my guess is he talks the same way to his parents ("if he were my kid, I'd beat the shit out him or maybe just shoot him")
The Second Amendment Is Not Why The U.S. Doesn't Have Good Gun Control Policy ... "dangerouse or unusual weapons" (Scalia meant nukes and bombers)
School shooter's past includes buying guns, cutting, slurs and mental illness - the 19-year-old school shooter obtained 10 rifles in the last year or so. (Floriduh sells assault weapons to teen-agers, what could go wrong?)
Students who survived massacre refuse to pose for photo op with Trump (thumbs down)

After Florida School Shooting, Russian 'Bot' Army Pounced
Fox News s appalling past 72 hours, analyzed - A data analysis shows how Fox News spun the Mueller indictment and Florida shooting into a defense of the president. ("carpet-bombing the truth with an industrialized lie-machine")

Netanyahu in deeper peril as more Israeli officials are arrested on corruption charges (will start a war first)
Scoop: U.S. ambassador to Israel says massive settlement evacuation could spark civil war - Axios (first they occupy illegally, then refuse to leave)

What Robert Mueller Indictments of 13 Russian Nationals Mean for Donald Trump - And any decision to fire Mueller or Rosenstein will (finally) have grave political consequences ... a thoroughly complete campaign of ratfcking aimed exclusively at electing Donald Trump to be president of the United States. This was Donald Segretti on steroids, with the power of a huge apparatus behind them ... It's important to remember that every one of the tactics mentioned above -- especially the voter-fraud canard -- have been electioneering tactics used by the former Republican Party for at least two decades. (time to deport all Republicans to the Moon)
What has changed in the Russia investigation? - The Washington Post

Clapper predicts 'other shoes to drop' in Mueller probe
'He's scared out of his mind' : Ex-official nails Trump over blaming FBI for shooting to deflect from Russia probe (he's never been in his mind)
Eric and Don Jr. egged on Trump's weekend Twitter tirade against the FBI: CNN ... He's essentially spending the weekend inside watching cable news and speaking with his sons. (dumb, dumber, and dumbest)
Trump-Russia inquiry: Manafort under pressure after reports that Gates has flipped | US news | The Guardian

Tools of Trump's Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

"The Canaries are Dying": How Trump Is Making Republicans Pick Their 2018 Poison -- Caught between the president's rabid, loyal base and suburban women, Republican candidates may not survive a blue wave election.

Conservatives urge Trump to grant pardons in Russia probe - POLITICO - As special counsel Robert Mueller builds his case, relatives of former national security adviser Michael Flynn are among those pressing the president to use his unique legal power and 'put these defendants out of their misery' (if they weren't suck fucking traitorous criminals, they wouldn't be miserble, ya know?)

Trump is ignoring the worst attack on America since 9/11 - The Washington Post - Imagine if, after 9/11, the president had said that the World Trade Center and Pentagon could have been attacked by "China" or "lots of other people." (Boot had a Rubin conversion)
Podesta: Trump a 'draft dodger' in war for democracy

The War America Isn't Fighting -- Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter tells us about his Pentagon plan to counter Russia -- and why both Obama and Trump have failed to execute it.
Top Democrat says Obama shares responsibility for Russia's meddling (float-above-it-all non-partisan Obama fucked the country)

Trump's fast-food engorged world is petty, small, miserable, anxious and angry ... Trump's is the sort of personality which John the Revelator would have been able to insightfully parse, while meditating in ecstasy on some Patmos grove. (c'mon dude, you're almost there) "where absolute freedom is allowed, there is nothing to restrain the evil which is inherent in every man" ... In suggesting that there must be something hellish about the experience of being Trump (closer) But if Trumpism is just a new manifestation of that particular type of dark religion (now what could that be?)
For Those Who Have Traded Faith for Power, There's a Comeuppance Ahead -- the Faustian bargain which allowed conservative evangelical Christians to "Keep Christ in Christmas" while seemingly divorcing Christianity from Christ ... For those 81% of white evangelicals who voted for Trump, and more troublingly for the profoundly inhumane, greedy, wrathful ideology that he embodies, and who have seemingly forgotten their scripture ... consider that 80% of white, self-identified evangelicals in Alabama voted for the disgraced and disgraceful losing pedophile Roy Moore ... Since the resurgence of politicized evangelical Christianity with the ascendency of Ronald Reagan, many apocalyptic minded conservative Christians made a sort of prophetic parlor game out of conjecturing who the potential anti-Christ could be ... An irony since if the anti-Christ is supposed to be a manipulative, powerful, smooth-talking demagogue with the ability to sever people from their most deeply held beliefs who would be a better candidate than the seemingly indestructible Trump? (well, there you are)
Donald Trump, American Preacher - The New York Times - Building a congregation for his prosperity - gospel, one chaotic rally at a time. - By Jeff Sharlet - APRIL 12, 2016 (Trump's story of pigs-blood-dipped bullets to massacre Muslims and dump them in mass graves really gets the crowd off)

Have You Ever Seen Donald Trump Laugh? | The Nation - As Trump himself might say, there's something going on (Satan is devoid of humor) ("they are laughing at us in Moscow")

Mueller's interest in Kushner grows to include foreign financing efforts (all his russian money-laundering and payoffs)

Reckoning With Trump's Illegitimacy (lock him and his crime family up forever and recind all his judicial appointments)
President Trump is losing control - The Washington Post
Miss Universe Gambit - For years, he used his beauty pageants to boost business interests abroad. A 2013 contest, in Moscow, may also have helped give him the Presidency.

Internet Research Agency: Russian journalist who uncovered election interference left confounded by Mueller - The Washington Post

How an Alt-Right Bot Network Took Down Al Franken ... Analysts have now mapped out how Hooters pinup girl and lad-mag model Leeann Tweeden's initial accusation against Franken became effective propaganda after right-wing black ops master Roger Stone first hinted at the allegation ... A pair of Japan-based websites, created the day before Tweeden came forward, and a swarm of related Twitter bots made the Tweeden story go viral (and Gillibrand jumped on the bandwagon and stabbed him in the back; what would have happened if he had been allowed to have his hearing and this stuff came out?)

Trump administration dismantles LGBT-friendly policies - POLITICO - Despite Trump's promise to defend LGBT rights, his health agency has blocked efforts to combat discrimination. (haha you believed him?)

Fact-Checking a Facebook Executive's Comments on Russian Interference
Why Facebook is afraid of Robert Mueller - The Washington Post (Zuckerberg colluded with the Russians +"What we have seen is what happens when public discourse is carpet-bombed by an industrialised, automated lie machine. Why else would Putin say that whoever masters AI owns the future?")
The Age of Unregulated Social Media Is Over | Just Security - Now, how to avoid unintended consequences

WH revises statement and says no decision yet on WHCD | Daily Mail Online

Pa. Supreme Court to offer new congressional map in gerrymandering saga. Here's whast to expect
Pa. gerrymandering case: State Supreme Court releases new congressional map for 2018 elections - Philly
The New Pennsylvania House Districts Are - In. We Review the Mapmakers choces

The Lone Star Long Shot Who Wants to Topple Ted Cruz - The New York Times - Beto O'Rourke

The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas - With new evidence that Clarence Thomas lied to get onto the Supreme Court, it's time to talk seriously about impeachment. (karma coming for you, asshole +Joe Biden's biggest legacy)

The Thriller That Predicted the Russia Scandal - POLITICO Magazine - David Pepper's 2016 novel is eerily similar to recent real-world political events. But wait until you read the sequel.

'Spin the bottle' and a kegerator: #MeToo movement lawmaker faces new sexual misconduct allegations - Staffers say California legislator presided over 'toxic' office ("toxic femininity" she was running a "frat house") an evening of heavy drinking in which Garcia ended up sitting on a hotel room floor with about half-dozen people -- including her staffers and at least one male friend -- and prompted them to play a game that results in participants kissing each other.

Sharing stories from decades ago, older women find their place in #MeToo - The Washington Post

Rabbi charged with having sex with 17-year-old girl forced into prostitution - Goodman, was sentenced in Pike County, Pennsylvania in October 2015 to 11 to 23 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a person less than 13 years of age, according to court records ... At the time of his arrest in that case, Goodman was the director of Chabad of East Brunswick, which focused on educating children. (good Chabadnik)

Black Panther and Black Children - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Black Panther's Right Thing


Nikolas Cruz: 'We had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know ... The couple both grew up around guns and are comfortable with them ... He didn't know how to cook. They had to show him how to use a microwave. He didn't know how to do his laundry and also had to learn to pick up after himself. He didn't drive but bought a bicycle and rode it to work at a nearby Dollar Tree. (weird parents)
Third-graders are selling AR-15 raffle tickets in Missouri | Regional | - Third-graders in a Missouri community are continuing to sell raffle tickets for an AR-15 to benefit their traveling baseball team after the same type of rifle was used to slaughter and injure dozens at a Florida school ... After this story was published, Patterson said he mistakenly said the critics were part of a hate group ... "We appreciate your 'concern' but please understand, we are not, have not, and will not force one of our boys to sell raffle tickets for the Black Rain AR15 Spec 15, if they are uncomfortable doing so. ("but boy, we will make fun of the little sissy")

"Century Arms's assault rifles account for more than 17 percent of the total guns recovered in Mexico since 2006 -- the highest of any recovered gun or rifle ... That's why Bernie Sanders voted against suing gun makers. Century Arms is a Vermont company.
Ragnarok Lobster on Twitter: "This is why gun control advocates will never forgive Bernie Sanders via @MotherJones"
P?????? K???ss?? ? on Twitter: "Bernie Sanders: "In Vermont, guns are used for HUNTING." The facts: 56 percent of adult domestic violence homicides in Vermont between 1994-2013 were committed with firearms."
April on Twitter: "Vote for Bernie they said. He marched with MLK they said. Knowing full well this interview was out there (it's about 2 years old)."
The Hill on Twitter: "Ryan: Don't make Florida school shooting conversation about taking away people's guns "
Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "No worries. We can make it about taking away your majority in the House."
Raw Story on Twitter: "NRA pal Paul Ryan is in Florida collecting money while kids are being buried"
Paul Ryan's 3 Years Of Arguing Against 'Knee-Jerk' Reactions To Shootings | HuffPost - Ryan received $177,000 in contributions from the National Rifle Association in the 2016 campaign cycle. (kind of a 'knee-jerk' isn't he)

Why 'they' seem more violent than 'we' are - The link between mass shootings and immigration ... Despite evidence to the contrary (the incarceration rate for native-born Americans is nearly twice that of undocumented immigrants and nearly three times that of legal immigrants), a powerful narrative persists that immigrants are preternaturally violent and that our safety is best guaranteed by closing our doors to anyone with brown skin ... Yet while one hand draws up plans for border walls, the other doles out AR-15s to white, male, homegrown terrorists: Between 54 and 63 percent of the mass shootings since 1982 were committed by white men. (so, less than average?) Indeed, the question of mental health rarely seems to enter into the equation when the perpetrator is Muslim. (Jared Lee Loughner, who shot 19 people in Tucscon in 2011, was mentally ill) (his face)

'An Endless War': Why 4 U.S. Soldiers Died in a Remote African Desert -- More than 16 years after 9/11 spurred a broad fight against terrorism, some Americans say it's time to look at how the country is deploying its forces. (whenever a draft-dodging Republicans says so)

Russian curler fails Winter Olympics drug test | Sport | The Guardian - meldonium FACTBOX-Olympics-Five facts about meldonium | Reuters ... It was used to boost the stamina of Soviet troops fighting at high altitudes in Afghanistan in the 1980s

Polish prime minister says Jews perpetrated Holocaust too | The Times of Israel (they holocausted themselves! while all the Poles fought against the Nazis! the Jews were running "Jewish Death Camps!)

Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran's 'empire' (especially if he gets indicted for his life-long criminal behavior)
Under fire for travel expenses, Pruitt cancels trip to Israel - The Washington Post

US and Chinese officials got into physical scuffle over 'nuclear football' in November (the insane shit you don't even hear about)

FBI investigating whether Russia funneled cash to NRA to aid Trump's campaign | McClatchy Washington Bureau (NRA=Russian traitors)
NRA, Russia and Trump: How 'dark money' is poisoning American democracy - Beyond Russian meddling, this allegation illustrates a problem of even broader scope in our political system. (thanks to SC hands-of-Satan and Citizens United)
Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Who Does the NRA Actually Represent? Balloon Juice
Donald Trump Uses Florida School Massacre As Excuse To Attack FBI's Russia Probe -- "They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign." (he must think Americans are really stupid, oh wait)
Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA? - Washington Post - Since 1998, the National Rifle Association has donated at least $4.1 million to current members of Congress (they bought Bernie/VT+LaPage/ME)

Billie J. Winner-Davis on Twitter: "Agree. And my daughter Reality Winner is still in jail. She the one who allegedly leaked the proof of the Russian meddling. She should be released now. #RealityWinner"

'They are laughing their asses off in Moscow': Trump takes on the FBI, Russia probe and 2016 election (every time they run the Pee-Me Tape) "The Democrats, lead by their fearless leader, Crooked Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 election. But wasn't I a great candidate?" Trump said
Trump Chides McMaster For Saying Evidence Of Russian Interference 'Incontrovertible' ... tweeting "forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians"
Trump Promotes NY Post Column That Says Russian Indictments 'Deal Don a Big Win' ("Deal Don" - from Murdoch's/Satan's mouth to your ears)
Trump attacks everyone but Russia - POLITICO - The president continues his barrage of tweets after the Mueller indictments.
America Is Under Attack and the President Doesn't Care - Trump's gravest responsibility is to defend the United States from foreign attack -- and he's done nothing to fulfull it
Trump's staggering dereliction of duty ... But there is no depth to which Trump will not sink in defense of the only thing he holds dear: himself. (comment: "Did he? Did he really use dead children to attack an investigation into his campaign and his conduct in office? Yes, he did."

Fact-checking Trump'ss error-filled tweetstorm about the Russia investigation (everything he says is a lie, which means ... +comment: "Fact-checking Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon: It's just going to peck at the pieces, poop on the board, and then strut around like it won.")
'They are laughing their asses off in Moscow' : Trump takes on the FBI, Russia probe and 2016 election ... "The Democrats, lead by their fearless leader, Crooked Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 election," Trump tweeted. "But wasn't I a great candidate?"
Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now - The New York Times - That must not be tolerated. This is code red. The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office. (Trump is our biggest national security threat, in a surprising development)

Trump melting down on Twitter - Lawyers, Guns & Money - More than usual that is. This man is president of the United States.

Allegra Kirkland on Twitter: "Had forgotten that Trump last year proposed teaming up with Russia to prevent cyberhacking. Good thing we didn't do that!"
Russiagate Open Thread: Into the Wayback Machine
Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "The burglars who broke into our house and I discussed forming an impenetrable Home Security unit so that window breaking, & many other negative things, will be guarded.."
Jesse Wegman on Twitter: "I did this only because the burglars looked me in the eye and swore that they did not break into my house, and I believe them."
John Weaver on Twitter: "We need to revisit why @SenateMajLdr refused to join @BarackObama in warning America the Russians had attacked us." (put Yertle behind bars for the rest of the life)
Charles P. Pierce on Twitter: "1968 -- LBJ sits on Nixon treason so as not to affect election. 2016: Obama sits on proof of Russian ratfcking so as not to appear partisan. Democrats. Boy, I dunno."

Raw Story on Twitter: "This escalated into yelling and wild flailing in record time" - Jill Stein comes unglued when asked about her visit to Russia ...
20 bucks say Jill Stein starts chanting, 'Attice! Attica!" if she gets perp walked for working with the Russians. Later she will call herself "Jill X" and wear a dashiki she picked up during an expedition into deepest darkest Anthropologie.

Oh. Goody. - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Former Vice President Joe Biden is tiptoeing toward a potential run in 2020

Facebook Still Lying About Its Role in the 2016 Election (Zuckerfucked)
Facebook Is The Devil ... "my company fucked up our country, shame on the government for not fixing it" ... It is very god damned telling that a Facebook VP took to Twitter to defend Facebook, because media people generally don't engage on Facebook. I'm not saying Twitter is an information paradise, but it reaches the low bar of being better than Facebook, which has been losing engagement as they try to deal with the fact that their feeds are garbage. ("feeds")

The New York Times Has Reached Its Target Audience - Lawyers, Guns & Money - James Bennet sure has done wonders at the Times. (Charles Murry and the NRO love it +Daniel Okrent was terrible)
Goldy on Twitter: "1/ I know most journalists believe that their own coverage is not easily manipulated by Russians or anybody... which is weird, considering that there are multiple multi-billion dollar industries dedicated to manipulating media coverage."
Reading the Mueller Indictment: A Russian-American Fraud | The New Yorker - The power of news illiteracy. At the heart of the Russian fraud is an essential, embarrassing insight into American life: large numbers of Americans are ill-equipped to assess the credibility of the things they read ... Americans don't care enough to know the truth.

The Russian Hacks Were Effective Because of Terrible Reporting Practices - Lawyers, Guns & Money - James Risen's first big piece on Russian ratfucking and Republican collusion is both worth reading and frustrating.

Behind the minimum wage fight, a sweeping failure to enforce the law - POLITICO - Raising hourly pay is a rallying cry for 2018, but states often fail to get workers the money that's owed them (big surprrise: Republican-controlled states say fuck your so-called minimum wage)

State election officials across country returning to paper ballots - The Boston Globe - A handful prohibit full electronic voting, including Massachusetts, according to data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

'We lost five women': Porn industry reckons with assault allegations and a string of deaths

You can't make state officials like me perform same-sex marriages - Gayle Myrick is a retired civil magistrate from the state of North Carolina. (Evangelical "public servant" gets demolished in the comments)

WV senate nixes proposal to force drug firms to disclose opioid pill numbers | Health | - Senate Republicans who voted against the amendment (Republicans vote for death, always)

Homocon Jim Hoft, Chuck C. Johnson, Paul Nehlen, And Others Sued For Falsely Naming Teen As Killer Driver - Joe.My.God. - Jerome Vangheluwe and his 16-year-old-son Joel had to flee their Michigan home due to death threats resulting from being falsely accused in the 12 August 2017 attack

How Joy Reid of MSNBC Became a Heroine of the Resistance - The New York Times - The daughter of immigrants, she spars fiercely with supporters - of President Trump, both on the air and in the Twitter ether.

Boston police overtime pay hits $66.9m - The Boston Globe - overtime hours rose by more than 6 percent, to 1.1 million hours

'Black Panther' Is Not the Movie We Deserve - Christopher Lebron - Killmonger isn't a hero or villain so much as a receptacle for tropes of inner-city gangsterism. .. the bad guy is the black American who has rightly identified white supremacy as the reigning threat to black well-being; the bad guy is the one who thinks Wakanda is being selfish in its secret liberation; the bad guy is the one who will no longer stand for patience and moderation -- he thinks liberation is many, many decades overdue. And the black hero snuffs him out. (+ripoff of necromonger)

Flu vaccine might have saved my toddler. - The Washington Post - In recent flu seasons, 4 in 5 children who died of the flu hadn't been vaccinated ... vaccination helps reduce the risk of healthy children dying from the flu by two-thirds
Anti-vax site spreads vile viral story claiming flu shots 'caused this year's deadly outbreak' - Alarmingly, the fake story, from YourNewsWire, has become one of the most-engaged stories on Facebook of the last two weeks (a Los Angeles-based clickbait fake news website known for disseminating conspiracy theories and misleading information (probably funded by Russia) (Zuckerfucked, again)
A dangerous fake news story about flu shots spread like a virus on Fac


M 7.2 - 37km NE of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico
100% Renewable Electricity Worldwide Is A New Cost-Effective Reality : technology

Ali Watkins on Twitter: "Wow. Boston Globe front today is something else. "
This woman won today. I love thi s one member wrote of the killing, according to copies of the online chats obtained by ProPublica. Another called Woodward a (thoughts and prayers)

The students at Florida'ss Douglas High are amazing communicators. That could save lives ... "Instead of condolences, give us action. There is something seriously wrong here."

'When will they love their kids more than their guns,' an Australian priest asks Americans (they only love 'unborn' kids, after that, it's target practice)
Parkland Could've Been Worse. Vegas Could've Been Worse. They Can Always Be Worse. | HuffPost
Trump Visits Shooting Victims, Local Police En Route To Mar-a-Lago For Long Weekend | HuffPost The president praises first responders and medical staff but leaves some questions unanswered ... When asked if new gun laws are needed, Trump walked away without answering ... a rare foray into an area where he's generally not liked. The vast majority of his presidential trips have been to areas where he did well in the 2016 election. (real America)
Tweeters Rip Trump Over 'Tone Deaf' Thumbs-Up Pose With Florida First Responders | HuffPost To give a thumbs-up like you just had a great dinner. No empathy. Disgusting. Go away.
Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns ... Cruz wrote that he hated, "jews, niggers, immigrants." He talked about killing Mexicans, keeping black people in chains and cutting their necks. The statements were not made in jest. There are hundreds of racist messages, racist memes and racist Instagram videos posted in the group. (but he's not a white supremecist, or anything, in case you were wondering)
How white nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter - POLITICO ABC, AP and others ran with false information on shooter's ties to extremist groups. (fooled you twice, haha)
Chris Cuomo rips GOP lawmakers for not coming on CNN after shooting | TheHill (what's the problem, they sent their "thoughts and prayers" and cashed another NRA check)
Shooting suspect was on school rifle team that got NRA grant (NRA/Russsians funding mass murders)
One day after Florida shooting, student left comment "I'm shooting up one of the Evansville High Schools tomorrow" police track his location from his IP address and arrest him
Missouri High School Student Found With Gun and Ammunition, Intentions Unknown : news
Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons - The New York Times - Al Hoffman Jr., a Florida-based real estate developer

Joe Kushner on Twitter: "Which is why even if you fully with all your heart and soul believe that schools need armed guards, you'd have to vote the GOP out to fund it." ... Sheriff Grady Judd: "Sheriff Grady Judd: "specially trained people that have concealed firearms that can run to the threat and protect our children" (otherwise known as "cops" who will be paid 3x any of your so-called "teachers")
Gun Control as a Political Issue - Lawyers, Guns & Money (another face of evil, just look)
Democrats Should Run on Gun Control All Over the Country - VICE - Common-sense reform wouldn't just be effective, it's more popular than many candidates realize. (Dems stuck in the Clinton era)

Five states allow guns to be seized before someone can commit violence - The Washington Post California, Washington, Oregon, Indiana and Connecticut have statutes that can be used to temporarily take guns away from people a judge deems a threat to themselves or others. (Masstards)
J.K. Rowling on Twitter: "Hi David! You seem to be struggling to make your fictional European friend sound authentic. Try something a *real* European might say, like 'we don't have armed school guards,' 'we don't sell kids assault rifles' or, more simply, 'don't use me to argue for more guns, Dave.'" ... His "European" friend was a French bulldog

Trumps went straight from Parkland to Studio 54- themed 'disco Party' at Mar-a-Lago (with lots of coke)

South Korea's 'penis park' draws an Olympic crowd

How UK Spies Hacked a European Ally and Got Away With It (remember Belgacom?)

ICE steps up enforcement at businesses in California, targeting employers and workers (meanwhile, in Trump's "load them into boxcars' land)

Worries about Trump's legitimacy resurface with Russia indictment -- The charge On Monday (TGIF???) Times op-ed columnist and editor Bari Weiss tweeted the following:s came to no conclusion about voter influence, but described extensive efforts to tip the election in his favor. "This is criminal activity that these indictments point to that helped Donald Trump get elected. My guess is he will try to delegitimize it and dismiss it" (lock up the traitor!)

Trump's Russia 'hoax' turns out to be real
Indictment makes Trump's Hoax Claim Harder to Sell
It's Going to Be Much, Much Harder for Trump to Fire Rod Rosenstein Now
H.R. McMaster: Russian meddling in U.S. elections beyond dispute -- Trump's national security adviser

What Did Mueller Achieve with the Internet Research Agency Indictment? emptywheel
'Something was weird' : Inside the Russian effort to bamboozle Florida The operation in the nation's largest swing state was in a class by itself.
The 21st-century Russian sleeper agent is a troll with an American accent - The Washington Post

Russian Influence Campaign: What's in the Latest Mueller Indictment - lawfare - There really was, the Justice Department is saying, a Russian influence operation to interfere in the U.S. political system during the 2016 presidential election, and it really was at the expense of Hillary Clinton and in favor of Donald Trump.
The Charging Mystery in the Russia Indictments -- And Its Indication of What Comes Next in the Mueller Investigation -- it alleges that the Russians conspired to obstruct the capacity of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to enforce the law. The act of obstruction was a failure to report their illegal expenditures. If the FEC did not know about the expenditures, it could not enforce the law.
Russian Indictments Could Set Stage For More Mueller Charges | HuffPost The indictment said the Russians conspired 'with persons known and unknown," which could include Americans. (like Jr. and Ja-Red and Itanka)
Inside a 3-Year Russian Campaign to Influence U.S. Voters - The New York Times
Californian man pleads guilty to identity fraud connected to Russian interference in presidential election - CNNPolitics

Trump's Conspicuous Silence Leaves a Struggle Against Russia Without a Leader
Mueller's new indictments put the pressure on Trump to act

To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook - The New York Times (and Zuckerberg saw nothing but rubles)

Trump Absolutely Can Be Blackmailed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - So, we know Trump habitually pays for sex, and we also know he is willing to pay to keep embarrassing secrets from going public. That is to say, these secrets could be leveraged against him.
Salacious new claims surface about a Trump affair and alleged coverup - The Washington Post - The White House declined to comment.

Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort - POLITICO - 'additional criminal conduct' by the former Trump campaign chairman

New White House security clearance policy could put 'bull's eye' on Kushner - Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, has been able to see some of the nation's most sensitive secrets even as his background investigation has dragged on for more than a year. (one of Russia's most successful spy operations ever)
Kushner requests more intel info than almost all White House staff: report | TheHill ... Kushner holds a Top Secret/sensitive compartmented information (SCI) security clearance, the highest level, which allows him to review some of the nation's most closely-guarded secrets and allows him access to the presidential daily briefing) (all without a real clearance, goes straight to Vlad and Bibi but Hillary's emailz)
Eschaton: And Why Would He Do That - It's pretty clear that Javanka just saw their access to the presidency as the ultimate grift.

Reddit's The_Donald Was One Of The Biggest Havens For Russian Propaganda During 2016 Election, Analysis Finds
mortalcoil1 comments on Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort
A Russian troll factory had a $1.25 million monthly budget to interfere in the 2016 US election : technology
f_k_a_g_n comments on There have been 241 posts in /r/The_Donald linking directly to the twitter account @TEN_GOP, which we know from yesterday's indictment was a fake account controlled by Russian operatives.

Kara Calavera on Twitter: "Sanders was one of two senators who didn't vote for the Russian sanctions. His campaign manager was Tad Devine, who worked with Paul Manafort to elect Viktor Yanukovych. Just sayin'." ... Was it Devine who got that incredible salary from Bernie's campaign? ... Yep ... I've been saying this since the election. Bernie is Putin's next choice for President. Democratic Party needs to drop this toxic waste STAT ... Maybe that Russian honeymoon that Bern & Jane took was MORE than just a honeymoon ... Also in the Yanukovych orbit: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who was hired by Slav AG (owned by Kliuyev brothers) sometime in 2014. (+Rand Paul) (+the Sanders crime family)
Bernie Sanders has released few tax returns compared with past and present candidates | PolitiFact (guess who else didn't release their tax returns?)

Thomas Drake on Twitter: "She didn't. A distinction w/out a difference. Let me ask you. Have u read affidavits behind FBI's warrants on me? Were u at my arraignment? Were u in courtroom listening to what prosecution presented to Judge on threat I posed to NatSec & what I did as worse than espionage? (good thread on how Drake got screwed by Obama's war on whistleblowers, thanks, Barry)

unR?A?D?A?C?K?ted on Twitter: "The only one in jail over Russia aiding #Trump campaign? The brave Veteran who allegedly exposed it: #RealityWinner"

Kevin Durant on Laura Ingraham's commentary: 'To me, it was racist' -- on Fox News, where the host told LeBron James and Kevin Durant to 'shut up and dribble' rather than share their views about President Trump (you know who else is 'dribbling?')

It's Newver Too Late to Apologize -- Bari Weiss ... But this claim that being criticized, and corrected, is akin to being "silenced" is becoming a common theme of late. People are responding to criticism as though it is some sort of form of torture. Katie Roiphe, a professional critic, dislikes being criticized so much that she responds by accusing her critics of being "low-level secret policemen in a new totalitarian state." Weiss believes that when she is criticized, it is "another sign of civilization's end." (Weiss: straight from the WSJ to the NYT)
The New York Times Is Melting Down The worst response is to double down, which is exactly what The New York Times has been doing -- and it's and it's causing a full-fledged meltdown at the paper. On Monday (TGIF???) Times op-ed columnist and editor Bari Weiss tweeted the following ... Then, yesterday, there were these horrifically tone-deaf tweets by Times reporter Eric Lipton in response to the school shooting in Florida ... After Lipton took down his terrible tweet, Stephens rushed to his defense (all those conservative dimbulb hires by Baquet and Bennet are having their effect)
Bari Weiss, Outrage Mobs, and Identity Politics - The Atlantic - Shadi Hamid (defends patriachy, wrong side of the argument, Shadi, for the record)

Jay Rosen on Twitter: "Wow. I so agree with this. I'm not sure how journalists got it into their heads that they are 'story-tellers.' I do understand that the term has massive prestige among them. But: You can't be a great story-teller AND believe that the most important information should come first."

Erik Loomis on Twitter: "How is this not unconstituional discrimination now that SCOTUS legalized gay marriage?"
Teacher Marries Her Girlfriend, and Then Catholic School Fires Her - The New York Times

Stephen Fincher halts U.S. Senate bid, urges Corker to seek re-election -- the seventh-generation cotton farmer from Frog Jump ended his campaign late Friday. (no white supremecist there)

While the Media Panicked About Campus Leftists, the Far Right Surged - The Anti-Defamation League reported that incidents of white supremacist propaganda on U.S. campuses more than tripled in 2017

Larry Krasner Sues Big Pharma, Drops All Marijuana Possession Charges - Philadelphia Magazine - With a little over a month in office, Philly's new DA is already further reforming the city's drug policy

Police: Man crashes truck into Planned Parenthood clinic : news (but not Christian terrorism or anything)

Weinstein Co. board fires president and COO David Glasser 'for cause' in the latest twist for Harvey Weinsten's beleagured studio ... Weinstein's right-hand man ... "the third brother"
Italian model's rape allegations against Weinstein most likely to bring charges, but case is far from overwhelming

Providence, R.I. -- State Sen. Nicholas Kettle charged with video voyeurism, extortion | WPRI 12 Eyewitness News State Sen. Nicholas Kettle, R-Coventry, has been arrested by the state police and charged with one count of video voyeurism and two counts of extortion ... attorney Paul MiMaio said his client is "terrified" that he will be spending the weekend in prison. "He's about 5'3" weighs about 125 pounds soaking wet and a young 27 years old" ... Kettle left his iPad at his girlfriend's house and she went through the device's photos ...Kettle was first elected to the Senate in 2010 when he was just 20 years old and has been re-elected three times since. He is one of just five Republicans in the 38-member Senate. (make that four, another creepy Republican pervert snowflake)

Is the era of hugging over? Some people sure hope so. - The Washington Post

Nick Foles Still Hasn't Heard From Sore Loser Tom Brady -- The Super Bowl MVP revealed to Jimmy Kimmel last night that Tom has yet to call.

JNCO Jeans are dead, at last attempted to reboot itself in recent years with fresh new fashion lines that didn't automatically make people think of a flying squirrel crafted entirely out of denim, but to no avail

Video of SUV flipping over in road-rage incident results in arrest

The great extent of Kylie Jenner's vocabulary : videos - Her newborn is going to be as articulate as my coffee machine.

Lost Ancient Mexican city had as many buildings as Manhattan, laser map shows (and maybe a subway)

Scientists Create a New Form of Light by Linking Photons : news

Peanut oral immunotherapy strongly desensitizes children and young adults to peanut allergy in a randomized, phase 2 trial. Results from a phase 3 trial are expected imminently. : science

Women who work as cleaners or regularly use cleaning sprays or other cleaning products at home appear to experience a greater decline in lung function over time than women who do not clean, according to new research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. : science ... Which cleaning chemicals were they using? ... Sulfuric acid and mustard gas ... aka Clorox and Windex.

Besides child birth and kidney stones, what is the worst pain you have endured? : AskReddit - Testicular torsion. Several hours of pain and pain induced vomit. I was on the beach and the nearest hospital 3 hours away. I go into emergencies, and I'm giving my personal data at the reception, and I am on the border of tears. The receptionist asked me to calm the fuck down. I wanted to strangle her.

Right now youtube is deleting drug information channels. Channels that help educate and prevent deaths. : videos

Hey Reddit, I'm Omar Subeh - The uptalking 18-year-old from Artesia, CA who spoke out against my city council. AMA! : IAmA

theWet_Bandits comments on TIL a man was fined $48,000 by the FCC for using a cell phone jammer everyday on his commute, because he didn't like motorists around him on their phones (extended poetry riff)
TIL a man was fined $48,000 by the FCC for using a cell phone jammer everyday on his commute, because he didn't like motorists around him on their phones : todayilearned - "Floating Deadzone" is one of my new favorite phrases ... It's what my wife calls our water bed ...
What did you do as a kid that today's kids don't do? : AskReddit
What are some common signs that a person is toxic? : AskReddit

Apple has had to call emergency services at least 7 times for employees after they walked into the transparent glass doors throughout the new Apple campus : news
'Parents killed it': why Facebook is losing its teenage users - This year more than 3 million under-25s in the UK and US are expected to leave the site


17 Victims - Chris Hixon, Nicholas Dworet, Aaron Feis, Gina Montalto, Scott Beigel, Alyssa Alhadeff, Joaquin Oliver, Jaime Guttenberg, Martin Duque, Meadow Pollack, Alex Schachter, Peter Wang, Helena Ramsay, Alaina Petty, Carmen Schentrup, Cara Loughran, Luke Hoyer : pics
Parkland FL High School shooting: Victims dead and wounded | Miami Herald
I'm Sid Fischer, a student who was in the third room shot into by a murderer in the recent school shooting, AMA : IAmA
Kentucky governor blames violent video games, movies, not guns for school shootings : news What video games did Stalin and Hitler play?
Nikolas Cruz' Lifetime of Trouble: Family Loss, Flashes of Rage
Deputies: Broome High student arrested after Snapchat threat 'Ro - FOX Carolina 21
Parkland survivor slams GOP for shrugging off dead kids -- but freaking out over 'rainbow wedding cakes' .. "There is a segment of this society that will shrug this off and send their thoughts and prayers but march for hours over a rainbow wedding cake."
Sheriff in Florida shooting calls for power to detain over social media - NBC News pleaded with lawmakers on Thursday to give police and doctors more power to involuntarily hospitalize people for psychiatric evaluation over violent and threatening social media posts.
F.B.I. Was Warned of Florida Gunman's Desire to Kill but Did Not Act (he wasn't black or muslim)
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer - The New York Times The only variable that can explain the high rate of mass shootings in America is its astronomical number of guns.
Twitter Says Impersonating A Journalist During A Mass Shooting Doesn't Violate Its Rules -- It took less than an hour for someone to create fake screenshots of tweets she sent ... Hoax screenshots of media outlets or shooters are nothing new, but the doctored tweets are a new type of fake. Throughout her reporting, Harris has never come across anything like this before (NRA Russian bots)

Eschaton: Something Is Wrong With The NYT -- And not saying it would be less sad it there were poor kids, obviously. Just such a waste to see kids with so much opportunity before them wiped out. -- Eric Lipton (@EricLiptonNYT) February 15, 2018 (haha he deleted his asshole tweet)
White House refuses to release photo of Trump signing bill to weaken gun law - CBS News - on Feb. 28, 2017, President Trump signed HJ Resolution 40, a bill that made it easier for people with mental illness to obtain guns. CBS News then asked the White House to release the photograph of Mr. Trump signing the bill, making the request a total of 12 times.
3 billboards near Miami are trolling Sen. Marco Rubio after the Florida school massacre - CNNPolitics
15-year-old boy charged with murder and assault in Kentucky school shooting: report abe Parker, 15, was charged with two counts of murder and 14 counts of first-degree assault in the January shooting at a Kentucky high school, the Courier-Journal newspaper reported on Friday
Florida shooting: NC Republican wants to arm teachers with guns | News & Observer ... Pittman speculated the Florida shooter was part of a conspiracy to "push for gun control so they can more easily take over the country." (the fake shooting was done by a Soros-sponsored pedo-ring so the answer is more gunz)

China confirms first ever human case of H7N4 bird flu : news The 68-year-old patient from Jiangsu province, who has since recovered, developed symptoms on 25 December, was admitted to hospital for treatment on 1 January and was released on 22 January.

Don't Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria -- Mattis gave Putin "plausible deniability" for a military assault that went badly awry ... that the Kremlin authorized a direct assault on a U.S.-sponsored base by non-uniformed personnel ... But make no mistake: There is overwhelming evidence that those Russian contractors were working at the behest of the Kremlin ... the wounded mercenaries were flown out of Syria and treated at military hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg ... "And the Russians know they are playing with fire, if you look at how they are responding."

Turkey's Effort to Repair Relations Trips Over Its Crackdown -- over deepening concerns about the length and breadth of its state of emergency, which has been used to round up tens of thousands.

S.E.C. Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange - The New York Times (what could go wrong with that?)

Facebook complies with Russia's request to take down an Instagram post linked to Putin's rival - Facebook-owned Instagram has taken down posts related to bribery allegations made by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny against prominent figures in a YouTube video. (next, Trump will order them to take down all Dem posts)

Mueller Accuses Russians of Pro-Trump, Anti-Clinton Meddling - Bloomberg - Mueller describes a years-long, multimillion-dollar conspiracy by hundreds of Russians aimed at criticizing Hillary Clinton and supporting Senator Bernie Sanders and Trump (and then the berniebots memed that Killary rigged everything)
Mueller Still Investigating Possible Collusion, Source Says - Bloomberg ... Trump indicated that he believes the indictment exonerates him and his campaign. ... "The Trump campaign did nothing wrong -- no collusion!" Trump said on Twitter ... Rosenstein, who has been on shaky ground with Trump from the time he named Mueller as special counsel, offered a summary of the indictment that conspicuously skipped its repeated references to the Russian goal of helping Trump win the presidency and hurting his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.
Trump's Claim Mueller Found 'NO COLLUSION' Is Literal Nonsense (he had to shout it)
Russian troll operation echoed many of Trump campaign's themes
U.S. Indicts 13 Russian Nationals for Election Meddling, Says They Communicated With Trump Campaign - The Daily Beast u
Robert Mueller charges 13 Russians with interfering in US election to help Trump | US news | The Guardian
A Conspiracy to Defraud - Lawyers, Guns & Money A federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election, charging them with conspiracy to defraud the United States, the Department of Justice announced Friday ... One advertisement shortly before the election promoted the Green party candidate Jill Stein, who is blamed by some Clinton backers for splitting the anti-Trump vote. (Stein and Nader, historical fucktards, and you throw Greenwald in there too)
Thirteen Russians criminally charged for interfering in US election, Mueller announces : news

Indictments Present a New Political Reality for a President Crying 'Hoax' ... "Every time he sees me he says I didn't do that, and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it." ("and no one is more trustworthy than my good friend Vlad.") On Friday, Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, indicted 13 Russian nationals and described a vast, sophisticated Russian operation to interfere in the election, delivering to Mr. Trump the kind of evidence that the president has long sought to dismiss as political attacks from his rivals.
'Trump cannot dismiss this' : Watergate legend Carl Bernstein hammers importance of Mueller's Russian indictments ... "It is very hard for these Republicans who have gone along with this business of witch hunt to continue to do so after this." ... "Who was witting, unwitting in that conspiracy, we don't know yet. But Mueller's indictments are pointing in a certain direction around people in the Trump orbit and family. ("family")
Ex-CIA director Brennan nails how Mueller's election-meddling indictment 'puts a lie to Putin's claims' (not to mention Herr Trump's)
Mueller'ss Latest Indictment Shows Trump Has Helped Putin Cover Up a Crime By continuing to cast doubt on Russian involvement, the president is helping the Kremlin get away with its election attack.
Meet Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian Oligarch Indicted in U.S. Election Interference - The New York Times
Sanders silent on claim that Russians backed him in 2016 - politico ... Friday's revelation that Russian actors sought to boost his presidential primary campaign and sink Hillary Clinton's in 2016

Why Do All These Trump Associates Keep Making Plea Arrangements? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Upper-Class Tax Cuts and Neoconfederate Judges Over Country - Lawyers, Guns & Money know yet if or to what extent the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian ratfucking that has been clearly established. But we certainly know one prominent Republican public official who was an active conspirator: Senate Leader Mitch McConnell actively suppressed that information before the election

Is Donald Trump a Traitor? Americans must live with the uncertainty of not knowing whether Trump has the best interests of the United States or those of Russia at heart - James Risen -- Now look at the mandate given to former FBI Director Robert Mueller when he was appointed special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was acting in place of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself because of his role in the Trump campaign and the controversy surrounding his own meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States. (and there's the problem, before we even start) Given all this, it seems increasingly likely that the Russians have pulled off the most consequential covert action operation since Germany put Lenin on a train back to Petrograd in 1917.

A significant minority of Americans say they could support a military takeover of the U.S. government - The Washington Post These views are not confined to supporters of one or the other of the major parties. In 2017, about 25 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of Republicans said they favored a military intervention if the country faced rampant crime or corruption - In 2017, roughly 11 percent of Democrats and 24 percent of Republicans were in favor of shutting Congress down during difficult times. (down since Obama caused all that carnage in the inner cites)

More than 40 percent of Trump's first Cabinet-level picks have faced ethical or other controversies (elect the swamp, suckers)

Donald Trump, the Playboy Model Karen McDougal, and a System for Concealing Infidelity | The New Yorker- One woman's account of clandestine meetings, financial transactions, and legal pacts designed to hide an extramarital affair.
Karen McDougal Describes Alleged Affair With Trump in New Yorker Article - The New York Times - the relationship, which allegedly began in 2006, while Mr. Trump was married to his current wife, Melania Trump, and lasted about nine months ... chairman and chief executive, David Pecker, who is close with Mr. Trump, routinely bought stories with no intention of running them, sometimes using the pieces as leverage. (everybody is blackmailing Trump)
The latest alleged Trump affair coverup is a damningly familiar tale - The Washington Post - the alleged affair happened around the same time as the alleged Daniels affair more than a decade ago. All three women seem to have independently described meeting Trump in a Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow and having him come on to them ... how Trump regularly sent her Trump brand or related items and talked about buying her an apartment in New York. Both of those details jibe with Daniels's account, though in her case the apartment was in Tampa and she talked more about how preoccupied he was with playing up his brand to her. (Jesus fuck, America look what yuu did)
Eschaton: If This Was A Democrat... I suppose it'd be good if nobody cares about this stuff again (I don't mean that this behavior is never relevant for public figures, but not in the faux-Victorian morality the Washington Scolds regaled us with during Lewinksy Madness). Trump and McDougal began an affair, which McDougal later memorialized in an eight-page, handwritten document provided to The New Yorker by John Crawford, a friend of McDougal's. When I showed McDougal the document, she expressed surprise that I had obtained it but confirmed that the handwriting was her own.
The latest alleged Trump affair coverup is a damningly familiar tale - The Washington Post - The Wall Street Journal reported shortly before the 2016 election that the publisher of the National Enquirer, American Media, had paid $150,000 for McDougal's story but never ran it. This has led to allegations that it deliberately bought the story and killed it to protect Trump, who is personal friends with AMI chief executive David Pecker.
Trump Has Really Stepped In It Now, As Stormy Daniels Payoff Likely Crosses Legal Lines -- The $130,000 hush money paid to the porn actress opens up legal and tax issues for Trump.

Ex-wife's photos raise questions about McGahn's role in Porter scandal - The FBI obtained photos of the bruised face of Colbie Holderness seven days after President Donald Trump's inauguration last year ... raising questions about what information White House counsel Don McGahn had at his disposal regarding her ex-husband, Rob Porter ... But the existence of the photos is leading law enforcement experts and officials in previous administrations to strongly question how McGahn didn't act on the domestic violence allegations ... Holderness provided an FBI special agent with at least eight pictures of her bruised eye ... And it is McGahn who is responsible for one of the rare successes during the first year of Trump: Leading the effort to reshape the federal judiciary with conservatives, starting with the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The Ongoing GOP War on the 17th Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money A committee of the Arizona Legislature this week approved a bill that would strip citizens of the power to nominate candidates for the U.S. Senate. Instead, the power would go to ... The Arizona Legislature ... No kidding. (Republifucks go full authoritarian)

Eschaton: Obligatory Safe Space For The Snowflake Joke Much more reasonable the black college students being a little bit upset that their campus invites someone to tell them that they are stupider than white people. "Scott Pruitt, you're fucking up the environment" -- Getting the vapors. Take me to the fainting couch.

Eschaton: Did You Know Nazis Don't Like Jews Very Much? So all the dapper Nazi photo shoots and loving profiles of the "alt-right" really have shocked me. Explicit bigotry against most minority groups is tolerated and even perpetuated by our elite media outlets, but there was a line there which limited the promotion of Antisemitism. And then there wasn't.

Congressman Calls For Investigation Of Conservative Think Tank - Veteran Democrat Lipinski joins critics of the Illinois Policy Institute with a letter to the IRS

Beware Of False Claims Of Assaults At "Black Panther" Screenings - People are bad - Trolls on Twitter are trying to stoke outrage by making false claims of racially motivated assaults at screenings of Black Panther. (even Porter's ex-wife got beat up by "black thugs" at the movie)

Genmzaros - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Video shows corrections officer shooting inmate through cell door : news

100s of USA swimmers were sexually abused for decades and the people in charge knew and ignored it, investigation finds

Katie Roiphe Right on Twitter Feminism, Wrong on #MeToo (Chait, the contrarian)
Does Katie Roiphe Understand What a Sex Panic Is? | The Nation There are many examples of sex-related miscarriages of justice. #MeToo is not one of them.
Steve Bannon and Katie Roiphe Are Very Worried. So Is Donald Trump The #MeToo movement and the existential threat to patriarchy ... Should the patriarchy come to an end, Bannon and Trump will be toast, of course. And Katie Roiphe will be out of a gig, with no one left to serve.
The Twisted, Confusing Logic of Katie Roiphe's #MeToo Essay in Harper's
Children's Book Industry Has Its #MeToo Moment (sounds like they were banging a lot)

The Feminist Pursuit of Good Sex - The New York Times

Memo: NY Times Editor Explains Why Everyone Hates His 'Rich And Searching' Op-Ed Section -- He would also like you to leave the question of whether it's OK to hire friends of Nazis to history ... He closes by, essentially, begging his newsroom colleagues, the people whose jobs it is to hold major institutions accountable and urge transparency, to please keep any criticism (and subsequent leaks) to themselves.
A Word From James Bennet - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Hoops corruption case may take down players, Hall of Fame coaches, programs, lottery picks

Fired Google Engineer Loses Diversity Memo Challenge - Bloomberg Statements in James Damore's 3,000-word memo "regarding biological differences between the sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive" that they fell outside protections for collective action in the workplace, an associate general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board wrote in a six-page memo disclosed Thursday.

'Decades of monstrous sexual abuse': Hawaii's famous Kamehameha school settles suit for $80 million : news

Which Cities Have More Renters? - The New York Times Of those cities, Newark had the largest share of renters (74 percent), followed by Jersey City, (70 percent), Miami (68 percent), New York (65 percent), and Boston (64 percent).

Flu kills 22 more children, bringing toll to 84 kids as worst season in a decade continues : news ... But most of the children who have died this year have not been vaccinated, the report said. That also has been true for children who died in previous years, according to a study published this week.

Biologist gets a fake Star Trek paper accepted by 4 dodgy science journals

Who is the worst person you've ever met? : AskReddit

Google Search removes View Image button and Search By Image feature : AdviceAnimals


Florida school shooting carried out with chilling precision - 'A Day of Mourning': Florida school shooting suspect denied bond, charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder
Laws we used to have on the books could have prevented the Florida school shooting - The Washington Post
Where was he radicalized? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jereb also said that Cruz participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee. - But remember! College students protesting speeches by white supremacists are the real threat to society.

The latest schoolhouse slaughter shows we have been defeated - The Washington Post
The one thing we can do to address gun violence - The Washington Post - Don't vote for Republicans.
Teen Who Survived Shooting Says Lawmakers Need To Look In The Mirror
Shepard Smith Gives Fox News Viewers A Reality Check After Florida School Shooting | HuffPost - Some things haven't changed much since Columbine.
Lis Power on Twitter: "Shepard Smith reads off a list of fatal school shootings since Columbine The list is long. Too freaking long. "
School Shootings in America Since 2013 - 290 today (Bloomberg funded site)
No, there haven't been 18 school shootings in 2018. That number is flat wrong. (only about eight but we're not going to say, exactly)
The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September - a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment on a video stating "I'mgoing to be a professional school shooter."
Florida Shooter Made Sick Use of School's Active-Shooter Drill -- The timing likely made it more difficult for the school to order and maintain a complete lockdown
Media Push The Claim There Have Been 18 School Shootings In 2018. Here Are The Facts. | Daily Wire - three students died; roughly 30-35 were injured.
Kimmel writer quotes every GOP lawmaker's post-Florida 'thoughts and prayers' tweet -- and how much money they took from the NRA (millions and millions)
15 pols who got biggest gun group donations and their NRA grades - NY Daily News (all Russian-owned Rethugs)
Florida White Supremacist Group Admits Ties to Alleged Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz | Anti-Defamation League (but it's definitely not white terrorism)
After Sandy Hook, More Than 400 People Have Been Shot in Over 200 School Shootings - The New York Times
Florida's Gun Law Sickness -- Not only is there no law requiring the registration of handguns or rifles -- the state has a law expressly prohibiting any such regulation.

Frustration Grows as Congress Shows Inability to Pass Even Modest Gun Measures - The New York Times ... (from Kimmel: In the 2015-2016 election cycle alone, GOP candidates took $17,385,437 from the NRA)

Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After Parkland Shooting | WIRED

Chinese State-Owned Chemical Firm Joins Dark Money Group Pouring Cash Into U.S. Elections (you can see where this is going, and it's not good but if the NRA can buy all the Republicans, what's to stop them?)

Twitter deleted 200,000 Russian troll tweets. Read them here. - Twitter doesn't make it easy to track Russian propaganda efforts -- this database can help (why, it's almost like they did that on purpose) Dan coates ... "Frankly, the United States is under attack" (by Russians in the WH)

ICE launches new immigration sweep in L.A. area; at least 100 detained so far

The decision has no immediate effect due to the Supreme Court action.

- CNN Exclusive: At least 100 White House officials served with 'interim' security clearances until November
Why Former Trump Staffers May Be Walking Security Threats - With many White House officials on interim clearances, the president appears to be more interested in personal loyalty than national security. (like he was ever any different)
Media's Obsessive 2016 Focus on Security of Classified Materials Pays Immediate Dividends
Dafna Linzer on Twitter: "BREAKING: More than 130 political appointees working in white house didn't have permanent security clearances as of November 2017, including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Don McGahn, according to internal documents obtained by NBC News @carolelee @mikememoli @kwelkernbc"

Trump and Pence made peculiar statements on Wednesday. You should listen closely. - The Washington Post - What came out was the most grudging, nonspecific utterance you could imagine. Indeed, he sounded resentful in having to address the issue at all. "I'm totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. Everyone knows that. And it almost wouldn't even have to be said. So, now you hear it, but you all know." (said the pussy-grabber to the 1/3 of Americans who can't connect two dots)

Ugly new details about Trump's fury over Russia probe (how dare they question my criminality) the most powerful person in the world is a raging, abusive megalomaniac

Top Trump campaign adviser close to plea deal with Mueller - CNNPolitics Former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates is finalizing a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller
Steve Bannon met with Mueller multiple times over the past week - NBC News

Kushner Investors Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities, Source Says - Bloomberg (Slushner going down)

Trump's Inaugural Committee Paid $26 Million to Firm of First Lady's Adviser ... while donating $5 million -- less t han expec ted -- to charity ... under pressure from liberal government watchdog groups to reveal how it spent the record $107 million it had raised from wealthy donors and corporations. ("liberal watchdog groups" not the IRS?) included only an already publicized $3 million for hurricane relief, plus a total of $1.75 million to groups involved in decorating and maintaining the White House and the vice president's residence (sure sounds like a good "charity")

'Incensed' Grassley Rips Sessions for Torching Justice Overhaul (yeah, Grassfuck is very 'insensed" that Sessions is Sessions)

Nervous GOP seeks new 2018 Senate candidates in three states | TheHill - n increasing nervousness among Republicans that their Senate majority -- once seen as nearly invincble -- may be at risk.

Poll: Republican barely leading in Pennsylvania special election - POLITICO The survey is the latest warning sign in a district that Donald Trump won by 20 points. The election is March 13.

A year after public voted for recreational pot, there's a political battle over the rules ... various departments of Baker's administration have sternly urged cannabis regulators to delay their plans to permit social consumption venues, or marijuana cafis, delivery services that do not have a physical storefront, and businesses such as spas and movie theaters that may want to offer cannabis on the side. (but he's so popular)

Tom Ashbrook is out as host of 'On Point,' BU says (Ashbrook says he did nothing wrong and why does the globe use a 10-15 year-old pic? that's not how he looks)
'On Point' Host Tom Ashbrook Dismissed For Creating 'Abusive Work Environment' (same pic: undermines your story)(Ashbrook says it was their fault for not stopping him even though they told him multiple times to stop) Some WBUR employees say the statements from Ashbrook and his attorney reflect the problem they had with Ashbrook in the workplace: He blamed others rather than admitting he was sometimes wrong and apologizing ... "If having a coworker put a hand on your thigh isn't sexual, what exactly is it?" asked one woman who spoke to investigators but requested anonymity because she still works for BU ... "The fact that Tom's behavior and the way he acted around women did not fall into sexual harassment is appalling. It shows me BU's guidelines are outdated ... Several former producers say they were told or led to believe that they could lose their job and have trouble finding similar work elsewhere if they pursued complaints about Ashbrook. (so, a mini Matt Lauer) Another of the original complainants said some managers should be terminated along with Ashbrook ... "So at the end of the day this ought to be a lesson for anyone who wants to run a productive, high quality workplace, that you can't have powerful people who take out their frustrations in uncivil ways on people around them. (entitled baby-men)

Amazon confirms Jeffrey Tambor is out at 'Transparent'

"Draping a philosopher's Toga Around a Troll" But the Times isn'T hiring witless trolls to make moneY; IT'S hiring them because they think CHALLENGING YOUR ASSUMPTIONS is the right thing to do.

He was convicted of a sex act that's no longer a crime. Years later, he's deemed a sex offender = He was convicted because the incident happened in 1997, when oral and anal sex between consenting adults was prohibited under Georgia's sodomy law (good Christians don't have oral sex) Last week, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a federal-district court's that would have lifted the stigmatizing label from Green's name. (Republifuck judges)

What students know that experts don't : School's all about signaling, not skill-building

Ex-Philly cop says officer lied to put Meek Mill behind bars -- lying under oath a decade ago in an effort to put rapper Meek Mill behind bars on drug and gun charges. (they knew and did nothing)

TIL there are dozens of treatments more effective than the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which as a religious organization mentions God in 5 of its steps, has its own "bible", and believes that people who fail the program were born incapable of being honest with themselves. : todayilearned

Redditor "regoapps" reveals he has faked is identity as a multi-millionare despite being verified on facebook and having one of the top AMA's of all time on reddit : bestof

Peter Thiel might be getting out of Silicon Valley - Peter Thiel might be getting out of Silicon Valley Sources say he's ired of its liberal politics ("liberal" hahah the vampire will take his blood somewehre else)


After more than a year, Trump still doesn't have a science adviser (don't need no so-called "science" +comment:) Well, yeah he could also use a Social Studies advisor, a Math advisor, an English advisor, and a Phys Ed. advisor.
Trump's Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree -- Because Trump has not nominated someone to head the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Michael Kratsios is the de facto leader

Yellowstone ERUPTION: Supervolcano under 'STRAIN' experts find magma chamber pressure -- prompting fears an eruption is imminent. (meanwhile, in end of the world land)

- 17 dead, former student in custody after school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward
The Latest: Florida Rep: Shooting a call 'to do something' - Authorities say 17 people died in Wednesday's attack in Parkland, Florida, and the suspect, a 19-year-old former student, is in custody.
Florida school shooting: Officials report several fatalities, suspect in custody - The Washington Post - at least 14 victims in the incident.
Florida school shooting: Suspect Nikolaus Cruz in custody in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida today - live updates - CBS News
At least 17 dead in 'horrific' Florida school shooting, suspect had 'countless magazines'
- Florida School Shooting Suspect Nick Cruz Was 'Creepy and Weird,' Survivor Says - The ex-student reportedly had a history of threatening other students before he opened fire in his old classrooms.

Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying | The Times of Israel - Adviser to Khamenei says aid collectors for Palestinians sought to deploy reptiles whose skin 'atracted atomic waves' (dude, you need a science advisor)

North Korean cheerleaders have a dangerous job - BI - The 229 women in North Korea's 'Army of Beauties' at the Winter Olympics are hand picked, unpaid, and guarded 24/7 ... The cheerleaders all go through an intense vetting process, to minimize the risk of defection.

- Jacob Zuma resigns as South Africa's president, ending standoff with ruling party (completely corrupt hold on forever)

China's Hauwei: Top US intelligence chiefs caution Americans away - The directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA and several other intelligence agencies express their distrust of Apple-rival Huawei and fellow Chinese telecom company ZTE.

The Trains Are a Mess, and Now We Have a Clue Why - As usual, it's incompetence and underfunding. (and fuck your infrastructure, we have helicoptes and private jets)

Wall Street might not like this: Inflation rises 2.1 percent, faster than expected - The Washington Post
New Hedge-Fund Tax Dodge Triggers Wild Rush Back Into Delaware - Bloomberg - These limited liability companies share a common goal: dodging new tax rules for carried-interest profits through a bit of deft legal paperwork.

Eschaton: Abolish ICE - First candidate to propose this (meaningfully) gets my vote, unless they're beaten by someone demanding a war crimes tribunal. -- SEATTLE (AP) The chief counsel for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Seattle has been charged with stealing immigrant's identities .. Prosecutors with the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section allege that Sanchez stole the identities of seven people "in various stages of immigration proceedings to defraud credit card companies including American Express, Bank of America and Capital One. -- Idiot could have robbed them all blind and probably even gotten a personal slave or two (they're all the rage now). Mistake was fucking with the credit card companies. (arrest, defraud, deport!)
Exclusive: Dozens of refugee resettlement offices to close as Trump downsizes program | Reuters -- Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back operations in more than 40 others after the State Department told them to pare their operations (and give the money to the riches)

Christopher Steele is a hero -- and Americans owe him their thanks - The Washington Post

Are Spies Like Us? A National Security Reporter Says Yes, and No - The New York Times

The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook | Belfer Cenet Thatr for Science and International Affairs (Trump says nothing to worry about)
The Only People in Government Who Care About Russian Election Meddling Are the Spies -- Republicans Don't Care About Russian Election Meddling in 2018 (guess why) ... When the damn intelligence community is the only thing standing between legitimate elections and a public farce, we have come to a place I never thought I'd see.

Adam Schiff: There is 'ample evidence' of collusion between Trump campaign, Russians

Devin Nunes' Next Memo Could Revive Old Scandals to Obscure Russia Probe - Are we set to relive old scandals, so that new ones can be buried in the muddied water?

Third White House official resigns after being told he wouldnnt qualify for full clearance - National Economic Council official George David Banks departed amid increasing scrutiny of the Trump administration's decision to let multiple staffers work on interim clearances.
Hope Hicks and disgraced Rob Porter no longer dating | Daily Mail Online - The pair started their romance in the fall; Porter's then-girlfriend learned about it by discovering her cheating paramour's text messages

White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser - The Washington Post (fire the whole FBI!)
'Big Fat Liar': - WaPo Reports On White House Staff's Frustration With Kelly (lying is what generals do, duh)

- Stormy Daniels Warns Trump & Lawyer: You Breached Our Agreement, Now I'm Free to Talk!
Porn star who alleged Trump affair: I can now tell my story
Michael D. Cohen, Trump's Longtime Lawyer, Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket ... said he was not reimbursed for the payment ... (oh sure)
Did Trump's s lawyer just implicate Trump in the Stormy Daniels payment? (no, he did it all on his own)

Trump creep: bad habits spread fast - Axios - Trump's lifelong habits -- to improvise, to attack, to deny the undeniable, to leak -- spread fast through the White House, metastasized in the agencies, and infected Republicans in Congress. They are Republican habits now.

Trump Pick For EPA's No. 2 Accused Of Abusing Power To 'Bu lly' And 'Intimidate' Opponents -- As a Senate aide in 2005, Andrew Wheeler went after state air pollution regulators for opposing his boss's bill - the former coal lobbyist President Donald Trump nominated as the Environmental Protection Agency's deputy administrator ... (only the best assholes to ruin the world)
Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, staff misled ethics officials about European trip, report finds - The Washington Post - chief of staff doctored an email and made false statements to create a pretext for taxpayers to cover expenses for the secretary's wife on a 10-day trip to Europe last summer (stealing is "life-long habit" for them)
They're all grifters. The best ones, no doubt. -- Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin

Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Olympian Adam Rippon On Twitter | HuffPost - What would your father say about you spreading FAKE NEWS? SAD ... Trump Jr. overlooked one key detail. Pence mentioned Rippon on Twitter just last week, and also reportedly asked to meet with him before the Winter Games. (dumb and dumber gets demolished on twitter)
Grizzly Chief on Twitter: "9 " - What sounds like a fool and walks like a fool....

- How Trump Is Using The DOJ To Pressure CNN - In a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent last week, four top congressional Democrats laid out reams of evidence suggesting that President Trump is improperly using the proposed Time Warner-AT&T merger to pressure Time Warner-owned CNN for gentler coverage. (Trummp following his instincts)

Democrats Lead by 8 Points On Generic House Ballot Nationally | Public Policy Polling ... Democrats have a solid 49-41 lead on the generic Congressional ballot, although that's down a shade from December when it was 51-40 (and people dispise Ryan and Yertle)
- Fully 39 percent of registered voters say they would support the GOP candidate for Congress in their district, while 38 percent would back the Democratic candidate. Nearly a quarter of voters, 23 percent, are undecided ... GOP's 1-point advantage comes after three months of tracking in which Democrats maintained a lead ranging between 2 and 10 points on the generic ballot. (who do you trust? Public Policy or Politico?)

- In Leaked Chats, WikiLeaks Discusses Preference for GOP Over Clinton, Russia, Trolling, and Feminists They Don't Like
Nobody Could Have Seen THIS Coming - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Brace yourself for some shocking news. Julian Assange ratfucked the election by leaking information intended to damage Clinton because ... his preferred major party candidate was Donald Trump:

- Democrat Margaret Good Flips Seat in Florida, the 36th Democratic Flip Since Trump's Inauguration -- She won by a margin of nearly 8 points in a district that went for Trump by about 5.
The Sky, It Continues to Fall - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Kelli Ward touts endorsement from fake-news site - POLITICO - Political-messaging sites mimic names of independent news organizations to help GOP candidates around the country ... There was just one problem: Despite its reputable sounding name, the Arizona Monitor is not a real news site. It is an anonymous, pro-Ward blog that has referred to her primary opponent Martha McSally as "Shifty McSally" ... a phenomenon that spans the country from northern New England, where the anonymous Maine Examiner wreaked havoc on a recent mayoral election, all the way out to California, where Rep. Devin Nunes launched ... his own so-called news outlet, the California Republican.

How a Police Chief, a Governor and a Sociologist Would Spend $100 Billion to Solve the Opioid Crisis - The New York Times

Voting Reform in Michigan marches forward | The Michigan Chronicle - The Promote the Vote campaign is led by a broad coalition that includes the League of Women Voters, the ACLU of Michigan and the state and Detroit branches of the NAACP.

'Let's talk about Pocahontas' : Warren addresses Native American heritage claims, slams Trump

Eschaton: Nothing Really Matters, Anyone Can See... - Washington Post health care reporter. -- I actually think it's super weird how people are blaming their diminished sense of well-being on the Trump administration. Personal events determine my quality of life; not who's in the WH. Paige W. Cunningham (@pw_cunningham) February 14, 2018 -- Policy matters. How could you be a policy reporter and not know this? (another stupid conservative WaPo hire)

After a Twitter Storm, The Times and a New Hire Part Ways - The New York Times - After The New York Times announced on Tuesday that Quinn Norton would be its lead opinion writer on technology, her Twitter history doomed the hiring ... a journalist and an essayist known for her work at Wired magazine ... because of her use of slurs on Twitter and her friendship with Andrew Auernheimer, who gained infamy as an internet troll going by the name "weev." Mr. Auernheimer now works for The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website ... Ms. Norton said those who had interviewed her for the position "made it clear that they weren't going to get put off by a little weird. As for how weird, well, that's for them to discover." (NYT is hiring a lot of stupid people and Nazis lately, to expand their "base" and they are incapable of researching their backgrounds, which say a lot about the Times reporting)
NY Times Hires, Quickly Fires Journalist With History of Homophobic Tweets - The esteemed paper announced Tuesday that it had hired tech writer Quinn Norton. Within hours, they ditched her -- as a history of using gay slurs and the n-word surfaced on Twitter. (but it's ok for McArdle to wish poor people die in fires)

Leaked Chat Transcripts: New York Times Employees Are Pissed About Bari Weiss | HuffPost - According to one employee, diversity efforts at the publication "are nothing but lip service."

Suspect wounded, SUV stopped after shooting at NSA gate - at Fort Meade.

What 75 Years in the Mormon Church Taught Me About Assault - In bringing down Porter, Jennie Willoughby and Colbie Holderness defied their church bishops, who had dismissed their allegations about how he punched and choked them, and instead went public.

When Pop Culture Sells Dangerous Myths About Consent - The Atlantic - Entertainment glorifying or excusing predatory male behavior is everywhere -- from songs about "blurred lines" to TV shows where rapists marry their victims ... These scenes all add up to give the impression that romance requires a man's desire, but not necessarily a woman's. For her, the romance is mined from the fact that she is desired ... Don't complicate it by hesitating could be the slogan for rape culture ... It has been hard to realize, and harder still to admit, how much my own desires sprouted up twisted by the poison they absorbed ... How can you dig the roots of your desires out from the soil they sprouted in without killing them entirely?
The female price of male pleasure - The world is disturbingly comfortable with the fact that women sometimes leave a sexual encounter in tears ... this is the water we swim in ... That's right: PubMed has almost five times as many clinical trials on male sexual pleasure as it has on female sexual pain. And why? Because we live in a culture that sees female pain as normal and male pleasure as a right.
From 'Hitch' to 'Say Anything,' How Rom-Coms Distort Romance - The Atlantic - American culture has long been confused about the location of the line between love and violence. Hollywood deserves some of the blame for that
Colin Dickey on Twitter: "Buddy, lemme tell you, non-human species are like the *last* place you wanna go if you're gonna make some claim that human gender roles are innate. (Andrew Sullivan, old gay guy with AIDS, tried to tell women why their needs don't count and aren't "natural.") One of the most wondrous things about Nature is that it is 100% not here for your heteronormative bullshit.

'Charles in Charge' Star Alexander Polinsky Accuses Scott Baio of Child Abuse | Hollywood Reporter

All About the Shaun White Sexual-Harassment Allegations - One of the videos Zawaideh claims she was forced to watch was a couple killing a bear and then having sex on top of it.

19 Tiny Habits That Lead to Huge Results

Dementia symptoms UK: Look out for this sign to determine vascular dementia or Lewy bodies | Health | Life & Style |

'Screaming Mummy' Mystery May Have Finally Been Solved | HuffPost - Now scholars believe they finally know why the mummy looks so anguished: There's at least some chance he was, in fact, screaming at the time of his death ... He was sentenced to die and likely hanged for his role in the assassination of his father, Ramses III, who ruled in the 12th century BC.

Eschaton: Lighting Money On Fire - Fun to run a business like this. Despite a turbulent year for the ride-hailing company, sales were $7.5 billion. But the company also posted a substantial loss of $4.5 billion. There are few historical precedents for the scale of its loss.
Kitboga: The scam baiting Twitch star who torments Internet scammers for hours - The Washington Post


TV Networks Did A Really Crap Job Reporting On Climate Change Last Year | HuffPost - The networks undercovered or ignored the ways that climate change had real-life impacts on people (don't bother us with that sciencey stuff)
Sea-level rise accelerating around the world -- Miami could be underwater in your kid's lifetime as sea level rise accelerates ("ice caps are at a record level")
World's Coasts May Be Drowning Under Rising Seas Faster Than We Thought

Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland is using so much energy, the electricity may run out - The Washington Post

Judge refuses to withdraw Julian Assange arrest warrant | Media | The Guardian - WikiLeaks founder continues to face arrest if he leaves Ecuadorian embassy as judge rejects request to quash warrant ... not persuaded by the argument from Assange's legal team that it was not in the public interest to pursue him for skipping bail ... "I find arrest is a proportionate response even though Mr Assange has restricted his own freedom for a number of years"

Venezuela's economy is so bad, parents are leaving their children at orphanages (no food, as 3rd-grader Maduro drives his country/bus over the cliff)

U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say - Bloomberg - The 200-plus deaths dwarf official Russian toll in the war - More than 200 contract soldiers, mostly Russians fighting on behalf of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, died in a failed attack on a base held by U.S. and mainly Kurdish forces in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region, two of the Russians said. The U.S. official put the death toll at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured.

Netanyahu: Israeli police recommend indicting prime minister for bribery | World news | The Guardian - Attorney general will examine evidence and decide whether to indict after police investigation of the prime minister in two cases (don't worry, he'll just start a big war)
Can Netanyahu Survive? - POLITICO Magazine - prime minister might be in trouble with the law, but the political opposition is probably too weak to unseat him. (coalition of crooks)

South Africa's ruling party demands that Zuma resign (totally corrupt Zuma Duma)

Russia Threatens to Block YouTube and Instagram, After Complaints From an Oligarch - The New York Times ... if they do not take down videos and photos relating to Oleg V. Deripaska, an oligarch who was once close to President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. (haha, coming soon to America)

top spy just said Russia might meddle in the 2018 midterms - Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, assesses that Russia sees the 2018 elections as a "potential target."
Russia Sees Midterm Elections as Chance to Sow Fresh Discord, Intelligence Chiefs Warn - The New York Times

Former Senior FBI Official Is Leading BuzzFeed's Effort to Verify Trump Dossier - Anthony Ferrante coordinated the U.S. government's response to Russian election interference. Now he's helping a news site defend itself from a Russian billionaire's lawsuit ... BuzzFeed is being sued for libel by Russian technology executive Aleksej Gubarev, who argues that the news organization was reckless in publishing a series of memos written by former British spy Christopher Steele

Trump's Biggest Potential Conflict Of Interest Is Hiding In Plain Sight - The largest American office of China's largest bank sits on the 20th floor of Trump Tower, six levels below the desk where Donald Trump built an empire and wrested a presidency ... forking over an estimated $2 million a year for the space. (Chinese bank = Chinese government)
Gigantic "Pigzilla" caught rummaging through dumpster | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio | Columbus News, Weather & Sports - Wild boar are common in the hills around Hong Kong. The beasts can weigh up to 450 pounds and often venture into the city in search of food. (you know who else weighs 450 lbs?)

In Rob Porter Case, Trump Sends A Message: We Will Protect Powerful Alleged Abusers | HuffPost - "Trump has turned the clock back on the progress we've made in this country." (b/c he's a abuser, yo)
Ex-wife of accused WH aide rips Trump for suggesting he didn't get 'due process' ... She said her ex-husband "got due process when I answered the FBI agents truthfully," adding that she only spoke to the FBI after the agency contacted her last year about Sorenson's security clearance for his White House post ... agents first question, "Why did you and David get a divorce?" "Because he was abusive and I escaped and survived," she said she told the agent.

FBI head contradicts White House over Rob Porter background check - Chris Wray disputes White House's claims of ignorance over allegations of domestic abuse, saying investigation was submitted ... A White House spokesman blamed that ignorance on a failure by the FBI to wrap up a background check on Porter. White House chief of staff John Kelly said last Wednesday that he was "shocked" to hear of the allegations. But Wray testified before Congress that the FBI had submitted a completed background investigation on Porter to the White House in July 2017 and later supplied two follow-up reports. (they lie, all the time)
White House Let Rob Porter Keep Job Even After Receiving Final F.B.I. Report - The New York Times
White House official: "Kelly cover-up is unraveling" (rhymes with "Skyvanka")
Porter was up for promotion despite abuse allegations - CNNPolitics - Rob Porter was involved in serious discussions to be promoted when he abruptly resigned from the White House last week amid allegations that he abused his two ex-wives, multiple sources (rhyme with "Jar Head Slushner" and "Itanka Schlump")
Kelly increasingly isolated as Porter scandal rages on - POLITICO - The chief of staff has been left to shoulder the blame over the failure to remove the former staff secretary, who held only an interim security clearance.

A Whirlwind Envelops the White House, and the Revolving Door Spins - The New York Times - The Trump White House has had a higher turnover rate than any White House in decades ... with a 34 percent turnover rate
- The wife-beater, the witch and the White House: Why the hell did Trump ever tell Rob Porter and Omarosa 'you're hired'?

The Silicon Valley Giant Bankrolling Devin Nunes - Top executives at Oracle threw money to the controversial congressman just weeks after hiring a similarly controversial Nunes ally. (Larry Ellison hates your democracy)

Sarah Sanders is at her worst at a strange time -- when she's talking about respect for women ... a new low ... (Fuckabee Sanders +harridan, termagant, furphy, shrew, virago, parlous, kakistrocracy +"wormtongue")

Big Republican Advantages Are Eroding in the Race for House Control - The New York Times - Retirements and reversals in gerrymandering give Democrats a clearer path to a majority. - By Nate Cohn Feb. 12, 2018 ... The Republicans still retain formidable advantages, enough to win the House while losing the national popular vote by a wide margin ("structural advantage" = 50 years of cheating +Obama)
The Structural Background of the 2018 Midterms - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Rethugs "rigged the system" and then projected it all on dems, suckers believed them)

A White House Budget Fit for the King of Debt | The New Yorker (only the biglyest debt for the god-emperor) Congress holds the purse strings, and these days it has largely abandoned the annual budgeting process for irregular spending agreements between the two parties, the latest of which was reached last week ... Budgets are "aspirational")
Reagan's 'Party of Ideas' Is Down to Just One: Tax Cuts (well, and warz, and starving poor people and not letting Demoracts vote)

Trump budget highlights disconnect between populist rhetoric and plutocrat reality ... As a candidate, Trump repeatedly said he would never cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Now he proposes cutting Medicare by $554 billion and Medicaid by around $250 billion over the next decade. (plutocrats win, hahah suckers, you thought he told it "like it is") This is a budget for the haves. The have-nots get left behind ... More guns, less butter
Look at What They Do, Not What They Say - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I don't even think that Republicans are good con artists; the political media are just incredibly easy marks: (hello, NYT, complicit or stupid suckers, you decide)

Trump wants to overhaul America's safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care (sorry, the rich need that money)

This is the opposite of responsible government - The Washington Post - FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY is the hallmark of populist governance. Whether ideologically left-wing (Hugo Chavez in Venezuela), right-wing (Juan Persn of Argentina) or in between, populists promise prosperity, dismiss trade-offs as so much elitist naysaying and spend their nation's savings to make it happen -- at least temporarily. The hangover, economic and political, is always painful. (Rethugs elected the king of bankruptcy)
Trump tells a lot of little lies. This is the big one. - The Washington Post - The most recent evidence of Trump's dishonesty comes in the budget and infrastructure plans the administration released Monday. Both are half smoke-and-mirrors, half traditional Republican economic policy. Forgive the redundancy. (hahah suckers, you believed the Antichrist)

Trump pitches plan to replace food stamps with food boxes - politico (Trump-branded and cooked by Ivanka)

Trump proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS, NPR | TheHill (all those years of both sides for nothing, hahah NPR)

Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets across U.S. - The Washington Post (privatize everything)

Trump infrastructure plan bumps Gateway tunnel to the back of the line (no transportation for you unless you have your own helicopter)
Eschaton: I Tried To Warn The Transit Nerds - Not that it would have made any difference, but a lot of transit nerds kind of shrugged when Christie killed the last tunnel project because they weren't very thrilled about the specifics. But in transit it's usually "this" or "nothing," not "this" or "some better plan I sketched on a napkin." ... Trump's Fiscal Year 2019 budget, also released Monday, cuts funding for Amtrak's long-distance passenger trains and eliminates the very federal program through which the project was supposed to be funded. ... Now the only real hope is that the powers that be were exaggerating, or were wrong about, the remaining lifespan of the existing tunnels. Clock is ticking...

What's the immigration status of Melania Trump's parents? (illegals from a shithole country, duh) "Here are Melania's Parents. Viktor and Amalija Knavs. They live in the United States Permanently now because of Chain Migration after Melania's Visa Expired & she stayed here Illegally and married Donnie for Citizenship. None of them have a degree or a job" ... They apparently help take care of Barron Trump. the president's 11-year-iold child ... "Oh well, Trump promised a press conference in which Melania's immigration story would be explained. In August. August of 2016." (like his tax returns, suckers)

If There's One Thing We Know from Decades of the War on Drugs, It's That Turning Drug Users Into Criminals Totally Works -- The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is poised to decide whether or not the state's child abuse law can be used to penalize pregnant people who have narcotics in their system ... will be yet another barrier to care that pregnant people with substance abuse problems may face. (America loves being stupid and cruel to those kinds of people)

Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa calls Vice President Mike Pence 'scary' ... "We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president. "He's extreme. I'm Christian, I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things." (nutball theocratic Fundie thinks Jesus talks to him) did she have a security clearance?)

Hannity's Blog Posts, Then Deletes Story That Obama Portrait Has Hidden 'Secret Sperm' ... Can you see it, inching along the side of his head, just waiting to find an egg to inseminate with his sperm, thus making the world a less caucasian place? We smell a Pulitzer. (sending the RWNJ insanity index 10 points higher ... just when you think they can't get more nuts)

Internal Dem polling shows Trump's standing on the rise (Trump becoming wildly popular, especially with Democrats) Democrats this year have stopped focusing on economic and health care issues, topics that demonstrably hurt his approval during his first year in office.

POLITICO - Turner (R-Ohio) approached Issa (R-Calif.) in the Capitol last week and handed him a letter seeking a deposition as part of his divorce proceedings, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the interaction ... The couple's abrupt divorce has been a subject of speculation on Capitol Hill for months. Turner, an eight-term lawmaker, filed for divorce in May 2017 after just 1= years of marriage. Mourad and Issa, who share Lebanese-American heritage, have been friends for two decades (Issa is an immigrant from a shithole country, apparently)
GOP congressman pulls Issa into ugly divorce - POLITICO - Rep. Mike Turner is seeking to depose his colleague in the messy situation. (she wssn't unfaithful, I tell you)
As Corker reconsiders, Blackburn campaign calls doubters 'sexist' and criticizes 'tired old men' ... Pence's political action committee has given money to Blackburn, who is known in Washington as a tea party favorite. (very pro-patriarchy and a nasty piece of work +she's the same age as "tired old man" Corker, 65)

Rising star in Michigan Republican Party blasts Trump and resigns | - Expressing disappointment over President Donald Trump and vowing to no longer be affiliated with any political party, the chairman of the Bay County Republican Party has stepped down from his post.

Va. Republicans move to dump controversial leader over anti-Semitic online post - The Washington Post - Fredy Burgos has been a controversial but tolerated figure within Virginia's Republican Party ... after he posted a Facebook comment suggesting Jews should not run for political office (you know who else should never run for public office?) "As an evangelical Christian, nobody loves the Jewish people and Israel more than I." (I love them to die in our Christian apocalypse) ... asserting that it is the privilege of a Christian nation "to select and prefer Christian rulers" (said a hand of Satan, haha suckers)

Parents Of Republican Senate Hopeful Max Out Donations To Democratic Opponent | HuffPost - Family dinners at Kevin Nicholson's house might get awkward. (they raised a Nazi, but regret it)

Automation Sneaking Into Political Discourse - Lawyers, Guns & Money - this is a massive and very scary revolution happening in society that could have enormous destabilizing effects ... Of course, leave it to an University of Chicago economist to say that automation won't be a big deal because computers helped advance the field of economics. This brilliance truly boosts my low opinion of economics as an academic discipline. (Repubican "economics" has always been fake)

No More Mister Nice Blog: THERE MUST BE A PONY IN HERE SOMEWHERE! - The New York Times has hired conservative (but anti-Trump) ex-Wall Street Journal opinion writers Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss in the past year, and now The Washington Post has responded in kind: The Washington Post today announced Megan McArdle will be a columnist for the Opinions section starting March 1. (McMegan fails upwards again, they all have no moral center, inc. NYT and who is hiring these assholes?) The press is the child who finds a pile of manure under the Christmas tree and optimistically says "There must be a pony somewhere!"
The Perfect Hiatt Hire - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Democracy Dies In McArglebargling - The Post has hired McArdle. Of course they have. Where else can we find such well-researched ideas (completely hollow people).
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "It's strange how Never Trump Republicans have no real constituency in general population but are becoming ever more beloved by newspaper editorial pages."

Why is The New York Times publishing discredited gun researcher John Lott? - Times op-ed makes easily disprovable attacks on the national background check system for gun purchases (NYT will print any right wing bullshit)

Top Democratic Consultant Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations | HuffPost - A Democratic campaign committee has launched an investigation into the charges ... Jim Walsh resigned from both of his digital strategy firms on Tuesday, facing allegations of sexual misconduct ... HuffPost spoke with a woman who said Walsh sexually assaulted her over a decade ago, when she was 21 years old and was looking for advice about how to get into politics (more pigeons)

Weinstein suit may be turning point, experts say: 'They'll bring him down' - New York's civil rights case hinges on unique legal strategy and could have big financial consequences for movie mogul ("glutonous ogre" you mean)
Harvey Weinstein lawsuit: attorney general say's 'we have never seen anything as despicable'

Bassey Etim on Twitter: "This comment, by far, is the most replied-to reader submission on NYT today "

'It's tough for me to know where the line is': The #MeToo era is making dating more confusing ... because it changes from woman to woman. (am I supposed to rape and harass her, or not?) 40 percent of male respondents ages 18 to 25 say the #MeToo movement has changed the way they act in potential romantic relationships.

Vice Media sued by former employee alleging systemic pay discrimination against women (studly bros got all the money)

Eschaton: Cunning Plans - Politico has published a piece from some University of Chicago law professor and someone else (I didn't bother to google) which is about importing immigrants to be personal slaves. No they don't call it that, but that's what it is. You can find it yourselves. The worst thing about being wealthy in America is you just can't always abuse your personal servants as much as you can in some other countries. Time to fix that apparently.

College sports, higher ed, and money madness in the new gilded age - Lawyers, Guns & Money - But to a significant extent state funding cuts have provided a handy excuse for a radical level of corporatization and privatization that these institutions were and are all too eager to embrace anyway. I mean if you're ru nning "a business" you can pay your top administrators as if they were C-suite executives, because "the market." Etc.

Teaching Evaluations - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Given the evidence, I've almost reached the conclusion that gender- and race-biased evaluations are not used in spite of their bias, but because they are biased. (teaching evaluation used to discriminate against women and POC +institutions are gendered and women are interlopers in men's rightful jobs)
Janice Min was approached to edit the Los Angeles Times - Recode - The former editor of the Hollywood Reporter spoke to us at the Code Media conference.

Digital First Media wins bidding for Boston Herald with $12m package - The Boston Globe - Digital First Media, a national newspaper chain that has earned a reputation for relentless cost-cutting, emerged as the winning bidder for the Boston Herald in a bankruptcy auction held Tuesday.

Pennsylvania Pastor Caught in Parked Car with Bound Naked Man - Slog - The Stranger -- "I have nothing to hide"
100s of child porn images, LSD, ecstasy found in home of Boise Priest , prosecutor says : news -
Retired Boise, Idaho priest had 100s of child porn images | Idaho Statesman - Longtime Catholic Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, 72, was brought into court in a wheelchair Monday evening for his arraignment on 14 different charges.

The hysterical obituary that made strangers miss a man they never knew - The Washington Post

An Outback server gets no tip on a $735 takeout order, complains -- and gets fired ... But when the Christian megachurch that ordered it didn't leave a tip ... ("so, they don't pay taxes and they don't tip." ... "For those not familiar with southern churches, Wednesday night is a church night. Lots of families would come in dressed to have dinner either before or after church. I remember that most of them left a prayer card as a tip. It was worse than working an Amway group, which never stiffed you but never left a great tip either.")

This woman is first human infected with rare eye worm - The Washington Post

A potentially powerful new antibiotic is discovered in dirt - The Washington Post (feed your kids more dirt)

Amazon laying off corporate employees in rare cutback | The Seattle Times - cutting several hundred jobs in Seattle, and hundreds elsewhere, a rare layoff that appears to fall predominantly on its established consumer retail business. The company continues to hire aggressively in other areas.


Eschaton: In Philly We Ride The Hoagiemobiles - Americans is weird. -- The Hague (AFP) - Veteran US journalist Katie Couric is being mercilessly mocked on Twitter after claiming the Dutch success at Olympics speed-skating was because skating is an "important mode of transport" in their country. (this woman has been informing Americans about everything for years and thinks everyone in the Netherlands skates to work)

Sebastian Gorka no longer listed as wanted by Hungarian police - The Washington Post

Trump takes 'shackles' off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe (you voted for evil, Republicans and Jill Stein)

President Trump today will unveil a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan that his own aides don't think will pass, and a $4 trillion budget that reads like "science fiction" (remember when Barry wasn't allowed to spend any money?)

Lawsplainer: "Fruit of the Posonous Tree" And The Special Counsel Investigation

Rob Porter's ex-wife says she 'was floored' by Trump's response
A Reckoning with Women Awaits Trump | The New Yorker
Rob Porter is my ex-husband. Here's what you should know about abuse.
It Is True That Multiple Sources Rhyming With Skyvanka Said This (while Trump actually said "that")
Rob Porter Is the Illumination Flare of Trumpist Rot ... We can start with the simple fact that this President surrounds himself with men who abuse women ... Kelly's role in the Porter drama (along with other evidence over the last year) leaves little question that his vision of honor and integrity is one in which habitual violence against wives and girlfriends plays no significant role ... All of it starts to feed on itself. The President is defined by his predation. He attracts these people to him or they are the only options available and he in turn protects them. He's staffed by the inexperienced, the incompetent and the reprobate ... Porter's exposure is like a brief but sustained flash of light amidst the moral darkness and squalor of the Trump White House, briefly illuminating all the dreck and rot of the rough beast of Trumpism. (you're getting close: the Beast from the Earth)

Is Devin Nunes Obstructing Justice? - The New York Times (from day 1: lock him up!)
Through the Looking Glass - In recent weeks we have seen a flurry of Fox News hothouse scandals which blow up for a day before collapsing under the weight of their own ridiculousness ... the President, the FBI Director and others were wary that it might not be safe to share classified information about Russia with members of the Trump team or perhaps even Trump himself. Even with all we've seen, that is remarkable. Even more striking is that in the Fox/GOP looking glass this is actually incriminating or at least damning evidence against the Obama team. (Trump being a security risk is Obama's fault and it's a big scandal and Grassfuck and Lindey-poo are on it) y

Which is scarier -- that Trump doesn't read his daily intel briefing, or that Jared Kushner does? (with no security clearance, but Hillary's emailz)
Trump wanted to 'lock her up' for far less

Top Justice Department official Brand quit partly over fear she might be asked to oversee Russia probe - NBC News - Brand grew frustrated by vacancies at the department and feared she would be asked to oversee the Russia investigation

Sessions Praises Sheriffs For Upholding 'Anglo-American heritage' Of Policing (and killing black people)
Law Enforcement as White Inheritance - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jeff Sessions is who we thought he is -- a racist neo-Confederate with appalling views on pretty much everything. More generally, the idea that law enforcement is the province of good white people has been a subtext of varying volume undergirding the ideology of the right for years.

G.O.P. Visions of Tectonic Realignment - The New York Times - titanic moves by the right to literally realign society for the long haul: stacking the courts with virulent conservatives, suppressing voter access, reducing the inflow of immigrants who might lean Democratic, gerrymandering districts, punishing states that lean Democratic in presidential elections and returning to a failed drug policy that disproportionately jails black and brown people ... very possible means to permanently lock in power, wealth and influence for the existing, predominantly white and predominantly male power structure. (Unitied States of Russia)

I hear speaks eight languages - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "The spiritual journey of our 45th president is a riveting narrative that every student of history needs to understand to get a complete picture of one of the most dynamic Americans to ever lead our nation." (Newt Gingrich, mouth of Satan, praises the AntiChrist)

White House budget proposal includes huge deficits, cuts in safety net - The Washington Post
Trump wants to overhaul America's safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care
Trump's budget hits poor Americans the hardest
White House budget proposes increase to defense spending and cuts to safety net, but federal deficit would remain - The Washington Post (what you voted for, Trumpsters)

Eschaton: So Shocked - I think she's full of shit, but just in case she really believed such a promise perhaps she should pay me lots of money to explain these things to her. (Little Susie is "disappointed" she believed Trump's lies, fuck you Mainers)

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse. -- "What happens when anyone can make it appear as if anything has happened, regardless of whether or not it did?"
Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years -- and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All | WIRED< (Russian operative Zuckerfucker) /a>

State launches Aetna probe after stunning admission - CNN - after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patient's records when deciding whether to approve or deny care. (Trump will hire him)

Eschaton: I Keep Telling You To Cancel Your Subscriptions - Bari Weiss is a NYT opinion editor and is always horrible. (working for the Times means you are never wrong and never apologize +who the fuck hires these assholes?)
David Klion on Twitter: "Honestly stunned " ... quoting Hamilton to be racist is the most NYT Op-Ed thing I can think of
A Fresh Idea: Visiting the Provinces to Celebrate a Random Trump Supporter - "A conservative white guy voted for a Manhattan billionaire who lives in a literally gold-plated penthouse, proving that Dems need a salt-of-the-Earth purple stater, who will run on a strong economic program for working Americans, like a massive tax cut for horse owners" --Lawyers, Guns & Money (the NYT does it again)
How can Republicans stop losing seats in special elections? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Scott Walker has a plan: stop holding them. It may not surprise you that he's willing to violate Wisconsin law in doing so: (hahaha no elections for you, we win! and also, fuck your so-called democracy +"it doesn't get more Republican than this")

Kent State Activist Quits Turning Point USA, Calls It A 'Sh*thole Organization' ... conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA ... "some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered' (so, Republicans) ... in the aftermath of a widely mocked event in October 2017 where members of the university's Turning Point USA chapter dressed up in diapers to protest "safe space." (and everyone laughed at them)

Bronx principal probed after creating hostile environment for black teachers, students: 'She's a racist' -- School 224 Principal Patricia Catania, who is white, the Daily News has learned. The 26-year veteran of city schools remains in her $154,257 post even though students and staffers of color say she's created a hostile environment since she took the top job at IS 224 in December 2016. (highly paid racist bitch)

Riot breaks out at Des Moines International Airport after 14-hour delay (they just kept lying)
P&O cruise forced to turn around after woman smacks man with wine bottle | Fox News - 37-year old female friend allegedly struck a 21-year-old man over the head with an empty wine bottle,

Sparty mayor supports fire department's decision to re-elect sex offender as chief ... for crimes he committed to a 4-year-old female victim. (they talk that was in Pennslytucky +Trumper)

Couple sells all possessions for sailboat, sinks 2 days into trip | Fox News - Walsh admitted she and her boyfriend, who used to drive for Uber, were "new to sailing" (what could go wrong? +no insurance because millenials)

Utah Mom Upset After School Tells 6th-Graders They Can't Say No When Asked to Dance : news (Mormon girls get the message early)

33lbs of Sinaloa Cartel Fentanyl Seized in Massachusetts : news (enough to kill everyone in MA 2000 times)

TIL: Claims that red wine can help prevent heart disease are inconclusive at best, and at worst may lead people to drink more alcohol in pursuit of the health "benefits". : todayilearned

Black lung study finds largest recorded cluster in Central Appalachia | The study provides further evidence that progressive massive fibrosis, commonly called black lung, has surged in recent years among coal miners in Central Appalachia : science

If life had an achievement system, apart from the usual milestones "get married", "have kids", what would be some interesting side achievements to unlock? : AskReddit

Teenagers of Reddit, what is one thing that all parents should know? : AskReddit

Children who were bullied by a sibling several times a week in middle school were 2-3 times more likely to meet criteria for a psychotic disorder later in life, cohort study finds. : science
Sibling bullying makes psychotic disorders three times more likely : science

Redditor explains why so many Neckbeards have similar characteristics and details his journey to becoming a Neckbeard : bestof (and get gold x 12)
sothatsathingnow comments on Neckbeard crew (part 2)
Lost GoPro left recording captures a rare act : videos

America's Real Digital Divide -- According to a 2011 study by researchers at Northwestern University, minority children watch 50 percent more TV than their white peers, and they use computers for up to one and a half hours longer each day. White children spend eight hours and 36 minutes looking at a screen every day, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, while black and Hispanic children spend 13 hours. (13 + 7 in school = 20 hrs a day?)
Verizon to stop honoring FCC restriction on not SIM-locking phones because nothing matters anymore : technology


The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a commercially run venture, NASA document shows - The Washington Post (will be re-branded as the Cosmic Trump Station, will sell ads in space)

Eschaton: We're Only All Going To Die If It's On The News - Obviously I'm linking to a news article so it is getting some coverage, but the severity of the flu season isn't getting that much coverage given how many people are dying. It's enough that there could be panicked newscasts nightly. Or, as we see, not! What is covered has such power to impact our perception of dangers. (imagine some kind of plague from a brown country hit America and was killing thousands a week!)
The Flu is Killing Up to 4,000 Americans a Week | Fortune

Russian plane crash kills all 71 people on board - Axios - A Saratov Airlines plane crashed in Russia, southeast of Moscow, Sunday, killing all 65 passengers and six crew members, CNN reports.

The 'Ivanka Trump of North Korea' captivates people in the South at the Olympics
North Korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics (Pence gets diplomatic lead)
Games organizers confirm cyber attack, won't reveal source

As Britain Stumbles Over 'Brexit' Support Grows for 2nd Vote (the stupidity is sinking in) ... recent reports that the areas in Wales and central and northern England that voted most strongly for Brexit are set to suffer the greatest economic harm from the rupture (hello, W.Va and KY)

As West Fears the Rise of Autocrats, Hungary Shows What's Possible
Erik Loomis on Twitter: "What this article fails to mention is that Orban and an authoritarian Hungary is also a model for the Republican Party. We've already seen a bit of this attempted in North Carolina. This is our future under a strong Republican government."

In rose beds, money blooms -- How the rose trade lifted Colombia -- and nearly erased an American industry -- It's peak season for a massive Colombian industry that shipped more than 4 billion flowers to the United States last year -- or about a dozen for every U.S. resident ... In 27 years, market forces and decisions made in Washington have reshaped the rose business on two continents. The American flower industry has seen its production of roses drop roughly 95 percent, falling from 545 million to less than 30 million.

State Department Lost 12% of its Foreign Affairs Specialists in Trump's First 8 Months (get outta here with your so-called "knowledge" we're gonna drop moar bombz) < br />

Devin Nunes creates his own alternative news site - according to small print at the bottom of the site

A morally compromised White House staffer may have had access to America's top secrets. Chief of Staff John Kelly has some explaining to do. (no, no, Hillary's emailz were a much bigger problem)

Donald Trump Opposes Due Process For Anyone Differently Situated From Himself - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Scoop: Rob Porter telling different story than John Kelly - Axios - This White House has a culture problem, starting at the top. The natural instinct is to defend/deny and show scant, if any, concern for the women alleging misconduct and harm. And when the going gets tough internally, the other natural instinct is to blame everyone but yourself.

Eschaton: Why Don't We Just Impeach Him? - And while this isn't an argument against driving Trump from office on the merits, it also isn't one quick trick to ending Trumpism, because Trumpism mostly isn't about Trump. It's about the Republican party. We wouldn't have the daily drama with President Pence, but otherwise things would be just as bad. Maybe worse!

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blames Barack Obama for Rob Porter wife-beating scandal (that would be "105mph" Jeanine)

Eschaton: Maybe It Was All... A Lie? - Only crazy liberal bloggers have been stupid enough to claim, for years, that Republicans didn't care about "fiscal responsibility" (however you want to define that), but that they just wanted tax cuts for rich people, drastic cuts to social programs, and regulation friendly to big businesses ... Base Republican voters mostly care about racism and pissing off the libs. Also, too, the Tea Party wasn't about "Teh Deficit" and wasn't some nonpartisan transpartisan coalition. It was racist Republicans. How did we miss the Trump phenomenon? wonder political journalists on their 87th visit to a Pennsyltucky diner. Because you have been willingly peddling misinformation about your supposed field of expertise for decades.

NYT Misleads Readers: "Ballooning Deficits" Do Not Add Urgency to Republican Efforts to Cut Medicaid and Other Programs - The NYT should have its presses washed out with soap. In an article about plans to impose work requirements for Medicaid it told readers ... This needs a big "what the f**k are you talking about?" The Republicans do everything they can to increase the deficit with tax cuts and additional spending for the military and now there is "urgency ... to wring savings from entitlement programs." Sorry, not on this planet. The Republicans have made it as clear as they possibly can they don't give a damn about deficits. When a Republican says anything about deficits at this point the only appropriate response is derisive laighter. They have zero right to be taken seriously and the NYT misleads its readers by implying otherwise. (Times is so complicit in Rep;ublican evil - wash out their brains with soap or something stronger)

Kentucky Rushes to Remake Medicaid as Other States Prepare to Follow - The New York Times - With approval from the Trump administration fresh in hand, Kentucky is rushing to roll out its first-in-the-nation plan to require many Medicaid recipients to work, volunteer or train for a job ... At least eight other Republican-led states are hoping to follow -- a ninth, Indiana, has already won permission to do so -- and some want to go even further by imposing time limits on coverage. (don't forget pre-existing conditions! good job KY voters, you fucked yourselves, now you can die)

New York Faces an Easy Test on Voting - The New York Times - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York must at long last bring its elections into the 21st century by, among other things, joining the large majority of states that permit early voting ... Mr. Cuomo, however, has so far set aside no state funds to carry out this change (typical Cuomo dick move)

Last of iconic illegal immigration crossing signs has vanished in California - The transportation department stopped replacing the signs years ago because it constructed fences along medians to deter people from running across highways.

Single Mothers Are Not the Problem - The New York Times - The reality, however, is that single motherhood is not the reason we have unusually high poverty in the United States, compared with other rich democracies ... Single-mother families are a surprisingly small share of our population. Among households headed by working-age adults, 8.8 percent of people lived in single-mother households in 2013 ... Nevertheless, we still fall below Ireland and Britain and are quite similar to Australia and Iceland ... Our political choices result in families headed by single mothers being 14.3 percent more likely to be poor than other families. (gotta have innocent parties to blame so we can take aways their birth-control and give more money to the riches

Purdue Pharma will no longer promote opioids to doctors - Axios - Oxycontin has been on the market for 22 years, and Purdue Pharma has been credited with aggressively promoting the drug and contributing to America's opioid epidemic (22 years later, they "stop")

Timothy Nolan: Ex-Campbell County judge to serve 20 years in sex trafficking plea - Former Judge Tim Nolan on Friday agreed to spend 20 years in prison for human trafficking. He used drugs, threats of arrest and threats of eviction to force women and girls under the age of 18 into sex acts ... He campaigned locally for President Donald Trump, was vocal on many conservative/tea party issues, and was elected to the Campbell County School Board in 2016. (your typical conservative, looks the part)

Black With (Some) White Privilege - The New York Times - But what did it mean about race and opportunity in the United States that many of the most celebrated black people in American cultural life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries happened to have been born to one white parent?

I am the very model of a New York Times contrarian. My intellect is polished but my soul's authoritarian ... I love to mount defenses for the vile and hypocritical, I filigree each sentence till its meaning I am burying, My job is to distract you from the rising smell of carrion.

Michigan Teenager Expected to Testify at Rape Trial Is Found Dead : news
'Horrific' Kentucky murder spree leaves 5 dead, including suspect - a shooting in a rural home near the city of Paintsville, Ky.
Parents suing Indiana DCS workers after warrantless blood draw : news
Pastor Sought in Sexual Assault of Girl at Hotel Says He Was in Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - "I did not do nothing wrong."

Would love for Weiss to name one innocent man who has "gone down with the ship;." I mean, most of the GUILTY men are still on fucking sundeck (Bari Weiss, conservative NYT hack)

The Songs That Bind - The New York Times - When do the strongest adult musical preferences set in? For women, it's age 13, for men, it's a bit later, 14. (music tastes never change much)
The Michigan town where only Christians are allowed to buy houses | US news : news
Resolved - "Draw home" - Who is a girl from the famous "Tereska" picture? : UnresolvedMysteries
David 'Chim' Seymour: Unraveling a 70-Year-Old Photographic Mystery

Science's pirate queen - Alexandra Elbakyan is plundering the academic publishing establishment

Researchers discover efficient and sustainable way to filter salt and metal ions from water : technology

After six months of treatment with medical cannabis, over 14 percent of elderly patients stopped using opioids altogether, while another 3.7 percent were able to reduce their dosage of opiates. : science (so, can we just call it the gateless gateway?)

Redditor posts that a former unresolved mystery regarding the identity of the young girl in the infamous "Tereska" photo has been solved. The person who solved the mystery and identified the young girl is another Redditor who comments and provides additional insight. : bestof

Cops and other law enforcement people of Reddit, what were some cases you worked on that made you think (even if for a moment) that something supernatural/paranormal was going on? : AskReddit
Snowboarder Red Gerard wins first U.S. gold medal of 2018 Winter Olympics : news

WeWork: The Perfect Manifestation of the Millennial Id - The Atlantic - The company sells a somewhat uneasy combination of capitalist ambition and cooperative warmth. (and is "worth" $20 billion)


Top official departs 'rudderliess' ailroad safety agency -- The resignation of the former acting chief of the Federal Railroad Administration comes while Democrats are blocking a vote on a permanent leader -- and as train-related deaths climb (dismantling big government because it never does anything useful and spends money we could give to rich people)

Israel carries out 'large-scale attack' in Syria after Israeli jet crashes under antiaircraft fire - Israel carried out extensive airstrikes inside Syria on Saturday, targeting what the Israeli military said were air defense batteries and army bases as well as Iranian positions, in a day of dramatic cross-border confrontations as the threat of a wider regional conflict looms ... If a direct hit on the Israeli aircraft is confirmed, it would mark the first time an Israeli jet has been downed by enemy fire since 1982 ... Netanyahu said that he had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin to reiterate '"our right and obligation to defend ourselves." He said that the two leaders agreed that their military cooperation would continue. (he's about to get prosecuted for crimes so start a war, remember that script)

Fired Official Was Exploring Resolution to 9/11 Case Precluding Death Penalty - The New York Times (fired because Trump likes to kill people to look tough and strong)

Trump concocted a story about a border agent' death. The truth won't catch up (and you sure won't see it on Fox +read the Swift quote, good Milbank)
Donald Trump 'kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet' | The Independent

L.A. federal judge rules that a key tool in Trump's immigration crackdown effort is illegal ... police departments violate the Constitution if they detain inmates at the request of immigration agents (Trump's police state suffers a small temporary set back)
ICE Set To Deport Undocumented Father Whose 5-Year-Old Son Is Battling Cancer | HuffPost
WH Website Still Lacks Spanish Version A Year Into Trump Admin (wonder why that is?)

Woodward and Bernstein: Trump's Russia response 'eerily similar' to Nixon's leading up to Saturday Night Massacre

Massive infusion of spending ends era of restraint for federal agencies, Pentagon - The Washington Post (the party of fiscal responsibilty for Democrats only will buy moar bombz)

Trump Blocks Release of Memo Rebutting Republican Claims - The New York Times (no facts for you, just Republican lies, hahaha, rules for you but not for me)
The White House's broken promise on the Democratic memo (excllent comments at the top)
Trump won't declassify Democratic memo on Russia probe, tweets that it was 'political.' The president's rejection of the Democratic memo is in contrast to his enthusiastic embrace of releasing the Republican document, which he pledged before reading to make public. (Dem memo too long for him to 'read') comment: "Maybe next time they could present it to him in a concise form he feels more comfortable with, like a coloring book."

Why I stayed. -- The first time he called me a "fucking bitch" was on our honeymoon (the "golden boy")

The Family: A Proclamation to the World - In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life (the "postmortal realm") We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets. (bow down to the patriarchy of God)

Gillibrand: If Trump wants due process, we'll have hearings on allegations against him

'Very turbulent' : Trump and White House consumed with turmoil amid abuse allegations (bigly turbulent)
For Trump, There's Nothing More Important Than A Powerful Man's Word | HuffPost - The president made a point of reminding everyone that his outgoing aide has denied the charges of domestic violence. (you know who else denied everything?)
Eschaton: The Crime Was Getting Caught - Nobody cared about the beating accusations because nobody cared about the beating accusations. For a certain kind of man (this is somewhat a generational "code of honor", but not just), it's ok to do anything you want to women, it's just not ok to get caught doing it. You know, cheat on your wife, but don't let her know about it, and certainly don't let her know about it in a way she can't pretend she doesn't know by having it become public. Do what you want, but just don't be dumb enough to get caught. The assault isn't the problem, the pictures are. And throw in Trump's narcissism, and the real problem is that it makes Trump look bad.
Eschaton: The General Is Just Not Wise To The Weird Morality Of DC - To be fair, this isn't entirely crazy, because he's been a creature of it for years so one can forgive him for being surprised that "beating your wife" would be frowned upon by them. -- Friends and associates noted that with Mr. Kelly's lack of experience in Washington politics, he may not have been attuned at first to how the domestic abuse allegations against Mr. Porter would be perceived. (NYT prints this bullshit)
Jennifer Willoughby calls Rob Porter's alleged abuse 'insidious' in blog post from April 2017
Maine's LePage unaware of alleged abuse by ex-White House staffer (it was a job qualification)

Eschaton: Where Did I Hear That Name - Meadows... Meadows... -- Several Trump confidantes reached by ABC News said the president is considering multiple names as possible Kelly replacements, among those, top economic adviser Gary Cohn, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Rep. Mark Meadows. -- Oh, right. -- The House Committee on Ethics is still investigating Rep. Mark Meadows's (R-NC) handling of sexual harassment complaints against his former chief of staff, numerous sources have confirmed to The Daily Beast ... A former Meadows aide has testified to the committee that top staff and, perhaps, even Meadows himself were made aware of West's behavior far earlier than has been publicly reported -- They're totally running out of people ... (out with the old, in with the new assholes)
Eschaton: The Worst People - As Trump cycles through the list of people actually willing to work for Trump, they're going to get more and more hideous...

As Jared Kushner's security clearance is delayed, White House hesitates to act on others with possible problems (they are all Russian agents)
As Other Aides Face Trump's Ire Over Rob Porter's Departure, Hope Hicks Is Praised ("Ire")
Hope Hicks: The quiet one in Trump's White House suddenly feels the glare (Trump loves her hair)

John Kelly needs to go | Fox News (Murdoch wants Kelly gone, no restraints of Trump insanity)

As list of Trump White House scandals grows, so does women's disapproval - Trump won larger percentages of women in 2016 during his race against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton than many on both sides of the aisle expected. More than 4 in 10 women -- and 52 percent of white women -- voted for Trump ... approval from white women has fallen since the president's first 100 days. While most white women voted for Trump in 2016, his approval rating has fallen 10 points since then, and strong disapproval of the president by this group rose 12 points, from 39 percent to 51 percent ... The group of women Trump performed best with was white women without college degrees ... Compared to his 2016 vote, his 2017 approval among blue-collar white women in the Rustbelt represented some of his largest declines anywhere -- 18 percentage points in Ohio and 19 in Wisconsin and Minnesota (blue-collar women are waking up, maybe, they were very disappointed in Trump's failure to repeal Obamacare +"Seventy-three percent of white evangelical women under thirty-five voted for Trump. Overall, 81 percent of white, born-again Evangelical Christians voted for Trump.")

It's Not Just These Cops. It's Not Just Baltimore. - Lessons we must take from an extraordinary trial ... And this demonstrates the way in which communities have been preyed upon by officers in ways that make them unwilling to trust the police. (America has an organized crime corrupt cop problem)

Nancy Pelosi is incredibly underrated - The Washington Post

She got Stanards - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Taxpayers paid for two hotel stays that former Rep. Jon Stanard, R-St. George, allegedly used for a tryst with a prostitute. (UT: a good mormon man)

Christian America dwindling, including white evangelicals, study shows - 43 percent of Americans identify as white Christians, and 30 percent as white Protestants ... a similar and relatively recent decline among evangelicals -- from 23 percent to 17 percent of the public from 2006 to 2016 ... White Christians are a minority in the Democratic Party. Fewer than 1 in 3 Democrats are white Christians, down from almost half 10 years ago ... Mississippi is the most homogeneous state in terms of religion (60 percent are Baptist) while New York is the most religiously diverse. (so comparing with women's disapproval above -- 81% evangelicals voted for Trump, including 73% of the young ones -- we have 14 million evangelical worshippers of Satan's lies --the hard core of the 62 million who bear the Mark of the Beast)
America's Changing Religious Landscape - Pew 2015 (has 25% evangelical protestant)

The Smearing of Woody Allen - The New York Times - Bret Stephens (Stephens is a true men-above-all conservative, starts out with Rolling Stone, commenters scream "innocent until proven guilty!")
NYT Opinion: What We Need Is A Climate Change Troofer Who Will Write Lightly-Researched Columns Attacking Dylan Farrow - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Pulitzer Prize-winning sincecure-haver Bret Stephens has taken a week in which the White House was found to have a nest of wife-beaters to devote 800 words to that most urgent of tasks ... defending Woody Allen (they get paid huge bucks to not be able to use google for a major opinion story attacking an abuse survivor)
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "As with global warming, Stephens throws in a hyperlink assuming that readers won't click and and see that it says the opposite of what he's claiming"
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "The link Stephens describes as the "only in-depth, contemporaneous and independent investigation into the allegations" is a two-page summary; the link he brushes off as mere after-the-fact criticism is a 33-page legal decision that weighs contemporary evidence in detail."
Dylan Matthews on Twitter: "My favorite part of this is Bret admitting he didn't do basic research before writing a column attacking an abuse survivor
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "the funny thing about the elite take economy is that the more reactionary your take the less it needs to be backed by anything approaching evidence or sound thinking"

Jon Lovett on Twitter: "Wrong. Again. Let's go through the facts, Bret. Good to do this before you hit publish but oh well. 1. Maco, the prosecutor in the case, took rare step of saying he had probable cause to charge Allen but declined because of the hell that would have been visited on a little girl. (Jon Lovett demolishes Bret Stephens and throws salt on the ruins of the "professionally smart" but Stephens has shown his true colors and this will follow him forever ... he didn't even read past NYT articles about it)

Here's The 1993 Woody Allen Custody Ruling In Its Damning, Detailed Entirety | HuffPost

They're Disneyland superfans. Why a lawsuit is alleging gangster-like tactics against one social club - The lawsuit reads like mob movie set in a theme park. The plot revolves around the Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club, whose leaders claim they have been bullied and terrorized by the head of the White Rabbits Social Club.

Evidence From Boston That Uber Is Making Traffic Worse - Streetsblog USA - Survey results show a large share of ride-hailing trips are substituting for transit, an indication of how badly the MBTA needs to improve bus and train service. ("MBTA improve service" hahaha)
Boston drivers are spending more time in traffic - The Boston Globe - the average driver spending 60 hours stuck in traffic during the year ... (Charlie hates the MBTA)

Eschaton: Why Do You Get Arrested For Fare Jumping - But not for stealing much more expensive parking? -I know the answer, but the powers that be need to be asked it more by journalists who are in touch with... haha I kid.
Former California Mayor Calls New Bikeway "Urban Rape" - "The rape will not be performed by a male penis, but by thousands of inanimate bicycles guided by individuals who will have absolutely no understanding of that precious tranquility they will be destroying," said former San Luis Obispo mayor Ken Schwartz. (get off my street!)

WEEI suspends Christian Fauria for mocking agent Don Yee's Asian heritage (racist radio sports fucks is normal)

Death planning software faces an obstacle: Baby boomers who want to live forever - The Boston Globe

Microsoft is trying to kill passwords. It can't happen soon enough


'Sinking' Pacific nation is getting bigger: study - Tuvalu
In rare Sacramento appearance, Schwarzenegger says Trumpps EPA chief needs to go ... Scott Pruitt ... "He does not represent the people. He only represents the special interests. He should be removed immediately."

Pence bashes North Korea's military parade, endorses Trump's parade

Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela's lawless roads

Dow travels more than 22,000 points in wild week - Stocks are falling as traders worry about rising interest rates, and volatility as measured by the VIX has jumped to its highest since the market turmoil of August 2015.
Democrats Pessimistic on Tax Cut: "We've Got What We've Got For The Next 30 Years" (why do Republican policies always last forever?)

American Spies Paid $100,000 to Russian Who Wanted to Sell Material on Trump - The New York Times

Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president's written intelligence report and relies on oral briefings (wonder why that is?) The last U.S. president who is believed not to have regularly reviewed the PDB was Richard Nixon.

Sen. Tim Kaine demands release of secret Trump war powers memo - NBC News - outlining President Trump's interpretation of his legal authority to wage war. ("Trump's interpretation" - we're screwed)

Trump officials said to be vexed by Kushner's security status (it's really hard for a Russian agent to get a security clearance these days)
Remember When Mishandling Classified Info Was the Worst Thing Possible in 2016? (and who walks out the door?)

Did Hillary Clinton collude with the Russians to get 'dirt' on Trump to feed it to the FBI? -- "The truth is that they [Democrats] are covering up that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to get dirt on Trump to feed it to the FBI to open up an investigation into the other campaign." -- Rep Devin Nunes (R-Ratfucker) (pretty primative defense, considering there weren't 400,000 Russian trolls for Hillary but that requires two facts which are two more than Fox watchers can handle - also: "collude with Russians" to learn of Russia's criminal activity with Trump" it's all about lie-thinking) - Four Pinocchios. (and one more comment:) "I'm waiting for Mueller to help put some coherent sentences together ... Nunes deserves one."

Second White House official departs amid abuse allegations, which he denies - The Boston Globe - A White House speechwriter resigned Friday after his former wife claimed that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent two-and-a-half-year marriage -- allegations that he vehemently denied, saying she was the one who victimized him. The abrupt departure of David Sorensen, a speechwriter who worked closely with senior policy adviser Stephen Miller ...During part of their marriage, he was a top policy adviser to Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage. (dingding)

Trump White House Fingered Corey Lewandowski in Rob Porter 'Smerar Campaign' A frantic effort to save the staff secretary has raised questions about just what the White House knew and when they knew it. (Trump's comment: "You'll never bang anyone as cute as Hope" makes much more sense now)

Top White House officials knew of abuse allegations against top aide for months - The Washington Post ... President Trump is enraged about the situation, though he still feels that it hasn't touched him (nothing ever touches him except, of course, Vlad +commment:) "The rest of his life friends and strangers alike will greet Mr. Porter with "do you still beat your wife?" folllowed by a "yuk, yuk." Purgatory in a bad 1950s comedy loop. Work on your answer, Mr. Porter." (and:) "Could have been worse. He could have been abusing four wives at the same time." (good Mormon)

Rob Porter's History of Domestic Abuse Wasn't a Secret. It's Just That No One Cared. The cops, the FBI, and the White House chief of staff all knew, and he still continued to rise through the ranks of our government's highest office (it was actually a plus)
Inside Hope Hicks' Troubled Romances with Ousted Top Trump Aides Rob Porter and Corey Lewandowski ... The newspaper published photos of Hicks and Porter recently enjoying dinner and drinks with Ivanka Trump and others at Rosa Mexicano in Washington, D.C., before appearing to return to Hick's apartment alone together. (for a quick bang) Hicks and Porter did not sit next to each other at the restaurant but that an eyewitness spotted them kissing and cuddling in the back of a taxi on their way home. (how sweet) Though Hicks is Roman Catholic and Porter is Mormon, they were reportedly seen praying together. (to Satan) (she likes abusive men, see Corey's hisotry)
Rob Porter's Ex-Wife: 'If He Hasn't Already Been Abusive' With Hope Hicks, 'He Will Be' (looks like she's into it)
Why the Hell Is Hope Hicks Getting Off Easy? - There's a special place in hell for women who choose to use what limited power they have to protect men who hurt women. ... John Kelly, a former general who, despite months ago spending some of his taxpayer-funded time pontificating to the press corps on how women used to be "sacred" reportedly knew about the alleged spousal abuse for months and signed off on the statement anyway. ("sacred" punching bags)
'Your story is mine' : Rob Porter's ex, Jennie Willoughby, inspires outpouring from abuse survivors
Rob Porter was 'quintessential golden boy' from Belmont now accused of abuse ... While a student at Belmont High School, Porter interned for Senator John Chaffee, a Rhode Island Republican. At Harvard, he relished being a conservative on a liberal campus. (now it all makes sense)

Kelly knew before abuse reports that Porter would be denied security clearance - POLITICO - The former White House staff secretary, who left the Trump administration on Thursday, was among multiple West Wing aides who had been working with only an interim security clearance.
Dozens of Trump officials still lack full security clearance - CNNPolitics ("Most" is the work you are looking for)
Dozens at White House lack permanent security clearances - The Washington Post (fuck your so-called "security")

FBI surveillance of Carter Page might have picked up Bannon - POLITICO - The former Trump campaign adviser says he spoke to Trump aide Steve Bannon about Russia in January 2017, at a time when the FBI had a controversial warrant to monitor Page's communications.

No. 3 Official at the Justice Department Is Stepping Down - The New York Times - Rachel L. Brand, the No. 3 official at the Justice Department, plans to step down after nine months on the job as the country's top law enforcement agency has been under attack by President Trump (she knows Trump will fire Rosenstein, she doesn't want to be there)

Devin Nunes is investigating me. Here's the truth -- Jonathan M. Winer, a Washington lawyer and consultant, is a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement and former special envoy for Libya. ... In the 1990s, I was the senior official at the State Department responsible for combating transnational organized crime. I became deeply concerned about Russian state operatives compromising and corrupting foreign political figures and businessmen from other countries. Their modus operandi was sexual entrapment and entrapment in too-good-to-be-true business deals. (sound familiar? ratfucker Nunes need to be locked up forever)
Clash with witness shows Nunes' drive to discredit dossier ... News of the subpoena was reported by a conservative media outlet just 10 minutes after the witness received it.
Rubio Defends Dem Senator After Fox News Report On Effort To Contact Steele - Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner's (D-VA) efforts to contact the author of the so-called Trump dossier last year. (after the Dumpster was elected) Rubio revealed that Warner had already informed the committee of the contacts and indicated it was not a big deal to the rest of the committee. (Fox is a yawning pit of evil)

Trump will not immediately release Democrats' memo on FBI surveillance

Americans don't believe Devin Nunes's nonsense
2/9: Showdown with the Intelligence Community: Americans More Likely to Believe the FBI than President Trump | Home of the Marist Poll - 71% of U.S. residents assert the Bureau is just trying to do its job. In contrast, 23% believe the FBI is biased against the president. Although 49% of Republicans believe the FBI has a grievance against Mr. Trump, more than four in ten (43%) say the Bureau is just carrying out its duties.

Steve Bannon: 'Anti-patriarchy' will be bigger than the tea party - "Time's up on 10,000 years of recorded history. This is coming. This is real." ... I think it's going to unfold like the tea party, only bigger ... It's not Me Too. It's not just sexual harassment. It's an anti-patriarchy movement." (he's right, and he's going to stop it how?)

The dumbest shutdown ever - POLITICO - The sole purpose of the all-nighter is to ensure federal employees can show up for work Friday without interruption - Rand Paul and Nancy Pelosi have virtually nothing in common. But on Thursday night, the conservative Kentucky firebrand and San Francisco Democratic leader teamed up to push Washington into what Capitol Hill dwellers are calling the dumbest shutdown fight ever.

Eschaton: Nobody Cares About The Deficit - Now can we stop pretending the Republicans care about the deficit? Haha the deficit scolds will be back as soon as Dems are in charge again. Only really stupid people can not see that Republicans run up the deficit, with tax cuts, wars, and occasionally some domestic spending, when they are in charge, and then the Democrats reduce it to win the love and adoration of voters Fred Hiatt, while not being able to fund any of their supposed other priorities, then we repeat. It's been that way since 1980. Not as if they have been hiding it. "Reagan proved deficits that don't matter," said Dick Cheney. (Dems always get played +your elite librul media at work)
Rush on the GOP budget: I just don't worry much about the national debt anymore (hahah suckers)

Eschaton: The Greatest Health Care System In The World - Perhaps I need to make this a daily reminder: We spent as much or more public (government, taxpayer, whatever you want to call it) money as most "comparable" countries (Europe, etc.) on health care, and then we spend that much again in private (yours, mine, the gofundmes which are increasingly the preferred way to get cancer treatment for your kid, etc.) money. (it's the Republican Way!)

Why the awe over Pelosi's stilettos? Let me tell you. - When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave a modern record-setting eight-hour speech on the House floor on Wednesday, the fact that she was wearing four-inch stilettos got almost as much attention as the immigration issue that had prompted her to take the floor.

Spurned in Milton, a race-baiting troll has found acceptance -- in Trump's D.C.

Fox News Removes Exec's "Darker, Gayer" Olympics Column After Uproar

Newsweek Editors Blast Exec to His Face: What You're Doing Is Bulls**t. You Don't Understand Journalism.' -- During an increasingly ugly meeting, the company's CCO refused to answer whether money laundering allegations were true and blamed staff for undermining the business.

Democrats' 'Resistance' to Trump Is Eroding, and So Are Their Poll Numbers (they need to "work with Trump")

The GOP Monster Is Out of the Lab - Geez Louise, mother, I wonder where they learned that? Maybe on their favorite television news network? Maybe on their radios, 12 hours a day? This has been another chapter in the new GOP classic, Governing: How Does It Work Anyway? The monster is out of the lab, folks, and it's having a helluva good time

Former U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright to run as Republican for 2nd Distr - Montgomery Alabama news. (switches parties because:) "mainly because my beliefs are conservative and that kind of held me back"

California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show -- Officers expressed sympathy with white supremacists and sought their help to target counter-protesters after a violent 2016 rally, (nazi cops love nazis) "It is shocking and really angering to see the level of collusion and the amount to which the police covered up for the Nazis"

'I hope he burns in hell': New accuser steps forward after viral - Montgomery Alabama news. - It was a Detroit mother who saw the viral video, immediately realizing it was her daughter who was being forced to perform a sex act. Shockingly, it took a Detroit news station to get the ball rolling at police headquarters. (not so "shockingly") When Slaten was 12 she told her mother about the abuse, but she says her mother didn't believe her

SPLC files request to close segregation units at Bibb Correctio - Montgomery Alabama news. - The Southern Poverty Law Center contends spot checks found at least 150 prisoners with serious mental illness in solitary despite a court order. (AL prisons are above the law and love to torture mentally ill people to make them more insane, this is in America)
Fort Hood soldier arrested in prostitution sting had rope, knife - Montgomery Alabama news ... During an 8-hour period, the department sent 5,800 texts. (?)

High-School Coachl 'Ignored' Boy's Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims - A second family is suing a Texas school district, claiming their minor athlete son was raped more than 30 times during sports team events ... Varsity players on all three teams were accused of sodomizing younger teammates with baseball bats, flashlights, and carbon-dioxide tanks. (watching too much anal porn?)

Escort claims lawmaker Jon E. Stanard met her for sex | Daily Mail Online - A married Republican lawmaker who voted for stricter laws against prostitution has abruptly resigned after an escort claims he met her twice for sex ... The allegations against Stanard risk backlash in fiercely Republican Utah, where the majority of the populace is Mormon and politics is heavily influenced by the church. The LDS Church doctrine bars sexual activity outside of marriage and adultery is regarded as one of the greatest of all the sins next to murder.
Anti-hooker lawmaker allegedly used taxpayer money for sex with escort | New York Post - A Utah lawmaker who voted for tougher penalties for prostitution has resigned amid allegations that he used taxpayer dough to pay for hotel rooms to hook up with an online escort, according to reports.

Rob Porter, and Mormonism's #MeToo Moment - Colbie Holderness says she met Rob Porter at a Mormon student congregation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. ... Holderness later divorced Porter, against her bishop's advice ... Willoughby, who was married to Porter from 2009 to 2013, also said Mormon bishops discouraged divorce. One of the bishops worked with Porter and warned her that filing a protective order could harm her husband's career.
The Mormon Church Was Complicit in Rob Porter's Alleged Abuse (as shown in the alleged photograph)
On Rob Porter, Mormonism, and siding with the abuser | Colorado Springs Gazette, News (patriarchal religion)
Rob Porter LDS member and Trump Staff Secy, ex-wife speaks of his abuse
Get Ready to Cringe: Jehovah's Witnesses Are Warning People Not to Masturbate -- Governing Body helpers Ralph Walls and Gary Breaux

#MeToo movement lawmaker investigated for sexual misconduct allegations - POLITICO - California legislator cut national profile as activist against sexual harassment. California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia -- whose high-profile advocacy of the #MeToo movement earned her national media notice -- s herself the subject of a state legislative investigation in the wake of a report that she sexually harassed and groped a former legislative staffer ... Daniel Fierro of Cerritos told POLITICO that in 2014, as a 25-year-old staffer to Assemblyman Ian Calderon, he was groped by Garcia, a powerful Democratic lawmaker who chairs the Legislative Women's Caucus and the Natural Resources Committee ... Fierro, who said Garcia appeared inebriated, said she began stroking his back, then squeezed his buttocks and attempted to touch his crotch before he extricated himself and quickly left.
Assemblywoman at forefront of #MeToo movement accused of sexual misconduct
California Assembly speaker says allegations against assemblywoman are under investigation

Eschaton: My Rights Versus Yours - Well then. -- Three former employees of the famed Cato Institute say they were sexually harassed by Ed Crane, the 73-year-old co-founder and president emeritus of the think tank and one of the most recognizable figures. -- There's always money in the banana stand... for some things.
Former Cato employees describe years of harassment - POLITICO - Libertarian leader and ex-Cato President Ed Crane repeatedly made inappropriate sexual comments, staffers say ... Ed Crain ... One former employee said Crane asked her to take off her bra. Another said he compared her breasts to pornographic images on his computer. A third said he sent her an email on breast augmentation. Crane also settled an additional sexual harassment claim by a former employee in 2012 ... James Davis, a spokesperson for the Koch brothers ... Crane retains the title of president emeritus at Cato and was paid more than $400,000 annually from the powerful think tank in the years after he left ... (wingnut/asshole welfare is awesome)

Jill Messicks's Family Issues Blistering Statement on Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan - "Seeing her name in headlines again and again, as part of one person's attempt to gain more attention for her personal cause, along with Harvey's desperate attempt to vindicate himself, was devastating for her," Veteran studio executive and producer Jill Messick died by suicide on Wednesday after battling depression for many years, her family tells The Hollywood Reporter. ... Rose told Jill what had happened -- that she made the decision to remove her clothes and get in the hot tub with him -- a mistake which Rose immediately regretted. Rose never once used the word rape in that conversation ... Five years ago, Jill suffered a manic episode ... What makes Rose's inaccurate accusations and insinuations against Jill ironic was that she was the first person who stood up on Rose's hehalf ... There is a responsibility when using a platform to accurately expose criminals, predators, mistruths and misdeeds while protecting the actual truth of third parties.
Jill Messick Dead: Producer and Former Rose McGowan Manager Was 50 | Hollywood Reporter

San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents + CBS San Francisco

Fox News executive VP rails against diversity of US Olympians: "Darker, Gayer, Different" ... John Moody, who serves as the network's executive vice president and an executive editor, criticized the diversity of Team USA in an op-ed a day before the 2018 Winter Olympics were scheduled to open in PyeongChang, South Korea. (soulless creep just look at him, also "why can't we be like Hitler's Olympics?")

Eschaton: Priorities - While we're on local sports franchises. -- The people of Cobb County, Ga., have a budget conundrum on their hands, thanks to craven former county chairman Tim Lee's insistence on spending almost $400 million in public money for a stadium without giving the public a chance to vote on it. Despite a record-high tax digest, the county is $30 to 55 million in the hole after unlocking a $21 million rainy day fund to fill out the 2018 budget. (Tax cuts passed by Lee have also contributed to the shortfall.) The parks budget has already been beset by issues; non-profits have seen their funding dry up. The latest public institution on the chopping block is the library system, only months after Cobb County unveiled a fancy $10 million new library. -- There's always money in the banana stand... for some things. (one Republican sportsdude bankrupted the entire county and destroyed everything Republicans hate like education and libraries but they got a new stadium black people can't get to, so win/win +tax-cuts!)

The Michigan town where only Christians are allowed to buy houses - Bay View is for many an idyllic community - but a lawsuit will test its rule that only practicing Christians can own property (thought they tried that with the Yaphank Nazis)

Eschaton: MOOC'd - Something else I've been proved fucking right about. -- After spending $75 million and struggling to create a signature product, the University of Texas System's Institute for Transformational Learning closed its doors last week. The decision follows a recent investigation by The Texas Tribune and Reveal that raised questions about the system's spending. The institute was created in 2012 under former Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa and the UT System Board of Regents. It was envisioned as a kind of startup technology company that would create digital learning tools like a platform for health education, online courses available to people around the world and an iPad app that would let students access course materials. (haha, $75 mil for an ipad app and huge salaries for administrator grifters, that's it fools)

Thirty-two frightening snapshots of a hanging. And no one knew who the victims were -- until now ... Szalasi, known as the "Hungarian Hitler" was the fascist, pro-Nazi leader of Hungary's notorious Arrow Cross party, and puppet dictator of Hungary in the closing months of the war. A virulent anti-Semite, he and his party were responsible for the murders and deportations of tens of thousands of Hungary's Jews ... The Arrow Cross led pogroms in Budapest and, aided by Nazi deportation boss Adolf Eichmann, forced 100,000 Jews to go on a "death march" to the Austrian border in the fall of 1944 ... Some Jews had even fled to Hungary for safety, Rebecca Erbelding, a scholar at the Holocaust museum, has said. (so Hungary and Poland - "we had nothing to do with exterminating Jews and we'll sue you if you say we did" - are reverting to form)

L.L. Bean, Citing Abuse, Tightens Its Generous Policy on Returns - The New York Times (the pigs always spoil it for everyone else)
Amazon to Launch Delivery Service That Would Vie With FedEx, UPS - WSJ


How The EPA's Scott Pruitt Became the Most Dangerous Member of Trump's Cabinet (two-dimensional man waging war on your environment)

Here's what war with North Korea would look like - A full-blown war with North Korea wouldn't be as bad as you think. It would be much, much worse. (what fire Trump and your war-hungry military are playing with)

2 of ISIS's Infamous British Fighters Are Captured by Syrian Kurds

Bermuda Bans Same-Sex Marriage Less Than 1 Year After Legalizing It | HuffPost - Ty Cobb, director of Human Rights Campaign Global, said in a statement that Rankin and the Bermuda Parliament "have shamefully made Bermuda the first national territory in the world to repeal marriage equality" (how many Ty Cobbs are there?)

Dow plunges 1,033 points and sinks into correction - Feb. 8, 2018

An escort girl may be the latest 'Russia Gate' link - Alexey Navalny has published new corruption allegations against Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko and oligarch Oleg Deripaska, alleging that the two met aboard Deripaska's yacht in August 2016 off the coast of Norway, possibly to discuss the oligarch's relationship with Paul Manafort and his role in Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
Oligarch met with top Russian official after Trump aide 'offered briefings'

Twitter failed to remove hundreds of Russian propaganda videos aimed at Americans - Feb. 8, 2018

House Intel Republicans plan to wall off their aides from Democratic staffers - CBS News - In a sign of increasing partisan hostilities, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee plan to construct a wall -- a physical partition -- separating Republican and Democratic staff members in the committee secure spaces ... expected to happen this spring. (the metaphors speak for themselves the wall is in their brains)

George W. Bush says Russia meddled in 2016 US election (who are you going to believe, Bush and the entire intelligence community, or Fox, Trump and Putin?)
Investigate Russia: Get The Truth | Committee to Investigate Russia - Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Former CIA Director John Brennan sit down with Director/Actor/Activist Rob Reiner for a candid conversation about what Russia did during the 2016 election and why they are concerned by what they are seeing now.

ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency Under Trump - mmigration enforcers have tried for years to get access to spy agency secrets. Civil libertarians call the prospect 'frankly terrifying' -- and a lot more realistic under Trump.

White House faces huge questions on Rob Porter exit - Axios ... Porter, 40 -- a clean-cut Harvard and Oxford standout who was chief of staff to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) (rots from the head, which is rotten)
"He Was F---ing Pissed": With Rob Porter Gone, the Heat on John Kelly Is Increasing Trump is not happy with the chaos; Jared and Ivanka are trying to right the ship; and even Hope Hicks, one of the president's closest confidantes, is in trouble ... The crisis also raises questions about Hope Hick's decision-making, and whether her romantic relationship with Porter clouded her judgment.
The 'family values' crowd is mute on Rob Porter [UPDATE]
Rob Porter scandal: Everywhere but Fox News - Feb. 8, 2018 (complete blackout in their brains)
Hope Hicks, elusive Trump aide, in the spotlight amid Rob Porter scandal - Feb. 8, 2018 ... "Remember, she's the longest-serving aide" Trump has with him in the White House
The White House's Rob Porter debacle is a sign of incompetence or hubris -- or both

Justice Dept. official who helped oversee Clinton, Russia probes steps down - The Washington Post - He cited personal reasons. His departure from the high-pressure job comes as President Trump and his Republican allies have stepped up attacks on the Justice Department, the FBI and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III for their handling of the Russia probe. (making America great by destroying all its institutions)

Nunes: We've 'grappled' with approaching Chief Justice Roberts ... to "testify" before Congress as part of his investigation into political malfeasance at the Department of Justice ... ike I said, we have thought a lot about this. And the answer is we don't know the correct way to proceed because of the separation of powers issue," (but we're working on that also and by the way, fuck your norms, mornies)

Retired Major General Issues Blistering Takedown Of Trump Parade Plan | HuffPost - Unfortunately, we do not have a commander in chief, right now, as much as we have a wannabe banana republic strong man

Sweeping budget deal would add more than $500 billion in federal spending, end months of partisan wrangling - The Washington Post
Republicans are completely reversing themselves on the deficit - The Washington Post - Republican lawmakers in 2011 brought the U.S. government to the brink of default, refused to raise the debt ceiling, demanded huge spending cuts, and insisted on a constitutional amendment to balance the budge (hahaha suckers, you blieved our bullshit +your so-called "Constitution" doesn't apply to us +comment:) "This will be Trump's biggest bankruptcy yet. The bankruptcy of the United States of America."

Allies Turn to TV to Warn Him Off a Mueller Interview - Delivering on-air messages to the channel-surfing president (Jesus Fucking Christ

Democrats expand battleground, target 101 GOP seats - NBC News - the largest in a decade ... The seven new targets push Democrats even deeper into Republican territory in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Texas. ... Democrats are now fielding candidates in all but 12 of the 238 districts held by Republicans,
Ratings Changes in 21 Districts | The Cook Political Report - At this point, we still view Democrats as ever-so-slight favorites to net at least 24 seats and win a majority, but it's a much closer fight than it was in December, when Democrats held a wider lead in national polls. (add in Russian hacking)

Republicans Stopped Sabotaging the Economy Because They Have the White House Now
This Budget Deal May Be The End Of The House Freedom Caucus (they always were hollow souls dedicated to obstruction)

'It's Bad': Omarosa Cries Through Description of Trump White House on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Samantha Bee Imagines The Memo Sequels That Devin Nunes Is WorkingO said the former research assistant who said she received an email from Crane about breast augmentation in 2003. n | HuffPost "Nunes Memo: The Squeakquel"

'Tough it out': Watch Jeff Sessions recommend aspirin instead of opioids for chronic pain patients (and no cheap pot for you either +thanks for electing a regime of sadistic fuckers, Russia ... oh)
Opioid Law Enforcement, Not Treatment, Is Trump's Priority : Shots - Health News : NPR ("lock 'em up" said the sadistic fucker)

Journal editorial cartoon sparks controversy | Albuquerque Journal - The syndicated cartoon showed an apparently frightened white couple being accosted at gunpoint by members of MS-13, an international criminal gang targeted by President Donald Trump whose members are primarily from Central America.

Eschaton: The Worst Thing Hillary Clinton Said During The 2016 Campaign - To me, anyway, and I don't mean it contributed to her losing the election -- "Now, I'm a little different from those who say free college for everybody. I am not in favor of making college free for Donald Trump's kids." -- This isn't about free college, it's about the idea that every public/publicly provided good needs to be means tested. I think we should soak the rich. We do that by taxing the hell out of them. If their kids want to go to Penn State* (they won't, because they are rich and can go to Harvard), fine. The truth is there aren't that many rich people ... (it's who she is -- she could have said " Sure, I'm in favor of free college, Make America Smart Again. And if a rich kid like Donnie Jr. wants to go to a public college instead of Wharton or Harvard, that's fine too! Because there really aren't that many rich kids overall, and the last thing we need is some kind of regressive "means testing". Next question?"

Eschaton: Mysteries - I don't have kids. I'm not likely to have them in any imaginable scenario. I still want good schools and state funded parental leave and free pre-K and cheap-to-free public universities etc. I have a hard time believing that *most* people who have kids won't benefit from these things directly, and yet... they're perceived as unicorns. (comment:) "Even if you don't have kids and don't benefit directly from local taxes for schools, you don't want little savages roaming the streets, do you?"

Eschaton: These Ideas We Shall Always Have With Us - United States of Care is basically an extension of the "Bipartisan Policy Center"'s future of health care initiative (I don't mean institutionally, I mean some of the players, including Frist and Andy Slavitt and Tom Daschle, and their general thrust). Amazing how these people all have so much time to participate in so many of these things! ... Anyway, the point about means testing is here ... "Approaches to affordability that do not over-subsidize higher-income Americans or under-subsidize lower-income Americans" ... Gotta get it juuuuuuuuust right. Not too hot or too cold. Again, the way to get it juuuuuuuust right is simply to tax the hell out rich people, not to force people to leap through fire hoops to prove their eligibility.

From Expensing Yachts to Chasing The Onion: I Watched the Newsweekly Die From the Inside - POLITICO Magazine - Newsweek is in shambles. Time moved to Des Moines. Is it my fault?

A slow-motion disaster: : Journalism museum in talks about possible building sale ... The survival of the Newseum -- which charges one of the city's highest museum entrance fees at up to almost $25 per person -- has long been in doubt as it has sought to compete for visitors and donors in a capital awash in free cultural institutions. In 2016, the museum operated at a substantial loss ... more than triple the shortfall from the previous year ... finances have been a perpetual source of concern, even as it has paid hefty salaries to its top executives (oh, what a surprise +the "press" has served America so well, a failed monumwent to failure +maybe Trump or Murdoch will buy it)

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court Explains Why It Struck Down Congressional Map Favoring GOP | HuffPost - Since redrawing the state's congressional map in 2011, Republicans have consistently won 13 of the state's 18 congressional seats, even though Democrats outpace Republicans statewide in party registrations (that's how effective their evil has beeen and now they want to impeach their Supreme Court because no laws for them)

From Fallujah to FBI investigation: The undoing of Duncan Hunter - POLITICO - he Republican congressman faces allegations of misusing campaign funds, and his freewheeling Washington lifestyle is coming under scrutiny, too. (another family crime business, but how have the mighty...)

A marijuana harmfulness perception study in Oregon found that over half of adults consider alcohol to be more harmful than marijuana and only 16% of Republicans consider marijuana to be more harmful than alcohol. : science

Just 3 months in prison leads to reduced self-control, measured as increased risk taking and reduced attentional performance. This is a significant finding, as released prisoners may be less capable of living a lawful life than they were prior to their imprisonment. : science (so, we build for-profit prisons to create better criminals, win-win plus this study was in the Netherlands, imagine the effect in sado-America)

Seattle Olympian: My coach abused me on USA Swimming's watch - Ariana Kukors: 'I was able to leave a horrible monster' < br />
Kate Upton Says Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano 'Forcibly Grabbed My Breasts' | HuffPost - It was an emotional and nonstop battle of games, power struggles and creative avoidance tactics ... repeatedly groped her and called her a "fat pig" after she rejected him. (they should bottle his scent: essence de la masculinite toxique)

Scott Baio Facing New Allegations From Another 'Charles In Charge' Costar | HuffPost - Baio is accused of verbal attacks, mental abuse and physical assault. (charles was in charge, you hear?)

Quentin Tarantino Apologizes to Roman Polanski Victim Samantha Geimer | IndieWire - arantino keeps finding himself behind the eight-ball

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn - The New York Times - American adolescents watch much more pornography than their parents know -- shaping their ideas about pleasure, power and intimacy. Can they be taught to see it more critically?

Richard Pryor Widow Says Yes, He Did Bang Brando ... And There's No Shame - Brando would "f*** anything. Anything! He'd f*** a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye ... It was the '70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you'd f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning"

Date Lab:?She couldn't remember where she knew him from. He recognized her right away. (for the/skip to comments)
Date Lab:?She thought it went well until he said, 'Let's keep in touch' ... Scott identifies as demisexual, meaning, as he explained, "it takes a little while for me to get to know somebody and actually build an attraction." (most commenters are "retarded")

Hulu Lost $920 Million Last Year : television (a peek into the young's media usage)

98 year old finds out how old he really is. : videos

-dtompkins- comments on Dave Tompkins is overrated

Professor reply to student complain about his class : bestof (see now again, but in iambic pentameter)

Hey.. wtf man? : WTF


Live Views of Starman - YouTube
Starman, Gilded Plutocracy edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biggest B-52 bombing run ever in Afganistan - dropping 24 precision-guided munitions on Taliban fighting positions during 96 hours (moar bombz, moar dead brown people)

'Extreme' Suffering in Syria as Government Steps Up Bombing

Tom Wright on Twitter: "Chris Nelson reported in his newsletter last night that Stephen Miller was responsible for the Trump admin pulling Victor Cha's nomination b/c of his views on the use of force & KORUS. Miller subsequently led an effort to smear Victor to cover up the real reason. 1/2" ... If true, Miller has gravely harmed US national security interests. Outrageous that Kelly, McMaster, and Tillerson would tolerate this. 2/2

Meghan Markle 'denied knowing her own half-brother' | Daily Mail Online - That's distant family and I don't know those people' - 'That's pretty harsh,' he said, adding that it was a 'slap in the face' after the two grew up together - 'We were as close as we could be, as tight as we could be,' he said

Dan Nexon on Twitter: My field's role is, really, part of a broader self-motivated amnesia. We convinced ourselves that the west was inoculated against a virus, when really we were dealing with a cancer.
Dan Nexon on Twitter: " But this ground was all prepared for them, and my field is particularly complicit in how we handled -- and fucking *taught* -- Clash of Civilizations, as @profmusgrave reminds me repeatedly." (the "white civilization" vs. the "brown civilization" -- focus outward, never look inward at your metastasizing Republican cancer)

Also XIV surprises, Wynn, KodakCoin and the decline of public markets.

Russians penetrated U.S. voter systems, says top U.S. official - NBC News - The U.S. official in charge of protecting American elections from hacking says the Russians successfully penetrated the voter registration rolls of several U.S. states prior to the 2016 presidential election. ... "We saw a targeting of 21 states and an exceptionally small number of them were actually successfully penetrated." (so, like 15?)

Hope Hicks' boyfriend Rob Porter resigns after abuse claim | Daily Mail Online BOTH ex-wives accuse him of abuse - including one who told that he CHOKED and PUNCHED her ... The couple met in 2000 at their Mormon church while they were in college - 'He was never physically abusive until our honeymoon and that floored me,' Holderness told (a good Mormon patriarch always waits until the honeymoon until punching his wife with the Fist of God) second ex-wife Jennifer Willoughby, also shared the story of her abusive marriage with She says he dragged her out of the shower and was verbally abusive ... Holderness confirmed that she was interviewed by the FBI about her marriage after Porter was tapped for his current White House position and required a security clearance -- which he has not received (very blackmailable by Putin)

"Beyond Disbelief": John Kelly's Defense of Rob Porter Roils the West Wing -- Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who has been accused of abusing his former wives, is Kelly's right hand -- and dating Hope Hicks, one of Trump's closest confidantes. But Kelly's declaration that Porter is a man of "true integrity and homor" was seen as deeply tone deaf -- Porter also helped Kelly conduct a West Wing organizational study that provided Kelly with a cudgel to sideline Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, two former West Wing officials told me. The officials also said Kelly supported Porter even after the F.B.I. delayed granting Porter's security clearance because they uncovered his alleged history of spousal abuse. (they knew)
Former Wives of Top White House Aide Rob Porter Both Told FBI He Abused Them ... "Up until then, he had always done it in a way that didn't leave marks ... He graduated to choking me, not ever hard enough to make me pass out, or frankly to leave marks, but it was frightening and dehumanizing ... He was always a hair-trigger away" (Kelly's kind of guy, leave no marks on the body)

White House officials knew about Porter's abuse allegations and scrambled to protect him ... Porter's ex-wives detailed the allegations to the FBI over the course of a routine background check ... (they didn't rat him out, they just told the truth when asked)

Trump's Very Soviet Fixation on Applause (very Stalinist)
'Tanks, but no tanks': D.C. officials pan Trump's proposed grand military parade
Nixon's Palace Guard (it's in their DNA)

But Will They Wear #MAGA Hats? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump's bald spot exposed by a gust of wind | Daily Mail Online ("bald spot" = his whole fucking head)
Donald Trump's Hair Illusion Came Undone and We All Missed It ("we all" = Jonathan Chait)

Senate budget deal would bust budget caps, raise debt limit - Axios - This means DACA will likely be dealt with -- or not -- on its own terms and not used as a hostage in a government shutdown stare-down.

Fox New' latest 'bombshell' on Obama and the FBI is a total fraud -- Trump is already tweeting about it ... So what was Obama interested in? Most likely, he wanted information about the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia ... (every twisted lie and distortion)
Obama Text from FBI Agent Hyped by Fox News Reportedly Was Not About Clinton Probe | Mediaite

Right-wing media obsesses over FBI text message story; hours later it's debunked ... indicates that key text messages the story relied on were taken out of context, and portrayed as meaning something entirely different than what they actually meant ... Drudge Report and Breitbart to InfoWars and the Gateway Pundit. The story eventually made his way to the president himself, who amplified it further when he tweeted, "NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!" ... Fox News continued to discuss the story on its air Wednesday afternoon, even after multiple outlets -- including the Wall Street Journal, which is controlled by Fox head Rupert Murdoch -- had reported contrary information. (zombies trying to eat your brain)

How the Republicans rigged Congress -- new documents reveal an untold story -- Exclusive: Insider documents unveil Republican's years-long scheme to gerrymander America and undermine democracy -- The visionaries at the Republican State Leadership Committee, who designed the aptly-named strategy dubbed REDMAP, short for Redistricting Majority Project, managed to look far beyond the short-term horizon. They designed an audacious and revolutionary plan to wield the gerrymander as a tool to lock in conservative governance of state legislatures and Congress. (ratfucked, literally, while Barry floated above it all on a bipartisan cloud)

Military veterans defy Jeff Sessions, fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction : news

Black Lung Study Finds Biggest Cluster Ever Of Fatal Coal Miner's Disease -- NIOSH confirms 416 cases of progressive massive fibrosis or complicated black lung in three clinics in central Appalachia from 2013 to 2017 ... coal miners mostly from Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia (vote Trump and Make America Dead Again)

Eschaton: It's Pennies - The thing about the obsession with "disability fraud" - Fuck you Washington Post and This American Life with your smug bullshit - is that even if there are a significant number of moochers scamming the system, the monthly disability check is so low and the requirements to qualify and continue receiving it are so onerous... how dare anyone make an issue of this. Peoplea re getting filthy rich stealing money from taxpayers through the Pentagon and elsewhere. If this is your priority as a reporter and an editor, there is something seriously broken in your brain. Hope someone runs hit pieces on your disability "scam" when you need it, assholes ... The belief that the poorest and most marginalized people in society Actually Have It Better Than Everybody is destroying us. The souls of the people perpetuating this bullshit are already destroyed, and if I believed in an afterlife I'd at least be content knowing which way they were headed.

Cash for Coalition Against Trump Going Into Consultants' Pockets Instead As Trump ran for president, the group raised money promising to stop him -- while dedicating more than 90 percent of its expenditures to paying its own members.

Eschaton: The Permanent Floating Professional Dems - Members of the party out of power gotta eat, and more importantly they gotta keep in the game. There isn't a lot of money to support lefty causes, but there is a lot of money to support fighting lefty causes. So we get astro-turf groups like the "United States of Care." It's only supported by nonprofits, they are quick to say! Cool. Of course these days in the health care industry the profit/nonprofit distinction is meaningless. The non-profit hospital chain funding the non-profit organization which is the primary funder of this advocacy group is in talks to merge with another non-profit hospital chain to become the largest hospital chain in the country. Take the profit out of big hospital chains and you're left with massive executive compensation. It has Obama people on board, supporting this noble cause ...

Shaun King on Twitter: "Dear @UNLincoln, You are aware that Dan Kleve, one of your students, is a violent white supremacist. In this video he openly says he wants more violence and is waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Your students want to know why you are so strongly protecting him."

Steve Wynn is out as CEO of Wynn Resorts

Report finds Kruse groped women at Oregon Capitol, misbehavior escalated after warnings | - Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg ... not only subjected two female senators to unwanted touching, he groped or gave lingering hugs to many other women working at the Oregon Capitol ... in a damning report released Tuesday ... misconduct by Kruse against a member of the House, a third female senator, two law students who used to work for him, Republican and non-partisan staffers, a former legislative aide and a lobbyist .. fingers would occasionally slide over the bottoms of her breasts while he hugged her ... Kruse told the investigator that he believed his behavior was "instinctual ... It's not easy to change when you have been doing something for 67 years" (and you thought Franken was bad)

Women say Marines did nothing after officer harassed them - Two civilian officials with the Marine Corps say their boss, a Marine officer, repeatedly made sexually explicit overtures to them at work, and their complaints to leadership were minimized,

Performers And Staffers At "Sleep No More" Say Audience Members Have Sexually Assaulted Them -- Former performers and staff at the wildly popular immersive theater production say the show's fantasy environment emboldens some audience members to commit sexual misconduct. ("instinctual")

Ten women sign letter accusing Northwestern journalism professor Alec Klein of sexual harassment and assault | Bleader - The letter also details allegations of bullying remarks and harassment of a nonsexual nature ... "We are writing this letter because despite numerous allegations, investigations and complaints -- and at least one settlement -- Alec Klein is still teaching. He still has tenure. He is still leading the Medill Justice Project, a crown jewel of the institution. Many of us have spoken to Title IX officers. We've spoken to other university officials and still, nothing happens" (MSU-level coverups, burn the whole place down)

Judy Chicago, the Godmother - The New York Times - For decades, the feminist artist was pushed to the sidelines. - Relevant once again, she can no longer be ignored.

Eschaton: I Love New Marketing Phrases - This is a good one. "It's no longer a shopping mall but a consumer engagement space, which opens up a world of opportunities for developers in terms of how they use this space," Brown said.

Ramona Singer's ex Mario ugly clash with Kasey Dexter | Daily Mail Online - Nasty split! Ramona Singer's ex Mario, 64, 'calls police to remove mistress' Kasey Dexter, 36, from Florida home after 'catching her cheating' ... He also told her that she is 'only good for fake tits and fake lips,' it was alleged.

Another Round of Layoffs Hit Funny or Die - Splitsider - A year and a half after a round of layoffs that shuttered the San Mateo engineering office and left 37 people without a job and almost one year since closing the New York office, Funny or Die has made some more cuts today

How Facebook Is Killing Comedy - Splitsider - Last month, in its second round of layoffs in as many years, comedy hub Funny or Die reportedly eliminated its entire editorial team following a trend of comedy websites scaling back, shutting down, or restructuring their business model away from original online content ... "There is simply no money in making comedy online anymore. Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy and we need to fucking talk about it." ... they are favoring things that are clickbait, things that are optimized for Facebook, low-quality things that appeal to the lowest common denominator and, honestly, just things at random ... Facebook flattens everything out and makes it the same. That's how we have a Russian propaganda problem ... Facebook is essentially AOL 2.0. (!) (FB debasing/flattening American culture is what it was designed to do +Matt Klinman writes a very thoughtful piece) )

More Americans who consider themselves white are discovering they are part African through DNA tests - The Washington Post

People who understand evolutionary theory are more likely to accept it, even if they are religious or politically conservative. : science

Update on site-wide rules regarding involuntary pornography and the sexualization of minors : announcements

Russian Trolls Ran Wild On Tumblr And The Company Refuses To Say Anything About It - Tumblrs run by Russian trolls generated hundreds of thousands of interactions with anti-Hillary Clinton, pro-Bernie Sanders content (the BernieBros were Russians with their "steal the primary" bullshit)


FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered. - The New York Times - Hurricane Maria had torn through Puerto Rico, and hungry people needed food. Thirty million meals needed to be delivered as soon as possible. For this huge task, FEMA tapped Tiffany Brown, an Atlanta entrepreneur with no experience in large-scale disaster relief and at least five canceled government contracts in her past ... wedding caterer in Atlanta ... And FEMA inspectors discovered a problem: The food had been packaged separately from the pouches used to heat them. FEMA's solicitation required "self-heating meals." Ms. Brown a fashion line and has several self-published books, and describes herself on Twitter as "A Diva, Mogul, Author, Idealist with scars to proves it." ... Ms. Brown claims the agency did not specify that the meals and heaters had to be together. ("self-heating" was incomprehensible) She is seeking a settlement of at least $70 million. (hahah suckers, only the worst of the worst when lives are at stake, drain the swamp, Trumpsters +just look at the "meal")
If Anything, Hillary Clinton Was Too Prepared - Lawyers, Guns & Money (we need more Tiffany)
FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered. : news (Trump made "a deal")

Fatal Amtrak Crash in South Carolina Is New Challenge for Rail Service - The New York Times (it's a real challenge to spend money so we don't kill people)
Amtrak train breaks apart at 125 mph | New York Post - A high-speed Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart as it was cruising through Maryland on Tuesday

North Korean State Media: 'Old Lunatic' Trump 'Cannot Deodorize Nasty Smell From His Dirty Body' (they are pretty good at this)

Saudi Suspected of Trying to Join Qaeda Camp Is Arrested in Oklahoma - The New York Times

Falcon Heavy Tandem Landing : videos
Two Falcon Heavy side core rockets landing simultaneously : gifs

'There's genuine carnage out there': Global markets tumble as Dow opens down (the real "carnage in the streets")
Stock market looks to open lower Tuesday as stock futures fall into negative territory
Live by the Dow, Die by the Dow? Trump Is Quiet on Market - The New York Times

US trade gap hits $566 billion in 2017, highest since 2008

Polarization, Partisanship and Junk News Consumption over Social Media in the US - Computational Propaganda Project
News that forecasts elections may confuse voters, lower turnout | Pew Research Center (and we know how easily confused voters are, esp Republicans)
'Junk' political news shared more widely by Trump backers, study finds ... than all other groups combined, significantly magnifying the polarization in the American electorate (their minds are full of 'junk')

What Trump's Speech Says About His Mental Fitness - The difference between the younger man talking in sentences and the older one talking in vocal ejaculations is evidence not of decline but authenticity -- he has settled into his normal. Late in life an artless man has learned that he could leave his linguistic fly unzipped and life would go on. It may not be pretty, but it isn't a sign that his pants are going to fall down. (McWhorter is a linguist, not a shrink, try this comment:) "Very few people speak like this, even in casual, very relaxed conversation. The excerpt you analyze is a stream of consciousness rendering of a scattered, deteriorated mind; linguistically flawed, grasping at straws, with no control, and making free association leaps." (and this one:) "Trump's speech doesn't communicate ideas so much as it simply broadcasts his id. His base finds that much easier to connect with."

Bob Mueller's Investigation Is Largerer -- And Further Along -- Than You Think -- President Trump claimed in a tweet over the weekend that the controversial Nunes memo "totally vindicates" him, clearing him of the cloud of the Russia investigation that has hung over his administration for a year now. Nothing could be further from the truth. (nothing could be farther from the truth than Trump) it's important to understand that there are no fewer than five (known) separate investigations under the broad umbrella of the special counsel's office

Trump's Lawyers Seem to Think He's Incapable of Not Lying (wonder why they think that?)

Bannon not expected to appear before House Intel Tuesday despite subpoena (he's above the law like Trumpster)

Russians 'have something' on Trump, Frederica Wilson says in Miami

Sessions calls for 'fresh start' at FBI (he was sad to hear there aren't any Democrats in the whole FBI that he could fire)

Trump: muted State of Union reaction 'treasonous' (clap harder for the god-emperor)
Donald Trump Cracks the Seal on Talk of Treason - Trump might not be able to see where this very slippery slope leads, but the political arsonists around him do. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.

Nunes: Fine, the FBI Didn't Lie, But Its Font Was Too Small (and he couldn't read the "footnote") Notice how "The FBI LIED about the Steele dossier" has been scaled back to, "The FBI did not highlight the truth about the Steele Dossier in the part of the application we bothered to read." (more "bombshells" a "million times bigger than Watergate and the American Revolution" to follow)
Devin Nunes Has No Evidence, No Plan, and No Idea What He's Doing The House Intelligence chair is wandering around in the dark. (of his own brain, mumbling Goebbels quotes without knowing he's talking like a Nazi)
Well, Well, Well: Nunes Admits the Partisan Origins of the Dossier *Had* Been Disclosed After All (even Redstate)
The Nunes Memo and the Law of Unintended Consequences - Lawfare

Some derp called it treason - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Just imagine what would happen if a country that was hostile to the U.S. successfully exploited this country's festering racism.
How Is the New Crop of Republican Candidates Looking? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A former leader in the American Nazi Party is about to be the only Republican on the ticket for a congressional race in Illinois.

"He Wants a Killer": Post-Bannon, Post-Nunes, Post-Kelly Friction, a Frustrated Trump Searches for a West Wing Reset

Hillary Clinton Was, If Anything, Too Prepared - Lawyers, Guns & Money. Tr Trump hadn't yet read the Democratic document ...(Trump will "get some people down to brief him on it" because it's ten pages long" ... and ... "The longest thing Trump has ever read is a Penthouse Forum letter and I would bet money on it."

Christie Brinkley Says Trump Hit on Her While He Was Married

Kellyanne Conway's 'opiod cabinet' sidelines drug czar's experts - In Trump's White House, political appointees take control as the opioid epidemic rages. ("fake government" don't need no so-called "experts")

After approving Medicaid work requirements, Trump's HHS aims for lifetime coverage limits (of course, their goal is to make you poor and dead)

The Latest: Pritzker apologizes for comments on race - Democratic Illinois governor candidate J.B. Pritzker is apologizing for racially insensitive comments captured on a FBI wiretap between him and then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich Pritzker is heard suggesting Blagojevich appoint Secretary of State Jesse White, calling him the "least offensive" African American.

Pennsylvania Republican launches effort to impeach state supreme court to save GOP gerrymander Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer. (PA Rethugs mini version of Trump)

Poll: CA Republicans Rohrabacher, Knight face Trump backlash | The Sacramento Bee - Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa and Steve Knight of Lancaster ... Rohrabacker's web of ties to Russia have drawn the attention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller (little Russian ratfucker traitor)

Susan Kennedy fined by California ethics watchdog | The Sacramento Bee - Susan Kennedy, a former aide to Govs. Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, has agreed to pay a $32,500 fine from the state ethics watchdog for failing to register as a lobbyist while advocating for Lyft and a Southern California water company.

'I wasn't hearing any call from God': Michele Bachmann opts out of running for Al Franken's Senate seat (God is a Republican but didn't call her)

Trump Evangelical Adviser Says You Don't Need Flu Shots When You Have Jesus | HuffPost - "Inoculate yourself with the word of God," says Gloria Copeland (would someone go sneeze on this satangelical asshole?)

Abortion providers launch Bay Area ad campaign | The Sacramento Bee - Abortion reversal, pregnancy centers targeted by billboard campaign - targets what it calls the deceptive tactics of "cfrisis pregnancy centers" and the decision by the state nursing board to allow training on an abortion reversal procedure. (wtf, nurses) The reversal procedure takes place after women take the first dose of medication to abort a pregnancy and before they would administer the second dose a few days later. (and if that doesn't work, Trump will impregnate them again with a Jesus baby)

Ben Carson, or the tale of the disappearing Cabinet secretary - The Washington Post

Gorka Joins Outlet That Published "Ten Things I Hate About Jews"

Why Conservatives Hate Higher Education - Lawyers, Guns & Money (fuck off with your fake libtard "knowledge" and commie so-called "professors")
Research suggests that colleges broaden students' political views - Study counters widely held views about how student's political views change when they arrive in college ... is actually a time when they meet people with different views and come to respect them (regardless of whether they end up changing their own views). (they learn "respect" for liberals? shut the place down!)

"Superheroes" - How can we criticize superheroes for beating the hell of a black kid on the street? They are superheroes? ... The need for create classes of citizens above everyone else is a disturbing trend, and one that has now expanded, first to police and firefighters, and now to first responders ... why aren't teachers superheros?) (that'll be the day)

The Drum Major Instinct - Lawyers, Guns & Money (best and worst of the superb owls -- Dodge is Jesus's truck)
Someone edited Ram's Martin Luther King commercial with what King actually said about car ads - This video shows just how absurd the Super Bowl commercial is .. Using a civil rights hero to sell cars in a Super Bowl commercial may seem absurd on its face, but it's particularly ridiculous when said civil rights icon actually spoke out against car commercials.
Super Bowl Aftermath 1: The Eagles - Lawyers, Guns & Money (fire Belichick)

Inside George Stephanopoulos's Hamptons beach home (all you need to know about little elite George but not as big as Lauer's)

Yale students and dental professor were in selfie with severed-heads, report says - The Washington Post - The selfie depicted physician Flavio Uribe, an assistant professor and orthodontics program director at UConn Health ...

You Too Can Support the Internet's Least Important Series (American graves)

Los Angeles Times owner will sell paper, ending a long-troubled relationship - The Washington Post - Its news staff has been pared to about 400 from more than 1,300 at its peak in the late 1990s.

No One Is Silencing Katie Roiphe #MeToo has started a robust, complicated conversation -- whether or not she's listening (she isn't, that's her "contrarian" brand)
In the Maze | Issue 30 | n+1 - Must history have losers?

In wake of Nassar sentence, John Geddert faces criminal investigation - he Eaton County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating complaints against John Geddert, the former U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach and longtime owner of Twistars Gymnastics Club in Dimondale who has strong ties to Larry Nassar.

Quentin Tarantino on Uma Thurman, Kill Bill Crash & Harvey Weinstein | Deadline
Here's Audio of Quentin Tarantino Defending Roman Polanski: 13-year-old=girl 'Wanted to Have It' (especially after he drugged her unconscious and "Quentin" and "Harvey" are quite a pair)

The Dating Blues? #MeToo - The New York Times

Rick Perlstein Becomes Twitter Hero After Speaking Up For Mika | Crooks and Liars (JoeScar asserts his patriarchal privilege and gets torched on the twitter)

Lady Doritos - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Comic sues Upright Citizens Brigade for reverse gender discrimination | New York Post - Glaser hosted sold-out monthly stand-up shows until he was accused in August 2016 of drugging and raping at least two fellow comics. (Murdoch thinks this will make you mad at Dems)

TIL Female humans, pilot whales and killer whales are unique among animals: they are the only three mammals known to undergo menopause. This allows them to help their children survive into adulthood and -- if they're lucky -- to act as grandmothers to the next generation.`

People who only had one sexual partner for most of their lives but then got a new sexual partner: what surprised you about the new experience? : AskReddit
For 24 hours, you own a megaphone that anything you say into it will be heard by every person on Earth. What do you say? : AskReddit


Tobacco farmers could make more money converting their fields to solar arrays, land use study finds. : science (Make America Shine Again)

Dow plunges 1,175 -- worst point decline in history
Trump Accuses Democrats of 'Treason' Amid Market Rouot -- His remarks came in a rambling, discursive speech at a factory in Ohio, during which he celebrated his revival of the American economy as the stock market plummeted by more than 1,000 points. ("treasonous' for not clapping enough for him, and if you don't love Trump, you don't love America)
'The president clearly set himself up': Trump's stock market miscalculation (take credit for the rise, blame Dems for the fall )
The Dow has lost 1,000 points in two days : news

Over $60 billion wiped off value of cryptocurrencies as bitcoin drops below $8,000 again : news (volatility in the markets)

Trump thought the British were protesting their health service. They weren't -- But the thousands of Britons who took to the streets over the weekend were marching in support of the NHS and calling for greater government funding. (dumbass)

Trump ambassador nominee promoted bizarre conspiracy theory about Ted Cruz's wife being behind a sinister globalist plot (insane and evil)

Guantanamo war court overseer fired | Miami Herald (don't need no steenking overseer)

Democratic senators: Trump lacks 'legal authority' for preemptive, 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea (the god-emperor doesn't need no steenking "legal authority)
When the US Does It, It's Not *As* Illegal

Exclusive: Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars - POLITICO - A damning outside review finds that the the Defense Logistics Agency has lost track of where it spent the money. ("lost track" = stole +remember when Dumsfeld "lost" a trillion dollars right before 9/11? )

'The Hairs Really Went up on the Back of our Necks' - Former top diplomat Victoria Nuland tells the story of how she pushed the Obama administration to do more to stop Russian hacking. (bipartisan Barry said don't worry, I've got this, you can go home)
'I Hope This Is an Instance of Fake News' : FBI Messages Show the Bureau's Real Reaction to Trump Firing James Comey (but little lying Fuckabee Sanders said 'the rank and file of the FBI had lost confidence in their director')
The Idea of an Anti-Trump Conspiracy at the FBI is Utterly Insane - Lawyers, Guns & Money (they are all Republicans, or at least were) And the point about McConnell's complicity is also important. McConnell knew what Trump was, and he went all-in to protect him, even when he looked like a massive longshot, because any chance of getting to protect the median vote of the Supreme Court and attack the federal regulatory and welfare states was worth any price to the integrity of American democracy. (Yertle the satanic russian swamp turtle)
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "The FBI kept an open counterintelligence probe of the GOP nominee secret at McConnell's behest while the Director twice violated DOJ guidelines to hit Clinton's campaign. Everyone saw that happen and the people pretending to believe otherwise don't deserve the time of say ... Would of been nice if Obama had let Comey write his op ed in the NYT regarding Trump/Russia. Mitch McConnell threatened to call it partisan. Who cares!? Democrats play waaaaaaay to nice. (yeah, thanks again, Barry)

#TeamTreason hashtag on Twitter
#TreasonWeasels hashtag on Twitter

Trump's Lawyers Want Him to Refuse an Interview in Russia Inquiry

Most Republicans believe FBI, Justice Dept. trying to 'delegitimize' Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll (they are all traitors)

White House: Trump lawyers in favor of appointing second special counsel - Axios - to investigate the FBI and Justice Department's ctions during the 2016 presidential campaign (which threw the election to Trump but we're beyond peak stupid)

The Smearing of Christopher Steele - POLITICO Magazine - A former British intelligence officer provided information to the FBI because it alarmed him. Given the way he's been treating (sic), future tipsters will be less likely to come forward. ... In his effort to malign the U.S. Justice system and confuse the American people in a hail-Mary attempt to protect President Donald Trump, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes seems to also have confused himself. (he's always been "confused")

Constitutional Crisis in Slow Motion - The New York Times - Donald Trump will destroy this entire country -- its institutions and its safeguards, the rule of law and the customs of civility, the concept of truth and the inviolable nature of valor -- to protect his own skin (it ain't just Trumpster, Charles)
Calling the Trump Era by Its Proper Name - The Atlantic - Whatever term you prefer to describe the disease, there is no doubt that treatment is needed, now ... Trump virtually never praises or speaks about, and gives no evidence of respecting or even comprehending, the strengths of the United States as a system, or as an idea. (it's just a bunch of suckers to be conned +"idea") Or it is time to call this era flat-out a return to fascism. (we have a winner)

Congress should censure Nunes. Just like McCarthy. - The Washington Post
The Nunes memo vindicates our worst fears about the GOP - The Washington Post -- A bunch of law-and-order, war-on-terrorism, lock-'em-up Republicans suddenly sound like spokesmen for the American Civil Liberties Union, so grave is their concern that our government might in any way trespass upon sacred due process ... comment: "Only thing the Memo changed is that now FBI is officially on the Trumpkin list of Enemies of The Fuhrer . Together with HRC, Obama, the free press, NATO, NFL, McCain, Flake, Corker, the continent of Africa, the mayor of London, several Gold Star families, Amazon, Wolffe and 62% of US public. -
House Intelligence Committee votes unanimously to release a Democratic rebuttal that could 'lay waste' to the Nunes memo
Republicans concede key FBI 'footnote' in Carter Page warrant - POLITICO - Devin Nunes said Monday the FBI had disclosed political backing for a Trump-Russia dossier in October 2016, but a controversial GOP memo released last week did not mention it. (which he "wrote" but now he's about to get squashed by the Dem version so he's coming slightly less dirty)

'The Memo' Follows the Republican Plan to Destroy Neutral Authority By Jonathan Chait (and reality in general)

Velshi/Ruhle roasts GOP memo truthers with hilarious supercut of Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vault
Meghan McCain gets schooled with her father's own words after pushing bogus claims about the Nunes memo (plastic face is a liar)

Trump calls Schiff 'one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington' He also lists former FBI Director James Comey and ex-intel chiefs. (Trump is the universal definition of truth)
Trump lashes out at Schiff over Russia probe memo - ABC News (haha check out his "hair")

The cowardice among Republicans is staggering - The Washington Post - With the blessing of Republican leaders, the lickspittle wing of the GOP is now firmly in charge. The existence of reckless partisans such as Nunes is hardly surprising. The nearly uniform cowardice among elected Republicans is staggering. (Gerson, "Paul Ryan is a good and decent person" is a Republican and gets roasted in the comments)

The cult of Trump - Axios (Republicans have always worshipped evil)
Here are the right-wing media figures using the Nunes memo to attack Rosenstein and Mueller (colluding traitors)
The Nunes memo revealed a damning omission - The Washington Post -- Hugh Hewitt -- commenter: "Between you, Marc Thiessen and Ed Rogers, the Post should change your collective columns to Dotards Boot Lickers" (his "damning omission" was blown up by Nune's "footnote" and his talking point died. Hewitt is a traitor to America)
Fox's Steve Doocy falsely claims Nunes memo vindicates Trump's wiretap lie (Douchey)

The Times Asks Court to Unseal Documents on Surveillance of Carter Page - The New York Times - President Trump lowered the shield of secrecy surrounding such materials on Friday by declassifying the Republican memo about Mr. Page, after finding that the public interest in disclosing its contents outweighed any need to protect the information. Because Mr. Trump did so, the Times argues, there is no longer a justification "or the Page warrant orders and application materials to be withheld in their entirety" and "disclosure would serve the public interest."

I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It's Happening Again -- Lawrence Wilkerson

It's Easier For Politicians to be Corrupt These Days - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The standard created by the Supreme Court in McDonnell v. U.S. has made it close to impossible to find politicians of guilty of illegal corruption: (corruption is what they do)

Wittes and Rauch: Boycott the Republican Party - The Atlantic - If conservatives want to save the GOP from itself, they need to vote mindlessly and mechanically against its nominees.

Mick Mulvaney, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (newly rebranded as the Non-Protection Bureau)

Panic time: Democratic cash swamps House Republicans - POLITICO - The latest round of fundraising figures have been released, and the results are grim for Republicans -- More than 40 House Republican incumbents were outraised in the final quarter of 2017 by one -- or several of their Democratic opponents, according to the latest round of fundraising numbers. And of that group, more than a dozen had less cash on hand than their Democratic challengers ... More than 80 Democratic challengers in Republican-held districts have at least $250,000 in cash on hand at the end of the year -- a sign that the House battlefield may be wider than previously thought.

Republicans Fighting to Protect Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania Have an Ethics Problem - It could complicate their conflict-of-interest challenge.
Supreme Court refuses to block Pa. ruling invalidating congressional map - The Washington Post - denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to delay redrawing congressional lines, meaning the 2018 elections in the state will probably be held in districts far more favorable to Democrats ... Although there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state, Republicans hold 13 of 18 congressional seats. (there go a bunch of rigged traitor seats) u

CMS threatens to bar Modern Healthcare from press calls after reporter refuses to alter story | Association of Health Care Journalists - The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services threatened to ban a reporter from participating in the federal agency's telephone news conferences after he refused to delete three sentences from a published story that apparently had rankled CMS Administrator Seema Verma. ("Seema Verma" is a press-hating Trumpster)

These 5 charts show why the South is the least healthy region in the US (oh look, MA is healthiest and ...) Of the 26 states have comprehensive statewide indoor air smoking bans, none are in the South.

Chaos at Newsweek: Top editors suddenly out - Feb. 5, 2018
Newsweek Guts Its Top Edit Staff Amid Legal Turmoil - the fired editors had all published pieces reporting on the company's recent troubles ... has been rocked by turnover since it was reported that Manhattan law-enforcement officials were investigating the company's finances (a purge so they can just do fake news)
Journalists Shouldn't Be Fire for Investigating Their Own Publications (which were raided by investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney on January 18)

The Alt-Right is Killing People | Southern Poverty Law Center - over 100 people killed or injured by alleged perpetrators
How Our Reporter Uncovered a Lie That Propelled an Alt-Right Extremist's Rise (fake hero)

#MeToo Has Done What the Law Could Not - The New York Time - I kept track of this in cases of campus sexual abuse over decades; it typically took three to four women testifying that they had been violated by the same man in the same way to even begin to make a dent in his denial. That made a woman, for credibility purposes, one-fourth of a person ... His value outweighed her sexualized worthlessness. His career, reputation, mental and emotional serenity and assets counted. Hers didn't.

The #MeToo conversation is making people uncomfortable. That's okay. In a Harper's essay on sexual harassment and "Twitter feminists," Katie Roiphe misses a crucial point: This conversation was never going to be easy ... Some of the allegations on the list, according to Roiphe, were simply too small to be worth worrying about ... part of a larger strain of #MeToo backlash, one that casts survivors and their allies as repressive agents eager to punish anyone with whom they disagree. (Roiphe always misses critical points because she is a clickbaity "feminist" anti-feminist hack who sounds a lot like Deneuve) )

Las Vegas Review-Journal killed story in 1998 about Steve Wynn sex misconduct claims ... After killing the article, the newspaper ordered the reporter who wrote it to delete it from the newspaper's computer system ... Another server, upon bragging about her first grandchild in the early 1990s, reportedly was pressured into having sex with Wynn, who said he wanted to experience sex with a grandmother, according to a court filing. (20 fucking years ago)

Natalie Wood death investigation: Sheriff's officials discuss new details
Natalie Wood Investigation: Robert Wagner's Story Doesn't "Add Up," Say Police

Eagle's 1st Super Bowl Win Draws 103.4M Viewers, Smallest Audience In Nine Years ... A steeper fall than even the declining the stock market today, that's the worst the Super Bowl has done since 2009 ... Justin Timberlake's halftime show of Super Bowl LII. The return of the Grammy winning singer to the big game stage for the first time in 14-years was a series of misfires and banalities almost from start to finish with a misjudged Prince tribute of sorts in the middle. (football has been declined for a decade)

All she has to do to collect a $560 million lotto jackpot is make her name public. She refuses. - The Washington Post - "She is a longtime resident of New Hampshire and is an engaged community member. She wishes to continue this work and the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars."

Scientists may have discovered the first planets outside the Milky Way - The Washington Post

Wittyandpithy comments on [Question] Why do you procrastinate even though you are freaking out about something that has to be done asap?

mystonedalt comments on URGENT! People of r/trees there is a disgusting anti recreational campaign going on in Illinois provided by the IL sheriffs department.


Today in the Sixth Extinction - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Polar bears are starving and could face extinction faster than previously thought, according to a new study.

Amtrak Train Derails After Collision In South Carolina; At Least 2 Dead | HuffPost - The train, which had been traveling between New York and Miami, had more than 140 passengers and crew on board ... collided with a CSX freight train in South Carolina early Sunday
Amtrak passenger train collides with freight train in SC, injuries reported : news