Pashootote: Simples
400 6 9 6 300 80
Gematria: 801

We cannot see these diagonals and we cannot even imagine them, because they begin and end in the non-beginning and non-ending: fathomless, infinite depths of directions. As currents of energy flowing from one infinite to another, they completely evade our space-time continuum.       Suares, SY, p.138
Pashootote: Pay-Sheen-Waw-Tayt-Waw-Tav (80.300. begins with unstructured states of consciousness or a superposition of probabilities (80) in cosmic movement (300) and ends in cosmic resistance (400), the same Sheen and Tav as Bereshit, where there the Yod of existence is defined between them. In Pashootote, the Yod is replaced with Waw-Tayt-Waw: a cell or formation that is fertile on both sides of structuration, evolution of physical structures and involution of consciousness.

The signs are "cells" or "environments" for the active double energies of the Planets, the Kafoolote/Messengers.
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