Mazaroth / Mazzaroth : The Constellations

400 6 200 7 40
Gematria: 653

The Hebrew Bible (Job 38:32) spells Mazaroth Mem-Zayn-Raysh-Waw-Tav, root mazal, light or fate. Doubling the Zayn increases the gematria to 660. Either way, a biological pattern (Mem/40) of indeterminate (Zayn/7), cosmic consciousness (Raysh/200).   Note that Raysh forms Kawkab/Mercury, Kaf-Waw-Kaf-Bayt, a dual container for this cosmic energy.

The Sepher Yetsira (6:4) spells "constellations" Mem-Zayn-Lammed-Waw-Tav (plural, light), packages of indetermination in motion.

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