50/700 6 200 9 9 40
Gematria: 314 / 964

when the prince (Metatron) ascends from below on high to recieve the influx, he is called Metatron, by six letters, because this name is attributed to it because of his safeguarding, because the safeguarding of the geni and the species is attributed to the abovementioned prince. However, when it descends from on high the prince comprises ten [sefirot] and the letter yod is added to its name and it is called Mitatron, by seven letters ... and it is called Angel, because the lower world is ruled by it [Malkut] and this is why it is also called Messenger. And it is called Ge'ullah because it redeems us [go'el 'otannu] from exile.
R.Reuven Tzarfati (14th century), commentary on Sefer Ma'arekhet ha-'Elohut (Anonymous) in Moshe Idel: Messianic Mystics, Yale, 1998, p.114
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