Aben/Eben Shetiyah: Foundation Stone

5 10 400 300   50/700 2 1
Gematria: 715 Gematria: 53/703
Gematria: 768/1418

Aben Shetiyah

Ab-Ben combines Ab: father, and Ben: son. It expresses an orgin and an end. (It has finally come to serve as name for the philosophers' stone, the supreme object of alchemy, supposed to change base metals into gold.)             Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.191
Aben: Aleph-Bayt-Noun: 1.2.50/700: the Father projected into existence as the Son, raised to 700: cosmic indetermination.

Shetiyah: Sheen-Tav-Yod-Hay: 300.400.10.5: the response of the cosmic Tabernacle to the Breath of Elohim is Yah, existence alive.

Aben-Shetiyah: the stone is one and all.
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