Genesis 1:2-3: The Self-Creation and Expansion of the One Dual Energy:
The Double Breath and the Waters of Existence

Yom Ehhad

  The double [evolutionary process] breath operates on the unstructured energies of existential life and biological existence | Aleph and Yod project [evolutionary process]
Elohim   Ve Yomer   Ha Mayim   Al Phani   Merouhphat   Elohim   Ve Rouhh
God   said   waters   face of   hovered   God   breath
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said

We have a choice. We can spend seconds reading a translation we think we understand, whether we believe it or not, constructing mental images and filling in the gaps, or we can spend a lot of time examining the "source code," by reading the Hebrew text letter-by-letter and word-by-word, and meditating on the meaning.

Here, at the beginning of The Beginning, the Deity has created heavens and earth, and found a problem with the earth (why didn't He get it right the first time?) which he is about to rectify by breathing on the waters (where did they come from? breath?). Oh well, read on, the plot gets better.

So the only alternative, really, is the hard work of understanding a new language in order to be able to think in a new way about our most fundamental myths, including the one that Creation happened in the past, and also the one that we are capable of understanding God's Word at our current stage of development (we only know the shell, not the seed).

Using the testable premise of the source code of creation to create an analogy, so far the Universal Computer has developed the basic structures of life-death and existence (Aleph and Yod) and qualified them as unstructured (heavens) and structured (earth) energies. The structured energy (in which Aleph is buried) is teaming with life and full of abundantly fertile potential. Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum. What happens next is nothing short of miraculous.

Ve Rouhh Elohim Merouhphat Al Phani Ha Mayim: The Breath from Above (Rouhh) and the Breath from Below (Merouhphat) realize (70) through organic movement (30) actual potentials (80) for existential life (50) to exist (10) (Al-Phani) in the existential (10) biosphere of Mayim (40-40) (literally).

And finally, God is ready to turn the lights on.