The Sepher Yetsira Back Cover
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The Qabala is the scicnce of the structure of energy, as conceived in the distant past. The Sepher Yetsira is thc fundamental text book of this Science, a precise and accurate treatise on the structure of cosmic energy, written in a hidden code. Contemporary scientific thought seems to be reuniting with this former way of thinking about basic matters, enriched by its researches into structurcs and the comparative study of phenomena composing their different categories, into the precise nature of phenomena as a whole, and into the analogous classification of phenomena and their connection on the same level.

In spite of the comprehensive development of psychology, knowledge of the inner man and of human consciousness stops short at the mystery of being and existence, concluding that man has no role in the universe. The Qabala, as expounded in he Sepher Yetsira, fills this blank in contemporary thought which is causing such psychic and social disorder. The Qabala does this with an extraordinary linguistic invention, for it formulates equations which intimate what is directly perceived by consciousness. It formulates them in such a way that the equations are their solutions. The movement of what they intimate is introduced first into thought and then into the psyche.

In studying the Qabala, and particularly The Sepher Yetsira, one must be prepared to think in a new way, entirely different from one's usual habits, because its language is analogical and inclusive; all the letter-numnbers must be understood within fields surrounding particular aspects of energy at all its cosmic and human levels, as well as symbolically. We must learn to read and know what each letter and number means and how to decipher certain combinations which have become traditionally and idiomatically totally different from their real meaning. We have to free ourselves from the fantastic interpetations given to The Sepher Yetsira if we wish to the understand the text directly.

Mr. Suares has become convinced that the so-called knowledge of astrology is merely a tradition that lacks any real basis for the origin of the keywords of the planetary and zodiacal signs. The astrology of Sepher Yetsira is an an inner exploration of the individiual, revealing what is inaccessible to every other kind of astrology.

Shambhala Boulder & London 1976