The Qabala Trilogy (1985) Covers


These three classic works of the
Qabala -- the ancient science of the
structure of energy -- are now available
in one volume for the first time.

In "The Cipher of Genesis," the first work presented in the Trilogy, Carlo Suares applies the original code of the Qabala to the Book of Genesis. About this work, a San Francisco Chronicle reviewer wrote, "Suares goes back to the original Hebrew "number-letters' in which the Old Testament was written, removes myths and stories that resulted from mere translation of words, and presents a psychological experience that is not historical but is evolving for each one now.

Applying the same method to decipher "The Song of Songs," Suares shows how this extraordinary text is true on four different, interpenetrating levels. The reader is taken from realism to the symbolism of the Qabala, and finally to a subtle and difficult sphere, a wordless contemplation, which reveals the work as the immeasurable, universal movement in which the Beginning and the End are One.

"The Sepher Yetsira," the last work in the Trilogy, is the fundamental textbook of the Qabala, a precise and accurate treatise on the structure of cosmic energy, written in a hidden code. Suares' accompanying commentaries and explanations of its meaning serve the reader as an invaluable map of this profound inner exploration of the individual.

Born in Egypt in 1898, Carlo Suares spent forty years of his life studying the Qabala.

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