Cipher of Genesis Back Cover 1978 edition
[transcript below]

UNDERLYING THE LITERAL interpretations of Genesis, there exists a level of meaning that transcends the notion of a personal God and transfb{ms the significance of the creation myth: woman does not issue from a rib of Adam; she is not called Eve; she does not disobey; there is no question of sin. Carlo Suares presents here a profound in- terpretation of the Bible based on intimate knowledge of the Qabala and its relationship to biblical revelation. The Qabalistic code, or "cipher," that he uses originates in the Hebrew letters and words. The letters are dynamic symbols, which represent aspects of energy that shape the forces of the Universe.

Suares goes back to the original Hebrew "number-letters" in which the Old Testament was written, removes myths and stories that resulted from mere translation of words, and presents a Psychological experience that is not historical but is evolving for each one now.

-San Francisco Chronicle